JUNE 17-21, 2019 Montreal
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  P-001 Deep learning for error detection in EPID dosimetry: A proof of concept Cecile Wolfs Received Received
  P-007 Segmentation of bones for radiation therapy from medical dual-energy computed tomography volumes using the 3D U-Net sa Tedgren Received Received
  P-008 Automated lung tumour detection in colour fluoroscopic images based on a deep learning for real-time tumour tracking radiotherapy Takehiro Shiinoki Received Received
  P-009 Evaluation of the modulation degrees in APBI IMRT plans Ohyun Ohyun Received Received
  P-013 Fully automated multi-criterial beam angle ion to drastically reduce the number of non-coplanar beams in prostate SBRT Sebastaian Breedveld Received Received
  P-015 Collision Detection of the Versa HD for ESAPI using Bullet Physics Daniel Markel Received Received
  P-017 Automated Checking Of Adaptive Treatments for Elekta Unity MR-Linac Dualta McQuaid Received Received
  P-020 Clinical implementation of knowledge based plan quality control for automated prostate planning Martijn Kusters Received Received
  P-022 Study of machine learning application for Tomotherapy Delivery Quality Assurance: evaluation of plan machine performances Daniele Carlotti Received Received
  P-025 Filoblu: Sentiment Analysis Application to Doctor-Patient Interactions andrea ciardiello Received Received
  P-026 Comparing two web platforms for uncertainty simulation of external beam radiotherapy Marcel van Herk Received Received
  P-029 Obtaining real-time EPID-image based error detection thresholds via supervised learning. Victor Gabriel Leandro Alves Received Received
  P-030 JAWS3D A 3D dose visualization software for dental application Stéphane Bedwani Received Received
  P-031 Mortality Risk Stratification Model based on Radiomic Features Only: Analysis of Public Open Access Head and Neck Cancer Data Zhenwei Shi Received Received
  P-033 Correlation coefficient: a poor metric for multi-class classification Avishek Chatterjee Received Received
  P-034 Distributed Radiomics - a signature validation study using a Personal Health Train infrastructure Zhenwei Shi Received Received
  P-035 Learning from scanners: noise reduction and feature correction in Radiomics Ivan Zhovannik Received Received
  P-039 Deep Learning for image recognition and breast tumors classification from X-ray sources. Deijany Rodríguez Linares Received Received
  P-042 Dermatology Level Dermoscopy Skin Cancer Classification Using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DCNN) Algorithm habib safigholi Received Received
  P-045 Evaluation of the MR image-driven synthetic CT in prostate IMRT plans Minsoo Chun Received Received
  P-047 A neural network based approach to structure QA Antony Carver Received Received
  P-052 Pitfalls and lessons of in-house software development learned from developing PlanChecker: a tool for automated quality control of radiotherapy plan transfer from the planning system to the R&V system Aitang Xing Received Received
  P-057 Genesis Care planning room of the future Mazurek Arkadiusz Received Received
  P-060 A dashboard to monitor Quality Check List items in MOSAIQ Phillip Chlap Received Received
  P-066 A rapid Learning model for cervical cancer Akuli Biche Akuli Biseh Osong Received Received
  P-069 Quantifying the Impact of Organ-At-Risk Delineation Variability in the Context of Patient Setup Uncertainty Eric Aliotta Received Received
  P-070 Genetic Algorithms for optimal intermittent measurements for tumor tracking Antoine Aspeel Received Received
  P-071 Current status of the clinical use, commissioning and QA of Deformable Image Registration in UK radiotherapy centres Mohammad Hussein Received Received
  P-075 Dosimetric calibration and validation of spectral CT-based stopping power prediction for particle therapy planning Friderike Faller Received Received
  P-076 A mathematical optimization framework for spatial adjustments of dose distributions in high dose-rate brachytherapy Bjrn Morén Received Received
  P-077 Multi-criterial MLC segmentation to minimize plan quality loss Bas Schipaanboord Received Received
  P-079 Bayesian network structure for predicting two-year survival in patients diagnosed with lung cancer Akuli Biche Akuli Biseh Osong Received Received
  P-080 Evaluation of Synthesized Computed Tomography (sCT) Generated from Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) by Cycle Generative Adversarial Network (CycleGAN) Xiao Liang Received Received
  P-084 Clinical evaluation of deep learning methods for brain tumor contouring Alexandra Dalechina Received Received
  P-086 Head and Neck Deformable Registration by Physical Modeling of Patient Posture Change Bingqi Guo Received Received
  P-087 Feature based quality assurance of image segmentation for clinical trials Lois Holloway Received Received
  P-089 Automatic thoracic OAR segmentation from CT scans using patient-specific deep convolutional neural networks Quan Chen Received Received
  P-091 Line of Response (LOR)-based real-time tumor tracking for emission-guided radiotherapy Weiguo Lu Received Received
  P-092 Registration and Motion Uncertainties in Brain Fractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy Jean-David Jutras Received Received
  P-096 Experimental validation of an (MLC tracking) treatment simulator with dose reconstruction Thomas Ravkilde Received Received
  P-098 High doses to the heart affect overall survival in stage III lung cancer patients treated with conventionally fractionated radiation therapy. Mirek Fatyga Received Received
  P-099 Comparison of automated and pathologist assessment of radiation induced pulmonary fibrosis for Massons trichrome Li Ming Wang Received Received
  P-100 Comparing the efficacy of SBRT and IMRT in reducing radiation induced pulmonary fibrosis Li Ming Wang Received Received
  P-102 Development and External Validation of a Prediction Model Incorporating PET Radiomics for Pathological Lymph Node Metastases in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma Zhenwei Shi Received Received
  P-104 Genomic Prediction for Head-and-Neck Cancer Locoregional Failure based on t-Test Optimized Random Forest Model Huimin Yu Received Received
  P-108 A Method for Serving Linac Log File Data On-Demand for Analysis Using a GraphQL Application Programming Interface Brandon VanGenderen Received Received
  P-109 Audit Data Tool for the DcmCollab Dose Plan Bank Simon Krogh Received Received
  P-110 Performing QA with hybrid devices: automation and centralization of results Alain Sottiaux Received Received
  P-111 Data pipelines in radiation oncology: lessons from software engineering Gabriel Couture Received Received
  P-113 The Functional Paradigm in RT Computing: Features & Realization Nicolas Depauw Received Received
  P-114 Feasibility study to implement a platform independent Monte Carlo photon dose calculation engine Hendrik Piersma Received Received
  P-116 Radiotherapy Dose calculation in Oesophageal Cancer: Comparison of Analytical and Monte Carlo Methods Dewi Johns Received Received
  P-118 In-Field Photon and Neutron Contamination during Intraoperative Electron Radiotherapy: A Monte Carlo Study Hamid Reza Baghani Received Received
  P-119 Investigation of energy dependence of different layers of RTQA2 film over EBT2 film using Monte Carlo simulation Grisel Paula Received Received
  P-121 Optimization of target thickness on angular dose distributions of a truncated conical-shaped transmission type X-ray tube: A Monte Carlo simulation Woo Sang Ahn Received Received
  P-130 Monte Carlo dosimetry for brachytherapy of cervical cancer Dragana Krstic Received Received
  P-131 Estimating Dose from Radiotherapy Treatments in the Vicinity of a Cardiac Pacemaker using Monte Carlo simulations Firass Ghareeb Received Received
  P-132 An automated computer assisted beam modelling tool for scanned proton beam therapy Hermann Fuchs Received Received
  P-133 Systematic Monte Carlo dose verification of VMAT treatment plans for TrueBeam linac using PRIMO Alain Sottiaux Received Received
  P-138 The coupled photon/electron Monte Carlo transport code in the RayStation treatment planning system Fredrik Tamm Received Received
  P-143 Comparison of dosimetric and radiobiological parameters on the different VMAT techniques for left-sided breast cancer Jin-Beom Chung Received Received
  P-144 Development of Volumetric Independent Dose Calculation System for Adaptive Brachytherapy Tae Suk Suh Received Received
  P-145 Development of kV X-ray imaging dose calculation system for image guided radiation therapy Yoshitomo Ishihra Received Received
  P-147 A fast method for image simulation of electronic portal imaging devices (EPIDs) Mengying Shi Received Received
  P-149 Monte Carlo Calculations of Absorbed Doses Associated to Helical CT Ramirez Cristina Received Received
  P-152 Monte Carlo Based Determination of Radiation Scattering Effect on Image Quality in Brain Imaging with Fan-beam Collimator Hamid Reza Baghani Received Received
  P-156 Monte Carlo evaluation of analytical dose calculations for proton therapy. Carla Winterhalter Received Received
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JUNE 17-21, 2019 Montreal
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