EASL Congress 2023


21-24 June Vienna
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  LBP-001 HCV and HBV prevalence and associated risk factors among people who inject drugs in Kenya Matthew Akiyama Received Received
  LBP-002 Using FIB-4s parameters an explainable black-box machine learning model outperforms FIB-4 index on the diagnosis of advanced fibrosis of non alcohol related fatty liver disease patients in three cohorts from China, Malaysia and India Athanasios Angelakis Received Received
  LBP-003 Safety and efficacy of continuous infusion terlipressin (BIV201) in patients with decompensated cirrhosis and refractory ascites: a phase 2, randomized, controlled, open-label study Abigail Kent Received Received
  LBP-004 Long-term trends of circulating hepatitis B virus RNA and hepatitis B core-related antigen levels in persons with HIV and functional hepatitis B cure during tenofovir therapy Lorin Begré Received Received
  LBP-5 Dramatic reductions in hepatic steatosis accompanied by improved HbA1c following a 4-week treatment of obese/diabetic/NAFLD patients with DD01, a novel long-acting GLP-1/glucagon receptor agonist Adam Bell Received Received
  LBP-6 Preventing liver disease with policy measures to tackle alcohol consumption and obesity: a microsimulation study - Hepahealth II Maria Buti Received Received
  LBP-007 Validation of the R3-AFP model for risk prediction of HCC recurrence after liver transplantation in the SiLVER clinical trial Charlotte Costentin Received Received
  LBP-008 High prevalence of short telomeres in patients with idiopathic porto-sinusoidal vascular disorder Alexander Coukos Received Received
  LBP-9 Further decompensation as a new prognostic stage in cirrhosis. Results of a large multicenter cohort study supporting Baveno VII statements Gennaro DAmico Received Received
  LBP-010 Prospective direct comparisons of four widespread noninvasive fibrosis tests (NITs) in outpatients with type-2 diabetes (T2D) using EPoS histological staging as reference Valentina Peta Received Received
  LBP-011 Virological and clinical outcomes of patients with HDV-related compensated cirrhosis treated with Bulevirtide monotherapy: the retrospective multicenter European study (Save-D) Elisabetta Degasperi Received Received
  LBP-012 Off-label Bulevirtide monotherapy for chronic hepatitis D virus infection in patients with decompensated liver disease Katja Deterding Received Received
  LBP-013 Safety, pharmacokinetics and antiviral efficacy of freethiadine, a novel capsid assembly modulator, in healthy volunteers and patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection Yanhua Ding Received Received
  LBP-014 Evaluation of 8 non-invasive models in predicting NAFLD severity and progression in a one-year prospective study based on MRI-PDFF Yanhua Ding Received Received
  LBP-015 Evidence of durable response to bepirovirsen in B-Clear responders: B-Sure first annual report Robert Elston Received Received
  LBP-016 Hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance improves early detection and curative treatment in chronic hepatitis C patients treated with direct acting antivirals cassia leal Received Received
  LBP-017 Artificial intelligence to measure fibrosis change on liver biopsy in MAESTRO-NASH a phase 3 52-week serial liver biopsy study in 966 patients with NASH treated with resmetirom or placebo Stephen Harrison Received Received
  LBP-018 ALG-000184, a capsid assembly modulator, dosed with entecavir for up to 28 weeks is well tolerated and resulted in substantial declines in surface antigen levels in untreated Hepatitis B e antigen positive subjects with chronic hepatitis B Matthew McClure Received Received
  LBP-019 Assessing progress towards achieving regional hepatitis B control goal nationwide serosurvey among children, Uzbekistan, 2022 Nino Khetsuriani Received Received
  LBP-20 Continued treatment of early nonresponder or partial virologic responders with bulevirtide monotherapy in patients with chronic hepatitis D through week 96 leads to improvement in virologic and biochemical responses Pietro Lampertico Received Received
  LBP-021 A global research priority agenda to advance public health responses to fatty liver disease Jeffrey Lazarus Received Received
  LBP-022 Twelve-week treatment with BOS-580, a novel, long-acting Fc-FGF-21 fusion protein, leads to a reduction in liver steatosis, liver injury, and fibrosis in patients with phenotypic NASH: a randomized, blinded, placebo-controlled phase 2A trial Allyson Taylor Received Received
  LBP-023 Improving hepatitis B screening and linkage to care rates via the electronic medical record, provider engagement, and patient navigation in a large, urban health system Anna Mageras Received Received
  LBP-024 Safety and efficacy of anti-pre-S1 domain monoclonal antibody (HH-003) treatment in patients with co-infection of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis D virus (HDV): a single center, open-label, phase 2 trial Junqi Niu Received Received
  LBP-025 Concurrent nivolumab and external beam radiation therapy for patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma with vascular invasion: a phase 2, single-arm NEXTRAH trial Bo Hyun Kim Received Received
  LBP-026 Evaluation of noninvasive tests to identify pre-cirrhotic fibrosis due to NASH in patients screened for the phase 3 REGENERATE and REVERSE studies of obeticholic acid Mary Rinella Received Received
  LBP-027 Evaluation of the hepatitis B virus liver reservoir with fine needle aspirates Armando Andres Roca Suarez Received Received
  LBP-028 Phase 2a study of CM-101, a CCL24 neutralizing antibody, in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: a proof-of-concept study Agnes Costello Received Received
  LBP-029 Predictors of long-term mortality after HCV eradication among PLWH Alessia Siribelli Received Received
  LBP-030 A new risk model outperforms FIB-4 when predicting incident cirrhosis in the general population: a cohort study of 504,000 persons Rickard Strandberg Received Received
  LBP-033 Investigating the potential of the primary cilium as an immunomodulatory organelle in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma Sara Teles Received Received
  LBP-034 Modelling intrahepatic bile duct morphogenesis in vitro using synthetic hydrogels Iona Thelwall Received Received
  LBP-035 Long-term maintenance of response and improved liver health with maralixibat in patients with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC): data from the MARCH-ON study Richard Thompson Received Received
  TOP-036 Liver cell-type specific molecular signatures marking transition from advanced fibrosis to cirrhosis in human non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Martin Madsen Received Received
  LBP-036 Oral vancomycin induces remission in PSC-IBD, which is associated with a reduction in bile salt hydrolase and colonic amine oxidase activity Palak Trivedi Received Received
  LBP-037 Intestinal bacterial vesicles cause fibrosis progression and serum albumin levels reduction in cirrhosis Atsunori Tsuchiya Received Received
  TOP-037 Does sex influence the development of sarcopenia in liver fibrosis? Katia Sayaf Received Received
  LBP-038 Preliminary safety and antiviral activity of AB-729 combination treatment with pegylated interferon alfa-2a in virally suppressed, HBeAg-negative subjects with chronic HBV infection Karen Sims Received Received
  TOP-38 Gut viral and bacterial alterations modulate the presence and dynamics of minimal hepatic encephalopathy at baseline and longitudinally Jasmohan Bajaj Received Received
  TOP-039 Tissue resident NK NTCP- transplanted to immunosuppressed mice exhibiting liver fibrosis and fed with high fat diet (HFD) alleviate intestinal fibrosis Johnny Amer Received Received
  TOP-040 Evaluation of albumin and midodrine versus albumin alone in the outcome of refractory ascites in patients with decompensated cirrhosis: a randomized controlled trial (NCT04816240) Priti Jain Received Received
  TOP-41 Randomised controlled trial of intravenous versus oral iron in treatment of iron deficiency anaemia after variceal bleeding in patients with cirrhosis Tabish Mohammad Received Received
  TOP-042 Yaq-001, a non-absorbable, engineered carbon beads of controlled porosity impacts on gut dysbiosis, gut permeability, organ function and reduces mortality in rodent models of cirrhosis and ACLF Jinxia Liu Received Received
  TOP-043 Natural history of patients with NAFLD-associated compensated advanced chronic liver disease stratified according to severity of portal hypertension Rafael Paternostro Received Received
  TOP-044 Nutritional therapy improves minimal hepatic encephalopathy in cirrhosis by improvement in sarcopenia, proinflammatory cytokines and myostatin: a double blind randomized controlled trial Sudhir Maharshi Received Received
  TOP-045 The effect of precipitating factors for hepatorenal syndrome on response to terlipressin treatment: a subgroup analysis of a pooled North American database Vanessa Borkhoche Received Received
  TOP-46 The role of Toll-like receptor 4 in ammonia metabolism and as a therapeutic target for hyperammonemia Annarein Kerbert Received Received
  TOP-048 Predictors and management of post-banding ulcer bleeding in cirrhosis: a systematic review and meta-analysis Annalisa Berzigotti Received Received
  TOP-049 Increased level of presepsin in patients with acutely decompensated cirrhosis predicts development of acute-on-chronic liver failure Alberto Zanetto Received Received
  TOP-050 Swarm hunting of virus-specific CD8 T cells together with auto-aggressive CD8 T cells to achieve efficient killing of virus-infected hepatocytes Ariane Eceiza Tenreiro Received Received
  TOP-051 Neoadjuvant PD-1 blockade with Pembrolizumab combined with Lenvatinib therapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma beyond Milan criteria before liver transplantation (PLENTY): a single-site pilot randomized controlled trial Zijie ZHANG Received Received
  TOP-052 Graft steatosis and donor diabetes mellitus additively increase the risk of retransplantation and death in adult liver transplantation - data from the Eurotransplant registry Milan Sonneveld Received Received
  TOP-053 Rheostat function of liver sinusoidal endothelial cells and macrophages limiting antiviral CD8 T cell immunity in the liver Anna Fürst Received Received
  TOP-054 Health-related quality of life in a population at-risk of steatotic liver disease Helle Lindholm Schnefeld Received Received
  TOP-055 Clinical features of portal hypertension and their prognostic implication in patients with Wilsons disease Lukas Burghart Received Received
  TOP-057 Long-term efficacy and safety of odevixibat in patients with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: results with 96 weeks or more of treatment Ekkehard Sturm Received Received
  TOP-058 Metabolomic profiles facilitate differential diagnosis of porto-sinusoidal vascular disorder versus liver cirrhosis Bernhard Scheiner Received Received
  TOP-059 Two-year follow-up of liver grafts from COVID-19 donors Margherita Saracco Received Received
  TOP-060 Bacteriophage therapy against pathological Klebsiella pneumoniae that determine the clinical course of primary sclerosing cholangitis Masataka Ichikawa Received Received
  TOP-061 Long-term prospective follow-up of a primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) multicenter cohort treated with Obeticholic Acid (OCA). Interaction effect of triple therapy with fibrates Conrado Fernandez-Rodriguez Received Received
  TOP-062 Change in serum bile acids correlates with improvement in itch in patients with primary biliary cholangitis receiving linerixibat Sam Leeves Received Received
  TOP-063 Seladelpar treatment resulted in correlated decreases in serum IL-31 and pruritus in patients with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC): post-hoc results from the phase 3 randomized, placebo-controlled ENHANCE study Andreas E Kremer Received Received
  TOP-064 Development of an in vitro bile-duct-on-a-chip-platform using patient-derived cholangiocytes Anna Katharina Frank Received Received
  TOP-065 Multidimensional genomic analysis of cell-free DNA for early detection of hepatocellular carcinoma Ju Dong Yang Received Received
  TOP-066 PD1-negative CD45RA effector-memory CD8 T-cells are essential for response to checkpoint inhibition in advanced hepatocellular carcinoma Sarah Cappuyns Received Received
  TOP-067 A simple characterization of dynamic changes in circulating CD8PD1 lymphocytes early predicts response to atezolizumab-bevacizumab in hepatocellular carcinoma Catia Giovannini Received Received
  TOP-068 Deep learning-based model in pre-operative computed tomography for prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence after curative surgery Rex Wan-Hin Hui Received Received
  TOP-069 Interleukin 10-mediated signaling dampens antitumor immunity and promotes liver metastasis Tao Zhang Received Received
  TOP-070 Constitutive signaling from an engineered IL-21 receptor programs long-lived effector TCR-T cells for HCC therapy Wei Zhu Received Received
  TOP-072 Antitumoral activity of the G9a inhibitor EZM8266 in hepatocellular carcinoma: potential for combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors MAITE G FERNANDEZ-BARRENA Received Received
  TOP-073 AKR1B10 as a novel molecular driver of alcohol-associated hepatitis Maria Hernandez-Tejero Received Received
  TOP-074 Significant dose-dependent reduction in liver stiffness using transient elastography in a phase 3 randomized placebo-controlled trial of obeticholic acid over 48 months in patients with pre-cirrhotic fibrosis due to nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Rohit Loomba Received Received
  TOP-075 Validation and expansion of the American gastroenterological association clinical care pathway for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in a prospective cohort of patients with type 2 diabetes Veeral Ajmera Received Received
  TOP-076 A deep exploration of bridging fibrosis evolution and individual septa parameters in NASH using quantitative second harmonic generation imaging reveals fibrosis changes in natural history and treatment-induced not seen with conventional histology Nikolai Naoumov Received Received
  TOP-077 Safety, tolerability, and preliminary efficacy of ascending doses of Human Allogeneic Liver-derived Progenitor Cells (HepaStem) in patients with cirrhotic and pre-cirrhotic non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Noelia Gordillo Received Received
  TOP-079 Risk of bacterial infections in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a nationwide population-based cohort study Axel Wester Received Received
  TOP-080 A validated tool consisting of bedside variables predicts high-risk NASH (HRN) in individuals with type 2 diabetes Eduardo Vilar Gomez Received Received
  TOP-081 The growing global burden of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) among teenagers Carey Escheik Received Received
  TOP-082 Identification of a new gene signature that accurately predicts the risk of hepatic decompensation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Maria Jimenez Ramos Received Received
  TOP-083 Utility of serum phosphatidylethanol in differentiating NAFLD from alcohol-associated liver disease among individuals with overweight and obesity: the San Diego liver study Monica Tincopa Received Received
  TOP-084 Absence of Caspase 8 reverses progression of NASH after hepatocyte-specific JNK deletion Ines Volkert Received Received
  TOP-085 Long-term liver-related outcomes in 1,260 patients with non-cirrhotic NAFLD Ying Shang Received Received
  TOP-086 Novel role of macrophage Foxo1-mediated YAP-Notch axis in NASH progression Bibo Ke Received Received
  TOP-087 Epigenetic modifications implicated in idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury Marina Villanueva Received Received
  TOP-088 Altered gut barrier integrity as a mediator of host-microbiome interactions in diabetic patients with advanced Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Roberta Forlano Received Received
  TOP-089 NAFLD is a night-time disease driven by nocturnal hepatic, adipose, and skeletal muscle insulin resistance Thomas Marjot Received Received
  TOP-090 Single-cell RNA sequencing in DIAMOND mice reveals differentially regulated pathways specifically associated with the transition from simple steatosis towards NASH Rocío Gallego-Durán Received Received
  TOP-091 Noninvasive tests of liver injury, inflammation and fibrosis are improved by efruxifermin and correlate with histological improvements in F2-F3 NASH patients: secondary analysis of Ph2b HARMONY study Jörn Schattenberg Received Received
  TOP-092 Distinctive cytokine profiles in checkpoint inhibitor-induced liver injury, idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury and autoimmune hepatitis: a potential mechanistic biomarker panel Edmond Atallah Received Received
  TOP-093 Soluble and monocyte surface CD206 is a promising indicator of sepsis in patients with acute liver failure Anna Cavazza Received Received
  TOP-094 Global, regional, and national burdens of cirrhosis in children and adolescents aged under 19 years from 1990 to 2019: a systematic analysis based on the global burden of disease study 2019 Chi Zhang Received Received
  TOP-95 A systematic review of interventions for alcohol use disorder in patients with cirrhosis or alcohol-related hepatitis Christopher Oldroyd Received Received
  TOP-096 Trends in hepatitis B and hepatitis C related hepatocellular carcinoma, 2015 to 2030 Devin Razavi-Shearer Received Received
  TOP-097 Engagement of patients with viral hepatitis diagnosed by opt-out universal emergency department testing Amy Teague Received Received
  TOP-098 Socioeconomic disparities and survival in patients with primary liver cancer by subtype: a french population-based study Thi Thu Nga Nguyen Received Received
  TOP-99 Higher ultra-processed food intake positively associated with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in both adolescents and adults Xuehong Zhang Received Received
  TOP-100 Long-term outcome of hepatitis delta in different regions world-wide: results of the hepatitis delta international network (HDIN) Anika Wranke Received Received
  TOP-101 Identification of liver-associated gene signatures from serum exosomes in patients with chronic hepatitis B Mario Cortese Received Received
  SUN-101 Test Poster Philipp Schwabl Received Received
  TOP-102 Proteomics analysis of HBV cccDNA-bound proteins for therapeutic targeting in liver biopsies from hepatitis B patients Purnima Tyagi Received Received
  TOP-103 HDV full genome sequencing and sensitive HBV genotyping from a large cohort of HBV/HDV co-infected patients Savrina Manhas Received Received
  TOP-104 The TLR8 agonist Selgantolimod modulates Kupffer cell differentiation status and indirectly impairs HBV entry into hepatocytes via an IL-6-dependent mechanism Armando Andres Roca Suarez Received Received
  TOP-106 The intrahepatic activity of Hepatitis Delta virus is sustained by an abundant production of HBs transcripts, mainly derived from integrated HBV-DNA, and is not strictly related to the extent of HBV reservoir Romina Salpini Received Received
  TOP-107 Intrahepatic CD8 T cells correlate with significant declines in HBV viral load and S antigen following a single vaccination with VRON-0200 in an AAV mouse model Hildegund Ertl Received Received
  TOP-108 HBsAg induces mild activation, but not suppression, of intrahepatic immune cells as shown by single-cell RNA sequencing of fine-needle aspirates in chronic HBV patients Zgjim Osmani Received Received
  TOP-109 VIR-2218 and VIR-3434 Therapy Is Efficacious in Preclinical Models of Hepatitis Delta Virus Infection Kaman Nalbandian Received Received
  TOP-110 Increasing functional cure rate beyond 96 weeks after discontinuation of nucleos(t)ide analogue treatment in HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B: follow-up of the stop-NUC trial Florian van Bömmel Received Received
  TOP-111 The distinct spatiotemporal evolutionary landscape of HBV and HDV largely determines their unique epidemic features globally. Wenshi Wang Received Received
  TOP-112 Programmed cell death protein 1/ligand 1 inhibitor versus tyrosine kinase inhibitor in the efficacy of HBsAg reduction in chronic hepatitis B patients with hepatocellular carcinoma TE-WEI TSENG Received Received
  FRI-113 Estimating the economic value allocation of the social surplus generated by the utilization of all-oral direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C in the United States, 2015-2019 Jens Grueger Received Received
  WED-113 The performance of the cobas HBV RNA assay for use on the cobas 5800/6800/8800 Systems (RUO) against genomic variants and transcript heterogeneity Thomas Meister Received Received
  THU-113 Prediction for gastrointestinal bleeding in patients receiving atezolizumab and bevacizumab for hepatocellular carcinoma Kanghee Park Received Received
  WED-114 Next generation core inhibitors ABI-H3733 and ABI-4334 have significantly improved potency and target coverage for both antiviral and cccDNA formation activities compared to first-generation core inhibitors Jane Kovalevich Received Received
  THU-114 Quality of life in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma treated with ive internal radiation therapy (SIRT) and Nivolumab: a sub-analysis of the NASIR-HCC trial Manuel de la Torre Aláez Received Received
  FRI-114 Late diagnosis of hepatitis C in Quebec, Canada, 1990-2018: a population-based study Ana Maria Passos-Castilho Received Received
  THU-115 Impact of baseline liver function on overall survival (OS) and safety in patients (pts) with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) treated with first-line (1L) tislelizumab (TIS): results from the RATIONALE-301 study Masatoshi Kudo Received Received
  SAT-115 Healthcare resource use and costs among patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis in Sweden - a retrospective population-based cohort study Hannes Hagström Received Received
  FRI-115 An international coalition to eliminate hepatitis B virus (ICE-HBV) survey confirms inadequate HBV/ HDV screening and diagnosis diminishing elimination targets in resource limited settings Daryl Lau Received Received
  SAT-116 Health economics of the enhanced liver fibrosis test in the detection of advanced liver fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in the UK Carey Escheik Received Received
  WED-116 A retrospective observational cohort study of liver-related events among individuals with hepatitis B virus infection with and without hepatitis delta virus infection Laura Telep Received Received
  FRI-116 Population adjusted prevalence of hepatitis delta virus in 21 countries and territories Devin Razavi-Shearer Received Received
  THU-116 The ALBI grade refines prognostic prediction in advanced hepatocellular cancer and enables risk stratification for bleeding events following atezolizumab plus bevacizumab Antonio DAlessio Received Received
  FRI-117 Prevalence and incidence of delta hepatitis in HIV-HBV coinfected patients in the DatAIDS cohort Dulce Alfaiate Received Received
  WED-117 Novel serum biomarkers for risk stratification in chronic hepatitis B - what do they bring to the table? Louise Downs Received Received
  SAT-117 Influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on liver cancer-related mortality in the United States Zhu Zhan Received Received
  THU-117 Dipeptidyl-peptidase 4 inhibitors improve survival of patients with diabetes mellitus and hepatocellular carcinoma receiving immunotherapy Dorothy Cheuk-Yan Yiu Received Received
  WED-118 Long-term outcomes of untreated chronic hepatitis B patients with persistent HBsAg 100 IU/mL Rachel Wen-Juei Jeng Received Received
  THU-118 Application of deep learning auto-segmentation and unsupervised machine learning in developing a radiomic prognostic score to predict disease recurrence post radiofrequency ablation for hepatocellular carcinoma Mathew Vithayathil Received Received
  FRI-118 Patients with persistently abnormal liver biochemistry are under-investigated and can be rapidly identified using a novel case-finding database Almuthana Mohamed Received Received
  SAT-118 Acceptability and feasibility of a multimodal early detection pilot study for liver disease in high risk groups: Alright My Liver? Ann Archer Received Received
  WED-119 HBcrAg-based risk score predicts HCC better than HBV DNA-based risk scores in HBeAg-negative grey zone patients Tai-Chung Tseng Received Received
  FRI-119 Care cascade for children with hepatitis C virus exposure in the United States and implications of early ribonucleic acid testing Megan Rose Curtis Received Received
  SAT-119 Lifestyle-related population-attributable risk for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in adolescents and youth Vanessa Garcia Larsen Received Received
  THU-119 Atezolizumab and bevacizumab for non-resectable or metastatic combined hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma: a multicentric retrospective study ELIA Gigante Received Received
  THU-120 Fragility index of positive phase 2 and 3 randomized clinical trials of treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (2002-2022) Sabrina Sidali Received Received
  WED-120 Extrahepatic malignancies and antiviral drugs for chronic hepatitis B: a nationwide cohort study Moon Haeng Hur Received Received
  FRI-120 Opt-out testing of Hepatitis B and C in a London Emergency Department Jingwei Zeng Received Received
  THU-121 Genomic characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma patients with response to sorafenib Sun Young Yim Received Received
  FRI-121 Estimation of prevalence of chronic HCV infection in EU/EEA countries using multiparameter evidence synthesis Georgios Nikolopoulos Received Received
  WED-121 Prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic hepatitis B patients following HBsAg seroclearance: Lage score Jonggi Choi Received Received
  SAT-121 Identify, screen and treat via electronic pathway (I-STEP): An innovative approach to rapid assessment and management of a long waiting list. Eliza Flanagan Received Received
  SAT-122 Socio-economic disparities drive the prevalence of non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) among teenagers in the United States Zobair Younossi Received Received
  THU-122 Efficacy and safety of atezolizumab plus bevacizumab in Child Pugh B patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaa french italian real life study Leonardo Stella Received Received
  FRI-122 One step closer to the goal: mobile InfoHep centre offering detection, protection, prevention and treatment / linkage-to care services in Croatian penalty institutions Tatjana Reic Received Received
  THU-123 Transarterial chemoembolization and systemic treatment in patients with autoimmune liver disease-associated hepatocellular carcinoma: outcome and safety profile Louisa Stern Received Received
  FRI-123 Late presentation of chronic hepatitis C for care in Georgia: data from the national hepatitis C elimination program, 2016-2021 Tengiz Tsertsvadze Received Received
  WED-123 HBsAg seroclearance decreases risk of hepatocellular carcinoma but not hepatic decompensation in nucleos(t)ide analogue-treated cirrhotic patients with complete hepatitis B virus suppression: a territory-wide cohort study Terry Cheuk-Fung Yip Received Received
  SAT-123 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease prevalence has increased in Australia, particularly amongst women Karl Vaz Received Received
  THU-124 Interim analysis of the ACTION trial: Cabozantinib for hepatocellular carcinoma patients who discontinued first line treatment other than sorafenib or due to sorafenib intolerance Marco Sanduzzi Zamparelli Received Received
  WED-124 Influence of viral load and fibrotic burden on hepatocellular carcinoma risk at phase change to immune-active phase in chronic hepatitis B Ho Soo Chun Received Received
  FRI-124 The impact of hepatitis D virus infection on health-related quality of life and fatigue in patients untreated for HDV: descriptive results from a cross-sectional study across Italy, Germany, Spain and the US Pietro Lampertico Received Received
  SAT-124 Multiple vitamin co-exposure and mortality risk in metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease Wang Zilong Received Received
  THU-125 Association of tumor response with survival in patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma treated with first-line tislelizumab versus sorafenib: results from the RATIONALE-301 study Tim Meyer Received Received
  WED-125 IP10 and anti-HBc can predict virological relapase and HBsAg loss for chronic hepatitis B patients after nucleos(t)ide analogue discontinuation Yandi Xie Received Received
  SAT-125 Prevalence and predictors of clinically significant pruritus in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD): data from the global NASH registry (GNR) Carey Escheik Received Received
  FRI-125 The impact of Covid-19 on hepatocellular carcinoma screening in British Columbia Makuza Jean Damascene Received Received
  FRI-126 HCV screening automation at hospitals level based on extrahepatic manifestations and risk profile. Preliminary results from the Hospitals without_ C programme (hospitales sin C) Marinela Mendez Received Received
  SAT-126 Relationships between education and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Florian Koutny Received Received
  WED-126 Off-therapy events in hepatitis B e antigen-negative patients with sustained HBV surface antigen 100 and 50 IU/mL Yen-Chun Liu Received Received
  THU-126 Effectiveness and safety of conversion surgery for patients with initially unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma using lenvatinib combined with TACE plus PD-1 inhibitors: a real-world study Xingzhi Li Received Received
  SAT-127 A pilot study to improve the uptake of hepatocellular carcinoma surveillance Maria Qurashi Received Received
  WED-127 Improved prediction for liver fibrosis of Fibrosis-4 using machine learning in patients with chronic hepatitis B Zhiyi Zhang Received Received
  FRI-127 Policy and implementation needs for hepatitis B birth dose in the WHO African region: a survey of national program managers Lindsey Hiebert Received Received
  THU-128 Efficacy and tolerability of atezolizumab and bevacizumab in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma previously treated with systemic therapy: a global, observational study Vincent Jörg Received Received
  SAT-128 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease awareness, misperception, and their association with healthcare access in Korean general population: a nationally representative survey Sang Bong Ahn Received Received
  WED-128 Passive transfer of hepatitis B core antibody after intravenous immunoglobulin administration in adult patients: a retrospective review Sital Shah Received Received
  FRI-128 Influence of language barrier and cultural differences in hepatitis B disease knowledge in the chinese community of Barcelona Anna Pocurull Received Received
  FRI-129 Health outcomes of hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals: beyond real life sustained viral response data Carmen Alonso Martin Received Received
  SAT-129 Sub-optimal global public health policies and strategies to combat hepatocellular carcinoma Luis Antonio Diaz Received Received
  WED-129 Secular trends of newly diagnosed chronic hepatitis B in 2000-2022 a territory-wide study Grace Wong Received Received
  THU-129 Survival outcomes of hepatocellular carcinoma after yttrium-90 ive internal radiation therapy in an Asian population stratified by tumour volume and distribution Kaina Chen Received Received
  WED-130 Patients with chronic hepatitis delta virus coinfections have higher risk of disease progression than chronic hepatitis B virus monoinfection results from a Spanish national hospital database Chong Kim Received Received
  THU-130 Salvage hepatectomy for recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after radiofrequency ablation Jai Young Cho Received Received
  FRI-130 Low HBV treatment uptake among Rwandan people with HIV and HCV co-infections: a cohort study from 2016-2019 Jean Damascene Makuza Received Received
  SAT-130 Exploring attitudes towards non-invasive liver fibrosis tests in secondary care pathways: comparing national surveys between 2014 and 2021 Kushala Abeysekera Received Received
  SAT-131 Evidence suggests significant alcohol-associated mortality in a large population cohort in Uganda Cori Campbell Received Received
  THU-131 Incidence and risk factors of esophagogastric varices bleeding in patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma treated with lenvatinib Eleonora Alimenti Received Received
  WED-131 Dynamic monitoring of HBsAg-specific B cells in CHB patients and its clinical significance in predicting interferon therapy efficacy Yu Geng Received Received
  FRI-131 Prevalence of chronic hepatitis C on the Swiss organ transplantation list from 2009-2019 Philip Bruggmann Received Received
  THU-132 Risk stratification for early recurrence after resection in patients with intermediate stage hepatocellular carcinoma Han Ah Lee Received Received
  SAT-132 Detection of potential subjects at risk of liver fibrosis in general population in Spain María Del Barrio Azaceta Received Received
  WED-132 Association of TLR7 polymorphisms in Caucasians with disease stages and HBsAg loss in hepatitis virus B infections Janett Fischer Received Received
  FRI-132 The impact of removing all hepatitis B virus (HBV) testing and treatment restrictions Homie Razavi Received Received
  SAT-133 Comparison of the opt in vs opt out policy and its impact on the donation rate of liver transplantation in the Colombian healthcare system Andres Gomez Aldana Received Received
  THU-133 Impact of radiological response and pattern of progression on overall survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated by atezolizumab-bevacizumab Claudia Campani Received Received
  WED-133 Higher levels of three HBsAg forms (Large, Middle and Small HBsAg) are associated with HDV replication and with the degree of disease and liver damage Leonardo Duca Received Received
  FRI-133 Spontaneous clearance of hepatitis C virus infection in the country of Georgia, 2015-2021 George Kamkamidze Received Received
  FRI-134 Automation of hepatitis C screening through electronic health record algorithm Vítor Magno Pereira Received Received
  WED-134 Hepatitis delta treatment utilization in the United States: an analysis of commercially insured adults with hepatitis delta virus infection Chong Kim Received Received
  THU-134 Feasibility of systemic anti-cancer therapy as an alternative to best supportive care in patients with advanced HCC and Child-Pugh B liver dysfunction Claudia AM Fulgenzi Received Received
  SAT-135 Impact of coronavirus disease pandemic on hospitalizations due to chronic liver disease in Belgrade, Serbia Ivana Pantic Received Received
  THU-135 Clinical profile and outcomes of hepatocellular carcinoma in primary budd chiari syndrome Ankit Agarwal Received Received
  FRI-135 Hepatitis C seroconversion rates among individuals with repeated testing Georgia, 2017-2021 Davit Baliashvili Received Received
  WED-135 Comparison of HCC incidence between entecavir and tenofovir in a chronic hepatitis B cohort with balanced censoring Janghan Jung Received Received
  WED-136 Serum CXCL16 serves as the predictor for liver inflammation functioning through a NKT cell-depend way in chronic hepatitis B patients Yawen Wan Received Received
  SAT-136 SIRIUS project: sensing probe exploring liver fibrosis in Slovakia Lubomir Skladany Received Received
  FRI-136 Characterization of recent HCV infections and re-infections among the high-risk population from Georgia using global hepatitis outbreak and surveillance technology Adam Kotorashvili Received Received
  THU-136 Surgical resection of hepatocellular carcinoma has high feasibility, safety and survival in non-cirrhotic liver: a prospective Spanish multicentre study MARTA ROMERO-GUTIÉRREZ Received Received
  THU-137 Real-world experience of atezolizumab plus bevacizumab combination treatment in high risk patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma Jeong Heo Received Received
  FRI-137 Zero-HCV before end stage renal disease (ESRD): a collaborative treat-all approach to eliminate HCV in chronic kidney disease population in Taiwan Tsung-Hui Hu Received Received
  SAT-137 Anti-hepatitis B surface antigen negativity can be a risk factor for SARS-CoV-2 infection in SARS-CoV-2 vaccinated healthcare workers Tomohide Kurahashi Received Received
  WED-137 Distinct virologic trajectories in chronic hepatitis B patients identify heterogeneity in response to nucleotide analogue therapy Tingyan Wang Received Received
  THU-138 Atezolizumab plus bevacizumab for patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma and high hepatitis B viral load: focusing on hepatic safety and viral kinetics San-Chi Chen Received Received
  WED-138 Utilizing machine learning-based predictive models to identify early virological recurrence in Chinese chronic hepatitis B patients following entecavir withdrawal Xiaoke Li Received Received
  FRI-138 Low coverage of hepatitis D virus testing in individuals with HIV and HBV in the Netherlands: a retrospective, cross-sectional and longitudinal study Anders Boyd Received Received
  THU-139 Portal-hypertension parameters are associated with survival and ascites occurrence in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated by external radiotherapy Heloïse Giudicelli-Lett Received Received
  FRI-139 Retrospective study of hepatitis C virus antibodies and active viral replication in at-risk population with dual diagnosis in a Spanish university hospital Cristina Del Rio-Cubilledo Received Received
  THU-140 Outcomes between surgical resection and transarterial chemoembolization in patients with multifocal BCLC-A and Child-Pugh B Ji Won Yang Received Received
  WED-140 Association of liver fibrosis and hypophosphatemia in treatment-naïve patients with chronic hepatitis B Jian Wang Received Received
  FRI-140 Acceptance and feasibility of hepatitis C screening by assisted self-testing in high-risk and general population: a randomized clinical trial Federica Benítez Zafra Received Received
  WED-141 Treatment eligibility and initiation among chronic hepatitis B patients in a real-world setting in the United States Mark Schmidt Received Received
  FRI-141 Cost-effectiveness analysis of a new paradigm to simplify testing, monitoring and treatment of hepatitis C virus in the United States Robert Blissett Received Received
  SAT-141 Hepatitis A hospitalisations in the United States and risk factors for inpatient mortality: a nationwide population study, 1998-2020 Paul Wasuwanich Received Received
  THU-141 Downstaging hepatocellular carcinoma with checkpoint inhibitor therapy safely improves access to curative liver transplantation: a case series Margaret Liu Received Received
  WED-142 Effects of tenofovir alafenamide fumarate on serum lipids in patients with chronic hepatitis B Chao Wu Received Received
  FRI-142 Consider schistosomiasis screening in hepatitis B patients from endemic regions: a hepatic comorbidity that should not be neglected Oriane PALAPRAT Received Received
  THU-142 Clinical outcomes of surgical resection vs yttrium 90 radioembolization (Y90) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) patients with macrovascular invasion (MVI) Zhaozhen Zou Received Received
  SAT-143 Hepatitis E virus infection before and after liver transplantation Petra Dinjar Kujundic Received Received
  WED-143 Novel serum markers of cccDNA transcriptional activity HBcrAg and pre-genomic RNA and CXCL10 pro-inflammatory chemokine levels can reduce uncertainty of HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B phases Ivana Carey Received Received
  FRI-143 Micro-elimination of Hepatitis C virus infection in mountainous and remote areas of Taiwan a multi-center collaborative care model Ching-Chu Lo Received Received
  WED-144 HDV genotypes have an impact on pegylated interferon therapy response and long-term liver disease related outcomes Ivana Carey Received Received
  THU-144 Balancing efficacy and tolerability of first-line systemic therapies for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: a network metanalysis Ciro Celsa Received Received
  FRI-144 Impact of the anti-HDV reflex testing on the reduction of hepatitis D burden in Spain Maria Buti Received Received
  SAT-144 Predictors of Baveno VII criteria for recompensation in patients with hepatitis B-related decompensated cirrhosis Vicki Wing-Ki Hui Received Received
  FRI-145 Final results of a hepatitis C micro-elimination campaign in a highly endemic, well-defined demographic area of peri-urban Karachi, Pakistan Saeed Hamid Received Received
  SAT-145 Utility of partial cure as an endpoint after nucleos(t)ide analogue withdrawal among chronic hepatitis B patients (RETRACT-B study) Grishma Hirode Received Received
  WED-145 Systematic screening for hepatitis B at emergency department and linkage to care in Barcelona, Spain Juan Carlos Ruiz-Cobo Received Received
  THU-145 Sequential therapies after atezolizumab plus bevacizumab or lenvatinib first-line treatments Mara Persano Received Received
  FRI-146 Evaluation of hepatitis B core-related antigen rapid test (HBcrAg-RDT) to identify HBV-infected women eligible for peripartum antiviral prophylaxis in resource-limited countries Jeanne Perpétue Vincent Received Received
  SAT-146 Effects of tenofovir disoproxil fumarate versus tenofovir alafenamide on risk of osteoporotic fracture in patients with chronic hepatitis B : a nationwide claims study Eunju Kim Received Received
  WED-146 Epidemiological and clinical profile of HDV infected people in care in Italy: interim analysis from the ongoing PITER cohort Loreta A. Kondili Received Received
  SAT-147 Effects of interferon-based therapies in functional cure and hepatocellular carcinoma risk reduction in patients with chronic hepatitis B: real-world evidence from 2-year data of OASIS project Qiran Zhang Received Received
  WED-147 Effect of Tenofovir and Entecavir on occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma depends on duration of antiviral treatment and hierarchical PAGE-B risk score Yi-Hsiang Huang Received Received
  THU-147 Sequential systemic treatment in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: real-world data in the era of immune checkpoint inhibition Jana Pauly Received Received
  FRI-147 Implementing hepatitis C self-testing (HCVST) among the general population in Georgia: preliminary results Ketevan Stvilia Received Received
  FRI-148 Retrospective study of hepatitis C virus antibodies and active viral replication in patients with severe mental illness in a Spanish university hospital Cristina Del Rio-Cubilledo Received Received
  THU-148 Comparison of Clinical Outcome between Nivolumab and Regorafenib as Second-line Systemic Therapies after Sorafenib Failure in Patients with Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma Jae Seung Lee Received Received
  WED-148 Significant disparities in risk of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma among non-cirrhotic, treatment naïve, e-antigen negative hepatitis B patients with low levels of serum alanine aminotransferase Robert Wong Received Received
  SAT-148 Low HBV DNA and HBsAg levels at 24 weeks off-treatment predict sustained response and HBsAg loss in patients who discontinued antiviral therapy Milan Sonneveld Received Received
  FRI-149 Tailored message intervention by nudge theory increases the number of the viral hepatitis screening for Japanese workers and consultation behavior of positive patients - Consideration of 1.7 million general check-up participants Masaaki Korenaga Received Received
  WED-149 aMAP score and its combination with liver stiffness measurement accurately assess liver fibrosis in virologically suppressed CHB patients Jinlin Hou Received Received
  SAT-149 NTCP genetic variants may influence early virological response to bulevirtide monotherapy in patients with HDV related cirrhosis Elisabetta Degasperi Received Received
  THU-149 Efficacy of Atezolizumab/Bevacizumab combination therapy in BCLC-C cirrhotic patients with hepatocellular carcinoma according to the type of disease progression and liver disease severity Spyridon Pantzios Received Received
  FRI-150 Metabolicassociated fatty liver disease in socio-economic vulnerable population with chronic hepatitis B and C Speranta Iacob Received Received
  THU-150 Changing treatment landscape associated with improved survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a nationwide, population-based study Najib Ben Khaled Received Received
  SAT-150 Stopping bulevirtide in long-term HDV-RNA suppressed patients seems safe and may enable long treatment-free intervals Mathias Jachs Received Received
  WED-150 Systematic review and meta-analysis: the proportion of chronic hepatitis B patients with different alanine transaminase upper limits and significant hepatic histology Yuhao Yao Received Received
  SAT-151 Switching to Besifovir in chronic hepatitis B patients receiving Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate: 96 weeks results of phase 4 trial Hyung Joon YIM Received Received
  WED-151 Self-stigma in chronic hepatitis B: content and psychometric validation of a new patient-reported outcome instrument Krishna Patel Received Received
  FRI-151 Strategies to eliminate hepatitis C virus infection in the Americas Luis Antonio Diaz Received Received
  THU-151 Efficacy and tolerability of stereotactic body radiation therapy in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a retrospective cohort study Dorothy Liu Received Received
  WED-152 Hepatitis flare appeared to be more severe with poorer outcome in chronic hepatitis B patients with recent COVID vaccination during the COVID pandemic Jennifer Tai Received Received
  SAT-152 Five years follow-up of 96 weeks peginterferon plus tenofovir disoproxil fumarate in hepatitis D Heiner Wedemeyer Received Received
  FRI-152 Qualitative interviews to assess the impact of chronic hepatitis delta virus infection on health-related quality of life in untreated patients from the US, Italy, Spain, and Germany Pietro Lampertico Received Received
  WED-153 Increased baseline comorbidity burden among commercially insured patients with hepatitis delta virus infection vs hepatitis B virus monoinfection in the United States Chong Kim Received Received
  SAT-153 Long-term safety profile of tenofovir alafenamide in chronic hepatitis B patients; final 8-year results of 2 Phase 3 studies Young-Suk Lim Received Received
  FRI-153 Microbiological analysis of acute hepatitis of unknown aetiology in children in Spain Ana Avellón Received Received
  FRI-154 Emergency department contribution to hepatitis C elimination through opportunistic screening in Cascais, Portugal Diogo Medina Received Received
  SAT-154 Association of post-treatment virologic relapse and biochemical flares with HBV serum biomarkers in long-term virologically suppressed HBeAg-negative patients stopping NA treatment: Exploratory analyses from the control arm of the REEF-2 study Krishna Patel Received Received
  THU-154 Improved identification of good candidates for the treatment of intermediate/advanced hepatocellular carcinoma by Yttrium-90 transarterial radioembolization Carole Vitellius Received Received
  WED-154 Can we better characterize HBeAg-negative chronically infected hepatitis B patients using novel biomarkers? Thais Leonel Received Received
  THU-155 Clinical impact of relative dose intensity over the first four weeks in cabozantinib therapy for unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma Kaoru Tsuchiya Received Received
  FRI-155 Implementation of anti-HDV reflex testing among HBsAg-positive in a tertiary center in South Italy Valentina Cossiga Received Received
  SAT-155 Comparable risk of cardiovascular events in chronic hepatitis B patients treated with tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or tenofovir alafenamide Hyeyeon Hong Received Received
  WED-156 Hepatitis D screening in HBsAg positive individuals in Germany: insufficient implementation results in a large number of undiagnosed cases Toni Herta Received Received
  THU-156 Tolerability of first line systemic therapy in elderly patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma Giulia Francesca Manfredi Received Received
  FRI-156 Effectiveness of a direct care action strategy at the drug addiction center (test and treat in point of care) for the detection and treatment of hepatitis C in drug users on opioid agonist substitution therapy Inés Sáenz De Miera Received Received
  SAT-156 Improvements in ALT levels during Bulevirtide treatment for hepatitis D are seen regardless of virologic response Katja Deterding Received Received
  FRI-157 Comparison of HCVRNA results using plasma separation card with gold standard veni-puncture Huma Qureshi Received Received
  THU-157 Incidence and risk factors of post-transarterial chemoembolization complications in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a single center retrospective cohort analysis in a large tertiary hospital Melissa April Pajinag Received Received
  SAT-157 Comparison of body weight and lipid profiles following tenofovir disoproxil fumarate or entecavir switchingto tenofovir alafenamide in chronic hepatitis B patients Pin-Nan Cheng Received Received
  WED-158 Relationship of hepatitis D viral load, ALT levels, and liver stiffness in untreated patients with chronic hepatitis D Soo Aleman Received Received
  SAT-158 Model-based meta-analysis of pegylated IFN-alpha induced HBsAg loss at end of treatment and 24 weeks post treatment in chronic hepatitis B virus infection Vera Gielen Received Received
  FRI-158 Patients with hepatitis B and D are more often linked to medical care than patients with hepatitis C Elena Vargas Accarino Received Received
  WED-159 B cell phenotype, Toll-Like receptor 9 expression and proinflammatory cytokines profile in patients with chronic hepatitis B with HBsAg loss or persistent Nour Nasser Received Received
  SAT-159 Kinetics of HBsAg forms in chronic hepatitis delta patients treated with bulevirtide for 48 weeks: correlation with virological response Stefano DAnna Received Received
  FRI-159 The impact of hepatitis B and C serologies on the outcomes of non-liver solid organ transplantation Carey Escheik Received Received
  WED-160 Healthcare resource use and costs associated with hepatitis delta virus infection compared to hepatitis B virus monoinfection among commercially insured patients in the US Chong Kim Received Received
  SAT-160 Comparison of kidney function decline between chronic hepatitis B patients with versus without antiviral therapy Jae Seung Lee Received Received
  FRI-160 Development of a rapid workflow for detecting HCV RNA from whole blood Matthew Pauly Received Received
  FRI-161 Hepatitis D infection in a HBsAg cohorts referred from specialist liver clinics vs. reflex community referred patients in South East London Ivana Carey Received Received
  WED-161 Clinical characteristics and phase transition of chronic hepatitis B patients with HBeAg and anti-HBe coexistence Ruifei Xue Received Received
  SAT-161 Effect of first-line nucleot(s)ide analogues on blood lipids in patients with chronic hepatitis B: a network meta-analysis kexin tong Received Received
  THU-162 External validation of models to predict hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in HCV SVR F3-F4 patients Marina Berenguer Received Received
  WED-162 Lower HBV DNA levels is associated more severe liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B with serological immune-tolerant phase Jian Wang Received Received
  FRI-162 Screening, confirmation, and treatment rates of hepatitis C virus infections in patients undergoing surgery in a single tertiary academic centre Jae Seung Lee Received Received
  FRI-163 Impact of hepatitis B family screening, counselling and education program on active case detection: a step towards elimination through preventive hepatology clinic in India Ajeet Singh Bhadoria Received Received
  SAT-163 Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients Treated with Tenofovir Following Incomplete Response to Prior Antivirals Hyunjae Shin Received Received
  WED-163 Clinical evaluation of highly sensitive iTACT hepatitis B core-related antigen and hepatitis B surface antigen assays in the management of HBV reactivation Takako Inoue Received Received
  THU-163 Impact of direct-acting antiviral therapy on tumor progression and survival in intermediate to advanced hepatocellular carcinoma patient with HCV infection Chen-Ta Chi Received Received
  WED-164 Serum thrombospondin-2 for predicting liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection Chao Wu Received Received
  THU-164 The PNPLA3 genotype is the main driver of weight gain after the hepatitis C cure Veronika Pitova Received Received
  FRI-164 HCV elimination in persons living with HIV (PLWH): the NoCo (No-Coinfection) study of the ICONA network Massimo Puoti Received Received
  SAT-164 Hepatitis B surface antigen loss rate and safety and discontinuations with pegylated interferon alpha in chronic hepatitis B virus infection, a systematic review Vera Gielen Received Received
  WED-165 Impact of fatty liver on long-term outcomes in chronic hepatitis B: a systematic review and matched analysis of individual patient data meta-analysis Yu Jun Wong Received Received
  FRI-165 A modelling study of the impact of scaling up of HCV case finding and treatment for people who inject drugs in English region of Bristol and Severn Zoe Ward Received Received
  THU-165 MAFLD (metabolic associated fatty liver disease) outperforms ultrasonographic steatosis to stratify hepatocellular carcinoma risk in patients with advanced hepatitis C cured with direct antiviral agents Serena Pelusi Received Received
  SAT-165 The efficacy of peginterferon alpha in Chinese inactive chronic hepatitis B virus carriers and nucleoside analogs-experienced patients: a real world research Chaojing Wen Received Received
  SAT-166 Similarly low risk of chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression in chronic hepatitis B patients with Stage 2 CKD on tenofovir alafenamide versus entecavir Yan Liang Received Received
  WED-166 Characterizing chronic hepatitis delta in Spain and the gaps in its management Sergio Rodríguez-Tajes Received Received
  THU-166 Most vulnerable HCV patient groups treated with direct acting antivirals achieve high response rates and gain quality of life data from the German hepatitis C-registry (DHC-R) Yvonne Serfert Received Received
  FRI-167 Who is missing? Analysis of the 2021 Georgian seroprevalence survey to identify the population left to be screened for hepatitis C Sophia Surguladze Received Received
  SAT-167 Switching to peginterferon for chronic hepatitis B patients with hepatitis B e antigen seroconversion on entecavir - a long term follow-up study Che To Lai Received Received
  THU-167 The impact of 5 years of testing for hepatitis C in prisons in the north east of England Amy Johnson Received Received
  WED-167 Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis B virus and hepatitis delta virus coinfection in-Sudan Osama Mohamed Received Received
  SAT-168 Safety, pharmacokinetics, and antiviral activity of the next-generation hepatitis B core inhibitor ABI-H3733 in patients with hepatitis B e antigen negative chronic hepatitis B infection: preliminary results from a randomized, blinded, Phase 1b study Jane Kovalevich Received Received
  FRI-168 Are primary healthcare facilities ready to provide hepatitis delta services in Mongolia: service availability and readiness assessment findings Enkhjargal Altangerel Received Received
  WED-168 In patients with chronic hepatitis D, the decline of &8805;2log HDV-RNA levels that remain detectable is associated with better clinical outcomes Adriana Palom Received Received
  THU-168 Results of the hepatitis B and C screening within the Check-Up35 in the German primary care setting one year after implementation by the federal joint committee Johannes Wiegand Received Received
  THU-169 Clinical outcomes after therapy with direct acting antiviral in patients with HCV-related B-cell Non-Hodgkin lymphomas and/or mixed cryoglobulinemia Marco Tizzani Received Received
  SAT-169 Rescue of cirrhotic HBV / HDV infection from bulevirtide failure by subcutaneous REP 2139-Mg Marc Bourliere Received Received
  WED-169 Neglible 10-year risk of liver-related events in chronic hepatitis B patients with low liver stiffness Lesley Patmore Received Received
  FRI-169 Cascade of care among people with hepatitis B in New South Wales, Australia Syed Hassan Bin Usman Shah Received Received
  WED-170 Steadily decline of HBV DNA load under NAs in lymphoma patients and higher level of qAnti-HBc predict HBV reactivation Yi-Qi Liu Received Received
  SAT-170 The Nuc-Stop study: an open-label, randomized trial of different re-start strategies after treatment withdrawal in HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B patients Asgeir Johannessen Received Received
  FRI-170 Reimplementation of a revamped cost-effective national elimination strategy is the only way Brazil moves towards eliminating HCV Alexis Voeller Received Received
  THU-170 Analysis of mortality rate in the patients after hepatitis C virus elimination using direct acting antivirals and comparison with the general population Satoshi Miuma Received Received
  WED-171 Liver stiffness measurement as a noninvasive method for the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis D virus infection Lisa Sandmann Received Received
  SAT-171 Deep learning cluster analysis reveals subtypes in response to antisense oligonucleotide therapy in chronic hepatitis B Caroline Weis Received Received
  THU-171 Impact of direct-acting antiviral therapy on survival in patients with liver cirrhosis and ascites. Data from the hepa-C registry Alvaro Hidalgo Romero Received Received
  FRI-171 The evaluation of people suspected of sexually transmitted diseases requires tools for the comprehensive diagnosis of viral hepatitis and HIV Joaquin Cabezas Received Received
  THU-172 HCV elimination: reengagement of previously diagnosed but unlinked patients with chronic hepatitis C to initiate treatment Maria Fernanda Guerra Veloz Received Received
  FRI-172 The impact of hepatitis C and socio-demographic variables on Health-related quality of life among patients in Pakistan Siwaporn Niyomsri Received Received
  SAT-172 Safety and antiviral activity of RBD1016, a RNAi therapeutic, in chinese subjects with chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection Guoliang Chen Received Received
  WED-172 Distribution of the natural history stages of pregnant women with chronic hepatitis B virus infection and its association with pregnancy complications and adverse pregnancy outcomes Xuelian Zhang Received Received
  THU-173 HCV screening rates in reproductive age women after universal screening guidelines Roshni Singh Received Received
  SAT-173 AHB-137, a novel hepatitis B virus antisense oligonucleotide with substantially enhanced in vitro and in vivo antiviral activity Xiaoli Wu Received Received
  WED-173 Comparison of hepatitis B reactivation in patients with resolved hepatitis B infection receiving rituximab or non-rituximab based immunosuppressive therapy: does presence of hepatitis b surface antibody reduce the risk of reactivation? Wei-Lun Liou Received Received
  FRI-173 Hepatitis C screening program in Lithuania: first results and scenarios for virus elimination Limas Kupcinskas Received Received
  WED-174 Hepatitis delta virus (HDV) infection : frequency and outcome in persons living with HIV (PLWH). Data from the ICONA (Italian cohort of naïve for antiretrovirals) cohort Massimo Puoti Received Received
  SAT-174 Vebicorvir, entecavir, and pegylated interferon in patients with hepatitis B e antigen positive chronic hepatitis B virus infection: findings from a phase 2, randomized open-label study in China Jane Kovalevich Received Received
  FRI-174 Challenges and strategies to improve linkage to care and treatment for hepatitis C in pregnancy: perspectives from a global community of practice Neil Gupta Received Received
  THU-174 The impact of HCV cure on glycemic indices in patients using glecaprevir/pibrentasvir from nationwide Taiwan HCV registry Chung-Feng Huang Received Received
  WED-175 Detection of hepatitis delta virus in seminal fluid and female genital tract Naranjargal Dashdorj Received Received
  FRI-175 New and easy strategy for mass screening for hepatitis C in leisure spaces Sonia Albertos Rubio Received Received
  THU-175 Predicting vertical transmission of hepatitis C in pregnant women using a composite score: a multicenter study Paul Wasuwanich Received Received
  SAT-175 Significant improvement of non-invasive fibrosis tests in HDV compensated cirrhotic patients with clinically significant portal hypertension treated with BLV monotherapy un to 96 weeks Elisabetta Degasperi Received Received
  THU-176 Achieving hepatitis C micro-eliminating in 4 female prisons through a nurse led test and treat approach of pathway optimisation and whole prison testing Andy Jones Received Received
  WED-176 Ultrasensitive HBV-RNA quantification by droplet digital PCR is a promising biomarker to optimize the staging of chronic HBV infection and to identify minimal viral activity under prolonged virological suppression Romina Salpini Received Received
  SAT-176 Analysis of HBV genotype association to bepirovirsen treatment response in patients with chronic HBV infection (Phase 2b B-Clear study) Jerome Bouquet Received Received
  FRI-176 Burden of hepatitis C in pregnant women and children in the United States Paul Wasuwanich Received Received
  WED-177 Study of hepatitis delta virus replication markers in anti-HBc positive patients with chronic hepatitis C Javier García-Samaniego Received Received
  SAT-177 Single dose pharmacokinetics of VIR-3434, a novel neutralizing monoclonal antibody, in participants with chronic hepatitis B virus infection Phylea Anderson Received Received
  FRI-177 Micro-elimination of chronic hepatitis C virus in patients with psychiatric disorders: a multidisciplinary strategy in the outpatient mental health center Inés Sáenz De Miera Received Received
  THU-177 Post-treatment liver function, but not baseline liver function, predicts survival in hepatitis C virus patients with decompensated cirrhosis after direct-acting antiviral treatment Yuki Tahata Received Received
  WED-178 Long-term outcomes of a population-based cohort of chronic hepatitis B (CHB) patients in West Africa Gibril Ndow Received Received
  SAT-178 AHB-137, a novel and potent hepatitis B virus antisense oligonucleotide with a favorable preclinical pharmacokinetics and safety profile Tingting Lu Received Received
  FRI-178 Simple treatment eligibility score for chronic HBV infection at peripheral health facilities in sub-Saharan Africa Yusuke Shimakawa Received Received
  THU-178 Network transmission of hepatitis C genotype 2c and 4d in men who have sex with men in Cape Town, South Africa Mark Sonderup Received Received
  THU-179 Direct-acting antivirals reduce disease burden in patients with chronic hepatitis C: a Korean nationwide, multicentre, retrospective cohort study Won Sohn Received Received
  FRI-179 A nationwide study on the core indicators related to elimination of viral hepatitis B and C in Korea In Hee Kim Received Received
  SAT-179 Consolidation treatment with Tiaogan-Buxu-Jiedu granule (Traditional Chinese Medicine compound) plus entecavir reduces virological relapse following entecavir withdrawal in Chinese patients with chronic hepatitis B: a randomized, controlled trial Xiaoke Li Received Received
  FRI-180 Hepatitis C seroprevalence screening and linkage to care of unknown infected patients admitted to a tertiary care emergency departement: on the road to achieve the WHO 2030 virus elimination target Roberta Lasco Received Received
  SAT-180 Positive impact of reflex testing in performing hepatitis delta serology in HBsAg patients Régine TRUCHI Received Received
  WED-180 Significant heterogeneity in long-term risks of cirrhosis or hepatocellular carcinoma among a national cohort of U.S. veterans with non-cirrhotic, treatment naïve chronic hepatitis B in the immune tolerant phase Robert Wong Received Received
  THU-180 Hepatitis C micro-elimination program in Zhuhai: a concerted citywide effort to eliminate hepatitis C by 2030 Xinchun Zheng Received Received
  THU-181 Real-world data on long-term quality of life after Glecaprevir/Pibrentasvir therapy: data from the German hepatitis C registry (DHC-R) Beth Stapleton Received Received
  WED-181 Contrasting immune fingerprints of chronic hepatitis B Virus infection in adults from South Africa and the United Kingdom Marion Delphin Received Received
  FRI-181 D-Mongolia: screening and linkage-to-care for Hepatitis D in Mongolian nationals living in Spain Adriana Palom Received Received
  SAT-181 Pretreatment and on-therapy HDV RNA levels predict response to Bulevirtide monotherapy in HDV compensated cirrhotic patients treated up to 96 weeks Elisabetta Degasperi Received Received
  SAT-182 Preliminary results of a Phase 1b, open-label, multicenter study of selgantolimod (GS-9688) in special populations of patients with chronic hepatitis B Kosh Agarwal Received Received
  THU-182 What is the impact of a Hepatitis C test and trace pilot using peer workers? Stuart McPherson Received Received
  FRI-182 Improving blood borne virus screening in immigration removal centres in the UK Katie Abraham Received Received
  WED-183 The role of PAGE-B score in predicting the development of hepatocelular cancer in patients with chronic delta hepatitis Cihan Yurdaydin Received Received
  FRI-183 Exploring the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on access to HCV-related care and support: findings from a survey of people with lived experience of incarceration and/or substance use in British Columbia, Canada Dahn Jeong Received Received
  SAT-183 Safety and efficacy of REP 2139-Mg in association with TDF in chronic hepatitis delta patients with decompensated cirrhosis Christiane Stern Received Received
  THU-183 Evaluation of the follow-up in patients with advanced fibrosis after achieve sustained viral response with direct-acting antivirals. Screening and risk of hepatocellular carcinoma Vanesa Bernal Monterde Received Received
  SAT-184 Is treatment with Bulevirtide 10 mg useful in poor responder patients to 2 mg? Results from the French multicenter early access program Victor de Ledinghen Received Received
  WED-184 Identification and external validation of the optimal ALT thresholds for ruling in significant histologic disease in chronic hepatitis B Zhiyi Zhang Received Received
  FRI-184 Tenofovir prophylaxis during pregnancy for the elimination of mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus: a cost-effectiveness analysis Pisit Tangkijvanich Received Received
  THU-184 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and neurocognitive impairment in subjects with mild liver disease: the role of neuropsychological and cognitive provoked P300 tests Carlos Eduardo Brandão Mello Received Received
  THU-185 A prospective, pragmatic post-authorisation safety study of early recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma in hepatitis C virus-infected patients after direct-acting antiviral (DAA) therapy: DAA-PASS Amit Singal Received Received
  WED-185 Predominance of genotype 5 hepatitis delta virus infection in a portuguese centre Mariana Cardoso Received Received
  SAT-185 Treatment with Bulevirtide, with or without PEG-interferon, in HIV-HBV/HDV co-infected patients in a real-life setting Victor de Ledinghen Received Received
  FRI-185 A territory-wide opportunistic, hospital-based HCV screening in the general population from northern Italy: the 1969-1989 birth-cohort Roberta DAmbrosio Received Received
  SAT-186 The safety and pharmacokinetics of ABI-4334, a novel next-generation HBV core inhibitor: interim results from a phase 1 study in healthy volunteers Jane Kovalevich Received Received
  FRI-186 Cascade of care and HCV treatment of inner city populations engaged in care through community pop-up clinics (CPCs) Brian Conway Received Received
  THU-186 Clinical outcomes after hepatitis C treatment in patients with advanced chronic liver disease Fabio Correia Received Received
  WED-186 Long-term outcomes of patients with chronic HBsAg positive/HBe-negative infection: differences and transition between inactive carriers and low viremic carriers Gabriele Rancatore Received Received
  THU-187 Mortality risk following HCV cure among people with HIV coinfection Naveed Janjua Received Received
  FRI-187 Incidence of hepatitis C virus antibody seroconversion among people who inject drugs in Tbilisi, Georgia Tengiz Tsertsvadze Received Received
  SAT-187 Frequency of bepirovirsen binding site nucleotide polymorphisms at baseline and impact on end of treatment response to bepirovirsen (Phase 2b B-Clear study) Jerome Bouquet Received Received
  WED-187 HBV infected pregnant woman received antiviral treatment and discontinued it postpartum can benefit from retreatment Qiao Tang Received Received
  SAT-188 Safety, pharmacokinetics, and antiviral activity of single ascending doses of ALG-125755, a GalNAc-conjugated small interfering RNA, in subjects with chronic hepatitis B Megan Fitzgerald Received Received
  WED-188 Higher risk of disease progression in the gray zone relative to hepatitis B e antigen negative chronic hepatitis B infection Yunling Xue Received Received
  FRI-188 Survey to evaluate the implementation of the recommendations on the comprehensive diagnosis of viral hepatitis in a single extraction: where are we? Joaquin Cabezas Received Received
  THU-189 Hospitalisation - missing an opportunity to link to hepatitis C care: a retrospective study at a regional Australian health service Christine Roder Received Received
  WED-189 Analysis of disease progression in patients with chronic hepatitis B using a large nationwide database Nobuharu Tamaki Received Received
  SAT-189 Efficacy and safety of celecoxib add on nucleos(t)ide analogues on the hepatitis B surface antigen of virally suppressed patients with chronic hepatitis B - interim analysis Feng Xue Received Received
  WED-190 Prognosis of HDV infections in Belgium Arno Furquim dAlmeida Received Received
  THU-190 Hepatitis C virus infection follow-up of people who use drugs in the Balearic Islands, Spain Andrea Herranz Mochales Received Received
  FRI-190 Hepatitis E virus seroprevalence in immunosuppressed patients in Belgium: a prospective study Marie Philippart Received Received
  SAT-190 Quantification of serum HDV RNA in untreated and Bulevirtide-treated patients with CHD: a comparison between Robogene 2.0 and Eurobioplex Maria Paola Anolli Received Received
  WED-191 Assessment of clinical and patient reported outcome measures in individuals with chronic hepatitis B who clear HBsAg, followed by the Canadian hepatitis B network Carla Coffin Received Received
  FRI-191 What is the most effective strategy to identify HBV-infected pregnant women eligible for antiviral prophylaxis in Burkina Faso? Andréa GOSSET Received Received
  SAT-191 A monoclonal antibody 4G2 exhibits anti-viral activity in mouse models of chronic hepatitis B Aditi Deshpande Received Received
  THU-191 Serum myostatin decreased after direct acting antivirals for cirrhotic patients Tomoyuki Suehiro Received Received
  THU-192 HCV micro-elimination strategy in a tertiary hospital: identification of lost cases and linkage to care Maria Torner Simó Received Received
  FRI-192 Results from a community-based intervention to increase viral hepatitis screening among at-risk African migrants in Catalonia, Spain (2020-2022) Jeffrey Lazarus Received Received
  THU-193 The influence of direct acting antiviral treatment in chronic hepatitis C virus infection on arterial stiffness Mircea Istrate Received Received
  FRI-193 Innovation linkage model to re-engage lost-to-follow-up individuals in the national hepatitis C elimination program in Georgia Vladimer Getia Received Received
  WED-193 Stability of Hepatitis B virus RNA in plasma and serum under various storage conditions Valerie Ohlendorf Received Received
  SAT-193 Efficacy and prediction analysis of pegylated interferon alpha-2b in treatment-naive HBeAg negative chronic hepatitis B patients with normal ALT: a multicenter real-world study (Ice-breakting Project in China) - Interim analysis Chong Zhang Received Received
  FRI-194 Hepatocellular carcinoma associated with chronic hepatitis C: a case for an annual mortality and morbidity review Neil McInnes Received Received
  WED-194 Barriers to hepatitis B treatment from the patients perspectives: survey study by the canadian hepatitis B network Hin Hin Ko Received Received
  SAT-194 The safety and efficacy of hepalatide (L47) treatment combined with pegylated interferon-alpha 2a in patients with chronic hepatitis B: the preliminary data from a double-blind, RCT phase II trial Xiaolu Tang Received Received
  WED-195 Driving improvements in hepatitis B care in Africa: profile of the hepatitis B in Africa collaborative network (HEPSANET) Asgeir Johannessen Received Received
  SAT-195 A novel class of orally-available small molecules potently inhibiting hepatitis B and D virus entry Jane Kovalevich Received Received
  FRI-195 Prevalence of hepatitis B and C viral infections among transgenders and men who have sex with men in Pakistan Hassan Mahmood Received Received
  THU-195 Long term normalization of systemic inflammation and endothelial activation after hepatitis C virus (HCV) eradication in HIV/HCV coinfected, HCV monoinfected patients and HCV-infected liver transplant recipients Laura Benitez Gutierrez Received Received
  THU-196 Differences in baseline characteristics of direct acting antiviral (DAA)- treated Greek HCV patients according to source of infection Spyridon Siakavellas Received Received
  WED-196 Risk factors for viral reactivation in patients with overt or occult HepatitisB Virus infection receiving immunosuppressive treatments: a systematic review and meta-analysis Ciro Celsa Received Received
  FRI-196 Multidisciplinary Approaches to Increase Hepatitis C Screening Rates in a New York City Primary Care Clinic Carolina Villarroel Received Received
  SAT-196 Cell-mediated immunity analysis to assess the characteristics of immune response to bepirovirsen: Examples from the B-Clear study Jenn Singh Received Received
  THU-197 Incidence and associations of HCV reinfection in the era of direct acting antivirals Spyridon Siakavellas Received Received
  WED-197 T-cell responses to PreS1 and PreS2 are correlated to anti-HBs antibody titres, which are higher and persist longer in volunteers vaccinated with 3-antigen than with 1-antigen hepatitis B vaccine in the PROTECT Study:3.5 year follow up Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Received Received
  FRI-197 Effectiveness of birth-dose vaccine in preventing mother-to-child transmission of hepatitis B virus in Ethiopia Mebrihit Arefaine Received Received
  SAT-197 Therapeutic vaccine candidate CLB-3000 (CLB-405 and CLB-505 adjuvanted with Alhydrogel): a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)-compliant 15-week intramuscular toxicity study in rabbits with a 4-week recovery Aileen Rubio Received Received
  SAT-198 Phase 1b/2a study of heterologous ChAdOx1-HBV/MVA-HBV immunotherapy (VTP-300) combined with low-dose nivolumab (LDN) in virally suppressed patients with CHB on nucleos(t)ide analogues Henrik Sorensen Received Received
  FRI-198 Complete and maintained elimination of hepatitis C in patients in methadone substitution program Esther Rodríguez Candelaria Received Received
  THU-198 Evaluation of patients treated with direct-acting anti-viral therapy for chronic hepatitis C and their risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in Hong Kong Victor Yung Sin Chow Received Received
  WED-199 Epidemiological landscape and clinical spectrum of chronic hepatitis B in East Africa Abate Shewaye Received Received
  THU-199 The prevelance of hepatitis C virus infection in high-risk patients with high normal alanine aminotransferase (ALT) in Israel: a bio bank analysis Amir Shlomai Received Received
  SAT-199 Kinetics of hepatitis B core related antigen in patients with compensated HDV cirrhosis treated with Bulevirtide monotherapy for 72 weeks: a single-center study Elisabetta Degasperi Received Received
  WED-200 Significantly higher clinical and economic burden following diagnosis of hepatitis delta virus infection among commercially insured adults with chronic hepatitis B in the United States Chong Kim Received Received
  FRI-200 Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir (S/V) for the treatment of HCV infection among vulnerable inner-city residents: extending the results of clinical trial part 2 Brian Conway Received Received
  THU-200 HCV screening: shortening read time of point-of-care rapid diagnostic test does not effect detection rates of antibodies against hepatitis C virus Auj Chaudhry Received Received
  SAT-200 Modeling-based response-guided therapy with bulevirtide monotherapy for chronic hepatitis D to identify patients for finite treatment duration Harel Dahari Received Received
  THU-201 Digital pathology quantification of cirrhosis severity continuum in human HCV liver biopsies and its correspondence with Laennec and Beijing stages Louis Petitjean Received Received
  WED-201 Aspirin use and risk of hepatocellular carcinoma and gastrointestinal bleeding in patients with HBV-related cirrhosis: a landmark analysis Mi Na Kim Received Received
  FRI-201 Screening for hepatitis C virus using rapid diagnostic test (RDT) coupled with mammography in women aged from 50 to 74 years in Montpellier (France). (MammOC NCT05067374) Magdalena Meszaros Received Received
  SAT-201 A phase 2 study of ASC42, a novel farnesoid X receptor (FXR) agonist, in combination with PEGylated interferon (PEG-IFN) and entecavir(ETV) in chronic hepatitis B patients with 12-week treatment Mingfei Ge Received Received
  WED-202 High prevalence of hepatic steatosis in adults living with hepatitis B, with and without HIV co-infection, in London, UK Claire Mullender Received Received
  THU-202 Prognostic factors of post-sustained virological response outcome in patients with chronic hepatitis C treated with direct-acting antivirals Won Sohn Received Received
  FRI-202 Hepatitis B, C and D infections among nine high-risk populations in Burkina Faso, West Africa Armel Moumouni Sanou Received Received
  SAT-202 Hepatitis B virus core protein variant profiles observed in chronic hepatitis B patients treated with capsid inhibitor AB-836 Christine L. Espiritu Received Received
  WED-203 Stable temporal trend of HDV seroprevalence in central Italy across the last two decades with the circulation of HDV sub-genotypes 1 inducing different inflammatory stimuli Lorenzo Piermatteo Received Received
  FRI-203 Factors associated with HCV reinfection among treated people who inject drugs in the HCV elimination program in Georgia Lasha Gulbiani Received Received
  THU-203 Utilising peer support workers in hepatitis C screening in emergency departments: a pilot study Fiona Gordon Received Received
  THU-204 A large-scale, centralized viral hepatitis screening model in Hainan province of China during the COVID-19 pandemic Tao Wu Received Received
  WED-204 Ten years follow-up of patients with chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis D infection Andreea Dobroaia Received Received
  FRI-204 HCV screening before endoscopy in hepatogastroenterology outpatient clinic: results of DEPISTC-ENDO study André-Jean Remy Received Received
  WED-205 Overcoming barriers to care for Delta infected patients Marina Berenguer Received Received
  FRI-205 Progress in hepatitis C screening as part of the hepatitis C elimination program in Georgia Maia Tsereteli Received Received
  THU-205 Usefulness of serum CCL20 as a post sustained viral response biomarker for HCV-associated liver fibrosis Atsumasa Komori Received Received
  WED-206 Clinical phenotypes of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic hepatitis D compared to patients with chronic hepatitis B Christoph Schramm Received Received
  THU-206 Hepatitis C and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance: clinical and hematological outcome after eradication with direct acting antivirals Rosa Claudia Stasio Received Received
  FRI-206 New hepatitis C diagnoses in 2022. Who and where. Referral efficiency Cristina Suárez Montesdeoca Received Received
  WED-207 Risk stratification for hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic hepatitis D Christoph Schramm Received Received
  THU-207 Ethnic disparity in mortality related to extrahepatic manifestations among people with chronic HCV infection: a large, linked administrative population-based study in British Columbia, Canada Dahn Jeong Received Received
  FRI-207 Hepatitis C screening and elimination strategy: implementation of the FOCUS program in Almería, Spain Marta Casado Received Received
  FRI-208 Low prevalence found in HCV micro-elimination program among HIV-negative MSM and TW in a community center in Spain Angel Rivero Calaf Received Received
  WED-208 Current status of hepatitis delta in Andalusia: multicenter study Marta Casado Received Received
  THU-208 Hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection and neurocognitive impairment in subjects with mild liver disease Marcia Maria Amendola Pires Received Received
  THU-209 Chronic hepatitis C and aging: search for cognitive changes Carlos Eduardo Brandão Mello Received Received
  WED-209 Treatment experience and acceptability in a UK HBV cohort why personalised regimens may be necessary in chronic hepatitis B Jane Abbott Received Received
  FRI-209 Late presentation for hepatitis C treatment; prevalence and risk factors in the Swiss hepatitis C cohort Nathalie Brunner Received Received
  THU-210 Coadministration of hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals and enzyme-inducing antiepileptic drugs: real-world experience from a multi-centre case series Alison Boyle Received Received
  FRI-210 Characterizing individuals who remain to be screened and those lost to follow-up from Georgias HCV elimination program Sophia Surguladze Received Received
  WED-210 Eliminating viral hepatitis one island at a time the Hainan experience Biao Wu Received Received
  WED-211 Prevalence and predictors of HDV viremia in anti-HDV positive patients of the HEllenic multicenter ReAl-life CLInical Study (HERACLIS-HDV) George Papatheodoridis Received Received
  FRI-211 Cantabria on the way to HCV elimination. Differential prevalence of hepatitis C in Cantabria: @CohorteCantabria vs ETHON cohort Joaquin Cabezas Received Received
  SAT-211 Oncostatin M promotes a pro-tumorigenic inflammatory response in NASH-related HCC Beatrice Foglia Received Received
  THU-212 Sustained virologic response outcomes in patient with hemodialysis - hepatitis c receiving treatment with direct-acting antivirals agents Fardhah Akil Received Received
  WED-212 A novel nomogram for predicting HBeAg clearance in HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B patients after nucleos(t)ide analogues treatment Chao Wu Received Received
  FRI-212 Risk of developing cancer - comparison of HBV, HCV and smoking Homie Razavi Received Received
  SAT-212 Novel platinum-based chemotherapeutic agents halt cholangiocarcinoma progression through the induction of inter-strand DNA breaks, preventing DNA repair mechanisms Irene Olaizola Received Received
  FRI-213 Pandemic preparedness and viral hepatitis - Global survey of hepatitis program managers and healthcare providers Nida Ali Received Received
  WED-213 The benefit of a local hepatitis B reactivation guideline to improve screening and prophylaxis for patients initiated on rituximab Helen Boothman Received Received
  THU-213 Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir/Voxilaprevir for re-treatment in direct-acting antiviral experienced hepatitis C virus patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis Devan Pooja Received Received
  SAT-213 Metabolomic liquid biopsy dynamics predict early onset of human hepatocarcinogenesis Johann von Felden Received Received
  WED-214 The comparisons of clinical relapse timing and severity after cessation of prophylactic nucleos(t)ide analogue between chronic hepatitis B patients with lymphoma receiving chemotherapy with and without Rituximab Yen-Chun Liu Received Received
  THU-214 Progress towards achieving hepatitis C elimination in the country of Georgia, April 2015 December 2022 Tengiz Tsertsvadze Received Received
  FRI-214 New tools reaching hepatitis C elimination: automatic hepatitis C virus detection in presurgical evaluations Marina Eliana Millan Lorenzo Received Received
  WED-215 Dual alpha-v/beta-6 and alpha-v/beta-1 integrin inhibitor bexotegrast attenuates profibrogenic gene expression of myofibroblasts in human liver explant tissue with biliary fibrosis Johanna Schaub Received Received
  SAT-215 Targeting the E2F/MCM axis in cholangiocarcinoma halts disease progression in experimental models by rewiring lipid metabolism Mikel Ruiz de Gauna Received Received
  THU-215 The most difficult to cure with pangenotypic regimens HCV infected population Robert Flisiak Received Received
  WED-216 TLC-3595, a ive acetyl-CoA carboxylase 2 (ACC2) inhibitor, improves steatosis and fibrosis in murine models of NASH via pleiotropic mechanisms Robert Myers Received Received
  THU-216 Real-life effectiveness of voxilaprevir/sofosbuvir/velpatasvir in hepatitis C patients previously treated with sofosbuvir/velpatasvir or glecaprevir/pibrentasvir Juan Carlos Ruiz-Cobo Received Received
  FRI-216 Detection and functional analysis of HBV-specific stem cell memory T cells (Tscm) Hiromi Chayama Received Received
  SAT-216 MAP17 promotes an epithelial-mesenchymal-amoeboid transition in hepatocellular carcinoma by switching one-carbon metabolism Clàudia Gil Pitarch Received Received
  WED-217 Spatial lipidomics reveal dysregulated sphingolipid metabolism in liver fibrosis Aleksandra Gruevska Received Received
  THU-217 An algorithm for simplified hepatitis C virus treatment with non-specialist care based on real-world data from a nationwide registry in Taiwan Ming-Lung Yu Received Received
  FRI-217 RBD1016 a novel anti-HBV GalNAc-siRNA drug resulted in sustained HBsAg reduction and seroconversion in mice models Shu Quan Zheng Received Received
  SAT-217 Deciphering the cellular and molecular determinants of immunotherapy resistance in NASH-associated hepatocellular carcinoma by single-cell analysis Lingyun Zhang Received Received
  THU-218 Evaluating utilization and management of comedications with potential for drug-drug interactions among patients with chronic hepatitis C initiating treatment with sofosbuvir/velpatasvir or glecaprevir/pibrentasvir Stuart C Gordon Received Received
  FRI-218 HBV infection reshapes host chromatin accessibility and affects choline and iron metabolism Vincenzo Alfano Received Received
  SAT-218 Differential hepatoprotective effects of semaglutide and lanifibranor in the GAN diet-induced obese and biopsy-confirmed mouse model of NASH with advanced fibrosis and HCC Malte H. Nielsen Received Received
  WED-218 Cyclophilin inhibition exhibits preventive and curative antifibrotic effects via extracellular matrix remodelling Una Rastovic Received Received
  WED-219 Hepatic stellate cell-derived extracellular matrix to model aetiology-and patient-specific matrix remodelling and fibrosis progression Sara Campinoti Received Received
  SAT-219 Capillarization of tumor endothelial cells within tumor associated with T cell exclusion in an autochthonous mouse HCC model Pin-Hung Lin Received Received
  FRI-219 Identification of unique liver NK cells in HBV and a new perspective on exhaustion-related NK cell phenotypes by single-cell RNA sequencing Andre Boonstra Received Received
  THU-219 Concomitant use of proton pump inhibitors and Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir: evidence from randomized clinical trials and real-world data Maria Buti Received Received
  SAT-220 Anti-CD122 antibody restores specific CD8 T cell response in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and prevents hepatocellular carcinoma growth Stéphanie Lacotte Received Received
  FRI-220 Impact of pegylated interferon-alpha in combination with Bulevirtide in HBV/HDV infected humanized mice Maura Dandri Received Received
  WED-220 Selective RNF41 restoration in hepatic macrophages from thioacetamide-induced fibrotic mice reduces liver fibrosis and inflammation Alazne Moreno-Lanceta Received Received
  THU-220 Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir plus Ribavirin for chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 3 infected cirrhotic patients with or without HIV or HBV coinfection: real-world experience from southwest China Ti Wu Received Received
  SAT-221 Metabolic rewiring by increased mitochondrial respiration drives immunosuppression in liver cancer Naroa Goikoetxea-Usandizaga Received Received
  WED-221 Therapeutic effect of recombinant human Cytoglobin against mouse liver fibrosis and stellate cell activation via ROS scavenger function and activation of JAK-STAT1 pathway Norifumi Kawada Received Received
  THU-221 Efficacy of direct-acting antivirals in patients with hepatitis C virus-associated cryoglobulinemia and monoclonal gammopathy Sofiia Gavrisheva Received Received
  FRI-221 Automated high-throughput image-based screen discovers members of the Akt serine/threonine kinase family as potential targets for treatment of hepatitis E virus infection Mara Klöhn Received Received
  FRI-222 The hepatitis E virus ORF2 protein forms amyloid-like protein aggregates which may be pathogenic in human neurons Jungen Hu Received Received
  WED-222 Hepatic proteomic analysis identifies proteins linked to hepatic sympathetic neuronal degeneration and disorganization which promotes liver fibrosis in bile duct ligation murine model SADAM BHAT Received Received
  SAT-222 Drug screening for hepatocellular carcinoma: automating and miniaturizing organoid assays for drug screening Tijmen Booij Received Received
  THU-222 Resistance-associated substitutions described after failure of anti-NS5A direct-acting antiviral treatment in 58 hepatitis C virus (HCV) infected patients in cameroon Serge Tchamgoue Received Received
  WED-223 Functional and mechanistic role of lncRNA-C1 in cholestatic liver diseases Joan Blázquez Vicens Received Received
  THU-223 Retreatment of patients experiencing failure with Hepatitis C direct-acting antivirals Nessa Quinn Received Received
  FRI-223 Hepatitis B virus infected hepatocytes are resistant to cell death induction by virus-specific T cells Emely Springer Received Received
  SAT-223 Therapeutic potential of targeting protein hyper-SUMOylation in cholangiocarcinoma Paula Olaizola Received Received
  SAT-224 Cytokine levels and circulating DNA profiling in plasma as biomarkers of response to immunotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma Elena Vargas Accarino Received Received
  FRI-224 A novel imaging approach to investigate hepatitis E virus entry Rebecca Fu Received Received
  THU-224 Efficacy and safety of Sofosbuvir Plus Daclatasvir bilayer tablet with or without Ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 4 Infection Mohamed Hassany Received Received
  WED-224 Evaluation of anti-fibrotic compounds effect in 3D human NASH model using quantitative digital pathology Radina Kostadinova Received Received
  WED-225 Bulk and single cell RNA sequencing profiling of human hepatic stellate cells and the potential biomarkers for liver cirrhosis Xu Liu Received Received
  SAT-225 Fibroblast growth factor 19 cooperates with Myc to promote liver carcinogenesis José Ursic Bedoya Received Received
  FRI-225 CTLA4 inhibits anti-HBs secretion by blocking BCR signaling pathway in chronic hepatitis B infection Minxin Mao Received Received
  THU-225 Impact of human gut microbiota from PSC patients on a mouse model of biliary disease Petra Hradicka Received Received
  SAT-226 KLF5 upregulation is a common event in cholangiocarcinoma, acting as an oncogene and constituting a bad prognostic factor Pedro Miguel Rodrigues Received Received
  FRI-226 Transcriptional analysis of HBV infected liver after treatment with selgantolimod reveals longitudinal changes in both inflammation-related pathways and B cell receptor repertoire Nikita Kolhatkar Received Received
  WED-226 Novel natural killer cell immunotherapy through synthesized Neuroligin-4 peptides improved liver fibrosis Johnny Amer Received Received
  SAT-227 NLRP3 and IL-1, but not IL-18, are drivers of hepatocellular carcinoma in two independent murine models Mona Peltzer Received Received
  THU-227 Pasteurized Akkermansia muciniphila inhibits fibrosis progression in mouse cirrhosis model and induces changes in the gut microbiome Sung-Min Won Received Received
  FRI-227 HBs-directed T cell engager antibodies foster efficient recruitment of T cells and lead to strong reduction of hepatitis B virus infection in livers of human liver chimeric mice Annika Volmari Received Received
  WED-227 Multimodal decoding of the mesenchymal landscape of human biliary fibrosis David Wilson Received Received
  SAT-228 Infiltrating suppressive myeloid cells dominate the pediatric hepatoblastoma tumor immune microenvironment Yvonne Vercoulen Received Received
  FRI-228 HBV and HDV interaction and variability in a superinfection mouse model: role of type I interferon Maria Francesca Cortese Received Received
  WED-228 Composition of the bile salt pool critically modulates liver fibrosis towards humanization of murine models of liver disease Jingguo Li Received Received
  THU-228 Investigating the correlation of a poly-metabolic risk score to clinical features in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease patients throughout a faecal microbiota transplant clinical trial Nadeen Habboub Received Received
  SAT-229 Fatty Acid Synthase expression promotes the malignant features of cholangiocarcinoma cells and predicts shorter survival in patients Mirella Pastore Received Received
  FRI-229 Rapid functional secretome analysis of HBV-specific T cells to guide clinical management of CHB patients Nina Le Bert Received Received
  THU-229 Identifying the role of intestinal blood-vessel associated macrophages in vascular barrier integrity in cirrhosis Lena Smets Received Received
  WED-229 Reactive oxygen species-mediated hepatic stellate cell activation via PI3K in liver cancer Qi Ruan Received Received
  WED-230 Hepatic stellate cells from zone 1 do not transform into myofibroblasts but engage in capillarization in preclinical models of liver fibrosis Andreas Friebe Received Received
  SAT-230 Positive effects of PARP-1 inhibition in KRAS-mutated intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma is mediated by CHK1 kinase Darko Castven Received Received
  THU-230 Altered gut microbiome and stool bile acids in sarcopenia in cirrhosis Benard Aliwa Received Received
  FRI-230 Identification and functional analysis of miR-4461 associated with hepatitis B-derived hepatocellular carcinomas Masaya Sugiyama Received Received
  WED-231 Role of the hepatocyte Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) pathway on the cellular interactome within the liver fibrotic niche Isabel Fabregat Received Received
  FRI-231 Reduced hepatic bile acid uptake and blocked hepatitis B viral infection after oral administration of novel small molecule inhibitors of the sodium taurocholate co-transporting polypeptide (NTCP) Stan Van De Graaf Received Received
  THU-231 The gut (and its microbiota)-liver axis in liver disease associated with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency Francesco Annunziata Received Received
  SAT-231 Sortilin-driven cancer secretome enhances self-renewal and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma via de novo lipogenesis Kwan Shuen Chan Received Received
  SAT-232 Identification and experimental validation of druggable epigenetic targets in hepatoblastoma Alex Claveria-Cabello Received Received
  FRI-232 The divergent C-termini of L-HDAg regulates the dynamic life cycle of hepatitis D virus Hongbo Guo Received Received
  WED-233 MCPIP1 inhibits hepatic stellate cell activation in autocrine and paracrine manner Jerzy Kotlinowski Received Received
  SAT-233 Tumor-extrinsic Axl expression shapes an inflammatory microenvironment independent of tumor-cell promoting Axl signaling Kristina Breitenecker Received Received
  FRI-233 A novel recombinant HBV based ion system allows for a systematic genomic knock-out screening and the identification of host factors involved in HBV infection Bo-Hung Liao Received Received
  THU-233 Viral like particle analysis shows changes with PPIs and may be more sensitive than metagenomics to study PPI modulation of virome in cirrhosis Jasmohan S Bajaj Received Received
  THU-234 Edible exosomes oral administration restores gut homeostasis and reduces systemic ammonia level in rodent model P. Debishree Subudhi Received Received
  WED-234 The proto-oncogene Bmi1 is a novel regulator of the activated hepatic stellate phenotype Kim Su Received Received
  FRI-234 miR-26a targets USP15 to robustly suppress hepatitis E virus replication via the enhancement of RIG-I-mediated type I interferon response Wenshi Wang Received Received
  WED-235 3D engineered perihepatic endothelial cell implants reduce fibrosis and inflammation, boosting liver regeneration in fibrotic hepatectomized mice Mireia Medrano-Bosch Received Received
  FRI-235 Altered metabolic program initiates immune activation leading to hepatitis B surface antigen seroconversion in mild and severe hepatitis B reactivation patients Jayesh Kumar Sevak Received Received
  THU-235 Microbiota-targeted interventions in the gut-liver axis for chronic liver disease of DUAL etiology Raquel Benedé Received Received
  SAT-235 PSMP inhibits HCC progression by regulating the polarization of tumor-associated macrophages via the PI3K/Akt pathway Shaoping She Received Received
  THU-236 The novel class of microbially conjugated bile salts activate the main host bile salt receptors FXR and TGR5 Ümran Ay Received Received
  FRI-236 HBsAg level defines different clinical phenotypes of chronic HBV infection eAg(-) related to the quality of the HBV-specific CD8 cell response Henar Calvo Sánchez Received Received
  WED-236 Artificial Intelligence analysis of liver biopsies in pre-cirrhotic NASH: qFibrosis explained Pol Boudes Received Received
  THU-237 The bile acid chenodeoxycholic acid increases muscle insulin sensitization via FOXO1 Roshni Singaraja Received Received
  SAT-237 A patient-derived hepatocellular carcinoma multicellular spheroid system modeling the tumor microenvironment for drug development and precision medicine Emilie Crouchet Received Received
  WED-237 Advancement of artificial intelligence in digital pathology: from exploratory endpoint to primary endpoint in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis clinical trials Dean Tai Received Received
  FRI-237 Chimeric bio-nanoparticles induce targeted HBeAg seroclearance in a HBV hydrodynamic injection mouse model Peter Revill Received Received
  FRI-238 Pharmacodynamic durability of ALG-125755, a GalNAc-conjugated siRNA, correlated with total and RNA induced complex (RISC) bound siRNA in mouse liver Kusum Gupta Received Received
  THU-238 Characterization of pattern recognition receptor expression for regulating myeloid cell responses in the gut-liver axis in non alcoholic fatty liver disease and cholangiopathies Alix Bruneau Received Received
  WED-238 Repeatability and reproducibility assessment and its acceptable standard error of means for qFibrosis system in multi-site NASH clinical trials Jason Pik Eu Chang Received Received
  SAT-238 Liquid biopsy protein biomarkers of cholangiocarcinoma risk, early diagnosis and survival mirroring tumor cells Ainhoa Lapitz Received Received
  FRI-239 A potent human PD-L1 siRNA leads to significant reduction of AAV-HBV infected hepatocytes via immune activation in human PD-1/PD-L1 double knock in mice Jin Hong Received Received
  WED-239 The anti-HIV drug Rilpivirine downregulates migration and proliferation of activated hepatic stellate cells: relevance for the purpose of drug repurposing in liver fibrosis Nadezda Apostolova Received Received
  THU-239 Gut microbial proteomic changes from commensal bacteria are associated with development of first decompensation in cirrhosis Jasmohan Bajaj Received Received
  WED-240 Is the fibrosis phenotype in pre- and post-menopausal F2/F3 women the same? Isabel Fernández-Lizaranzu Received Received
  SAT-240 Carbohydrate restriction inhibits tumor progression in a hepatocellular carcinoma mouse model Merve Erdem Received Received
  THU-240 Altered levels of secondary bile acids in enterohepatic circulation impairs liver regeneration in a rat model of partial hepatectomy Impreet Kaur Received Received
  FRI-240 Impact of cirrhosis and long-term follow-up on the inflammatory milieu after HCV elimination Moana Witte Received Received
  FRI-241 Preclinical pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and efficacy relationships of ALG-093702, a liver targeted PD-L1 small molecule inhibitor, in different in vivo models Tongfei Wu Received Received
  THU-241 Gut-liver crosstalk in hepatocellular carcinoma and non-ive beta-blockers: is there a link? Yasmeen Attia Received Received
  SAT-241 Efficacy of HBV-TCR T cell therapy to eliminate circulating HBV-HCC cells in immunosuppressed whole blood Anthony Tan Received Received
  WED-241 Amelioration of CCl4 induced hepatic fibrosis in-vitro and in-vivo by bone marrow derived mesenchymal stromal cells lysate loaded nanostructured lipid carriers Sabeen Malik Received Received
  WED-242 The Long-Term Culture of Stem Cell-Derived Hepatic Stellate Cells and Liver Sinusoidal Endothelial Cells Ingrid Wilhelmsen Received Received
  SAT-242 RBCK1 promotes cancer stemness and sorafenib resistance by restoring Numb/Notch1 axis independently of its ubiquitin ligase activity in hepatocellular carcinoma Peng Chen Received Received
  FRI-242 The role of gamma delta T cells in chronic hepatitis B virus infection Katja Steppich Received Received
  THU-242 Phascolarctobacterium as a predictor for survival in cirrhotic patients Rosa Haller Received Received
  FRI-243 Recombinant hepatitis E viruses harboring a split luciferase tag in the ORF2 capsid protein Maliki Ankavay Received Received
  WED-243 3D Extracellular matrix human liver hydrogels for the investigation of genetic variants in hepatic stellate cells Elisabetta Caon Received Received
  SAT-243 Pegozafermin inhibits NASH-induced hepatocellular carcinoma in the STAM mouse model Maya Margalit Received Received
  THU-243 Long-term benefit of direct-acting antivirals on gut dysbiosis and microbial translocation in HCV-infected patients with and without HIV coinfection NATTHAYA CHUAYPEN Received Received
  THU-244 The intestinal immune barrier is associated with bile acid pool modifications in mice suffering from non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Simon Peschard Received Received
  FRI-244 Identification of resistance-associated variants after sofosbuvir treatment in chronic hepatitis E patients André Gömer Received Received
  WED-244 Analysis of alpha adrenoblocker as antifibrotic and hepatoprotective agent in a Wistar rat model of cirrhosis Mariana Yazmin Medina Pizaño Received Received
  SAT-244 Silencing CNNM4 in cholangiocarcinoma inhibits tumoral progression by means of non-canonical ferroptosis Maria Mercado-Gómez Received Received
  FRI-245 HBsAg kinetics at month 9 after analogue treatment discontinuation in chronic hepatitis B eAg(-) predicts long-term HBV control Henar Calvo Sánchez Received Received
  SAT-245 Exploiting RuvBL1 as a target to improve mTOR -driven hepatocarcinogenesis in mice Alice Guida Received Received
  THU-245 Identification of gut microbiota signature for differentiating between viral- and non-viral related hepatocellular carcinoma Pisit Tangkijvanich Received Received
  WED-245 MicroRNA-29b involves in the progression of NAFLD to liver fibrosis qihua duan Received Received
  FRI-246 Nucleotide analogue therapy does not reverse the hyperexpression of innate-like markers on activated T cells consistent with immunopathology in chronic hepatitis B Loey Mak Received Received
  WED-246 Novel Pathways implicated in the seladelpar-mediated reductions of established liver fibrosis are identified from RNA-SEQ data using plex search and two independent mouse pharmacology datasets Edward Cable Received Received
  SAT-246 Determination of human polyploid hepatocellular carcinoma by pathological image diagnosis utilizing artificial intelligence Tomonori Matsumoto Received Received
  THU-246 Pemafibrate modulates microbiota profile in a dietary model of fatty liver in rat Roger Bentanachs Received Received
  FRI-247 Baseline plasma lipidome correlates with direct-acting antiviral therapy non-response for HCV in HIV-HCV coinfected patients VASUNDHRA BINDAL Received Received
  SAT-247 Pediatric liver cancer: Hepatoblastoma and Neddylation post-translational modification Leidy Estefanía Zapata-Pavas Received Received
  WED-247 Cathepsin D expressed in hepatocytes does not participate in the development of liver fibrosis after chronic CCl4 administration Paloma Ruiz-Blázquez Received Received
  SAT-248 Chromosome engineering and CRISPR-Cas9 viability screening reveals increased metastatic capacity targetable by patient-specific synthetic lethality Stephanie Roessler Received Received
  FRI-248 Intrahepatic characterization of virological and immunological markers in two distinct populations of chronic hepatitis B: baseline assessment of core liver and fine needle aspiration biopsies from the investigational INSIGHT study Krishna Patel Received Received
  WED-248 Myeloperoxidase from neutrophile granulocytes accomplish destruction of Schistosoma mansoni eggs Ricarda Nadja Soelter Received Received
  THU-249 Inhibition of the renal apical sodium-dependent bile acid transporter prevents cholemic nephropathy Ahmed Ghallab Received Received
  SAT-249 Expression and role of the metabotropic glutamate receptor type 3 in hepatocarcinoma Isabel Méndez Received Received
  FRI-249 Epigenetic modulation by DNA methyltransferase inhibition may enhance the effect of immune checkpoint inhibitors to restore HBV-specific T cell responses Melanie Urbanek-Quaing Received Received
  WED-249 Identification of pseudo-immune tolerance for chronic hepatitis B patients : development and validation of a non-invasive prediction model Shuo Li Received Received
  SAT-250 The rs72613567: TA polymorphism in hydroxysteroid 17-beta dehydrogenase 13 (HSD17B13) is associated with survival benefit after development of hepatocellular carcinoma Stephan Buch Received Received
  FRI-250 Reduction in quantity and function of HBcAg-specific B cells indicates the response to anti-viral therapy in chronic HBV-infected patients receiving ETV or TDF treatment Li Wang Received Received
  THU-250 Common, non-pathogenic variants in genes from monogenic disorders confer additional risk of liver injury later in life Jake Mann Received Received
  WED-250 The anti-fibrotic efficacy of Adelmidrol depends in the level of hepatic ppar gama Huanyu Xiang Received Received
  WED-251 Predicting the current and future prevalence of primary sclerosing cholangitis with inflammatory bowel disease (PSC-IBD): a nationwide population-based study Palak Trivedi Received Received
  FRI-251 Extracellular vesicle-derived microRNA signature in chronic hepatitis C patients with different stages of liver fibrosis Amanda Fernández Rodríguez Received Received
  SAT-251 Selective inhibition of human -catenin DNA transactivation activity using splice switching oligonucleotides for an improved therapeutic window in treating hepatocellular carcinoma Jin Hong Received Received
  FRI-252 Prophylactic vaccine against hepatitis D virus (HDV) superinfection Matti Sällberg Received Received
  WED-252 Maralixibat leads to significant reductions in pruritus and improvements in sleep for children with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: data from MARCH-PFIC Richard Thompson Received Received
  THU-252 Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection of macrophages induced abnormal development of cholangiocytes in an organoid co-culture model for biliary atresia Syed Mushfiqur Rahaman Received Received
  THU-253 Bacterial vesicles associated virulence factors and epitope mimics in autoimmune hepatitis patients Swati Thangariyal Received Received
  FRI-253 Rat hepatitis E virus infection in a rat model has multiphasic viral replication kinetics Harel Dahari Received Received
  WED-253 Dominant strictures in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis: comparison between old and new definition Andrea Tenca Received Received
  SAT-253 Hepatitis B surface antigen impairs endoplasmic reticulum stress-related autophagic flux via down-regulation of LAMP2, thereby participating in hepatocarcinogenesis Ruth Broering Received Received
  SAT-254 RuvBL1 is required for mitochondrial integrity and supports the metabolic reprogramming of HCC cells Tommaso Mello Received Received
  FRI-254 (N)one size fits all: Genotype-matched analysis of different disease phases of chronic hepatitis B virus infection Kai-Henrik Peiffer Received Received
  THU-254 Transcriptomic analysis of biliary atresia finds ongoing hepatic hematopoiesis with elevated IGF2 Jake Mann Received Received
  WED-254 Mitochondrial dysfunction and lipid alterations in primary sclerosing cholangitis Mette Vesterhus Received Received
  THU-255 Immune cell incompetence and hepatocyte differentiation defects explain mild fibrosis in a model of Alagille syndrome Jan Maek Received Received
  WED-255 The socioeconomic status, epidemiology, and outcomes of people living with primary sclerosing cholangitis - inflammatory bowel disease in Ontario, Canada: a two-decade analysis Kristel Leung Received Received
  FRI-255 A primary human hepatocyte system to evaluate antisense oligonucleotide activity against clinically identified hepatitis b virus variants that contain mismatches in the bepirovirsen binding site Alexander Koenig Received Received
  SAT-255 Combining non-ive beta-blockers with sorafenib in HCC: targeting the culprits of metastasis TASNIM Mahmoud MAHMOUD Received Received
  WED-256 Baseline characteristics and risk profiles of 1111 patients with primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) in need of second-line therapy Gideon Hirschfield Received Received
  THU-256 SARS-CoV-2 productively infects human hepatocytes and induces cell death Cho-Chin Cheng Received Received
  FRI-256 Application of magnetic nanoparticle on boosting HBV infection system effectiveness Bo-Hung Liao Received Received
  SAT-256 Investigation of novel hepatoblastoma chemosensitizers based on the inhibition of ABC pumps-mediated drug efflux Rocio IR Macias Received Received
  FRI-257 A new glyco-biomarker for measuring infectious hepatitis B virus targeting surface antigen glycan isomer (HBsAgGi) Kiyohiko Angata Received Received
  THU-257 Characterizing the role of human cytomegalovirus infection associated with biliary atresia Allen KL Cheung Received Received
  WED-257 Impact of maralixibat on cholestatic pruritus in adults aged 16 years and older with Alagille syndrome Erica Walker Received Received
  SAT-257 Dual effects of brown-fat activation limit hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) progress in steatotic liver Juan Gao Received Received
  SAT-258 Development of new personalized therapies targeting VDAC1 in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma using patient-derived liver organoids SILVIA DE SIERVI Received Received
  WED-258 Non-adherence to standard pharmacotherapy in autoimmune hepatitis is associated with over-the-counter medication and steroid treatment. Results from the ERN online survey Ewa Wunsch Received Received
  THU-258 Rescue of PKU disease phenotype using hepatic progenitor by cytosine base editor and prime editor in vitro Myounghoi Kim Received Received
  FRI-259 Quadruple mutation GCAC1809-1812TTCT leads to a better prognosis by decreasing HBV-mediated fibrogenic activity Esra Görgülü Received Received
  THU-259 ARBM-101 as an emerging potent therapeutic option for Wilson disease Hans Zischka Received Received
  WED-259 Vibration-controlled transient elastography predicts clinical outcomes in patients with autoimmune hepatitis Aldo Montano-Loza Received Received
  SAT-260 Capturing hepatocyte specific extracellular vesicles Richell Booijink Received Received
  FRI-260 Growth factor stimulation enhances NTCP expression and improves in vitro HBV infection in hepatoma cells Rodrigue Kamga Wouambo Received Received
  THU-260 Novel pathogenic ABCC2 variants identified in patients with Dubin-Johnson syndrome and functional evidence in abnormal bilirubin metabolism Wenting Tan Received Received
  WED-260 RESIST criteria accurately rule-out high-risk esophageal varices in patients with primary biliary cholangitis and compensated advanced chronic liver disease Ciro Celsa Received Received
  SAT-261 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0062682 promotes oncogenesis in hepatocellular carcinoma and binds to YBX1 Tadeja Rezen Received Received
  THU-261 Albumin levels are associated with portal hypertension in patients with porto sinusoidal vascular disorder Lucia Lapenna Received Received
  WED-261 Clinical significance of F-actin IgA and gliadin IgA antibodies in primary sclerosing cholangitis Ewa Wunsch Received Received
  FRI-261 Hepatitis B virus antigens induce a dramatic LPS-like activation of inflammasome dependent on viral variability Eve Todesco Received Received
  THU-262 Genetic modifiers of liver phenotypes in pediatric Wilson disease: liver biopsy and transient elastography based study Marcin Krawczyk Received Received
  FRI-262 Host Sequence snatching identified in-vivo enhances hepatitis E viral replication Daniel Todt Received Received
  WED-263 A two-step algorithm avoids corticosteroids in two-thirds of cancer patients with severe immune-mediated hepatitis due to immune checkpoint inhibitors Mar Riveiro Received Received
  FRI-263 Thiourea derivatives exhibit antiviral property by inhibiting hepatitis B virus DNA replication and HBx-induced gene transcription Jitendra Kumar Received Received
  THU-263 In vivo adenine base editing reverts C282Y in an HFE- mouse model and improves iron metabolism Simon Krooss Received Received
  SAT-263 Relevance of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha in hepatocellular carcinoma: clinical and pre-clinical analysis Tania Payo-Serafín Received Received
  THU-264 Alpha-1 antitrypsin inclusions sequester 78 kDa glucose-regulated protein in a bile-acid inducible manner Igor Spivak Received Received
  WED-264 Impact of the metabolic profile on the response to ursodeoxycholic acid in patients with primary biliary cholangitis: results of the ColHai registry Andrea González Pascual Received Received
  FRI-264 Fas/Fas-ligand induced apoptosis of CD8() lymphocytes in the placenta of women with chronic hepatitis B plays a twofold role in the protection of fetus Dionysia Mandilara Received Received
  SAT-264 Therapeutic targets associated with conserved subtypes of hepatocellular carcinoma Ju-Seog Lee Received Received
  FRI-265 Intrahepatic hepatitis B virus cccDNA amount and transcriptional activity in a well-characterized cohort of Gambian chronically infected patients: correlation with emerging serum viral markers Barbara Testoni Received Received
  THU-265 Human induced pluripotent stem cells-derived hepatocytes: a very effective tool for functional studies of rare liver diseases Benedetta Blarasin Received Received
  WED-265 Chronic pruritus is associated with altered nerve fiber function and anatomy in patients with cholestatic hepatobiliary diseases Miriam Düll Received Received
  SAT-266 Prognostic and genomic portrait of hepatocellular carcinomas with bi-allelic inactivation of RB1 gene Jihyun An Received Received
  WED-266 Vitamin D associates with clinical outcomes in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis Aldo Montano-Loza Received Received
  FRI-266 Hepatitis B pre-genomic RNA level has a prospective supporting role for predicting the outcomes of the hepatitis B virus inactive carrier phase Prooksa Ananchuensook Received Received
  WED-267 Modulation of alkaline phosphatase levels by obeticholic acid in clinical trials and cultured human hepatocytes Kris Kowdley Received Received
  SAT-267 Bacterial exosomes cargo vaccine with EpCAM aptamers for targeting hepatocellular carcinoma Pushpa Yadav Received Received
  THU-267 Identification of correctors for traffic-defective ABCB4 variants by a high-throughput screening approach Mounia Lakli Received Received
  FRI-267 Droplet digital PCR can quantify cccDNA in plasma of naive chronic HBV infected patients with low HBsAg levels Ravinder Singh Received Received
  WED-268 Risk of death, liver transplant or hepatic decompensation in primary biliary cholangitis increases with increased duration and degree beyond established clinical thresholds for hepatic biomarkers and fibrosis scores Kris Kowdley Received Received
  SAT-268 Poor sorafenib response in hepatocellular carcinoma patients is mediated by hypoxia-related 14-3-3 scaffolding proteins and induces a shift in tumor immune micromilieu Jovana Castven Received Received
  THU-268 Schistosoma mansoni infection-associated oxidative stress triggers hepatocellular proliferation Verena von Bülow Received Received
  FRI-268 COVID-19 vaccination alters NK cell dynamics and transiently reduces HBsAg titers among patients with chronic hepatitis B Hyunjae Shin Received Received
  SAT-269 RBCK1 promotes the stabilization of HBx by linear ubiquitination to drive the progression of HBV-associated hepatocellular carcinoma Zheyu Dong Received Received
  WED-269 Accuracy of controlled attenuation parameter (CAP) measurement for the detection of steatosis in autoimmune liver diseases Silja Steinmann Received Received
  FRI-269 Serum metabolite revel mirochondrial dysfunction and energy metablism disruption in chronic hepatitis C virus infection Amar Deep Received Received
  SAT-270 Molecular determinants of period-specific recurrences in patients with surgically resected hepatocellular carcinoma Jihyun An Received Received
  FRI-270 Characterization of biomarker kinetics in a novel in vitro HBV infection model with the cell line HepG2-hNTCP-sec revealed stable HBsAg composition during short- and long-term infection up to four weeks Maria Pfefferkorn Received Received
  WED-270 Risk of decompensated cirrhosis in patients with primary biliary cholangitis under first, second and third-line therapies Ana Lucena Received Received
  THU-270 Clinical characteristics and pathogenic mechanism of five new ABCB4 missense mutations in progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis type 3 Yuhang Weng Received Received
  FRI-271 Low intraindividual viral evolution is linked to disease progression and need of antiviral treatment initiation in chronic hepatitis B Magnus Illum Dalegaard Received Received
  SAT-271 Monitoring the local HCC immune landscape by fine needle aspiration Gloryanne Aidoo-Micah Received Received
  WED-271 Improved survival with regular surveillance imaging in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis Natassia Tan Received Received
  THU-271 Immortalized patient-derived cell models for analysis of liver disease Matthias Weiand Received Received
  WED-272 Relative enhancement and spleen volume predict clinical outcomes in primary sclerosing cholangitis Laura Cristoferi Received Received
  THU-272 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene correction of Wilson disease H1069Q mutation in an iPS cell model Vanessa Sandfort Received Received
  SAT-272 Clinicopathological analysis of polyploidization in human hepatocellular carcinoma and the development of an evaluation methodology Takanori Matsuura Received Received
  FRI-272 An in vivo duck hepatitis B virus model recapitulates key aspects of nucleic acid polymer treatment outcomes in chronic hepatitis B patients Yannick Debing Received Received
  SAT-273 Epigenetic reprogramming synergizes with PD-1/PD-L1 inhibition for cell-targeted therapy in hepatocellular carcinoma Loraine Kay Cabral Received Received
  WED-273 Hepatic steatosis in patients with autoimmune hepatitis: relationship with corticosteroid treatment and long-term outcome Sarah Flatley Received Received
  THU-273 Liver transplantation for Wilson disease: single center experience Amnah Alhanaee Received Received
  FRI-273 Validation of the CRAFITY score in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with atezolizumab and bevacizumab Bernhard Scheiner Received Received
  WED-274 Antibodies against multiple post-translationally modified proteins aid in diagnostic work-up of autoimmune hepatitis and associate with complete biochemical response to treatment Anna Stoelinga Received Received
  THU-274 Effects of tetrathiomolybdate, trientine, and penicillamine on intestinal copper uptake: a randomized placebo-controlled 64Cu PET/CT study Frederik Teicher Kirk Received Received
  FRI-274 Baveno VI and VII criteria are not suitable for screening of large size esophageal varices and clinically significant portal hypertension in patients with HCC Manon Allaire Received Received
  SAT-275 Functional and mechanistic role of lncRNA-A1 in cholangiocarcinoma Alberto Tinahones Received Received
  FRI-275 Multi-omic large scale risk prediction for hepatocellular carcinoma Jan Clusmann Received Received
  THU-275 Four-fold increased mortality rate in patients with Wilsons disease: a population-based cohort study of 151 patients Hannes Hagström Received Received
  THU-276 Risk of severe liver disease and hepatocellular carcinoma in hemochromatosis: a Swedish nationwide cohort study Hanne ström Received Received
  WED-276 Collagen proportionate area is associated with adverse clinical outcomes and allows risk stratification of patients with autoimmune hepatitis Neil Halliday Received Received
  SAT-276 TCR T cells to treat recurrent HCC after liver transplantation Dave Sprengers Received Received
  FRI-276 Macrotrabecular-massive pattern is associated with aggressive factors, but it is not an independent predictor of tumor recurrence and overall survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with liver resection Ezequiel Mauro Received Received
  FRI-277 GALAD score outperforms aMAP and ALBI scores in the 5- and 10-year prediction of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development in patients with compensated advanced chronic liver disease (cACLD): a 12-year prospective study Valentina Baldaccini Received Received
  WED-277 Patient reported gaps between current practice and new practice guidelines for primary sclerosing cholangitis Annika Bergquist Received Received
  THU-278 Blood markers of immune activation help distinguish paediatric activated T-cell hepatitis from other causes Tamir Diamond Received Received
  WED-278 The changing clinical phenotype of autoimmune hepatitis across the millennium. A 40 year cohort study in Bologna, Italy Marco Ferronato Received Received
  SAT-278 Nuclear translocation of YAP drives BMI1-associated hepatocarcinogenesis in hepatitis B virus infection Ruth Broering Received Received
  FRI-278 Alternative surveillance using CT/MR improves clinical outcomes by detecting early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma in High-risk patients with chronic hepatitis B Dong Ho Lee Received Received
  THU-279 Incidence of hemochromatosis in HFE p.H63D homozygote and p.C282Y/H63D compound heterozygote individuals Lorenz Michael Pammer Received Received
  FRI-279 Presence of esophageal varices regardless their size is associated with overall survival in patients with advanced HCC treated with Atezolizumab/Bevacizumab Philippe Sultanik Received Received
  WED-279 Hospitalization Outcomes and Mortality of COVID-19 in Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis Liver Transplant Patients Stela Celaj Received Received
  WED-280 INTEGRIS-PSC phase 2a study: evaluating the safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of bexotegrast (PLN-74809) in participants with primary sclerosing cholangitis Gideon Hirschfield Received Received
  SAT-280 Genetic variant in the hepatic sterol transporter is associated with increased gallstone risk in obese patients and with higher odds of developing gallbladder cancer in general Marcin Krawczyk Received Received
  FRI-280 A machine learning-enabled score based on large varices predicts 5- and 10-year hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) development in a 12-year prospective cohort of patients with compensated advanced chronic liver disease (cACLD) Sara Ascari Received Received
  THU-280 Does earlier introduction of azathioprine result in a reduced cumulative dose of corticosteroid therapy in the treatment of autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) and does this result in the same degree of biochemical response? Sital Shah Received Received
  SAT-281 CRISPR-engineered cholangiocarcinoma tumoroids generation from chemically-derived hepatic progenitor organoid for disease modelling Michael Adisasmita Received Received
  WED-281 Peri-procedural complications in people with primary sclerosing cholangitis undergoing endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography - evaluating a high-volume programme Kristel Leung Received Received
  THU-281 Impact of alcohol consumption on the liver phenotype in alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency Malin Fromme Received Received
  FRI-282 Validation of serum biomarker panels for early HCC detection: results from a large prospective European and Latin American multicenter study Andre Boonstra Received Received
  WED-282 Analysis of safety in maralixibat-treated participants with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: data from MARCH-PFIC Erica Walker Received Received
  THU-282 First nationwide genetic study on Wilson disease (spanish Wilson registry): high diversity in mutations and in use of genetic evaluation, association with clinical data and influence on diagnosis and health costs Pablo Alonso Castellano Received Received
  SAT-282 The immunological impact of Axl/TGF-β signaling in HCC Gregor Ortmayr Received Received
  THU-283 Myeloproliferative neoplasms and splanchnic vein thrombosis: results of a long-term UK prospective cohort study Rupen Hargreaves Received Received
  SAT-283 Intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma developing in patients with metabolic syndrome is characterized by Osteopontin overexpression in the tumor stroma Luca Fabris Received Received
  WED-283 Investigating the cholestatic pruritus of primary sclerosing cholangitis (ItCh-PSC): a study of patients participating in the consortium for autoimmune liver disease (CALiD) Richard Dean Received Received
  FRI-283 A novel AFP-M2BPGi score has better performance than CRAFITY score in predicting survival for patients with predominantly viral hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing immunotherapy Pei-Chang Lee Received Received
  WED-284 Spleen stiffness measurement predicts decompensation risk in primary biliary cholangitis Giulia Francesca Manfredi Received Received
  THU-284 Efficacy and safety outcomes with odevixibat treatment: Pooled data from the phase 3 ASSERT and ASSERT-EXT studies in patients with Alagille syndrome Madeleine Aumar Received Received
  FRI-284 Implication of patients experience in the liver cancer multidisciplinary approach Gemma Iserte Received Received
  SAT-285 Investigation of optimization model for predicting ICI treatment efficacy on contrast-enhanced CT images of hepatocellular carcinoma using AI yasuhiko nakao Received Received
  WED-285 Rechallenge with anti-PD1 monotherapy after checkpoint inhibitor hepatitis is associated with low rates of recurrence: a single centre study Lucy Walker Received Received
  FRI-285 Management of varices but not anticoagulation is associated with improved outcome in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma and macrovascular tumour invasion Lorenz Balcar Received Received
  FRI-286 Phenotypic characteristics of primary liver cancer in a large French cohort of patients with viral chronic liver disease followed-up before and after viral eradication: an ANRS study Alina Pascale Received Received
  WED-286 Transient elastography measurements of spleen stiffness are associated with treatment response to ursodeoxycholic acid in primary biliary cholangitis ilkay ergen Received Received
  SAT-286 CD40 expression in liver cancer cells is upregulated by CD4T cells through IFN-gamma and ERK 1/2 pathway Hanh Ngo Vinh Received Received
  WED-287 Associations between patient-reported outcomes, liver inflammation and fibrosis in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis Emilie Eifer Mller Received Received
  SAT-287 Potential biomarkers predicting ferroptosis sensitivity in hepatocellular carcinoma Wan Seob Shim Received Received
  THU-287 High-dose oral thiamine was not superior to placebo in reducing fatigue in patients with primary biliary cholangitis: a randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled crossover trial Palle Bager Received Received
  FRI-288 A prospective multicenter study to examine the impact of acquired and genetic predictors on Hepatocellular carcinoma risk in patients with advanced NAFLD: first report Serena Pelusi Received Received
  SAT-288 Genetic biomarkers for sorafenib response in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Lydia Giannitrapani Received Received
  THU-288 Cancer incidence and survival in HFE hemochromatosis A population-based cohort study Lorenz Michael Pammer Received Received
  WED-288 Non-invasive evaluation of progression to primary biliary cholangitis in patients with positive antimitochondrial antibodies Alvaro Diaz-Gonzalez Received Received
  THU-289 Analysis of long-term treatment effects of odevixibat on clinical outcomes in children with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis in odevixibat clinical studies vs external controls from the NAPPED database Bettina Hansen Received Received
  SAT-289 Association between gadoxetic acid-enhanced MR imaging, organic anion transporters, and farnesoid X receptor in benign focal liver lesions Alicia Furumaya Received Received
  WED-289 Does fibrosis regression in autoimmune hepatitis require histological as well as biochemical remission? Sarah Flatley Received Received
  FRI-289 Sex disparities in presentation and outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma: results of a nationwide study in France Charlotte Costentin Received Received
  FRI-290 Artificial intelligence assisted qFibrosis as a pathological biomarker to evaluate disease severity in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Dean Tai Received Received
  SAT-290 Comprehensive analysis of single-cell and bulk RNA sequencing data identifies antioxidant-1 as a novel immune biomarker associated with immune cell infiltration in hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis Ruijia Liu Received Received
  THU-290 Efficacy and safety of vaccination againts SARS-CoV-2 in patients with vascular liver disease Valeria Perez-Campuzano Received Received
  WED-290 Predictive models of treatment benefit in patients with autoimmune hepatitis and decompensated cirrhosis at diagnosis Pinelopi Arvaniti Received Received
  SAT-291 PD-L1 small molecule inhibitors and Paclitaxel orchestrating CD8 cell cytotoxicity via tumor-associated macrophages: a personalized HCC immunotherapeutic approach Israa Helal Received Received
  THU-291 Serum bile acids are associated with native liver survival in patients with Alagille syndrome: results from the GALA study group Carla Fiorella Murillo Perez Received Received
  FRI-291 Cryptogenic non-cirrhotic HCC: clinical, prognostic and immunologic aspects of an emerging HCC etiology Andre Boonstra Received Received
  WED-291 Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies predict severe liver disease and advanced fibrosis in patients with primary sclerosing cholangitis and inflammatory bowel disease Lian Bannon Received Received
  FRI-292 Add-on benefits of AFP-L3, PIVKA-II and GALAD score to ultrasound plus AFP for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma Supot Nimanong Received Received
  THU-292 Deep tissue exposure of antibiotics at the target site of infection in patients with cystic liver disease: a randomized pharmacokinetic trial Marten A. Lantinga Received Received
  SAT-292 Intermittent fasting improves tumor-directed drug delivery by caveolar-mediated endocytosis Svea Becker Received Received
  WED-292 Increased risk of osteoporotic fracture in patients with autoimmune hepatitis Jihye Lim Received Received
  WED-293 Prognostic value of serum ALP levels during additional treatment in Japanese patients with primary biliary cholangitis treated with ursodeoxycholic acid and bezafibrate Akihito Takeuchi Received Received
  THU-293 The non-invasive evaluation of vascular liver disease in patients with cystic fibrosis: a prospective cross-sectional study Elton Dajti Received Received
  FRI-293 Addition of des-gamma-carboxy prothrombin to standard of care is effective for HCC surveillance among high-risk patients Grishma Hirode Received Received
  WED-294 A novel web-based online nomogram to predict advanced liver fibrosis in patients with autoimmune hepatitis-primary biliary cholangitis overlap syndrome Zhiyi Zhang Received Received
  FRI-294 A radiogenomics study for hepatocellular carcinoma: distinct transcriptome patterns underlying different radiomics phenotypes in early recurrence Weijia Liao Received Received
  WED-295 Presence of metabolic associated liver disease in autoimmune hepatitis is associated with advanced liver fibrosis ALVARO URZUA Received Received
  THU-295 Recent splanchnic vein thrombosis occurring during Sars-Cov-2 infection The VALDIG study Pierre Deltenre Received Received
  FRI-295 Transversal psoas muscle thickness measurement is associated with response and survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma undergoing immunotherapy Bernhard Scheiner Received Received
  THU-296 Liver-related clinical events among adult patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency-associated liver disease: a longitudinal retrospective study using linked insurance claims data and electronic medical records in the United States Ed G. Marins Received Received
  FRI-296 The efficacy of direct-acting antivirals for chronic hepatitis C in patients with the active oncological disease Jerzy Jaroszewicz Received Received
  THU-297 Hepatobiliary malignancies in Wilson Disease: data from an Italian national reference centre Lorenzo Canova Received Received
  WED-297 The devastating impact of severe pruritus in primary biliary cholangitis Helen Smith Received Received
  FRI-297 Abbreviated magnetic resonance imaging for secondary surveillance of recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after curative treatment Sun Kyung Jeon Received Received
  WED-298 Variation in maintenance therapy practices in a large U.S. cohort of patients with autoimmune hepatitis Therese Bittermann Received Received
  FRI-298 A new biomarker panel for differential diagnosis of cholangiocarcinoma: results from an exploratory analysis Ashish Sharma Received Received
  THU-298 Beneficial effect of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator modulators on adults with cystic fibrosis liver disease ALEXANDRA ALEXOPOULOU Received Received
  FRI-299 CRAFITY score is associated with overall survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma treated with transarterial chemoembolisation Rhea Veelken Received Received
  THU-299 Clinical, imaging and genetic findings of multiple biliary hamartomas Juliana Gödiker Received Received
  WED-299 Burden, impact and variability of pruritus in primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) over time: a prospective observational study Nasir Hussain Received Received
  FRI-300 Development, clinical validation and implementation of a novel algorithmic score (GAAD) for the detection of early-stage hepatocellular carcinoma Ashish Sharma Received Received
  THU-300 Performance of blood based non-invasive tests for liver fibrosis prediction by transient elastography in Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency Hassaan Yousuf Received Received
  WED-300 Variation in the presentation pattern of primary biliary cholangitis (PBC) in Spain according to the diagnostic period: data from the Spanish registry of cholestatic and autoimmune liver diseases (COLHAI) Sergio Rodriguez Taje Received Received
  WED-301 Health-related quality of life and medication adherence in adult patients after liver transplantation due to autoimmune hepatitis: a pilot, single centre study Maciej K. Janik Received Received
  THU-301 Main clinical characteristics and evolutionary events among patients suffering Wilson disease in Spain: first results from the Spanish Wilson registry Zoe Mariño Received Received
  FRI-301 Gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI-based risk scoring system development and validation for the recurrence-free survival of a single hepatocellular carcinoma after curative surgery Bohyun Kim Received Received
  THU-302 Endoscopic ultrasound direct portal pressure measurement in patients with porto-sinusoidal vascular disorder and clinically significant portal hypertension: a comparison with hepatic venous pressure gradient measurement Lucia Giuli Received Received
  WED-302 Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) in Greece: first results from the Hellenic autoimmune liver diseases study group of the Hellenic association for the study of the liver (HASL) Nikolaos Gatselis Received Received
  FRI-302 The apparent diffusion coefficient values predict prognosis and Ki67 expression in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma on diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging Daiki Hokkoku Received Received
  THU-303 Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency is underdiagnosed in cirrhotic liver transplant patients : a retrospective multicenter study Manon EVAIN Received Received
  FRI-303 The Kupffer phase of Sonazoid-enhanced ultrasound as the major imaging feature for diagnosing hepatocellular carcinoma in at-risk individuals Hyo-Jin Kang Received Received
  WED-303 May symptom combinations at initial diagnosis of primary biliary cholangitis implicate distinct natural history? Atsumasa Komori Received Received
  WED-304 Prevalence of celiac disease in adult patients with cryptogenic liver disease Aditya Vikram Pachisia Received Received
  THU-304 The impact of a complete biochemical response on health-related quality of life in patients with autoimmune hepatitis: an international prospective cross-sectional study Romée Snijders Received Received
  FRI-304 It takes a team for HCC: improvement of outcome with the multidisciplinary ambulatory for systemic therapy Andrea Dalbeni Received Received
  THU-305 Impact of extrahepatic portal vein obstruction on fertility and pregnancy outcomes- a tertiary center experience Ankita Singh Received Received
  FRI-305 Aptamer biomarker models in hepatocellular carcinoma Mikkel Breinholt Kjr Received Received
  WED-305 Budesonide is associated with less weight gain than Prednisolone amongst patients with autoimmune hepatitis: results from long term follow-up in routine clinical care Josh Orpen-Palmer Received Received
  WED-306 Unexpected high incidence of AMA positive primary biliary cholangitis in a northern Italian region Davide Bitetto Received Received
  FRI-306 The association between alcohol consumption and the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma according to glycemic status: a nationwide population-based study Su Jong Yu Received Received
  THU-306 Extrahepatic iron loading and disease complications in HFE haemochromatosis John Olynyk Received Received
  WED-307 Norucholic acid for the treatment of primary sclerosing cholangitis: baseline data from a phase III trial Michael Stie Received Received
  FRI-307 Combined hepatocellular-cholangiocarcinoma : epidemiological, radiological and survival data from a retrospective single-center study Guillaume HENIN Received Received
  WED-308 Clinical, demographic, laboratory characteristics and disease progression of autoimmune hepatitis patients, asymptomatic at diagnosis, in a tertiary medical center in Israel Ehud Zigmond Received Received
  FRI-308 Predictors of extrahepatic recurrence after transarterial chemoembolization as first-line therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma ELISA PINTO Received Received
  THU-308 Chronic hepatitis B infection and porto-sinusoidal vascular disorder, a non-negligible coexistence Pol Olivas Alberch Received Received
  WED-309 Prevalence and risk factors of osteoporosis in patients with primary biliary cholangitis in chinese population Jialiang Chen Received Received
  THU-309 Effects of tetrathiomolybdate on copper distribution and biliary excretion: a controlled 64CuCl2 PET/MRI Frederik Teicher Kirk Received Received
  WED-310 Symptom burden in people living with primary biliary cholangitis does not associate with transient elastography measures Inbal Houri Received Received
  FRI-310 Classification of microvascular invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma: correlation with prognosis and MR imaging Dong Ho Lee Received Received
  THU-310 Targeting CCL24 in primary sclerosing cholangitis with CM101: rationale and study design Agnes Costello Received Received
  FRI-311 Liver function is a predictor of survival in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma in best supportive care Fabio Marra Received Received
  WED-311 Drug-induced autoimmune hepatitis or drug-induced liver injury with autoimmune features: two faces of the same coin? Pinelopi Arvaniti Received Received
  THU-311 Intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy: genetic testing and genotype-phenotype relations in a cohort from a Danish tertiary liver center Henning Gronbaek Received Received
  FRI-312 Similar recurrence after curative treatment of HBV-related HCC regardless of HBV replication activity Mi Na Kim Received Received
  WED-312 To assess response to steroids and validate SURFASA score in Indian autoimmune hepatitis patients Harsh Gandhi Received Received
  FRI-313 Loss of mucosal tolerance to glycoprotein 2 isoform 1 is a novel diagnostic biomarker for cholangiocarcinoma without underlying PSC Marcin Krawczyk Received Received
  THU-313 Odevixibat therapy following liver transplantation in patients with FIC1-deficient progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: a retrospective case series Georg-Friedrich Vogel Received Received
  WED-313 The natural history and prognosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis: a multi-center, retrospective cohort study in China Xiong Ma Received Received
  FRI-314 Baseline cirrhosis in addition to the aMAP score increased the risk of developing hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with hepatitis B Apichat Kaewdech Received Received
  WED-314 Elevated GGT levels as predictor of non-response to ursodeoxycholic acid in patients with primary biliary cholangitis Flor María Fernández-Gordón Sánchez Received Received
  WED-315 Celiac disease in patients with autoimmune hepatitis is associated with a milder liver disease course and a better chance of immunosuppressive treatment withdrawal Francesco Pezzato Received Received
  FRI-315 Comparative study of scoring systems predicting outcome of transarterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma: a nationwide cohort study Hae Lim Lee Received Received
  THU-315 Impact of suffering Wilson disease in Spain: an observational cross-sectional multicenter study Zoe Mariño Received Received
  WED-316 Outcome and prognostic factors of primary biliary cholangitis in South Korea Kyung-Ah Kim Received Received
  THU-316 Role of transient elastography to identify Fontan-associated liver disease (FALD) and novel risk-score to predict failing Fontan Luisa Cavalletto Received Received
  FRI-316 Liver Frailty Index is associated with progression-free survival in patients with advanced HCC treated with Atezolizumab/Bevacizumab Philippe Sultanik Received Received
  THU-317 Real-world experience of Odevixibat in adults with genetic disorders of cholestasis Palak Trivedi Received Received
  FRI-317 Characterization of the imaging signature of hepatocellular carcinoma with enhancement pattern mapping Newsha Nikzad Received Received
  WED-317 The association between cholestatic biochemical markers and clinical symptoms non-end-stage primary sclerosing cholangitis Tim Middelburg Received Received
  WED-318 Exploring the impact of ursodeoxycholic acid therapy on COVID-19 in a real-world setting Christophe Corpechot Received Received
  THU-318 High diagnostic uptake of a targeted panel sequencing in adult patients with chronic hereditary liver disorders Cristiana Bianco Received Received
  FRI-318 Initial treatment response and short-term mortality of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotic patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Chang Hun Lee Received Received
  FRI-319 Effect of different radiologic modalities for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma on survival of high risk cirrhotic patients Ahmed El Sabagh Received Received
  THU-319 Phytoestrogens as a possible hidden driver of cysts proliferation in polycystic liver disease in men and women after menopause Miki Scaravaglio Received Received
  WED-319 Rifaximin plus lactulose is more effective than lactulose alone for the prevention of overt hepatic encephalopathy in patients with or without diabetes Tobin Sharp Received Received
  THU-320 Patient experience with acute hepatic porphyria before and after long-term givosiran treatment: a qualitative interview study Stephen Lombardelli Received Received
  FRI-320 Comparison of clinical manifestations and outcomes between non-viral-related and viral hepatitis-related hepatocellular carcinoma Sih-Han Liao Received Received
  WED-320 Real-word experience of long-term albumin treatment in a large cohort of patients with cirrhosis and ascites (Real-Answer study) Giulia Iannone Received Received
  FRI-321 Impact of obesity on outcome of hepatocellular carcinoma in an Asian cohort: when should we consider obesity treatment? Wei-Lun Liou Received Received
  WED-321 Efficacy and safety of branched-chain amino acids supplementation on muscle cramps in patients with cirrhosis: a randomized double-blinded controlled trial Thanapat Atthakitmongkol Received Received
  THU-322 Surveillance of cystic echinococcosis in France: report of the first 103 cases from the French observatory OFREKYS Solange Bresson-Hadni Received Received
  WED-322 Effects of nutritional therapy on Sarcopenia in patient with liver cirrhosis a randomised controlled trial Sudhir Maharshi Received Received
  FRI-322 Collagen proportionate area (CPA) measurement of liver parenchyma and hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) can predict HCC recurrence after liver resection Chiara Sicuro Received Received
  WED-323 Real-world treatment of decompensated liver cirrhosis in Italy: a propensity score-matched analysis of long-term versus acute albumin therapy Lucy Harvey Received Received
  FRI-323 Exploration of a holistic management procedure for liver cancer surveillance to improve the early diagnosis of liver cancer in Chinese population Yong Li Received Received
  THU-323 Role of gut-derived endotoxins in porto-sinusoidal vascular disease Stefania Gioia Received Received
  THU-324 Evaluating pruritus and fatigue in patients with treatment-refractory primary biliary cholangitis Costello Medical Received Received
  WED-324 Potentially inappropriate medicine use and non-adherence in hepatic encephalopathy: a retrospective real-world cohort study Zhen Howe Hong Received Received
  FRI-324 Chemerin protein in hepatocellular carcinomas is related to disease severity in European patients Christa Buechler Received Received
  THU-325 Ultrasonographic liver characteristics among patients with Wilson disease Zoe Mariño Received Received
  FRI-325 Prognostic value of simple non-invasive tests for the risk stratification of HCC development in patients with cirrhosis due to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Amina Abdulle Received Received
  SAT-325 Outcome of sucralfate vs proton pump inhibitor vs sucralfate and proton pump inhibitor combination post endoscopic esophageal variceal band ligation - A randomized controlled trial Arun Vaidya Received Received
  WED-325 Atorvastatin reduces inflammation markers TNF-a, CD62L and MMP2 in a randomised trial Thit Mynster Kronborg Received Received
  WED-326 Impact of intrapulmonary vascular dilatations and hepatopulmonary syndrome on the clinical course of patients after transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt insertion Jim Benjamin Mauz Received Received
  THU-326 Exploring pregnancy, breastfeeding and contraception among women with Wilson disease in Spain: results from the Spanish Wilson registry MARTA ROMERO-GUTIÉRREZ Received Received
  SAT-326 TIPS increases muscle mass in patients with decompensated cirrhosis Theresa Bucsics Received Received
  FRI-326 Exploration of the lack of systematic surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma for patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Theresa Hydes Received Received
  FRI-327 Aetiology and outcomes of cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma in Blantyre, Malawi Alexander Stockdale Received Received
  THU-327 Hepatic alterations in COVID-19: a comparative autopsy study Sigurd Lax Received Received
  SAT-327 Accuracy of spleen stiffness measurement for the diagnosis of clinically significant portal hypertension in patients with advanced chronic liver disease: an individual patient meta-analysis Elton Dajti Received Received
  THU-328 Adequacy and safety of liver biopsy performed during cardiac catheterization in patients with Fontan and non-Fontan heart disease Edward Cytryn Received Received
  WED-328 Safety and efficacy of continuous infusion terlipressin in Acute Kidney Injury-Hepatorenal Syndrome: The INFUSE Study K. Rajender Reddy Received Received
  FRI-328 Survival outcomes of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease-related HCC: a retrospective cohort study Anders Mellemkjr Received Received
  SAT-328 Effects of renin angiotensin system inhibition on renal function and the clinical course of patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis and ascites Tammo Lambert Tergast Received Received
  SAT-329 Adoption of a clinical assessment service in hepatology Sarah Clark Received Received
  THU-329 Deep learning quantification reveals fundamental prognostic role for ductular reaction in biliary atresia Iiris Nyholm Received Received
  FRI-329 Targeted surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma is cost effective in Australia: evidence from a microsimulation study Barbara de Graaff Received Received
  WED-330 The effects of alfapump on ascites control and quality of life in patients with cirrhosis and recurrent or refractory ascites: pivotal trial results Florence Wong Received Received
  SAT-330 Diabetes impairs the hemodynamic response to non-ive betablockers in compensated cirrhosis and predisposes for hepatic decompensation Rafael Paternostro Received Received
  THU-330 Long-term outcomes of patients with Wilson disease: a single center analysis of 361 Korean patients Hyojin Nam Received Received
  FRI-330 Phenotypic diversity and regeneration in a model of Alagille syndrome recapitulate patient heterogeneity Linde Sevenants Received Received
  THU-331 Lessons from population genomics for Wilson disease: Prevalence, penetrance of mutations, clinical implications and design of regional screening programmes Pablo Alonso Castellano Received Received
  WED-331 Quickstroop, an App-based strategy that takes 1 minute, predicts time to overt hepatic encephalopathy development and hospitalizations Jasmohan S Bajaj Received Received
  SAT-331 Preoperative transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt and in-house mortality in patients with liver cirrhosis undergoing surgery Felix Piecha Received Received
  FRI-331 Identification of potential targets amenable to novel therapeutics to treat symptoms in primary biliary cholangitis Aaron Wetten Received Received
  WED-332 On-treatment factors predict recompensation in entecavir-treated hepatitis B patients with decompensated cirrhosis You Deng Received Received
  SAT-332 Indocyanine green clearance reflects various pathophysiological mechanisms and independently predicts liver-related events in ACLD Mathias Jachs Received Received
  FRI-332 Anti-nucleosome antibodies as an important marker to distinguish between autoimmune hepatitis and drug-induced liver injury Nasser Semmo Received Received
  THU-333 Digital pathology using stain-free imaging indices as a tool for fibrosis quantification in patients with congestive hepatopathy Matthew Yeh Received Received
  FRI-333 Combination of intestinal bile salt uptake inhibition with pharmacological repression of bile salt synthesis improves liver health in cholestatic mice Stan Van De Graaf Received Received
  SAT-333 A multimodal deep learning network for non-invasive prediction of the hepatic decompensation risk in compensated cirrhotic people: a multicentre cohort study (CHESS1701) Qian YU Received Received
  WED-333 Temporal trajectory of the model for end-stage liver disease (MELD) score for prediction of mortality among patients with liver cirrhosis Niv Zmora Received Received
  THU-334 Current transition management of adolescents and young adults with liver diseases: an European reference network rare liver survey Joao Madaleno Received Received
  SAT-334 TIPS under-dilation strategy with new controlled expansion endoprosthesis: a hemodynamic and imaging confirmation of its feasibility Dario Saltini Received Received
  WED-334 Smoking and obesity promote systemic inflammation in patients with compensated and decompensated cirrhosis Benedikt Hofer Received Received
  FRI-334 Cholestatic liver disease is alleviated by colitis-induced inhibition of bile acid synthesis Wenfang Gui Received Received
  FRI-335 Non-invasive imaging method demonstrates anti-fibrotic efficacy of a dual integrin alpha-v/beta-6 and alpha-v/beta-1 inhibitor in a rat model of biliary fibrosis Johanna Schaub Received Received
  THU-335 Quality of life in patients with Wilson disease treated with Trientine dihydrochloride: a prospective study Larissa Wijnberg Received Received
  WED-335 Association of polymorphisms in genes of the innate immunity with transplant-free survival of patients with decompensated liver cirrhosis Janett Fischer Received Received
  SAT-335 Is elastography needed for diagnosing cACLD and stratifying CSPH risk? Georg Semmler Received Received
  WED-336 Applicability of EASL clinical guidelines recommendations of empiric antibiotic treatment for spontaneous bacterial infections in patients with cirrhosis in south america Melisa Dirchwolf Received Received
  THU-336 Odevixibat therapy in patients with MYO5B mutations: a retrospective case series Emmanuel Gonzalès Received Received
  FRI-336 Blockade of IL-18 via long-acting IL-18 binding protein attenuates experimental diet-induced cholestatic disease Dong-Hyun Kim Received Received
  SAT-336 Systemic inflammation remains a critical determinant of the dynamic component of portal hypertension in abstinent patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis Benedikt Hofer Received Received
  SAT-337 Robust identification of patient subgroups in acute decompensated cirrhosis Sara Palomino Received Received
  WED-337 Progression of cirrhosis is not associated with clinically significant alterations in hemostasis assessed by thromboelastography Alina Buliarca Received Received
  THU-337 Factor VIII synthesis by adipose tissue stromal cells contributes to coagulopathy in chronic liver disease Sanal MG Received Received
  WED-338 Decreased platelet function is an independent predictor of liver-related and all-cause mortality in patients with advanced chronic liver disease Benedikt Hofer Received Received
  THU-338 e-Lysine-melittin reduces pathological bacterial translocation and enhances gut immunity in experimental decompensated cirrhosis Deepika Jakhar Received Received
  SAT-338 Clinical profile and outcomes of porto-sinusoidal vascular disorder : Experience from tertiary referral hospital in India Love Garg Received Received
  FRI-339 Disparities in hospital outcomes among patients with end- stage liver disease with palliative care collaboration: a nationwide cohort analysis (2016-2020) Sheza Malik Received Received
  THU-339 Combination of weekly albumin infusion, personalized nutrition and home-based exercise programme improves outcomes of patients with end stage liver disease (Al-Fit study) Sasanka Vangara Received Received
  WED-339 Thromboelastography-guided coagulopathy correction in cirrhotic patients decreases blood product transfusion: a systematic review and analysis Hamed Komeylian Received Received
  SAT-339 Impact of Rifaximin Use During the 30-Day Post-Discharge Period Following an Overt Hepatic Encephalopathy (OHE) Hospitalization on the Annual Rates of Subsequent OHE Hospitalizations Rebecca Bungay Received Received
  SAT-340 MELD-sarcopenia and clinically significant portal hypertension as independent risk factors in the evolution of liver cirrhosis Elba Llop Received Received
  FRI-340 ACLF grade is not independently associated with 1-year mortality after hospital discharge in cirrhotic patients admitted to ICUs in the Netherlands Jubi De Haan Received Received
  THU-340 Imperfect maturation in erythroid progenitors leads to severe anemia in cirrhotic patients Deepika . Received Received
  WED-340 An overview on microbial population in liver cirrhosis : changing paradigm in the known bacteriology of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis Shirin Demma Received Received
  WED-341 The combination of LACE index, MELD on discharge and a previous history of decompensation defines risk groups for early readmission in patients with liver cirrhosis Yolanda Sanchez Received Received
  SAT-341 Spleen stiffness assessed by point shear-wave elastography predicts portal hypertension better than liver elastography Vaclav Smid Received Received
  FRI-341 Outcomes, clinical trajectories and risk factors of acute kidney injury (AKI) in critically-ill patients with liver cirrhosis Martin Schulz Received Received
  THU-341 Study of epigenetic control of LSECtin in hepatic antigen presenting cells during experimental cirrhosis Angel-Gomis Enrique Received Received
  WED-342 Factors associated with inpatient albumin administration and center-level variation in a national cohort Marina Serper Received Received
  SAT-342 Suppression of the pituitary-adrenal axis in stable outpatients with advanced chronic liver disease increases with disease severity and may be linked to systemic inflammation and bile acids Lukas Hartl Received Received
  FRI-342 VSIG4 as a biomarker for the diagnosis and prognosis of HBV-ACLF Jun Li Received Received
  THU-342 Nitazoxanide counteracts lipopolysaccharide-induced hepatic and renal transcriptomic profile changes to improve systemic inflammation and organ damage in a disease model of acute-on-chronic liver failure Vanessa Legry Received Received
  WED-343 Serum PDL1 levels are associated with increased risk of bacterial infections in non-hospitalised patients with cirrhosis Adria Juanola Received Received
  FRI-343 The prognostic impact of each organ failure is different than that of acute-on-chronic liver failure according to the major clinical presentation in acutely decompensated cirrhosis Jung Hee Kim Received Received
  THU-343 Metabolic Derangements in Hematopoietic Stem and Progenitor Cells (HSPCs) underlie monocyte-macrophage dysfunction in cirrhosis Deepanshu Maheshwari Received Received
  SAT-343 Role of non neoplastic portal vein thrombosis in natural history of patients with cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma Sarah Shalaby Received Received
  WED-344 Validation of automatic cell counting based on impendaciometry and flow cytometry in ascitic fluid Aitor Odriozola Herrán Received Received
  THU-344 Constant alcohol consumption exacerbates hepatic encephalopathy and leads to neuronal loss in rats with chronic liver disease Farzaneh Tamnanloo Received Received
  FRI-344 Proteomics and metabolomics of bile reveal molecular insights and classify signatures predictive of carcinoma of gallbladder Nupur Sharma Received Received
  SAT-345 Bacterial translocation has an early onset in cirrhosis and induces a ive inflammatory response Benedikt Simbrunner Received Received
  WED-345 Prevalence of minimal hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis: a multicenter study Simon Johannes Gairing Received Received
  THU-345 Targeting myeloid-derived suppressor cells in a carbon tetrachloride-induced murine model of chronic liver injury Emilio Flint Received Received
  FRI-345 Serum proteomics reveals association of CCL24 with key aspects of primary sclerosing cholangitis Raanan Greenman Received Received
  THU-346 Cirrhosis alters receptor mediated clearance of therapeutic antibodies by hepatic sinusoidal endothelial cells Bethany James Received Received
  FRI-346 Combination of Ileal bile acid transporter inhibitor and a non-steroidal Farnesoid X receptor agonist for reversal of cholestatic liver injury in Cyp2c70 KO mice with a humanized bile acid composition Caroline Klindt-Morgan Received Received
  WED-346 Vitamin D deficiency associates with gut dysbiosis, endotoxemia and the risk of infectious complications in patients with liver cirrhosis Pei-Chang Lee Received Received
  SAT-346 Efficacy of long term albumin therapy in treatment of decompensated cirrhosis Deepanshu Khanna Received Received
  SAT-347 Recently validated non-invasive tests for liver fibrosis assessment have great performance in identifying NASH patients at risk for decompensation Vlad Taru Received Received
  WED-347 Comparison of coagulation parameters as prognostic markers of decompensation and liver-related death in advanced chronic liver disease Maria Pallozzi Received Received
  THU-347 Evaluation of the effect of glucocorticoids on cardiac chronotropic dysfunction in cirrhotic rats, do dopamine receptors also play a role? Qamar Niaz Received Received
  FRI-347 Production of reactive oxidant species and fatty acid uptake is increased in regulatory T-cells in autoimmune hepatitis, and associated with down-regulation of markers linked to suppressor function Scott Davies Received Received
  FRI-348 The cell cycle protein Cyclin E1 mediates pro-inflammatory signals in a mouse model of acute hepatitis and in primary macrophages Christian Penners Received Received
  WED-348 Development and external validation of a model to predict multi-drug resistant bacterial infections in patients with cirrhosis Sebastian Marciano Received Received
  SAT-348 Earlier diagnosis of hepatorenal syndrome-acute kidney injury with updated guidelines review of the Confirm trial Vanessa Borkhoche Received Received
  THU-348 Distinct changes in the inflammatory profile of patients with EASL-CLIF- versus APASL-acute-on-chronic liver failure Mona-May Langer Received Received
  THU-349 Bacterial DNA translocation-induced systemic inflammation is associated with overt hepatic encephalopathy and predicts mortality in patients with cirrhosis Kessarin Thanapirom Received Received
  WED-349 Factors related to a shorter survival in patients with liver disease and followed by a specialized palliative care clinic Fernando Xavier de Almeida e Silva Received Received
  SAT-349 Predicting esophageal varices and varices needing treatment in patients with compensated advanced chronic liver disease using Baveno VI Criteria, CHESS-ALARM score, FIB-4 score, and recently proposed FIB-5 score Fares Mashal Received Received
  FRI-349 Depletion of excess liver copper ameliorates liver damage in a mouse model of chronic cholestatic liver disease Dennis Koob Received Received
  FRI-350 Genetic predisposition for liver inflammation and response to anti-cholestatic therapy in experimental sclerosing cholangitis Alexander Miethke Received Received
  WED-350 Validation of thigh ultrasound for measurement of sarcopenia and fat mass in patient with cirrhosis: correlation with body composition analysis. Higher fat mass, lower muscle mass and reduced functional muscle Reza Saeidi Received Received
  THU-350 Platelets from patients with decompensated cirrhosis display pro-inflammatory features Simone Di Cola Received Received
  SAT-350 Hepatic venous pressure gradient predicts further decompensation in cirrhosis patients with acute esophageal variceal bleeding Manas Vaishnav Received Received
  FRI-351 In vitro modulation of fibrogenesis and inflammation in patient-derived cholangiocyte organoids Anna Katharina Frank Received Received
  THU-351 Single-cell RNA transcriptomics of peripheral blood mononuclear cells revealed altered gene expressions in monocyte and HLA variations in decompensated liver cirrhosis patients with sepsis Nirupma Trehanpati Received Received
  WED-351 Goals of care and end-of-life for patients with advanced liver disease followed by a specialized palliative care clinic Fernando Xavier de Almeida e Silva Received Received
  WED-352 Gender differences in the patient-reported outcomes and perception of ascites burden amongst outpatients with decompensated cirrhosis and ascites Florence Wong Received Received
  FRI-352 Cholestatic liver disease enhances sociability and leads to significant adaptative changes in amygdala neural circuits regulating social behavior in mice Wagdi Almishri Received Received
  THU-352 Role of extracellular vesicles in sarcopenia associated to chronic liver diseases Simone Di Cola Received Received
  THU-353 Effects of -adrenergic hyperstimulation, liver cirrhosis and acute-on-chronic liver failure (ACLF) on the small intestinal gut-vascular barrier (GVB) Marco Felber Received Received
  FRI-353 Oxazolone-mediated bile duct inflammation reveals specific natural killer T cell-dependent inflammatory pathways Markus Jördens Received Received
  WED-353 The role of renal impairment on rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) parameters in hospitalised patients with cirrhosis a prospective cohort study Louis Wang Received Received
  SAT-353 Liver innervation is dysregulated in a mouse model of Alagille syndrome Elisabeth Verboven Received Received
  SAT-354 A novel organoid model of human liver bud development Charlotte Grey-Wilson Received Received
  WED-354 Whole body clearance and production of ammonia quantified by constant ammonia infusion the effects of cirrhosis and ammonia targeting treatments Peter Lykke Eriksen Received Received
  THU-354 Identification of complication- dependent gut microbial biomarkers for early detection of decompensated cirrhosis Satya Priya Sharma Received Received
  FRI-354 The significance of patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing protein-3 I148M genetic variant in autoimmune hepatitis Nikolaos Gatselis Received Received
  FRI-355 Temporal characteristics of cell compartments in immune-mediated cholestatic disease Markus Jördens Received Received
  THU-355 Pathophysiological biomarkers associated with resolution of ACLF in patients treated with the liver dialysis device, DIALIVE Fausto Andreola Received Received
  SAT-355 Tunable host senescence determines the success of hepatocyte transplantation in a mouse model of liver injury Victoria Gadd Received Received
  WED-355 Prognostic significance of individual decompensating events in stable decompensated outpatients with cirrhosis using a multi-center cohort Jasmohan Bajaj Received Received
  THU-356 Development and characterization of novel rodent ACLF models Frank Erhard Uschner Received Received
  SAT-356 Liver regeneration is regulated by intestinal sirtuin-1 Sian Seaman Received Received
  FRI-356 HSD17B13 inhibitors are hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory in a mouse model of autoimmune hepatitis Manuel Roqueta-Rivera Received Received
  WED-356 Classification of bleeding risk from invasive procedures in patients with cirrhosis: an expert consensus Alix Riescher-Tuczkiewicz Received Received
  THU-357 Distinct patterns of hepatic and systemic inflammation in different types/aetiologies of liver disease Benedikt Hofer Received Received
  WED-357 The role of prolonged albumin replacement therapy in correction of its structure, functional properties and management of ascites Anastasia Turkina Received Received
  SAT-357 IGF1 specifically rescues peripheral intrahepatic biliary organoids from a mouse model of Alagille syndrome Afshan Iqbal Received Received
  FRI-357 Differential activation of regulatory CD4 T cells via the JAK-STAT-pathway in Primary sclerosing cholangitis Leona Dold Received Received
  THU-358 Extracellular vesicles carrying oxidation-specific epitopes as effectors in acute hepatic decompensation and acute-on-chronic liver failure a pilot study Benedikt Simbrunner Received Received
  WED-358 A multimodal treatment candidate for sarcopenia in men with decompensated cirrhosis: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial evaluating LPCN 1148 Benjamin Bruno Received Received
  FRI-358 scRNA transcriptomics reveal the role of cholangiocytes and neutrophils cross talk in PKHD1-KO mice Mario Strazzabosco Received Received
  SAT-358 Endothelial autophagy is not required for liver regeneration after partial hepatectomy in mice with fatty liver Adel HAMMOUTENE Received Received
  THU-359 Multi-omics reveals the regulation mechanism of the Chinese herbal AnLuoHuaXian formula on reversing liver cirrhosis in the rat Ruijia Liu Received Received
  FRI-359 Golexanolone, a GABA receptor-modulating steroid antagonist, improves peripheral inflammation, fatigue, locomotor gait, motor incoordination and short-term memory in rats with cholestasis and hepatic encephalopathy due to bile duct ligation Marta Llansola Received Received
  SAT-359 Transcriptomics confirm the establishment of a liver-immune dual-humanized mouse model after transplantation of a single type of human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell Jun Li Received Received
  WED-359 Clinical effectiveness of human albumin in liver cirrhosis: a meta-analysis update Yuhan Liu Received Received
  FRI-360 Elevated JAG1-NOTCH Signaling is Associated with Fibrosis Stages in Patients with PSC Michael Trauner Received Received
  THU-360 MCC950 reduces glial cell activation and neuroinflammation in an animal model of thioacetamide-induced hepatic encephalopathy Syed Afroz Ali Received Received
  SAT-360 Skin-decellularized matrix-derived microgels accelerate 3D cultures of functional primary hepatocyte spheroids in vitro Ashwini Vasudevan Received Received
  THU-361 The pan-PPAR agonist lanifibranor decreases portal pressure in models of both hepatic and prehepatic portal hypertension Anneleen Heldens Received Received
  SAT-361 Autophagy regulates the generation and differentiation of chemically derived hepatic progenitors (CdHs) Hayoon Kim Received Received
  WED-361 Clostridioides difficile infection in patients with liver cirrhosis Olga Adriana Cakiman-Sturdza Received Received
  FRI-361 Pyroptosis plays a key role in primary biliary cholangitis of humans and mice Linxiang Huang Received Received
  SAT-362 Development of intrahepatic bile ducts during liver progenitor cell-driven liver regeneration is associated with epithelial cell adhesion molecule function Eun Young Cho Received Received
  FRI-362 Molecular signatures of treatment response in autoimmune hepatitis Bastian Engel Received Received
  WED-362 The prevalence and prognostic impact of myosteatosis with and without sarcopenia and its association with age and severity of liver cirrhosis ALEXANDRA ALEXOPOULOU Received Received
  FRI-363 Loss of innate and adaptive effector lymphocytes is associated with diminished globe score prognosis in patients with primary biliary cholangitis Hussain Syed Received Received
  SAT-363 Excessive proliferation and vascular damage after extended hepatectomy compromise liver function in mice Maxime De Rudder Received Received
  WED-363 Comparison of prognostic value of sarcopenia and MELD score in assessing 28 days and 3 months mortality in patients with cirrhosis of liver Shivam Gupta Received Received
  WED-364 Activation of the kynurenine pathway potentially underlies neurodegeneration in patients with covert hepatic encephalopathy Georgia Zeng Received Received
  SAT-364 Conditioned medium from human allogeneic liver-derived progenitor cells protects against LPS-induced endothelial hyperpermeability via sphingosine-1 phosphate Pauline De Berdt Received Received
  THU-364 Glial transcriptional changes in experimental HE arise early and show similarities with established neuroinflammatory disorders Wouter Claeys Received Received
  SAT-365 Lineage tracing of hepatic stellate cells with ultrasound-guided in utero nano-injection Jingyan He Received Received
  WED-365 A virtual reality-driving test to predict car accidents in patients with cirrhosis Simon Johannes Gairing Received Received
  THU-365 Ascites-resident innate-like CD8 T cells contribute to inflammation anddisease pathogenesis in patients with liver cirrhosis Christian Niehaus Received Received
  FRI-365 Spatial transcriptomics reveals shared gene and cellular composition in recurrent and primary sclerosing cholangitis Mikal Jacob Hole Received Received
  WED-366 The Association between Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor or Angiotensin Receptor Blocker Exposure and Key Cirrhosis-Related Outcomes Roy Wang Received Received
  THU-366 Evaluation of myocardial inflammation and fibrosis in an experimental model of liver cirrhosis by quantitative cardio-hepatic MRI Franziska Schneider Received Received
  SAT-366 Autologous skeletal myoblast cell-sheet transplantation for liver regeneration Keisuke Toya Received Received
  FRI-366 Cytotoxic activity of peripheral NK cells is decreased in primary sclerosing cholangitis Leona Dold Received Received
  FRI-367 The effect of the combination of metformin with propionic acid on the indicators of oxidative stress in liver tissue of rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus Olena Khokhliuk Received Received
  WED-367 Liver nutrition clinic improves nutritional outcomes in patients with advanced cirrhosis Enoka Gonsalkorala Received Received
  THU-367 Peripheral blood metabolite associations with cardiac diastolic dysfunction in advanced chronic liver disease Madeleine Gill Received Received
  SAT-368 Rescue mechanism of HIL-6 after partial hepatectomy Julia Ettich Received Received
  THU-368 Biological differences between clinically different muscle wasting phenotypes in patients with decompensated ESLD undergoing assessment for liver transplantation: a UK prospective cohort study Amritpal Dhaliwal Received Received
  WED-368 Impact of allelic HLA divergence on the risk of bacterial infections in cirrhotic patients awaiting liver transplantation Clementine Roger Received Received
  FRI-368 Associations of fecal bile acids, diet, and intestinal microbes with markers of disease progression in primary sclerosing cholangitis disease Christopher Bowlus Received Received
  WED-369 The impact of a massive transfusion protocol on the outcomes of patients with acute variceal bleeding: propensity score-matched analysis Aryoung Kim Received Received
  THU-369 Effect of fibrinogen substitution in hypofibrinogenaemic CTP class C patients on viscoelastic coagulation tests Moritz Tobiasch Received Received
  FRI-369 CD44 reduces fibrosis development in chronic cholestatic liver injury in Mdr2 knock-out mice Franziska Ihli Received Received
  SAT-369 Hepatic progenitor cell activation through the interaction of mesenchymal stem cells and liver sinusoidal endothelial cells Seul Ki Han Received Received
  FRI-370 Results of pharmacological treatment of Mcpip1 knock-out mice which develop symptoms of primary biliary cholangitis Katarzyna Trzos Received Received
  WED-370 Acute kidney injury related to metamizole in advanced chronic liver disease patients undergoing major orthopedic surgery Lidia Canillas Alavés Received Received
  THU-370 The gene expression profile of skeletal muscle in end-stage liver disease patients undergoing assessment for liver transplantation with muscle wasting Sophie Allen Received Received
  SAT-370 Effect of kidney injury and hemodynamic effect after moderate abdominal paracentesis: a randomized control study Sakkarin Chirapongsathorn Received Received
  FRI-371 The role of Type II and III Interferons in primary biliary cholangitis Yooyun Chung Received Received
  THU-371 Placement of a trans-jugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) modifies the expression of proinflammatory cytokines in circulating monocytes exposed to lipopolysaccaride Mirella Pastore Received Received
  SAT-371 AAV-HBV mouse model replicates immune exhaustion patterns of chronic HBV patients at single-cell level Oliver Lenz Received Received
  WED-372 Effectiveness and safety of anticoagulant treatment in patients with liver cirrhosis and non-tumoral splenic-portal thrombosis Nelson Daniel Salazar Parada Received Received
  SAT-372 Developing highly pure, functional GMP grade Treg for the treatment of autoimmune liver disease Naomi Richardson Received Received
  THU-372 Neurological dysfunction is improved after faecal microbiota transplantation in rats with bile duct ligated-induced chronic liver disease Alexandre Bourgeois Received Received
  SAT-373 ILT2 as a biomarker of impaired natural killer cells expressing excess lipid peroxidation in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Toshihiro Sakata Received Received
  WED-373 Normalisation of the psychometric hepatic encephalopathy score in a Nigerian population Mansur Mohammed Received Received
  SAT-374 Interplay between hepatitis B virus replication and intrahepatic expression of VISTA and TIM-3 immune checkpoint markers in chronic hepatitis B patients Kim Thys Received Received
  WED-374 Nutritional status of patients with advanced chronic liver disease: descriptive baseline of a prospective study Jose Miguel Rosales Zabal Received Received
  SAT-375 Kupffer cell activation enhances systemic anti-bacterial immunity Christian Zwicker Received Received
  WED-375 Experiences from a palliative care clinic specialized in liver diseases utilization, clinical characteristics of patients and outcomes. Fernando Xavier de Almeida e Silva Received Received
  SAT-376 Osteopontin serves as a potential regulator of T cell immunity in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma Tengfei Si Received Received
  WED-376 Booster SARS-CoV-2 vaccination elicits robust antibody response to wild-type but not Omicron subvariants BA.4/5 in patients with cirrhosis Qian Zhu Received Received
  WED-377 Poorer results in the clinical frailty scale are associated with covert and overt hepatic encephalopathy in patients with cirrhosis Eva Maria Schleicher Received Received
  SAT-377 Comprehensive phenotypical and molecular characterization of B lymphocytes in patients affected by intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma Giulia Milardi Received Received
  THU-377 Alkaline phosphatase on admission to the intensive care unit as a new early prognostic biomarker for the development of COVID-19-associated secondary sclerosing cholangitis Stephan Schmid Received Received
  WED-378 Anemia in cirrhotic patients is a risk factor for esophagogastric variceal bleeding and mortality ELENA SANTOS Received Received
  THU-378 Outcomes in adult patients with progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis treated with odevixibat: subgroup analysis from the PEDFIC 2 study Janis M. Stoll Received Received
  WED-379 Prucalopride : a novel and safe usage for reducing incidence of hepatic encephalopathy in decompensated cirrhosis MANASA ALLA Received Received
  SAT-379 The decrease of HCV-specific neutralising antibody responses after DAA therapy is associated with weak envelope-specific CD4 T cell immunity Jill Werner Received Received
  THU-379 Association of liver injury and prognosis in patients with severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome Rui Huang Received Received
  SAT-380 Epigenetic conversion of CD4 T cells to stable and functioning induced regulatory T cells via cyclin-dependent kinase inhibition and CD28 signal deprivation in patients with primary biliary cholangitis Vincenzo Ronca Received Received
  THU-380 State of knowledge of alpha 1 anti-trypsin deficiency among practitioners specialized in liver transplantation in France : a national survey Manon EVAIN Received Received
  WED-380 Surgical subtype predicts adverse outcomes and costs among nonalcoholic cirrhotic patients Carolyn Catalano Received Received
  THU-381 Symptom severity measured by polycystic liver disease-specific questionnaire score partly correlates with both total number of liver cysts and the presence of dominant cysts Avisnata Das Received Received
  WED-381 Analysis of surgical risk in patients with advanced chronic liver disease and major orthopedic surgery from a gender perspective Lidia Canillas Alavés Received Received
  FRI-381 Insulin determines TGF- effects on HNF4a transcription in hepatocytes Steven Dooley Received Received
  SAT-381 Intermediate monocytes and associated chemokines allow differentiation of idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury (DILI) and autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) Stuart Astbury Received Received
  THU-382 Online education yields significant gains in gastroenterologists knowledge of clinical manifestations of Wilson disease Adriana Stan Received Received
  FRI-382 3D digital histopathology: a new methodology for morphological characterization of the human liver Mathieu De Langlard Received Received
  WED-382 Availability and affordability of services affects outcome in hospitalized patients with cirrhosis-results from CLEARED consortium Ashok Choudhury Received Received
  SAT-382 TIGIT inhibits the cytotoxic effects of NK cells towards biliary epithelial cells in autoimmune hepatitis Amber Bozward Received Received
  SAT-383 Liver sinusoidal scavenger cells eliminate betaherpesvirus from the blood stream Anett Kristin Larsen Received Received
  THU-383 Progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis: KFSH & RC Muath Najmi Received Received
  WED-383 Serum ammonia levels do not correlate with overt hepatic encephalopathy severity and time to resolution in hospitalized patients with cirrhosis Tobin Sharp Received Received
  FRI-383 Magnesium content decreases and transient receptor potential melastatin-subfamily member 7 expression increases in hepatocytes as liver inflammation and cirrhosis worsen in liver transplant candidates simona parisse Received Received
  WED-384 Six-fold increased rate of chronic kidney disease after acute kidney injury: a population-based cohort study of 46,946 patients with cirrhosis Anna Cederborg Received Received
  THU-384 Clinical picture of acute hepatitis in children - single center observations Anna Mania Received Received
  FRI-384 Three-dimensional single-cell digital atlas of liver tissue architecture Fabián Segovia-Miranda Received Received
  SAT-384 Immune characterization of the melanocortin-4-receptor mouse model for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis using mass cytometry and imaging mass cytometry Fabienne Birrer Received Received
  FRI-385 Multiomic profiling associated with lipid remodeling in senescent primary human hepatocytes Sin-Tian Wang Received Received
  WED-385 Patients with liver cirrhosis and TIPS are prone to in-hospital falls Nada Abedin Received Received
  THU-385 Differences in the rates of liver-related clinical events in paediatric patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency-associated liver disease in the United States Ed G. Marins Received Received
  SAT-385 The effect of testosterone on human T cells in health and autoimmune liver disease Lara Henze Received Received
  THU-386 Understanding the experience of patients with alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency (AATD)-associated liver disease Virginia Clark Received Received
  FRI-386 Tick-tock Uncovering new aspects of circadian-regulated liver metabolism by kinetic modeling Christiane Körner Received Received
  WED-386 Correlation between mid-arm circumference and QRS alterations as markers of sarcopenia in patients with decompensated cirrhosis Letitia Toma Received Received
  SAT-386 CXCL9 does not ameliorate murine macrophage activation syndrome hepatitis Tamir Diamond Received Received
  FRI-387 Dickkopf-1 inhibitor enhances the anti-tumor effects of sorafenib through inhibition of PI3K/Akt/Wnt signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma Sang Hyun Seo Received Received
  SAT-387 Characterisation of invariant natural killer T cells in human hepatic biopsies Elena Jiménez-Martí Received Received
  WED-387 Uromodulin serum levels are associated with poorer prognosis in patients with cirrhosis and hepatorenal syndrome Eva Maria Schleicher Received Received
  THU-387 Acute liver failure due neonatal hemochromatosis: case with fatal outcome despite early diagnosis and treatment Liudmyla Shostakovych-Koretska Received Received
  SAT-388 Mast cell activation index as a novel prognostic marker in a pan-analysis of gastrointestinal cancers Nataliya Rohr-Udilova Received Received
  FRI-388 Liver spheroids engrafted in the anterior chamber of the eye - a novel platform to study hepatic physiology and pathology Francesca Lazzeri-Barcelo Received Received
  FRI-389 With-in patient comparison of single-cell versus single-nucleus sequencing on human transjugular liver biopsies Lukas Van Melkebeke Received Received
  THU-389 The ancestral haplotype HLA-A3 does not influence the likelihood of advanced hepatic fibrosis or cirrhosis in C282Y homozygous hemochromatosis John Olynyk Received Received
  WED-389 Rotational Thromboelastometry (ROTEM) reduces need for pre-emptive transfusion in low-moderate risk procedure in cirrhosis: a randomized controlled trial Rahul Kumar Received Received
  SAT-389 The ascitic environment in cirrhosis upregulates the expression of the immune checkpoint CD155 on peritoneal macrophages Joseph Delo Received Received
  WED-390 Long-term cellular immune response to COVID-19 vaccination in patients with chronic liver disease Mariana Moura Henrique Received Received
  FRI-390 Accumulation of apical bulkheads and hepatocyte rosettes as adaptive responses upon impaired bile flow in liver diseases Carlotta Mayer Received Received
  SAT-390 Distinct immunometabolic signatures in circulating immune cells define disease outcomes in acute-on-chronic liver failure Schalk van der Merwe Received Received
  THU-390 Demographics, outcomes, and costs of Wilsons disease hospitalizations: a nationwide cohort study Ankoor Patel Received Received
  WED-391 The relation of serum nesfatin-1 levels with disease severity and complications in patients with liver cirrhosis Hasan Eruzun Received Received
  FRI-391 Long-term effects in primary human hepatocytes (PHH) after exogenous exposure to human intestinal microbiome secretome peptides Natalia Sanchez-Romero Received Received
  SAT-391 RIPK3-mediated XBP1-Foxo1 axis controls NOD1 function and Calcineurin/TRPM7-induced cell death in liver inflammatory injury Bibo Ke Received Received
  THU-391 Proteomics for the study of biomarkers in Wilsons disease LI LI Received Received
  THU-392 Emphysematous pancreatitis: a sporadic sequela of necrotizing pancreatic infections Audrey Fonkam Received Received
  SAT-392 Phenotypical and functional sub-classification of Kupffer cells and liver monocyte-derived macrophages in mice Hiroyuki Nakashima Received Received
  FRI-392 Integrated metabolomic and transcriptomic analyses implicate specific metabolic pathways in crocin-induced apoptosis of HCC cells Amr Amin Received Received
  SAT-393 Early aminotransferase improvement in the phase 2b NATIVE study is predictive of response pattern of liver histology as well as hepatic and cardiometabolic health markers at the end of treatment in patients with non-cirrhotic NASH Quentin Anstee Received Received
  WED-393 A functional interaction between hepatic estrogen receptor-a and PNPLA3 p.I148M inherited variant drives fatty liver disease susceptibility in women Alessandro Cherubini Received Received
  THU-393 Noninvasive screening for histological features of autoimmune hepatitis and prognosis of patients with antinuclear antibody-positive drug-induced liver injury Feiyu Zhang Received Received
  FRI-393 Serum proteomics in American adults with acute liver failure Katharina Remih Received Received
  SAT-394 Novel artificial intelligence-assisted digital pathology quantitative image analysis predicts the occurrence of liver-related clinical events in the multicentric, European, hepatic outcomes and survival fatty liver registry (HOTSURFR) study Vlad Ratziu Received Received
  THU-394 Outbreak of unexplained acute hepatitis in children: the role of viral infections Yael Gozlan Received Received
  FRI-394 Inhibition of CCR-8 attenuates macrophage migration in vitro and intrahepatic monocyte recruitment in vivo Eline Geervliet Received Received
  FRI-395 E2F2 deficiency protects from acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity while E2F1 is required to prevent the devastating effects Xabier Buque Received Received
  SAT-395 Risk-stratification of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in primary care: lessons from the Calgary NAFLD pathway Abdel-Aziz Shaheen Received Received
  WED-395 Brain-derived neurotrophic factor knock-out mice develop nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Mayuko Shimizu Received Received
  FRI-396 Mesenchymal stem cell-derived small extracellular vesicles ameliorate liver injury via attenuating macrophage extracellular traps Zhihui Li Received Received
  WED-396 The PNPLA3 p.I148M risk variant was fixed in Neanderthals and segregates neutrally in humans Andreas Geier Received Received
  THU-396 Determinants of steroid responsiveness in patients with severe acute hepatitis of indeterminate, autoimmune hepatitis and drug induced aetiologies MohammadMahdi Saeidinejad Received Received
  SAT-396 Thrombospondin-2 as a new biomarker for at risk NASH and advanced fibrosis in a large multicentric European cohort Vlad Ratziu Received Received
  FRI-397 SRT-015, best-in-class apoptosis signal-regulating kinase 1 inhibitor, demonstrates preclinical efficacy in acute models of liver injury Kathleen Elias Received Received
  THU-397 Clinical and histological features of drug-induced liver injury: a retrospective study in biopsy-based cohort Ting Zhang Received Received
  WED-397 Role of TGR5 in fat-to-liver communication during NAFLD André L. Simão Received Received
  SAT-397 Predicting severe liver outcomes in NAFLD using repeated measurements of biomarkers---a cohort study in 1,260 patients Ying Shang Received Received
  SAT-398 Improvements in liver fibroinflammation (as assessed by corrected T1 cT1) with HTD1801 (berberine ursodeoxycholate) treatment in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis and type 2 diabetes mellitus Stephen Harrison Received Received
  WED-398 Hepatic lipid flux, and not lipid amount, damages the liver during starvation-induced steatosis Sumeet Singh Received Received
  FRI-398 Microbiome and metabolome analysis outlines circulatory predictors of poor outcomes in ALF SUSHMITA PANDEY Received Received
  THU-398 Clinical characteristics of chronic drug-induced liver injury in China: a multicenter retrospective cross-sectional study Hong Zhao Received Received
  THU-399 Impact of plasma exchange and evolution of intensive care management in patients with acute liver failure in a liver transplant center over the past decade Octavi Bassegoda Received Received
  SAT-399 Prevalence of NAFLD and advanced fibrosis in Stockholm, Sweden Emilie Toresson Grip Received Received
  WED-399 Targeting Apolipoprotein J restores autophagy and improves metabolic-associated fatty liver disease and diabetic nephropathy Wang Hsin-Tzu Received Received
  FRI-399 Neddylation inhibition recovers drug-induced liver injury through the stabilization of Tamm41 CLÀUDIA GIL PITARCH Received Received
  THU-400 Reversibility and long-term outcomes of portal sinusoidal vascular disease in patients with drug-induced liver injury Mengqi Li Received Received
  FRI-400 Forward programming to produce hepatocytes organoids for cell based therapy Fabian Bachinger Received Received
  SAT-400 Accuracy of 100 Hz transient elastography-based spleen stiffness for the identification of advanced fibrosis in biopsy-proven non alcoholic fatty liver disease Angelo Armandi Received Received
  WED-400 mTORC1 response to glucose via dihydroxyacetone phosphate is regulated by MAT1A. Role in NAFLD María De Los Reyes Luque Urbano Received Received
  SAT-401 Performance of non-invasive tests as exclusion criteria for cirrhosis in trials targeting at-risk nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: combined data from multiple trials including more than 5,000 patients (in collaboration with NAIL-NIT consortium) Julie Dubourg Received Received
  WED-401 Development of a target engagement biomarker for HSD17B13: preclinical pharmacodynamic studies of small molecule inhibition of HSD17B13 by INI-822 Chuhan Chung Received Received
  FRI-401 Stress-driven suppression of the hippo pathway accelerates liver injury Na Young Lee Received Received
  THU-401 Stanozolol-induced liver injury: a peculiar biochemical profile in a series of thirteen cases Vinicius Nunes Received Received
  THU-402 Systematic review: patients with pre-existing chronic liver disease are more vulnerable to the severe sequelae of drug induced liver injury Georgia Zeng Received Received
  FRI-402 Irinotecan dysregulates lipolysis in chemotherapy-associated steatohepatitis Martina Derler Received Received
  SAT-402 FIB-4 predicts the risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with type 2 diabetes: a longitudinal multicentre study Vincent Mallet Received Received
  WED-402 Modelling the biological mechanisms of a PNPLA3 polymorphism in a 3D human liver spheroid for NASH progression and drug efficacy Francisco Verdeguer Received Received
  THU-403 Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) or drug-Induced liver injury (DILI) a diagnostic challenge Yaakov Maor Received Received
  SAT-403 FIB-4 as a screening tool for significant liver fibrosis in a cohort of overweight subjects involved in a weight loss program conducted in a primary care setting Charlotte Costentin Received Received
  FRI-403 Control compounds used to validate in vitro models of idiosyncratic drug-induced liver injury: a systematic review Marina Villanueva Paz Received Received
  WED-403 Perivascular macrophages contribute to adipose tissue angiogenesis in patients with advanced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Celia Sánchez Received Received
  THU-404 Gender differences in liver transplantation (LT) for acute liver failure (ALF) in a multicentre ALF-LT Spanish cohort Victoria Aguilera Sancho Received Received
  FRI-404 A systems medicine approach for the identification of potential prognostic biomarkers in patients with acute decompensation of cirrhosis Estefania Huergo Iglesias Received Received
  SAT-404 Soluble TREM2 and PRO-C3 as efficacy of intervention markers in NASH Charlotte Wernberg Received Received
  WED-404 The E2F2-miR34a-5p axis is involved in the biliary metabolism dysregulation in NASH Maider Apodaka Biguri Received Received
  WED-405 The PNPLA3 I148M variant initiates metabolic reprogramming in macrophages Emmanuel Dixon Received Received
  THU-405 CDK 4/6 inhibitors induced liver injury: 7 cases from REFHEPS registry Lucy Meunier Received Received
  FRI-405 Kelch-like ECH-associated protein-1 deletion rescues cell death associated with glutathione-glutathione peroxidase 4 knockdown in hepatocytes in acute models of liver injury Leticia Colyn Received Received
  SAT-405 Dynamic changes in liver stiffness assessed by transient elastography as a prognostic factor in NAFLD patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes Elias Maleh Received Received
  THU-406 Exponential increase of paracetamol liver injury over the last decade in a Spanish referral center Anna Pocurull Received Received
  WED-406 Toll-like receptor 5 signalling mediates pro-inflammatory and fibrogenic responses in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Wenhao Li Received Received
  FRI-406 Altered intestinal permeability in patients with drug-induced liver injury and other forms of acute liver injury: a sequential analysis of serum levels of LBP, CD14 and CD163 Daniel E. Di Zeo-Sánchez Received Received
  SAT-406 Fibrosis-4 score and liver stiffness measurement by vibration-controlled transient elastography predict risk of liver-related events in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Esteban Urias Received Received
  THU-407 Liver transplantation in acute liver failure in Slovenia Marjana Turk Jerovek Received Received
  SAT-407 A stepwise screening approach using noninvasive tests to identify phenotypic nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) patients with fibrosis for clinical trials Swapna Shenvi Received Received
  WED-407 Characterization of extracellular vesicles derived from human precision-cut liver slices in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Ke Luo Received Received
  FRI-407 Platelets proteome dynamics and its association with liver severity in severe alcoholic hepatitis Rupinder Kalra Received Received
  FRI-408 Characterization of fibrogenesis in severe alcohol-related hepatitis using a 3D model of coculture of organoids and fibroblasts from patients Line Carolle Ntandja Wandji Received Received
  THU-408 Chemotherapy-induced hepatotoxic reactions in patients with acute myeloid leukemia: the overweight and obesity role in the pathogenesis Igor Skrypnyk Received Received
  WED-408 E2F2-promoted DNA damage in NASH worsens the metabolic scenario Beatriz Gomez-Santos Received Received
  WED-409 Uncovering a novel potential target in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Stine Marie Praestholm Received Received
  FRI-409 An increase in the number of activated regulatory T cells is associated with an improvement in liver function of patients with severe alcoholic hepatitis after steroid therapy Soon Kyu Lee Received Received
  SAT-409 Validation of elastography criteria and cACLD risk model for diagnosis of compensated advanced chronic liver disease (cACLD) in NAFLD patients Antonio Liguori Received Received
  WED-410 mir-22 inhibition as glp1 agonist orthogonal mechanism for nafl and nash treatment Riccardo Panella Received Received
  THU-410 Systematic screening for NAFLD-related advanced fibrosis in high-risk population in diabetology using transient elastography: a prospective study Cyrielle Caussy Received Received
  SAT-410 Predictors of liver stiffness changes in consecutive cohorts of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and longitudinal follow up Mirko Zoncapè Received Received
  FRI-410 Plasma lipidomics and meta-proteomics analysis classifies lipid species and microbial peptides associated with poor outcome in SAH patients jaswinder singh maras Received Received
  WED-411 Biomarkers identifying hepatic inflammation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) Elisabeth Galsgaard Received Received
  SAT-411 Association of non-high-density lipoprotein cholesterol trajectories with the development of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Hyo Young Lee Received Received
  THU-411 Low-quality muscle mass predicts fibrosis progression in a prospective biopsy-proven nonalcoholic fatty liver disease cohort Sae Kyung Joo Received Received
  SAT-412 A gut-mycobiome-derived signature predicts advanced fibrosis in people with diabetes Rohit Loomba Received Received
  THU-412 Natural history & long-term outcomes of the Newcastle non-alcoholic fatty liver disease cohort Jenny Gallacher Received Received
  WED-412 Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha and estrogen related receptor alpha ligand combinations ameliorate nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Milton Antwi Received Received
  FRI-412 The beneficial effects of the diet withdrawal and physical exercise on steatohepatitis of DUAL etiology Olga Estévez Vázquez Received Received
  FRI-413 When is the optimal time to collect baseline data for calculating the Lille score in severe alcoholic hepatitis? Mina Ignat Received Received
  THU-413 Deep dive analysis into the screening failure reasons: combined data from multiple therapeutic clinical trials including more than 5,000 patients (in collaboration with NAIL-NIT consortium) Julie Dubourg Received Received
  SAT-413 Diagnostic and prognostic performance of the SAFE score in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Guanlin LI Received Received
  WED-413 PNPLA3, MBOAT7 and TM6SF2 modify mitochondrial dynamics in NAFLD patients: dissecting the role of cell-free circulating mtDNA and copy number Miriam Longo Received Received
  WED-414 NAT10-mediated N4-acetylcytidine of hepatic lipogenesis-associated mRNA contributes to maternal high-fat diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in juvenile offspring Qianren Zhang Received Received
  FRI-414 Low doses of different hepatotoxins induce alcohol-related liver disease and drive hepatocellular carcinoma Brisa Rodope Alarcón-Sánchez Received Received
  SAT-414 Standardized non-invasive screening for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in people with type 2 diabetes identifies a substantial number of individuals with advanced liver disease Naomi Lange Received Received
  THU-414 Causes of death by fibrosis stage in 959 biopsy-proven NAFLD patients Ying Shang Received Received
  WED-415 Type I NKT cells are involved in exacerbation of steatohepatitis in aged mice Kazuyoshi Kon Received Received
  THU-415 Glucose and lipid metabolism alterations after an oral lipid meal in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease carrying the PNPLA3 rs738409 polymorphism Chiara Rosso Received Received
  FRI-415 Systemic dyslipidemia in Ldlr mice accelerates hepatic fibrosis after chronic-binge ethanol feeding Constanze Hoebinger Received Received
  THU-416 Patatin-like phospholipase domain-containing 3 (PNPLA3) risk allele increases rate of progression to end-stage liver disease outcomes and decreases survival rate over time irrespective of degree of fibrosis Javier Armisen Received Received
  WED-416 Depicting metabolic and immune landscape of bariatric surgery intervened NAFL Hanyang Liu Received Received
  SAT-416 Performance of non-invasive fibrosis tests for long-term liver and heart outcomes in Europeans with metabolic risk factors from the UK Biobank Federica Tavaglione Received Received
  WED-417 Efficacy and reproducibility of AI-assisted Gubra Histopathological Objective Scoring Technique (GHOST) in preclinical rodent models of NASH Susanne Pors Received Received
  FRI-417 Multi-omics analysis reveals the therapeutic effect and mechanism of the Chinese herbal JiGuCao capsule on acute alcoholic hepatitis in mice Yue Chen Received Received
  SAT-417 Impact of age as a confounding factor on non-invasive blood-based tests for the evaluation of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: comparing NIS2TM to established tests Quentin Anstee Received Received
  THU-417 A risk prediction model for hepatocellular carcinoma for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease without cirrhosis Gi-Ae Kim Received Received
  WED-418 The PNPLA3 I148M variant aggravates inflammation through dysfunctional LXR and PPAR gamma signalling in macrophages Emmanuel Dixon Received Received
  SAT-418 Cost effectiveness analysis of screening for advanced hepatic fibrosis in patients with various at-risk population in guidelines Hye-Lin Kim Received Received
  THU-418 Histological classifications versus liver-related events: results from the multicentric, European, hepatic outcomes and survival fatty liver registry (HOTSURFR) study Vlad Ratziu Received Received
  FRI-418 Strategies are needed to support people with alcohol use disorder and alcohol-related liver disease to take part in randomised clinical trials: results from the MIRAGE pilot trial of functional imagery training Ashwin Dhanda Received Received
  FRI-419 Supplementation of choline attenuates the onset of alcohol-related liver disease Victor Manuel Sanchez Juarez Received Received
  WED-419 The disturbance of intracellular chloride induces the development and progression of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Biguang Tuo Received Received
  SAT-419 Which screening of advanced liver fibrosis in NAFLD? PAUL CALES Received Received
  THU-419 GL0034 (Utreglutide), a novel, long acting, glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist (GLP-1 RA), results of a phase 1 study in healthy individuals Rajamannar Thennati Received Received
  WED-420 Mice lacking Cyclophilin B, but not Cyclophilin A, are significantly protected from the development of major features of NAFLD/NASH in a diet and chemical-induced model Winston Stauffer Received Received
  FRI-420 Increased concentration of 4-hydroxyphenyllactic acid in patients with alcohol-related liver disease could promote the growth of Lactobacillus spp Jin-Ju Jeong Received Received
  THU-420 Association between consumption of ultra-processed foods and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in the Framingham heart study Natalie Sun Received Received
  SAT-420 Glomerular hyperfiltration: a new marker of fibrosis severity in non-cirrhotic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Marta Garbin Received Received
  SAT-421 NIS2 as a screening tool for optimizing patient ion in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis therapeutic trials Yacine HAJJI Received Received
  WED-421 Growth differentiation factor 15 in plasma and liver is associated with hepatic oxidative stress in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Mikkel Werge Received Received
  FRI-421 Granulocyte monocyte/macrophage apheresis for corticosteroid-nonresponsive or -intolerant severe alcohol-associated hepatitis: a nonrandomized controlled study Ryosuke Kasuga Received Received
  THU-421 Presence and severity of esophageal varices drives portal hypertension-related complications in compensated advanced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Grazia Pennisi Received Received
  SAT-422 Abdominal adiposity and insulin resistance are the main predictors of CAP values in individuals with metabolic dysfunction: the liver-bible cohort Cristiana Bianco Received Received
  WED-422 Decoding hepatocyte transcriptional responses in murine non-alcoholic steatohepatitis using single-nucleus RNA-sequencing Juliet Luft Received Received
  FRI-422 Diabetes increases risk of mortality in alcohol-related liver disease Richard Parker Received Received
  THU-422 PNPLA3 GG genotype is associated with higher incidence of cirrhosis and liver-related events among patients with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease Vincent Chen Received Received
  THU-423 Long-term prognosis of patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease: a retrospective cohort study to understand the impact of surrogate disease endpoints on long-term outcomes in South Korea Sung Won Chung Received Received
  SAT-423 A mass-spectrometry serum test for identifying liver fibrosis and at-risk NASH enabling cost-effective population screening Shira Shaham-Niv Received Received
  FRI-423 Pharmacological therapy for alcohol use disorder is effective and safe in patients with cirrhosis. Systematic review and meta-analysis Jordi Gratacos Received Received
  WED-424 Peculiar monocyte bioenergetic profile in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Moris Sangineto Received Received
  SAT-424 Comparison between EASL and AGA algorithms for hepatology referral in 1572 outpatients with type 2 diabetes and suspected NAFLD seen in a diabetes clinic laurent Castera Received Received
  THU-424 Prevalence of extrahepatic manifestations in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in lean individuals compared to non-lean individuals Majd Aboona Received Received
  FRI-424 Binge drinking acutely induces fatty liver with increased liver stiffness which is readily reversed Kristoffer Kjrgaard Received Received
  SAT-425 Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis impacts on visceral adipose tissue proteomic signature Cristian Martinez Navidad Received Received
  THU-425 De novo lipogenesis discriminates advanced hepatic fibrosis after an oral glucose load in non-obese subjects with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Chiara Rosso Received Received
  WED-425 Co-stimulatory signals mediated by inducible T-cell co-stimulator (ICOS) influence the hepatic expansion auto-aggressive CD8T-cells in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) Alessia Provera Received Received
  FRI-425 Disentangling the contributions of alcohol and alcohol-related liver disease towards dementia Sixian Zhao Received Received
  THU-426 A social media listening study of patients experiences toward NAFLD (LISTEN-NAFLD) Abhinab Bhanja Received Received
  WED-426 Uncovering the role of ISOC1 in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Nicolas Goossens Received Received
  SAT-426 AI-enabled virtual hematoxylin & eosin and Massons trichrome staining for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease activity scoring from single unstained slide Shamira Sridharan Received Received
  FRI-426 Nucleoredoxin-dependent functioning is dysregulated by chronic alcohol consumption and is associated with the establishment of cellular senescence in the liver of aged mice Osiris German Idelfonso García Received Received
  THU-427 Genetic risk factors for NAFLD and clinically significant fibrosis in persons living with HIV Eduardo Vilar Gomez Received Received
  FRI-427 Risk of alcohol-related liver disease in offspring of individuals with alcohol-related liver disease: a nationwide cohort study in Denmark Gro Askgaard Received Received
  SAT-427 Practical diagnosis of cirrhosis by liver specialists in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using currently available non-invasive fibrosis tests Jérme Boursier Received Received
  WED-427 APB-R3, a novel long-acting IL-18 binding protein, inhibits IL-18 activity, and thereby ameliorates NASH progress with reduced liver fibrosis Yong-Hyun Han Received Received
  WED-428 In vitro investigation of the role of adipocyte-derived exosomes in the development of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Robim M Rodrigues Received Received
  FRI-428 US trends and contribution of metabolic syndrome in alcohol-associated liver disease from 1999-2018 Brian Lee Received Received
  SAT-428 Associations of genetic risk panel with enhanced liver fibrosis scores among patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Carey Escheik Received Received
  THU-428 Digital pathology with artificial intelligence analyses provides deeper insights into lifestyle intervention-induced fibrosis regression in NASH Ren Ya-Yun Received Received
  FRI-429 Alcohol rehabilitation after alcoholic hepatitis is associated with reduced mortality: results of a 2012-2021 National retrospective study Vincent Mallet Received Received
  THU-429 Societal costs and labor market affiliation of histologically confirmed non-alcoholic steatohepatitis a Danish register-based study Peter Bo Poulsen Received Received
  SAT-429 Morphometric analysis of sonic hedgehog in non-alcoholic fatty liver and steatohepatitis patients by MorphoQuant: a potential biomarker of disease severity Cindy Serdjebi Received Received
  THU-430 Prevalence and mortality of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) in non-diabetics, pre-diabetics, and diabetics in the United States Carey Escheik Received Received
  SAT-430 Burden of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and usefulness of non-invasive tests to identify advanced liver disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: interim analysis of an Italian prospective multicentre study Gian Paolo Caviglia Received Received
  FRI-430 The role of HSD17B13 and MBOAT7 during alcohol detoxification: different effects on fibrosis and inflammation Sebastian Mueller Received Received
  WED-430 Adipose tissue macrophage dysfunction and depletion are associated with a breach of vascular integrity in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Schalk Van Der Merwe Received Received
  WED-431 Circadian sleep-wake rhythms in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Emilio Flint Received Received
  SAT-431 LIVERFASt GP (LiverSTAT), first-line screening tool in at-risk MAFLD patients outperforms the standard-of-care (SOC) FIB-4 Mona Munteanu Received Received
  FRI-431 Patients with alcohol-related cirrhosis who recompensate on follow-up have a characteristic metabolomic profile with differential concentrations of lipid and amino-acid metabolites Helena Hernandez Evole Received Received
  THU-431 Genetic and metabolic characteristics of lean non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Asian Dae Won Jun Received Received
  THU-432 PNPLA3 protein levels are increased in liver and decreased in adipose tissue from patients with obesity-associated nonalcoholic steatohepatitis Helena Castañé Received Received
  FRI-432 A cost-comparison of the LiverPRO score with FIB-4, ELF, and FibroScan in 6,032 study participants Katrine Lindvig Received Received
  SAT-432 Velacur ACE outperforms CAP for liver fat quantification using MRI PDFF as the gold standard Rohit Loomba Received Received
  WED-432 TLR-X (IOA-359) attenuates steatosis and fibrosis in a preclinical NASH model Marit Ten Hove Received Received
  SAT-433 Assessing the role of organokines as biomarkers for diagnosing non-alcohol related liver disease Andrea Jiménez Franco Received Received
  THU-433 Impact of PNPLA3 polymorphism on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in Japan: a multicenter cohort study YUYA SEKO Received Received
  WED-434 Statins regulate PNPLA3 through a mechanism that requires SREBF2 in human liver cells Osman Ahmed Received Received
  SAT-434 Evaluating the prevalence of liver fibrosis in children with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease using transient elastography, Dutch Fibrokids cohort Bart Koot Received Received
  FRI-434 Low sphingolipid levels indicate poor survival in patients with alcohol-related liver disease Thit Mynster Kronborg Received Received
  THU-434 Pilot results for a multidisciplinary community metabolic liver clinic Theresa Hydes Received Received
  FRI-435 Cause-specific mortality in patients with alcohol-related liver disease: a nationwide Danish cohort study Anna Emilie Kann Received Received
  WED-435 Deletion of mixed lineage kinase domain like pseudokinase aggravate chronic alcohol induced liver injury via increasing apoptosis Dae Won Jun Received Received
  THU-435 Influence of chronotype and adherence to the mediterranean diet on the risk of liver fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Gabriele Castelnuovo Received Received
  FRI-436 Risk of primary liver cancer in alcohol-related cirrhosis - Danish and English cohort studies Morten Daniel Jensen Received Received
  THU-436 Relationship of hepcidin levels to metabolic factors, anthropometric indicators of adiposity and disease severity in NAFLD patients Claudia Cravo Received Received
  WED-436 Validation and utility of artificial intelligence-based zonal annotations as an additional assessment tool for the histopathologic review of fibrosis in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis patients Gwyneth Soon Received Received
  SAT-436 The impact of projected increases in obesity prevalence on incident liver disease in the UK: insights from bayesian-network modelling Tom Waddell Received Received
  FRI-437 Beneficial effects of a screening programme for alcohol-related liver fibrosis with transient elastography in people with alcohol use disorder promoting alcohol abstinence Emma Avitabile Received Received
  WED-437 Anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects by simultaneous activation of glucagon, GIP, and GLP-1 of efocipegtrutide (HM15211) in thioacetamide-induced mouse model of liver injury and fibrosis Jung Kuk Kim Received Received
  THU-437 Impairment of health-related quality of life among people with type 2 diabetes and advanced fibrosis Maurice Michel Received Received
  THU-438 The impact of glycemic control on progressive forms of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: combined data from multiple clinical trials including more than 5,000 patients (in collaboration with NAIL-NIT consortium) Julie Dubourg Received Received
  SAT-438 Utility of SomaSignalTM panels for drug response and monitoring disease progression in patients with advanced fibrosis due to non-alcoholic steatohepatitis Kris Kowdley Received Received
  FRI-438 Epidemic within pandemic: alcohol-related hepatitis and COVID-19 Natalie Marlowe Received Received
  WED-438 Collagen co-localized with macrovesicular steatosis better differentiates fibrosis progression in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease mouse models Xiaoxiao Wang Received Received
  THU-439 Glycated hemoglobin as an independent predictor of hepatocyte ballooning in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis: combined data from multiple clinical trials including more than 5,000 patients (in collaboration with NAIL-NIT consortium) Julie Dubourg Received Received
  WED-439 A heterozygous N559Y mutation in Semaphorin 7A promotes nonalcoholic fatty liver disease progression through induction of hepatic ROS production and inflammation Yao Tong Received Received
  SAT-439 Wearable technology utilizing an electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system for hepatic steatosis quantification and the role in ambulatory monitoring Loey Mak Received Received
  FRI-439 Alcohol use disorder among patients admitted with non-alcohol related conditions: a retrospective cohort study in secondary care Mohsan Subhani Received Received
  FRI-440 Histological inflammation in severe alcohol-related hepatitis is the main pre-treatment factor associated to glucocorticoid response Antonio Saviano Received Received
  THU-440 Liver fibrosis is associated with cardiovascular disease burden amongst patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis: the unCoVer-NASH longitudinal cohort study Kathleen Corey