ESTRO 2020


28 November - 01 December 2020 Virtual
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Poster title
Applicant name
  PH-0038 RT and concomitant CDDP vs cetuximab for head and neck cancer: long term outcomes of a randomized PH. II trial Davide Tomasini Received Received
  PH-0039 Impact of sarcopenia on survival and recurrence after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer thureau sebastien Received Received
  PH-0040 A 6-point scale approach to 18F-FDG PET-CT for response assessment in HNSCC: a multicenter study Pierluigi Bonomo Received Received
  PH-0041 Substantial long-term morbidity after radiotherapy for sinonasal cancer. A cross sectional study Maja Bendtsen Sharma Received Received
  PH-0042 Aspiration related Organs At Risk (OARs) are relevant predictors of silent aspiration after (chemo)radiation. Agata Bannink-Gawryszuk Received Received
  PH-0043 Age related toxicity and outcome in oropharyngeal and nasoparyngeal cancer patients Nicola Alessandro Iacovelli Received Received
  PH-0044 Anaplastic thyroid carcinoma in the Netherlands, very bad but not for all Mischa de Ridder Received Received
  PH-0046 Characterization of ionization chambers in magnetic fields for MR guided proton beam therapy Hermann Fuchs Received Received
  PH-0047 Small-cavity chamber dose response to megavoltage photon beams in the presence of magnetic fields Yunuen Cervantes Espinosa Received Received
  PH-0048 Recombination effects on the liquid-filled ionization chamber array used in VMAT quality control Noelia Solís Preciado Received Received
  PH-0049 Organic semiconductors photodiodes for ionising radiation dosimetry Jessie Posar Received Received
  PH-0050 Results of 2 years of automated pre-treatment and absolute transit in vivo dosimetry. Evy Bossuyt Received Received
  PD-0051 The impact of neuroradiology collaboration in head and neck cancer radiotherapy peer review Rashmi Jadon Received Received
  PD-0052 Interobserver variability in organ at risk delineation in head and neck cancer Julie van der Veen Received Received
  PD-0055 Outcome in patients with isolated regional recurrence after primary radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Anne Marie Lindegaard Received Received
  PD-0056 Factors predicting acute and late gastrointestinal and genitourinary toxicity in prostate cancer Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  PD-0057 Patient-reported outcomes after prostate only vs prostate and pelvic lymph node radiation therapy. Matthew Parry Received Received
  PD-0058 Adjusting the Duration of Androgen Deprivation Therapy (ADT) based on Nadir PSA in High Risk Localized Prostate Cancer Patients Treated with Definitive External Beam Radiation Therapy and ADT Zeina Ayoub Received Received
  PD-0059 Patient-reported baseline incontinence at post-prostatectomy RT: its dependence on time from surgery Claudio Fiorino Received Received
  PD-0060 Treatment-related toxicity of hypofractionated radiation therapy for prostate cancer Matthew Parry Received Received
  PD-0061 Does the dose to penile bulb/internal pudendal arteries matter for erectile dysfunction post-SBRT? Giorgio Lamanna Received Received
  PD-0062 Clinical modulation of tumour immune infiltrates and plasma cytokines by ATR inhibition radiation Magnus Dillon Received Received
  PD-0063 SIRT2 prevents cisplatin-induced peripheral neuron injury by enhancing nucleotide excision repair Scarlett Acklin Received Received
  PD-0065 Utilizing a high-throughput approach to identify effective agents for aggressive thyroid cancer Abdallah S. R. Mohamed Received Received
  PD-0067 An ex vivo assay to detect radiosensitization by PARP-inhibitors in soft tissue sarcomas Monica Mangoni Received Received
  PD-0068 Streamlining the image-guided radiotherapy process for proton beam therapy: a service evaluation Lucy Davies Received Received
  PD-0069 Use of prescription isodose boundary to optimise treatment delivery during MR-guided Radiotherapy Claudio Votta Received Received
  PD-0070 Contour propagation for online treatment of rectal cancer using MR guidance Ayodeji Adams Received Received
  PD-0071 The MR-Linac put into practice: 1.5 years of clinical experience of MRgRT Sophie de Mol van Otterloo Received Received
  PD-0072 Evaluation of intra thoracic anatomical changes based on the lung traffic light protocol Filipa Sousa Received Received
  PD-0073 Outcomes in patients aged 70 and above treated with radical radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Lisa Hay Received Received
  PH-0114 Anorectal dose-effect relations for late gastrointestinal toxicity following external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer in the FLAME trial Veerle Groen Received Received
  PH-0115 Five-year outcomes of 51.6 Gy (RBE) in 12-fractionated carbon-ion RT for localized prostate cancer Hiraku Sato Received Received
  PH-0116 Stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate cancer: preliminary results of a phase II prospective trial Paul Nguyen Received Received
  PH-0117 Radiotherapy of T4M0 prostate cancer : A multicentric retrospective analysis Flora Goupy Received Received
  PH-0118 Stereotactic or conventional RT for macroscopic prostate bed recurrence: a propensity score analysis Lucia Pia Ciccone Received Received
  PH-0119 Modulations of gut microbiota following radiotherapy for prostate cancer Eliana Gioscio Received Received
  PH-0120 The influence of telomere length on mortality in prostate cancer patients treated with radiotherapy. Katarzyna Lukasiak Received Received
  PH-0121 Selecting the optimal fiducial marker to reduce the PTV margins for partial breast irradiation Nienke Hoekstra Received Received
  PH-0123 DIR based dose accumulation to validate reduced PTV and PRV margins in head-and-neck radiotherapy Nicholas Lowther Received Received
  PH-0124 Dosimetric effect of intrafraction motion for different correction strategies in prostate SBRT Antti Vanhanen Received Received
  PH-0126 Online 3D prostate cine-MRI on the MR-linac: dosimetric impact of intrafraction motion Charis Kontaxis Received Received
  PH-0127 Quantifying intra-fractional gastric wall motion for MR-guided radiotherapy Theo Driever Received Received
  PH-0156 Pattern of care and outcomes in stage III esophageal cancer receiving definitive chemoradiation Ying-Hsiang Chou Received Received
  PH-0158 The role of adjuvant radiation therapy in non-hilar extrahepatic bile duct cancer Won Ick Chang Received Received
  PH-0159 NANORAY-103: Phase I/II trial of NBTXR3 activated by SBRT in patients with HCC and liver metastases Thierry De Baère Received Received
  PH-0160 Update of a mono-institutional, retrospective cohort of patients with a diagnosis of primary or recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy: tumor control, survival and toxicity Jacopo Di Muzio Received Received
  PH-0161 Elective clinical target volumes for rectal IMRT delivery moving towards a UK wide consensus Sean OCathail Received Received
  PH-0162 Is there a radiation dose-response relationship for non-operative management of rectal cancer? Ane Appelt Received Received
  PH-0163 Harmonization of breast cancer radiotherapy treatment planning in the Netherlands Koen Crama Received Received
  PH-0164 A randomised clinical feasibility trial of a breast immobilisation device:The SuPPORT 4 All Project. Heidi Probst Received Received
  PH-0166 Bilateral breast treatment comparative: mono and bi-isocentric VMAT treatment plan. Anna Coral Received Received
  PH-0167 Dosimetric stability of left breast cancer irradiation in DIBH triggered with RPM Sonia Bermejo Received Received
  PH-0168 Can the use of PET/MR improve target delineation accuracy in RT planning for H&N cancer patients? York Sze Wong Received Received
  PH-0169 Dosimetric comparison of IMRT and IMPT in the treatment of recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma Hing Ming Hung Received Received
  PD-0170 Volumetric regression in brain metastases after stereotactic RT: Time course and significance Florian Putz Received Received
  PD-0174 Predictive factors for local and distant brain control and survival after SRT of brain metastases Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  PD-0175 TTIRS trial:a retrospective analysis of the association between TT or IT and RS for BM from NSCLC emanuela olmetto Received Received
  PD-0176 Survival After Breast-Conserving Therapy Compared With Mastectomy in Stage I-IIA Breast Cancer Ivica Ratosa Received Received
  PD-0177 Interfraction heart motion during Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) radiotherapy measured by daily CBCT. Sofian Benkhaled Received Received
  PD-0178 NTCP model development and comparison for brain image changes after IMPT for head and neck cancer. Grete May Engeseth Received Received
  PD-0179 Clinical results of partial- and whole breast irradiation in early stage breast cancer Edwin Blke Received Received
  PD-0180 Interim Report from the SAVE HEART Study: deep inspiration breath-hold in left-sided breast cancer Stephan Schnecker Received Received
  PD-0181 Relationship between low dose to heart substructures and heart damage within SAFE trial (NCT2236806) Viola Salvestrini Received Received
  PD-0182 Elastically deformed planning CT improves in vivo dosimetry results for Head and Neck treatments Marco Esposito Received Received
  PD-0183 Does the detector resolution influence correlations between complexity metrics and VMAT QA results? SERENELLA RUSSO Received Received
  PD-0185 Development of a Monte-Carlo head model for a fast online validation of 1.5 T MR-linac plans Marcel Nachbar Received Received
  PD-0187 Converting absorbed dose-to-medium to dose-to-water in heterogeneous media Alexia Delbaere Received Received
  PD-0189 Individualized Beam Angle Selection for MR-Linac Treatment of Rectal Cancer Patients Rik Bijman Received Received
  PD-0190 Update on yesterdays dose Use of delivery log files to refine the daily proton delivery Michael Matter Received Received
  PD-0191 Knowledge-based planning improves plan quality for high-risk prostate cancer with four dose levels Kristine Fjellanger Received Received
  PD-0192 Early clinical experience with a total body irradiation technique using field-in-field beams and on-line image guidance Ruud van Leeuwen Received Received
  PD-0193 Validation of a multi-centre knowledge-based planning model for radiotherapy of cervical cancer Liz Adams Received Received
  PH-0232 Metabolic profiles do not recover to normal after pelvic IMRT for high-risk prostate cancer. Miguel Reis Ferreira Received Received
  PH-0233 Microbiome Structures and Function Changes in RE of Cervical Cancer Based on 16S-rDNA Sequencing Chenying Ma Received Received
  PH-0234 The Adaptive Resistome in TNBC: Functional Targeting in Patient-derived Organoids and Cell Lines Sandra Classen Received Received
  PH-0235 Downregulation of BCL10 attenuates tumor growth and enhances radiosensitivity in pancreatic cancer Sung-Hsin Kuo Received Received
  PH-0238 Optimisation of a Prompt-Gamma Slit Imaging System for Particle Beam Range Verification Anna Vella Received Received
  PH-0239 Time-resolved dosimetry for validation of 4D dose calculation in PBS proton therapy Natalia Kostiukhina Received Received
  PH-0240 An independent platform for dose calculation and log file evaluation in proton therapy Gabriel Fonseca Received Received
  PH-0241 A simulator of proton pencil beam scanning delivery Per Rugaard Poulsen Received Received
  PH-0242 Maximizing the benefit of limited proton therapy resources through combined proton-photon treatments Nicolas Loizeau Received Received
  PH-0243 Joint optimization of combined photon-carbon ion treatments for infiltrative tumors Amit Ben Antony Bennan Received Received
  PH-0244 Treatment planning for MRI guided proton therapy: dose calculations in transverse magnetic fields. Fatima Padilla Cabal Received Received
  PH-0276 Shared Decision-Making and Decision Support for Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation in SCLC Patients Anshu Ankolekar Received Received
  PH-0277 Delineation of whole heart and substructures in thoracic radiotherapy: National guidelines and contouring atlas by the Danish Multidisciplinary Cancer Groups Marie Louise Milo Received Received
  PH-0278 Discontinuous schedule stereotactic irradiation increases overall survival in stage I non-small-cell lung carcinoma Log Duvergé Received Received
  PH-0279 Accelerated hypofractionated radiotherapy with concurrent chemotherapy for NSCLC: a phase I/II study Lucyna Kepka Received Received
  PH-0280 Quality of surgery and RT in stage IIIN2 NSCLC: Insights from the Lung Adjuvant Radiotherapy trial yasmina moukasse Received Received
  PH-0281 Outcomes of re-irradiation & repeat radiotherapy in NSCLC: A propensity matched analysis Lucy Sandhu Received Received
  PH-0282 Phase 2 Study of Novel Partial Tumor Irradiation for Sparing Peri-Tumoral Immune Microenvironment. Slavisa Tubin Received Received
  PH-0284 Dose-effect relation for rib fractures after lung SBRT: Planned vs. delivered dose Celia Juan-Cruz Received Received
  PH-0285 NTCP models for severe radiation induced dermatitis after thoracic radiation therapy Laura Cella Received Received
  PH-0286 Development of CT-based cardiac model with substructure for dosimetry in late effects studies Suman Shrestha Received Received
  PH-0287 Transfer learning and Deep Neural Network for lung and heart dose prediction in breast treatments Jaime Perez-Alija Received Received
  PH-0288 Independent external validation of a logistic regression NTCP model for grade 3 oral mucositis Marjan Sharabiani Received Received
  PH-0289 Temporary alopecia in photon cranial irradiation: Establishing the dose-response relation using MRI Astrid van lier Received Received
  PD-0291 Comparison of 5 different autosegmentation software for left-sided breast cancer patients Janne Heikkil Received Received
  PD-0293 The benefit of high hyperthermia dose in re-irradiation of loco-regional recurrent breast cancer. Akke Bakker Received Received
  PD-0294 Hypothyroidism in IMRT-VMAT breast cancer supraclavicular radiotherapy : a retrospective study Grazia Lazzari Received Received
  PD-0295 FAST approach in early breast cancer irradiation: toxicity and outcome in a 3DCRT vs IMRT comparison Maria Alessia Zerella Received Received
  PD-0296 FAPI-PET/CT as a novel diagnostic imaging probe first clinical experience in radiation oncology Stefan Koerber Received Received
  PD-0297 Estimating the probability of active tumor in cervical cancer derived from PET/MR-imaging Sara Pilskog Received Received
  PD-0298 Long-term characterization of MRI-morphologic alterations after active motion-compensated liver SBRT Georgia Miebach Received Received
  PD-0299 Changes in PET/CT uptake between pre/ and post-treatment might predict response in esophageal cancer Esther Jimenez-Jimenez Received Received
  PD-0301 Virtual Tangential Arc Therapy (ViTAT): toward large scale auto-planning for breast cancer treatment Roberta Castriconi Received Received
  PD-0302 Biological uncertainties in proton therapy for paediatric mediastinal Hodgkin Lymphoma Marianne Aznar Received Received
  PD-0303 Plan quality assessment for rectal cancer patients using prediction of organ-at-risk dose metrics Ana Vaniqui Received Received
  PD-0304 Treatment plan comparisons between dynamic trajectory radiotherapy and HyperArc Michael Fix Received Received
  PD-0305 Comparative planning study between photon SABR & proton beam therapy for the re-irradiation of pelvic cancer recurrence Eloise Glassborow Received Received
  PD-0306 Breathing motion robustness of 4D-CT and ITV robust treatment plans in lung cancer IMPT Oscar Pastor-Serrano Received Received
  PD-0307 Tumor motion at planning 4D-CT and treatment 4D-CBCT for a large cohort of lung SBRT targets Tine Bjrn Nielsen Received Received
  PD-0308 First clinical experience of online adaptive radiotherapy driven by CBCT and artificial intelligence Patrik Sibolt Received Received
  PD-0309 Comparison of CBCT based synthetic CT methods for adaptive proton therapy Adrian Thummerer Received Received
  PD-0310 CBCT-to-CT synthesis with a single neural network for head-and-neck, lung and breast radiotherapy Matteo Maspero Received Received
  PD-0311 Patterns of practice for adaptive and real-time radiation therapy part II: interfractional changes Jenny Bertholet Received Received
  PD-0312 Online-adaptive versus robust IMPT for prostate cancer: how much can we gain? Thyrza Jagt Received Received
  PH-0358 A score to predict survival of elderly patients newly diagnosed for Glioblastoma Christoph Straube Received Received
  PH-0359 Blood plasma based risk stratification of glioblastoma patients Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  PH-0360 Neutrophils and lymphocytes ratio: prognostic marker in glioblastoma Orit Kaidar-Person Received Received
  PH-0361 Reactivation of HCMV during RT of the brain results in critical illness and early mortality Benjamin Frey Received Received
  PH-0363 Barium-contrasted bone-cements: impact on dosimetry Scott Crowe Received Received
  PH-0364 CIED malfunctions during radiotherapy course: a prospective, multi-centre, in-vitro evaluation Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  PH-0365 Can a dual isocentre technique enable cervix treatments on the 1.5T MR-Linac? Robert Chuter Received Received
  PH-0366 Predictors of incontinence 2yr after post-prostatectomy RT: evidence of dose & fractionation effects Andrea Bresolin Received Received
  PH-0368 Alexithymia, empathy and burn-out amongst medical physicists: the PRO BONO survey Pierfrancesco Franco Received Received
  PH-0401 What are the main causes of interfraction motion of the uterine fundus and cervix? Anthea Cree Received Received
  PH-0403 Correlation early morbidity with external beam dose volume parameters in loc. advanced cervix cancer Yvette Seppenwoolde Received Received
  PH-0404 Risk factors for late diarrhea after radiochemotherapy in cervical cancer: results from the EMBRACE I study Nina Boje Kibsgaard Jensen Received Received
  PH-0405 Updated mono-institutional analysis of 177 vaginal and pelvic recurrences of endometrial cancer Valeria Chiofalo Received Received
  PH-0406 An IPEM international survey of MRI use for external beam RT treatment planning richard speight Received Received
  PH-0407 Tumour-site specific geometric distortions in high field MR-Linac treatments Signe Winther Hasler Received Received
  PH-0408 Assessment of the generalizability to pediatric protontherapy of a 3D network generating pseudo-CT Emilie Alvarez Andres Received Received
  PH-0409 Development of Phantom materials with independently adjustable MR- and CT-contrast Alina Elter Received Received
  PH-0410 Multi-centre, deep learning, synthetic-CT generation for ano-rectal cancer MR-only planning with AI AutoConfidence assessment David Bird Received Received
  PH-0411 Neural network based MR-only treatment planning for cervix cancer using low field MR images Martin Buschmann Received Received
  PD-0414 Correlating dosimetry with the outcomes - A analysis of UKs largest cohort of lung SABR patients. Animesh Saha Received Received
  PD-0415 Bronchial stenosis in central lung tumors treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Barbara Rijksen Received Received
  PD-0417 The evolution of radiation-induced lung damage following dose-escalated chemo-radiotherapy Edward Chandy Received Received
  PD-0418 Dose on cardiac (sub)structures as predictor for OS in early stage NSCLC patients treated with SBRT Marloes Duijm Received Received
  PD-0419 Thoracic radiotherapy decreases right ventricle function: first results of the CLARIFY study E. Slager Received Received
  PD-0420 Induction by mFOLFIRINOX followed by SIB-SBRT for the neoadjuvant treatment of pancreatic cancer. Christelle Bouchart Received Received
  PD-0422 Evaluating inter-observer variation in oesophageal target volume delineation Owen Nicholas Received Received
  PD-0425 Radiomics for ion of patients treated with immuno-radiotherapy: pooled analysis from 6 studies Roger Sun Received Received
  PD-0426 NTCP model for radiation-induced liver disease: Integration of clinical and dosimetric factors Anussara Prayongrat Received Received
  PD-0427 Optimization of preion process in model-based ion for proton in head and neck cancer Makbule Tambas Received Received
  PD-0428 Large scale evaluation of sarcopenia as prognostic factor in lung cancer radiotherapy patients Andrew Green Received Received
  PD-0429 CT radiomics differentiates levels of radiocurability in tumor subvolumes in head and neck cancer Marta Bogowicz Received Received
  PD-0430 Radiation induced dyspnea in lung cancer patients treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy Laura Cella Received Received
  PD-0431 Multicentre clinical radiotherapy audit in rectal cancer: results of the IROCA project Magdalena Fundowicz Received Received
  PD-0432 Implantable Sensors for Quantifying Tumor Oxygenation Greg Ekchian Received Received
  PD-0433 Clinical workflow for treating patients with a metallic hip prosthesis on an MR-linac Rick Keesman Received Received
  PD-0434 A Prospective Clinical Evaluation of Mirada DLCExpert Auto-Contouring for Head and Neck OARs. Chris South Received Received
  PD-0435 Brainlab ExacTrac Dynamic First pre-clinical validation of surface- and X-Ray positioning accuracy Vanessa da Silva Mendes Received Received
  PD-0436 Dose simulations of a novel aluminium-alloy 3D range-modulator for proton therapy Yuri Simeonov Received Received
  PH-0476 Impact of single dose photon or 12C-ion irradiation on rat prostate tumors assessed by DCE-MRI Alina Bendinger Received Received
  PH-0477 Effectiveness of fractionated carbon ion treatments in three rat prostate tumors Christin Glowa Received Received
  PH-0479 The influence of the tissue specific parameter a/ on the RBE of protons Elisabeth Mara Received Received
  PH-0480 Early repair mechanisms after Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy in normal lung tissue Verdiana Trappetti Received Received
  PH-0481 Synchrotron Microbeam Radiation Therapy increases the therapeutic index for brain tumor treatment. Laura Eling Received Received
  PH-0482 Inter-observer variation of burned-in fiducial marker positions for MR-only prostate radiotherapy Femke Beeksma Received Received
  PH-0484 Evaluation of AI based contouring tools in prostate cancer RT Anni Borkvel Received Received
  PH-0485 A deep image-to-image network organ segmentation algorithm for radiation treatment planning: principles and clinical evaluation Sebastian Marschner Received Received
  PH-0487 Analysis of treatment times and workflow at a 1.5 T MR Linac Jessica Boldt Received Received
  PH-0488 Online correction for geometric fidelity in MR-Linac treatments Lieke Meijers Received Received
  PH-0522 Fractionation and early mortality in palliative radiotherapy across the English NHS Katie Spencer Received Received
  PH-0524 TEACHH model. Our experience in handling. cecilia escuin troncho Received Received
  PH-0525 Radio-immunotherapy versus immunotherapy alone tolerability and adverse events Maike Trommer Received Received
  PH-0526 Socioeconomic status does not affect survival in patients with brain metastases Steven Nagtegaal Received Received
  PH-0527 The design of an MRI/PET for radiotherapy treatment simulation. The search for small tumour volumes Casper Beijst Received Received
  PH-0528 Feasibility of MR-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy in 5, 2 or 1 fractions for prostate cancer Jonathan Mohajer Received Received
  PH-0529 Prostate intrafraction motion during the preparation and delivery of MR-guided radiotherapy sessions on a 1.5T MR-Linac Daan de Muinck Keizer Received Received
  PH-0531 Audit feasibility for geometric distortion of MRI scanners used for Radiotherapy Meshal Alzahrani Received Received
  PH-0532 Standardization of brain MRI across machines and protocols: bridging the gap for MRI-based radiomics Alexandre CARRE Received Received
  PD-0534 Dose-escalation phase III trial of preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer. First results Fernando López Campos Received Received
  PD-0536 Bone-marrow sparing IMRT for anal cancer patients: a prospective phase II trial FRANCESCA ARCADIPANE Received Received
  PD-0537 Factors Affecting Overall Survival in Non-Metastatic Rectal Cancer: An NCDB analysis Parvez Shaikh Received Received
  PD-0538 Rectal cancer: world-wide use of radiotherapy and the importance of more strict lymph node staging Klara Hammarstrm Received Received
  PD-0541 Transfer learning for automatic sarcopenia evaluation at T12 vertebral level Donal McSweeney Received Received
  PD-0544 Validation of a multi-endpoint risk model for clinical outcome in head-and-neck cancer Katrin Hkansson Received Received
  PD-0545 Validation of a predictive model for salivary dysfunction during chemo-IMRT for head-neck cancer Anna Cavallo Received Received
  PD-0546 Ten years critical re-evaluation of a Failure mode effect analysis in a radiotherapy department Pietro Mancosu Received Received
  PD-0548 Quantitative Analysis of SCOPE 2 Trial 4DCT pre-accrual benchmark cases jennifer kahan Received Received
  PD-0549 Improving radiotherapy accuracy with EPID in-vivo dosimetry: results from a multicentric study. Marco Esposito Received Received
  PD-0552 Validation of an average anatomy model based on deformable image registration for lung cancer Gordon Lim Received Received
  PD-0553 Efficient adaptive RT using CBCT-based dose recalculation for head and neck cancer patients Geert Wortel Received Received
  PD-0554 CTV-to-PTV margin assessment for esophageal cancer radiotherapy based on accumulated dose analysis Mick Boekhoff Received Received
  PD-0555 Dose-Dependent Splenic Volume Changes during Adrenal Adaptive Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Hanbo Chen Received Received
  PD-0556 Using multiple planning scans to predict organ shape variability during RT for prostate cancer Katarína Furmanová Received Received
  PD-0557 Biomechanical quality assurance criteria for deformable registration in image guided radiotherapy Cornel Zachiu Received Received
  PH-0595 Cardiovascular sequelae after adjuvant therapy in a 10-year cohort of breast cancer patients. Zihan Li Received Received
  PH-0596 Whole breast irradiation in comparison to endocrine therapy in early stage breast cancer Edwin Blke Received Received
  PH-0597 Radiation and/or endocrine therapy? Recurrence outcomes in low-risk breast cancer patients over 70 Hannah Dahn Received Received
  PH-0598 Normo versus hypofractionated whole breast irradiation: Are real life data what we expect? Sofia Rivera Received Received
  PH-0599 Body image after breast cancer treatment and determinants associated with impaired body image Marilot Batenburg Received Received
  PH-0600 Distribution patterns of lymphatic metastases: influence of axillary lymph node dissection Christina Schleibinger Received Received
  PH-0602 Dosimetric impact of central OAR review on rectal and bladder constraint attainment in PACE-B trial Douglas Brand Received Received
  PH-0603 Deep learning delineation of GTV for head and neck cancer with multi-modality imaging Jintao Ren Received Received
  PH-0605 External validation of deep learning-based contouring of head and neck organs at risk Ellen Brunenberg Received Received
  PH-0606 AutoConfidence: Per-patient validation for clinical confidence in deep learning for radiotherapy Mike Nix Received Received
  PH-0607 Investigating the potential of deep learning for quality assurance of organ-at-risk contours Ward van Rooij Received Received
  PH-0608 Identifying systematic edits in the clinical use of Deep Learning Contours Mark Gooding Received Received
  PH-0647 The effect of contouring variation on biochemical recurrence following prostate radiotherapy Eliana M Vasquez Osorio Received Received
  PH-0648 Radiotherapy of prostate cancer:impact of treatment characteristics on the incidence of second tumor Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  PH-0649 Can we dose escalate in anal cancer without an increase in dose to OARs? Natalie Abbott Received Received
  PH-0650 External validation of survival of lung cancer patients due to setup uncertainties towards the heart Carsten Brink Received Received
  PH-0651 Validating a hidden Markov model for lung anatomical change classification using EPID dosimetry Cecile Wolfs Received Received
  PH-0652 Reliability and prognostic value of radiomic features are highly dependent on choice of feature extraction platform Isabella Fornacon-Wood Received Received
  PH-0653 Sacrum D30 38.8Gy3 predicts for insufficiency fracture following pelvic chemo-radiotherapy Romaana Mir Received Received
  PD-0654 The Correlation Between Linoleic Acid Metabolic Pathway and Nutritional Risk of Radiation Enteritis Chenying Ma Received Received
  PD-0656 A contouring atlas on MRI of emerging pelvic female organs at risk for daily practice radiotherapy Fabiola Patani Received Received
  PD-0657 Survival in optimally resected stage III endometrial cancer: adjuvant radiotherapy in the modern era Jenny Ling-Yu Chen Received Received
  PD-0658 Suboptimal dosimetric coverage of PET/CT hotspots is associated with recurrence for cervical cancer Franois Lucia Received Received
  PD-0660 Radical chemoradiation with IMRT-SIB for LAHNSCC: Preliminary outcome. Trinanjan Basu Received Received
  PD-0661 Retropharyngeal Lymphadenopathy in Oropharyngeal Cancers:impact on distant metastasis and survival Zsuzsanna Iyizoba-Ebozue Received Received
  PD-0662 Can PNI and BMI predict severe radiation induced toxicities in Head and Neck cancer? Giuseppe Fanetti Received Received
  PD-0663 The trend of neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a predictor of prognosis to nasopharyngeal carcinoma Pei Yang Received Received
  PD-0665 Outcomes of head & neck paragangliomas treated with surgery, radiation therapy or close observation. Akshay Mangaj Received Received
  PD-0666 Prostate radiotherapy with Carbogen and Nicotinamide. Final results of the phase 1b/II PROCON trial Kent Yip Received Received
  PD-0667 Early analysis from two phase I trials on SBRT of isolated nodal recurrences in prostate patients Francesco Deodato Received Received
  PD-0668 Longitudinal analysis of patient-reported urinary incontinence 2yr after post-prostatectomy RT Cesare Cozzarini Received Received
  PD-0670 Population outcomes of EBRT with LDR brachytherapy boost for intermediate, high-risk prostate cancer Justin Oh Received Received
  PD-0671 Matched pair analysis of salvage radiotherapy vs observation for post-prostatectomy PSA recurrence Thomas Wiegel Received Received
  PD-0672 Impact of a vacuum cushion on intrafraction motion during online adaptive MR-guided SBRT Anita Werensteijn-Honingh Received Received
  PD-0674 The role of radiation therapists in the area of online and adaptive treatment on the MR Linac Eline De Groot - Van Breugel Received Received
  PD-0675 Evaluation of transbronchial implanted fiducials for lung tumor tracking in Cyberknife Yuen Yan Chan Received Received
  PD-0676 A pilot study on evaluating the breast reproducibility of Chabner XRT Radiation Bra using MRI Sin Ting Chiu Received Received
  PD-0677 Breath-hold versus free breathing in SBRT of adrenal metastases Mirjam Mast Received Received
  PH-0715 External validation of ERITCP as response predictor in rectal cancer using MR-guided Radiotherapy Davide Cusumano Received Received
  PH-0716 Radiomics pCR predictive model in rectal cancer: an intercontinental validation on real world data JINYI LANG Received Received
  PH-0717 Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer: Robust Radiomic based model of outcome after radio-chemotherapy Martina Mori Received Received
  PH-0718 Quantitative MRI in prognosticating clinical outcomes in carcinoma cervix treated with Radiotherapy Swarupa Mitra Received Received
  PH-0719 18F-FDG-PET/CT parameters as predictors of survival and response to nCRT in esophageal cancer Lisa Marr Received Received
  PH-0721 Predicting overall survival in central NSCLC treated with SBRT: nomogram development and validation Marloes Duijm Received Received
  PO-0786 Comparison of the intra-arterial and systemic chemoradiotherapy for gingival carcinoma Yuki Mukai Received Received
  PO-0789 Radiation dose guided surgery for mandibular osteoradionecrosis Nick West Received Received
  PO-0790 Single-fraction adjuvant electronic brachytherapy (e-BT) after resection of conjunctival carcinoma Gustavo Sarria Received Received
  PO-0792 Reproducibility of the Mixing Ability Test in patients with head and neck cancer Jorine Vermaire Received Received
  PO-0793 Does delivered OAR dose improve prediction of late toxicity in head & neck cancer patients? David Noble Received Received
  PO-0794 Induction chemotherapy followed by moderately accelerated IMRT in head and neck cancer patients ALESSIA RE Received Received
  PO-0795 Pre-chemoradiotherapy nutritional status affects treatment response and survival in HNSCC patients Yih Mei Liou Received Received
  PO-0796 Observational study of radiotherapy plus cetuximab in patients with LA-SCCHN: JROSG12-2 Yosuke Ota Received Received
  PO-0798 Early Mortality after Radical Radiotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer a Nationwide Analysis from the Danish Head and Neck Cancer Group (DAHANCA) Database Kristian Hastoft Jensen Received Received
  PO-0799 Target delineation uncertainties using MRI for H&N cancer patients Ruta Zukauskaite Received Received
  PO-0802 Impact of LINE-1 methylation on survival in patients with locally advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma. Giuseppe Fanetti Received Received
  PO-0804 Adjuvant radiotherapy in the management of major salivary gland tumors Retrospective analysis André Florindo Received Received
  PO-0805 Dental insurance status influences prophylactic dental care prior to head and neck radiation Andrew Hope Received Received
  PO-0806 Prognostic value of eosinophil levels in oropharyngeal cancer: a retrospective multicentric study Francesco Olivero Received Received
  PO-0807 The association between mean platelet volume and prognosis in patients with oropharyngeal cancer. Katarzyna Lukasiak Received Received
  PO-0809 Lymph flow guided radiotherapy for oral tongue cancer: histological verification of the concept Sergey Novikov Received Received
  PO-0810 Prognostic value of lymph node-to-primary tumor standardized uptake value ratio in NPC Tsung-Min Hung Received Received
  PO-0811 Influence of time between surgery and postoperative radiation therapy in head and neck cancer Gustavo Marta Received Received
  PO-0812 Hypofractionated Chemoradiation in LAHNC; QOL, Toxicity and Local Control in Radiation courses. Gustavo Ferraris Received Received
  PO-0813 Total tumor volume as a prognostic factor in head and neck cancer patients. Irfan Bashir Received Received
  PO-0815 Validation of a Prognostic Model for Predicting Larynx Preservation Outcome in Catalan Population. Jordi Marruecos Querol Received Received
  PO-0817 Implication of BRAF mutations in well-differentiated thyroid carcinoma. Jose Antonio Dominguez Rullán Received Received
  PO-0818 Feasibility and first experience of MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Panagiotis Balermpas Received Received
  PO-0819 Repeated short-course radiotherapy regimen in elderly patients with advanced head and neck cancer Milena Ferro Received Received
  PO-0820 Nutritional Risk Index and outcomes for head and neck cancer patients receiving chemo-radiotherapy Justin Oh Received Received
  PO-0821 Prognostic Nutritional Index: A Predictive tool of treatment tolerance to head and neck radiotherapy anu george Received Received
  PO-0822 Dosimetric predictors of hypothyroidism in nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients treated with IMRT Yuanyuan Chen Received Received
  PO-0826 Hypofractionated radiotherapyfor HNSCC: a retrospective analysis of single Institution Fabrizio Sanna Received Received
  PO-0829 Osteoradionecrosis of the mandible in head and neck cancer patients treated with VMAT Carles Munoz Montplet Received Received
  PO-0831 IMRT for recurrent nasopharyngeal cancer: OAR tolerance and acute toxicity Aissaoui Dorra Received Received
  PO-0832 Stereotactic radiotherapy for localized external auditory canal carcinoma Yoshimasa Mori Received Received
  PO-0834 Tumor regression during intensity-modulated radiotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma Daoud Hend Received Received
  PO-0835 Which are the most tooth bearing areas at risk after IMRT for nasopharyngeal carcinoma ? Nejla Fourati Received Received
  PO-0837 Does response to induction chemotherapy predicts prognosis for nasopharyngeal carcinoma? Omar Nouri Received Received
  PO-0839 Overlapping Volumes in Re-irradiation for Head and Neck Cancer Anna Embring Received Received
  PO-0841 Treatment failure patterns after radical radiotherapy using modern radiation techniques. André Laranja Received Received
  PO-0842 PRO.M.E.THE.O.: the development of an italian multicentric OS predictive model in oropharynx cancer silvia longo Received Received
  PO-0843 Assessment of weight loss and subjective dysphagia after radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Marta Maddalo Received Received
  PO-0845 Role of postoperative RT (PORT) after compartmental surgery for locally advanced oral cavity tumors Daniela Alterio Received Received
  PO-0846 Preliminary outcome results of a PET-CT based direct planning protocol in head and neck radiotherapy Saide Di Biase Received Received
  PO-0847 Quality of life during chemo-radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: A prospective assessment Nejla Fourati Received Received
  PO-0851 Impact of Adjuvant Radiation Therapy for Advanced Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Head and Neck Vincent Atallah Received Received
  PO-0852 Can we ignore Submandibular gland constraints for Xerostomia prevention in Parotid sparing IMRT? Karishma George Received Received
  PO-0853 The effect of the smoking cessation for radiation therapy of glottis carcinoma with monitoring CO Shotaro Tatekawa Received Received
  PO-0854 Prediction of sensorineural hearing loss in patients undergoing proton therapy for skull base tumors Nicolaas Roos Received Received
  PO-0855 Radiation-induced meningiomas: outcomes following stereotactic radiosurgery Michael Huo Received Received
  PO-0857 Leptomeningeal disease following stereotactic radiotherapy for resected brain metastases Susanne Rogers Received Received
  PO-0858 Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Treatment of Brain Metastases: a monocentric experience Alessandra Gonnelli Received Received
  PO-0860 Hippocampal dose reduction while treating brain gliomas using 3DCRT Sara Elsharkawy Received Received
  PO-0861 Survival outcomes after upfront stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastases from breast cancer Yan Wang Received Received
  PO-0863 Radiochemotherapy retreatment in high grade giomas recurrences Angela Caroli Received Received
  PO-0864 SRS alone of brain metastases with unfavorable prognostic factors Maciej Harat Received Received
  PO-0865 Survival outcomes and prognosis in patients with triple-negative breast cancer and brain metastases Ran An Received Received
  PO-0866 The relation between post-radiation injury and postoperative ischemia in diffuse glioma treatment Arthur van der Boog Received Received
  PO-0869 Assessment of results of radiosurgery for brain metastases from primary NSCLC cancer Dorota Jezierska Received Received
  PO-0870 Impact of GTV on overall survival of Glioblastoma, post definitive therapy: a retrospective study. Shashank Bansal Received Received
  PO-0871 Outcomes in Pineal Parenchymal tumours of intermediate differentiation: A single institution study Aisling Glynn Received Received
  PO-0872 Craniopharyngiomas treated with Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy (FSR) Rosario Ching López Received Received
  PO-0873 Lung Cancer Brain Metastasis: Higher Biologically Effective Dose Radiotherapy may improve survival. Fatima Aurora Aires Received Received
  PO-0874 Development of a prognostic model for patients with high-grade meningioma - the ELSA study Kerstin Kessel Received Received
  PO-0875 Comparison of risk scores for re-irradiation of patients with recurrent high-grade gliomas (HGG) Hannah Scholz Received Received
  PO-0876 Simultaneous stereotactic radiosurgery of multiple brain metastases using single isocenter dynamic conformal arc therapy Raphael Bodensohn Received Received
  PO-0877 Hypofractionated and single-fraction SRT for brain metastases with sex as a key predictor of OS Julian Mangesius Received Received
  PO-0878 Improving dose distribution by adaptive radiotherapy for glioblastoma: A prospective study Tomohiko Matsuyama Received Received
  PO-0879 Stereotactic radiotherapy for re-irradiation of relapsed intracranic lesions Roberta Tummineri Received Received
  PO-0882 Single centre review of the survival benefit and toxicity of PCI in Small Cell Lung Cancer Samantha Forner Received Received
  PO-0883 Early outcomes in patients with skull base chordomas and chondrosarcomas treated with proton therapy Ana Turkaj Received Received
  PO-0884 Risk of radionecrosis in brain metastases treated with SRT and systemic therapy Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  PO-0885 Radiation-induced edema in reirradiation of recurrent high-grade gliomas treated with Proton therapy Ana Turkaj Received Received
  PO-0886 Leptomeningeal metastases of breast and lung cancer- a retrospective analysis Indrawati Hadi Received Received
  PO-0889 Clinical outcome of diffuse midline glioma, H3K27M-mutant treated with post-operative radiotherapy Kullachart Utaivichakul Received Received
  PO-0891 Application of radiation therapy to brain metastases with simultaneous or sequential anti-PD-1 treatment: toxicity analysis Maike Trommer Received Received
  PO-0893 Radiation therapy in meningioma- single center prospective and retrospective analysis Indrawati Hadi Received Received
  PO-0894 Survival in patients with NSCLC with brain metastases treated with WBRT Filippa Sundbye Received Received
  PO-0895 GPA in brain metastases treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery Maitane Rodriguez Received Received
  PO-0896 Radionecrosis in brain metastases treated with Stereotactic radiosurgery Maitane Rodríguez Mendizabal Received Received
  PO-0897 Dosimetric Consequence of Transient Post-Surgical Anatomical Effects for Glioblastoma Marcus Tyyger Received Received
  PO-0898 Primary tumor-status relevance in NSCLC with brain metastases undergoing radiosurgery Alba Gonzalez Lopez Received Received
  PO-0899 Risk of brain Radionecrosis after radiosurgery in oligometastatic patients Ilaria Chiovatero Received Received
  PO-0900 Radionecrosis in patients with brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiotherapy. Sandra Fernandez Alonso Received Received
  PO-0901 Stereotactic radiotherapy in brain metastases. Survival and radiological behavior analysis. Sandra Fernandez Alonso Received Received
  PO-0904 Irradiated brain volume is not related to the risk of radionecrosis: reconsidering the role of V12Gy Daniel Versnel Received Received
  PO-0908 Efficacy and Toxicity of Proton therapy and Tomotherapy combination in sacral chordoma patients Arnaud Beddok Received Received
  PO-0909 High-dose carbon-ion based radiotherapy of primary and recurrent sacrococcygeal chordomas Tilman Bostel Received Received
  PO-0910 Efficacy and toxicity of infradiaphragmal radiotherapy fields in lymphoma patients Lea Galunic Bilic Received Received
  PO-0912 Meta-analysis of radiotherapy in salvaging relapse/refractory Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma in the rituximab era Farasat Kazmi Received Received
  PO-0913 Effectiveness of radiotherapy for patients with indolent non-Hodgkins lymphoma Indrawati Hadi Received Received
  PO-0914 Impact of HIV infection on consolidative radiotherapy for non-Hodgkin diffuse large B-cell lymphoma Geovanne Pedro Mauro Received Received
  PO-0916 Dose-rate dependence in haematological recovery following total marrow irradiation André Haraldsson Received Received
  PO-0917 Radiotherapy-based approach for the treatment of solitary plasmacytoma Alessandro Alghisi Received Received
  PO-0919 Low vs intermediate dose radiotherapy in head & neck MALT lymphoma with and without Sjogren syndrome Charlotte Shelley Received Received
  PO-0920 Low dose radiation therapy (2 Gy x 2) in the treatment of Marginal Zone Lymphomas Viola De Luca Received Received
  PO-0922 De-escalated radiotherapy for indolent primary cutaneous B-cell lymphoma Michael Oertel Received Received
  PO-0924 Impact of radiation techniques on lung toxicity in patients with mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma Niklas Benedikt Pepper Received Received
  PO-0925 Internal Mammary Lymph Node Volumes: What Radiation dose is received with modified wide tangents? Reem Ujaimi Received Received
  PO-0926 Derma-QOL after heparinoid moisturizer for radiation damage in breast-conserving surgery patients Jiro Kawamori Received Received
  PO-0927 Assessing the Quality of Care in Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Shalini Vinod Received Received
  PO-0928 Safety and efficacy of concomitant RT and CDK4/6 inhibitors in metastatic breast cancer patients. Luca Visani Received Received
  PO-0929 Mammary chain irradiation: can we reduce the risk of secondary cancer and ischaemic heart disease? Stefanie Corradini Received Received
  PO-0930 Wide tangents versus volumetric arc therapy to treat the internal mammary chain using breath hold Dorothy Gujral Received Received
  PO-0932 Preoperative radiotherapy for early breast cancer: quality assessment of the ROCK trial -NCT03520894 Erika Scoccimarro Received Received
  PO-0934 Nodal outlining based on ESTRO guidelines in breast radiotherapy Camarie Welgemoed Received Received
  PO-0935 SAPBI for early stage breast cancer- Feasibility and Early Experiences of a Phase II Clinical Study Norbert Mészáros Received Received
  PO-0936 Comparison of local recurrence rates after two different APBI techniques, a prospective study Daphne Jacobs Received Received
  PO-0937 Partial breast re-irradiation with IMRT for local recurrence after whole breast radiotherapy Simona Arculeo Received Received
  PO-0939 Structured prospective database:exploratory study about toxicity and progression in breast patients. MARIA LIZONDO Received Received
  PO-0940 Synchronous bilateral breast cancer irradiation: Clinical-dosimetrical outcomes with VMAT Jon Gadea Received Received
  PO-0942 Post-mastectomy radiotherapy after Immediate versus Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction. Elisabetta Bonzano Received Received
  PO-0943 Long-term results of hypofractionation with simultaneous integrated boost in early breast cancer. Kitwadee S. Athigakunagorn Received Received
  PO-0944 Molecular subtypes in patients with breast cancer that received neoadjuvant chemotherapy Gustavo Marta Received Received
  PO-0945 The impact of surgery type in breast cancer patients that received neoadjuvant chemotherapy Gustavo Marta Received Received
  PO-0946 Clinical impact of FFF-VMAT combined with DIBH for breast cancer radiotherapy Darya Mychko Received Received
  PO-0947 Dosimetric evaluation of organs at risk in APBI patients treated with multicatheter interstitial BT Marina Maães Received Received
  PO-0948 Deep inspiration breath-hold for cardioprotection in patients with left-sided breast cancer Oliver Micke Received Received
  PO-0949 Maximising patient access to advanced breast radiotherapy techniques and personalised radiotherapy penny kechagioglou Received Received
  PO-0952 Hypofractionated WBI in large-breasted patients: long-term toxicity of a prospective series Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  PO-0953 Risk-adapted Postmastectomy Radiotherapy based on Prognostic Nomogram for pT1-2N1M0 Breast Cancer MING LI Received Received
  PO-0954 Occult Primary Breast Carcinoma with axillary involvement: two different treatment approaches. Fausto Sousa Received Received
  PO-0955 Molecular subtypes and local control in 1054 breast cancer patients treated with de-escalated 3DCRT Andrei Fodor Received Received
  PO-0956 Neuroendocrine Tumors of the Breast: an international series of the Rare Cancer Network Noémie Grellier-Adedjouma Received Received
  PO-0957 Why does deep inspiration work for radiotherapy of the internal mammary nodes? Felix Voelk Received Received
  PO-0958 Neoadjuvant RT followed by mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction: updated 5-years results Montserrat Pazos Received Received
  PO-0960 Metastatic breast cancer Survival impact of locoregional treatment André Laranja Received Received
  PO-0963 Impact of regional nodal Irradiation on lung dose in hypofractionated radiation of breast cancer Meriem Bohli Received Received
  PO-0964 Reducing radiation dermatitis using a film-forming silicone gel: a pilot randomized controlled trial KiHoon Sung Received Received
  PO-0966 Partial breast irradiation at the 1.5T MR-Linac: treatment time and electron stream effect Chiara De-Colle Received Received
  PO-0967 Toxicity of concurrent Palbociclib and Radiation therapy in metastatic breast cancer patients Arnaud Beddok Received Received
  PO-0969 Stereotactic body radiotherapy in extracranial oligometastatic or oligoprogressive breast cancer Fabian Weykamp Received Received
  PO-0970 Tectum11 peptide in prevention and treatment of radiodermatitis in breast cancer Eva Fernandez Lizarbe Received Received
  PO-0973 Axillary lymph node dissection after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for node-positive breast cancer. Marianne van Zeeland Received Received
  PO-0974 Helical intensity-modulated radiation therapy for locally advanced breast cancer:a prospective study Benoit Bataille Received Received
  PO-0975 Retrospective evaluation of clinical outcome and dosimetric aspects in breast cancer reirradiations Junior Anderson Gomez Ramos Received Received
  PO-0976 Left sided breast cancer patients and advanced radiotherapy techniques. A cardiac sparing approach. Francesca Cucciarelli Received Received
  PO-0977 Hypofractionated external beam radiation therapy for breast cancer: real-life outcomes Diana Correia Received Received
  PO-0978 Is there a correlation between radiation doses and heart segmental alterations at 6 months? Nejla Fourati Received Received
  PO-0979 Variability of axillary nodal CTV contouring in breast cancer (PART I - geometric evaluation) Maria Cristina Leonardi Received Received
  PO-0980 Preliminar evaluation of a new bra for large or pendular breasts irradiation. Fredy Castaño Zuleta Received Received
  PO-0981 Variability of axillary nodal CTV contouring in breast cancer (PART II dosimetric impact) Maria Cristina Leonardi Received Received
  PO-0982 Preliminary analysis of radiotherapy role on PFS-2 in oligoprogressive breast cancer Valeria Masiello Received Received
  PO-0985 Hypofractionated radiotherapy with SIB in advanced incurable breast cancer-HYPORT B study Ritesh Santosham Received Received
  PO-0986 Concurrent Chemoradiation for Inoperable Locally Advanced Breast Cancer after Primary Chemotherapy Bárbara Castro Received Received
  PO-0988 Is there a learning curve for SABR that affects overall survival outcomes in early stage NSCLC? Alexander Wood Received Received
  PO-0989 Radiation therapy for thoracic malignancies: the impact on immune and vascular blood biomarkers Sonja Adebahr Received Received
  PO-0990 Prevention of oncologic pulmonary death by control for pulmonary oligometastases treated with SBRT Takaya Yamamoto Received Received
  PO-0991 Impact of residual setup errors after image guidance on heart dose in NSCLC patients Corinne Johnson-Hart Received Received
  PO-0992 Pericardial effusion after radiotherapy for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Charlotte Linthorst Received Received
  PO-0993 Multicenter study of stereotactic body radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer (KROG 17-09) Seung Gyu Park Received Received
  PO-0994 Prognostic factors in elderly patients with lung carcinoma (NSCLC) treated with curative intent Jon Cacicedo Received Received
  PO-0996 Early mortality in stage III NSCLC after non-surgical therapy following ESMO guidelines Ronden Merle Received Received
  PO-0997 Evaluation of outcome and toxicity of Durvalumab treatment after CRT in inoperable stage III NSCLC Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  PO-0998 Durvalumab treatment after CRT in inoperable stage III NSCLC a German radiation oncology survey Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  PO-0999 Deciphering the tumor microenviroment based on PD-L1 expression and CD8 TILs density in LA-NSCLC Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  PO-1000 Multicentric restrospective analysis of safety of SBRT to centrally located lesion of the lung luca frassinelli Received Received
  PO-1002 Early outcomes of stereotactic MR-guided adaptive radiation therapy in 54 high-risk lung tumors Tobias Finazzi Received Received
  PO-1003 Preliminary results of SRS for a lung tumor: a single-arm phase 2 study in a single institute Takaya Yamamoto Received Received
  PO-1004 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) use for Motion management in Lung SBRT sarit appel Received Received
  PO-1005 Influence of PTV underdosage on local control in patients with central NSCLC treated with SBRT Marloes Duijm Received Received
  PO-1006 Immunotherapy related pneumonitis correlates with radiomics in NSCLC patients treated with Nivolumab Ivaylo Mihaylov Received Received
  PO-1007 Predictors of radiation pneumonitis in early stage lung cancer treated with SABR. Animesh Saha Received Received
  PO-1008 Predictive dosimetric parameters of lymphopenia in stage III NSCLC patients with chemoradiation Ick Joon Cho Received Received
  PO-1010 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy is safe and effective for ultracentral lung lesions Davide Franceschini Received Received
  PO-1011 Impact of radiation therapy on immunotherapy efficacy in metastatic non-small cell lung cancer. Eleonor Rivin del Campo Received Received
  PO-1012 Prognostic Value of Anemia in Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Hotaka Nonaka Received Received
  PO-1013 A cost-effectiveness analysis of consolidation immunotherapy with durvalumab in stage III NSCLC. Cedric Panje Received Received
  PO-1015 SBRT after CT-RT for stage III unresectable NSCLC with peripheral primary tumor (GFPC 01-14 study) Isabelle Martel Lafay Received Received
  PO-1018 Lung SABRT treatment in oligometastatic patients, a prospective review Emese Csiki Received Received
  PO-1019 Long term outcomes and lung function evolution of primary lung tumors treated with Cyberknife SABR Florence Sacino Received Received
  PO-1023 Impact of biological features in radiosurgery for Brain metastases from Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Stefano Durante Received Received
  PO-1024 Efficacy and safety of fractionated radiotherapy for centrally located early-stage non-small cell lung cancer Michael Leenders Received Received
  PO-1025 Prognostic factors for PFS and OS in radically treated patients with oligometastatic NSCLC Michael Leenders Received Received
  PO-1028 Consolidation therapy with Durvalumab after radical CRT in stage IIII NSCLC: a preliminar analysis paolo borghetti Received Received
  PO-1031 Initial report on feasibility of Hypo-IGRT in stage IIB-III NSCLC pts with poor PS & lung function Chukwuka Eze Received Received
  PO-1034 Chemoradiation-induced intratumoral immune microenvironment changes in oesophageal cancer Connie Yip Received Received
  PO-1036 Analysis of serum pancreatic exocrine enzyme after radiotherapy for pancreatic carcinoma Takahiro Iwai Received Received
  PO-1037 A new nodal delineation protocol for upper third oesophageal cancers in the SCOPE 2 trial Owen Nicholas Received Received
  PO-1038 Robotic radiosurgery treatment in HCC with PVT: Interim analysis of a prospective study Debnarayan Dutta Received Received
  PO-1039 Lymphopenia and worse OS are associated with GTV and fraction in patients with HCC treated with EBRT Haige Zhang Received Received
  PO-1041 Gender disparity in esophageal cancer -- a nationwide propensity score-matched study Ying-Hsiang Chou Received Received
  PO-1042 SBRT vs conventionally fractionated radio-chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer: a case-control study Alessandra Arcellli Received Received
  PO-1043 Reduction ratio of tumor volume is predictive factor in esophageal carcinoma undergoing chemotherapy Ruihong Huang Received Received
  PO-1044 Postoperative hypofractionated Image-Guided IMRT concomitant to chemotherapy in biliary tract cancer Najla Slim Received Received
  PO-1047 GemOx with low-dose RT and SBRT for locally advanced pancreatic cancer: a prospective trial Bruno Meduri Received Received
  PO-1048 Postoperative complications and margins status after neoadjuvant SBRT for pancreatic cancer Nicola Simoni Received Received
  PO-1049 Biliary tract tumors: the role of chemoradiotherapy a review of the last 10 years Virgínia Mareco Received Received
  PO-1052 Hypofractionated VMAT for Fragile Patients with Oesophageal Cancer Letizia Deantonio Received Received
  PO-1053 Involved-field radiation therapy for treatment of locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinomas. Gabriela Scalco Munro Received Received
  PO-1054 Hypofractionated radiotherapy for unresectable esophagus-gastric carcinoma in elderly patients Fernando López Campos Received Received
  PO-1056 Chemoradiation for esophageal cancer using carboplatin and paclitaxel: A single centre experience Asad Qureshi Received Received
  PO-1057 Influence of brachytherapy on local control of locally advanced esophageal carcinomas Danijela Scepanovic Received Received
  PO-1058 Proton beam therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma of caudate lobe Takashi Iizumi Received Received
  PO-1061 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for adrenal metastases of oligometastatic or oligoprogressive tumors Laila Knig Received Received
  PO-1064 Pancreatic cancer SBRT: reaching consensus in a national survey by AIRO Gastrointestinal Group Lucrezia Gasparini Received Received
  PO-1065 Adjuvant chemoradiation (CRT) for gastric cancer: toxicity profile and outcome in Albanian patients Fatjona Kraja Received Received
  PO-1069 SBRT in Hepatocellular Carcinoma: impact of dose regimen and treatment sequence Mauro Loi Received Received
  PO-1070 Effect of surgery in locally advanced esophageal cancer after chemoradiotherapy Irene Alda Bravo Received Received
  PO-1071 Prognostic value of CA19-9 in patients with pancreatic adenocarcinoma after chemoradiotherapy Yui Nampei Received Received
  PO-1073 Dosimetric Predictors of Survival in Esophageal Cancers Treated with Preoperative Chemoradiation Sofia Garcia Received Received
  PO-1074 Adjuvant radio-chemotherapy after extended or simple cholecystectomy in gallbladder cancer. Manuel González Domingo Received Received
  PO-1077 Carbon-ion radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma with vascular invasion Hirokazu Makishima Received Received
  PO-1078 Long survivors nature of pancreatic cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy using photon or proton Yuichi Hiroshima Received Received
  PO-1079 Systematic review of clinical practice guidelines for colorectal and anal cancer: extent of recommendations for managing long-term symptoms and functional impairments Lisette Wiltink Received Received
  PO-1080 C-reactive protein-to-albumin ratio is a predictive marker for anal squamous cell carcinoma Daniel Martin Received Received
  PO-1081 Patterns of care analysis of treatment of anal squamous cell carcinoma in German speaking countries Daniel Martin Received Received
  PO-1082 Identification of Cell-Free DNA profile in oligometastatic colorectal cancer Masaki Nakamura Received Received
  PO-1083 Efficacy and tolerance of VMAT-SIB intensified neoadjuvant chemoradiation in rectal cancer patients ALESSIA RE Received Received
  PO-1084 Stereotactic pelvic reirradiation for locoregional cancer relapse Remy Kinj Received Received
  PO-1087 Simultaneous integrated boost and volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy in rectal cancer Bianca-Rose Low Received Received
  PO-1088 Short Course Radiationtherapy chemotherapy and delayed surgery in locally advanced rectal carcinoma Swarupa Mitra Received Received
  PO-1089 Major and complete response after neoadjuvant treatment in rectal cancer: a retrospective analysis Martina Giraffa Received Received
  PO-1090 Quality of life among men who have sex with other men treated for anal cancer: Impact of HIV status Geovanne Pedro Mauro Received Received
  PO-1091 Quality of life and sexual function of men who have sex with other men treated for anal cancer Geovanne Pedro Mauro Received Received
  PO-1092 Clinical results of particle therapy in patients with postoperative recurrence of rectal cancer Takahiro Waki Received Received
  PO-1093 Defecography for sphincter evaluation in rectal cancer patients irradiated with dose intensification Consuelo Rosa Received Received
  PO-1094 Pathological complete response and outcomes in rectal cancer patients with treatment intensification Consuelo Rosa Received Received
  PO-1095 The role of CEA decrease after radical treatment of primary unresectable rectal cancer in predicting the outcome. Ma&322;gorzata Kraszkiewicz Received Received
  PO-1098 Dosimetric correlation of acute urinary toxicity in patients with rectal cancer treated with IMRT Ajra Secerov Ermenc Received Received
  PO-1099 Response prediction by daily fractional MRI during neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in rectal cancer Tilman Bostel Received Received
  PO-1101 Intensity-modulated radiotherapy treatment of anal cancer: single-institution outcomes Emily Scott Received Received
  PO-1102 Dose-volume analysis and sphincter-related toxicity of radiation therapy for rectal cancer Nicolas Jullian Received Received
  PO-1107 Impact of fractionation on the treatment of squamous cell anal cancer: a dual-institution experience Marco Vernaleone Received Received
  PO-1109 Radiotherapy toxicity in older patients with rectal cancer Edna Darlene Rodrigues Pinto Received Received
  PO-1110 Bladder dose constraints for conformal radiotherapy in rectal cancer: adaptation to prescribed dose Nejla Fourati Received Received
  PO-1111 Pathological lymph node staging for intermediate-risk rectal cancer patients Akuli Biche Received Received
  PO-1112 Total neoadjuvant therapy in high risk rectal cancer: a feasibility pilot study Elisa Palazzari Received Received
  PO-1113 Intensified IMRT-SIB and capecitabine-based chemotherapy in anal cancer:an institutional experience Elisa Palazzari Received Received
  PO-1114 Patient Reported ACute Toxicity of short course radiotherapy with Interval to surgery for rectal CancEr: the PRACTICE study. Sieske Hoendervangers Received Received
  PO-1117 Two-step adaptive 3-D conformal brachytherapy for advanced bulky cervical cancer Ick Joon Cho Received Received
  PO-1118 The dilemma of cervical cancer during pregnancy. A 10 year single-center experience Lucía Juan Rodríguez Received Received
  PO-1119 Sexual Toxicity in Cervix Cancer Survivors Treated with Chemo-Radiation and MR-guided Brachytherapy Jennifer Croke Received Received
  PO-1120 Exploring Brachytherapy Educational Needs of Cervical Cancer Patients Jennifer Croke Received Received
  PO-1122 Sexual function in cervical cancer patients treated with definitive chemoradiation in South Africa Prinitha Pillay Received Received
  PO-1124 Impact of lymph node dissection on adjuvant radiotherapy in endometrial cancer. Emma Doyle Received Received
  PO-1125 Qol records filled by patient or psychologist? Ns. experience in sexual dysfunction (DS) after RT. FABRIZIO PIRO Received Received
  PO-1126 Clinical experience of pelvic radiotherapy for postoperative uterine cervical cancer using VMAT Takaya Yamamoto Received Received
  PO-1127 Acute and late toxicity report of post-operative IG-IMRT for gynecological malignancies Francesco Cuccia Received Received
  PO-1129 Impact of individualized ITV margins for IMRT of cervical cancer on target coverage Kentaro Wada Received Received
  PO-1133 Concurrent chemoradiotherapy with or without brachytherapy; a retrospective clinical study Khadidja Boudaoud Received Received
  PO-1134 18F-FDG-PET/CT role in the adjuvant setting of endometrial cancer Martina Ferioli Received Received
  PO-1135 Place of radiotherapy as part of multimodal management of cervical glassy cell carcinoma Jihane Boustani Received Received
  PO-1138 Quality of life in vaginal brachytherapy for endometrial carcinoma IN THE ELDERLY. Rosario Rubiato Aragón Received Received
  PO-1140 Role of Functional Imaging in evaluation of Radiation Colitis ANKUSH JAJODIA Received Received
  PO-1141 Prognostic factors in gynaecological cancer patients treated with radiotherapy for brain metastases Esten Nakken Received Received
  PO-1144 Adjuvant electronic brachytherapy for patients with endometrial cancer. Arantxa Campos Received Received
  PO-1145 Radiotherapy-induced changes in lymphocytes count important for immunotherapy of uterine cancers Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  PO-1146 Evaluation of Dose to pelvic lymphnodes in CT-based High DoseRate Brachytherapy in Carcinoma Cervix Swarupa Mitra Received Received
  PO-1147 Salvage radiotherapy for recurrent endometrial cancer: predictors of outcome. Hanan Almasri Received Received
  PO-1148 Implementation of a cervix cancer specific patient reported outcome measure in clinical practice Jennifer Croke Received Received
  PO-1151 Is the dose-distribution in bladder really unimportant for GU toxicity in prostate cancer patients? Wojciech Majewski Received Received
  PO-1153 Isolated bone metastases in prostate patients: preliminary analysis from two phase I trials on SRS Francesco Deodato Received Received
  PO-1155 The Impact of Undetectable PSA After Salvage Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer Isabel Rodrigues Received Received
  PO-1156 THE ROLE OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING IN PROSTATE CANCER Elísabet González Del Portillo Received Received
  PO-1157 Short-term results of coverage probability radiotherapy of MRI-staged prostate cancer Jolanta Marzec Received Received
  PO-1159 Toxicity Profile in Postoperative Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer with Moderate Hypofractionation Pietro Pacifico Received Received
  PO-1160 A pilot dual-platform transcriptomic analysis of diagnostic prostate biopsies & radical RT response Philip charlton Received Received
  PO-1161 The first study in outcomes and toxicity of VMAT as a curative for prostate cancer in Southeast Asia Pittaya Dankulchai Received Received
  PO-1165 Toxicity and outcomes of postoperative hypofractionated Helical Tomotherapy for prostate cancer Francesco Cuccia Received Received
  PO-1166 IMRT versus 3D-CRT in the treatment of prostate cancer: comparison of outcomes and toxicity. Wei Guo Received Received
  PO-1167 Salvage therapies for PSMA PET-positive nodal recurrent prostate cancer Nina-Sophie Schmidt-Hegemann Received Received
  PO-1169 Influence of localisation of PSMA-positive oligo-metastases on efficacy of metastasis-directed EBRT Nina-Sophie Schmidt-Hegemann Received Received
  PO-1171 Low- and Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer. Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy. Our experience. Cristina García Aguilera Received Received
  PO-1172 Dose effects due to interfractional variability for hypofractionated radiotherapy of prostate Cancer Mona Splinter Received Received
  PO-1173 Long term results of IG-IMRT in high risk prostate cancer patients: a monoinstitutional experience Nadia Di Muzio Received Received
  PO-1174 Results of a multinational clinical audit for prostate cancer radiotherapy: the IROCA project Carla Lopes de Castro Received Received
  PO-1175 SBRT for localised prostate cancer Nordic results with mFU of 5.3 years Kristiina Vuolukka Received Received
  PO-1176 Ultra-hypofractionated SBRT for localized prostate cancer: single institution experience Angel Jose Acosta Rojas Received Received
  PO-1177 Treatment-related toxicity using prostate only vs prostate and pelvic lymph node radiation therapy. Matthew Parry Received Received
  PO-1178 Identifying skeletal-related events for prostate cancer in routinely collected hospital data. Matthew Parry Received Received
  PO-1179 Patient-reported outcomes following a high-dose rate brachytherapy boost for prostate cancer. Matthew Parry Received Received
  PO-1180 Patterns of failure after stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for abdomino-pelvic nodal disease Finbar Slevin Received Received
  PO-1181 Metastasis-Directed Therapy influence in clinical outcomes of oligorrecurrent prostate cancer Alba Gonzalez Lopez Received Received
  PO-1182 PSMA-PET/CT versus choline-PET/CT to guide stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for ADT deferral in patients with oligometastatic prostate cancer Charlotte Deijen Received Received
  PO-1183 Do we need sigma constraints in era of intensity-modulated radiation therapy for prostate cancer? Fabiola Patani Received Received
  PO-1185 Results of prostate cancer patients treated by integrated boost to dominant intraprostatic lesion Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  PO-1186 Impact of a low FODMAP diet on rectal gas and rectal volume during radiotherapy of prostate cancer Christian Schaefer Received Received
  PO-1189 VMAT SBRT for localized prostate cancer: 5-year update on toxicity and survival Giuseppe Roberto DAgostino Received Received
  PO-1190 The 100 most cited articles in prostate cancer brachytherapy: A bibliometric study Hongfu Zhao Received Received
  PO-1191 SIB-VMAT for DIL in prostate cancer: the preliminary result in acute toxicity and quality of life Wiwatchai Sittiwong Received Received
  PO-1192 Elective Pelvic Nodes Irradiation in Patients with Prostate Cancer (PRO-EPI Study) Michela Bugllione Received Received
  PO-1195 Impact of Adjuvant Radiotherapy in node positive prostate cancer patients Giulia Corrao Received Received
  PO-1196 Long term results with moderately hypofractionated RT in high-risk localized prostate cancer. Shaurav Maulik Received Received
  PO-1197 Short-term high precision RT for early PCa with SIB to the DIL: QoL assessment (AIRC IG 13218) Giulia Marvaso Received Received
  PO-1199 Rectal toxicity prostate cancer treated with Brachytherapy: a radiomics-machine learning based NTCP Gurvan Dissaux Received Received
  PO-1202 CHHiPvsPROFIT for Localized Prostate Cancer:A Retrospective Dosimetric Comparison of Organs at Risk. Paul Ramia Received Received
  PO-1205 Small cell carcinoma of the bladder: Retrospective long-term outcomes of chemoradiation Justin Oh Received Received
  PO-1206 Immune response gene expression analysis and response to radical chemoradiation in bladder cancer Milan Anjanappa Received Received
  PO-1207 Exploring molecular subtype as a biomarker of radiation response in muscle-invasive bladder cancer Melissa Tan Received Received
  PO-1208 High-dose rate brachytherapy in the treatment of early stages of penile carcinoma Igor Sirák Received Received
  PO-1209 A novel liquid fiducial marker for image-guided adaptive radiotherapy in bladder cancer. Mischa de Ridder Received Received
  PO-1210 Local treatment on the outcome of immune-checkpoint inhibitors in metastatic urothelial carcinoma Xavier Maldonado Received Received
  PO-1211 Stereotactic radiotherapy combined with immune- or targeted therapy for renal cell cancer patients. Stephanie Kroeze Received Received
  PO-1215 Impact of bladder size at radiotherapy planning scan on survival Yee Pei Song Received Received
  PO-1216 Can sarcopenia predict outcomes in bladder cancer patients treated with chemoradiotherapy? Michael Corden Received Received
  PO-1217 Safety of Nivolumab and stereotactic RT in metastatic renal carcinoma: early results of NIVES study Patrizia Ciammella Received Received
  PO-1218 Oligo Metastatic renal cell carcinoma: SBRT, if, when and how? Giulia Marvaso Received Received
  PO-1219 Primary Bladder Sarcoma: a multi-institutional experience from the Rare Cancer Network. Piero Bettoli Received Received
  PO-1220 Organ-preserving treatment for muscle-invasive bladder cancer: outcomes and prognostic factors Martine Franckena-Schouten Received Received
  PO-1221 Dose-volume predictors of distal urethral toxicity after PDR brachytherapy for penile carcinoma Samir Achkar Received Received
  PO-1222 Radiotherapy for non-melanoma skin cancer: three different radiation techniques comparison Miguel Arquez Pianetta Received Received
  PO-1224 Clinical Outcomes of Immune Checkpoint Blocker Therapy for Malignant Melanoma in Korean Patients: Potential Clinical Implications for a Combination Strategy Involving Radiotherapy JEONGSHIM LEE Received Received
  PO-1225 Skin radiotherapy training programme for dermatology specialty trainees - an unmet need Agata Rembielak Received Received
  PO-1226 Safety and outcomes of concurrent immunotherapy and radiation therapy for melanoma brain metastases Andréa Desagneaux Received Received
  PO-1227 A dose escalation phase 1 study of radiotherapy combined with ipilimumab in metastatic melanoma. CELINE BOUTROS Received Received
  PO-1229 Preliminary data on long term toxicity in young patients with chordoma: C.N.A.O. experience Esmeralda Scipilliti Received Received
  PO-1232 Patients with pelvic Ewing Sarcoma with metastases at time of diagnosis: a monocentric experience Letizia Ronchi Received Received
  PO-1233 Perioperative Radiotherapy with a Moderate Dose-Escalation for Retroperitoneal Sarcoma (RPS). MONICA NUÑEZ Received Received
  PO-1234 RT With Hyperthermia in Locally Advanced Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Interim Analysis of Phase II Trial Mateusz Spalek Received Received
  PO-1236 Re-irradiation for recurrent spinal chordomas with high-dose stereotactic body radiation therapy Chunzi Jenny Jin Received Received
  PO-1237 Assessing the role of IMRT relative to VMAT in children with medulloblastoma treated with CSI Warissara Rongthong Received Received
  PO-1238 Dosimetric study comparing IMRT to VMAT in completed resection pediatric abdominal neuroblastoma Teeradon Treechairusame Received Received
  PO-1239 Post-TBI amylase value as a prognostic marker for transplant outcomes in the pediatric population Francesco Baldo Received Received
  PO-1240 Permanent alopecia after cranial irradiation in childhood cancer survivors. Escande Alexandre Received Received
  PO-1243 20 years trend in the paediatric radiooncology: monocentric analysis Montserrat Pazos Received Received
  PO-1245 Novel approach in bone metastasis with neuropathic pain: palliative radiotherapy with tapentadol? Jon Cacicedo Received Received
  PO-1247 Analysis on early death in patients after radiotherapy: Should we change practice? Rebecca Asadpour Received Received
  PO-1248 Preliminary safety and survival report of Stereotactic radiotherapy to oligometastases. Nikesh Hanumanthappa Received Received
  PO-1250 Palliation of vertebral metastases and cord compressions: single field or VMAT? Nick West Received Received
  PO-1251 Whole brain radiotherapy: to treat or not to treat? Lijanne Otto-Vollaard Received Received
  PO-1253 Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for spinal metastases: Experience at a Brazilian Institution Gustavo Marta Received Received
  PO-1254 Palliative QUAD shots with chemotherapy in advanced Head and Neck Cancer: Is it the way to go? Poornachandra Tejaswi Received Received
  PO-1256 Feasibility and initial results of Linac-based Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in spinal metastases niccolo giaj levra Received Received
  PO-1257 Use of Stereotactic Radiotherapy in lymph nodes for oligometastic pelvic tumors Annaisabel Rese Received Received
  PO-1258 Intensity modulated radiation therapy for lymph node oligo-recurrence Akiko Sato Received Received
  PO-1259 Adoption of single-fraction radiotherapy for uncomplicated bone metastases in a tertiary centre Cedric Peters Received Received
  PO-1261 Radiation pneumonitis after palliative radiotherapy in patients with interstitial lung disease Masayuki Okumura Received Received
  PO-1264 The role of adjuvant treatment in older population with early stage oral cavity cancer. Fang-Yi Lin Received Received
  PO-1266 Radical radiotherapy in elderly prostate cancer patients: a monoinstitutional experience. fulvio borroni Received Received
  PO-1268 Survival prediction in geriatric patients after radiotherapy of spinal bone metastases Tilman Bostel Received Received
  PO-1269 Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for pelvic tumors in elderly patients with colic diverticulosis Fiorella Cristina Di Guglielmo Received Received
  PO-1273 Infrastructure and staffing in the EORTC Radiation Oncology Groups international network Jonas Willmann Received Received
  PO-1274 Variations in IMRT demand and delivery across England Thomas Mee Received Received
  PO-1275 Implementation of MR-Linac into routine prostate cancer care: opportunities & challenge ges Charisma Hehakaya Received Received
  PO-1276 A National survey on the Radiation Oncology resources for the treatment of Head and Neck Cancer. Joaquin Jose Cabrera Rodriguez Received Received
  PO-1277 Network of Radiotherapy Cancer Centers in Sardinia: equipment, staff and access to care Salvatrice Campoccia Received Received
  PO-1278 Process mining for the optimization of palliative patients workflow in a radiotherapy department Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  PO-1279 More intelligent workflow in a radiation oncology center with the implementation of LEAN thinking Escarlata Lopez Ramirez Received Received
  PO-1280 SIX-YEARS EXPERIENCE OF PEER REVIEW: Analysis of results and lessons learned Jaime Perez-Alija Received Received
  PO-1281 Heterogeneity in radiation oncology training, a problem that calls for attention in Latin America David Antonio Martinez Perez Received Received
  PO-1284 Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Telehealth Courses for SBRT/SRS Training in Latin America David Antonio Martinez Perez Received Received
  PO-1285 Gender disparity among United States academic oncology program leadership Mudit Chowdhary Received Received
  PO-1287 Quality of life (QL) in elderly breast cancer survivors. Effects of surgery. Global QL determinants Juan Ignacio Arraras Received Received
  PO-1288 R Shiny and Flexdashboards: Utilizing Open Source Tools for Interactively Tracking Clinical Trials Michael Golafshar Received Received
  PO-1289 Patient Reported Outcomes: Using ESAS to screen for anemia Peter Johnstone Received Received
  PO-1290 100 peer review in radiation oncology. Is it feasible? Francisco Javier Celada Alvarez Received Received
  PO-1291 Management of pain in Radiotherapy Departments: preliminary results of an observational study Costanza Maria Donati Received Received
  PO-1292 Radiation planning parameters correlate with peripheral immune status during prostate radiotherapy Franziska Eckert Received Received
  PO-1293 The forgotten history of Leopold Freund as a victim of Nazi policies in Vienna 1938/1939 Franziska Eckert Received Received
  PO-1294 Consistency of OAR delineation for clinical trials: A Global Harmonization Group Consensus Romaana Mir Received Received
  PO-1295 RAMSI: patients satisfaction by Smile In Totem in a mono-institutional experience in radiotherapy Andrea DAviero Received Received
  PO-1298 Acute Toxicities and Compliance of 551 consecutive patients treated with Cyberknife, Indian institute experience Ajinkya Gupte Received Received
  PO-1299 Prospective clinical evaluation of feasibility and patient acceptance of MR-guided radiotherapy Sebastian Klter Received Received
  PO-1300 Manufactured 3D imaging treatment table for image-guided brachytherapy Papp Judit Received Received
  PO-1302 Management and safety report for patients with cardiac implantable electronic device in radiotherapy Saide Di Biase Received Received
  PO-1303 Radiotherapy platform trials: accelerating our ability to answer important scientific questions Alexandra Gilbert Received Received
  PO-1305 Effectiveness and safety evaluation of radiotherapy for Painful Heel Spur Syndrome. Tomasz Latusek Received Received
  PO-1306 Pilot study: Characteristics of N-isopropyl acrylamide polymer gel dosimetry with proton beam Yuan-Jen Chang Received Received
  PO-1307 IPEM Code of Practice for high-energy photon dosimetry based on the NPL dose calibration service David Eaton Received Received
  PO-1308 Relative Dose Measurements in Diagnostic Radiology Beams Using the XR-QA2 GafChromicTM Film Model Nada Tomic Received Received
  PO-1309 Dosimetric Impact of Respiratory Motion in IMRT for breast cancer: 3D-Printed Dynamic Phantom Study Young Eun Choi Received Received
  PO-1310 Gamma Knife Relative Output Factor Measurements with Multichannel Radiochromic Film Dosimetry Mahta McKee Received Received
  PO-1311 Dosimetric evaluation of a 2D multidetector dedicated to stereotactic radiotherapy Villeneuve Rémy Received Received
  PO-1312 Diffusion-weighted imaging evaluation using a 3D-printed phantom for Stereotactic Radiosurgery Tarraf Torfeh Received Received
  PO-1313 Population-based virtual phantoms for paediatric radiotherapy applications initial developments Catarina Veiga Received Received
  PO-1314 Creation of a 3D-printed plastic mouse phantom for pre-clinical dosimetry and quality assurance Severin Kampfer Received Received
  PO-1315 Development and Evaluation of Flexible Dosimeter for Surface Dose Measurement in Radiotherapy JinYoung Kim Received Received
  PO-1316 Real-time fibered X-ray dosimeter for small field dosimetry in high energy radiation oncology Sree Bash Chandra Debnath Received Received
  PO-1317 Experimental determination of kBMQ up to a magnetic flux density of 1.5 T Stefan Pojtinger Received Received
  PO-1319 Design of a phantom for verification of IORT treatments and in vivo dosimetry simulation. Sergio Lozares Received Received
  PO-1320 A machine QA tool to verify targeting accuracy of off-isocenter metastases Haris Kudrolli Received Received
  PO-1322 Advanced Marcus chamber in high dose-per-pulse electron beams.kpol and ksat inter-chamber dependence Jose Chimeno Received Received
  PO-1323 Comparison of three commercial detectors with Monte Carlo Simulation for measurement of Field Output factor for small field Dalila Mateus Received Received
  PO-1324 Small field output factors measurement with EBT3 gafchromic film in water Carlos Ferrer Received Received
  PO-1325 Measurement and MC simulation of magnetic field correction factors of compact ionization chambers Isabel Bsing Received Received
  PO-1326 Evaluation of Percentage Depth Dose Measurement of High-energy Electron Beams using new TLD Sheet Koji Sasaki Received Received
  PO-1327 Performances of new beam monitors based on Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors for proton therapy Zahra Shakarami Received Received
  PO-1328 Ionization quenching correction for 3D scintillator detectors for spot scanning proton therapy Fahed Alsanea Received Received
  PO-1329 Characterisation of a scintillator for small fields and in-vivo dosimetry in MR guided Radiotherapy Davide Cusumano Received Received
  PO-1330 On the Implementation and Validation of 3D Computational Pediatric Phantoms in Commercial TPS Aashish Gupta Received Received
  PO-1331 Monte Carlo assessment of the PTW-31021 Semiflex 3D performance under a 0.35 tesla magnetic field Grichar Valdes Santurio Received Received
  PO-1332 Evaluation of IAEA small field correction factors using different detectors for FF and FFF energies Gloria Beyer Received Received
  PO-1334 Feasibility of the kQQ0 formalism for Farmer-type chambers in medium-energy kV x-ray beams Massimo Pinto Received Received
  PO-1335 Characterization of novel 3D printed plastic scintillation dosimeters Nicholas Lynch Received Received
  PO-1336 Should we include machine uncertainties in radiotherapy planning? Peter Haering Received Received
  PO-1337 Pre-treatment verification of multi-target SRS using a virtual water phantom JUAN-FRANCISCO CALVO-ORTEGA Received Received
  PO-1338 Validation of the rotation induced couch shift with the Machine Performance Check (MPC) tool Marco Parisotto Received Received
  PO-1341 Monte Carlo secondary plan check: validation and definition of the action limits for patient QA Irina Fotina Received Received
  PO-1342 An efficient setup for weekly dose output constancy of a 1.5T MR-Linac BIN YANG Received Received
  PO-1343 Measurement of surface dose in a 1.5 T MR-Linac using plane-parallel ionization chamber BIN YANG Received Received
  PO-1345 Defining Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) dosimetry based on power loss density and related measures Zeev Bomzon Received Received
  PO-1346 In-vivo surface dose measurements in breast cancer patient treated with helical radiation therapy Marco Valenti Received Received
  PO-1347 Halcyon commissioning using a 3D water phantom: beam data validation and initial end-to-end tests Daniel San José Olmedo Received Received
  PO-1350 In vivo dosimetry with XR-RV3 radiochromic films in intraoperative radiotherapy of the breast Sergio Lozares Received Received
  PO-1351 One fits all? The influence of phantom ion on pre-treatment verification results Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  PO-1353 Validation of a commercial software for in vivo patient Quality Assurance Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  PO-1354 Are we on the safe side? Action and tolerance limits for verification of IMRT and VMAT plans Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  PO-1355 Analyzing Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields) delivery by Water-based electrical properties tomography Zeev Bomzon Received Received
  PO-1357 Creating individually computed head models to simulate TTFields distribution Zeev Bomzon Received Received
  PO-1358 In vivo measurements in sarcoma radiotherapy Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  PO-1360 Impact of plan parameters in gamma passing rates in VMAT QA Ana Garcia Perez Received Received
  PO-1361 Treatment plan preparation and verification for total body irradiation using tomotherapy Ewelina Konstanty Received Received
  PO-1363 Dosimetric impact of leaf open time and other planning parameters on DQA in helical tomotherapy Kyung Hwan Chang Received Received
  PO-1365 EPID 2D transit In Vivo Dosimetry: Can relevant anatomy and positioning differences be detected? nuria jornet Received Received
  PO-1366 Comparison of Acuros and Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm for dose calculations in VMAT treatments Eva Maria Ambroa Rey Received Received
  PO-1367 Patient-QA prediction: a new approach of complexity indexes. Daniel Julian Received Received
  PO-1369 Stability of machine QA parameters for a 1.5&8201;T MR-linac in the first year after installation Jasmin Winter Received Received
  PO-1371 A feasibility study of using TomoTherapy exit detector data for pretreatment verification Marco Parisotto Received Received
  PO-1372 Feasibility of treatment planning on contrast enhanced CTs for H&N cancer Manuela Gober Received Received
  PO-1373 Evaluation of X-ray beam focal spot position for Varian TrueBeam linear accelerators Ola Juda Received Received
  PO-1374 Validation of SRS MapCheck for patient specific QA Cristina Anson Marcos Received Received
  PO-1375 Portal dosimetry prediction using Pinnacle TPS for clinical quality assurance applications. Maher Fawzi Received Received
  PO-1378 Radiation attenuation comparison of the couch and coil structures for two Unity MR-Linacs David Tilly Received Received
  PO-1379 Quantifying the errors associated with the AAA in the presence of high-density implants Andrea Fischer Received Received
  PO-1380 Validation of the PRIMO Monte Carlo software for stereotactic radiosurgery plans Marcelino Hermida-López Received Received
  PO-1381 Performance in clinical conditions of the dual-layer multileaf collimator from a Halcyon 2.0 linac Marcelino Hermida-López Received Received
  PO-1383 Comparing the error detection performance of Portal Dosimetry & PerFraction in pre-treatment VMAT QA Stephen Moloney Received Received
  PO-1384 Assessing Ir-192 as an alternative to I-125 in ophthalmic treatment Lucas Angelocci Received Received
  PO-1385 CyberKnife patient plan verification with the SRS MapCHECKTM - First clinical experience Sarah Peters Received Received
  PO-1386 Validation of a MC software for the QA of patients treated with modulated intensity photon beams Stefano Piffer Received Received
  PO-1387 Correlation between gamma analysis results and monitor units in prostate VMAT María Gil Conde Received Received
  PO-1388 Dosimetric accuracy of MRCAT Pelvis, an MR-only simulation method for RT planning in the pelvic area Gregory Bolard Received Received
  PO-1389 Experimental validation of the ripple effect of lung tissue equivalent materials in a proton beam Barbara Knusl Received Received
  PO-1391 Dosimetric measurements with Gafchromic EBT-3 films for the Papillon intraoperative therapy system Claudine Colnard-Hofverberg Received Received
  PO-1392 Are the universal limits recommended by TG218 suitable for VMAT QA regardless of technical solution? Giuseppe Della Gala Received Received
  PO-1393 Monte Carlo simulation of a Varians TrueBeam linac as a Clinac 2100: A feasibility study. Miguel Rodriguez Received Received
  PO-1394 A revisited recipe for targeted linac QA: precise, efficient, and tailored to current needs Christian Clermont Received Received
  PO-1397 Validation of two different Monte Carlo engines for secondary independent dose calculation. Stefan Hofer Received Received
  PO-1398 Validation and clinical Implementation of Sun Nuclear DoseCHECK and PerFRACTION for Varian Halcyon Ewan Almond Received Received
  PO-1399 Evaluation of SRS MapCHECK for SABR patient-specific QA Yun Miao Received Received
  PO-1400 Dose distribution uncertainties in low dose regions: comparison between the AAA and Acuros XB dose calculation algorithms in radiotherapy for brain metastases Mohammed Alahmari Received Received
  PO-1404 Safe number of transfer fractions between Varian Truebeam and Varian Clinac linear accelerator for different treatment sites without re-planning. Trevor Newbold Received Received
  PO-1407 Sensitivity of Octavius 4D system in detecting systematic or incidental MLC positioning errors Chin Loon Ong Received Received
  PO-1408 End-to-end empirical validation of 3D dose distributions using an anthropomorphic pelvis phantom Mathieu Marot Received Received
  PO-1409 Optimization of the Halcyon accelerator quality control system Maciej Raczkowski Received Received
  PO-1410 Trend lines of patient specific quality assurance in light-ion beam therapy Mansure Schafasand Received Received
  PO-1411 Commissioning of Tomotherapy treatment planning in RayStation Kai Schubert Received Received
  PO-1412 A method for determining dosimetric leaf separation of a multileaf collimator Antti Kulmala Received Received
  PO-1413 Ion chamber beam quality correction factors for brachytherapy dosimetry measurements Zoi Thrapsanioti Received Received
  PO-1414 Determination of dosimetric leaf gap (DLG) for FFF and WFF beams for a high definition MLC Cristina Anson Marcos Received Received
  PO-1415 Validating a commercial solution for calculation-based QA of AI-driven online adaptive radiotherapy Patrik Sibolt Received Received
  PO-1416 Dose calculation algorithm for a compact x-ray source in Microbeam Radiation Therapy Mabroor Ahmed Received Received
  PO-1418 Left breast radiotherapy: what is the dose received by the left ventricle ? Aissaoui Dorra Received Received
  PO-1419 Is it possible to reduce the number of DQAs with Tomotherapy HD using Statistical Process Control? Sandra LOSA Received Received
  PO-1420 2/2mm Gamma index analysis in routine EPID verification of conventional fractionated VMAT plans Anna Zaleska Received Received
  PO-1421 Investigating dose calculation accuracy around gas-filled tissue expanders using 3D-printed phantoms Tanya Kairn Received Received
  PO-1422 Monte Carlo study of dose deposition in kilovoltage X-ray radiotherapy using gold as dose enhancer Jenny Spiga Received Received
  PO-1423 Ionizing radiation dose-effect indicator for cancer risks in medical radiation personnel Saman Shahid Received Received
  PO-1425 Secondary cancer risk in breast cancer patients treated with protons compared to 3D-CRT and VMAT Francesco Tommasino Received Received
  PO-1426 A Comparative Study for Dose Length Product (DLP) Methods of Cone Beam CT Scans Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  PO-1427 Comparison of Flattening Filter (FF) and Flattening-Filter-Free (FFF) out of field surface doses Maria Trinidad García Hernández Received Received
  PO-1428 Size-Specific Dose Estimates (SSDEs) Factors for Head Scans of Different Imaging Systems Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  PO-1429 Risk for radiation-induced cancer following proton vs.photon radiotherapy of mediastinal lymphoma Laila Knig Received Received
  PO-1430 A Monte Carlo Study of Infinitely Long Phantoms Used for CT Dosimetry Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  PO-1431 Patient-specific dose calculations from a proton gantry mounted CBCT system: implementation in TOPAS Thomas Henry Received Received
  PO-1435 Large treatment plan quality enhancement in robotic radiotherapy Marta Gi&380;y&324;ska Received Received
  PO-1436 The potential of robust photon treatment planning for internal mammary lymph node-positive breast cancer Ruben Vissers Received Received
  PO-1437 Treatment plan robustness analysis for high field MR-linac partial breast plans Robert Adam Mitchell Received Received
  PO-1438 Automated proton treatment planning with robust optimization and dose volume constraints Vicki Taasti Received Received
  PO-1440 Influence of heterogeneities on the dose calculation accuracy in proton beam therapy Sirinya Ruangchan Received Received
  PO-1441 A novel, fast and accurate 3D-dose-based MLC segmentation for robotic radiotherapy Bas Schipaanboord Received Received
  PO-1443 Brainlab spine SRS planning and verification, comparison with CyberKnife Caroline Jones Received Received
  PO-1444 Robust optimization with accumulated dose over full treatment course reduces dose to organs at risk Erik Engwall Received Received
  PO-1445 A feasibility study: can a vol/dose model in HNC standardize plans and optimize planning time? Paolo Ferrari Received Received
  PO-1448 Fully-automated VMAT treatment planning: head to head between genetic and iterative algorithms Christian Fiandra Received Received
  PO-1449 A robust optimization algorithm for brachytherapy Xianliang Wang Received Received
  PO-1450 Analysis of breast radiotherapy plans generated by the EZFluence software JUAN-FRANCISCO CALVO-ORTEGA Received Received
  PO-1451 Robotic MLC-based plans: a study of modulation complexity Laura Masi Received Received
  PO-1453 Aperture shape controller tool impact assessment on the quality of arc therapy treatment plans Izabela Tyburska Received Received
  PO-1454 Evaluation of two arc trajectory optimization algorithms for intracranial tumours VMAT planning Tiago Ventura Received Received
  PO-1455 Evaluation of dosimetric changes during treatment with photons and protons for head and neck cancer David Church Received Received
  PO-1459 Fully automated machine learning optimization VMAT planning for oropharyngeal cancer Ilse van Bruggen Received Received
  PO-1462 Automated robust planning for IMPT in oropharyngeal cancer patients using machine learning Merle Huiskes Received Received
  PO-1464 Total body irradiation practice in Australia and New Zealand: Results of a Survey Lotte Fog Received Received
  PO-1465 Automated versus manual LINAC stereotactic radiosurgery plans in patients with 4-10 brain metastases Anna Petoukhova Received Received
  PO-1466 Dosimetric comparison 3D vs VMAT tecniques in a pediatric population treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma Simone Baroni Received Received
  PO-1467 Comparison of Planning Techniques in Randomised Radiotherapy Trials for Localised Prostate Cancer Ian Gleeson Received Received
  PO-1469 Personalized automated planning of prostate plans using geometrical ideal dose distribution Martijn Kusters Received Received
  PO-1470 Personalized Planning for prostate radiotherapy in Pinnacle Evolution improves planning efficiency martijn kusters Received Received
  PO-1471 Dosimetric comparison of neoadjuvant proton beam therapy vs VMAT in distal oesophageal cancer using cases from the UK NeoSCOPE Trial Owen Nicholas Received Received
  PO-1472 Cardiac dose reduction in proton vs. photon DIBH breast and regional lymph nodes radiotherapy Piotr Winczura Received Received
  PO-1473 On the clinical implementation of conformity index for radiotherapy of prostate Jonas Scherman Received Received
  PO-1474 Automated VMAT-SBRT treatment planning for complex spinal metastases: a dosimetric analysis Savino Cilla Received Received
  PO-1475 Patient ion for intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT) using automated treatment planning and machine learning Jasper Kouwenberg Received Received
  PO-1476 Monte Carlo based 3D treatment planning using intraoperative CBCT scanning for image guided IORT Luis Probst Received Received
  PO-1477 Comparison of 3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT plans (including low body dose) for whole breast irradiation Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  PO-1478 The effect of magnetic port density on dose distribution in 3D, IMRT, VMAT for breast radiotherapy Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  PO-1479 OARs dose volume parameters temporal evolution in Breast Cancer RT treatment in a single institution MARIA LIZONDO Received Received
  PO-1480 Position in breast cancer radiotherapy: dosimetry and toxicity DAVID HERNANDEZ Received Received
  PO-1481 A recommendation for density overrides in lung SBRT through model theory Santiago Velázquez Received Received
  PO-1482 Feasibility of 3D-printed electron-modulated bolus for post lumpectomy left breast cancer patients Wan Yan Venus Lee Received Received
  PO-1483 Evaluation of an artificial intelligence driven planning system for online adaptive radiotherapy lucie Calmels Received Received
  PO-1485 Comparison of electron beam shaping efficiency with metal and 3D-printed plastic collimators Sergei Stuchebrov Received Received
  PO-1486 Electron beam depth dose distributions in 3D-printed samples with different material filling factor Sergei Stuchebrov Received Received
  PO-1487 Proton versus photon therapy in locally advanced cervical cancer; a dosimetric study Danya Abdulwahid Received Received
  PO-1488 Emerging method of beam shaper with high density silicone bolus for electron beam radiotherapy Santiago Velázquez Miranda Received Received
  PO-1490 Lung degradation effects on RBE-weighted dose in proton, carbon and helium treatment plans Noa Homolka Received Received
  PO-1491 What is best practice for using a mixed technique concept for hypofractionated RT of breast cancer? Alexander Venjakob Received Received
  PO-1492 VMAT modalities scenarios in ESTRO-ACROP consensus guidelines postmastectomy implants radiotherapy Grazia Lazzari Received Received
  PO-1493 VMAT half-body palliative irradiation in widespread complex pelvic bone metastatic cancers Grazia Lazzari Received Received
  PO-1494 Dose integration method of intensity-modulated arc therapy and HDR brachytherapy of prostate cancer Georgina Frhlich Received Received
  PO-1496 Internal dose-escalation with FFF-VMAT and advantages in SRS metastasis treatments Maria Jose Perez Calatayud Received Received
  PO-1497 Small cone vs microMLC in SRS trigeminal neuralgia: Dosimetric improvement. Maria Jose Perez Calatayud Received Received
  PO-1498 Dosimetric analysis of the use of FFF beams with SBRT for lung cancer Eleonor Rivin del Campo Received Received
  PO-1499 Incidental dose to obturator nodes in prostate radiotherapy trials CHHiP, PROFIT and PIVOTALboost IAN GLEESON Received Received
  PO-1501 Frameless workflow for radiosurgery of arteriovenous malformations - A new software prototype Daniel Schmidhalter Received Received
  PO-1502 A comparison of photon and proton radiotherapy treatment planning techniques in head and neck cancer David Church Received Received
  PO-1503 Evaluation of a generalized knowledge-based planning for VMAT irradiation of breast and lymph nodes Maria Rago Received Received
  PO-1504 Pareto navigation guided automated planning: is a single patient enough to calibrate a solution? Iona Foster Received Received
  PO-1508 Exploration of deformable image registration to augment training data for deep learning contouring Rachel Baggs Received Received
  PO-1509 Application of RapidPlan in the optimization of planning for patients with prostate cancer Maciej Raczkowski Received Received
  PO-1510 Cardiopulmonary Sparing During Breast RT with Personalized Breast Holder and Proton Beam Therapy Renyi Wang Received Received
  PO-1511 Automatic treatment planning for left sided breast cancer with lymph nodes. Kenni Engstroem Received Received
  PO-1512 VMAT based TBI using a novel rotatable tabletop Christoph Losert Received Received
  PO-1513 Overdose areas in whole brain irradiation with simultaneous integrated boost and hippocampal sparing ALESSIO PIERELLI Received Received
  PO-1517 Development and validation of a 3D dose calculation software for neutron radiotherapy Lucas Sommer Received Received
  PO-1521 Endorectal balloon air filling for extreme hypofractionated prostate SBRT Sandra Vieira Received Received
  PO-1522 3D vs 4D dose calculations for moving target near air cavity for lung VMAT SBRT planning Yassir Almutairi Received Received
  PO-1523 Predictive factors of over Grade 2 radiation pneumonitis for advanced non-small cell lung cancer. KOICHIRO MURAKI Received Received
  PO-1524 FET-PET radiomics predicting outcome after re-irradiation in recurrent glioblastoma Ilinca Popp Received Received
  PO-1528 Predicting response to neoadjuvant chemoradiation in esophageal cancer using CT radiomic features Indranil Mallick Received Received
  PO-1530 Pulmonary toxicity in lung cancer treated by (chemo)-radiotherapy : a radiomics-based NTCP. Vincent Bourbonne Received Received
  PO-1533 Feature ion methods improve accuracy in radiation toxicity prediction for lung cancer Jose Luis Lopez Guerra Received Received
  PO-1534 Tumour response modelling to radiochemotherapy with gemcitabine for pancreatic cancer Brigida Costa Ferreira Received Received
  PO-1536 RadiomiK: a phantom to test repeatability and reproducibility of CT-derived Radiomic Features Stefania Pallotta Received Received
  PO-1537 Robustness analysis of standardized radiomic features extracted from T2-weighted MR images Concetta Piazzese Received Received
  PO-1539 Predictive modelling of late fibrosis in breast cancer radiotherapy MARIA LIZONDO Received Received
  PO-1540 Radiomic models for validation in patients with locally advanced HNSCC treated with primary RTCx Asier Rabasco Meneghetti Received Received
  PO-1541 Predictive treatment planning with SIP (simultaneously integrated protection) based on TCP and NTCP Benedikt Thomann Received Received
  PO-1542 Integrating biomarker performance in sample size calculations for therapeutic trials Cary Oberije Received Received
  PO-1543 Public radiomics data collections in an open access Semantic Web (SPARQL) endpoint Petros Kalendralis Received Received
  PO-1545 Dose-volume factors predicting esophageal after SBRT for ultra-central lung tumors Abraham Wu Received Received
  PO-1546 KRAS mutation prediction of mCRC patients based on pre-treatment liver metastasis MRI images Wei Zou Received Received
  PO-1547 Prediction of late subcutaneous fibrosis after partial breast irradiation by radiomics and dosiomics Michele Avanzo Received Received
  PO-1550 Radiomics characteristics correlate with immune activation and HPV status in head and neck cancer Jung Hun Oh Received Received
  PO-1552 Modelling the increase in local control seen when employing synchronous chemo and IMRT in NPC as BED Alfred Mel Received Received
  PO-1553 Development of a CT based radiomic model predictive of non-response to induction chemotherapy in laryngeal cancers Ingrid Masson Received Received
  PO-1554 Radiogenomics: A Virtual Biopsy in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer? Helen Saxby Received Received
  PO-1556 4D-PET radiomics-features for radiotherapy treatment monitoring in locally advanced NSCLC patients Montserrat Carles Received Received
  PO-1558 Model based target definition for high-grade gliomas: implementation and sensitivity analysis Wille Hger Received Received
  PO-1559 Survival prediction in GBM using radiomics of multimodal imaging Fatima TENSAOUTI Received Received
  PO-1561 Staging of non-small cell lung cancer using random forest classifiers based on radiomics Souha Aouadi Received Received
  PO-1562 Radiomics applied to dose distributions to predict toxicity after radiotherapy in cervical cancer Franois Lucia Received Received
  PO-1563 New voxel-based approach to study the relation of tumor location and survival in NSCLC (SAKK-16/00) Diem Vuong Received Received
  PO-1564 Influence of inter-observer delineation variability on radiomics features of the parotid gland Elizabeth Forde Received Received
  PO-1566 NTCP modeling for radiation induced optic neuropathy in a high-risk proton therapy patient cohort Andreas Kthe Received Received
  PO-1568 The Impact of Varying Number of OSEM Subsets on PET Radiomic Features: A Preclinical Study EMAD ALSYED Received Received
  PO-1569 Early prediction of tumour-response to radiotherapy in NSCLC patients. Lameck Mbangula Amugongo Received Received
  PO-1570 Robustness of dosomic features extraction on grid resolution and algorithm model calculation Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  PO-1571 Radiomics for prediction of metastatic melanoma patient survival after immunotherapy Hubert Gabrys Received Received
  PO-1572 Use of intravoxel incoherent motion (IVIM) MRI for predicting dysphagia in oropharyngeal carcinoma Marta Maddalo Received Received
  PO-1574 Robustness of CT-based prostate radiomics features against artefacts from gold fiducial markers Sarah Osman Received Received
  PO-1575 Predicting doses to organs-at-risk in prostate cancer intensity modulated radiotherapy Indranil Mallick Received Received
  PO-1576 Assessment of mpMRI-based radiomics tools in PCa for cancer aggressiveness prediction, AIRC IG-13218 Matteo Pepa Received Received
  PO-1578 Heart V10 is related to treatment-elicited inflammation and clinical response in esophageal cancer. Yu-Chieh Ho Received Received
  PO-1580 CBCT-Based Radiomics of Prostate Cancer Nesrin Dogan Received Received
  PO-1582 Dose rate effects in robotic radiosurgery treatments Emmanouil Zoros Received Received
  PO-1584 Predicting xerostomia in head and neck cancer using imaging biomarkers from daily tomotherapy MVCTs Thomas Berger Received Received
  PO-1585 Subregional analysis of the parotid glands: predicting late xerostomia in head and neck cancer Thomas Berger Received Received
  PO-1587 Novel biocompatible artifact-robust and highly visible fiducial marker for image-guided radiotherapy Tianyuan Wang Received Received
  PO-1588 Effect of breathing motion on robustness of locoregional proton plans for left-sided breast cancer Anna Petoukhova Received Received
  PO-1589 Comparison of diaphragm motion amplitude during free versus regularized breathing measured with MRI Zdenko van Kesteren Received Received
  PO-1590 Spirometer guided breathhold breast VMAT on Halcyon verified with portal images and surface tracking Laurence Delombaerde Received Received
  PO-1592 Effect of respiratory motion on lung target volume during 4D-CT and 4D-CBCT imaging JINYI LANG Received Received
  PO-1593 Impact of left ventricular V5 on acute coronary event cumulative risk in breath-hold breast IMRT Savino Cilla Received Received
  PO-1594 Impact of mean heart dose on acute coronary event excess cumulative risk in breath-hold breast IMRT Savino Cilla Received Received
  PO-1595 MR guided tumour tracking on a high field MR Linac: feasibility and first experimental results Simeon Nill Received Received
  PO-1596 End-to-end test in MRgRT: 3D dose verification of a gated treatment with a porcine lung phantom Philipp Mann Received Received
  PO-1597 Identifying inconsistent breathing patterns for increased monitoring during breath-hold treatment Tomi Nano Received Received
  PO-1598 Investigating the use of RayPilot for motion management during prostate SBRT: initial experience Michael Trainer Received Received
  PO-1600 Evaluation of a High Dynamic Multileaf Collimator for Real-Time tumor tracking Carlos Murillo Received Received
  PO-1601 electromagnetic localization and tracking for prostate cancer radiotherapy: impact of hip prostheses marta bottero Received Received
  PO-1602 Great vessel motion mapping from 4D MRI to 3D CT - Implications for Oligometastatic spinal SBRT Bhavya Patneedi Received Received
  PO-1603 Residual intra-fraction error in tracked spinal SBRT: effect of site, fractionation and patient pain Eleonora Rossi Received Received
  PO-1604 Quantitative analysis of treatment process time for MRI-LINAC system gating efficiency optimization Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  PO-1605 Can we ignore rotational errors in the positioning of patients with high-risk prostate cancer? Maria Poncyljusz Received Received
  PO-1607 Development of a Robot Assisted Ultrasound Based Radiation Therapy (USgRT) Peter Karl Seitz Received Received
  PO-1608 Assessment of shoulder position variation and its impact on VMAT doses using an EPID-based software Itziar Valverde-Pascual Received Received
  PO-1612 Bladder filling during MR-linac treatment sessions. Mariska den Hartogh Received Received
  PO-1615 Detection and analysis of scattered protons for verification of FLASH lung tumor proton therapy Magdalena Garbacz Received Received
  PO-1617 Feasibility of spirometer-guided single breath-hold kV-CBCTs on Halcyon in lung cancer patients Laurence Delombaerde Received Received
  PO-1619 Detailed study of accuracy and potential improvements of surface-guided breast cancer radiotherapy Saber Nankali Received Received
  PO-1620 Reconstruction of intra-fractional prostate movement and its effect on dose distribution Lauri Jrvinen Received Received
  PO-1621 Surface Guided Radiotherapy for locoregional DIBH treatment: Intrafraction motion evaluation Alessio Gnerucci Received Received
  PO-1622 Impact of positioning errors in the dosimetry of VMAT left-sided post mastectomy irradiation QIAN PENG Received Received
  PO-1624 Fast contour propagation for MR-guided prostate radiotherapy using convolutional networks Matteo Maspero Received Received
  PO-1625 Deformable image registration (DIR) and radiobiological recalculation for retreat plan evaluation Laura Stenzel Received Received
  PO-1627 Evaluation of Tumor Volume and Electron Density Changes on CBCT Images in Lung Cancer Patients Esil Kara Received Received
  PO-1628 Deconvolution of different range error sources using proton radiography and neural networks Carmen Seller Oria Received Received
  PO-1629 A quantitative evaluation of deformable image registration based on Halcyon MVCBCT images Yuliang Huang Received Received
  PO-1630 Accurate 3D-rotation correction for stereotactic intracranial treatments without a 6D couch Stefan L.S. Kwa Received Received
  PO-1631 Potential benefit of robust ITV-based proton therapy in cervical cancer patients Elske Marjolein Gort Received Received
  PO-1632 Planning target volume (PTV) reduction for gated stereotactic body radiotherapy(SBRT) of lung tumors Kim Kraus Received Received
  PO-1636 Robustness of breast treatments with Tomotherapy toward residual setup errors Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  PO-1637 Proton therapy for patients with head and neck cancer: A strategy for adaptation Eva Samse Received Received
  PO-1638 Treatment delivery uncertainties in rectal cancer radiotherapy evidence-based margin estimates Ane Appelt Received Received
  PO-1641 Role of surface imaging for verification of mono-isocentric multi-focal stereotactic radiosurgery Daniel Saenz Received Received
  PO-1642 CBCT Padding for Full Field of View Daily Dose Accumulation and Head and Neck Adaptive Radiotherapy Kristy Brock Received Received
  PO-1643 Factors associated with image guided radiation therapy image rejection in a multi-site institution Gary Walker Received Received
  PO-1644 Inter-session variability of 4DMRI image quality after outlier rejection Johannes Veldman Received Received
  PO-1645 Development of protocol for EPID IVD based adaptive radiotherapy in a small RT unit. Patrycja Borowska Received Received
  PO-1647 Quantifying the dose accumulation uncertainty after DIR in head-and-neck radiotherapy Nicholas Lowther Received Received
  PO-1648 Impact of image deformation workflow in high-field MR-Linac treatment of head and neck cancer Rasmus Christiansen Received Received
  PO-1649 Dose comparison between hybrid plan and deformable images plan using extended computed tomography scan in nasopharyngeal cancer patients Wasin Iabsakul Received Received
  PO-1650 Evaluating plan robustness for organ deformation and set-up uncertainties in head and neck cancer Jennifer Robbins Received Received
  PO-1651 Inter and intra-fractional stability of rectal gas in cervical cancer patients Jane Shortall Received Received
  PO-1652 In silico trial of cone-beam-CT guided adaptive planning for radiotherapy of locally advanced NSCLC Philipp Hoegen Received Received
  PO-1653 Dosimetric effects of interfractional variations in prostate cancer radiotherapy Tilman Bostel Received Received
  PO-1654 Markerless liver stereotactic body radiotherapy on a 1.5 T MR-Linac Sihan Gani Received Received
  PO-1655 Dosimetric impact of the anatomical pelvic organs variations during prostate cancer IMRT Fatma Dhouib Trabelsi Received Received
  PO-1656 Plan library to manage daily motion in locally advanced cervical cancer Zelda Paquier Received Received
  PO-1659 Importance of rotational setup errors in H&N patients treated with IMRT Mihály Simon Received Received
  PO-1661 Treatment setup errors in cranial SRT patients with non-invasive immobilization technique Mihály Simon Received Received
  PO-1662 Influence of ITV-PTV margins on interfraction dosimetric variations in lung SBRT. Ana Garcia Perez Received Received
  PO-1664 Standard robust optimization of IMPT for nasopharyngeal cancer covers anatomical changes Raul Argota Perez Received Received
  PO-1665 The mesorectum motion using MR-guided Radiotherapy: an exploratory study to quantify PTV margins Angela Romano Received Received
  PO-1666 Comparison of dose accumulation based on CBCT and CT for lung cancer patients Takahiro Kanehira Received Received
  PO-1667 Are current margins in locally advanced cervical cancers treated by tomotherapy appropriate? Stephane Niyoteka Received Received
  PO-1668 Can we use cascade deep learning for GTV delineation in adaptive radiotherapy for NPC? Nejla Fourati Received Received
  PO-1669 Novel fiducial marker has optimal characteristics for image-guided radiotherapy of abdominal tumours Sarah Stefanowicz Received Received
  PO-1670 Dosimetric and Volumetric impact of Intensity Modulated Adaptive Radiotherapy in Head Neck Cancer Swarupa Mitra Received Received
  PO-1674 The optimal tradeoff between scan time and parameter precision for NG-IVIM DWI for H&N cancer Nienke Sijtsema Received Received
  PO-1675 Diffusion-weighted MRI to evaluate irradiated parotid function: a study of acute and late morbidity Ahmad Ameri Received Received
  PO-1676 Blood biomarkers for cognitive damage after PCI; an exploratory analysis of the HA-PCI phase 3 trial Inge Compter Received Received
  PO-1677 Quality Volume Histogram concept for personalized radioembolization based on MAA SPECT-CT simulation Manuela Burghelea Received Received
  PO-1678 Prostate tumor characteristics in acetate-PET and MRI - Impact of androgen depravation therapy. Ulrika Bjreland Received Received
  PO-1679 Tumor volume regression during neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer: a prospective study with weekly MRI Ingmar Defize Received Received
  PO-1680 DW-MRI of parotid glands in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiotherapy Maja Bruvo Received Received
  PO-1682 MR-based adaptive IGRT for prostate cancer: Results of an exploratory cohort on DWI Arndt-Christian Mller Received Received
  PO-1684 Serial MRI assessment of salivary glands in patients with Oropharyngeal SCC receiving radical RT Claire Paterson Received Received
  PO-1685 Serial DWI in HNC treated on a 1.5 T MR-Linac and benchmark to a reference 3 T diagnostic MR-scanner Simon Boeke Received Received
  PO-1686 Electron density and effective atomic number estimation in a maximum a posteriori framework for DECT Mikael Simard Received Received
  PO-1687 Regional lung motion amplitude and variability assessment from a 4DMRI dataset Emma Colvill Received Received
  PO-1689 TCP assessment of PET-derived dose prescriptions accounting for the underlying oxygen distribution Ana Ureba Received Received
  PO-1690 SUVmax and tumor size in 18 F PET-CT as predictors for early response after lung SBRT Daniela GONSALVES Received Received
  PO-1692 A novel approach to proton radiography and CT using a large-volume scintillator detector system Chinmay Darne Received Received
  PO-1693 Correlation between SUVmax and Primary Tumor Volume in Cervical Cancer Received Radiation Therapy SEOK HO LEE Received Received
  PO-1694 PET/MR hybrid imaging in correlation with p16, HPV and EBV presence in head and neck cancer patients Natalia Samolyk-Kogaczewska Received Received
  PO-1696 Quantitative analysis of mean ADC in cervix cancer patients during chemoradiotherapy Anubhav Datta Received Received
  PO-1697 Radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Effects of fiducial gold marker on diffusion-weighted MR imaging Osamu Tanaka Received Received
  PO-1698 Deep learning-based sCTs with uncertainty estimation from heterogeneous pediatric brain MRI Matteo Maspero Received Received
  PO-1699 Clinical implementation of MRI-based prostate OARs auto-segmentation with convolutional networks Matteo Maspero Received Received
  PO-1700 Efficacy evaluation of 2-D and 3-D U-Net semantic segmentation of normal lungs Takafumi Nemoto Received Received
  PO-1701 Optimized source-detector trajectories for low dose CBCT Sepideh Hatamikia Received Received
  PO-1702 Optimizing the generation of brain pseudo-CT from MRI based on a highly efficient 3D neural network Emilie Alvarez Andres Received Received
  PO-1703 Renal positional probability mapping using ultra-fast volumetric 4D-MRI for MRgRT Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  PO-1704 Global and local evaluation of deep learning contouring of prostate CT Ellen Brunenberg Received Received
  PO-1706 Low dose fluence-modulated proton CT: simulation study and first experimental results Jannis Dickmann Received Received
  PO-1707 Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAPI) PET for diagnostics and advanced target volume delineation in head and neck cancer Mustafa Syed Received Received
  PO-1708 Retrospective automatic detection of calcified plaque in heart on planning CT:viability and benefits MARIA LIZONDO Received Received
  PO-1709 Automated organ delineation in T2 head MRI using combined 2D and 3D convolutional neural networks Laszlo Rusko Received Received
  PO-1711 A CBCT based quality assurance technique for an MR-only radiotherapy workflow for head patients Sinan Irmak Received Received
  PO-1712 Dosimetric Impact of MRI inaccuracy in SBRT in the presence of motion: digital phantom study Tarraf Torfeh Received Received
  PO-1713 An iterative approach to reduce noise in dual-energy CT (DECT) for radiotherapy treatment planning Jens Zimmerman Received Received
  PO-1714 Multimodalities imaging PET/CT-MR for radiotherapy: study of positioning uncertainties Pauline Hinault Received Received
  PO-1715 Predicting dosimetric impact of (auto)contouring errors before dose planning in VMAT prostate radiotherapy. Daniel Sandys Received Received
  PO-1716 Histology correlation of in-vivo 68GaPSMA-PET/MRI: A method description and uncertainty estimation Kristina Sandgren Received Received
  PO-1717 4D-segmentation-based anatomy-restricted motion-compensated reconstruction of on-board 4D CBCT scans Markus Susenburger Received Received
  PO-1718 Deep learning based auto-contouring of planning CT scans for rectal cancer Leonard Bokhorst Received Received
  PO-1719 Clinical evaluation of deep learning auto-contouring in prostate and head and neck cancer. Christina Hague Received Received
  PO-1720 Evaluation of the compatibility and accuracy of lung tumor ITV between 4D-CT and 4D-CBCT MIP images Yulun Tseng Received Received
  PO-1721 A voxel-based method to quantify longitudinal MRI changes after pediatric brain irradiation. Laura Toussaint Received Received
  PO-1722 AI-driven quality assurance for delineation in radiotherapy breast clinical trials Sofia RIVERA Received Received
  PO-1723 Evaluation of outlier rejection in 4D-MRI for motion estimation of subsequent sessions Duncan den Boer Received Received
  PO-1724 Intelligent 4D CT sequence scanning (i4DCT): First prototype measurements Rene Werner Received Received
  PO-1725 Evaluation of measures for assessing automatic OAR delineation acceptability and time-savings Femke Vaassen Received Received
  PO-1726 Clinical impact of spectral CT-based stopping power prediction for particle therapy planning Friderike Faller Received Received
  PO-1727 The geometric and dosimetric effect of algorithm choice on propagated contours from CT to CBCTs David Masj Received Received
  PO-1729 Quality assurance of deformable image registration for bowel motility quantification Koen Nelissen Received Received
  PO-1730 Development of a framework to quantify bowel motility in 3D using MRI Danique Barten Received Received
  PO-1731 Deep learning based conversion of CBCT to synthetic CT for prostate radiotherapy Paolo Zaffino Received Received
  PO-1732 Feasibility of virtual dual-energy imaging through deep learning for markerless tumour tracking Sebastian Amador Sanchez Received Received
  PO-1733 Validation of PSMA-PET/CT based contouring techniques for intraprostatic tumor definition Dejan Kostyszyn Received Received
  PO-1734 Assessment of extended field-of-view CT reconstructions for radiotherapy Gabriel Fonseca Received Received
  PO-1735 Superparamagnetic nickel ferrite nanoparticles as contrast agents in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Carlos Ferrer Received Received
  PO-1736 High frame rate CAIPIRINHA-TWIST-VIBE MRI for volumetric motion monitoring in MRgRT: a pilot study Wong Oi Lei Received Received
  PO-1738 Dosimetric evaluation of deep learning generated synthetic CT data for H&N MRI only radiotherapy Emilia Palmér Received Received
  PO-1739 A deep learning neural network to remove metal artefacts via residual learning for cone-beam CT Mikkel Skaarup Received Received
  PO-1740 Quantitative evaluation of ultra-low dose paediatric cone beam CT for image-guided radiotherapy Abigail Bryce-Atkinson Received Received
  PO-1741 Evaluation of atlas and deep learning based automatic contouring A spatially resolved approach Isabell Steinseifer Received Received
  PO-1745 PET/MRI for RT planning: CT-based attenuation correction of radiation treatment positioning devices Clarissa Gillmann Received Received
  PO-1746 Deep learning artificial intelligence for auto-segmentation of the bowel bag. Jack Miskell Received Received
  PO-1747 Segmentation of the Heart using a Residual U-Net model Miguel Garrett Fernandes Received Received
  PO-1748 Carbon-ion boost followed by photon IMRT for PCa: dosimetric and geometric evaluations, AIRC-IG14300 Giulia Marvaso Received Received
  PO-1749 Contour propagation using Velocity deformable image registration for re-scanned head & neck patients Ryan Fullarton Received Received
  PO-1751 Effect of pseudoCT methods on dose-derived rectal toxicity prediction in MR-only prostate RT Christopher Thomas Received Received
  PO-1752 Evaluation of the deformable image registration algorithm in Velocity image registration software Ryan Fullarton Received Received
  PO-1753 Full-body delineation of ROIs through anatomy-preserving deep learning ensemble networks Aurélien Lombard Received Received
  PO-1755 Use of Jigsaw puzzles to train convolutional neural networks for segmentation with limited data Edward Henderson Received Received
  PO-1756 Phantom investigation of the geometric accuracy of 4D-CBCT Valentina Giacometti Received Received
  PO-1757 Peer Review in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy: The Impact of Case Volume Michael Huo Received Received
  PO-1758 Performance studies of an MR linear accelerator using a 3D-printed ball-bearing phantom Hans Lynggaard Riis Received Received
  PO-1761 A cross-platform daily QA of MRI simulator using an ACR MRI phantom Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  PO-1762 Dummy Run for bone SBRT in french multicentric study sebastien thureau Received Received
  PO-1763 Generation of artificial realistic MR and CT images using StyleGAN Lukas Fetty Received Received
  PO-1764 Prognostic outcome prediction for head and neck cancer patients using convolutional neural networks Jiapan Guo Received Received
  PO-1765 Treatment of face and scalp with HelicalTomotherapy: feasibility, robustness and dosimetric accuracy Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  PO-1766 A clinical solution for electron streaming shielding for partial breast treatments on Unity MR-linac Joan Chick Received Received
  PO-1767 A national survey of total body irradiation to define best practice for the ALL-RIC trial Patricia Diez Received Received
  PO-1769 Multicenter end-to-end test for lung SBRT treatments Stefania Pallotta Received Received
  PO-1770 Failure Modes and Effects Analysis with Lu-177 Dotatate PRRT in a Radiation Oncology-based Program Nichole Maughan Received Received
  PO-1771 Significant lower dose to brain after implementation of new treatment protocol for brain metastasis André Haraldsson Received Received
  PO-1773 A Comprehensive and feasible QA Program for Surface Guided Radiotherapy Vania Batista Received Received
  PO-1775 Texture analysis of Tomotherapy planned sinograms to assess plans modulation Tania Santos Received Received
  PO-1778 Analysis of treatment times with a Halcyon 2.0 linac Marcelino Hermida López Received Received
  PO-1781 Development and implementation of an End-to-End test for small animals radiation research Ileana Silvestre Patallo Received Received
  PO-1782 Compressed sense accelerated MRI simulation: image quality assessment using an ACR MRI phantom Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  PO-1783 A method for performing film dosimetry as part of a postal audit service by a recalibration process Burak Yalvac Received Received
  PO-1784 Quality Assurance for the adaptive workflow on an MRI Linac Lotte Wilke Received Received
  PO-1787 Radiotherapy process management using InSightive: optimization, evaluation and verification Maciej Raczkowski Received Received
  PO-1788 Automated data labeling in radiotherapy using a deep neural network Pedro Gallego Received Received
  PO-1790 A 3D model of proton treatment rooms for collision prevention Thomas Henry Received Received
  PO-1792 Electron beam aperture cut-out customization using 3D printed ABS plastic ALEJANDRO SÁNCHEZ Received Received
  PO-1793 BioXmark liquid fiducials to enable radiotherapy tumor boosting in rectal cancer feasibility trial Maaike Berbee Received Received
  PO-1794 Real-life experiences of an MR-Only prostate radiotherapy pathway with MR-CBCT soft-tissue matching Hazel McCallum Received Received
  PO-1795 Clinical Validation of an AI software to auto segment OARs on CT datasets for Radiation Oncology Chandrasekhar Kota Received Received
  PO-1796 Framework for Competency and Performance Assessment in Radiation Oncology: MRIdian Linac Case Study Chandrasekhar Kota Received Received
  PO-1797 Dosimetric analysis of simultaneous integrated boost in the HYPORT Adjuvant Trial (NCT03788213) SUBECHA BHUSAL Received Received
  PO-1798 Quality of radiotherapy treatment plans for locally advanced sinonasal tumors in a phase II trial Barbara Vischioni Received Received
  PO-1799 The quality improvement in prostate radiotherapy based on results from end-to-end national audits Irena Koniarova Received Received
  PO-1800 Successful Implementation of Treatment Planning Trial QA for the PIVOTALboost Trial Helen Mayles Received Received
  PO-1801 A new standardized global plan complexity score indicator Tania Santos Received Received
  PO-1803 Preventing Radioinduced Injury by Topical Application of an Amifostine Metabolite-Loaded Thermogel Céline Clémenson Received Received
  PO-1804 In silico model of radiation-therapy damage to microvasculature of tissues surrounding tumour alessandro cicchetti Received Received
  PO-1806 Early radio-induced bladder wall thickening in rats: optimizing the methodology and first evidences Antonello Spinelli Received Received
  PO-1807 A multicenter assessment of HSPB1 and TGB1 SNPs for hematological toxicity in lung cancer patients OSCAR MUÑOZ MUÑOZ Received Received
  PO-1808 Effects of photon, carbon ion and ultraviolet radiation on human mesenchymal stem cells Alexander Rhle Received Received
  PO-1809 Parallel quantification of MR signal and radioenhancement of Gd nanoparticles for MR-based dosimetry Pauline MAURY Received Received
  PO-1810 Determining the boundaries of the FLASH effect and delivering with proton spot scanning Bethany Rothwell Received Received
  PO-1811 The prognostic value of CD8 infiltration and PD-L1 expression in salivary gland cancer Jens von der Grn Received Received
  PO-1813 Plasma biomarkers of immunogenic cell death during and after SBRT and concurrent chemo-RT for NSCLC. Kobe Reynders Received Received
  PO-1815 Dual oxidase 1 limits the IFN&947;-associated antitumor effect of macrophages Meziani Lydia Received Received
  PO-1816 Impact of radiotherapy in immunological parameters in brain metastases by SRS Antonio Lopez Received Received
  PO-1817 Kinetics and dose-volume effect of radiotherapy on leucocyte and platelet blood cell components Cynthia Terrones Campos Received Received
  PO-1818 Cytogenetic and immunological markers to predict side effects and tumour control in cancer patients Zsolt Juranyi Received Received
  PO-1819 Leukocyte migration towards particle radiation-induced senescence-associated secretory phenotypes Peter Huber Received Received
  PO-1821 Investigating tumour immune microenvironment effects of hypofractionated radiotherapy /- immune checkpoint blockade in immunocompetent pre-clinical prostate cancer models Yiannis Philippou Received Received
  PO-1822 PET-CT based metabolic regression velocity following SBRT for spinal oligometstases Hirak Vyas Received Received
  PO-1823 New insights into cellular dose-response in vitro from high-throughput time-course assays Robin Koch Received Received
  PO-1824 Superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles as radiosensitisers with magnetic fields. Emily Russell Received Received
  PO-1825 Determining the role of Abiraterone and Enzalutamide on radiosensitisation and DNA repair in response to ionising radiation and Radium-223 Timothy Wright Received Received
  PO-1826 Measuring probability of double-strand breaks along a 160 MeV Bragg curve Kristen McConnell Received Received
  PO-1827 Clinical application of radiation-enhancing nanoparticles Nathaniel Scher Received Received
  PO-1828 Alignment of prostate cancer patients for radiotherapy on the MR-linac Helen Barnes Received Received
  PO-1829 Can empty bladder filling protocol be implemented for localised prostate external beam radiotherapy? Gayan Chetiyawardana Received Received
  PO-1830 Clinical verification of the pitch functionality and setup accuracy of the Solstice SRS System Chin Loon Ong Received Received
  PO-1832 Assessment of set up accuracy using an evacuated cushion for Proton Beam Therapy David Roberts Received Received
  PO-1833 What is the best modality to distract patients during prolonged breath-holds? Nicolas Audag Received Received
  PO-1835 Interventions demonstrate potential to promote patient comfort during radiotherapy. Simon Goldsworthy Received Received
  PO-1836 Impact of bladder and rectum preparation on in vivo dosimetry for prostate cancer patients Yawo Atsu Constantino FIAGAN Received Received
  PO-1838 Multiple Brain Mets: impact of patient positioning errors on optimal PTV margin strategy Luca Capone Received Received
  PO-1839 Implementation of image reduction for DIBH/FB breast patients following evaluation of an SGRT device Michael Heinitz Received Received
  PO-1840 Introduction of a Pre-Radiotherapy Hydration Consultation for prostate patients Wendy Goldshaker Received Received
  PO-1841 Efficacy of a new dedicated immobilization device for treatment of Central Nervous disease niccolo giaj levra Received Received
  PO-1842 Set-up accuracy of BrainLab immobilization mask for intracranial stereotactic radiotherapy Clelia Di Carlo Received Received
  PO-1843 Bladder and rectum volume control at the CT simulation stage of curative pelvic patients protocol Martin Berg Received Received
  PO-1844 Service evaluation of a new bladder filling protocol for radical prostate radiotherapy Donna Burns Received Received
  PO-1845 Time trend analysis of target volume auto-contouring in locally advanced NSCLC over the course of RT Sarah Barrett Received Received
  PO-1846 Inter-faction reproducibility of organs at risk in prostate and rectum RT treatments. Nuria Espinosa Received Received
  PO-1847 ART in prostate cancer: how to use an offline approach with daily CBCT and deformable registration Luca Capone Received Received
  PO-1848 Non-invasive Cardiac Radioablation for Ventricular Tachycardia Karen Pilling Received Received
  PO-1849 Evaluation of an automatic contouring software in breast cancer treated in lateral position Rebecca Msika Received Received
  PO-1850 Inter-observer variation in delineating cardiac substructures and coronary arteries Zeineb Naimi Received Received
  PO-1851 Stereotactic radiation therapy for lung cancer: is a single 4-dimensional scan enough? Ana Gonzalez Moya Received Received
  PO-1852 Changes in Dose Distribution in VMAT Plan for T3/4 NPC cases after teeth removal Yim Li Received Received
  PO-1854 The effect of SpaceOAR hydrogel and posteriorly misplaced treatment on rectum dose in prostate SBRT Antti Vanhanen Received Received
  PO-1855 Dosimetric effects of online adaptive replanning for prostate radiation therapy on 1.5T MR-Linac Man Chun Lee Received Received
  PO-1856 VMAT class solution for radiotherapy planning of esophageal carcinoma using Pinnacle Auto-Plan Leontien Abbenhuis Received Received
  PO-1857 A robust two isocenter VMAT technique for bilateral breast cancer. Peter Van Kollenburg Received Received
  PO-1858 Quality assurance of proton treatment plans by evaluating uncertainty doses in brain tumors. Ihsan Bahij Received Received
  PO-1859 Evaluation of atlas-based synthetic CT for MRI radiotherapy planning in the head and neck region Patricia Man Hei Lee Received Received
  PO-1860 Organs-at-risk sparing capabilities of Hybrid Partial-field VMAT during Whole Brain Radiotherapy Adams Hei Long Yuen Received Received
  PO-1861 Impact of setup error in postoperative breast/chest wall radiotherapy with field in field technique Makita Kenji Received Received
  PO-1864 Can underdosage due to breast swelling be mitigated with robust optimization for breast radiotherapy Koen Crama Received Received
  PO-1865 Quality control of SBRT treatments with VMAT Manuel Fernandez Montes Received Received
  PO-1866 Comparison of dose evaluation using difference voxel sizes in Stereotactic Radiotherapy Planning Tin Lok Lai Received Received
  PO-1868 In silico hypofractionation feasibility study for lymph node oligometastases SBRT on the MRI-linac Dennis Winkel Received Received
  PO-1869 Dosimetry impact of manual vs. automated segmentation of lung contours in RayStation (RS) Fabiol Vallejo Castañeda Received Received
  PO-1870 Distal esophageal cancer - should we use 3D-CRT, IMRT or VMAT? Turid Husevg Sulen Received Received
  PO-1872 Dosimetric comparison of VMAT vs t-IMRT for patients with Aeroform Air Expanders undergoing PMRT Margaret Cokelek Received Received
  PO-1873 SIDCA in patients with = 10 brain mets: evaluation of neurological toxicity and treatment accuracy. Luca Capone Received Received
  PO-1874 Improving Treatment Accuracy of Cranial Boost Radiotherapy (RT) with Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Ian Zing Tan Received Received
  PO-1875 Is a single anterior field sufficient to treat regional nodes in breast cancer? Hanan Almasri Received Received
  PO-1876 A visual grading analysis-based audit for MR simulation sequence development Lisa McDaid Received Received
  PO-1877 Dosimetric parameters associated with overall survival and toxicity in stage III NSCLC patients Isabel Remmerts de Vries Received Received
  PO-1879 A novel and objective plan evaluation tool for dose escalation in NSCLC within the ADCSCaN trial Rita Simoes Received Received
  PO-1880 Cardiac exposure in left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy: which substructure should be contoured? Zeineb Naimi Received Received
  PO-1881 Dosimetric impact of left anterior descending artery contouring in left-sided breast irradiation Zeineb Naimi Received Received
  PO-1882 The risk of pelvic insufficiency fractures after radiotherapy using planned dose analysis. Lynsey Devlin Received Received
  PO-1883 Movement of the hyoid during head and neck radiotherapy: Implications for off-line verification Sarah Hargreaves Received Received
  PO-1884 Matching time optimization in tangential breast RTT: CBCT and EPI comparison Andrea Lastrucci Received Received
  PO-1885 Margin evaluation and Plan-of-the-day exploration for rectal tumors Esther Kneepkens Received Received
  PO-1886 Dosimetric impact of groin oedema in inguinal lymph node boosts in locally advanced vulvar cancer Sandy Mohamed Ismail Mohamed Received Received
  PO-1888 Dose effects of interfraction target shifts in irradiation of prostate with two partial VMAT arcs. Marjan Admiraal Received Received
  PO-1889 To evaluate the feasibility of MR-only pelvis TomoTherapy during treatment planning and verification Shei Yee Man Received Received
  PO-1890 Comparative assessment of the verification performance, ART and imaging dose between MVCT and kVCBCT Phoebe YS Tang Received Received
  PO-1891 Bladder filling assessment in prostate cancer patients using ultrasound bladder measurements Krzysztof Kaczmarek Received Received
  PO-1892 Stereotactic Radiation Therapy how accurate we are? Jelizaveta Ter-MInasjan Received Received
  PO-1893 Average body diameter as a predictive factor for the usability of inline CBCT for spine SBRT Jikke Stam Received Received
  PO-1896 Implant geometry based PTV margins for prostate patients with daily setup on markers virginia Spies Received Received
  PO-1900 Is the 4D planning CT representative for breathing motion of esophageal tumors during treatment? Quirine Roos Received Received
  PO-1902 Cone Beam Computed Tomography to assess pitch, roll and rotation in Head and Neck Radiotherapy Debbie Thornberry Received Received
  PO-1903 Inter-observer variability of CTV registration in image-guided radiotherapy of oesophageal cancer. Lisa Wiersema Received Received
  PO-1904 ROI optimization for surface guided radiation therapy Tim-Oliver Sauer Received Received
  PO-1905 IGRT protocols analysis in brain radiotherapy treatment Andrea Lastrucci Received Received
  PO-1907 The effectiveness of SGRT for patient set-up in thoracic deep target radiotherapy Stefano Leva Received Received
  PO-1908 Comparing soft tissue and bone to verify radiotherapy treatment position for lung cancer patients Alison Sweeney Received Received
  PO-1909 Interobserver variability of CBCT for prostate radiation therapy: Fiducial Markers vs CTV/PTV Fatima Aurora Aires Received Received
  PO-1911 Comparison of in-house self-held respiratory monitoring device and Active Breathing Coordinator system in deep inspiration breath-hold left breast radiotherapy Wai Kit Chow Received Received
  PO-1912 Clinical experience of using stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy on inoperable pancreatic cancer Yat Tsang Received Received
  PO-1914 Patient compliance during Deep Inspiration Breath Hold for left breast cancer radiotherapy Marta Marson Received Received
  PO-1916 Applications of the Medusa surface tracking system for respiratory control in breast cancer patients Emilie Costa Received Received
  PO-1917 Pre-trial plan ion training - is it sufficient for optimal plan ions online? Amanda Webster Received Received
  PO-1919 DIBH reduces right coronary artery and lung radiation dose in right breast cancer loco-regional RT Kirsty Stuart Received Received
  PO-1920 Inter-fractional uterine and cervix motion during radiotherapy for cervix cancer Gillian Bestwick Lewis Received Received
  PO-1922 Dosimetric replanification benefit in exceeded neurological structures doses during IMRT for NPC Daoud Hend Received Received
  PO-1926 Defining compassion in cancer care: a co-production approach Amy Taylor Received Received
  PO-1927 Palliative haemostatic radiotherapy in gastro-oesophageal cancer- a single centre experience Karen Crowther Received Received
  PO-1928 Initial clinical experience with the MR-Linac System - Patient perspective Nienke Weitkamp Received Received
  PO-1929 Correlation between dosimetric parameters and acute dermatitis of hypofractionated breast radiation Meriem Bohli Received Received
  PO-1931 To evaluate the effectiveness of hydroactive colloid gel in the skincare pathway for patients having breast radiotherapy. Joanne Rigley Received Received
  PO-1932 Patients-Reported Outcomes (PROs) following SBRT for clinically localized Prostate Cancer Aleksandra Ma&324;czak Received Received
  PO-1933 Radiation therapists practices, barriers and facilitators in delivering health behaviour advice. Nickola Pallin Received Received
  PO-1934 Multidisciplinary training using a virtual environment in radiotherapy Angela Williams Received Received
  PO-1935 MR-only prostate radiotherapy how transferable are CT based image matching skills? Rachel Brooks Received Received
  PO-1936 Establishing the acceptability of a gold standard in IGRT assessment for Radiation Therapists Elinor Barker Received Received
  PO-1937 A new software for advanced education and assessment of tumour volume delineation in radiotherapy Concetta Piazzese Received Received
  PO-1938 Implementation of Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) for brain metastases. Anja Nielsen Received Received
  PO-1939 Training of RTT on CBCT online adaptive radiotherapy: First step finding the future adapters Lina Andersson Received Received
  PO-1941 Current perspectives of RTTs in radiation oncology research: a national survey in Italy Domenico Piro Received Received
  PO-1942 Palliative Radiotherapy Peer Review; A Multi-disciplinary retrospective audit. joanne mitchell Received Received
  PO-1943 Analysis of RT performance using quality indicators derived from automated treatment pathways Luca Capone Received Received
  PO-1944 FMECA analysis of VMAT prostate treatment Andrea Lastrucci Received Received
  PO-1945 Practical test of proton plan before first treatment Pernille Haslund Received Received
  PO-1946 Risk management for intraoperative electron radiotherapy accelerators Agnieszka Misiarz Received Received
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