Virtual BACO International


January 10-12, 2021 Virtual Conference
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Poster title
Applicant name
  NAPAB-002 Percutaneous tracheostomy is becoming the technique of choice in many critical care units during the Covid-19 pandemic Nora Haloob Received Received
  NAPAB-005 Impact on Patients of the COVID-19 Pandemic & Postponement of Cochlear Implant Surgery: A Qualitative Study Rohma Abrar Received Received
  NAPAB-009 Teleotology: A UK pilot feasibility study lilia dimitrov Received Received
  NAPAB-012 Background: Flexible nasal endoscopy (FNE) is a commonly performed procedure in the identification and management of suspected fish bone impaction Aziza Mohamed Received Received
  NAPAB-019 A novel approach facilitating post-laryngectomy hospital care and providing dual protection for both patients and healthcare workers from SARS-CoV-2 Antonia Tse Received Received
  NAPAB-022 An Audit into Aerosol Generating Reactions to Flexible Nasal Endoscopy David Urwin Received Received
  NAPAB-024 ENT UK COVID-19 Tonsillitis & Quinsy Guidelines: Awareness and Adherence of Emergency Department Doctors Michael Edwards Received Received
  NAPAB-052 How CoVID-19 changed our management of nasal bone fractures and its impact on patient outcomes Shaharyar Khan Received Received
  NAPAB-072 Surgical tracheostomy and airway endoscopy are considered high-risk aerosol generating procedures (AGPs) relating to COVID-19 Ayeshah Abdul-Hamid Received Received
  NAPAB-076 The Use of a Tactical Throat Mic Guitar Amp System to Improve Communication in Theatre in the Covid Era Daniel LEOPARD Received Received
  PO-1342 Anatomical variations of the Recurrent Laryngeal nerve and their relevance to thyroid surgery Alexandra Bowes Received Received
  PO-1403 An ambulant treatment protocol that substantially reduces admissions for tonsillitis and Quinsy Harry Tustin Received Received
  PO-1449 Surgical treatment of a rare nasal tumour: esthesioneuroblastoma fotini ieridou Received Received
  PO-1465 Hybrid Vs Surgical Tracheostomies: Are Hybrids Safe? Fergal Cadden Received Received
  PO-1475 Assessment of pinna sensation after post-auricular ear surgery Geeta Koju Received Received
  PO-1477 The use of MRI in the investigation of patients with unilateral non-pulsatile tinnitus without asymmetrical hearing loss Clair Saxby Received Received
  PO-1484 Under pressure: Management of skull base defect associated pneumocephalus Leo Gundle Received Received
  PO-1508 Serum level and tissue expression of vascular endothelial growth factor in recurrent respiratory papillomatosis HITESH VERMA Received Received
  PO-1525 Unexplained unilateral facial pain in 20 years old patient: A reason to investigate Ashraf Mahmood Received Received
  PO-1529 10 Year Challenge Local anaesthetic for post-tonsillectomy pain: update meta-analysis Darren Yap Received Received
  PO-1531 Survey to assess current audiological management of patients diagnosed with otosclerosis in the UK Madi Yousif Received Received
  PO-1535 Adult Cavernous Haemangioma of the Vocal Cords with unique presentation of acute respiratory distress: a case report Arash Rafie Received Received
  PO-1537 Cholesteatoma and family history: An international survey Rachael Collins Received Received
  PO-1550 Recreational drug use is associated with earlier presentation and poorer functional outcome in laryngeal cancer Niall Woodley Received Received
  PO-1553 Efficacy of an otolaryngology emergency course in a district general hospital Jack Limbrick Received Received
  PO-1558 Noise levels in ten clinical areas of a District General Hospital and their potential impact on staff and patients Serena Horlick Received Received
  PO-1559 Adult Cavernous Haemangioma of the Vocal Cords with unique presentation of acute respiratory distress: a case report Arash Rafie Received Received
  PO-1563 Temno Needle Core Biopsy for Head and Neck Lumps Alexander Yao Received Received
  PO-1565 Paediatric periorbital infections: A 10-year analysis of 175 cases managed using a protocol which emphasises prompt investigation and intervention Declan Murphy Received Received
  PO-1569 Management and outcomes of Deep Neck Space Infections: An audit of clinical practice at a District general hospital Faiza Ali Received Received
  PO-1572 Eagles syndrome; a rare skull base cause of stroke in a teenage patient Andrew Williamson Received Received
  PO-1574 Large parapharyngeal tumours: Operative technique and case series of 17 patients. Andrew Williamson Received Received
  PO-1575 Feasibility of free flap reconstruction following salvage robotic assisted resection of recurrent and residual oropharyngeal cancer in three patients Andrew Williamson Received Received
  PO-1577 PMMA Safety for Face: Review of Rates of Granuloma Occurrence and Treatment Methods Bruno Peres Paulucci Received Received
  PO-1582 Tonsillectomy as a treatment for psoriasis: a systematic review Jia Lim Received Received
  PO-1591 A multi-centre review of outcomes for patients with neurofibromatosis type 2 (NF2) following cochlear implant (CI) insertion rachel edmiston Received Received
  PO-1592 Bone anchored hearing aids a review of complications across two sites. rachel edmiston Received Received
  PO-1595 Paediatric Endoscopic Endonasal Skull Base Surgery- 10 Years at Leeds, UK Richard Gan Received Received
  PO-1597 A2OM2 a cross-CCG Completed-loop Audit in Acute Otitis Media Management in Children Ngan Hong Ta Received Received
  PO-1604 Magnetic Resonance Imaging to assess Otherwise Asymptomatic Asymmetrical Sensorineural Hearing Loss Adherence to NICE Recommendations and Cost-Utility Analysis Charlotte Thomas Received Received
  PO-1605 Finding more than what you are looking for: Incidental findings on MRI brain for audiovestibular symptoms Deepika Pratap Received Received
  PO-1612 Thy3f Malignancy Rate: A Regional Retrospective Study of Ultrasound and Fine Needle Aspiration Sensitivity Ali Shaladi Received Received
  PO-1617 Cochlear implant performance in patients with Menieres disease and an evidence-based protocol for management Cillian Forde Received Received
  PO-1618 Simultaneous dysphagia and stridor: An unreported presentation of hypocalcaemia Charlotte Thomas Received Received
  PO-1620 Thyroglossal cyst surgery: A 70 case series from a tertiary referral centre Andrew Mowat Received Received
  PO-1623 The role of smartphone applications in clinical practice - a review. Jennifer Wallace Received Received
  PO-1631 Tranexamic acid in epistaxis: can you teach an old drug new tricks? Nathan Titus Received Received
  PO-1633 Determinants of Nasal Mucociliary Clearance Time among adult smokers in Kano, Nigeria. AHMAD MAHMUD Received Received
  PO-1635 The role of platelet function testing in post-operative tonsillectomy bleeds as an early identifier of bleeding disorders Tobias James Received Received
  PO-1636 What are the benefits of preserved residual hearing following cochlear implantation in children and adults? Maryam Sahwan Received Received
  PO-1637 Does tranexamic acid reduce bleeding in endoscopic ear surgery? A study protocol. Alexander Yao Received Received
  PO-1638 Parathyroid surgery success and complication rates in a large district general hospital, a new service. Ashleigh Ivy Received Received
  PO-1640 Does trans-nasal endoscopic pituitary surgery affect the subjective sense of smell? Paul Davies Received Received
  PO-1643 Superficial Parotidectomy vs. Extracapsular Dissection for Benign Disease Daniel LEOPARD Received Received
  PO-1645 Rational Management of Lateral Skull Base Osteomyelitis - An Indian Experience Raghunandhan Kumar Received Received
  PO-1646 Management Options in Advanced Otosclerosis & their Outcomes: Indian Experience Raghunandhan Kumar Received Received
  PO-1647 Combined Endoscopic Repair with Theco-Peritoneal Shunting for Spontaneous CSF Rhinorrhoea: Indian Experience Raghunandhan Kumar Received Received
  PO-1648 Genetic drivers in thyroid cancer recurrence Hannah Nieto Received Received
  PO-1649 Complications for Intra-capsular Coblation Tonsillectomy vs Dissection Tonsillectomy in paediatric patients with OSA: A local Hospitals Experience Natasha Keates Received Received
  PO-1650 To drill or not to drill? Managing acute complicated mastoiditis. Christian Johnatty Received Received
  PO-1652 Laryngeal cancer: analysing demographic, oncologic and treatment data with respect to clinical outcomes in a west of Scotland population. Kieran Ferrier Received Received
  PO-1653 What are the supportive care needs of advanced head and neck cancer patients? A systematic review and meta-ethnography of qualitative evidence Alexander North Received Received
  PO-1656 Random synchronous lymphoma and metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma in a 76 year old presenting with a neck swelling weiyu chen Received Received
  PO-1657 No drain, no gain: validation of a novel quinsy simulation model Dora Amos Received Received
  PO-1659 Outcome of two weeks head and neck cancer pathway for the otolaryngology department in a tertiary centre Bassem Mettias Received Received
  PO-1660 The Microbiology of Tracheostomy Infections in Paediatric Patients Prevalence and Antibiotic Sensitivities of Isolated Bacterial Species Jeremy Wong Received Received
  PO-1663 Use of high-flow nasal oxygen therapy (HFNOT) in children undergoing endoscopic airway procedures: our institutions experience Quentin Bonduelle Received Received
  PO-1664 The prevalence of laryngotracheal pathology among neuro intensive care patients. Randa Asswad Received Received
  PO-1665 Long term breast feeding outcomes after assessment for restrictive frenulum (ankyloglossia/ tongue tie) Kerry-ann Hanks Received Received
  PO-1668 Foreign body aspiration in Northern Ghana: a review of paediatric patients Theophilus Adjeso Received Received
  PO-1669 Absence of auditory perception following cochlear implantation a case series Pooja Bijoor Received Received
  PO-1675 Head and neck squamous cell cancer development in patients with pre-existing lymphoproliferative malignancies is aggressive Lucy Li Received Received
  PO-1676 Can spikes in impedance be a measure of vestibular fibrosis in cochlear implant patients. Huay Shan Yuen Received Received
  PO-1677 Wound botulism presenting as dysphagia to an ENT ward Lucy Li Received Received
  PO-1678 Cochlear implantation under local anaesthesia An option to consider in vulnerable patient groups Huay Shan Yuen Received Received
  PO-1679 Audit cycle of ENT emergency admissions: a quality improvement project Oliver Wakelam Received Received
  PO-1680 Bone reabsorption after mastoid obliteration with SerenoCemTM granules: a retrospective analysis of 43 patients and identification of a subset with progressive erosion Fabrizio Bandino Received Received
  PO-1682 Measuring Haemostasis in Endoscopic Ear Surgery Using the Modena Bleeding Score: Our Case Series. Alexander Yao Received Received
  PO-1683 A Paediatric Case of Otogenic Lateral Sinus Thrombosis Nikhil Joshi Received Received
  PO-1686 Could the use of pre-operative ear swabs improve antibiotic stewardship in ear surgery? Hanan AL Jabr Received Received
  PO-1687 Extranodal NK/T Cell Lymphoma Sinonasal-type Presenting as Recurrent Periorbital Cellulitis Oludare Alabi Received Received
  PO-1689 Tri-laminar closure of subtotal tympanic membrane perforations with composite tragal cartilage perichondrial graft and skin overlay : Audiological outcomes with 18 months follow-up results. Allan Ho Received Received
  PO-1692 Approach to Vestibular Schwanomma in the Older Population Aaron Ferguson Received Received
  PO-1694 Naseptin: Is there still a role for it in the treatment of epistaxis in an era of increased antibiotic resistance? FENELLA SHELTON Received Received
  PO-1696 Post-Tonsillectomy Haemorrhage Rates at The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust Veronica Barry Received Received
  PO-1697 Making strides: a closed loop audit of the Guys and St Thomass NHS Foundation Trust ENT on-call treatment room Jie Huang Received Received
  PO-1699 Benign Thyroid swelling presenting as Horners syndrome Sherin Kaleekal Shaji Received Received
  PO-1700 A micro-CT study of round window anatomy and implications for atraumatic cochlear implant insertion Hannah Cornwall Received Received
  PO-1701 HIV Testing in Head and Neck Cancer Cannot be Improved with Robust Quality Improvement Measures. Ella Ward-Baker Received Received
  PO-1703 Automated performance assessment in virtual reality temporal bone surgery Ben Talks Received Received
  PO-1705 Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) submandibular abscess in a neonate Natalia Glibbery Received Received
  PO-1708 Intra-operative use of biological products are we aware of their derivatives? Navdeep Bhamra Received Received
  PO-1710 A novel and cost-effective technique for securing the nasal septum to the anterior nasal spine in septoplasty/ rhinoplasty surgery Navdeep Bhamra Received Received
  PO-1714 Tonsillectomy carbon footprint hotspots Chantelle Rizan Received Received
  PO-1715 Sphenochoanal polyp - a rare choanal polyp in a child Sabarinath Vijayakumar Received Received
  PO-1716 A rare case of stridor: supraglottic inverted papilloma Sarah Shaw Received Received
  PO-1717 Skin Flap Thickness and Magnet strength in Cochlear Implants Tamara Searle Received Received
  PO-1720 Does trans-nasal endoscopic sinus surgery effect snoring severity? Paul Davies Received Received
  PO-1721 Full-thickness palatal perforation after tonsillectomy and partial uvulectomy: a case report Elana Osen Received Received
  PO-1722 The Head Transplant - A Problem-Based Approach to Teaching Anatomy of the Head and Neck Patrick Holden Received Received
  PO-1725 Management of post-thyroidectomy hypocalcaemia at high volume tertiary centre Talisa Ross Received Received
  PO-1727 A closed-loop audit of initial assessment and pre-discharge management for epistaxis Talisa Ross Received Received
  PO-1728 A Benign Dermal Cylindroma in the External Auditory Canal Talisa Ross Received Received
  PO-1730 The 100 most cited manuscripts in Head and Neck Cancer: a bibliometric analysis Timothy Shun Man Chu Received Received
  PO-1731 Tension pneumo-orbit secondary to minor blunt force trauma Alex Ashman Received Received
  PO-1734 Sleep related breathing disorders: Too many sleep studies? Ravina Tanna Received Received
  PO-1735 Thyroid Cytology Reporting A Multi-Centre Audit Daniya Abrar Received Received
  PO-1738 Arachnoid cysts on magnetic resonance imaging: just an incidental finding? Lucy Li Received Received
  PO-1741 Does LEGO have a place in anatomical teaching? Edward Varnes Received Received
  PO-1744 Nasal Packs for Epistaxis: Predictors of Success Kristijonas Milinis Received Received
  PO-1747 Outpatient (Same-day Discharge) versus Inpatient Parotidectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Susanne Flach Received Received
  PO-1750 The Socioeconomic Cost of Chronic Rhinosinusitis Study Nur Wahidah Wahid Received Received
  PO-1751 An unusual variation of a rare case: spontaneous rupture of parathyroid adenoma Shameena Shinaz Received Received
  PO-1754 Management of squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck of unknown primary, comparison of primary surgery and non-surgical techniques. Jessica Watson Received Received
  PO-1756 Live Delphi study: a novel method to determine what skills and experiences a new ST3 ENT Registrar, in the United Kingdom, should possess. John Rocke Received Received
  PO-1757 Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinosotmy: a completed audit cycle comparing ODonaghue and Crawford tubes. John Rocke Received Received
  PO-1759 Rationalising sleep study requests in a paediatric ENT department Simon Morris Received Received
  PO-1766 Staging CT Thorax in T1N0-T2N0 laryngeal cancer patients: A staging or screening tool? Joshua Michaels Received Received
  PO-1767 Transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty: the experience of two surgeons in Swansea. Georgina Hazell Received Received
  PO-1768 Transcanal endoscopic myringoplasty: the experience of two surgeons in Swansea. Georgina Hazell Received Received
  PO-1772 Nutritional Management of Chyle Leaks in Patients Undergoing Surgery for Head & Neck Cancer Rebekah Smith Received Received
  PO-1774 The Bleeding Truth: How Well Are We Managing Our Post-Tonsillectomy Bleeds? Gulwish Moghul Received Received
  PO-1781 Primary thyroglossal duct cyst surgery: A UK tertiary referral paediatric centre experience Rohan Pinto Received Received
  PO-1782 Targeted teaching on common ENT presentations to improve foundation doctors confidence in running emergency clinics Kenneth Lai Received Received
  PO-1785 Potato biomounts: A technique for the orientation of resected mucosal lesions Raguwinder (Bindy) Sahota Received Received
  PO-1786 Natural history of HPV in tonsils Raguwinder (Bindy) Sahota Received Received
  PO-1787 Pembrolizumab and head and neck cancer - A bibliometric analysis Chris Bodimeade Received Received
  PO-1788 Choline PET - A Potential Adjunct in Localisation of Hyperfunctioning Parathyroid Glands Mohammed Hussain Received Received
  PO-1794 Assessing the reliability and validity of The National Formative ST3 Induction Course (Boot Camp) for Otolaryngology for new specialist trainees entering higher surgical training Rajesh Anmolsingh Received Received
  PO-1796 Piezosurgery versus conventional osteotomy in rhinoplasty: A systematic review and meta-analysis Al-Sayed Ahmed Received Received
  PO-1802 Triple Canal Occlusion for the treatment of Intractable Méničres Disease Charn Gill Received Received
  PO-1807 Predictive value of incidental positron emission tomography uptake in the oropharynx Iulia Bujoreanu Received Received
  PO-1809 A unique case of spontaneous tracheo-oesophageal fistula with a novel reconstruction George McNally Received Received
  PO-1812 Risk of Second Malignancies in Radioactive Iodine Treatment for Thyroid Cancer Kate McNamara Received Received
  PO-1813 Three year retrospective examining use of post-operative topical antibiotics for grommet insertion and subsequent obstruction rates at St Georges Hospital. Anya Selwyn Received Received
  PO-1816 Severe Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Patient in Day Surgery Unit Shyam Singam Received Received
  PO-1817 Audit of Thyroid U Scoring and Subsequent Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology Kate McNamara Received Received
  PO-1818 Thyroglossal duct cyst with skin and laryngeal invasion: The case of the masquerading papillary thyroid cancer Ms Lubna Sayyed Akber Uzzaman Received Received
  PO-1820 Pilomatrixoma presenting as a huge neck mass in the posterior triangle: a case report Mohamed Morsy Received Received
  PO-1821 A Rare case of intra-parotid dermoid cyst Kala Kumaresan Received Received
  PO-1824 The role of PAX8 transcription factor in differentiating pure thyroid squamous cell carcinoma from that of extrathyroid origin : a case report Mohamed Morsy Received Received
  PO-1825 Idiopathic Sudden Sensorineural Hearing loss in Adults- An Audit against American Academy of Otolaryngology- Head and Neck Surgery clinical practice guidelines in a University Hospital Simon Cole Received Received
  PO-1827 What delays a Day Case? Multicentre audit examining Day Case rates in adult tonsillectomy. Sian Dobbs Received Received
  PO-1830 Tranexamic acd in the treatment of the haemorrhage of the Post Adeno-Thonsillectomy phase Vase Stojcheska Received Received
  PO-1831 Patient Reported Outcome Measures as a Tool for Assessing Benefit of Septorhinoplasty Kate McNamara Received Received
  PO-1832 A systematic review and meta-analysis of remote otological assessment using video-otoscopy: reliability and applications. Chris Metcalfe Received Received
  PO-1838 Positive Predictors for Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Dependence in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Cancer Patients Kate McNamara Received Received
  PO-1839 A rare cause of diplopia Quentin Bonduelle Received Received
  PO-1841 Poorly differentiated mucoepidermoid carcinoma of the thyroid Kristina Lee Received Received
  PO-1843 Complications of Bone-conduction Hearing Implants (BCHI) Implantation Surgery Timothy Shun Man Chu Received Received
  PO-1849 A prospective analysis of endoscopic exploratory tympanotomy A surgical review Shameena Shinaz Received Received
  PO-1852 Preserving hearing after cochlear implantation rarely leads to successful hybrid processor use: The Oxford experience Holly Hendron Received Received
  PO-1858 Cochlear Baha Attract systems A step in the right direction Muhammed Talha Suleman Received Received
  PO-1859 The neoplastic significance of thyroid incidentaloma on PET/CT: a UCLH experience Hazura Zainub Bazeer Received Received
  PO-1861 Improving our departmental reporting of thyroid cytology specimens against national guidelines: a two-cycle retrospective audit Edwin Halliday Received Received
  PO-1863 How to save 165,000 a year in ENT outpatients: the importance of clinical coding and good administrative support Alison Liu Received Received
  PO-1864 Comparison of the Surgical and Functional Outcomes of the Bonebridge and the BAHA Attract Transcutaneous Bone Conduction Implants Jaydip Ray Received Received
  PO-1865 The shared airway: a history of anaesthesia in ENT surgery Alison Liu Received Received
  PO-1866 How I do it: Double-loop Nylon tape in major ear surgery. Elina Kiverniti Received Received
  PO-1869 First branchial cleft sinus: More canals than Venice Hazura Zainub Bazeer Received Received
  PO-1870 The shared airway: a history of anaesthesia in ENT surgery Alison Liu Received Received
  PO-1872 The future for percutaneous Bone Conduction Implants Our experience with over 150 BAHA Dermalock implants Jaydip Ray Received Received
  PO-1878 Through the Hopkins rod: a historical view of endoscopy Alison Liu Received Received
  PO-1880 Audit on ENT clinic numbers vs. ENT UK guideline Mustaffa Junaid Received Received
  PO-1881 A novel facilitated session- working together to achieve individualised personal audit, reflective practice and peer to peer support. STEVEN ROSS Received Received
  PO-1882 Congenital Tracheoesophageal fistula presenting in an adult Yadsan Devabalan Received Received
  PO-1884 Cochlear Baha Implants in children: A review of implant survival Muhammed Talha Suleman Received Received
  PO-1885 Day case adenotonsillectomy for healthy children over three years with sleep disordered breathing: Retrospective review of practice, pilot study and departmental change in protocol. Paula Coyle Received Received
  PO-1890 Is it time to repeat the National Prospective Tonsillectomy Audit? Ayla Tabaksert Received Received
  PO-1892 Advances in Hair Cell Regeneration for Hearing Loss: A systematic review of the literature Alison Liu Received Received
  PO-1894 A Comparison of Two Different Patient Related Outcome Measure (PROM) Questionnaires for Cosmetic Improvement in Rhinoplasty Hannah Lancer Received Received
  PO-1895 Analysis of Use of a 3-point Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) as a Patient Related Outcome Measure (PROM) in a Septorhinoplasty Series over Ten Years Hannah Lancer Received Received
  PO-1897 Audit of tertiary referral pathways to Addenbrookes Hospital for tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and grommets Ciara Walker Received Received
  PO-1899 A retrospective of the history of injection thyroplasty: a resonant voice from the past Elana Osen Received Received
  PO-1901 Using the Glasgow Benefit Inventory questionnaire to quantify the health benefits of lymphoedema treatment in patients with head and neck cancer Edwin Halliday Received Received
  PO-1904 Day case adenotonsillectomy for children with obstructive sleep apnoea: audit of post-operative complications and readmissions Edwin Halliday Received Received
  PO-1906 Salvage Pharyngolaryngectomy for malignancy involving the Hypopharynx A wise decision? Tom Paterson Received Received
  PO-1908 Surgical consent in ENT Surgery in Mekelle, Ethiopia Manuela Cresswell Received Received
  PO-1913 A systematic review of interventions to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders in ENT surgeons Bradley Storey Received Received
  PO-1914 4th Branchial anomaly masquerading as a thyroid mass Natasha Quraishi Received Received
  PO-1915 Staging and management of malignant otitis externa - a novel approach Wai Sum Cho Received Received
  PO-1916 Drainless Day Cases: Our District General Hospital Experience of Head and Neck Procedures. Elizabeth Mathew Received Received
  PO-1917 Does junior doctor education improve the accuracy of electronic surgical notes? A closed loop audit. Ali Ijaz Received Received
  PO-1918 Retrospective Audit on Perichondritis and Pinna Abscesses Secondary to Ear Piercings James Burnett Received Received
  PO-1921 Factors affecting temperature and luminosity of otological endoscopes Thomas Milner Received Received
  PO-1922 The use of the PROPEL mini-stent in complex frontal sinus disease; our clinical experience. Jennifer Magill Received Received
  PO-1925 Developing a Safety Checklist for the Expected Difficult Airway Sumrit Bola Received Received
  PO-1926 Fatal laryngeal burn from ingestion of a hot fish cake Michael Chu Received Received
  PO-1927 Combined approach antegrade and retrograde dilatation of oesophageal stenosis Oliver McLaren Received Received
  PO-1928 A retrospective single centre study of rhinectomy for nasal tumours Munira Ally Received Received
  PO-1931 Sensorineural hearing loss in Leri Weill Dyschondrosteosis CHURUNAL HARI Received Received
  PO-1932 Sinonasal Tumours Multidisciplinary Pathway Review Timothy Shun Man Chu Received Received
  PO-1933 An audit of imaging modalities in parathyroid adenoma laura leach Received Received
  PO-1934 Managing epistaxis patients with nasal packs: is it safe to discharge patients home with nasal packs in situ? George Le Bihan Received Received
  PO-1936 Management of Congenital Midline Cervical Cleft (CMCC) Alex Rogers Received Received
  PO-1938 Are ENT trainees aware of Head & Neck meetings from other specialities? Quentin Bonduelle Received Received
  PO-1942 Presentation and management of paediatric inpatients with EBV-associated infectious mononucleosis Christian Johnatty Received Received
  PO-1954 Beware of the Neck Cyst - A Case Series Shazmeen Surtee Received Received
  PO-1956 Correlation between chronic rhinosinusitis and laryngopharyngeal reflux based on the existence of pepsin in the nasal cavity Aditya Buana Received Received
  PO-1957 Transoral robotic surgery for head and neck cancers using the Medrobotics Flex system: The Adelaide cohort over 2.5 years Oladejo Olaleye Received Received
  PO-1958 Understanding Canal Atresia: Early Development of the Mammalian Ear Canal Mona Mozaffari Received Received
  PO-1959 Subacute spondylodiscitis presenting as dysphagia - a case report Anastasha Herman Received Received
  PO-1963 Incidental ear, nose and throat pathology on PET CT: What are we missing? Rachel Wallice Received Received
  PO-1964 The Case of The Missing H2O2: The use of Hydrogen Peroxide Gargles in Post-Tonsillectomy Bleeds Dema Motter Received Received
  PO-1965 Severity of polyposis and severity of Lund-Mckay scoring Irina Garlea-Robu Received Received
  PO-1969 The first case of IgG4-related sclerosis disease in a young female in the UK Talisa Ross Received Received
  PO-1971 Paediatric pulse oximetry study in district general hospital useful or not? Kenneth Lai Received Received
  PO-1973 Development of a nurse led discharge criteria to improve paediatric daycase tonsillectomy rates Kenneth Lai Received Received
  PO-1974 Postoperative recovery in tonsillectomy: intracapsular coblation vs. extracapsular dissection Kenneth Lai Received Received
  PO-1975 Initial Experience in a Specialist Smell Clinic Livy Kenyon Received Received
  PO-1976 Use of expiratory muscle strength training to improve voice and secretion management after laryngectomy freya sparks Received Received
  PO-1980 A Multicentre Retrospective Case Review of the Clinical Applications, Outcomes and Complications of S53P4BAG Bioactive Glass in Mastoid Surgery. Colin Leonard Received Received
  PO-1983 Thyroglossal duct cyst adenocarcinoma: a case report and literature review Raheb Alwany Received Received
  PO-1984 Round Window Vs Cochleostomy: Electrode Insertion Techniques-Effects on Evoked Compound Action Potential and Surgical outcome. Joyce Rozario Received Received
  PO-1985 Is the nature aiding surgeons in identifying the Facial nerve in Parotid and Lateral Skull Base surgeries? The role of Posterior auricular artery as a definitive landmark. Arulalan Mathialagan Received Received
  PO-1986 Skull Base Parachordoma / Myoepithelioma Catherine de Cates Received Received
  PO-1987 Laser Cricopharyngeal myotomy treatment of Zenkers Diverticulum with closure of the incision with titanium clips. Mark Henry Received Received
  PO-1989 Foundation Year 1 Doctor Toni Mihailidis Received Received
  PO-1990 A novel use of simulation training for urgent laryngectomy care Freya Sparks Received Received
  PO-1992 The ENT Run Through Pilot: a questionnaire survey of 23 trainees Elliot Heward Received Received
  PO-1994 Preventing head and neck skin cancerwear a broad-brimmed hat Emma Hallett Received Received
  PO-1996 Pathological involvement of level 1 nodes in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma cases undergoing neck dissection. Fatemeh Salimi Received Received
  PO-1997 Indications and Outcomes for Tracheostomy in Northern Ghana. Theophilus Adjeso Received Received
  PO-1998 Does LEGO have a place in anatomical teaching? Edward Varnes Received Received
  PO-1999 A review of referrals from primary care for patients with dizziness and vertigo: prevalence and demographics Claudine Murphy Received Received
  PO-2000 Aneurysmal bone cyst of the Skull base- Our experience of three cases. Arulalan Mathialagan Received Received
  PO-2004 Pleomorphic adenomas of the parotid gland: a retrospective clinicopathological analysis over a 10-year period Thomas Crotty Received Received
  PO-2007 Malignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumour of the Neck: A Rare Case James Bartram Received Received
  PO-2009 Nasal packing in routine nasal surgery: Is there any value? A systematic review Sofia Anastasiadou Received Received
  PO-2010 How many hours after daycase tonsillectomy should children stay? Aaron Julius Punnen Received Received
  PO-2011 The Downrange Acoustic Toolbox: an active solution for combat-related acute acoustic trauma. Jonathan Lee Received Received
  PO-2015 The learning curve for endoscopic tympanoplasties. A single institution experience, Birmingham, UK. Jonathan Lee Received Received
  PO-2020 Changing paradigms in nasal fracture management: Introduction of a one-stop nasal trauma clinic in a teaching hospital. Mujtaba Khan Received Received
  PO-2021 Transoral Laser Microsurgery for Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Equitable Survival and Enhanced Function Compared with Contemporary Standards of Care. C. Lucy Dalton Received Received
  PO-2023 Immunotherapy as a Treatment Modality for Mucosal Melanomas of the Head and Neck: A Systematic Review. Dominic Jaikaransingh Received Received
  PO-2024 Analysis of emergency department and general practice referrals to ENT emergency clinic Zsofia Nemeth Received Received
  PO-2031 Its Cement to Be - Mastoid obliteration using injectable hydroxyapatite cement Chuanyu Gao Received Received
  PO-2034 EAT: A structured therapy model to facilitate continued oral intake through head and neck radiotherapy - User Acceptance and Content Validation Rosemary Martino Received Received
  PO-2035 Nurse led Thyroid clinics - maximising resources in ENT Outpatients Jennifer Gilchrist Received Received
  PO-2039 Nasal Chondromesenchymal Harmatoma: an update. THOMAS SAUNDERS Received Received
  PO-2040 ENT Crash Course - A stop gap measure for improving ENT knowledge among junior doctors E Tian Tan Received Received
  PO-2041 Enlarged Vestibular Aqueduct: analysis of patients managed at a UK cochlear implant program and a prognostic factor review of the literature Haroon Saeed Received Received
  PO-2042 Improving Patient Experience in Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer: A Streamlined Dermatology-ENT Service Sook Han Yee Received Received
  PO-2047 An analysis of acoustic reverberation times in ENT outpatient clinics THOMAS FREDERICK SAUNDERS Received Received
  PO-2048 Outpatient parenteral antibiotic therapy for necrotising otitis externa - a simple measure for increasing cost-efficiency and reducing length of inpatient stay Victoria Perkins Received Received
  PO-2050 Necrotising otitis externa: A cost-saving initiative Nur Wahidah Wahid Received Received
  PO-2051 Audit of the Emergency Availability of Flexible Nasal Endoscopes Jack Gao Received Received
  PO-2052 Audiologists led postoperative follow up of Grommet tubes in children at Trafford General Hospital; two cycle Audit. George Elmaraghi Received Received
  PO-2053 Community management of otitis externa prior to ENT referral Claire Norman Received Received
  PO-2055 Pre and post-operative voice therapy: A survey of current practice Anna White Received Received
  PO-2056 Implementation of a paediatric nasopharyngeal airway service in a UK tertiary paediatric centre. Paula Coyle Received Received
  PO-2058 The impact of a hands-on ENT induction for Junior Doctors cross-covering ENT on-call out-of-hours Catriona Shenton Received Received
  PO-2059 Using post-operative trend in C-reactive protein to predict fistula in neopharyngeal repairs following laryngectomy and pharyngectomy surgery in fifty-five patients Edwin Halliday Received Received
  PO-2060 Critical appraisal of MRI internal auditory meati , an ENT perspective Mukundadura Bimantha Perera Received Received
  PO-2061 Necrotising Otitis Externa: Four theories behind the 15-year, 1000 rise in national incidence stefan linton Received Received
  PO-2063 Nasal fractures - need for developing a treatment pathway saadatu ladan Received Received
  PO-2064 Setting up a Paediatric Difficult Airway Trolley in a UK tertiary paediatric centre. Paula Coyle Received Received
  PO-2065 Does antithrombotic therapy lead to an increased risk of post-operative cervical haematoma in those undergoing thyroid surgery? A systematic review Jennifer Gilchrist Received Received
  PO-2070 Are Synchronous & Metachronous Lung Cancers being under-reported in Head & Neck patients? Alison Conybeare Received Received
  PO-2071 What is the effect of transmastoid superior canal occlusion surgery on cervical Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials in superior canal dehiscence syndrome? Nicholas Dawe Received Received
  PO-2074 Human Papillomavirus in Head and Neck Cancers: An end to gender-bias in the United Kingdoms national immunisation programme? Bethan McLeish Received Received
  PO-2075 The Hum Test: an accessible alternative to tuning fork tests? George McNally Received Received
  PO-2076 Improving ENT Ward Round Documentation and Efficiency: A Multi-cycle Audit Zi Hao Reuel Heng Received Received
  PO-2078 Animal products used in ENT, what do patients want to know? Carina Banziger Received Received
  PO-2079 Post tonsillectomy bleeds in adults and children in a small DGH 2018: with a literature review Serena Mehta Received Received
  PO-2080 Direct Referral for MRI scan of Internal Auditory Meati: a comparison of General Practitioners and Audiologists Mr Yohanna Takwoingi Received Received
  PO-2081 Management of children with airway injuries post intubation: Three interesting cases. Claudine Murphy Received Received
  PO-2082 Keratosis obturans causing mastoiditis; a cautionary tale Muhammad Hamza Qureshi Received Received
  PO-2083 An Evaluation of Pre- and Post-Operative Thyroid Function Testing in Major Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Emma Watts Received Received
  PO-2084 Drawer D The Last Resort. Creating a surgical airway drawer for our paediatric difficult airway trolley. Paula Coyle Received Received
  PO-2086 Are inflammatory markers significant prognostic factors for head and neck cancer patients? Edgardo Abelardo Received Received
  PO-2087 Multi-disciplinary management of children with branchio-oto-renal spectrum disorder in Edinburgh a best practice algorithm Kirsten Stewart Received Received
  PO-2088 An Audit Of The Use Of Swabs To Investigate Otitis Externa In Secondary Care Nikhil Joshi Received Received
  PO-2089 An unusual submental mass: Ectopic thyroid goitre Tom Paterson Received Received
  PO-2091 Clinical Judgement or Implicit Bias: A Case of Oesophageal Foreign Body Emma Watts Received Received
  PO-2092 A hard look at cervical thoracic duct cyst: Is surgery the gold standard of treatment? Edgardo Abelardo Received Received
  PO-2093 Otitis media with effusion in adults: outcomes of examination under anaesthesia of the postnasal space with insertion of ventilation tubes Muhammad Hamza Qureshi Received Received
  PO-2094 Developing and implementing a 28-day faster diagnosis standard timed pathway for suspected head and neck cancer Arun Takhar Received Received
  PO-2095 Snot Easy to See: An Unusual Case of Optic Nerve Compression Emma Watts Received Received
  PO-2096 Utility of Diagnostic Panendoscopy Mustaffa Junaid Received Received
  PO-2099 Contemporary assessment of the safety and clinical outcomes of single stage ossiculoplasty in chronic otitis media surgery. Ahmed Al-Sayed Received Received
  PO-2100 Epistaxis management: improving confidence amongst foundation doctors Haseem Raja Received Received
  PO-2101 Post-operative pain levels after transoral robotic surgery Maria Kiakou Received Received
  PO-2106 Assessing our current practice in the diagnosis and management of necrotizing otitis externa (NOE) - A retrospective study Djamila Rojoa Received Received
  PO-2122 Feasibility and validation of a synthetic airway model for in-situ laser dissection Thomas Milner Received Received
  PO-2123 Incidence of synchronous contralateral tonsillar squamous cell carcinoma in the North East of Scotland. Aaron Ferguson Received Received
  PO-2126 Identifying eating and drinking as a key concern for patients with non-HNC cancer using an holistic needs assessment (HNA) Grainne Brady Received Received
  PO-2133 Swallow gym; does eclectic group dysphagia rehabilitation improve service efficiency, patient experience and swallow function in head and neck cancer patients? A pilot study. Maria Trajkov Received Received
  PO-2134 Outcomes of endoscopic middle ear surgery in cholesteatoma patients; a prospective study with 3 year follow up. John Curran Received Received
  PO-2135 Attitude and problems among hearing aid users of Sri Lanka Vasanthika Thuduvage Received Received
  PO-2139 The Portsmouth Tonsillitis Protocol early results of implementation in our large district-general hospital. Edward Balai Received Received
  PO-2140 Intraoperative surgical management of iatrogenic thoracic duct injury during lower neck procedures. Oliver Wakelam Received Received
  PO-2143 Cochlear implants in the elderly - does age matter? Alexander Bishop Received Received
  PO-2144 Literature review about the role of parathyroid hormone in prediction and treatment of post thyroidectomy hypocalcemia Mohamed El-Amin Received Received
  PO-2146 ENT Bootcamps for the Undergraduate, is it Relevant for GMC Outcomes? Patrick Cook Received Received
  PO-2149 ENT Bootcamps for the Undergraduate, is it Relevant for GMC Outcomes? Patrick Cook Received Received
  PO-2155 Internet usage in patients with intrusive tinnitus: results from a UK-based hearing therapy clinic. Lindsey Thompson Received Received
  PO-2156 Long-term functional outcomes following transoral robotic surgery for patients with hypopharyngeal cancer diane goff Received Received
  PO-2157 Serum magnesium and thiamine as predictive markers of vestibular schwannoma growth - A prospective study Anna Sheldon Received Received
  PO-2158 Survival outcomes for scalp tumours with bony invasion: management with resection, cranioplasty, and free tissue transfer Jie Huang Received Received
  PO-2160 Evidence based management algorithm of parathyroid failure following total thyroidectomy Ashwini Shenoy Received Received
  PO-2164 Paediatric tracheostomy site infections & granulations - is there a role for more novel topical agents? Kenneth Lai Received Received
  PO-2169 Outcomes in the elderly population undergoing trans-oral laser microsurgery for the treatment of glottic pre-malignancy and early malignancy; results from a single centre, twelve-year retrospective study Elizabeth Ross Received Received
  PO-2170 Severe airway obstruction caused by acute diphtheria infection in a UK patient Michael Chu Received Received
  PO-2171 Mapping of drainage patterns for sentinel nodes in head and neck (H&N) skin cancer Jie Huang Received Received
  PO-2174 The use of modified silastic nasal splints as frontal sinus stents Shayan Shahidi Received Received
  PO-2176 Outcomes for antibiotic soaked absorbable packing following middle ear surgery Simon Cole Received Received
  PO-2178 Spontaneous Sinonasal Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks: A single centre experience Anastasia Aslanidou Received Received
  PO-2182 An Audit of thyroid cancer follow up service Zahra Salimi Received Received
  PO-2183 Management of Paediatric Ear foreign bodies: Improving services Fatemeh Keshtkar Received Received
  PO-2185 Epithelioid hemangioendothelioma of the internal jugular vein a rare presentation Neethu Mary Mathew Received Received
  PO-2189 Auditory Brainstem Response Testing Using Intranasal Dexmedetomidine Sedation in Children A Pilot Study Joanna Godbehere Received Received
  PO-2196 Outcomes of internal maxillary artery ligation and embolisation for intractable posterior epistaxis: A single centre experience Anastasia Aslanidou Received Received
  PO-2204 Phosphaturic mesenchymal tumour of the anterior skull base: case report and literature review. Anastasia Aslanidou Received Received
  PO-2206 Bone mineral density on DEXA scanning following elective parathyroidectomy: Our experience Sophie Wilkinson Received Received
  PO-2211 Radiation induced osteomyelitis in head and neck cancer patients - a case series Ayla Tabaksert Received Received
  PO-2213 Review of Bone Anchored Hearing Aid insertion complications and ammending the consent process Jennifer Gilchrist Received Received
  PO-2214 Managing expectations: Swallow rehabilitation in supracricoid partial laryngectomy Allie Croasdale Received Received
  PO-2216 Prevalence and burden of nasal polyps in a large central european population Nicholas Campion Received Received
  PO-2220 Teaching middle ear anatomy using a novel three&8209;dimensional papercraft model John Guy Received Received
  PO-2221 Predictors of early postoperative complications in paediatric patients receiving grommets Luke Wang Received Received
  PO-2222 Comparison of microscopic and endoscopic views in cadaveric ears John Guy Received Received
  PO-2223 Tongue base mucosectomy for unknown primary head and neck cancers using C02 laser Oladejo Olaleye Received Received
  PO-2225 DocTORShip of the shared airway in trans-oral robotic surgery: review of the literature and local guideline Tharsika Myuran Received Received
  PO-2226 Streamlining follow up processes after insertion of grommets and optimising outpatient appointment allocations. Jennifer Gilchrist Received Received
  PO-2232 Establishing a trigger to signal dysphagia in patients with head and neck cancer (HNC) receiving radiotherapy as a primary treatment: A Qualitative Study Rosemary Martino Received Received
  PO-2233 An obstructing laryngocele - a rare case of acute upper airway obstruction Swagatam Banerjee Received Received
  PO-2236 A comparative study of serum vitamin D level in allergic rhinitis patients at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital, Ile-Ife, Southwest Nigeria Ajibola Osukoya Received Received
  PO-2239 Management of sialorrhoea in children with botulinum toxin injection of salivary glands Emily Lowe Received Received
  PO-2245 Functional disorders in otology: a retrospective review of 300 consecutive adult patients referred to Otology Clinic Daniel Scholfield Received Received
  PO-2250 ENT out of hours cover - a survey of ENT knowledge Aakash Amlani Received Received
  PO-2251 ENT Nursing Training: Validating a simulated emergency course for specialist ENT nurses Chloe Swords Received Received
  PO-2253 What is patients experience with online ENT resources? A 20-year follow-up on patients internet use prior to attending Out-Patient-Clinic appointments Ngan Hong Ta Received Received
  PO-2257 Swallowing outcomes of total laryngectomy with pharyngeal reconstruction: A comparison of flap types. Amy Fitzgerald Received Received
  PO-2258 The electronic patient recorded outcome measurement (ePROM) feasibility study Frederik Priskorn Received Received
  PO-2259 Development of an Otology E-learning Package for University of Aberdeen Medical Students Rafsan Chowdhury Received Received
  PO-2261 Could Speech and Language Therapy led-laryngoscopy clinics reduce the burden of laryngeal dysfunction upon Ear, Nose and Throat Services? Jennifer Murphy Received Received
  PO-2264 Coblation reduction of rhinophyma and the healing timeline Jennifer Gilchrist Received Received
  PO-2266 Hypocalcaemia management in total and completion thyroidectomy patients at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospital Quentin Bonduelle Received Received
  PO-2269 Thyroid cartilage fracture secondary to closed airway sneeze Natasha Quraishi Received Received
  PO-2271 Laryngology Outpatient Procedures Review In A Specialized Tertiary Institution. Amr Abdelhamid Received Received
  PO-2272 Management of Glue ear in under 12s: A two-tier system based on socioeconomic status? Sam Arman Received Received
  PO-2274 Laryngopharyngeal Sweet Syndrome A rare cause of upper airway compromise Tilly Adamson Received Received
  PO-2278 Speech and Language Therapy for Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction: Using behaviour change theory to inform complex intervention development Jennifer Murphy Received Received
  PO-2280 Feasability study for day case thyroid surgery Arbaaz Ahmed Pervaiz Received Received
  PO-2285 Speech and Language Therapy for Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction: Could Cognitive Behaviour Therapy be used to support management? Jennifer Murphy Received Received
  PO-2287 The distribution pattern of cervical lymph node metastases in p16 positive oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Frederick Green Received Received
  PO-2289 Inability to Burp Syndrome. A New Disorder? Diagnosis & Management. Amr Abdelhamid Received Received
  PO-2290 Speech and Language Therapy Services for Chronic Cough and Inducible Laryngeal Obstruction across the United Kingdom in 2017: A summary of consistencies and variations in practice Jennifer Murphy Received Received
  PO-2291 Manipulation of nasal bone fractures in the paediatric population: are we meeting national targets at Bristol Royal Childrens Hospital? Ysabelle Embury-Young Received Received
  PO-2292 The changing incidence of otitis media and mastoiditis in England and Wales over a 20 year period Rhodri Jones Received Received
  PO-2294 Laryngeal Dysplasia : Our 6 years experience Priyanka Shastri Received Received
  PO-2295 Should all secondary care otitis externa patients get a swab? Yinan Zhu Received Received
  PO-2296 Standardising the Management of Laryngopharyngeal Reflux Arbaaz Ahmed Pervaiz Received Received
  PO-2299 Difficulties determining where Severe Otitis Externa ends and Necrotising Otitis Externa begins Victoria Sinclair Received Received
  PO-2300 To evaluate incident rate of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) rhinorrhoea during and after Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS). Zahra Salimi Received Received
  PO-2302 Vidian neurectomy: cases for or against? Natasha Quraishi Received Received
  PO-2304 Utility of diffusion weighted MRI in the localisation and detection of recurrent/residual cholesteatoma following operative intervention at a single UK centre. Outcomes from 70 consecutive cases. Victoria Blackabey Received Received
  PO-2306 Differential Diagnosis of Unilateral Sinus Disease: A Retrospective Study. Awatif Alyousuf Received Received
  PO-2308 Head and neck cancer in the elderly: retrospective analysis of data from a regional head and neck centre Munira Ally Received Received
  PO-2311 Management of laryngotracheal stenosis in pregnancy our experience at a tertiary centre Daniel Michalik Received Received
  PO-2312 An audit of user friendliness and clinician compliance following implementation of a novel protocol for magnetic resonance imaging in the investigation of patients with asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss Victoria Blackabey Received Received
  PO-2314 Feasibility of Ovine and Porcine Models for Simulation Training in Parotid Surgery and Facial Nerve Dissection Thomas Milner Received Received
  PO-2315 Fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) in the diagnosis of non-thyroid head and neck masses in a district general hospital. Nimisha Vallabh Received Received
  PO-2316 A TOOL FOR MORE ACCURATE FESS DOCUMENTATION Vasileios Gkiousias Received Received
  PO-2317 Diagnostic mimicry: a rare case of adenoid cystic-like growth pattern in papillary thyroid carcinoma George McNally Received Received
  PO-2318 Consent in the age of Montgomery: a review of myringotomy and grommet practice at a UK teaching hospital Alison Liu Received Received
  PO-2320 Tru-cut Biopsy New paradigm in Neck lump assessment in Outpatients Abdul Wadood Mohammed Received Received
  PO-2321 A LEGO inner ear: Development and assessment of its utility as a teaching tool in ENT Uchenna Odunukwe Received Received
  PO-2322 Facial dog bites: AE presentations and management a single-centre study SAdik Quoraishi Received Received
  PO-2324 ENT On-Call Improving Otolaryngology Knowledge and Confidence of Trainee Doctors Belinda Hughes Received Received
  PO-2325 Transoral robotic surgery approach in the management of a metastatic papillary thyroid carcinoma deposit in the retropharyngeal space: a case report. Kishan Rajdev Received Received
  PO-2329 Improving efficiency in achieving the Faster Diagnosis Standard for Suspected Head and Neck Cancer Zian Khan Received Received
  PO-2330 Managing Acute Mastoiditis in the Paediatric Population The 5-year Royal London Experience Gulwish Moghul Received Received
  PO-2333 Sudden Idiopathic Sensorineural Hearing Loss: the formation of guidance and initial audit Hazura Bazeer Received Received
  PO-2336 Post-laryngectomy complications: A 10-year experience in a rural district general hospital Edgardo Abelardo Received Received
  PO-2338 ENT NATIONAL SELECTION ON A SHOESTRING: How to maximise application points on a limited study budget Tom Bradish Received Received
  PO-2339 Incidence of pinna haematoma in Mixed Martial Arts Sian Dobbs Received Received
  PO-2340 Correlation between pre-operative parathyroid hormone, serum corrected calcium levels and parathyroid adenoma weight in primary hyperparathyroidism Aakash Amlani Received Received
  PO-2341 An audit of thyroid cancer follow up service. Zahra Salimi Received Received
  PO-2342 An Review of Grommet and T-tube insertion operations carried out in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 2014-2019 Rafsan Chowdhury Received Received
  PO-2343 Ward Round Documentation Audit on the ENT ward at New Cross Hospital Wolverhampton Veronica Barry Received Received
  PO-2345 Thy3a audit: Grading and second opinion altering management Nida Chaudhry Received Received
  PO-2346 ENT surgical dissection: A proactive approach to advance undergraduate ENT exposure Thomas Milner Received Received
  PO-2349 Duanes Syndrome: A mimic of cavernous sinus thrombosis Tom Bradish Received Received
  PO-2351 A LEGO inner ear: Development and assessment of its utility as a teaching tool in ENT Uchenna Odunukwe Received Received
  PO-2355 Superior semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome: is nasal obstruction a contributing factor? Theofano Tikka Received Received
  PO-2357 A Review of Grommet and T-tube Insertion Operations Carried Out in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary 2014-2019 Rafsan Chowdhury Received Received
  PO-2358 Cochlear implantation in pediatric patient with congenital bone malformation of the inner ear Ivana Vyrvova Received Received
  PO-2359 Use of Rigid Endoscopic Techniques in Supraglottic and Laryngeal Surgery Aria Amir Ghasemi Received Received
  PO-2363 Balance Testing: Does it Make a Difference? Emma Watts Received Received
  PO-2364 Bone metabolism in superior semicircular canal dehiscence syndrome Theofano Tikka Received Received
  PO-2365 Rhinofacial Entomopthoromycosis- A case series SHALINI MENON Received Received
  PO-2368 Surgical Reduction of Macroglossia Secondary to AL Amyloidosis: a case report Reem AlAbdulwahed Received Received
  PO-2369 Food bolus and foreign bodies developing a UK based guideline Thomas Stubington Received Received
  PO-2372 Head and Neck Cancer Risk Calculator (HaNC-RC) v.2. Adjustments and addition of symptoms and social history factors. Theofano Tikka Received Received
  PO-2373 Audit on management of nasal bone fracture in a rural setting Edgardo Abelardo Received Received
  PO-2376 Novel non-surgical solution for rehabilitating conductive hearing loss in a patient following cranioplasty Aaron Ferguson Received Received
  PO-2378 An audit of thyroid cancer follow up service Zahra Salimi Received Received
  PO-2381 Simultaneous Ramsay Hunt Syndrome and zoster supraglottitis. Nina Cunning Received Received
  PO-2382 Mirror vs fibreoptic laryngoscopy: an advocacy for video-assisted-review in the management of unusual presentations of goitres in a developing country Oyeleye Oyelakin Received Received
  PO-2384 A Rare Case of Nasal Gout Emma Richards Received Received
  PO-2385 A speaking valve service for children with a tracheostomy Elizabeth Kershaw Received Received
  PO-2386 Adult Asymmetrical Tonsils: Case Series and Novel Management Algorithm Ankit Patel Received Received
  PO-2387 Drain-free parotidectomy: Comparing drain insertion with Artiss fibrin tissue sealant and its viability for day case surgery Derek Ly Received Received
  PO-2390 Swallowing outcomes following division of the pseudoepiglottis resulting from vertical pharyngeal closure in laryngectomy Theofano Tikka Received Received
  PO-2392 Ear malformations and hearing impairment in children with CHARGE syndrome Ivana Vyrvova Received Received
  PO-2393 Introduction of coding for emergency and inpatient flexible nasendoscopy - a quality improvement project Emma Richards Received Received
  PO-2394 An Enhanced Systematic Human Error Reduction and Prediction Approach to Improving Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Practice and Training Rania Fernandes Received Received
  PO-2397 An audit to improve compliance of an ENT SHO emergency clinic against ENT UK guidelines Tom Ringrose Received Received
  PO-2398 Blind sac closure in cochlear implant surgery Laura Harrison Received Received
  PO-2400 Impact of targeted education on epistaxis management in the Emergency Department. Veronica Barry Received Received
  PO-2401 Management of the impacted Fish bones in the upper aerodigestive tract: Experience from an urban tertiary centre Ahmad K. Abou-Foul Received Received
  PO-2402 How effective is trans-oral robotic surgery in identifying a head and neck primary cancer in carcinoma of unknown primary work up A tertiary unit experience Chuanyu Gao Received Received
  PO-2403 The Microbiology of Tracheostomy Infections in Paediatric Patients Prevalence and Antibiotic Sensitivities of Isolated Bacterial Species Jeremy Wong Received Received
  PO-2405 The Good Surgical Handover: Improving Patient Care by Focusing on the Handover Process Gulwish Moghul Received Received
  PO-2407 Investigating the utility of the Nijmegen Questionnaire in neurotologic practice Christopher Williams Received Received
  PO-2408 VATS thoracic duct ligation for cervical chyle leak following head and neck surgery: an algorithm and case series Benjamin Miller Received Received
  PO-2409 NCEPOD recommendations for the insertion of tracheostomies; are we providing the best possible care? Elaine Campbell Received Received
  PO-2414 The Microbiology of Tracheostomy Infections in Paediatric Patients Prevalence and Antibiotic Sensitivities of Isolated Bacterial Species Jeremy Wong Received Received
  PO-2415 Draping for Minimally-Invasive Sleep Surgery using a Nasotracheal Tube: Technique to Prevent Alar Necrosis Ankit Patel Received Received
  PO-2418 An update on Airway Intervention Registry for Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. Adam Donne Received Received
  PO-2419 Cholesteatoma Association with Genetic Syndromes: A Systematic Review Dominic Jaikaransingh Received Received
  PO-2420 Emergency management of epistaxis; What is going wrong? Ishtiak Mahamud Received Received
  PO-2422 Neutrophil to lymphocyte ratio as a surrogate marker of infectious mononeucleosis in patients presenting with sore throat symptoms Clare Perkins Received Received
  PO-2424 Increasing theatre utilisation in an elective surgical tracheostomy list Alex Ashman Received Received
  PO-2425 Anatomy of the lymphatic drainage of the salivary glands Ahmad K. ABOU-FOUL Received Received
  PO-2426 Tonsillectomy vs tonsil biopsy for investigation of tonsils for histology; changing trends 2013-2018 Elaine Campbell Received Received
  PO-2427 Are decreased rates of tonsillectomy affecting rates of admission for tonsillitis and its complications? Lauren Bolton Received Received
  PO-2430 Head trauma in children three cases with significant audiovestibular injuries Rosa Crunkhorn Received Received
  PO-2431 The Development Of The British Association Of Sleep Surgeons (BASS) Vikrant Veer Received Received
  PO-2432 Managing repeated deliberate foreign body ingestion Alex Ashman Received Received
  PO-2434 The impact of limiting out of hours allied services on patient outcomes in treating peri-orbital cellulitis Joshua Michaels Received Received
  PO-2435 A patients guide to snoring surgery zahra salimi Received Received
  PO-2436 A two-cycle analysis of smoking cessation in a tertiary Head and Neck clinic Chrysostomos Tornari Received Received
  PO-2437 Primary Immunoglobulin G4-related Tracheal Stenosis Joshua Michaels Received Received
  PO-2440 The rare case of an adult-onset xanthogranuloma of the paranasal sinuses-A histological dilemma. Suman Panchappa Received Received
  PO-2442 Intraoperative ultrasound to detect impalpable cervical metastases from recurrent papillary thyroid cancer Fergus Cooper Received Received
  PO-2443 Direct InjectTM calcium phosphate cement in mastoid obliteration A prospective series Samuel Dewhurst Received Received
  PO-2445 Introducing the Normalised Apnoea Hypopnoea Index (nAHI) Vikrant Veer Received Received
  PO-2446 Validation of a next generation robotic platform to perform TORS and skull base surgery Jack Faulkner Received Received
  PO-2447 Synovial Sarcoma of the Arytenoid Sara Mahmood Received Received
  PO-2449 Identifying the unknown primary: a single-centre experience with transoral robotic surgery Kishan Rajdev Received Received
  PO-2451 Abnormal Vestibulo-Ocular Reflexes in Posterior Canals of Patients with Superior Semi-circular Canal Dehiscence Syndrome Shazmeen Surtee Received Received
  PO-2454 Hearing evaluation in Sickle Cell disease patients in Kaduna State of Northern Nigeria. saadatu ladan Received Received
  PO-2456 Diagnostic endoscopies at community settings: the challenges, feasibility and prospects in a developing country Oyeleye Oyelakin Received Received
  PO-2460 Examining the utility of nuclear imaging in the diagnosis and management of skull base osteomyelitis over 6 years Tom Ringrose Received Received
  PO-2461 Development of a Validated PROM for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea: STAMP (Symptoms / Tiredness / Alertness / Mood / Psychosocial) Vikrant Veer Received Received
  PO-2464 Integrating high fidelity simulation into otolaryngology training: lessons learnt from our experiences Joshua Whittaker Received Received
  PO-2466 Introducing a New Classification for Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy (DISE): The PTLTbE System Vikrant Veer Received Received
  PO-2467 Intra-parotid mass in the midst of a Rheumatological / Dermatological grey case Suthaharan Ragulan Received Received
  PO-2469 Hypocalcaemia after total thyroidectomy: incidence and management Haseem Raja Received Received
  PO-2470 Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration of thyroid nodules non-diagnostic yield Alex Charlton Received Received
  PO-2473 Are we truly obtaining informed consent? Consenting standards in a teaching hospital for patients undergoing major ear surgery Onkarpreet Jassel Received Received
  PO-2475 Improving Epistaxis Management: A Quality Improvement Project Chuanyu Gao Received Received
  PO-2476 Persistent Trigeminal Artery: An Unusual Cause of Tinnitus Anas Gomati Received Received
  PO-2477 The nature of micro-organisms in otitis externa: Is our topical antimicrobial guidance effective? Yinan Zhu Received Received
  PO-2482 One-Stop Nasal Injury Clinic Redesigning a pathway for nasal injuries james bates Received Received
  PO-2484 Is INR Testing Necessary Prior to Ultrasound-Guided Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology in The Head and Neck region? Ahmad K. ABOU-FOUL Received Received
  PO-2489 To Flex or Not to Flex: Oesophageal Soft Food Bolus Obstruction Hitesh Tailor Received Received
  PO-2490 Recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy in sarcoidosis diagnosis and management Mohamed El-Amin Received Received
  PO-2492 Improving patient flow in an ENT (Otology) outpatient clinic Akhil Chellapuri Received Received
  PO-2493 Giant right cholesteatoma with bilateral facial nerve palsy. Alex Charlton Received Received
  PO-2494 Outcomes of paediatric dental rehabilitation following head and neck reconstruction: a systematic review Georgina Wellstead Received Received
  PO-2495 Validation of the 8th edition AJCC staging for HPV-associated oropharyngeal carcinoma Oladejo Olaleye Received Received
  PO-2496 The use of Floseal in middle ear bleeding Georgina Wellstead Received Received
  PO-2499 laryngeal haemorrhage as a presenting complaint For acquired haemophilia mohamed el-amin Received Received
  PO-2501 Gamifying virtual theatre lists William Flynn Received Received
  PO-2502 Post-tonsillectomy haemorrhage rates after introduction of a single dose of intraoperative antibiotics in NHS Lanarkshire. Anna Loroch Received Received
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