ILTS 2019 Annual Congress


May 15-18, 2019 Toronto
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  LB eP-001 Vascular jump graft from superior mesenteric vein for inflow in living donor liver transplantation Basant Mahadevappa Received Received
  eP-001 Right anterior section graft for living donor liver transplantation Jonathan Navarro Received Received
  eP-002 Robotic donor hepatectomy Biju Chandran Received Received
  LB eP-002 Hot Hydrodissection in a case of redo liver transplantation Surgical Video Presentation Unal Aydin Received Received
  P-002 Improvement in risk category for liver transplant candidacy in patients with portopulmonary hypertension treated with macitentan: a post-hoc analysis from the PORTICO study Richard McDonald Received Received
  LB P-002 Rhabdomyolysis as an unusual contributor to lactic acidosis after pediatric liver transplantation for hepatopulmonary syndrome: a case report Mali Hetmaniuk Received Received
  LB P-003 Cognitive aid and clinical guide for safe and efficient intraoperative use of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) during liver transplant Nelson Gonzalez Received Received
  eP-003 in situ Liver Splitting for Pediatric and Adult Liver Transplantation Petru Bucur Received Received
  LB eP-003 Do we need patent native IVC for LDLT? Transdiaphragmatic Dacron graft replacement leaving native thrombosed IVC in LDLT, surgical video presentation Unal Aydin Received Received
  LB eP-004 Importance of small hepatic vein drainage (=3 mm) to prevent small for size syndrome Surgical Video Presentation Unal Aydin Received Received
  eP-004 Dual Lobe liver Transplantation in a patient with renal dysfunction using a novel technique of without cross-clamping the inferior vena cava. Sanjeev Rohatgi Received Received
  P-004 Piggyback versus Caval Replacement, do the kidneys pay the price? Vivienne Hannon Received Received
  P-005 New assessment method: Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Imaging during Normothermic Ex Vivo Liver Perfusion for DCD graft Toru Goto Received Received
  eP-005 Two techniques of anatomical graft reduction in very large for size grafts. Rajesh Rajalingam Received Received
  eP-006 Standardized extrahepatic glissonean pedicle approach and liver hanging maneuverfor living donor hepatectomy Taizo Hibi Received Received
  P-006 Experience with Meso-Rex bypass after segmental liver transplant for the treatment of symptomatic portal vein thrombosis Caroline Lemoine Received Received
  LB P-007 Successful OR to ICU handoff for complex surgical patients: a liver transplant model experience Nelson Gonzalez Received Received
  P-007 What matters is quality not quantity bile production in liver grafts on Normothermic machine perfusion Rohit Gaurav Received Received
  eP-007 A novel technique of portal vein reconstruction in pediatric LDLT using transversely tansposed PV autologous graft Shishir Pareek Received Received
  eP-008 Pure laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy in a living donor with anatomic variations of type 3 portal vein, type 3b bile duct, type 4b hepatic vein Chan Woo Cho Received Received
  P-008 The intention-to-treat effect of bridging therapies in the setting of Milan-in patients waiting for liver transplantation Quirino Lai Received Received
  LB P-008 Isoglycyrrhinate magnesium rescues biliary IRI through HMGB1 inhibition in a rat model of liver transplantation Yuanxing Liu Received Received
  P-009 Predictive factors for 28-day mortality in Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure patients admitted to the intensive care unit a case for liver transplant? Amanda Pinter Carvalheiro da Silva Boteon Received Received
  eP-009 Meso-Rex Revision Using a Collateral in a Pediatric Patient With Portal Perfusion Steal Syndrome Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos Received Received
  eP-010 Living donor hepatectomy in left sided gallbladder donor with portal vein and bile duct variation (Right trisegmentectomy including S5,6,7) Kwang-Woong Lee Received Received
  LB P-010 Liver transplant consultant - a new title in India Jyotsna Verma Received Received
  P-010 Renoportal Anastomosis in Liver Transplantation: Results from a Propensity Score-Based Outcome Analysis Cristiano Quintini Received Received
  P-011 Flow Measurements in Adult Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation - Luxury or Necessity Yee Lee Cheah Received Received
  eP-011 Orthotopic piggyback liver transplantation by side-to-side caval anastomosis Xiaofeng Wu Received Received
  LB P-011 Recruitment maneuver in a patient with hepatopulmonary syndrome during liver transplantation surgery yusuf colak Received Received
  eP-012 Pre-Implantation Splenectomy and Triple Vessel Outflow Technique in Left-lobe Living Donor Liver Transplantation Masato Fujiki Received Received
  P-012 Risk Factors for Antibody-mediated Rejection after Adult ABO-incompatible Living-Donor Liver Transplantation in the Era of Rituximab Desensitization: A Single Center Experience Tetsuya Tajima Received Received
  P-013 TOAD: Transplant Outcomes in Anesthesia Database. A proof of concept granular perioperative data warehouse Rishi Kothari Received Received
  eP-013 No touch isolation technique for the prevention of postoperative recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation-combined with Trans-arterial Radioembolization Jeong-Moo Lee Received Received
  eP-014 Liver Transplantations from Situs Inversus Donors Jaekeun Kim Received Received
  P-014 Early postoperative myocardial injury is associated with perioperative cardiovascular complications after liver transplantation Jeieung Park Received Received
  LB P-014 Predictors of acute kidney injury in liver transplant recipients at a single centre: a retrospective review Steven Moore Received Received
  LB P-015 Use of venous conduct in grade III and IV portal vein thrombosis in liver transplantation: a single center experience from northeastern Brazil Emmanuel Nogueira Received Received
  P-015 Application of goal-directed fluid therapy in fluid management after liver transplantation Wenjing Wang Received Received
  eP-015 No touch left approach technique in LDLT for right advanced HCC Gilchun Park Received Received
  eP-016 Ex-vivo organ perfusion technique for deceased brain death (DBD) donor Amit Rastogi Received Received
  P-016 Intraoperative oliguria with decreased SvO2 predicts acute kidney injury after living donor liver transplantation Won Ho Kim Received Received
  LB P-016 Diagnosis of donor derived infection by metagenomic next-generation sequencing in orthotopic liver transplantation Junfeng Huang Received Received
  LB P-017 Hepatic artery and celiac trunk dissection during endovascular treatment of SASS after liver transplantation Agnieszka Lepiesza Received Received
  eP-017 Robotically created jejunogastrostomy to regain endoscopic access to Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy after right lobe live liver transplant George Rofaiel Received Received
  P-017 Albumin dialysis with MARS in the treatment of cirrhotic patients with acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF) with a transplant perspective Faouzi Saliba Received Received
  eP-018 THE first robotic left lateral sectionectomy for pediatric living donor liver transplantation AT THE KING FAISAL SPECIALIST HOSPITAL (KFSHRC), SAUDI ARABIA: description of the technique Yasser Elsheikh Received Received
  LB P-018 Controlled donation after circulatory death up to 80 years for liver transplantation Felipe Alconchel Received Received
  P-018 Peripheral Saphenous Venous Pressure for Monitoring Transhepatic Venous Pressure Gradient During Liver Transplantation Wei-Lin Allen Received Received
  LB P-019 Failed ability to donate under donation after circulatory death protocol Matthew Vogt Received Received
  eP-019 Full laparoscopic left lateral sectionectomy with graft reduction in paediatric living donor liver transplant Yujia Gao Received Received
  eP-020 Removal of auxiliary liver graft: a challenging decision Michele Tedeschi Received Received
  P-020 Assessment of physician performance in a liver transplant program James Kindscher Received Received
  LB P-020 A case of severe abdominal infection after liver transplant caused by donor-derived carbapenem-resistant klebsiella pneumoniae Jinyan Zhang Received Received
  P-021 Liver-kidney transplantation in a patient with hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy (HOCM) Nicholas Mendez Received Received
  eP-021 Right Trisegmentectomy With Caudate Lobectomy Combined With Portal Vein Reconstrucion For Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma Xiangcheng Li Received Received
  eP-022 Extended right hemihepatectomy with anterior approach for infant hepatoblastoma Li Xiangcheng Received Received
  P-022 Does Renal Resistive Index predict acute kidney injury in patients undergoing living related liver transplantation a prospective pilot study Vijay Shankar Received Received
  LB P-022 Portal vein thrombosis is not a contraindication in liver transplantation Yee Lee Cheah Received Received
  P-023 Does temporary portocaval shunt use during liver transplantation prevent postreperfusion syndrome? ALEXANDRE CHEBARO Received Received
  eP-023 Pure laparoscopic hepatectomy in extreme anatomical variations with reference to hanging maneuver and portal vein suture technique and danger management. Kyung-Suk Suk Received Received
  LB P-024 Organs donation and potential donor: knowledge of USCS medicine scholars Soraia Damião Received Received
  P-024 Resolution of coagulopathy and decrease in bleeding events by day 7 after liver transplantation Don Milliken Received Received
  LB P-026 Evaluations for liver transplantation in patients with class II and III obesity Yee Lee Cheah Received Received
  LB P-028 The risk facotrs of mortality following liver transplantation in acute liver failure: single center experience TEVF&304;K TOLGA SAHIN Received Received
  P-028 Perioperative viscoelastic assay use for coagulation monitoring among U.S. liver transplantation centers Manny Lai Received Received
  P-029 Complications of peripherally inserted large-bore rapid infusion catheters for patients undergoing orthotopic liver transplantations: a review of 852 cases Sher-Lu Pai Received Received
  P-030 Preoperative left ventricular systolic dysfunction in association with increased consumption of intraoperative pressor in liver transplantation Kai Sun Received Received
  LB P-030 Mixed venous and arterial patch: an option for the reconstruction of the hepatic veins in the domino liver transplant Carmen Cepeda-Franco Received Received
  P-031 Perioperative coronary artery disease care in liver transplantation survey Manny Lai Received Received
  P-032 Severe congestive heart failure after liver transplantation HONG FU Received Received
  LB P-032 Cold ischemic hepatic preservation in rabbits after static conservation in a hypothermic solution based on powdered coconut water (ACP-405) Emmanuel Nogueira Received Received
  P-033 Perioperative Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation support for a patient with respiratory failure in liver transplantation: a case report Xinyao Tian Received Received
  LB P-034 Liver transplantation offers a therapeutic possibility to unresectable Klatskin tumors Tatiana Nicolás Received Received
  P-035 Effects of polymyxin B hemoperfusion in patients with septic shock after liver surgery: the pilot study A LAN LEE Received Received
  LB P-035 Liver transplant for ASIA syndrome. Recurrence after trasplant and inmunosuppression therapy José-María Álamo Received Received
  LB P-036 Hemostatsis in Pediatric Patients undergoing Liver Transplantation: a Prospective Cohort Study Maureen Werner Received Received
  P-036 Impact of Flush Fluid Potassium Concentration on Postreperfusion Hyperkalemia and New-onset Arrhythmias in Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation Liang Zhang Received Received
  P-037 Postoperative Diabetes Insipidus in Liver Transplantation - A Case Report ASHISH MALIK Received Received
  LB P-039 Single center experience with biodegradable stents in treatment of refractory biliary strictures after living donor liver transplantation sadik server Received Received
  P-039 Preoperative opioid use correlates with higher opioid requirements after liver transplantation Patricia Rodriguez Received Received
  P-040 Catastrophic events during liver transplantation strategies for team work and organs utilization Kumar Vivek Received Received
  LB P-040 Contrast-enhanced ultrasound for the evaluation of hepatic artery occlusion after liver transplantation MADHUSUDHAN CHINTHAKINDI Received Received
  LB P-041 Liver transplant for heart failure in patient with Rendu-Osler-Weber syndrome. Technical problems Álamo José-María Received Received
  P-041 Factors associated with immediate extubation after liver transplantation in adults James Kindscher Received Received
  LB P-042 Is the body mass index a risk factor in the liver transplant recipients? Carmen Cepeda-Franco Received Received
  P-042 ROTEM values vary among liver transplant recipients according to etiology of liver failure and MELD score Elaine Boydston Received Received
  P-043 Change to the universal use of male FFP product and decreased mortality after FFP transfusion in liver transplant recipients eun-kyung lee Received Received
  LB P-044 Primary Graft Non-function in Liver Transplantation (PNF): Can we predict ? A Single Centre Experience Mohamed Ghazaly Received Received
  P-044 Does intra-operative use of albumin affect post-operative outcomes in patients undergoing living related liver transplantation - a single center experience Vijay Shankar Received Received
  LB P-045 Simultaneous liver kidney transplantation from brain death and living donor :early experience in 2 cases SeungHwan Lee Received Received
  LB P-046 Use of steatotic donor livers for transplantation: do they affect outcome? Mohamed Ghazaly Received Received
  P-046 Hyponatremia prior to liver transplantation is not associated with post-operative encephalopathy Daniela Kniepeiss Received Received
  P-047 Four wavelengths cerebral oximetry was not affected by hyperbilirubinemia Hseyin ilksen Toprak Received Received
  LB P-047 Post liver transplant bony aspergillosis Rakesh Rai Received Received
  LB P-048 Denovo hepatocellular cancer in a liver graft following living donor liver transplant Rakesh Rai Received Received
  LB P-049 Risk factor for initial poor graft function in deceased donor liver transplantation Sung-Won Jung Received Received
  P-049 Liver transplantation in cirrhotic patients in the Intensive Care Unit with acute on chronic liver failure (ACLF) Faouzi Saliba Received Received
  LB P-050 Direct-antiviral agents (DAA) treatment in HCV liver transplant candidates with end-stage liver disease: correlation between clinical-virological changes and histopathological features Federica Invernizzi Received Received
  LB P-051 Diamond-shaped patch technique for right hepatic vein reconstruction in living-donor liver transplant: A simple method to prevent stenosis. Tae Beom Lee Received Received
  LB P-052 Monitoring phosphorylation of p70S6K to assess the efficacy of mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors in liver transplant patients Li Shenming Received Received
  P-054 Intravenous Methylene Blue versus Hydroxocobalamin as Treatment for Intraoperative Vasoplegic Syndrome in Liver Transplant Patients Sher-Lu Pai Received Received
  P-056 Successful orthotopic liver transplantation in severe persistent bradycardia recipient: a case report Aphichat Suphathamwit Received Received
  P-058 Changes in glutathione homeostasis during living donor hepatectomy NEHA TANDON Received Received
  P-061 The Tricky Triad of anemia, coagulopathy and massive fluid overload managed with intraoperative phlebotomy and hemofiltration. Vivienne Hannon Received Received
  P-062 Intensivist-led deceased organ donor management Eunmi Gil Received Received
  P-063 Short term outcome of liver transplant for Acute on Chronic liver failure (ACLF) ad Acute decompensation (AD): an intention to treat analysis Claudia Iegri Received Received
  P-068 Remodulation of early allograft dysfunction estimation: steatosis and liver weight count Tommaso Maria Manzia Received Received
  P-072 Impact of early kidney dysfunction in the incidence of major cardiovascular events after liver transplantation Lydia Sastre Received Received
  P-073 MELD-Na alterations on the liver transplant waiting list and its impact on listing outcome Gerd Silberhumer Received Received
  P-074 Analysis of intraoperative cardiac arrest during adult liver transplantation James Kindscher Received Received
  P-076 Role of cardiac troponin T in pre-transplant renal function evaluation and its possibility as prediction marker of acute kidney injury following liver transplantation Hideya Kamei Received Received
  P-078 Donor-related risk factors analysis of ischemic type biliary lesion after liver transplantation from organ donation after cardiac death: a single center experience. Qing Yang Received Received
  P-080 Fatal graft-versus-host disease in liver transplantation. An analysis of UNOS registry Shunji Nagai Received Received
  P-081 Liver Transplantation in patients with Sickle Cell Disease: case report and review of the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients Michelle Kim Received Received
  P-082 Programmed diagnosis and treatment pattern for hepatic artery thrombosis after orthotopic liver transplantation- a single center experience CHUN ZHANG Received Received
  P-087 Chronic kidney disease in liver transplantation - even early stage disease is associated with post operative renal replacement therapy Jeremy Nayagam Received Received
  P-088 Strongyloides stercoralis hyperinfection syndrome after liver transplantation: a case report Munique Ana Pimentel Siqueira Received Received
  P-089 The Role of Sarcopenia in predicting outcomes after Orthotopic Liver Transplantation. Nicholas Marrazzo Received Received
  P-090 Redefining cirrhotic cardiomyopathy: a shifting paradigm Manhal Izzy Received Received
  P-091 Reoperation in the early period after adult living donor liver transplantation is poor Manuel Lim Received Received
  P-092 Relationship between ecocardiographic alterations and NT-proBNP plasmatic levels in cirrhotic patients Maria Dolores Espinosa Received Received
  P-097 Long term co-morbidity profile and outcomes of obese recipients undergoing liver transplantation winning a battle, losing the war Rebeca Sanabria Mateos Received Received
  P-098 The Clinical Course of Biliary Complications After Adult to Adult Living Donor Liver Transplantation: When Does the Achilles Heel Heal? Noruel Gerard Salvador Received Received
  P-102 Successful Treatment of hepatic vein occlusive disease after liver transplantation using defibrotide JE HO RYU Received Received
  P-103 Posttransplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder after Liver Transplantation:Report of 17 cases among 735 liver transplants in single center Jing-Yi Liu Received Received
  P-104 Portal vein arterialization as a salvage procedure in hepatic artery thrombosis following LDLT ARAVIND KIDAMBI SESHADRI Received Received
  P-107 Hemodynamic Changes With Autologous Flushing Of Donor Graft During Orthotopic Liver Transplantation Nicholas Marrazzo Received Received
  P-109 Successful treatment for end-stage hepatic alveolar echinococcosis with ex-vivo liver resection and autologous liver transplantation: a case report Chong Yang Received Received
  P-111 Effect of preoperative splenectomy on the prognosis after liver transplantation: a single center experience Qing Yang Received Received
  P-113 Pure red cell aplasia(PRCA) due to mycoplasma pneumonia infection in adult recipient after liver transplantation: a case report and review of the literature Jin Peng Received Received
  P-116 Post liver transplant delirium in alcoholic cirrhotic patients Hsin Rou Liang Received Received
  P-117 Rescue the intimal injury of graft hepatic artery by intraoperative fluorescence vascular stenting Wan-Yu Hung Received Received
  P-119 Liver transplantation for severe Portopulmonary hypertension: a report of 3 cases and literature review xiaojie chen Received Received
  P-120 Incidence and predictors of Post-Transplant Diabetes Mellitus in Liver Transplantation: A systematic review and meta-analysis Sreelakshmi Kotha Received Received
  P-121 The Number 5 Rule to Define Primary Non-Function Following Deceased Donor Liver Transplantation: A Single Center Experience Transplanting Liver Grafts with Severe Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Lucas McCormack Received Received
  P-126 Relationship between NT-proBNP plasmatic levels and cirrhosis ethiology in cirrhotic patients candidates to a liver transplantation Maria Dolores Espinosa Received Received
  P-127 Surgical complications requiring an early relaparotomy in HIV infected liver transplanted patients: risk factors and impact on survival umberto baccarani Received Received
  P-132 Extra-anatomic bypass for the treatment of a mycotic pseudoaneurism after liver transplantation for hilar cholangiocarcinoma Laura Lladó Received Received
  P-133 Mucormycosis in the Liver Allograft after liver transplantation for secondary biliary cirrhosis due to bile duct injury Catherine Parmentier-de León Received Received
  P-135 Analysis of risk factors of primary nonfunction after liver transplantationreport of four cases Qinfen Xie Received Received
  P-136 Liver transplantation in a patient with a complex vena cava anomaly Camila Liberato Girão Received Received
  P-138 Anastomosis site stenosis after portal vein reconstruction through a pparacholedocal vein in cavernous transformation of recipient portal vein: a case report Ju Ik Moon Received Received
  P-139 A case of unexpected sclerosing encapsulated peritonitis in deceased donor liver transplantation Doojin Kim Received Received
  P-140 Management of cytomegaloviral esophagitis after liver transplantation: from nursing care perspective Heng Cui Received Received
  P-141 Neutrophil count of ascites will predict an occurrence of peritonitis after liver transplantation Akiko Omori Received Received
  P-143 Recipients gender and BMI are related to early acute rejection in donation after cardiac death liver transplantation Qiang Wei Received Received
  P-148 Replacing Share 15 with Share 21: Improving Parity of Liver Transplant Opportunity Without Decreasing Waitlist Outcomes Shunji Nagai Received Received
  P-149 Revised allocation policy to improve utilization of split-liver grafts to lower the waitlist mortality for young children and women candidates James Perkins Received Received
  P-152 Waitlist dynamics in adolescents and adult patients with below average bodyweight listed for liver transplantation, results from the Eurotransplant database Dimitri Sneiders Received Received
  P-161 Liver transplantation for ALD: characteristics associated with ETOH recidivism post liver transplant Cody Thornburgh Received Received
  P-162 Positive Chagas donors: continues to be a limitation? Maria Lujan Del Bueno Received Received
  P-165 Potential expansion of deceased donors including anti-HCV: a population based cross-sectional study from Argentina. Maria Margarita Anders Received Received
  P-168 Clinical analysis of emergency liver transplantation in patients with high MELD score Ho Joong Choi Received Received
  P-169 Impact of a temporary cardiac arrest in a brain dead liver donor on liver transplantation results. Elodie TIMSIT Received Received
  P-170 Orthotopic Liver Transplantation using HCV-viremic Donor Organs for HCV-nonviremic Recipients, A Single Center Experience Rohit Nathan Received Received
  P-171 Liver from prostate cancer positive donors - option for recipients with higher MELD score Michal Skalski Received Received
  P-172 Clinical efficacy of liver transplantation using aged liver grafts from donation after citizens death: a single center experience Binsheng Fu Received Received
  P-173 The role of liver graft cold ischemia in the development of post-transplant complications daniele dondossola Received Received
  P-174 Dropping off the transplant waiting list how we can do better Ning Qi Pang Received Received
  P-179 ABO incompatible (ABOi) liver transplantation is a good option for salvage transplantation single center experience Assaf Issachar Received Received
  P-180 Portal vein thrombosis: use of left renal vein as an option for portal inflow to the liver allografts. A single-center case series. Igor Luna Peixoto Received Received
  P-183 Efficacy of whole-body FDG-PET/CT in pretransplantation evaluation of asymptomatic parotid neoplasm Shih-min Yin Received Received
  P-184 Liver Retransplantation, is it still justified in the current era? Laura Lladó Received Received
  P-185 Living liver donor evaluation, acceptance and rejection at a newly established liver transplant centre Amey Sonavane Received Received
  P-187 Nursing care of a patient receiving liver transplantation from a situs inversus donor Heng Cui Received Received
  P-188 Selection of liver graft from deceased donors using shore durometer Sora Cha Received Received
  P-189 The impact of extra-anatomical hepatic artery reconstruction during living donor liver transplantation on biliary complications and graft and patient survival Jinsoo Rhu Received Received
  P-190 Right Lobe vs. Left Lobe Hepatectomy for Living Donor Liver Transplantation: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Donor and Recipient Outcomes Sergio Acuna Received Received
  P-191 Even Extensive Portal Vein Thrombosis (PVT) Should Not Limit Access to Live Donor Liver Transplantation mark sturdevant Received Received
  P-192 Intraoperative near-miss events during left liver lobe donation surgery: a potential quality-control tool to assess donor safety in living donor liver transplantation ELIANO BONACCORS-IRIANI Received Received
  P-196 Comparison of postoperative outcome after pure laparoscopic and open donor right hepatectomy for adult living donor liver transplantation using propensity score analyses Sojin Kim Received Received
  P-197 Long-term outcome of ABO-incompatible adult living donor liver transplantation using a single protocol over 10 years Yuji Soejima Received Received
  P-200 Outcomes of liver donors with a future liver remnant less than or equal to 30: A matched-cohort study Jesse Zuckerman Received Received
  P-202 Portal Hyperperfusion Syndrome after Prophylactic Ligation of Spontaneous Portosystemic Shunts During Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Analysis of Risk Factors Jeffrey Samuel Co Received Received
  P-203 Minimizing donor complications. Lessons learned from 1213 consecutive living donor hepatectomies. Itsuko Chen Received Received
  P-206 Good Outcomes of Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT) for Autoimmune Liver Diseases (AILD): A Large Single Centre Experience Sanjiv Saigal Received Received
  P-209 Pure laparoscopic versus conventional open living donor right hepatectomy using a propensity score matched analysis: Challenge to 0 of complication Jin-Uk Choi Received Received
  P-211 Laparoscopic-hand assisted living donor right hepatectomy: 19 cases at a single center in USA Paulo Martins Received Received
  P-214 Series of totally robotic living donor hepatectomy Yee Lee Cheah Received Received
  P-215 Learning curve of laparoscopic living donor right hepatectomy: review of a single surgeons 96 laparoscopic cases Jinsoo Rhu Received Received
  P-217 Impact of Frailty in Cirrhotics awaiting Liver Transplantation in LDLT setting: Preliminary Experience SWAPNIL DHAMPALWAR Received Received
  P-221 Post-Operative Opioid Requirements in Living Liver Donors Hillary Braun Received Received
  P-223 Clinical outcomes of living versus deceased donor liver transplantation for primary sclerosing cholangitis: A Multicenter 15 year Experience. Omar Mousa Received Received
  P-224 Temporal Improvements in Graft Survival following Living Donor Liver Transplant for Patients with NASH in the United States Rashikh Choudhury Received Received
  P-228 Randomized Trial between Histidine-Tryptophan-Ketoglutarate HTK and Institute of George lopez(IGL-1 perfusion solutions in Living Donor Liver TransplantationLDLT Binoj Sivasankara Pillai Thankamony Amma Received Received
  P-229 Validating Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) in assessment of hepatic steatosis in Living Liver donors Mohamed Shawkat Received Received
  P-231 Impact of body mass index =30 on pure laparoscopic donor right hepatectomy Suk Kyun Hong Received Received
  P-234 Outcomes of portal vein reconstruction with technical modifications in pediatric living donor liver transplantation for biliary atresia Seisuke Sakamoto Received Received
  P-236 Assessment of the Global Practice of Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Comparison of U.S. and International Programs Juliet Emamaullee Received Received
  P-238 Clinical outcome of residual liver volume and hepatic steatosis after right lobe living donor hepatectomy. Chia-En Hsieh Received Received
  P-240 The outcomes of liver transplantation using the graft of Protein S-deficient living donor. Jae-Hyung Cho Received Received
  P-241 Synergistic Effect of Prophylactic Shunt and Splenic Artery Ligation During Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Hitting One Bird with Two Stones Jeffrey Samuel Co Received Received
  P-243 An innovative public-private-philanthropic model to fund liver transplantation (LT) in a developing country Vikram Raut Received Received
  P-244 Insertion of internal stent in duct-to-duct biliary reconstruction to reduce bile duct complication in living donor liver transplantation Ho-joong Choi Received Received
  P-248 Hepatic blood flow after right lobe living donor liver transplantation Oleg Kotenko Received Received
  P-250 A novel reconstruction method for adjacent multiple bile duct during living donor liver transplantation; dunking with mucosal eversion technique Joo-Dong Kim Received Received
  P-252 Experience of hepatic artery anastomosis in living donor liver transplantation using surgical loupe: in small volume center kwan woo kim Received Received
  P-253 Impact of early postoperative high or low oxygen level on outcomes after living-donor liver transplantation :a retrospective study Yosuke Miyachi Received Received
  P-256 Effects of omega-3 fatty acids on outcome after living donor right hepatectomy: a pilot study Sanghoon Lee Received Received
  P-257 Living liver donor surgical complication : single center experience with 512 cases. Dong-Lak Choi Received Received
  P-258 Living Donor Liver Transplantation in Septuagenarians: Better Late Than Never Ahmed Zidan Received Received
  P-259 Initial Experience of Laparoscopic Living Donor Hepatectomy for Pediatric Liver Transplantation in a Southeast Asian Transplant Center Jia Hao Law Received Received
  P-260 Minimal invasive living donor right hepatectomy: an experience of consecutive 114 cases by a single surgeon. Sanghyun Kang Received Received
  P-261 Waterjet: An effective and Safe tissue-ive tool for Parenchymal Transection in Live Donor Liver Transplantation Reddy Sasidhar Received Received
  P-262 Experience of living liver transplantation for anti-donor HLA antibody positive patients Yoshihito Kotera Received Received
  P-267 Vascular anastomosis of liver retransplantation for graft failure after pediatric living donor liver transplantation Yasuharu Onishi Received Received
  P-268 Early Allograft Dysfunction Does Not Predict Graft or Patient Survival in Recipients of Living Donor Liver Transplantation Hillary Braun Received Received
  P-271 Robotically created jejunogastrostomy to regain endoscopic access to Roux-en-Y hepaticojejunostomy after right lobe live liver transplant George Rofaiel Received Received
  P-272 Single center experience of liver transplantation for Primary Hyperoxaluria Type 1 Takaaki Kato Received Received
  P-274 Living related donor liver transplantation for a large hepatocellulair carcinoma in an identical twin Ger Koek Received Received
  P-275 Conjoined venoplasty using recipient umbilical portion of portal vein in type III portal vein anomaly Yangseok Koh Received Received
  P-276 asymptommatic late hepatic artery thrombosis after living donor liver transplantation: a case report Linh Ho Van Received Received
  P-280 Viability Testing and Transplantation of Marginal Donor Livers (VITTAL) Trial: Metabolomics of normothermically perfused livers discloses molecular signatures predictive of graft viability and postoperative outcomes Joseph Attard Received Received
  P-281 Initial Report of siRNA Uptake During Normothermic and Hypothermic Liver Machine Perfusion: A Promising New Therapy Andrew Gillooly Received Received
  P-282 Normothermic Ex Situ Liver Perfusion of Donation after Cardiac Death Grafts Improves Mitochondrial Function Mamatha Bhat Received Received
  P-283 Viability Testing and Transplantation of Marginal Donor Livers (VITTAL) Trial Outcomes: Bile duct injury assessment during the normothermic machine perfusion of discarded livers Richard Laing Received Received
  P-284 Biliary bicarbonate, pH and glucose are suitable biomarkers of biliary viability during ex situ normothermic machine perfusion of human donor livers Otto van Leeuwen Received Received
  P-285 The synthesis of coagulation factors during normothermic machine perfusion of livers is impaired by ischemia in pigs and might predict graft viability Nicholas Gilbo Received Received
  P-290 First Italian experience with OrganOx Metra Normotermic Machine Perfusion used on discarded extended criteria donor livers Tommaso Maria Manzia Received Received
  P-291 Early and newly introduced viability criteria for liver graft evaluation during normothermic machine perfusion Daniele dondossola Received Received
  P-294 The study on preservation effect of new organ preservation fluid based on tetramethylpyrazine on rat donor livers with 24 hours ex-vivo HMP Li Haoyu Received Received
  P-295 Both hypothermic and normothermic perfusions fail to reduce the magnitude of cancer growth in a prolonged ischemia, donation after cardio-circulatory death liver transplant model Graziano Oldani Received Received
  P-302 Pediatric Living Donor Liver Transplantation in the United States: A Retrospective Review of the National Experience Dor Yoeli Received Received
  P-303 Liver Transplantation for Urea Cycle Disorders in Saudi Arabia Ahmed Zidan Received Received
  P-305 Pediatric Liver Transplantation for Metabolic Disease Li-Ying Sun Received Received
  P-311 Liver Transplantation for Tyrosinemia in the Nitisinone Era Can Karaca Received Received
  P-313 Combined liver-kidney transplantation for hyperoxaluria type 1: monocentric experience in adult and pediatric recipients. Davide Cussa Received Received
  P-314 Simultaneous Partial Splenectomy During Liver Transplantation in Pediatric Patients for the Prevention of Persistent Severe Hypersplenism Posttransplant Lin Wei Received Received
  P-315 Reducing lateral segment grafts medially improves outcome in liver transplant for infants less than 10 kgs of weight. Subhash Subhash Received Received
  P-316 Hepatic artery reconstruction with interposition of donors right gastroepiploic artery graft in pediatric living donor liver transplantation for metabolic disease xiaojie chen Received Received
  P-319 Living Donor Liver Transplantation using Reduced Segment 2 Monosegment Graft in an infant Meltem Kologlu Received Received
  P-320 Management of portal vein anastomotic stenosis after pediatric liver transplantation: evaluation of single center experience Hubert van der Doef Received Received
  P-326 Live Donor Liver Transplantation for Type 1 Citrullinemia Can Karaca Received Received
  P-327 Live Donor Liver Transplantation for Hepatoblastoma Can Karaca Received Received
  P-328 The risk of arterial complication in pediatric living donor liver transplantation: Importance of the arterial blood flow intensity Takuya Harada Received Received
  P-330 Early referral to transplant centers is a prognostic factor influencing outcomes of pediatric liver transplantation. Roberta Angelico Received Received
  P-334 Simultaneous Anatomical Subtotal Splenectomy During Liver Transplantation for the Prevention of Persistent Severe Hypersplenism Posttransplant: A Case with 3-year Follow-up Guang-Peng Zhou Received Received
  P-335 Transitional care in pediatric Liver transplantation: do we need to structure a personalized program? Iegri Claudia Received Received
  P-340 Methylmalonic and Propionic Acidemia among Hospitalized Pediatric Patients: A Nationwide Report Yi-Zhou Jiang Received Received
  P-345 Molecular analysis of rejection and injury in liver transplant biopsies: the INTERLIVER STUDY Philip Halloran Received Received
  P-349 Markedly increased p-JNK expression is associated with increased necrosis and decreased autophagy in cholestatic liver Say-June Kim Received Received
  P-350 Liver transplantation for Genotype 4 HEV related acute-on-chronic liver failure. Kentaro Ichimura Received Received
  P-352 INR above measurable value of 8.7 but normal ROTEM in acute fulminant hepatic failure due to acetaminophen overdose Manny Lai Received Received
  P-354 Liver transplantation for acute liver failure caused by incidental diffuse primary hepatic angiosarcoma Dongdong Lin Received Received
  P-357 Towards engineering human extrahepatic bile ducts from ductal extracellular matrix and biliary organoids Jorke Willemse Received Received
  P-363 Improved engraftment of human hepatocytes in immunodeficient, FAH deficient pigs Erek Nelson Received Received
  P-364 The effects of liver transplantation on changes in the stool microbiome David Victor Received Received
  P-365 Identification of new drug targets to prevent ischemia-induced bile duct injury using a human biliary organoid model Floris Roos Received Received
  P-367 Potential mRNA and miRNA are involved in with carcinogenesis of hepatocellular carcinoma by FVII Chih-Che Lin Received Received
  P-368 Energetic status change during liver graft storage and normothermic machine perfusion in rats. daniele dondossola Received Received
  P-371 Role of hyperperfusion portal vein flow and ischemia in porcine liver transplantation Alice Artus Received Received
  P-373 Multi-omics approach to identify up- and down-stream regulators in ischemia reperfusion injury leading to early graft dysfuntion in liver transplantation Amamdeep Bajwa Received Received
  P-374 Inhibition of GSK3 protects liver against ischemia/reperfusion injury via activating AMPK-mediated autophagy Kang He Received Received
  P-376 The alarmin IL-33 has a key-role in hepatic ischemia-reperfusion in a mouse model Louise Barbier Received Received
  P-379 Effects of the gut-liver axis on ischaemia-mediated hepatocellular carcinoma recurrence in the mouse liver Lorenzo Orci Received Received
  P-380 FK506 aggravates cobalt chloride induced HepG2 cytotoxicity Soo Jin Na Choi Received Received
  P-381 Generation of induced secretome from adipose-derived stem cells specialized for disease-specific treatment: an experimental mouse model Say-June Kim Received Received
  P-387 Detecting graft-derived cell-free DNA via Y-chromosome-specific-PCR andamplification-refractory-mutation-system-PCRin living-donor liver transplantation Hoi-Ioi Ng Received Received
  P-389 miRNA expression profiles of FFPE liver biopsies from transplanted HCV mono-infected and HCV/HIV co-infected patients umberto baccarani Received Received
  P-392 Safety of intra-operative blood salvage in hepatocellular carcinoma liver transplantation: tumor cell detection via spiral microfluidics technology Jarrod Kah Hwee Tan Received Received
  P-393 Pathological interpretation and genetic polymorphisms of acute rejection associated with low serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D after living donor liver transplantation King-Wah Chiu Received Received
  P-397 Potentiality of cryopreserved pig Hepatocyte spheroids for BAL system development using serum-free solutions Sanghoon Lee Received Received
  P-399 Cytotoxicity of FK506 through TRAIL pathways in human Jurkat T cells Sang Young Chung Received Received
  P-403 Sirtuin 1 associated to different hepatic protection outcome regarding levels of steatosis ARNAU PANISELLO-ROSELLO Received Received
  P-404 FAS siRNA donor administration has the potential to alleviate ischemia-reperfusion injury in an arterialized rat liver transplant model. ELIANO BONACCORSI-RIANI Received Received
  P-405 Increases in ALDH2 protein content is associated to hepatoprotection through autophagy and UPS in fatty liver cold ischemia. ARNAU PANISELLO-ROSELLO Received Received
  P-411 Real-life experience with mTOR inhibitors treatment after liver transplantation Helena Katchman Received Received
  P-412 MeltDose technology versus once-daily prolonged release tacrolimus in de novo liver transplant recipients umberto baccarani Received Received
  P-414 Ab initio mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors in liver transplantation: mid-term results of observational cohort study Tommaso Maria Manzia Received Received
  P-419 Very early immunosuppression predicts the first-year renal function post liver transplantation Tommaso Di Maira Received Received
  P-420 Could IL-2 receptor blocker be used for prolonged maintenance, calcineurin free, immunosuppression in post liver transplant recipients? Ashokkumar Jain Received Received
  P-425 Squint: Unique Tacrolimus related toxicity Ushast Dhir Received Received
  P-427 Mixed Chimerism following Graft versus Host Disease in a Recipient of a Liver Transplant Ahmad Karadagi Received Received
  P-428 Once-daily tacrolimus is safe for pregnancy and childbirth after living donor liver transplantation (case) Geun Hong Received Received
  P-432 Microfluidic chip combined with magnetic-activated cell sorting technology for tumor antigen-independent sorting of circulating hepatocellular carcinoma cells Xue-Bin Wang Received Received
  P-434 Liver Transplant Outcomes for Locally Advanced Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma are Comparable to Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma within Mayo Criteria: A Single Center Experience Keri Lunsford Received Received
  P-436 Correlation between classification of circulating tumor cells in peripheral blood and early recurrence in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation Binsheng Fu Received Received
  P-439 Clinical characteristics associated with HCC in African American patients Kapil Kohli Received Received
  P-443 Metroticket 2.0 validation in an Australian liver transplant cohort Ted Stoklosa Received Received
  P-445 Living Donor Liver Transplantation for Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Portal Vein Tumor Thrombosis after Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy Lee Jae Geun Received Received
  P-448 Expression profile analysis of circular RNAs in early recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma Wangyao Li Received Received
  P-450 While Tumour FDG-18 PET Avidity Is A Good Prognostic Marker For Recurrence Post-LDLT In NAFLD/NASH Patients With HCC, Alpha Fetoprotein Is Not Prashant Bhangui Received Received
  P-452 Does meeting the Milan Criteria at the time of recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma after curative resection have an impact on pprognosis? Hyo-Sin Kim Received Received
  P-458 Dynamic prediction formulae for HCC recurrence after living donor liver transplantation Chih-Che Lin Received Received
  P-460 Mixed HCC-Cholangiocarcinoma (cHCC-CCA) - A single institution experience. Chun Han Nigel Tan Received Received
  P-464 Hemochromatosis gene overexpression promotes tumor growth in hepatocellular carcinoma Pingping DONG Received Received
  P-468 Effect of Child Pugh Grade on Long-Term Prognosis after Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Guoying Wang Received Received
  P-473 Recurrence of Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) After Liver Transplantation: Patterns and Prognostic Factors in a Single Center Experience, King Faisal Specialty Hospital and Research Center (KFSH&RC) Yusuf Barhoom Received Received
  P-479 Comparison of post-embolization syndrome after hepatic artery embolization in liver cirrhotic patients versus non-cirrhotic patients Anan Abu Rmilah Received Received
  P-484 Usefulness of evaluating response to neoadjuvant therapy in ion of hepatocellular carcinoma patients for liver transplantation in the era of novel criteria Michal Grat Received Received
  P-485 Factors Affecting Prognosis and Outcome in Live Donor Liver Transplantation for Hepatocellular Cancer: Is There a Pattern Beyond Patient Selection Criteria? Can Karaca Received Received
  P-489 Living-donor liver transplantation (LDLT) versus Deceased-donor liver transplantation (DDLT) for patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: Our 20 year experience Koy Min Chue Received Received
  P-494 Sirolimus-based immunosuppression improves outcomes in liver transplantation candidates with hepatocellular carcinoma beyond the Milan criteria or the Hangzhou criteria Sunbin Ling Received Received
  P-498 De novo malignancy after Liver transplantation: a single center experience Suk-Won Suh Received Received
  P-499 Posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder after liver transplantation in patients with low level of FK506 DOND DO YOU Received Received
  P-501 Comparison of two eras in liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma Piotr Remiszewski Received Received
  P-503 Tumor recurrence treatment after liver transplantation Ignacio M Gonzalez-Pinto Received Received
  P-504 Endothelial cell cytoskeleton rearrangement (ECCSKR) and endothelial to mesenchymal transition (EndoMT) in liver allografts following acute rejection (AR): its significance on the liver fibrosis B.HANDAN Ozdemir Received Received
  P-505 Inflammation and Fibrosis are Observed in 34 of Clinically Stable Adult Liver Transplant Recipients Lamia Sun Received Received
  P-506 Pathology of incidental hepatocellular carcinoma in explanted livers and its prognostic significance Muthukumarassamy Rajakannu Received Received
  P-507 Etiology of liver dysfunction after transplantation in children with metabolic disorders Rie Irie Received Received
  P-508 Simultaneous Liver and Kidney Transplant in Recurrent Acute Intermittent Porphyria Quinton Palmer Received Received
  P-509 Non-invasive Machine Learning Diagnosis Model for Pancreatic Cystic Tumors Based on Pre-treatment Contrast-Enhanced CT Fan Yang Received Received
  P-512 Imaging Diagnosis of Biliary Complications of ABO-Incompatibility in Living Donor Liver Transplantation Cheng-Kang Wang Received Received
  P-514 Tips placement after orthotopic liver transplantation (OLT): still building the niche. Preliminary results of a single centre experience Claudia Iegri Received Received
  P-518 Magnetic compression anastomosis for the treatment of biliary anastomotic stricture after orthotopic liver transplantation Li yu Received Received
  P-522 A case of migration of cyanoacrylate into portal vein after living donor liver transplantation HEE YEON KIM Received Received
  P-523 Associated balance of risk score comprehensive complication index for the prediction of long-term survival after liver transplantation: starting from the ABC Samuele Iesari Received Received
  P-524 Life expectancy (LE) and loss-of-LE in HCC patients receiving liver transplantation versus hepatic resection Yih-Jyh Lin Received Received
  P-525 Interstitial glucose metabolism in deceased donor liver allograft during the first week after transplantation - the microdialysis study Alexander Sushkov Received Received
  P-526 The association of insurance coverage with outcomes of liver transplantation in the United States Maria Stepanova Received Received
  P-528 Recipient Sex Interacts with Primary Diagnosis to Affect Liver Transplant Graft Survival Dor Yoeli Received Received
  P-529 Liver Transplantation From Octogenarian Donors: Analysis of The European Liver Transplant Registry (ELTR) Piotr Domagala Received Received
  P-532 Long-term Outcomes of Patients with Pre-tranplant Portal Vein Thrombosis After Living Donor Liver Transplantation: Experience from a High Volume Center Chao-Long Chen Received Received
  P-534 The prognostic impacts of donor gender in deceased donor liver transplantation for hepatocellular carcinoma Kazunari Sasaki Received Received
  P-535 Fibrinolytic shutdown is associated with thrombotic and hemorrhagic complications and poorer outcomes after liver transplantation Ramona Nicolau-Raducu Received Received
  P-536 Fibrinolytic shutdown is associated with intraoperative bleeding and thrombosis during visceral transplant Yehuda Raveh Received Received
  P-538 Immediate versus delayed kidney implantation in combined liver-kidney transplantation: single center, observational study Nicholas Mendez Received Received
  P-539 Efficacy of telemedical interventional management in patients with liver transplantation - a pilot study Min Tian Received Received
  P-540 Donor-recipient size mismatch has no impact on outcomes after deceased donor whole liver transplantation: a single center analysis Arianna Cabrales Received Received
  P-543 Liver transplantation for cholestatic liver diseases in adult - a single centre experience from the Eastern world Wing Chiu Dai Received Received
  P-544 Donor hepatectomy time and implantation time increase the risk of non-anastomotic biliary strictures and allograft dysfunction after liver transplantation Nicholas Gilbo Received Received
  P-545 Liver retransplantation in adult recipients: analysis of the Netherlands Organ Transplant Registration (NOTR) Kosei Takagi Received Received
  P-546 Impact of MELD-Na course (Delta MELD-Na) on Outcome after Liver Transplantation Gerd Silberhumer Received Received
  P-547 Body composition and morbidity following orthotopic liver transplantation the value of quality over quantity Zoltan Czigany Received Received
  P-548 Barriers to Medication Adherence in Individuals Post-Liver Transplant and with Chronic Liver Disease: A comparison of Paediatric and Adult Services. Jemma Day Received Received
  P-551 Feasibility of Aorta after endarterectomy as Middle Hepatic Vein Reconstruction in Living Donor Liver Transplantation Jae Hyun Kwon Received Received
  P-553 The influence of the timing of portal vein thrombosis diagnosis on outcome in liver transplant. Yasuhito Iwao Received Received
  P-555 Positive Crossmatch Liver Kidney Transplantation: Utility of Delaying Kidney Transplantation Shekhar Kubal Received Received
  P-557 Managing multiple inferior right hepatic veins in right lobe living donor liver transplantation: outcomes after bench reconstruction with a novel technique of PTFE BOAT graft Rohan Jagat Chaudhary Received Received
  P-558 Liver transplantation with sovraceliac aorto-hepatic vs infrarenal revascolarization: multicentric retrospective study Andrea Benedetti Cacciaguerra Received Received
  P-560 Risk factors for thrombosis and bleeding in pediatric liver transplantation in an era of routine postoperative antithrombotic therapy Maureen Werner Received Received
  P-561 20 year survival after liver transplantation and development of a risk score to predict long term survival Johanna Bayer Received Received
  P-562 Standardized critical care end points for deceased organ donors improve post-transplant graft function after liver transplantation Dieter Adelmann Received Received
  P-566 HIV Infection Is Not Associated with Increased Cardiovascular (CV) Risk in Liver Transplant (LT) Recipients: A Single Centre Comparative Study Carmen Vinaixa Received Received
  P-567 Mastery of Self-Management Skills in Young People Post-Liver Transplant and with Chronic Liver Disease in the United Kingdom. Jemma Day Received Received
  P-570 Immune monitoring of peripheral lymphocytes, HLA-DR monocytes and CD64 neutrophils in liver transplant recipients: a prospective cohort study Quan Zhuang Received Received
  P-574 Predictive model of morbidity and mortality for simultaneous liver transplantation and cardiac surgery: An innovative proposal Teresa Diago Uso Received Received
  P-576 Effect of WeChat-based peer education on medication compliance and quality of life in patients with liver transplantation: a pilot study Jia Liu Received Received
  P-578 Decision tree analysis to stratify and quantify risk of acute cellular rejection following liver transplantation Tomohiro Tanaka Received Received
  P-580 Fast track in liver transplantation: six years of a full-fledged ERAS protocol Gonzalo P. Rodríguez Laiz Received Received
  P-582 Pregnancy after liver transplantation: a monocentric experience Marco Maria Pascale Received Received
  P-583 Portal vein thrombosis is not a contraindication to liver transplantation Yee Lee Cheah Received Received
  P-584 Impact of the MELD era in Liver Allocation in Chile: Are candidates with hepatocellular carcinomas been beneficiated due to the exception points? Luis Antonio Díaz Received Received
  P-585 Renal outcome one year after living donor liver transplantation of patients with pre-transplant hepatorenal syndrome or chronic renal insufficiency Sheng-Chih Kuo Received Received
  P-586 Is cell saver mandatory for liver transplantation? Report of more than 500 liver transplants without auto transfusion. Ali Jafarian Received Received
  P-587 Fatal skin desquamation syndrome after diseased donor liver transplantation for HBV liver cirrhosis Radoslav Kostadinov Received Received
  P-589 Outcome of Living Donor Liver transplantation for Secondary biliary cirrhosis in Adult: Single Center Experience. Youngin Yoon Received Received
  P-591 Long-term outcomes of combined liver and kidney transplantation: a single center experience Mazzola Alessandra Received Received
  P-597 Graft-recipient-weight ratio shows no impact on renal function improvement one year after living donor liver transplantation Sheng-Chih Kuo Received Received
  P-598 Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy caused by JC-virus infection after orthotopic liver transplantation: A case report and review of the literature. Ger Koek Received Received
  P-601 Management of portal vein thrombosis during liver transplantation: A single-center experience Tae-Seok Kim Received Received
  P-602 Modified technique in liver procurement for deceased donor comparing outcomes and survival with conventional method Miu Yee Chan Received Received
  P-604 Simplifying medications in liver or kidney transplant patients Hyo Joo Park Received Received
  P-606 The reason of death for the liver transplantation recipients at a single center in China Feiwen Deng Received Received
  P-607 Ischaemia Reperfusion Related Ontable Primary Graft Non Function of the Liver Diana Bogatu Received Received
  P-608 The course of renal disease liver transplant recipient who requiring perioperative dialysis in liver transplantation Dong Hoon Shin Received Received
  P-610 Heterozygous a 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency Z Allele is Enriched in Patients with NASH, Alcoholic Liver Disease and Cryptogenic Cirrhosis Awaiting Liver Transplantation Anan Abu Rmilah Received Received
  P-611 Decline in HCV as an etiology for liver transplantation in direct acting antivirals era Narendra S Choudhary Received Received
  P-612 Incidence of AKI in various etiological conditions in LDLT - experience with 1450 cases for a single centre nikunj gupta Received Received
  P-614 Fibrosis-related miRNA expression profiles in end-stage liver disease candidates to liver transplantation: comparative study between Western and Eastern patients Susumu Eguchi Received Received
  P-615 Outcome of hepatitis C related liver transplantation in direct acting antivirals era Neeraj Saraf Received Received
  P-616 Short and Long-term outcomes of Intentional Allocation of Hepatitis C Positive Livers (even viremic donors) into Hepatitis C Negative Recipients Paulo Martins Received Received
  P-619 Successfully blocking HBV transmission from an infected native liver to a graft in auxiliary liver transplantation Li-Ying Sun Received Received
  P-620 Liver recipient characteristic (still) reflects general epidemiological data on HCV and HCC morbidity. Poland - country data Jaros&322;aw Czerwi&324;ski Received Received
  P-624 Liver steatosis after living donor liver transplantation nuttapon arpornsujaritkun Received Received
  P-625 The final effort of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in the world of organ transplant Assaf Issachar Received Received
  P-627 Management of de novo hepatitis B infection from hepatitis B core antibody-positive donors Seong-Hwan Chang Received Received
  P-628 IVC clamping first and rapid implanting technique applied in liver transplantation treating complicated polycystic liver Fangzhou Luo Received Received
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