HBV Endpoints 2019


8-9 March 2019 London
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  P01-01 In vitro and in vivo models of hepatitis B virus (HBV) replication utilising monomeric HBV genomes to facilitate studies of the HBV cccDNA minichromosome. Peter Revill Received Received
  P03-01 Evaluation of the Safety and Tolerability of Transaminase Flares During Antiviral Therapy in Patients with HBeAg Negative Chronic HBV Infection or HBV / HDV Co-infection Andrew Vaillant Received Received
  P04-01 Hepatitis B core-related antigen quantification is an accurate predictor 12-months prior to hepatitis B e antigen-seroclearance in human immunodeficiency virus/hepatitis B coinfected patients treated with tenofovir Lorenza Dezanet Received Received
  OP-01 A novel pyrazole HBV nucleocapsid formation inhibitor demonstrating high activity against HBV variants that are resistant to class I and class II core protein allosteric modulators Zhijun Zhang Received Received
  P06-01 Hepatitis B virus infection as a trigger of hepatocyte identity loss Chloe Goldsmith Received Received
  P04-02 Anti-hepatitis B core antibody titer and interleukin-10 quantification as predictors of hepatitis B e antigen-seroclearance in human immunodeficiency virus/hepatitis B coinfected patients treated with tenofovir Lorenza Dezanet Received Received
  P06-02 Serum M2BPGi as a diagnostic marker of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B Natthaya Chuaypen Received Received
  P03-02 Efficient Clinical Development of More Curative HBV Therapies Nathaniel Brown Received Received
  OP-02 Establishment of High Rates of Functional Cure of HBeAg Negative Chronic HBV Infection with REP 2139-Mg Based Combination Therapy: Ongoing Follow-up Results from the REP 401 Study Andrew Vaillant Received Received
  P01-03 HBV RNA at 6 months predicts HBeAg loss in nucleos(t)ide analogue treated HBeAg positive patients: demonstration of clinical utility? Bo Wang Received Received
  P06-03 Association between Hepatitis B Virus preS2 deletion and increased risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: a case-control study in West Africa Damien Cohen Received Received
  P03-03 Prediction of HBeAg loss on long-term nucleos(t)ide analogues with a novel HBV pgRNA assay Daryl Lau Received Received
  P04-03 Serum HBV RNA and HBcrAg: new markers for predicting incomplete HBV DNA suppression after initiation of nucleoside therapy in HIV/HBV co-infected individuals. Ruth Byrne Received Received
  OP-03 Pre-genomic HBV RNA and HBcrAg play important role in the predicting clinical outcomes in chronic hepatitis B patients suppressed on antiviral therapy with nucleos(t)ide analogues Ivana Carey Received Received
  P02-03 The gamma glutamyl transpeptidase to platelets ratio and gamma glutamyl transpeptidase to albumin ratio do not correlate to fibroscan measurement of hepatic fibrosis in chronic hepatitis b egyptian patients: a pilot study Mohammed Elhendawy Received Received
  OP-04 Hepatitis B core-related antigen correlates with covalently closed circular DNA transcriptional activity in chronic hepatitis B patients Barbara Testoni Received Received
  P02-04 Core outcome set for Cochrane reviews on chronic hepatitis B infection Mirella Fraquelli Received Received
  P01-04 Dynamic changes of serum HBV pgRNA levels in patients with chronic hepatitis B treated with entecavir or peg-interferon Xiaoqi Yu Received Received
  P04-04 Genetic variation in STAT4 is associated with treatment response to pegylated interferon in patients with chronic hepatitis B Natthaya Chuaypen Received Received
  P06-04 The effect of diabetes mellitus on treatment course of chronic hepatitis B and their clinical profile Ibtehaj Alharbi Received Received
  P03-04 Diagnostic accuracy of aspartate transaminase to platelet ratio index ,fibrosis index based on 4 factors (fib-4) and golgi protein 73 for prediction of significant liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis b patients:an egyptian cross-sectional study Rahma Mohamed Received Received
  P02-05 outcomes of severe acute viral hepatitis b in latvia Jekaterina Kucina Received Received
  P04-05 Evaluation of serum alanine aminotransferase level in treated chronic hepatitis B patients Wanna Yang Received Received
  P03-05 Serum sulfatase-2 is a new prognostic marker of patients with hepatitis B Virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma Natthaya Chuaypen Received Received
  P01-05 Adverse events of nucleos(t)ide analogues for chronic hepatitis B: a systematic review Raquel Scherer de Fraga Received Received
  P06-05 Mean Week 24 HBsAg declines predict subsequent rate of HBsAg seroclearance and could be a valuable endpoint for early development hepatitis B virus trials Gail Edwards Received Received
  OP-05 TherVac B - an optimized therapeutic vaccine for hepatitis B Ulrike Protzer Received Received
  OP-06 Investigating the role of HBsAg on cellular immune responses in HBeAg negative patients with chronic hepatitis B to define HBV treatment endpoints Elmira Aliabadi Received Received
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HBV Endpoints 2019


8-9 March 2019 London

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