26-30 April 2019 Milan
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Poster title
Applicant name
  PV-0041 Randomized therapeutic trial of combined pentoclo versus placebo in radiation-induced plexopathy Sylvie Delanian Received Received
  PV-0042 Lymphopenia after breast conserving therapy as a potential predictor of ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence in early breast cancer Oyeon Cho Received Received
  PV-0043 ESTRO guidelines for volume delineation for RT after immediate implant-based reconstruction Orit Kaidar-Person Received Received
  PV-0044 Mastectomy or breast-conserving therapy for early breast cancer: outcome comparison of 7565 cases Stefanie Corradini Received Received
  PV-0045 Is proton therapy a pro for breast cancer? A comparison of proton vs. non-proton RT using the NCDB Mudit Chowdhary Received Received
  PV-0046 Patient ion for proton therapy of early breast cancer the DBCG study strategy Line Bjerregaard Stick Received Received
  PV-0047 IMRT versus VMAT for elderly patients with breast cancer: comparison of acute and late toxicities Fabiana Gregucci Received Received
  PV-0048 The Radiosensitivity Index (RSI) predicts for outcomes in triple negative breast cancer Casey Liveringhouse Received Received
  PV-0049 Merkel cell polyoma viral load and intratumoral CD8 lymphocyte infiltrationpredict overall survival in patients with Merkel cell carcinoma Jens von der Gruen Received Received
  PV-0099 MC simulations and dose measurements of a patient-specific 3D range-modulator for proton therapy Yuri Simeonov Received Received
  PV-0100 Development of plan quality through EBRT dummy run in the EMBRACE-II study for cervical cancer Yvette Seppenwoolde Received Received
  PV-0101 Clinical implementation of a dedicated brain treatment planning optimizer for stereotactic treatment Thierry Gevaert Received Received
  PV-0102 A prediction of uncertainties in radiotherapy treatment planning systems Karen Kiers Received Received
  PV-0103 Recommendations for prescribing and recording in lung SBRT according to the ACROP guideline and ICRU report 91 Evelyn de Jong Received Received
  PV-0104 Out of field dose for three imaging modalities in case of image guided prostate cancer radiotherapy Coralie Le Deroff Received Received
  PV-0105 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT for quantitative evaluation of radiotherapy-induced cell loss in salivary glands Vineet Mohan Received Received
  PV-0106 An optimized compact microbeam source for preclinical studies Franziska Treibel Received Received
  PV-0107 In vitro study of CIEDs malfunctions by direct exposure at doses=2Gy Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  PV-0140 Predictive factors and patients ion for pulsed dose rate brachytherapy boost in anal cancer Tristan BRAHMI Received Received
  PV-0141 Treatment outcomes of HDR brachytherapy for cervical cancer: a comparison of Ir-192 versus Co-60. Thanatip Tantivatana Received Received
  PV-0142 HDR BRT treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer: outcome and feasibility in a retrospective analysis. Carlo Pietro Soatti Received Received
  PV-0143 High-dose CT-guided interstitial brachytherapy of liver metastases in oligometastatic patients Franziska Walter Received Received
  PV-0144 Custom-made moulds plesiotherapy for non-melanoma skin cancer treatment. MARIA ANGELES GONZALEZ Received Received
  PV-0145 The impact of modern imaging on low dose-rate prostate brachytherapy Lynne Greig Received Received
  PV-0146 RTOG versus CTCAE score: reporting toxicity of HDR brachytherapy Monotherapy for prostate cancer Marjory Jolicoeur Received Received
  PV-0147 MRI-guided salvage HDR brachytherapy for locally recurrent prostate cancer Lisa Joseph Received Received
  PV-0200 Accelerated- vs chemo-radiation as organ sparing strategies for laryngeal/hypopharyngeal carcinoma Ahmed Elamir Received Received
  PV-0201 Development and validation of prediction models for salivary dysfunction in head and neck cancer patients Lisa Van den Bosch Received Received
  PV-0202 3-D reconstruction of radiotherapy dose associated with advanced osteoradionecrosis after IMRT Abdallah Mohamed Received Received
  PV-0203 Adaptive proton therapy for patients with head and neck tumors involving skull base Robert Malyapa Received Received
  PV-0204 Mortality after radiotherapy or surgery in early stage NSCLC: a population based study Daniel Medenwald Received Received
  PV-0205 Quantification of Changes in Lung Cancer during Radiotherapy: a comparison between CT and MRI Emily Huang Received Received
  PV-0206 Gross endobronchial disease: predictor of clinical outcomes for early stage NSCLC treated with SBRT Nima Aghdam Received Received
  PV-0207 Is V37Gy a Better Dose Predictor for Radiation Pneumonitis for Lung Proton Therapy? Wendy Harris Received Received
  PV-0251 Inuit radiotherapy utilization: a multinational study of low-income regions in high-income countries Jessica Chan Received Received
  PV-0253 A critical quality appraisal of studies estimating the cost of radiotherapy Noémie Defourny Received Received
  PV-0254 Mortality and Morbidity Review of serial radiotherapy accidents in Epinal, 1987-2006 Jean-Marc Simon Received Received
  PV-0255 Advocating for radiation oncology through the development of a massive open online course Poole Claire Received Received
  PV-0256 European survey on electronic patient-reported outcomes by the EORTC young Radiation Oncology Group Alexander Thieme Received Received
  PV-0257 Radiotherapy impact on quality of life in localised prostate cancer: validation of EPIC-16 in Spain Almudena Zapatero Received Received
  PV-0258 Patient reported outcome and survival analysis after stereotactic body RT (SBRT) of lung metastases Rebekka Ccilia Elisabeth Grosser Received Received
  PV-0259 Cosmetic outcome in irradiated breast cancer patients and association with patient reported outcomes Marilot Batenburg Received Received
  PV-0308 MRI based radiomics improves prognostic assessment in soft tissue sarcoma patients Jan Peeken Received Received
  PV-0309 Pretreatment ADC does not predict local recurrences in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Boris Peltenburg Received Received
  PV-0310 A field strength independent MR radiomics model for pathological complete response in rectal cancer Davide Cusumano Received Received
  PV-0311 MRI-based tumour control probability model in particle therapy Giulia Buizza Received Received
  PV-0312 Distributed learning in radiomics to predict overall survival in head and neck cancer Marta Bogowicz Received Received
  PV-0313 Ventilation functional lung volumes obtained from SPECT and 4D-CT do not identify the same voxels. Tine Bisballe Nyeng Received Received
  PV-0314 Machine learning helps identifying relations and confounding factors in radiomics-based models ALBERTO TRAVERSO Received Received
  PV-0315 A risk assessment method including credible intervals for lymphatic metastatic spread for HNSCC Bertrand Pouymayou Received Received
  PV-0316 Deep Learning Based Automatic Grading of Colon Cancer in Digitized Histopathology Images Shenlun Chen Received Received
  PV-0362 Long term outcomes of high-dose single-fraction radiosurgery for chordomas of the spine and sacrum Chunzi Jenny Jin Received Received
  PV-0363 Cognitive Outcomes after Conformal Radiotherapy in Pediatric Patients with Supratentorial Ependymoma Masashi Mizumoto Received Received
  PV-0364 Pulmonary function after high dose chemotherapy total lung irradiation for pediatric Ewing sarcoma Barbara Diletto Received Received
  PV-0365 Adoption of expansion margins to reduce the dose received by coronary arteries in lymphoma patients. Viola De Luca Received Received
  PV-0366 Helical Total Lymphoid Irradiation: radiotherapy still works in lymphoma transplantation Stefano Vagge Received Received
  PV-0367 TMLI-based low-toxic myeloablative conditioning regimen in haploidentical HSCT for AML Simonetta Saldi Received Received
  PV-0368 Persistence of late substantial patient reported symptoms (LAPERS): A report from the EMBRACE study. Anders Schwartz Vittrup Received Received
  PV-0369 Radiomics in Magnetic Resonance Imaging for prediction of radiotherapy outcomes in cervical cancer Natthakorn Thanamitsomboon Received Received
  PV-0422 Consequences of respiratory motion variability in lung 4DMRI datasets Miriam Krieger Received Received
  PV-0423 Fast automated IMRT sequencing using deep-learned dose from generative adversarial networks Charis Kontaxis Received Received
  PV-0425 Automated configuration of an algorithm for fully automated Pareto-optimal treatment planning Rens van Haveren Received Received
  PV-0426 First system for fully automated multi-criterial planning for an MR-Linac applied to rectal cancer Rik Bijman Received Received
  PV-0427 Improving cumulative dose evaluation for re-irradiation: first results from the STRIDeR project Louise Murray Received Received
  PV-0428 A multi-centre study for implementation of MRI-only prostate planning Peter Greer Received Received
  PV-0429 A machine learning method to improve duodenum dose prediction for pancreatic cancer radiotherapy Ziwei Feng Received Received
  PV-0476 Effect of updated ICRU90 data on Monte Carlo kQ calculations: results from the Australian PSDL Maximilian Hanlon Received Received
  PV-0477 A Monte Carlo study of collimator angle dependence of extra focal dose during VMAT Firass Ghareeb Received Received
  PV-0478 A new tool to test tracking systems based on tumour detection Stefania Pallotta Received Received
  PV-0479 Development of an anthropomorphic multimodality pelvis phantom for PET/MRI- and CT-based radiation treatment planning of prostate cancer Noa Homolka Received Received
  PV-0480 Plastic-scintillator based PET detector for proton beam therapy range monitoring: a preliminary study Antoni Rucinski Received Received
  PV-0481 IMRT/VMAT QA in heterogeneous media: first experience with a 2D solid-state detector prototype Giordano Biasi Received Received
  PV-0482 Dosimetric verification of Elekta MR-linac adaption workflow using 3D dosimeters Filipa Costa Received Received
  PV-0483 Pre-treatment portal dosimetry for the MR-Linac Iban Torres-Xirau Received Received
  PV-0484 In vivo dosimetry using CBCT and EPID device: analysis of sources of errors in VMAT treatments Sara Bresciani Received Received
  PV-0533 HPV16 viral load may explain gender differences in treatment outcome of anal squamous cell carcinoma Daniel Martin Received Received
  PV-0534 Carbon ions and microRNAs: new insights into hadrontherapy biology in prostate cancer Rihan El Bezawy Received Received
  PV-0535 Pilot study on immunomodulation role of radiotherapy in oropharyngeal cancer: preliminary results Liliana Belgioia Received Received
  PV-0536 On the impact of HPV status and radiation dose on survival in a large cohort of anal cancer patients Rafi Kabarriti Received Received
  PV-0537 Optimized fractionated radiotherapy with anti-PD-L1 and anti-TIGIT: a promising combination Mathieu GRAPIN Received Received
  PV-0538 Prostaglandin related distinct regenerative activities in hair follicles following radiation injury Shih-Fan Lai Received Received
  PV-0539 Antidiabetic biguanides radiosensitize hypoxic cancer cells through a decrease in oxygen consumption Sven de Mey Received Received
  PV-0540 Tumor Microenvironment modifications recorded with IVIM and DCE-MRI after Neoadjuvant radiotherapy Franois Lallemand Received Received
  PV-0541 Immune modulation by brachytherapy in peripheral blood Miguel Angel Berenguer Frances Received Received
  PV-0574 Evaluation of a clinical decision support protocol during radiotherapy for H&N cancer patients Filipa Rodrigues Sousa Received Received
  PV-0575 Is diaphragm dome or bone fusion adequate to IGRT in liver-SBRT compare to fiducial markers? Carolina De la Pinta Received Received
  PV-0576 Simulation of EHTR for prostate cancer without monitoring intra-fractional prostate motion Yasuo Oguma Received Received
  PV-0577 Single-institution report of whole breast VMAT radiotherapy implemented with 3D surface imaging Veronique Favrel Received Received
  PV-0578 Image quality of cone beam CT used as image-guidance for pelvic Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy Finbar Slevin Received Received
  PV-0579 The impact of intra-thoracic anatomical changes on the delivery of lung SABR Matthew Beasley Received Received
  PV-0580 CBCT-based analysis of target coverage-volume changes after prostate SABR with triggered kV-imaging Katalin Kisiván Received Received
  PV-0581 Image Gently for pediatric IGRT on Varian Halcyon and Edge systems: dose and positioning accuracy Yibao Zhang Received Received
  PV-0622 NTCP model for postoperative complications and one-year mortality after trimodality treatment in oesophageal cancer Melissa Thomas Received Received
  PV-0623 Tumor-stroma ratio for predicting pathologic response after chemoradiotherapy in esophageal cancer Irene Lips Received Received
  PV-0624 pathologic response in pancreatic cancer treated with neoadjuvant MRI-guided radiation therapy Soumon Rudra Received Received
  PV-0625 Biological factors influencing outcomes in SBRT for colorectal cancer oligometastases (OM) Sean OCathail Received Received
  PV-0626 Mismatch Repair System Deficiency increases response to neoadjuvant chemoradiation in rectal cancer Nicolas MEILLAN Received Received
  PV-0627 IL17F-rs641701 polymorphism as prognostic factor in rectal cancer after preoperative chemoradiation. Elisa Palazzari Received Received
  PV-0628 Association of androgen deprivation duration and cardiovascular mortality in prostate cancer men Atsunori Yorozu Received Received
  PV-0629 Late toxicity and PROMs in pelvic or prostate only RT in high risk prostate cancer: A randomised controlled trial. Vedang Murthy Received Received
  PO-0710 IMRTCarbon Ion Boost for Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma of the Minor Salivary Glands of the Oral Cavity Kristin Lang Received Received
  PO-0711 Second Primary Cancer in Salivary gland cancer in South Korea: A Nationwide Population-based Study Jaesung Heo Received Received
  PO-0712 A new prediction model for patient reported xerostomia; external validation in postoperative setting Hans Paul van der Laan Received Received
  PO-0713 PDRN-based cream in the prevention and treatment of radiodermatitis in H&N cancer: our experience. Francesco Pastore Received Received
  PO-0714 Toxicity profile of a SBRT boost as first-line treatment in oropharyngeal cancer patients Wilma Heemsbergen Received Received
  PO-0715 Nutritional intervention in head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy Lucia Gutiérrez Bayard Received Received
  PO-0716 Skull-base chordoma treated with proton and carbon ion radiotherapy : CNAO clinical experience Alberto Iannalfi Received Received
  PO-0717 Addition of chemotherapy to hyperfractionated radiotherapy in advanced head and neck cancer Edwin Boelke Received Received
  PO-0718 Patterns of care for local recurrence of NPC after definite IMRT a study by the HKNPCSG Wai Tong Ng Received Received
  PO-0719 head and neck contour peer review improves quality of radiotherapy targets Lisa McGee Received Received
  PO-0720 Tumor volume/metabolism improve prognostication of anatomy-based stage for nasopharyngeal cancer? Yuri Jeong Received Received
  PO-0721 Prognostic Value of Inflammatory Markers in Patients with Head and Neck Cancer. Jolanta Mrochem-Kwarciak Received Received
  PO-0722 Carbon ion radiotherapy for adenoid cystic carcinoma in the head-and-neck Azusa Hasegawa Received Received
  PO-0723 Benefits of deep learning for delineation of organs at risk in head and neck cancer Julie van der Veen Received Received
  PO-0726 Lower dysphagia and xerostomia incidence after SPECT/CT-guided elective nodal irradiation for head and neck cancer Pieter de Veij Mestdagh Received Received
  PO-0727 Voice outcome following radiotherapy or laser microsurgery in patients with early glottic cancer Albina Allajbej Received Received
  PO-0729 Prognostic factors analysis in a cohort of Nasopharyngeal cancer patients with 5-year follow-up Nicola Alessandro Iacovelli Received Received
  PO-0730 NTCP model for penetration/aspiration after (chemo)radiation including DVH parameters. Agata Gawryszuk Received Received
  PO-0731 Transition from anatomical to geometric expansion modality for high-risk CTV in oropharyngeal cancer Pierluigi Bonomo Received Received
  PO-0732 NTCP model for osteoradionecrosis after definitive (chemo)radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients. Niels den Haan Received Received
  PO-0734 Patterns of Care in the Management of WHO Grade II and III Spinal Ependymomas Debra Yeboa Received Received
  PO-0735 Cognitive function after radiation therapy for brain tumours Lene Haldbo-Classen Received Received
  PO-0736 Radiation necrosis after a combination of EBRT and iodine-125 brachytherapy in gliomas Indrawati Hadi Received Received
  PO-0737 Retrospective analysis of hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for tumors larger than 2 cm Yutaro Koide Received Received
  PO-0738 Extent of resection is potent prognostic factor next to molecular subtype in low-grade glioma Jinhyun Choi Received Received
  PO-0739 Sense and radiosensitivity CyberKnife stereotactic radiotherapy in patients with meningiomas. Hanna Grzbiela Received Received
  PO-0740 Can HSRS on tumor bed replace WBRT in resected brain metastases? Results of a phase II study Lucia Di Brina Received Received
  PO-0741 Active spot-scanning proton therapy for intracranial meningiomas: CNAO experience Emma DIppolito Received Received
  PO-0742 The survival impact of the time between surgery and chemo-radiotherapy in Glioblastoma patients Orit Kaidar-Person Received Received
  PO-0743 Single dose versus FSRT for brain metastases: a retrospective study. Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  PO-0746 The utility of functional magnetic resonance imaging in target delineation of high-grade gliomas Lu-Xi Qian Received Received
  PO-0747 Results at long-term after linac-based radiosurgery of vestibular schwannomas Paola Anselmo Received Received
  PO-0748 Prognostic factors of distant brain failure free survival after stereotactic irradiation for brain metastasis Yvan Pin Received Received
  PO-0749 New apects regarding the treatment of glioblastoma Edwin Boelke Received Received
  PO-0751 Neutrophil lymphocyte ratio and Platelet lymphocyte ratio as a prognostic factor in brain metastases Akifumi Niiya Received Received
  PO-0752 Hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for inoperable arteriovenous malformations TAKEO TAKAHASHI Received Received
  PO-0753 radiotherapy quality assurance-POLCA trial-patients with anaplastic oligodendroglial tumors Loc FEUVRET Received Received
  PO-0754 Radiation-induced nausea and vomiting: how to delineate the Dorsal Vagal Complex ? Arnaud BEDDOK Received Received
  PO-0755 Patterns of Re-irradiation for Recurrent Gliomas and Validation of a Prognostic Score Joost Verhoeff Received Received
  PO-0756 Evaluating the DS-GPA in patients with 1-10 brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery Steven Nagtegaal Received Received
  PO-0757 Radiosurgery for cranial and spinal haemangioblastomas: monoinstitutional analysis. pinzi valentina Received Received
  PO-0758 Whole brain RT plus concomitant Temozolamide in PCNSL after MTX-HD: a prospective phase II study CATUCCI FRANCESCO Received Received
  PO-0759 Radiotherapy After Primary CHEMotherapy (RAPCHEM): protocol adherence in a Dutch registration study Liesbeth Boersma Received Received
  PO-0760 Heterogeneity of Radiosensitivity, Recurrence, and PD-L1 in Breast Tumor Single Cell RNA-Seq Data Bum-Sup Jang Received Received
  PO-0761 Hypofractionated whole breast irradiation after breast-conserving surgery for young patients Icro Meattini Received Received
  PO-0764 The effect of automatic heart contouring on model performance in predicting acute coronary events Daan Spoor Received Received
  PO-0765 Oncological and cosmetic outcome after IOERT as a boost in a large cohort of breast cancer patients. Melanie Machiels Received Received
  PO-0766 The Italian Society of Radiation and Clinical Oncology (AIRO): snapshot on breast cancer management Fabiana Gregucci Received Received
  PO-0767 Long-term results of adjuvant hypofractionated radiotherapy for breast cancer in elderly patients. María Jesús Garcia Anaya Received Received
  PO-0768 High Heart Dose Affects Overall Survival in Lung Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy. Mirek Fatyga Received Received
  PO-0769 Lung Organ-at-Risk volumes The need for a better definition in the era of 4DCT Vinod Shalini Received Received
  PO-0770 Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy versus Radiotherapy Alone for Elderly Patients with Stage III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Dong-Yun Kim Received Received
  PO-0771 Cardiac event after radical radiotherapy for lung cancer - initial results from a multi-centre study Fei Sun Received Received
  PO-0772 Role of Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation in Extensive Disease Small Cell Lung Cancer Joohyun Chung Received Received
  PO-0773 CBCT is not valid for response evaluation after chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced NSCLC Gitte Persson Received Received
  PO-0774 Outcomes of IMRT/VMAT vs 2D/3D-conformal thoracic radiation in limited stage small-cell lung cancer Tzen Szen Toh Received Received
  PO-0775 Palliative Lung Radiotherapy At The Christie: Audit Of Prescribing Practice And Survival Analysis Thomas Lewis Received Received
  PO-0776 Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio dynamics predict for survival in lung cancer treated with SBRT Mudit Chowdhary Received Received
  PO-0777 Predicting overall survival after radiotherapy for brain metastases in patients with NSCLC Nils Knotter Received Received
  PO-0778 New prognostic factors in the SBRT treatment of early stage non-small cell lung cancer Jacopo Di Muzio Received Received
  PO-0779 Current management of limited-stage SCLC and CONVERT trial impact: an EORTC LCG survey Antonin Levy Received Received
  PO-0780 Prognostic value of PD-L1 expression in locally advanced NSCLC treated with chemoradiotherapy Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  PO-0781 30 Gy single dose SBRT: Outcome in a large series of patients with lung oligometastatic disease Luca Nicosia Received Received
  PO-0783 Standardizing mediastinal nodal CTV delineation in Stage III NSCLC: results of a two-phase dummy run Florian Charlier Received Received
  PO-0784 Repeat Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Salvage of Local Failure after Definitive Lung SBRT William Kennedy Received Received
  PO-0785 Clinical significance of treatment related lymphopenia in lung SBRT and a method to ameliorate them Krishni Wijesooriya Received Received
  PO-0786 Hemostasis radiotherapy for inoperable gastric cancer: A prospective study Osamu Tanaka Received Received
  PO-0788 Preliminary analysis of PET/CT imaging on radiation field and relapse rates in esophageal cancer Esther Jimenez-Jimenez Received Received
  PO-0789 Evaluation of Hepatic Toxicity after Repeated Stereotactic Body RT for Hepatocellular Carcinoma SUMIN LEE Received Received
  PO-0790 A nationwide analysis evaluating a role of local treatment including external RT for BCLC C HCCs CHAI HONG RIM Received Received
  PO-0791 Neoadjuvant treatment potentially improves outcome in resectable pancreatic cancer: meta-analysis Eva Versteijne Received Received
  PO-0793 Nodal CTV ion according to primary tumor location and pT-stage for biliary tract cancer JOANNA SOCHA Received Received
  PO-0794 Postoperative Chemoradiotherapy in Gastric Cancer with Poor Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Yulia Kundel Received Received
  PO-0795 Prediction of severe lymphopenia during chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer Peter van Rossum Received Received
  PO-0796 Carbotaxol definitive chemoradiotherapy for inoperable oesophageal cancer: UK multicentre study Rob Owens Received Received
  PO-0797 Impact of 99mTc-GSA SPECT image-guided inverse planning on DFH parameters for SBRT planning for HCC Ryo Toya Received Received
  PO-0798 Response assessment to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer using PET/CT and DW-MRI Alicia Borggreve Received Received
  PO-0799 Treatment outcomes of nodal positive unresectable thoracic esophageal carcinoma Tzu-Ting Huang Received Received
  PO-0801 Esophageal Cancer: One Organ, Two Histologies, One Treatment Strategy: Why? Mareva Lamande Received Received
  PO-0802 Lung dose was associated with severe lymphopenia in esophageal cancer undergoing trimodality therapy Jhen-Bin Lin Received Received
  PO-0803 Endoluminal brachytherapy with induction chemotherapy and definitive chemoradiation in Ca.Esophagus Raahin Sultana Received Received
  PO-0804 Re-irradiation with SBRT for In-field Recurrence of Pancreatic Cancer After Prior SBRT Yuxin Shen Received Received
  PO-0805 Analysis of oesophageal cancer patients treated withneoadjuvant therapy who never made it to surgery Melissa Thomas Received Received
  PO-0806 Impact of Hospital Volume and Trimodality in Survival Outcomes for Esophageal Cancer Mateus Bringel Oliveira Duarte Received Received
  PO-0807 Heterogeneous FDG-guided dose escalation in definitive oesophageal radiotherapy: a feasibility study Hanna Rahbek Mortensen Received Received
  PO-0808 Definitive involved-field radiotherapy for esophageal cancer: are we missing the target? Cláudia Viveiros Received Received
  PO-0809 Gross Tumor Volume delineation in pancreatic cancer using MRI: final results of a multicenter study. Luciana Caravatta Received Received
  PO-0810 Outcome following definitive radiotherapy in oesophageal cancer: A single UK centre experience. shaveta mehta Received Received
  PO-0811 SBRT compared to sorafenib in locally advanced hepatocellular carcinoma: a propensity score analysis Eleni Gkika Received Received
  PO-0812 Microscopic tumor spread beyond (echo)endoscopically determined tumor borders in esophageal cancer. Melanie Machiels Received Received
  PO-0814 Clinical target volume in radiation therapy for organ preservation in T2 rectal cancer JOANNA SOCHA Received Received
  PO-0815 Stereotactic radiation therapy in colorectal cancer brain metastasis: a multicentric cohort adrien paix Received Received
  PO-0816 Adaptive radiotherapy concomitant with chemotherapy as preoperative treatment for rectal cancer Paolo Passoni Received Received
  PO-0818 Comparison of three different approaches for bowel delineation in patients with rectal cancer. Eva Rijkmans Received Received
  PO-0819 Stereotactic Radiation Therapy in Oligometastatic Colorectal Cancer: 102 patients and 150 lesions Maria Alessia Zerella Received Received
  PO-0820 Differences in postoperative outcomes after short-course radiotherapy and delayed surgery versus chemoradiation in locally advanced rectal cancer a nationwide audit-based study Sieske Hoendervangers Received Received
  PO-0821 Long-term outcome of an organ preservation strategy following chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer Elisa Palazzari Received Received
  PO-0822 Muscle density loss during cancer therapy for advanced endometrial cancer portends poor survival Jie Lee Received Received
  PO-0824 Postoperative VBT vs EBRT/VBT in patients with early stage of uterine carcinoma - our update results Andrea Masarykova Received Received
  PO-0825 Differential impact of GLUT1 overexpression between HPV16-positive and -negative cervical cancer Byoung Hyuck Kim Received Received
  PO-0826 On the value of a prognostic tumour score in locally advanced cervical cancer Jacob Christian Lindegaard Received Received
  PO-0827 Comparison of clinical examination and MRI for local cervical cancer staging (FIGO and T(NM)) Johannes Knoth Received Received
  PO-0828 Chronic Lower Extremity Lymphedema in Gynecologic Cancer Patients : EBRT versus Brachytherapy Won Ick Chang Received Received
  PO-0829 MRI-based texture analysis of lymph node for predicting clinical outcome in cervical cancer patients Shin-Hyung Park Received Received
  PO-0830 Assessment of set-up margin (clinical target volume to planning target volume) and additional sub-site internal margin (clinical target volume to internal target volume) expansions in cervical cancer image-guided radiation therapy. Pushpa Naga CH Received Received
  PO-0832 Para-aortic lymphadenectomy and recurrence patterns in locally advanced cervical cancer Micó Milla Soraya Received Received
  PO-0833 Development of a nomogram for predicting overall survival in patients with Cervical cancer Akuli Biche Osong Received Received
  PO-0834 Virtual imaging for patient information on radiotherapy planning and delivery for prostate cancer. Josep Sulé-Suso Received Received
  PO-0835 68GaPSMA11 PET/CT in prostate cancer patients with biochemical recurrence: PET positivity predictors Ramona Parise Received Received
  PO-0836 Outcomes and factors by risk group after prostate brachytherapy: Cohort study in 2316 patients Norihisa Katayama Received Received
  PO-0837 Dose-effect relationship for early late incontinence after IMRT in post-prostatectomy patients Claudio Fiorino Received Received
  PO-0838 Castrate testosterone predicts biochemical relapse free survival in non-metastatic prostate cancer Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  PO-0839 Correlation of recalculated-dose based on CBCT and toxicity in postoperative prostate cancer VMAT Panyapat Buranaporn Received Received
  PO-0840 Two StereoTactic Ablative Radiotherapy Treatments for Localized Prostate Cancer (2STAR) Yasir Alayed Received Received
  PO-0841 Salvage SBRT for local prostate cancer recurrence after radiotherapy: a GETUG retrospective study Geoffrey Martinage Received Received
  PO-0842 Real-Time tracking improves treatment: The TROG Stereo Prostate Ablative Radiotherapy with KIM trial Helen Ball Received Received
  PO-0843 Toxicity of a brachytherapy boost for prostate cancer patients Leonard Bokhorst Received Received
  PO-0845 What is the dosimetric benefit of daily position control imaging for prostate cancer radiotherapy? Mona Splinter Received Received
  PO-0846 Dosimetric effects of a novel concept of adaptive radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients Mona Splinter Received Received
  PO-0847 Rapid modulation of PSMA expression by ADT: Serial PSMA PET in men commencing androgen blockade. Louise Emmett Received Received
  PO-0848 Early mortality of prostatectomy vs. radiotherapy as a primary treatment for prostate cancer Daniel Medenwald Received Received
  PO-0849 Pattern of Relapse After Metastases Directed Therapy in Oligorrecurrent Prostate Cancer Iñigo San Miguel Received Received
  PO-0852 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Unfavorable Prostate Cancer: Large institutional experience. Nima Aghdam Received Received
  PO-0853 Voxel-based analysis for identification of urethro-vesical subregions predicting urinarytoxicity after prostate cancer radiotherapy Mylona Eugenia Received Received
  PO-0855 Development and Validation of a Prostate Cancer Patient Decision Aid: Towards Participative Medicine Anshu Ankolekar Received Received
  PO-0856 Progression-directed therapy for oligoprogressive castration refractory prostate cancer Charlien Berghen Received Received
  PO-0857 MRI-derived radiomics to patients with high-risk prostate cancer for adjuvant radiotherapy Vincent Bourbonne Received Received
  PO-0858 Dosimetric correlation analysis of observed toxicities in prostate cancer patients treated with SBRT Jan Seppl Received Received
  PO-0859 Validation of genetic variants associated to late severe toxicity after prostate cancer RT alessandro cicchetti Received Received
  PO-0860 Improving consistency of proximal seminal vesicle delineation for prostate SBRT Kirsty Morrison Received Received
  PO-0861 Analysis of nodal and prostatic bed RT in oligorecurrent PC patients treated with PSMA-PET-guided RT Simon Kirste Received Received
  PO-0864 Normal tissue sparing with diffusion weighted MRI informed tumour boost in bladder radiotherapy Chan Karen Received Received
  PO-0865 Curative HDR brachytherapy (HDR-BT) for non-melanoma skin cancers (NMSC) Bahman Emami Received Received
  PO-0866 Cost-effectiveness analysis of stereotactic radiotherapy in melanoma brain metastases. adrien paix Received Received
  PO-0867 Prognostic impact of the Sekhar Grading System for Cranial Chordomas - an attempt at validation Anna-Lena Hottinger Received Received
  PO-0868 Total Marrow Irradiation in Myeloma Multiple patients candidate to allogeneic transplant Anna Chiara Received Received
  PO-0869 Reducing pulmonary and renal toxicity in children receiving TBI with forward planned IMRT Mai Khaled Abdelaziz Mohamed Bishr Received Received
  PO-0870 Treatment Outcomes for Pediatric Basal Ganglia Germinomas: A single institute experience in Taiwan Yu-Mei Kang Received Received
  PO-0871 Efficacy of radiotherapy boost in incompletely resected paediatric ependymoma: a retrospective study Monica Ramos Received Received
  PO-0872 Hematological toxicity of 3DCRT and VMAT craniospinal irradiatiation in pediatric medulloblastoma Barbara Diletto Received Received
  PO-0873 Associations between vessel volume and neurocognition In children treated with proton therapy Amar Srivastava Received Received
  PO-0874 The feasibility of MR-Linac treatment planning in childhood abdominal Neuroblastoma Megan Llewelyn Received Received
  PO-0875 Development of pituitary deficits after radiotherapy in pediatric patients after long follow-up. Camilla Satragno Received Received
  PO-0876 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for thoracic nodes metastases, a multi-institutional experience Davide Franceschini Received Received
  PO-0877 Utilization of short course palliative radiation therapy in breast cancer bone metastasis Prashant Gabani Received Received
  PO-0878 Implementing a dedicated inpatient radiation team with multidisciplinary palliative care rounds Daniel Mark Received Received
  PO-0879 Mobile health technologies for monitoring of health status in palliative care patients: a feasibility study Matea Pavic Received Received
  PO-0880 Validation of a predictive model for survival in patients receiving radiotherapy for bone metastases Kazuaki Yasui Received Received
  PO-0881 Outcomes of oligometastatic bone disease treated with conventional or stereotactic radiotherapy Saskia van de Ven Received Received
  PO-0882 Outcome and Toxicity of Hypofractionated Image-Guided SABR for Spinal Oligometastases Charlotte Billiet Received Received
  PO-0883 Phase II trial of stereotactic body radiation therapy for abdomino-pelvic lymph node oligometastases Ciro Franzese Received Received
  PO-0884 Predicting 30-day mortality for palliative radiotherapy Alon Witztum Received Received
  PO-0885 Comprehensive geriatric assessment tools for elderly patients with early NSCLC treated with SBRT Francesco Cuccia Received Received
  PO-0887 Radiation toxicity in patients with collagen vascular disease: Meta-analysis of case-control studies Parvez Shaikh Received Received
  PO-0888 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for refractory ventricular tachycardia: clinical outcomes Raphael Jumeau Received Received
  PO-0890 Abscopal effects in metastasized cancer patients treated with PD-1 inhibition and radiation therapy Maike Trommer Received Received
  PO-0891 Radiochromic film based output measurement for radio-biological experiments at low energy photons Nada Tomic Received Received
  PO-0893 Absolute dosimetry with polymer gels A TLD reference system Andrea Schwahofer Received Received
  PO-0894 Characterization of a multilayer ionization chamber for relative depth-dose curves in particle beams Alessandro Vai Received Received
  PO-0895 Anthropomorphic breathing phantom with lung and liver components for testing MR-guided radiotherapy Emma Colvill Received Received
  PO-0896 Motorised 3D printed water tank designed for measurements in MR linear accelerators Hans Lynggaard Riis Received Received
  PO-0897 Development of an anthropomorphic lung phantom for imaging and radiotherapy Artur Weidner Received Received
  PO-0898 Advanced Diamond Dosimeter for quality Assurance in Radiotherapy Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  PO-0899 Validation of dose calculation accuracy on daily cone-beam CT scans in the thoracic region Lone Hoffmann Received Received
  PO-0900 Examining the magnitude of dose calculation errors as a component of IROC lung and spine phantom failures Sharbacha Edward Received Received
  PO-0901 2D solid-state array detectors: a technique for in-vivo dose verification at varying effective area Giordano Biasi Received Received
  PO-0902 The ACDS approach to measuring dose to bone and comparing to TPS reported dose to water and medium Jessica Lye Received Received
  PO-0903 Acuros dose verification of ultra-small lung lesions with EBT-XD film in a homogeneous and customized heterogeneous phantom set-up Michel llers Received Received
  PO-0904 Benchmarking of a module for Monte Carlo simulation of proton transport in the PENELOPE code Nico Verbeek Received Received
  PO-0905 Validation of a 4D Monte Carlo optimization and planning feature for CyberKnife lung treatment Sara Trivellato Received Received
  PO-0906 Perturbation techniques for optimizing IAEA phase spaces for different medical linacs Juliana Cristina Martins Received Received
  PO-0907 Gafchromic EBT3 film for absolute dosimetry in proton therapy based on averaging of beam quality Andreas Franz Resch Received Received
  PO-0908 Determination of surface dose in pencil beam scanning proton therapy Ajvar Kern Received Received
  PO-0909 Development and experimental validation of a user code for time-resolved Monte Carlo simulations Pstrik Sibolt Received Received
  PO-0910 Lumbosacral proton therapy treatment of a patient with large spine metal implants Cécile Peucelle Received Received
  PO-0911 Choose before you measure. Setting gamma parameters for different QA devices on the basis of ROC. Marta Gizynska Received Received
  PO-0912 Effect of Heart Anatomy on Radiation Related Cardiac Risk in the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study Rebecca Howell Received Received
  PO-0913 Cancer risk after breast proton therapy considering physiological and radiobiological uncertainties Apostolos Raptis Received Received
  PO-0914 Patient specific organ dose evaluation in cone beam CT Francesca Romana Giglioli Received Received
  PO-0915 Integral multi-scenario robustness evaluation of anatomical robust optimization in head and neck proton therapy Macarena Cubillos Mesías Received Received
  PO-0916 Energy layer switching sequence optimization algorithm for an efficiency proton arc therapy delivery Xuanfeng Ding Received Received
  PO-0917 Deep Convolutional Network with transfer learning for dose prediction in VMAT prostate treatments Pedro Gallego Received Received
  PO-0918 Optimal parameters to perform the Pseudo Skin-Flash on VMAT on breast radiotherapy Maria Lizondo Received Received
  PO-0919 Automatic radiotherapy treatment planning using Particle Swarm Optimization Luise Anna Knzel Received Received
  PO-0920 Knowledge-based planning significantly reduces dose to organs at risk for lung cancer lone hoffmann Received Received
  PO-0921 Assessment of CT-based imaging biomarker of COPD in IGRT planning for lung cancer patient Takehiro Shiinoki Received Received
  PO-0922 Knowledge-based optimization of an adaptive early-regression-guided technique for rectal cancer roberta castriconi Received Received
  PO-0923 How can a limited number of proton slots be optimally used in combined proton-photon treatments? Silvia Fabiano Received Received
  PO-0924 Viability of standardized FFF VMAT TBI treatment plans for extended SSD delivery based on AP-width Rebecca Frederick Received Received
  PO-0925 On the ability of a knowledge based planning process to improve itself Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  PO-0926 A novel approach to automatic planning: robust templates for lung VMAT SBRT Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  PO-0927 Lower doses to hippocampi and other OARs for skull-base meningiomas with IMPT compared to VMAT and IMRT Mireille Florijn Received Received
  PO-0928 Knowledge-based assessment of focal dose escalation treatment plans in prostate cancer Marcel van Schie Received Received
  PO-0929 Focal boost dose escalated prostate SBRT on the Halcyon fast-rotating O-ring linac Robin De Roover Received Received
  PO-0930 Knowledge-based planning of head and neck cancer; comparisons of target and normal tissue parameters Anne Holm Received Received
  PO-0931 Application of a thin, energy-layer specific multi-leaf collimator for proton pencil beam scanning. Carla Winterhalter Received Received
  PO-0932 Identification of modes of tumour changes in NSCLC during radiotherapy Lameck Mbangula Amugongo Received Received
  PO-0933 Single isocenter SRS for multiple brain metastases: dosimetric comparison of DCAT and VMAT Jan Hofmaier Received Received
  PO-0934 Physical and biological doses with increasing number of proton beams for pediatric brain irradiation Laura Toussaint Received Received
  PO-0935 Implementation of an in-house solution for motion management-based treatment planning David Dechambre Received Received
  PO-0936 To be or not to be homogeneous in SBRT plans? a systematic multi-planning study Pietro Mancosu Received Received
  PO-0937 Can butterfly VMAT in DIBH reduce dose of LAD in left breast cancer radiotherapy? Martin Maffei Received Received
  PO-0938 Spine SBRT plan comparison for Cyberknife and VMAT delivery incorporating intrafraction PTV margin Tuathan Oshea Received Received
  PO-0939 Suspected impact of linear energy transfer on treatment related toxicities from proton therapy Jakob dén Received Received
  PO-0940 The effects of Bragg curve degradation in proton therapy of bronchial carcinomas Veronika Flatten Received Received
  PO-0941 Can dose gradient-based plan optimisations compete with autoplanning for optimal prostate plans? Danny Schuring Received Received
  PO-0942 Optimization of adaptive aperture margins in robustly optimized pencil beam scanning proton plans Gloria Vilches-Freixas Received Received
  PO-0943 Harmonization of proton planning for H&N cancer using PBS: First report of the IPACS collaboration Markus Stock Received Received
  PO-0944 Proton therapy for esophageal cancer; variable relative biological effect and heart dose Camilla Skinnerup Byskov Received Received
  PO-0945 Stochastic Frontier Analysis to predict sparing of organs-at-risk for VMAT-treated prostate cancer Angelika Kroshko Received Received
  PO-0946 Inter-fraction robustness of DECT-based H&N proton therapy with reduced range uncertainty margins Chingyun Cheng Received Received
  PO-0947 The impact of dose deviations arising within the dosimetry chain on clinical outcomes Matthew Bolt Received Received
  PO-0948 Predicting lung function post-RT in lung cancer using multivariate and principal component analysis Yu Dong Received Received
  PO-0949 Improved external validation performance of predictive radiomics models using statistical methods Avishek Chatterjee Received Received
  PO-0950 Determining the radiodensity range for data-driven quantification of radiation-induced lung fibrosis Li Ming Wang Received Received
  PO-0951 How to build accurate prediction models without sharing patient data across hospitals? Ivan Zhovannik Received Received
  PO-0952 CT-based Radiomics Predicting HPV Status in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Zhenwei Shi Received Received
  PO-0953 Are quality assurance phantoms useful to assess radiomics reproducibility? A multi-center study Alberto Traverso Received Received
  PO-0954 A Prediction Model of Acute Esophageal Toxicity in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients Liuqing Jiang Received Received
  PO-0955 Radiomics signature as predictors of survival and local control after pancreatic carcinoma SBRT Luca Cozzi Received Received
  PO-0956 Non Invasive Grading of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Machine Learning Models Based on Radiomics Souha Aouadi Received Received
  PO-0957 Radiomics study from the dose-painting multicenter phase III trial on newly diagnosed glioblastoma Fatima Tensaouti Received Received
  PO-0958 Mortality Risk Stratification Model based on Radiomics Only: Analysis of Public Open Access HNC Data Zhenwei Shi Received Received
  PO-0959 Robust features ion in Apparent Diffusion Coefficient (ADC) maps of cervix cancer patients ALBERTO TRAVERSO Received Received
  PO-0960 Automated sarcopenia assessment and its predictive power in lung cancer radiotherapy patients Andrew Green Received Received
  PO-0962 Bladder changes during first week of RT for prostate cancer determine the risk of urinary toxicity Oscar Casares-Magaz Received Received
  PO-0963 A novel normalisation technique for voxel size dependent radiomic features in oesophageal cancer Philip Whybra Received Received
  PO-0964 Stability and prognostic significance of CT radiomic features from oesophageal cancer patients Concetta Piazzese Received Received
  PO-0965 How to find the best radiomics features for prediction of overall survival in SBRT for HCC? Pierre Fontaine Received Received
  PO-0966 Prediction of Locoregional Control in Hepatocellular Carcinoma After SBRT with Deep Learning Issam El Naqa Received Received
  PO-0967 Prediction of treatment outcome for head and neck cancers using radiomics of PET/CT images Aurora Rosvoll Groendahl Received Received
  PO-0968 Prostate-specific phantom for radiomic features quality assurance Sarah Osman Received Received
  PO-0969 Sensitivity analysis of an in silico model of prostate tumour growth and response to radiotherapy Carlos Sosa Marrero Received Received
  PO-0970 Advances in intra-fraction movement detection during stereotactic radiosurgery Oleksii Semeniuk Received Received
  PO-0971 Capacitive monitoring system for intrafraction rotation detection during frameless radiosurgery Parisa Sadeghi Received Received
  PO-0972 Intrafraction prostate motion effects with or without endorectal balloon in highly hypofractionated proton therapy Lisanne Zwart Received Received
  PO-0973 Residual intra-fraction error in non-immobilized patients treated with tracked robotic spinal SBRT Eleonora Rossi Received Received
  PO-0974 Intra-fractional stability of Deep Inspiration Breath Hold during RT for lung and lymphoma cancer Ditte Sloth Mller Received Received
  PO-0975 Feasibility of single-camera intra-bore surface scanning in an O-ring linac Laurence Delombaerde Received Received
  PO-0976 Validation of respiratory motion modeling through repeated 4DMRI in the abdomen: preliminary results Giorgia Meschini Received Received
  PO-0977 Improved 4D proton dosimetry via correlation with beam delivery details using log-files Natalia Kostiukhina Received Received
  PO-0978 Accurate positioning with decreased treatment time using surface guided tomotherapy André Haraldsson Received Received
  PO-0979 The Use of Triggered Imaging for Intrafraction Target Verification in Liver SBRT Breathhold Matthew Walb Received Received
  PO-0980 Dosimetric comparison of library of plans and online MRI-guided radiotherapy of cervical cancer Jorrit Visser Received Received
  PO-0981 Role of on-table plan adaptation in MR-guided ablative radiation therapy for central lung tumors Tobias Finazzi Received Received
  PO-0983 Accumulating delivered dose to the rectum using finite element analysis improves toxicity prediction Leila Shelley Received Received
  PO-0984 Univariate toxicity associations are stronger with delivered than planned dose in HNC patients. David Noble Received Received
  PO-0985 Online-adaptive proton therapy: assessing accuracy of robust dose restoration in lung patients. Elena Borderías Received Received
  PO-0986 Inter-fraction anatomical changes in pediatric abdominal tumors during photon and proton therapy Filipa Guerreiro Received Received
  PO-0987 Rotational setup errors in breast cancer radiotherapy: the effect on treatment margins. Jan Seppala Received Received
  PO-0988 CBCT-based library of plans approach in gastric cancer radiotherapy: proof of concept Margot Bleeker Received Received
  PO-0989 Deep learning improves robustness of contour propagation for online adaptive IMPT of prostate cancer Mohamed Elmahdy Received Received
  PO-0990 Positioning uncertainties for pediatric craniospinal irradiation and the impact of image guidance Daniel Gasic Received Received
  PO-0991 A model-based patient classification tool to identify who may benefit from online adaptation in pancreatic SBRT Alba Magallon-Baro Received Received
  PO-0992 Investigating 4D Cone Beam CT reconstruction for moving targets at a scanned proton gantry system Lydia den Otter Received Received
  PO-0994 Registration accuracy of 4D-MRI in lung acquired on the MR-linac maddalena rossi Received Received
  PO-0995 An extension of van Herks margin recipe to explicitly account for time trends in tumor set-up. Marta Gizynska Received Received
  PO-0996 A knowledge-based tool to estimate the gain of re-planning strategy for Head and Neck (HN) ART ELISABETTA CAGNI Received Received
  PO-0997 A Synthetic Generative Adversarial Network for Semantic Lung Tumor Segmentation vasant kearney Received Received
  PO-0998 Setup and range robustness recipes for skull-base meningioma IMPT using Polynomial Chaos Expansion Steven Habraken Received Received
  PO-0999 Functional Avoidance planning allows for lung dose reduction in radiotherapy of lung cancer Katherina Farr Received Received
  PO-1000 Vascular responses in normal brain tissue after combined immunotherapy and SRS to brain metastases Line Brennhaug Nilsen Received Received
  PO-1001 Combined image-based and biomechanical deformable image registration of extreme anatomical changes. Mike Nix Received Received
  PO-1002 3D Deep Learning as a powerful brain Pseudo Computed Tomography generator Emilie Alvarez Andres Received Received
  PO-1004 Simulation of tissue dependent magnetic field susceptibility effects in MRI guided radiotherapy Clarissa Kroll Received Received
  PO-1005 Evaluating different generator networks of a conditional generative adversarial network Lukas Fetty Received Received
  PO-1007 Comparison of deep learning with three other methods to generate pseudo-CT for MRI-only radiotherapy Axel Largent Received Received
  PO-1008 Image quality characterisation of a proton gantry-mounted cone-beam CT system Karin Andersson Received Received
  PO-1009 Comparison of automatic tumour segmentation approaches for head and neck cancers in PET/CT images Aurora Rosvoll Groendahl Received Received
  PO-1010 Deep learning-based delineation of head and neck organs-at-riks: geometric and dosimetric evaluation Ward van Rooij Received Received
  PO-1011 Calibration and validation of ion stopping power prediction with Philips IQon Spectral CT Friderike Faller Received Received
  PO-1012 Dual-energy computed tomography for improved delineation in postoperative brain-tumor patients Patrick Wohlfahrt Received Received
  PO-1013 Unscheduled interruptions and total treatment time for VMAT prostate treatments EVA MARIA AMBROA REY Received Received
  PO-1015 Design of 2.5 MeV electron beam applicator for 5 mm thick superficial lesions Assi Valve Received Received
  PO-1016 Segmentation of CT images with AI: compensating annotation uncertainties using contour augmentation UMAIR JAVAID Received Received
  PO-1017 Towards magnetically focused proton minibeams: investigating the limits of a clinical PBS nozzle Tim Schneider Received Received
  PO-1018 Current status of pediatric image-guided radiation therapy in Europe: An international survey Coen Windmeijer Received Received
  PO-1019 The elephant plot: Differentiating between early recurrence and Benign Lung Injury after SABR Iain phillips Received Received
  PO-1020 The Sicily Dosimetric Project: a multi-institutional project on IMRT/VMAT lung treatment Carmelo Marino Received Received
  PO-1021 Influence of beamline and scanning magnets on the magnetic fringe field at a proton PBS nozzle Sebastian Gantz Received Received
  PO-1023 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure for respiratory gating in lymphomas: a workflow analysis Francesca Romana Giglioli Received Received
  PO-1024 Solutions for MR-based RT planning with an open low field scanner using neural network tools Lukas Fetty Received Received
  PO-1025 The impact of dose to medium on the results of a national spine SBRT dosimetry audit Jonny Lee Received Received
  PO-1026 Evaluation of a microdiamond detector for a national spine SBRT end to end dosimetry audit Rushil Patel Received Received
  PO-1027 IMRT in breath hold for left breast cancer patients: surface tracking and clinical implementation Maria Cardoso Received Received
  PO-1028 Absolute validation of MR versus radiation iso-center on a high-field MR linac Uffe Bernchou Received Received
  PO-1029 The use of Elekta Agility MLC Dynamic log files for VMAT QA Marcelo Picioli Received Received
  PO-1031 Automated patient specific collision prevention: the future of noncoplanar SRS planning Thomas Mann Received Received
  PO-1032 The potential of CBCT for setup and treatment verification in proton therapy for prostate cancer Erik Fura Received Received
  PO-1034 Development of predictive daily machine quality assurance system to predict forthcoming failures Todsaporn Fuangrod Received Received
  PO-1035 Linac commissioning methodology for the Elekta Unity MR Linac Ian Hanson Received Received
  PO-1036 Deep Learning for automatic contouring of clinical target volumes in breast cancer patients. Philip Poortmans Received Received
  PO-1037 In silico analysis of MR-only planning for simulation-free MR-guided spine SBRT Olga Green Received Received
  PO-1039 Spine SBRT with Halcyon: Plan Quality, Delivery Accuracy, and Speed Heather Petroccia Received Received
  PO-1041 Benefit of interstitial needles supplementing the ring applicator in cervical cancer brachytherapy Josefine Sthl Kornerup Received Received
  PO-1042 Toxicity results after Electronic Brachytherapy treatment in endometrial cancer patients Anabela Miranda Burgos Received Received
  PO-1043 Vaginal Cuff treatment with Electronic Brachytherapy in Gynaecologic Cancer: Our experience Anabela Miranda Burgos Received Received
  PO-1044 Salvage brachytherapy for oral or oropharyngeal tumor in a previously irradiated volume Pierre-Marie PIALAT Received Received
  PO-1045 Retreatment using Ru-106 or I-125 plaque in uveal melanoma locally recurrent after brachytherapy Bruno Fionda Received Received
  PO-1046 Precision of source tracking in brachytherapy with scintillation detectors Jacob Johansen Received Received
  PO-1048 Variability in catheter reconstruction for multi-catheter interstitial brachytherapy Karoline Kallis Received Received
  PO-1049 Assessing PTV margin adequacy in permanent breast seed implant for complex target geometries Alexandra Guebert Received Received
  PO-1052 Is there a clinically meaningful change in anatomy during planning of US HDR prostate brachytherapy? Antonio Damato Received Received
  PO-1053 Efficacy/toxicity after high dose rate brachytherapy as monotherapy for localized prostate cancer Sergey Novikov Received Received
  PO-1054 LDR versus HDR brachytherapy boost in prostate cancer patients - a retrospective analysis Sree Rodda Received Received
  PO-1055 High-dose rate brachytherapy boost for T3 prostate cancer patients: a single institution experience Melody Xu Received Received
  PO-1056 Ultra-Focal Salvage HDR-brachytherapy for recurrent prostate cancer: a single institution experience Carl Salembier Received Received
  PO-1057 Salvage high-dose-brachytherapy for recurrent prostate cancer patients: 10 years of experience. Piotr Lelek Received Received
  PO-1059 Separation and rectal dosimetry with a hydrogel spacer inserted during prostate HDR brachytherapy Reena Davda Received Received
  PO-1063 Single-fraction low-energy electronic brachytherapy for conjunctival lymphoma Gustavo Sarria Received Received
  PO-1064 Reducing dysphagia with palliative 2D HDR brachytherapy improves survival in esophageal cancer Wojciech Burchardt Received Received
  PO-1065 Multiparametric radiobiological parameters implementation to predict radiation-induced adverse effects Mariam Ben Kacem Received Received
  PO-1066 The unique DDR mechanisms of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC)-derived chondrocytes Ewelina Stelcer Received Received
  PO-1067 High expression of CCND2 in glioblastoma is associated with an increased risk of early mortality. Christelle Bouchart Received Received
  PO-1068 LET effect on cell survival and yield of DNA double strand breaks after proton irradiation Anne Marit Rykkelid Received Received
  PO-1069 RBE calculation for hadrontherapy by the BIANCA biophysical model Mario Carante Received Received
  PO-1070 Identification of biologically active factors in ionizing radiation regulated secretome Martin Pruschy Received Received
  PO-1071 RIBE alters biological properties of the wound fluids Katarzyna Kulcenty Received Received
  PO-1072 INTRABEAM: precision hypo-fractionated radiotherapy with a systemic immune response. Isabel Linares Received Received
  PO-1074 Radiotherapy and immuno-check point inhibitors for brain metastases. A mono-institutional analysis. Clelia Di Carlo Received Received
  PO-1076 Concomitant association of T-DM1 and radiation: An in vitro study on HER2 breast cancer cells Fabien Mignot Received Received
  PO-1078 Superparamagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Mediated Radiosensitization at Megavoltage Radiation Esra Korkmaz K&305;rakl&305; Received Received
  PO-1080 Does hyperthermia clinically alter the a/? Insights from thermoradiotherapy vs. radiotherapy trials Niloy Ranjan Datta Received Received
  PO-1081 Biological interaction of a static magnetic field (SMF) with ionizing irradiation Prof. Dr. Thomas Schmid Received Received
  PO-1082 Dihydroouabain is a novel radiosensitizer identified by high throughput screening. Zhihao Li Received Received
  PO-1083 The dual inhibitor BEZ235 of the PI3K/mTOR pathway radiosensitizes HNSCC cells due to impairment of the DNA double strand break repair Ulrike Schtz Received Received
  PO-1084 Poly ADP-ribose polymerase-1 inhibitors enhance soft tissue sarcoma radiosensitivity: in vivo study. Monica Mangoni Received Received
  PO-1086 Antitumor Efficacy of Combined Gene and Radio Therapy in Animals Olga Bezborodova Received Received
  PO-1087 Interaction between miR-221 overexpression and radiosensitivity in mamma carcinoma cell lines Elisabeth Hirmer Received Received
  PO-1088 DNA repair genes polymorphisms, tumor control, and treatment toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated with permanent implant prostate brachytherapy Damien Carignan Received Received
  PO-1090 A second (third, fourth...) look at the In Vitro Clonogenic Assay Robin Koch Received Received
  PO-1091 Multimedia assisted information to patients with prostate cancer undergoing curative radiotherapy. Sabine Rahbek Received Received
  PO-1092 The influence of a 6D couch and an individual head support on positioning in head-and-neck cancer Myra Rodrigues Received Received
  PO-1094 Use of an individual abdominal corset in patients with upper-GI tumors treated with proton therapy Julia Thiele Received Received
  PO-1095 Time management and hands-on experience with ELEKTA Unity 1.5T MR-Linac Claudia Marks Received Received
  PO-1096 Geometrically correct MR imaging with optimal Signal to Noise Ratio for Hippocampus delineation Steven Takken Received Received
  PO-1097 Interobserver variability in tumor bed contouring for breast cancer: comparison between RTO and RTT Eliana La Rocca Received Received
  PO-1098 GTV definition agreement in brain metastasis radiosurgery using 1.5T MRI-sim: a multi-observer study Yihang Zhou Received Received
  PO-1099 A multi-center contouring study of spinal cord comparing myelo-CT and MRI fusion. Hiroshi Tanaka Received Received
  PO-1100 Validation of Atlas Based Segmentation for OAR in the brain. Aniek van Nunen Received Received
  PO-1101 Feasibility of PSMA PET/CT for evaluation of radiotherapy toxicity in salivary glands Natascha Bruin Received Received
  PO-1102 Multi-atlas vs. single-atlas auto-segmentation for Head and Neck OARs: time efficiency and accuracy Dániel Gugyerás Received Received
  PO-1103 Introducing contrast-delayed magnetic resonance imaging in radiosurgery retreatment of glioblastoma. Francesco Padelli Received Received
  PO-1104 Implementing an automated target delineation service in multi-institutional environment in Finland Janne Heikkil Received Received
  PO-1105 Impact of deviations in target volume delineation - time for a new RTQA approach? Samantha Cox Received Received
  PO-1106 Comparison of hybrid IMRT techniques for breast SIB irradiation Catharina van den Beemd Received Received
  PO-1108 Comparison of VMAT plans for spine SABR according to optimization algorithm PRO and PO Sangjun Son Received Received
  PO-1109 Plan quality and treatment time comparison between DCA and VMAT for cranial SRT Yuichi Kato Received Received
  PO-1110 CT-based HDR brachytherapy for salvage prostate cancer: the way to avoid or delay hormonal treatment Nienke Dunnewold Received Received
  PO-1112 Real-time online matching in high dose treatments: Do RTTs perform as well as physicians? Daphne Levin Received Received
  PO-1113 Evaluation of dosimetric impact and matching time of using cone beam computed tomography and orthogonal planar X-ray images for positional verification in radiotherapy of prostate cancer Sin Yu Ng Received Received
  PO-1114 Organ motion characterization by a novel fiducial marker in esophageal cancer radiotherapy Helga Gripsgrd Received Received
  PO-1115 The advanced radiotherapy network (ART-NET) UK lung stereotactic ablative radiotherapy survey: national provision and a focus on image guidance Matthew Beasley Received Received
  PO-1116 Set-up in locoregional breast irradiation: reduced margins for subclavicular and axilar lymph nodes. Sjoerd Hoek Received Received
  PO-1117 Dosimetric effect of parotid glands geometric modifications during the IMRT for NPC Hend Daoud Received Received
  PO-1118 Verification of new respiratory gating device for clinical use in proton therapy wobbler method isamu maeshima Received Received
  PO-1120 Deformable-image-registration-based Adaptive Radiotherapy on Halcyons MV CBCT system Yuliang Huang Received Received
  PO-1121 Characterizing Dosimetric Uncertainties to Tumour Volume and Organs at Risk in Rectal Cancer Olayode Babatunde Received Received
  PO-1122 Assessment of bladder volume and urinary symptoms for patients undergoing prostate radiotherapy. Eric Pei Ping Pang Received Received
  PO-1123 Could patient-related outcome measures help us in radiotherapy review clinics? Mayuran Sivanandan Received Received
  PO-1124 A pilot study: Utilization of PROMs in hypo-fractionated radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer Karen Crowther Received Received
  PO-1125 Helical Tomotherapy for patients with pectus excavatum treated for early stage breast cancer. Arsène-Henry Alexandre Received Received
  PO-1126 Caring for Patients with Dementia Undergoing Radiation Therapy A National Audit Anita ODonovan Received Received
  PO-1127 The development and initial evaluation of a simulated clinical radiotherapy training centre. Sarah-Jane Ketterer Received Received
  PO-1128 Clinical implementation of deformable image registration (DIR) for pre-planning head and neck PETCT Callie Choong Received Received
  PO-1129 An analytical approach to aggregate patient workflows for system dynamics modelling of radiotherapy Jesper Lindberg Received Received
  PO-1130 Development of an e-learning program to enhance and maintain the knowledge of experienced RTTs Janne Gornitzka Received Received
  PO-1131 Quality assurance of the pretreatment plan review in radiotherapy Sheng Fang Huang Received Received
  PO-1132 RCT evidence in 2018 ASTRO/ASCO/AUA guidelines for hypofractionated radiotherapy in prostate cancer Norman Williams Received Received
  EP-1133 SPECT-CT visualization of lymph flow pattern for radiotherapy planning in patients with tongue cance Sergey Novikov Received Received
  EP-1134 Head and neck cancer management practices in Chinese hospitals: A multicentre survey CHUNLI WU Received Received
  EP-1135 Effect of Primary Treatment on Neck Dissection Choice in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Regional Failure Ralene Sim Received Received
  EP-1136 Management SCC unknown primary with contemporary diagnostic and radiotherapy techniques Claire Paterson Received Received
  EP-1137 DW MRI as biomarker of response during RT for intermed/high risk SCC oropharynx: a feasibility study Claire Paterson Received Received
  EP-1138 Non-invasive imaging of tumour hypoxia using EF5 and PET-CT in head and neck cancer: A pilot study. Eric Tran Received Received
  EP-1139 Prognostic impact of hematological profile in oropharyngeal cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy Giuseppe Fanetti Received Received
  EP-1141 Patterns of marginal local failure in nasopharyngeal carcinoma in the era of intensity modulated radiotherapy Kai Ren Received Received
  EP-1142 Death from aspiration after definitive radiotherapy for hypopharyngeal or supraglottic cancer Naoyuki Kanayama Received Received
  EP-1143 Regional nodal failure after primary treatment for differentiated thyroid cancer. Giuseppe Fanetti Received Received
  EP-1144 Is volumetric staging an alternative to TNM staging system in radiotherapy of tongue cancer? Marcin Miszczyk Received Received
  EP-1145 Xerostomia and volume and CT number changes of parotid glands during IMRT for head and neck cancer SATOSHI ISHIKURA Received Received
  EP-1146 Prognostic Value of Hypoxia for Locally Advanced Hypopharynx Squamous Cell Carcinoma Fatma SERT Received Received
  EP-1147 Local control rate in patients with skull-base chondrosarcoma treated with particle therapy Emma DIppolito Received Received
  EP-1148 Long-term outcome of IMRT with simultaneous integrated boost in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Isabel Linares Received Received
  EP-1149 Albumin-to-alkaline phosphatase ratio in nasopharyngeal cancer: a propensity score matching analysis Jae Sik Kim Received Received
  EP-1150 Dosimetric benefit on adaptive IMPT for patients with locally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma Wai Wang Lam Received Received
  EP-1152 Tumor volume as a prognostic factor in irradiated patient for locally advanced oral cavity cancer Narumon Janmunee Received Received
  EP-1154 Definitive RT and Postoperative RT of adenoid cystic carcinoma: a propensity score analysis Tae Hoon Lee Received Received
  EP-1155 Rare entities in head-and-neck cancer: A single institutional experience of carbon-ion reirradiation Thomas Held Received Received
  EP-1156 Radical radio-chemotherapy in H&N cancer: retrospective comparison between weekly and 3-weekly CDDP. MIchela Buglione Received Received
  EP-1157 Elective nodal dose of 40 Gy is sufficient for locally advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma. Kaori Asai Received Received
  EP-1158 Impact of postoperative radiotherapy target volumes in management of head and neck carcinoma of unknown primary fabien PODEUR Received Received
  EP-1159 To compare outcome of Intensive nutritional support with standard practise in head ands neck cancer. Tanweer Shahid Received Received
  EP-1160 Quantifying the impact of radiologic revision in head and neck cancer: monoinstitutional experience STEFANIA VOLPE Received Received
  EP-1161 Clinical response and toxicity of VMAT low-dose RT with intravenous steroids for Graves Orbitopathy Barbara Salas Received Received
  EP-1162 Post-radiotherapy sarcopenia: a new prognostic factor in oropharyngeal cancers? charles Dupin Received Received
  EP-1163 Hypo vs conventional radiotherapy for T1 glottic cancer: A prospective cohort study Barbara Salas Received Received
  EP-1164 Estimated benefit of proton therapy and dose de-escalation in HPV p16-positive oropharyngeal cancer Patrik Brodin Received Received
  EP-1165 Failure Patterns of Cervical Lymph Nodes in Metastases of Unknown Primary Origin in Head and Neck Region according to the Target Volume Dong-Yun Kim Received Received
  EP-1166 Optimal timing for salvage surgery after definitive radiotherapy in hypopharyngeal cancer. Seok-Joo Chun Received Received
  EP-1167 Sparing of high retropharyngeal lymph node irradiation in patients with oropharyngeal carcinoma Byung-Hee Kang Received Received
  EP-1168 Early radiation induced changes in salivary glands in nasopharyngeal cancer patients after IMRT Wing-Cheung Vincent Wu Received Received
  EP-1169 Evaluation of swallowing function with PSSHN scale for head and neck cancer patients undergoing IMRT sharmila agarwal Received Received
  EP-1170 Predictive factors of chemoradiation induced oral mucositis in head and neck cancer patients. FRANCESCA ARCADIPANE Received Received
  EP-1171 Toxicity profile of locally advanced head and neck cancer patients treated in 30 or 33 fractions RT Ciro Franzese Received Received
  EP-1172 Microstructural and physiological changes of parotid glands after RT for head and neck cancer Maja Bruvo Received Received
  EP-1174 Assessment of nausea and dysgeusia in head and neck cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy Carlo Giuseppe Iorio Received Received
  EP-1175 Dose constraints for carbon ion RT - lost in translation? Jon Espen Dale Received Received
  EP-1176 Comparison of patient and physician reported acute toxicities during head & neck cancer radiotherapy Jibak Bhattacharya Received Received
  EP-1177 Comparative study assessing QoL in HNSCC patients treated with Radical Radiation with IMRT vs 3DCRT Mukti Mukherjee Received Received
  EP-1178 Prognostic role of FDG-PET/CT during radiotherapy in patients with hypopharyngeal carcinoma Takamitsu Mase Received Received
  EP-1179 Primary concurrent chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma Delali Adjogatse Received Received
  EP-1181 Structure delineation using deformable image registration-based contour propagation in head and neck cancer Brian Ng-Cheng-Hin Received Received
  EP-1182 Selective neck irradiation for oropharynx cancer in relation with human papilloma virus status Seung Gyu Park Received Received
  EP-1183 Proton therapy boost in locally advanced head and neck cancer: toxicity and clinical outcome Emma DIppolito Received Received
  EP-1184 Target volume delineation for adaptive treatment in HNSCC is highly variable among experts Rudi Apolle Received Received
  EP-1185 QOL for HPV SCC of the oropharynx treated with transoral laser microsurgery and postoperative IMRT Todd DeWees Received Received
  EP-1186 The new target delineation impact on carotid and bulb sparing for T1 glottic cancer: VMAT vs 3DCRT Letizia Ferella Received Received
  EP-1187 Different carotid contouring results in dosimetric variability and significant anatomical missing Letizia Ferella Received Received
  EP-1190 Preliminary evaluation of salivary cytokines in patients treated with IMRT for head and neck cancer Anna Cavallo Received Received
  EP-1191 Effect on local control of addition of chemotherapy to radiotherapy for T2 cancer of the hypopharynx simona gaito Received Received
  EP-1192 Hair loss during intensity modulated radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma Fourati Nejla Received Received
  EP-1193 Analysis of competing and tumor deaths and predictors factors in advanced head and neck cancer. Irene Zapata Martínez Received Received
  EP-1194 Acute toxicity in nasopharyngeal cancer patients treated with IMRT followed by proton therapy boost Daniela Alterio Received Received
  EP-1195 Functional assessment of late toxicity and quality of life after IMRT for sinonasal carcinoma Maja Bendtsen Sharma Received Received
  EP-1196 The elderly (&8805; 70yrs.) head and neck cancer (HNC) patient: Analysis of outcome, impact factors and toxicity rates of radio(chemo)therapy Hong-Linh Ha Received Received
  EP-1197 Pattern, timing, and detection of recurrence in HPV positive oropharyngeal cancer Michelle Echevarria Received Received
  EP-1198 Knowing the oropharyngeal cancer associated with the human papillomavirus Lucia Gutiérrez Bayard Received Received
  EP-1199 Metastatic lymph node features with & without extracapsular extension in H&N Squamous Cell Carcinoma Jack Zheng Received Received
  EP-1200 Is skin dose distribution a predictive factor for the development of severe radiation dermatitis? Pierluigi Bonomo Received Received
  EP-1201 Outcomes in young patients (40) treated for oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma in the modern era Astrid Billfalk-Kelly Received Received
  EP-1202 Associations between smoking cessation after radiotherapy for larynx cancer and patient outcomes Amar Srivastava Received Received
  EP-1203 Characterization of DCE-MRI parameters associated with advanced mandibular osteonecrosis Abdallah Mohamed Received Received
  EP-1204 Quantitative signal intensity kinetics of normal tissues of the head and neck on the MR-Linac. Fabiana Gregucci Received Received
  EP-1205 A new alpha particle treatment for recurrent or aggressive head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Naama Barel Received Received
  EP-1206 SRS/SRT for patients with brain Metastasis RPA Class II disease: Results from Single institution Mostafa El-Haddad Received Received
  EP-1207 Fractionated stereotactic radiation therapy for resected brain metastases: a preliminary report Alessandro Di Marzo Received Received
  EP-1209 First clinical results using HyperArcTM and Linac-based VMAT radiosurgery in brain metastases. Fabiana Gregucci Received Received
  EP-1210 Local control and toxicity of IORT with low energy X-rays after resection of brain metastasis Henning Kahl Received Received
  EP-1211 Radiation necrosis after SRS for intracranial metastases from lung cancer: A retrospective review Luke Mountjoy Received Received
  EP-1213 Prediction of new brain metastases after radiosurgery: validation of two nomograms in our serie. Carolina De La Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1214 Patterns of care: Treatment of glioblastoma in elderly patients Christoph Straube Received Received
  EP-1216 Single- versus 2-session Gamma Knife surgery for symptomatic midsize brain metastases Shoji Yomo Received Received
  EP-1217 Reirradiation of recurrent gliomas with CyberKnife SRS/SRT: a monoistitutional experience Valentina Borzillo Received Received
  EP-1218 Upfront stereotactic radiosurgery in patients with brain metastases from small cell lung cancer Shoji Yomo Received Received
  EP-1219 Prognostic factors of salvage stereotactic radiotherapy for recurrent high-grade glioma. Keiichi Takehana Received Received
  EP-1221 Palliative cranial irradiation improves survival in PCNSL patients ineligible for systemic therapy Jiheon Song Received Received
  EP-1222 Simultaneous Integrated Boost in Anaplastic Astrocytoma: a propensity score matching analysis Weir Chiang You Received Received
  EP-1223 Clinical experience and outcomes of radiosurgery with a single isocentre for 2-10 brain metastases. Susanne Rogers Received Received
  EP-1225 Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Spine metastases using Brainlab Elements Spine: preliminary results Niccolo Giaj Levra Received Received
  EP-1228 Omission of WBI does not impair cerebral control in solitary brain mets treated with focal RT Henning Kahl Received Received
  EP-1229 Repeated intracranial radiotherapy/SRT-Analysis of efficacy and safety including EQD2 sum plans Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1230 Hippocampal sparing radiotherapy in patients with primary brain tumors (PBT) Monika Konopka-Filippow Received Received
  EP-1231 Immune checkpoint inhibitor and encephalic radiotherapy: Toxicity and Adverse events Paolo Matteucci Received Received
  EP-1232 Hypofractionated RT in very elderly patients ( 75 years) diagnosed with GBM Chiara Cavallin Received Received
  EP-1233 Stereotactic radiosurgery to brain metastases using Varian HyperArc in the Beatson Cancer Centre Olof Kjartansdottir Received Received
  EP-1236 Volumetric assessment of cerebral edema after fractionated SRT for multiple brain metastases Haruo Inokuchi Received Received
  EP-1237 Vestibular schwannoma: Results of hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy Pialat Pierre-Marie Received Received
  EP-1238 Inter-observer variability in target delineation for brain metastases in stereotactic radiotherapy Saide Di Biase Received Received
  EP-1239 Role of perilesional edema in patients with glioblastoma undergoing adjuvant chemo-radiation Valerio Nardone Received Received
  EP-1241 Radiosurgery reirradiation of brainstem: clinical evaluation and its radiobiological correlation. valentina pinzi Received Received
  EP-1242 Multisession radiosurgery re-irradiation for glioblastoma recurrence: a retrospective analysis. valentina pinzi Received Received
  EP-1243 Bevacizumab as a treatment option for radiation necrosis after cranial radiation therapy: A retrospective monocentric analysis Raphael Bodensohn Received Received
  EP-1245 Evolution of non functioning pituitary adenoma after first surgery : long follow-up of 256 patients. charles Dupin Received Received
  EP-1247 The patterns of care and management of brain metastases In a large Oncology centre Micheal OCathail Received Received
  EP-1248 Stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastasis and systemic therapies: a safe combination? Marco Galaverni Received Received
  EP-1249 Impact of retreatment or chemiotherapy on survival in patients affected by a recurrent Glioblastoma Ciro Mazzarella Received Received
  EP-1251 Focal Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiation Therapy For Brain Metastases Hugo Rosales Gonzalez Received Received
  EP-1252 Brain metastases postoperative stereotactic RT: WBRT free survival predicted by an external nomogram Alia Mousli Received Received
  EP-1253 Biological target volume using DTI-MRI in postoperative chemoradiotherapy for glioblastoma Anouk Trip Received Received
  EP-1254 When could we spare hippocampus in the WB radiation for the primary central nervous system lymphoma? francesco beghella bartoli Received Received
  EP-1255 Health-Related Quality of Life in large recurrence Glioblastoma treated with protontherapy Daniele Scartoni Received Received
  EP-1256 Influence of PET-imaging during treatment planning on outcome in meningioma patients Kerstin Kessel Received Received
  EP-1257 Post-operative hypo-fractionated SBRT in a large series of patients with brain metastases Geoffrey Martinage Received Received
  EP-1258 Predicting Brain V12Gy for Single-Isocenter Multi-Target Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Haisong Liu Received Received
  EP-1259 Retrospective Analysis of radiosurgery for = 4 brain metastases from oncogene-addicted NSCLC YAN WANG Received Received
  EP-1260 Outcomes of Local Control and CNS Toxicity with Single and Hypofractionated SRS for Brain Metastases Mayank Patel Received Received
  EP-1262 Use of Gamma Knife Radiosurgery for Treatment of Trigeminal Neuralgia Denise Fabian Received Received
  EP-1264 Patterns of care for orbital marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue in Korea throughout 2016: Results from a multicenter cross-sectional study JEONGSHIM LEE Received Received
  EP-1265 Total Skin Irradiation - 15 years of Gliwice experiences Grzegorz Wozniak Received Received
  EP-1266 Combination radiotherapy with Nivolumab for refractory classic Hodgkin lymphoma : about two cases Louise de Forceville Received Received
  EP-1267 Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold versus free breathing radiotherapy in mediastinal lymphoma Ane Iversen Received Received
  EP-1268 Primary radiation therapy in stage I/II indolent orbital lymphoma: a single-center analysis Chukwuka Eze Received Received
  EP-1270 Outcomes & toxicity of stereotactic radiotherapy for metastatic breast cancer a retrospective study MOTASEM AL-HANAQTA Received Received
  EP-1271 Effects of regular bra-wearing on acute skin toxicity in breast-conserving radiotherapy women Pitchaya Thongkhao Received Received
  EP-1272 Is hypofractionated nodal radiotherapy safe in the treatment of breast cancer patients? Caubet Matthieu Received Received
  EP-1275 Hypofractionated whole breast irradiation and IOERT in breast cancer: Toxicity and cosmetic outcome Gerd Fastner Received Received
  EP-1276 A Comparison of Breast Cosmetic Evaluation Methods in Hypofractionated Whole Breast Irradiation Miwako Nozaki Received Received
  EP-1277 Locoregionally recurrent breast cancer treated with postoperative or salvage radiotherapy Byoung Hyuck Kim Received Received
  EP-1278 Effect of hearts dose reduction by IMRT in postoperative radiotherapy for left-sided breast cancer Kosei Ono Received Received
  EP-1279 M1 neck lymph node positive without distant metastasis in breast cancer: comparison with stage IIIC Jae Sik Kim Received Received
  EP-1281 New aspects regarding the treatment of multicentric compared to unifocal breast cancer. Edwin Boelke Received Received
  EP-1282 Postmastectomy radiation therapy using VMAT for breast cancer patients with expander reconstructions Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  EP-1283 Three-dimensional versus four-dimensional dose calculation for breast IMRT Joohyun Chung Received Received
  EP-1284 Older age and comorbidity in breast cancer: is radiotherapy alone the new therapeutic frontier? Eliana La Rocca Received Received
  EP-1285 Hypofractionated irradiation in elderly breast cancer patients: an observational study. Eliana La Rocca Received Received
  EP-1286 StrataXRT is non inferior to Mepitel Film in preventing radiation induced moist desquamation Michael Chao Received Received
  EP-1287 Preliminary results of anthocyanin supplementation in breast cancer RT: impact on skin side effects Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1288 Dosimetric Comparison of Protons and Photons in Musculoskeletal Sparing During Breast Irradiation Adam Prescott Received Received
  EP-1289 Phase I dose escalation trial using single fraction Stereotactic PBI for early stage breast cancer Asal Rahimi Received Received
  EP-1290 Impact of patient and treatment factors on heart and lung dose in left-sided breast radiotherapy Van Trinh Nguyen Received Received
  EP-1291 Radiation Treatment Standards and Techniques in Breast Cancer in German speaking countries Michael Mayinger Received Received
  EP-1292 Zinc-L-Carnosine prevents dysphagia in breast cancer patients treated with adjuvant radiotherapy Simonetta Saldi Received Received
  EP-1294 Prognosis of patients with breast ductal carcinoma-in-situ who underwent breast-conserving surgery Sung-Hsin Kuo Received Received
  EP-1295 Impact of Alternative Positioning on Heart & Lung Dose: A Dosimetric Follow-up to the IMPORT LOW Trial Katarina Petras Received Received
  EP-1296 Breast reconstruction and hypofractionated adjuvant radiotherapy: dosimetric and aesthetic analysis. Elisabetta Bonzano Received Received
  EP-1297 Heart of the Matter: A study of 112 left breast cancer patients treated with DIBH Jane Windsor Received Received
  EP-1298 MR-guided delineation of target volumes in internal mammary lymph node radiotherapy Maureen Groot Koerkamp Received Received
  EP-1299 Lymphatics in breast cancer: healthy nodes versus metastastic nodes Lucia Ernst Received Received
  EP-1300 Beware of IMRT axillary dose reduction in non-axillary-dissected breast cancer patients JON GADEA Received Received
  EP-1301 Postoperative EBRT in breast cancer: an analysis on 768 patients about predictors of late toxicity Alice Zamagni Received Received
  EP-1302 Long-term outcomes of intensity modulated radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost (IMRT-SIB) for breast cancer HSIN-HUA LEE Received Received
  EP-1303 Hypofractionated adjuvant radiotherapy in elderly low risk breast cancer patients: loss or gain? Andrei Fodor Received Received
  EP-1304 What is the benefit of using more beams and/or non-coplanar beams in breast PBS proton therapy? Karolien Verhoeven Received Received
  EP-1305 Long-term results up to 15 years after IORT boost in breast cancer patients Elena Sperk Received Received
  EP-1306 Gated treatment of left-sided breast cancer: evaluation of lung movement, irradiated volume and mass Markus Oechsner Received Received
  EP-1307 Deep inspiration breath-hold technique versus free breathing in RT treatment of left-sided breast Natalia Jankarashvili Received Received
  EP-1308 positional analysis of a personalized breast immobilization technique for whole breast irradiation TungHo Chen Received Received
  EP-1309 Are OAR dose constraints for adjuvant IMRT breast plans achievable? A one-year retrospective review. Seosamh McCauley Received Received
  EP-1310 Toxicity evaluation of a hypofractionated WBRT with SIB for breast cancer using TomoDirect Miglietta Eleonora Received Received
  EP-1311 POLO concept: salvage whole breast radiotherapy with Tomotherapy after intraoperative radiotherapy Miglietta Eleonora Received Received
  EP-1312 Evaluation of MRI-based guidelines for contouring tumors for preoperative partial breast irradiation Jeanine Vasmel Received Received
  EP-1313 Adjuvant radiotherapy for primary squamous cell carcinoma of the breast Mami Ogita Received Received
  EP-1314 Cardiac structures doses and correlation with mean heart dose in breast radiotherapy treatment Victoria Magdalena Reyes López Received Received
  EP-1315 The FAST approach as adjuvant whole breast irradiation in early stage of breast cancer: a safe alternative for frail patients Maria Alessia Zerella Received Received
  EP-1316 Radiotherapy in elderly breast cancer patients with hormone therapy: A population-based study Daniel Medenwald Received Received
  EP-1317 Hyperthermic chest wall re-irradiation in recurrent breast cancer: a prospective observational study Chiara De-Colle Received Received
  EP-1318 Hypofractionated radiotherapy for breast cancer in elderly patients: 10 or 5 fractions? Elisabetta Bonzano Received Received
  EP-1319 Second primary lung cancer unlikely associated with irradiated breast cancer population in Taiwan THUY TRANG NGO Received Received
  EP-1320 Estimated survival benefit and increase in cardiovascular risk due to radiation therapy for breast cancer in Chilean women Tomas Merino Received Received
  EP-1321 Waiting times for breast cancer treatment in Chile according to public or private health insurance Teresa Ip Received Received
  EP-1322 Every breath you take: first results of INHALE (Inspiration Breath hold health related QoL) study Edy Ippolito Received Received
  EP-1323 HeartSpare Plus: A comparison of the feasibility and acute toxicity of internal mammary chain RT Alison Ranger Received Received
  EP-1324 A Dosimetric Study of Heart and Lung Dose in Breast Radiotherapy-Our Institutional Experience Claire McCann Received Received
  EP-1325 Personalized Medicine in breast cancer: a nomogram from prognostic score to deescalate radiotherapy Valeria Masiello Received Received
  EP-1326 Assessment of rigorous dosimetry guidelines for a multi-institutional, phase II APBI clinical trial Sarah Quirk Received Received
  EP-1328 A comparison of voluntary vs ABC breath hold in combination with VMAT for pan lymph node breast RT Alison Ranger Received Received
  EP-1329 A Single Pre-Operative Radiation Therapy (SPORT) Phase 1 Trial For Low Risk Breast Cancer Catherine Pembroke Received Received
  EP-1330 Intraoperative electron radiotherapy (IOERT) boost in early breast cancer: toxicity analysis Cristiana Vidali Received Received
  EP-1331 Accelerated hypofractionated Whole Breast Irradiation with Concurrent TB Boost:Toxicity & cosmesis Shaimaa Lasheen Received Received
  EP-1332 An Urban Institutions Experience with the Oncotype DCIS Score: Predictors and Outcomes Jana Fox Received Received
  EP-1333 Myocardial changes detected 12 months following left tangential radiotherapy using Cardiac MRI Simon Tang Received Received
  EP-1334 Risk factors for esophagitis after hypofractionated palliative (chemo)radiotherapy for NSCLC Carsten Nieder Received Received
  EP-1335 Interaction of V20 and SUVmax as a predictor of lung toxicity Danijela Scepanovic Received Received
  EP-1336 Immunogenic prognostic factors in patients with brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer Hiroshi Doi Received Received
  EP-1337 IMRT/VMAT vs. 3DCRT: the pathological and the clinical outcomes in LANSCLC treated with trimodality sarit appel Received Received
  EP-1338 Hypofractionated Chemoradiotherapy for stage-3 Non-small cell Lung cancer- Single centre experience ANILA PATIBANDLA Received Received
  EP-1339 Clinical Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Using Flattening Filter Free (FFF) in Early NSCLC and Lung Metastases Thitiporn Taweesakulvashra Received Received
  EP-1340 Lactate dehydrogenase predicts survival in small cell lung cancer patients with brain metastases Shimpei Anami Received Received
  EP-1342 SBRT for central lung malignancies using a Simultaneous Integrated Protection (SIP) approach Rosario Mazzola Received Received
  EP-1344 Helical Tomotherapy based SBRT in early stage lung cancer: a mono-institutional study (2014-2018) Francesco Pastore Received Received
  EP-1345 Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase: A Predictor of Therapeutic Response to Radiation Therapy in SCLC? Lago Ana Rita Received Received
  EP-1346 Systematic clinical evaluation of the MR-linac for lung cancer radiotherapy David Cobben Received Received
  EP-1347 Risk adaptive dose prescription in central NSCLC lesions in early stage NSCLC and lung metastases Michele Rigo Received Received
  EP-1348 Clinical outcome of one-fraction early-stage lung SBRT: is it an option in selected patients? Isabel Rodrigues Received Received
  EP-1349 Three-d Surface Imaging as preferred tool for patients set up in frameless SBRT for lung cancer Carola Maria Elisa Perotti Received Received
  EP-1350 DART-bid by VMAT for locally advanced NSCLC: Low toxicity, encouraging survival and tumor control Karl Wurstbauer Received Received
  EP-1351 Long-term survival with FDG-PET directed therapy in NSCLC with synchronous solitary brain metastasis St John Newman Received Received
  EP-1352 Locally advanced NSCLC: performance status based eligibility for adjuvant check point inhibitor Gitte Persson Received Received
  EP-1353 Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for extracerebral oligometastatic, oligorecurrent, oligopersistent and oligoprogressive lung cancer Manon KISSEL Received Received
  EP-1354 Impact of Pulmonary SABR on Pulmonary Function Tests: Report of a single institution experience Maeve Keys Received Received
  EP-1355 Oligo-progressive status exhibits unfavorable survival in pulmonary oligo-recurrence treated by SABR Hsin-Lun Lee Received Received
  EP-1359 Dosimetric Appraisal of VMAT for Stereotactic Radiosurgery in Lung Lesionsin Comparison to Robotic Radiosurgery Elvin Erdogan Received Received
  EP-1360 Salvage SBRT for postoperative recurrence of NSCLC Shuri Aoki Received Received
  EP-1361 Survival after two schedules of SBRT to centrally located lung tumors Olfred Hansen Received Received
  EP-1364 Haemoglobin and albumin levels, as clinical predictors in SBRT for early stage NSCLC Diana Carolina Moreno Santiago Received Received
  EP-1365 SBRT as salvage therapy for oligometastatic pleural mesothelioma after initial curative therapy Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1366 Repeated thoracic high-dose radiotherapy-Analysis of efficacy and safety including EQD2 sum plans Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1367 Target volumes in adaptive treatment of NSCLC show large discrepancies among experts Rudi Apolle Received Received
  EP-1368 Circulating cell free DNA during chemo-radiotherapy in non-small cell lung cancer patients initial observations Lotte Nygaard Received Received
  EP-1369 Heart delineations based on 3DCT, AVG and MIP scans: are they representative of the total motion? David Cobben Received Received
  EP-1371 Impact of target volume delineation on weekly simulation CT during conformal radiotherapy in NSCLC Sonia Silipigni Received Received
  EP-1372 External Validation of a Survival Score for Limited Disease Small Cell Lung Cancer (LD-SCLC) Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1373 Introducing PET CT in SBRT lung cancer follow-up: Preliminary results of our center protocol. Daniela Gonsalves Received Received
  EP-1374 ECOG-PS and its changes in inoperable stage III NSCLC patients treated with chemoradiotherapy Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1375 Heterogeneity score in inoperable stage III NSCLC patients treated with definitive chemoradiotherapy Julian Taugner Received Received
  EP-1376 Robotic SBRT with fiducial tracking for medically inoperable peripheral stage I NSCLC: final report Shaan Kataria Received Received
  EP-1377 Role of psoas volume in locally advanced or metastatic NSCLC patients undergoing radiation therapy Valerio Nardone Received Received
  EP-1378 Brain imaging pre/post treatment in cN2 non-small cell lung cancer treated with chemo-radiation Christopher Wei En Chan Received Received
  EP-1379 RE-STARTing after lung cancer: impact of a wellbeing event on global health status of survivors. Edy Ippolito Received Received
  EP-1380 Intra-fractional Motion in Lung SBRT Treatments with Different IGRT Techniques Ismail Faruk Durmus Received Received
  EP-1381 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Unresectable Locally-Advanced Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Fabio Arcidiacono Received Received
  EP-1382 Texture analysis of FDG-PET in NSCLC treated with SBRT:a validation study of two prognostic features Marco Galaverni Received Received
  EP-1384 Analysing stage III cN2 NSCLC treated with surgery or concurrent chemo-radiation Paul Lyons Received Received
  EP-1385 Does pneumonitis increase in irradiated lungs during immunotherapy?A generating hypotheses study Ciro Mazzarella Received Received
  EP-1386 Stereotactic body radiation therapy for central early non small cell lung cancers- Yes Its possible Ritika Harjani Hinduja Received Received
  EP-1387 Managing isolated local/regional recurrences after SBRT for inoperable early lung tumors -a dilemma Ritika Harjani Hinduja Received Received
  EP-1388 SABR Following Pneumonectomy: A Systematic Review of Clinical and Toxicity Outcomes Alexander Louie Received Received
  EP-1391 Stereotactic body radiotherapy using a new real-time tumor tracking system and fiducial markers Yuichi Hiroshima Received Received
  EP-1392 Preoperative image-guided identification of response to neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in esophageal cancer (PRIDE study) Ingmar Defize Received Received
  EP-1394 Prognostication of HCC with PVT treated with SBRT: Early results from a prospective study in India Tushar Tatineni Received Received
  EP-1396 the role of multidisciplinary team in radiotherapy for esophageal cancer Shengguang Zhao Received Received
  EP-1397 S-1 versus S-1 plus cisplatin concurrent radiationtherapy for esophageal cancer: a mid-term report Yixue WEN Received Received
  EP-1398 Lymphopenia and accidental splenic doses for locally advanced gastric cancer Fatma SERT Received Received
  EP-1399 A Pilot Study of Apatinib Combined with SBRT To Advanced Pancreatic Cancer Guoxin Ma Received Received
  EP-1400 Comparing Treatment Plans for Proximal and Middle/Distal Stomach Cancer: IMRT, VMAT, and Tomotherapy Yun-Chih Chen Received Received
  EP-1401 Practicebased clinical outcome of definitive radiation therapy for superficial esophageal cancer Takashi Uno Received Received
  EP-1402 Hypofractionated radiotherapy for patients with bulky unresectable biliary tract cancer Weiwei Kong Received Received
  EP-1403 Retrospective evaluation of usefulness of MR-guided adaptive radiotherapy of gastric MALT lymphoma. Kae Okuma Received Received
  EP-1404 SBRT as definitive treatment of adrenal gland metastases: a single center experience Ovidio Hernando Requejo Received Received
  EP-1405 Feasibility study of fiducial markers in oesophageal cancer radiotherapy Alanna Morton Received Received
  EP-1406 Mapping Pattern of LNMs for Postoperative Radiotherapy in TESCC: Defining the Clinical Target Volume Jing Yu Received Received
  EP-1407 Sarcopenia is a weak prognostic factor before chemoradiotherapy of esophageal carcinomas Christophe Hennequin Received Received
  EP-1408 Cardiac dose and treatment-elicited inflammation are related to poor survival in esophageal cancer Yu-Chieh Ho Received Received
  EP-1410 PET compared to CT in target delineation for SBRT of pancreas adenocarcinoma. Carolina De La Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1411 What is the best imaging study to contouring liver metastases in SBRT? Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1412 Excellent pCR rate in patients with HCC after SBRT /- TACE as bridging to liver transplantation Sabine Gerum Received Received
  EP-1413 Correlation between N-L Ratio,P-L Ratio and Survival in patients with LAPC: A new prognostic factor? Pasquale Trecca Received Received
  EP-1414 SBRT for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma: a retrospective multicenter study Nathaniel Scher Received Received
  EP-1415 Preliminary results of a phase II study of induction Folfirinox followed by chemoradiation in LAPC Pasquale Trecca Received Received
  EP-1417 Palliative Liver Radiotherapy (RT) of Advanced Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) in Endemic Population Chi Leung Chiang Received Received
  EP-1418 Initial results of carbon ion radiotherapy combined with S-1 for locally advanced pancreatic cancer Yasumasa Mori Received Received
  EP-1419 Salvage concurrent chemoradiotherapy for postoperative locoregional recurrence of esophageal cancer Tomoki Kiritoshi Received Received
  EP-1420 Utility of FIB-4 index for hepatocellular carcinoma patients treated with proton beam therapy Yuta Sekino Received Received
  EP-1421 Combined chemoembolization and radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein thrombosis Kanokphorn Treewatthanawong Received Received
  EP-1423 SBRT in locally advanced pancreatic cancer: a real-life study (PAULA-1) Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  EP-1424 SBRT vs chemoradiation: a case-control study (PAULA-2) Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  EP-1425 MRI heterogeneity analysis for predicting response to neoadjuvant therapy in oesophageal cancer Kasi Owczarczyk Received Received
  EP-1428 Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) in the treatment of oesophageal cancer patients Stefania Martini Received Received
  EP-1429 IG-IMRT improves short-term survival for lymph node metastases from hepatocellular carcinoma Haige Zhang Received Received
  EP-1431 Impaired health in long term survivors of esophageal cancer after neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy? Crystal de Groot Received Received
  EP-1432 Re-irradiation of abdominal malignancies: toxicity, cumulative dose and outcome. Luciana Caravatta Received Received
  EP-1433 GTV contouring in hepatocellular carcinoma: a comparison between two imaging techniques. Carolina De La Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1434 Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in patients with esopageal or esophageal gastric junction cancer Najla Slim Received Received
  EP-1435 Impact of diabetes on outcome and toxicity of chemoradiation for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Bierbaumer Doris Received Received
  EP-1436 SBRT for large hepatocellular cancer unsuitable for other therapies: Results from a clinical audit. Karishma George Received Received
  EP-1437 The prognostic significance of neutrophil / lymphocyte ratio for SBRT of cholangiocellular carcinoma Nico Bartl Received Received
  EP-1438 Safety and tolerability of liver re-irradiation using high dose SBRT Dorota Gabrys Received Received
  EP-1439 The role of FDG PET / CT in SBRT of primary tumors in the upper abdomen Nico Bartl Received Received
  EP-1440 Early and late toxicity of hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy in hepatic tumors Marielle LE BON Received Received
  EP-1441 Chemoradiotherapy with weekly Carboplatin and Paclitaxel in elderly patients with oesophageal cancer Shermaine Pan Received Received
  EP-1442 Clinical and pathological response after neoadjuvant/radical CH-SBRT for pancreatic adenocarcinoma Xin Chen Received Received
  EP-1443 Real-time tumor tracking in pancreatic SBRT by percutaneous US-guide implantation of transponders Juan Felipe Castilla Received Received
  EP-1444 Clinical results of proton beam therapy for unresectable intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma Shosei Shimizu Received Received
  EP-1445 Gastroduodenal toxicity in patients receiving bile duct brachytherapy for perihilar cholangiocarcinoma Niamh McDonnell Received Received
  EP-1446 Clinical efficacy and safety of consolidative radiotherapy in the maintenance treatment of mCRC Zhenyu Lin Received Received
  EP-1447 Effect of waiting time to radiation on local control and overall survival in rectal cancer Aimwarin Tangkananan Received Received
  EP-1448 Preoperative VMAT with simultaneous integrated boost for locally advanced distal rectal cancer Yongqiang Yang Received Received
  EP-1449 Prognostic Value of Volumetric PET Parameters in Patients with Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Fatma SERT Received Received
  EP-1450 How smoking status impacts patients undergoing radiochemotherapy for anal canal carcinoma? Lisa Grandjean Received Received
  EP-1451 Impact of tobacco smoking on patients outcome after (chemo)-radiotherapy for anal cancer Laurent Quero Received Received
  EP-1452 Response after neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy as prognostic factor in locally advanced rectum cancer Sara Couto Gonalves Received Received
  EP-1453 Machine learning prediction of early distant progression after SBRT for colorectal cancer Hans Chung Received Received
  EP-1456 Clinical impact of re-irradiation with carbon ion radiotherapy for locally recurrent rectal cancer Amelia Barcellini Received Received
  EP-1457 Moderate hypofractionation and SIB with volumetric modulated arc therapy (RapidArc) for anal cancer Angelo Tozzi Received Received
  EP-1458 Acute toxicities comparing VMAT versus 3D-CRT in locally advanced rectal cancer Marcus Zimmermann Received Received
  EP-1459 Impact of sentinel lymph-node biopsy and FDG-PET in staging and radiation treatment of anal cancer Najla Slim Received Received
  EP-1460 Internal Margin evaluation in prone or supine rectal cancer patients using CBCT Consuelo Rosa Received Received
  EP-1461 SBRT Pelvic re-irradiation: 2cm rind around PTV and small bowel dosimetry of rectal recurrences Sean OCathail Received Received
  EP-1463 Radiation dose intensification in rectal cancer: a survey by the AIRO gastrointestinal study group. Luciana Caravatta Received Received
  EP-1464 A systematic literature review of rectal re-irradiation: tolerance and outcomes Luciana Caravatta Received Received
  EP-1465 Impact of diabetes on outcome and toxicity of neoadjuvant (chemo)radiation for rectal cancer Bierbaumer Doris Received Received
  EP-1467 KRAS mutation status as predictor factor in locally advanced rectal cancer Maider Campo Received Received
  EP-1468 Radiomics versus volume reduction for rectal cancer response prediction in hybrid MR guided RT Calogero Casà Received Received
  EP-1469 Radiation dose to pelvic floor muscles and functional outcome after treatment for anal cancer Camilla Kronborg Received Received
  EP-1470 Response assessment in rectal cancer patients treated with MRI-guided RT: preliminary results ALESSIA RE Received Received
  EP-1473 Anal adenocarcinoma: a comprehensive review of management practices and clinical outcomes. Jelena Lukovic Received Received
  EP-1474 Preoperative RT-CT in locally advanced rectal cancer using different RT doses; our experience Carlo Pietro Soatti Received Received
  EP-1475 Radiotherapy Is a Safe and Effective Salvage Treatment for Recurrent Cervical Cancer Hyun Ju Kim Received Received
  EP-1476 Validation of a combined PET and MRI radiomics model for prediction of recurrence in cervical cancer Francois Lucia Received Received
  EP-1477 Image-guided Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy in cervical cancer: organ motion and geograpical miss Patrizia Ferrazza Received Received
  EP-1478 Adjuvant small pelvic field radiotherapy in cervical cancer with intermediate risk factors JOSE SOLIS Received Received
  EP-1479 The use of CT texture analysis in cervical cancer to predict response to chemoradiotherapy. Sophie Otter Received Received
  EP-1480 Radiation therapy for Uterine Cervical Cancer with lung metastases including oligometastases Yuki Mukai Received Received
  EP-1481 Leukocytosis and Neutrophil to Lymphocyte Ratio: Prognostic Factors in Uterine Cervical Cancer? Sofia Garcia Received Received
  EP-1483 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Boost for Stage IA - IIB Cancers of the Cervix: 5-Year Results Constantine Mantz Received Received
  EP-1485 Role of PET-CT in patients of recurrent carcinoma cervix treated with definitive chemoradiotherapy Madhup Rastogi Received Received
  EP-1486 Role of HPV DNA testing and its influence on clinical outcomes in Cervical Cancer Parikshith Jayaprakash Received Received
  EP-1487 Prognostic value of 18F-FDG PET/CT parameters in patients with locally advanced cervical carcinoma. Sofía Córdoba Largo Received Received
  EP-1488 Treatment of early stage intermediate-risk endometrial cancer using MIS and adjuvant radiotherapy Jiheon Song Received Received
  EP-1489 How effective is adjuvant radiotherapy in the management of stage I high-risk endometrial cancer? Jiheon Song Received Received
  EP-1490 Bone mineral density correlates to pelvic fractures after radiotherapy for cervical cancer Drilon Kurrumeli Received Received
  EP-1491 Clinical outcome and toxicity of MRI-based vaginal cuff brachytherapy in endometrial cancer Chalermkwan Jaisawang Received Received
  EP-1492 Comparison of 3DCRT and IMRT in endometrial cancer: efficacy, safety, and prognostic analysis Minh-Hanh TA Received Received
  EP-1493 SBRT for oligometastatic gynecological cancer: a single institution experience Cristina Iftode Received Received
  EP-1494 Quality of life in women treated for gynecologic malignancies and dose-volume parameters correlation Angela Caroli Received Received
  EP-1496 Feasibility of carbon ion radiotherapy for the melanoma of the lower genital tract Amelia Barcellini Received Received
  EP-1497 Particle radiotherapy for re-irradiation of pelvic recurrences of gynecological cancer Amelia Barcellini Received Received
  EP-1499 The case ion for brachytherapy in cervical cancer patients after radical hysterectomy HaoPing XU Received Received
  EP-1500 Squamous Cell Carcinoma of unknown primary (CUP) in the Pelvis:A case series & review of literature Connolly Emma Received Received
  EP-1501 Prognostic value of SCC-Antigen and SUVmax value in locally advanced cervix cancer SARA PEDRAZA Received Received
  EP-1502 Endometrial cancer. Relapse free survival rates in our medium/large hospital in the UK Louise Price Received Received
  EP-1503 Brachytherapy versus EBRT boost for cervical cancer: is the standard better? Diogo Delgado Received Received
  EP-1504 The role of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in treatment response assessment and follow-up of cervical cancer after definitive radio/chemotherapy Alexandros Tsikkinis Received Received
  EP-1505 Is locally advanced cervix adenocarcinoma less radiosensitive than squamous cell carcinoma? Katrien Vandecasteele Received Received
  EP-1506 Multi-institutional treatment and management of cervical cancer patients Alexandros Tsikkinis Received Received
  EP-1507 Radical radiotherapy/brachytherapy for cervix cancer in Alberta: who are treated, how do they fare? Fleur Huang Received Received
  EP-1508 EQD2 and overall treatment time as prognostic factors in cervical cancer treated with definitive CRT Sandra Ileana Perez Alvarez Received Received
  EP-1509 Young adult and geriatric locally advanced cervix cancer in Alberta: same but different? Fleur Huang Received Received
  EP-1510 Phase I Trial of Stereotactic MR-guided Online Adaptive Radiotherapy for Ovarian Oligometastases Lauren Henke Received Received
  EP-1511 Investigation of prognostic factors of cervical squamous cell carcinoma using pre-treatment MRI Chisato Tonoiso Received Received
  EP-1512 Evaluation of target volume margins in prostate dose escalated VMAT by fiducial markers technique Radwa Fawzy Received Received
  EP-1513 Patient-reported adverse events following trans-rectal ultrasound-guided prostate marker insertion Tara Rosewall Received Received
  EP-1514 Binary exponential model for the PSA fall after IMRT, dependency on initial PSA and Prostate volume. Hisato Nagano Received Received
  EP-1515 Substantial impact of 68Ga-PSMA-PET/CT on the radiotherapeutic approach for prostate cancer Nina-Sophie Schmidt-Hegemann Received Received
  EP-1516 Macroscopic local relapse from prostate cancer: which role for salvage RT? An update analysis Alessio Bruni Received Received
  EP-1517 The long-term result of stereotactic body radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer Yu-Wei Lin Received Received
  EP-1519 PSMA-PET/CT for guidance and response assessment of SABR for prostate cancer oligometastases Piet Dirix Received Received
  EP-1520 Acute and late toxicity of hypofractionated RT for localized prostate cancer: IMRT vs Tomotherapy. Annaisabel Rese Received Received
  EP-1521 IMRT for prostate cancer with seminal vesicle involvement : A multicentric retrospective analysis Flora Goupy Received Received
  EP-1522 Radiotherapy with or without antihormonal therapy for PSMA-positive oligorecurrent prostate cancer. Stephanie Kroeze Received Received
  EP-1523 Predictors of severe late urinary toxicity after curative radiotherapy for localised prostate cancer Ken Takeda Received Received
  EP-1524 Differentiation between adenocarcinoma and prostatitis with multi-parametric MRI Soleakhena Ken Received Received
  EP-1525 Postoperative radiation therapy following radical prostatectomy in Stockholm County in 2008-2016. Jens Falk Received Received
  EP-1526 PSMA-PET/CT validates Roach formula in 280 treatment-nave prostate cancer patients Stefan Koerber Received Received
  EP-1527 Proton therapy for prostate ca: Comparison of toxicity between mod-hypo and conventional fraction Takahiro Waki Received Received
  EP-1528 Feasibility and toxicity of focal dose escalation on multimodally defined GTVs in prostate cancer Erik Haehl Received Received
  EP-1530 Prostate volume reduction with neo-adjuvant hormones and its relation with bladder and rectal volume Mayuran Sivanandan Received Received
  EP-1531 SBRT for Prostate Cancer in 3 fractions: Acute Toxicity Rates from a Prospective Multicenter Study Alessia Farneti Received Received
  EP-1532 Metastases directed SBRT using Ga68-PSMA for oligometastatic prostate cancer: TROD 09-002 Study Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  EP-1533 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in Prostate Cancer: A Single Center Experience Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  EP-1534 Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Gleason Score 10 Prostate Adenocarcinoma: TROD 09-004 Study Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  EP-1535 Vessel-sparing prostate V-MAT with simultaneous integrated boost to dominant intraprostatic lesion Selena Ciabatti Received Received
  EP-1536 Influence of obesity in treatment outcomes in prostate cancer patients Julia Luisa Munoz Garcia Received Received
  EP-1537 Local Relapse after Radiotherapy for prostate cancer: is a second local treatment worthwhile? Christophe Hennequin Received Received
  EP-1538 Where fail PC patients treated with limited RT to prostate and sv with 76-80 Gy /- hormonotherapy? Jose Lopez Torrecilla Received Received
  EP-1539 Early experience and quality of life in SBRT prostate cancer boost of 9 Gy in a phase II trial. Ferran Ferrer Received Received
  EP-1540 A bowel pathway for patients undergoing radiotherapy for prostate cancer Carla Perna Received Received
  EP-1541 Intention to treat analysis of 68Ga-PSMA/11C-choline PET/CT vs. CT for prostate cancer recurrences Arndt-Christian Mller Received Received
  EP-1542 Long-term results and PSA kinetics after robotic SBRT for prostate cancer Ah Ram Chang Received Received
  EP-1544 Focal Linac-based SBRT Re-treatment for local recurrence of Ca P following previous definitive RT george HRUBY Received Received
  EP-1545 Prostate cancer EBRT: adaptive strategy and use of robust optimization for geometrical uncertainties Eleonora Ferrara Received Received
  EP-1546 Stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate bed recurrence after prostatectomy, a multicentric series Giulio Francolini Received Received
  EP-1547 Developing an empirical nomogram for clinical visualization of DFS/OS for prostate cancer patients Rahman Morni Abdul Received Received
  EP-1551 Interpretation of T3 found after MRI in low-intermediate risk patients with prostate adenocarcinoma. Celia García Torres Received Received
  EP-1552 Impact of MRI on prostate cancer risk classification: game changer for therapeutic decision making? Cédric Draulans Received Received
  EP-1553 High-dose hypofractionated helical IG-IMRT in high-risk prostate cancer patients Nadia Gisella Di Muzio Received Received
  EP-1554 Twice vs thrice-weekly moderate hypofractionated EBRT for PCa: does overall treatment time matter? Verane Achard Received Received
  EP-1555 Accuracy of deformable image registration for high-field MR-Linac treatment of prostate cancer Rasmus Christiansen Received Received
  EP-1556 The effect of an endorectal balloon on GI toxicity after EBRT for localized prostate cancer Veerle Groen Received Received
  EP-1557 Do metformin and statins play a role in localized high-risk prostate cancer? Giovanna Cadeddu Received Received
  EP-1558 Updated results of a Phase II study on 5 fractions FFF SBRT for low and intermediate prostate cancer Luca Nicosia Received Received
  EP-1559 SBRT for lymph node metastases from prostate cancer: a multi-institutional retrospective analysis Luca Nicosia Received Received
  EP-1560 Quality of life after focal salvage high-dose-rate brachytherapy for locally recurrent prostate cancer. Marieke van Son Received Received
  EP-1562 CyberKnife or HDR Brachytherapy Alone for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: A Matched Pair Analysis Piotr Wojcieszek Received Received
  EP-1565 Quality of online information about radiotherapy for prostate cancer Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1566 MR-guided online adaptive radiotherapy: First experience in the UK Angela Pathmanathan Received Received
  EP-1567 Prospective longitudinal evaluation of quality of life after prostate cancer IMRT Angelo Maggio Received Received
  EP-1570 Stereotactic body radiation therapy for oligometastatic prostate cancer. Our experience. Cristina García Aguilera Received Received
  EP-1572 How multiparametric magnetic resonance changes the staging and treatment of prostate cancer. Sandra Fernandez Alonso Received Received
  EP-1573 Is there an optimal OAR-filling protocol reducing genitourinary and gastrointestinal toxicity for prostate IMRT? Jolanta Marzec Received Received
  EP-1575 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in bone oligometastatic prostate cancer patients Fabio Arcidiacono Received Received
  EP-1576 Middle Half Body Radiotherapy in bone metastases from prostate cancer: a phase I study Alice Zamagni Received Received
  EP-1579 Prior prostatectomy MRI improves target coverage of adjuvant radiotherapy for pT3bNo prostate cancer Tiberiu Popescu Received Received
  EP-1580 Adjuvant radiotherapy in prostate cancer patientsbRFS and toxicity using adaptive IMRT technique Paolina Toncheva Received Received
  EP-1583 Feasibility of postprostatectomy dose escalated salvage radiotherapy by reduction of bladder dose Gemma Sancho Pardo Received Received
  EP-1584 Radium-223 treatment in Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Prognostic Factors: Real-world Outcome Rachel Pearson Received Received
  EP-1585 Modified BEP chemotherapy regimen in testicular germ cell tumors: Outcome and toxicity NIKETA THAKUR Received Received
  EP-1587 Conservative strategy with concomitant chemoradiation for bladder cancer: analysis of a 313 patients cohort Emmanuelle Fabiano Received Received
  EP-1588 The preliminary result of combination of chemoradiotherapy and arterial infusion for bladder cancer Hiroto Yoshioka Received Received
  EP-1589 Establishing international variation in target delineation using MRI for bladder radiotherapy. Arabella Hunt Received Received
  EP-1590 Hyperthermia-radiotherapy in frail bladder cancer patients unfit for cystectomy or chemoradiotherapy Emanuel Stutz Received Received
  EP-1591 Dose mapping local failure following radical image guided bladder radiotherapy Shaista Hafeez Received Received
  EP-1593 The impact of Radiotherapy combined with immunotherapy on local control in mucosal melanoma patients Hyun Ju Kim Received Received
  EP-1594 Two years experience of electronic brachytherapy for basal cell carcinomas in ed patients. Helen Westenberg Received Received
  EP-1595 In unoperable SSCC, radiotherapy schedules could be chosen using dermoscopic features? Francesco Pastore Received Received
  EP-1596 Radiotherapy and Ipilimumab as first-line immunotherapy: A comparative study on 63 patients nicolas benziane Received Received
  EP-1598 Efficient use of a modified Stanford TSEBT technique in the treatment of MF patients Emese Csiki Received Received
  EP-1599 Electronic brachytherapy for non-melanoma skin cancers: preliminary results of a pilot trial Francesca Maurizi Received Received
  EP-1600 Implementing TG100: an FMEA for superficial radiotherapy at Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre. Andrew Williams Received Received
  EP-1603 Survival after adjuvant radiotherapy for aggressive fibromatosis depend upon time and -catenin Jae Sik Kim Received Received
  EP-1604 Feasibility of preoperative radiotherapy in locally advanced sarcoma of the limb:a single center experience Bénédicte Durand Received Received
  EP-1605 Adjuvant RT for soft tissue sarcomas: volumetric modulated arc therapy vs 3D conformal radiotherapy Lucia Di Brina Received Received
  EP-1606 Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for oligometastatic soft tissue sarcoma patients Daniela Greto Received Received
  EP-1607 Preoperative Radiation Therapy and IORT in Retroperitoneal Soft Tissue Sarcomas. Long Term Outcome Federico Navarria Received Received
  EP-1608 Results of an aggressive local strategy after R1 or R2 unplanned surgery for soft tissue sarcomas Paul POU Received Received
  EP-1609 Volumetric-modulated arc whole-brain radiotherapy prevents permanent alopecia for pediatric patients Megumi Uto Received Received
  EP-1610 Cranio Spinal Axis irradiations using Pencil Beam Scanning: the PSI experience Dorota Siewert Received Received
  EP-1611 Experience of uninterrupted radiotherapy for pediatric hodgkins disease in a developing country Bilal Mazhar Qureshi Received Received
  EP-1612 Radiation induced hypothyroidism in pediatric tumours of central nervous system. Camilla Satragno Received Received
  EP-1613 A dosimetric comparison of Proton and VMAT for Pediatric Ewings Sarcoma of pelvis and spine Fatima Meniai-Merzouki Received Received
  EP-1614 Incidence of second malignancies among pediatric patients treated with helical Tomotherapy Elisa Coassin Received Received
  EP-1615 Impact of pretreatment imaging modality on the response to palliative radiation for bone metastases Yuki Wada Received Received
  EP-1616 Population-based Phase II Trial of Stereotactic Radiotherapy for up to 5 Oligometastases: SABR-5 Robert Olson Received Received
  EP-1617 Palliative radiotherapy for lung cancer from patients perspective: a quality of life (QoL) study Wojciech Majewski Received Received
  EP-1618 Early clinical results & feasibility of amplitude-gated DIBH for SBRT: A multi-centre experience Kundan Chufal Received Received
  EP-1619 SBRT and the treatment of adrenal gland metastasis Dimcho Georgiev Received Received
  EP-1620 A model for individualized estimation of survival in patients who underwent whole-brain radiotherapy Charles Marchand-Créty Received Received
  EP-1621 First results of the first cohort of a phase I dose-escalation trial on SABR for oligometastases Carole Mercier Received Received
  EP-1622 Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Oligometastatic Disease: A single-institution experience. Laura Guzman Gomez Received Received
  EP-1623 KORTUC for lytic bone metastasis Shiro Obata Received Received
  EP-1624 First clinical experiences with SBRT on the 1.5 T MR-linac for pelvic lymph node oligometastases Anita Werensteijn-Honingh Received Received
  EP-1625 Patterns-of-care and outcome-analysis of the stereotactic body RT (SBRT) of adrenal-gland-metastases Theresa Voglhuber Received Received
  EP-1626 TEACHH MODEL as a tool for decision-making in palliative patients: Our experience Anabela Miranda Burgos Received Received
  EP-1627 Impact of body morphology on survival in patients with bone metastases: A prospective cohort study Bart Pielkenrood Received Received
  EP-1628 Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for non-spinal bone metastasis. A single institution experience. Angel Acosta Rojas Received Received
  EP-1629 Recalcification in lytic bone metastases of the spine after radiotherapy Bart Pielkenrood Received Received
  EP-1630 A Multidisciplinary approach to Palliation -Rapid Access Targeted Personalised Radiotherapy Clinic Ravinder Mamon Received Received
  EP-1631 AIRO Palliative Study Group investigation on prognostic score in clinical practice: PROPHET Trial Valeria Masiello Received Received
  EP-1632 Response prediction of palliative radiotherapy to painful spinal bone metastases Joachim Akhgar Received Received
  EP-1633 Profile of patients who die in the first 30 days after palliative radiotherapy in our center Diana Carolina Moreno Santiago Received Received
  EP-1634 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) for bone metastases: Preliminary experience Elísabet González Del Portillo Received Received
  EP-1636 Linac-based radiosurgery in elderly patients: mono-institutional experience on 110 brain metastases Fabiana Gregucci Received Received
  EP-1638 Radiotherapy and Immunotherapies in elderly: a systematic literature review Liliana Belgioia Received Received
  EP-1639 Socioeconomic Status and Mortality in Elderly Cancer Patients:A National Elderly Sample Cohort Study Bum-Sup Jang Received Received
  EP-1640 Radical radiotherapy in elderly prostate cancer patients: a monoinstitutional experience Chiara Lucrezia Deantoni Received Received
  EP-1641 Radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients over 80 years: 95 patients treated in a single institution Pascal Pommier Received Received
  EP-1642 Short-course accelerated palliative EBRT for advanced head and neck cancer in elderly patients Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1643 Short-course accelerated palliative radiotherapy for advanced lung cancer in elderly patients Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1644 Elderly patients with non-melanoma skin cancer:results of accelerated hypofractionated treatment Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1645 Short-course accelerated palliative radiotherapy for advanced skin cancer in elderly patients Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1646 Radiation Oncology for the Older Person: Defining international standards for trainee education LUCINDA MORRIS Received Received
  EP-1647 Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in elderly rectal cancer patients in a mono-institutional experience Lucrezia Gasparini Received Received
  EP-1648 Radio-chemotherapy with temozolomide in elderly patients with glioblastoma: our experience Alessandro Molinari Received Received
  EP-1649 Patterns of care and survival in elderly patients with advanced soft-tissue sarcoma Daniela Greto Received Received
  EP-1650 Elderly glioblastoma patients:role of multidimensional assessment of frailty in predicting outcomes Lucia Giaccherini Received Received
  EP-1652 Stability and survival of elderly patients after palliative radiotherapy of spinal bone metastases Tilman Bostel Received Received
  EP-1653 Evaluation of Italian Radiotherapy research: preliminary analysis. Alba Fiorentino Received Received
  EP-1654 Hypofractionation in breast cancer: possible advantages and logistical implications. Ilaria Meaglia Received Received
  EP-1655 Cost-effectiveness analysis of stereotactic radiotherapy in colorectal cancer brain metastases. adrien paix Received Received
  EP-1656 Prevention of heterotopic ossification after total hip replacement: a cost-effectiveness analysis. adrien paix Received Received
  EP-1657 Overcoming appointment delay in radiotherapy: a single institution experience. MOHAMED AIT ERRAISSE Received Received
  EP-1658 Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy:UK implementation and current practices.Progress since 2012. Gail Distefano Received Received
  EP-1659 Trends in industry payments to radiation oncologists from 2014-2017 Deborah Marshall Received Received
  EP-1660 Patterns of acute brain metastases related admissions: Opportunity amongst recurring themes Micheal OCathail Received Received
  EP-1661 Teleconsultations: Bringing specialist radiotherapy services to patients Micheal OCathail Received Received
  EP-1662 Multicentric structured medical data production on an OIS for modeling of radiotherapy effects Jean-Baptiste CLAVIER Received Received
  EP-1663 REQUITE multicentre study of patients undergoing radiotherapy for breast, lung or prostate cancer Catharine West Received Received
  EP-1665 Extra Pulmonary Neuroendocrine Carcinoma. Rarity of Brain Metastases. Leora Ferro Received Received
  EP-1666 ARENA: Improving training in target volume delineation for radiotherapy Elin Evans Received Received
  EP-1667 Safety and efficacy of fiducial marker implantation for robotic SBRT with fiducial tracking Nathaniel Scher Received Received
  EP-1668 Creation and pilot-test of virtual cases for learning oncologic emergency management Ziad Simon Fawaz Received Received
  EP-1669 Evaluation of Healthcare Quality Concepts in Radiation Oncology PG Training Programs Muneeb Uddin Karim Received Received
  EP-1672 Multimodality treatment in thymic tumors:a retrospective analysis and accordance with ESMOguidelines Alessia Carnevale Received Received
  EP-1673 Implementation of a Collaborative Fast Access Radiotherapy Program for Benign Disease MAUREEN ROLFO Received Received
  EP-1675 Club100 (student organization of DEGRO e.V.) Current activities and future perspectives Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1676 Importance of worklife balance among German students interested in the field of radiation oncology Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1677 Low dose radiotherapy for painful joint and tendon disorders in elderly and risk for malignancies Ulrich Schaefer Received Received
  EP-1678 Modern radiotherapy learning: a scoping review of the literature. Gerard Walls Received Received
  EP-1679 Modern radiotherapy learning: a qualitative study of trainer and trainee views. Walls Gerard Received Received
  EP-1680 The effectivenes and safety evaluation of radiotherapy for painful humeroscapular periarthritis(PHS) Tomasz Latusek Received Received
  EP-1681 Modern radiotherapy learning: a quantitative study of trainer and trainee views. Gerard Walls Received Received
  EP-1682 Fetal dose from head and neck tomotherapy versus 3D conformal radiotherapy So Hyun Park Received Received
  EP-1683 Monte Carlo evaluation of organ doses from a proton gantry-mounted CBCT system Thomas Henry Received Received
  EP-1684 Radiation isocontour levels for shielding considerations of the Varian Halcyon linear accelerator Kirstie Caravani Received Received
  EP-1685 Impact of acquisition mode of CBCT scans on size-specific dose estimates (SSDE) conversion factors Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  EP-1686 Assessment of patient size for size-specific dose estimates using two methods: a comparative study Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  EP-1687 Variation of size-specific dose estimates (SSDE) of cone-beam CT (CBCT) scans with the scan length Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  EP-1688 Monte Carlo simulations to quantify out-of-field doses due to the electron streaming effect Bram van Asselen Received Received
  EP-1689 Implementation of ultra-low dose CBCT for children using an optimised bowtie filter Abigail Bryce-Atkinson Received Received
  EP-1690 Induced radioactivity as a (un)helpful effect of particle therapy Przemyslaw Sekowski Received Received
  EP-1691 IORT & stray radiation: comparison of 2 commercial linacs Piet Stevens Received Received
  EP-1693 Determination of the angular dependence of a CC04 ion chamber. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1694 Evaluation of a new portal dosimetry solution for dose quality control of Elekta and Varian linacs Solène Couespel Received Received
  EP-1695 Determining the dose per pulse dependence of a commercial synthetic diamond detector. David ODoherty Received Received
  EP-1696 Microdosimetry assessment in cyclotron proton beamline with new 3D-microdetectors Consuelo Guardiola Received Received
  EP-1697 Real time small animal irradiator dosimetry using Radioluminescence imaging Antonello Spinelli Received Received
  EP-1698 TRAPS upstream transmission detector for tracking mlc positions in VMAT and IMRT radiotherapy fields Sally Fletcher Received Received
  EP-1699 Comparing water equivalent phantom materials using CT scans and conformal prostate treatment plans Mike Kirby Received Received
  EP-1700 CyberKnife output factors from integral dosimetry Antti Kulmala Received Received
  EP-1701 Inverse square corrections for WAFACs David Rogers Received Received
  EP-1702 Examination of the real-time exposure dosimetry system using synthetic ruby on the radiation therapy Ayaka Maruyama Received Received
  EP-1703 Dose Evaluation of Build-up Region of Photon Beam using Thermoluminescence Dosimeter (TLD) Sheet Koji Sasaki Received Received
  EP-1704 A 2D reusable OSL-film for class solution specific QA of large modulated fields in the PART trial Robin De Roover Received Received
  EP-1706 Production of samples with specified CT indices by 3D printing Irina Miloichikova Received Received
  EP-1707 Polymer gel-based isocenter alignment measurements in a 0.35 T MR-LINAC Stefan Dorsch Received Received
  EP-1708 Organ motion impact on dose delivered with non-coplanar VMAT for lung SBRT Stefania Comi Received Received
  EP-1709 Dosimetric response of aSi1000 EPID continuous imaging of FFF beams for in vivo 3D SBRT verification Ana Rita Barbeiro Received Received
  EP-1710 Update ADAM-pelvis phantom: New possibilities to simulate treatment scenarios in radiotherapy Wibke Johnen Received Received
  EP-1711 Discover Prostate SBRT or Validation of motion-tracked SBRT treatments with a transmission detector Martin Szegedi Received Received
  EP-1712 Determination of photon output factors: implementation of the IAEA/AAPM TRS-483 Code of Practice Patricia De La Monja Rey Received Received
  EP-1713 The implementation of 3D chemical dosimetry within a clinical radiotherapy department Jackie Poxon Received Received
  EP-1714 Comparison of geometrical distortion of 1.5 T MR sim and 1.5 T MR linac. Henrik Jensen Received Received
  EP-1715 Development of an antropomorphic brain phantom Anahita Bakhtiari Moghaddam Received Received
  EP-1716 The Value of Independent Review in the Implementation of New Techniques at a New Radiotherapy Centre Rob Lally Received Received
  EP-1717 Challenges of Developing, Managing and Exploiting a National Radiotherapy Dataset UK Experience Catherine Roe Received Received
  EP-1718 Determination of ion recombination correction factor by empirical and numerical methods Cristina Anson Marcos Received Received
  EP-1719 Automated data processing and BigData in radiation therapy Oliver Schmidt Received Received
  EP-1720 Evaluation of dose perturbations for metal stent in photon and proton radiotherapy planning for hepatocellular carcinoma Hyeyoung Kim Received Received
  EP-1721 Sensitivity study between gamma index passing rate and clinical dose volume histogram. Lukasz Szczurek Received Received
  EP-1722 Development and validation of a strategy to use actual leaf positions as a patient QA tool Duncan den Boer Received Received
  EP-1723 Validation of EPID dose prediction and conversion models for flattening filter free beams Achraf Ouakkad Received Received
  EP-1724 Delivery error sensitivity of an EPID based pre-treatment control for FFF dynamic arc therapy Achraf Ouakkad Received Received
  EP-1725 Two years experience with Esteya QA Martijn van het Loo Received Received
  EP-1726 Utilization of bolus in post-mastectomy radiation therapy Roumiana Chakarova Received Received
  EP-1727 Validation of the Raystation Monte Carlo Code using dedicated ionization chambers Geert Pittomvils Received Received
  EP-1728 1-year experience with automated transit in vivo dosimetry in a busy multicenter department Evy Bossuyt Received Received
  EP-1729 Evaluation of beam modeling parameter variations among radiotherapy institutions using common TPS Mallory Glenn Received Received
  EP-1730 Systematic Monte Carlo dose verification of VMAT treatment plans for TrueBeam linac using PRIMO Alain Sottiaux Received Received
  EP-1731 Using plane-parallel ionization chamber PPC40 to measure Dose Area Product Ratio in Small Field Dosimetry Dalila Mateus Received Received
  EP-1732 The effect of different table top models on patient-specific QA Leen Paelinck Received Received
  EP-1733 CFR-PEEK vs titanium spinal stabilization implants in photon and proton therapy: A phantom study Robert Poel Received Received
  EP-1734 Dosimetric effects due to uncertainties in tissue segmentation for prostate cancer treatments Marcus Krantz Received Received
  EP-1735 Dosimetric verification of single isocenter VMAT for multiple brain metastases Esther Decabooter Received Received
  EP-1736 Study VMAT modulation to predict DQA results and have an efficient DQA workflow Sophie Chiavassa Received Received
  EP-1737 End-to-end test for setting up multiple brain metastases SRS Eliane Graulieres Received Received
  EP-1738 Validation of the electron Monte Carlo (eMC) algorithm in Eclipse 13.6 Daniel Kelly Received Received
  EP-1739 Evaluation of indicators for robust dose prescription in SBRT of peripheral non-small cell lung cancer Guillaume Beldjoudi Received Received
  EP-1740 GLAaS absolute dose calibration for EPID on Halcyon: from algorithm validation to multi-center QA Giorgia Nicolini Received Received
  EP-1741 Evaluation of the application of NIPAM gel dosimeter to quantify dynamic dose effects. jung chang sun Received Received
  EP-1742 In vivo EPID dosimetry for prostate cancer treatments with an endorectal balloon Markus Wendling Received Received
  EP-1743 Dosimeter ion for small field percentage depth dose and tissue-maximum ratio measurements Scott Crowe Received Received
  EP-1744 Enhancing the accuracy in VMAT dose verification by the use of EPID-based commercial software. Yasmin Md Radzi Received Received
  EP-1745 Performance of ArcCHECK based quality assurance in helical tomotherapy with TomoEdge technology Bin Yang Received Received
  EP-1746 GLAaS absolute dose calibration for iViewGT EPID with flat and FFF beams: multicenter experience Eugenio Vanetti de Palma Received Received
  EP-1747 In vivo dosimetry with electronic portal imaging device in VMAT for prostate cancer Shoki Inui Received Received
  EP-1748 Adaptive solution for an improved treatment verification using Dosimetry Check system. Yasmin Md Radzi Received Received
  EP-1750 Evaluation of Acuros XB in the presence of metallic elements Rodrigo Erick CHIPANA CHUCA Received Received
  EP-1751 Topical skin agent application-thickness influence on surface dose in external radiation therapy Kenta Miko Received Received
  EP-1752 Impact of Leaf Spread Function on Fluence Reconstruction from Exit Detector Signals in TomoTherapy Herve Hiu Fai Choi Received Received
  EP-1753 A dual detector system for in-vivo dosimetry: transit dose verification and error identification Owen Brace Received Received
  EP-1754 High-resolution assessment of dose calculations in small MV photon beams on and off central axis Giordano Biasi Received Received
  EP-1755 Implementation of EPID in vivo dosimetry for SBRT: setting tolerance levels for routine clinical use Marco Esposito Received Received
  EP-1756 Determination of ion recombination and polarity effect correction factors for a plane-parallel ionization Bragg Peak chamber under proton and carbon ion pencil beams DAVIDE MAESTRI Received Received
  EP-1757 Comparison of geometrical accuracy of different SRS delivery systems with end-to-end tests Gábor Stelczer Received Received
  EP-1758 A validation and criticality assessment of imaging dose calculation discrepancies of Halcyon MVCBCT Yibao Zhang Received Received
  EP-1760 Impact of cranial implants on proton dose distributions Adam Sjgren Received Received
  EP-1762 in vivo skin dosimetry correction factors for IMRT Pablo Carrasco de Fez Received Received
  EP-1763 Monitoring total skin electron therapy using optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters Tanya Kairn Received Received
  EP-1764 Portal dosimetry of the new O-ring system (Halcyon): validation against a diode array Daniel NGUYEN Received Received
  EP-1765 Adapted Delta4 phantom for EBT3 film based pre-treatment QA for lung SBRT VMAT: proof of concept Evelien Bogaert Received Received
  EP-1767 Validation and clinical use of a commercial Monte Carlo algorithm for Cyberknife patient-specific QA Maaike T.W. Milder Received Received
  EP-1768 A Feasibility Study of EPID-Based In-Vivo Dosimetry System in Machine Specific Quality Assurance Fazl&305; Yedeki Received Received
  EP-1769 Pre-treatment EPID-based VMAT verification with SunCHECK Fraction 0 vs Varian Portal Dosimetry Nina Iren Hoven Received Received
  EP-1770 Investigation of Electronic Portal Imaging Based In-Vivo Dose Verification for Prostate SBRT Fazl&305; Yedeki Received Received
  EP-1771 Measuring the influence of magnetic fields on the dose distributions of clinical electron beams Reto Kueng Received Received
  EP-1772 MLC parameters evaluation in a RT-dedicated MC environment (PRIMO) from static fields to VMAT plans Lucia Paganini Received Received
  EP-1774 Independent dose verification of brachytherapy TPS and automation of EQD2 reports using Matlab Code Sergio Esteve Sanchez Received Received
  EP-1775 Determination of tolerance criteria for the sliding leaf gap dynamic IMRT test Steve Weston Received Received
  EP-1776 Automated proton plan QA via independent Monte Carlo simulations Gabriel Guterres Marmitt Received Received
  EP-1777 Improvements in pencil beam algorithm in proton therapy: do we still need Monte Carlo in brain? Lamberto Widesott Received Received
  EP-1779 Impact of calculation grid resolution and CT slice thickness on TPS calculated small fields OF Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  EP-1780 Correlation between VMAT plans complexity indices and gamma passing rate by using three QA phantoms Paola Tabarelli De Fatis Received Received
  EP-1781 Ability of Modulation Complexity Score to predict the result of pre-treatment QA for VMAT plans Paola Tabarelli De Fatis Received Received
  EP-1782 Comparison of two commercial detectors and the influence of grid spacing in calculations in SBRT ROBERTO GÓMEZ PARDOS Received Received
  EP-1783 Implementation of a fast method for routine linac-QA for VMAT with EPID dosimetry Patrícia Cambraia Lopes Received Received
  EP-1784 ArcCheck HU setting influence on the uncertainty of pre-treatment verification results. Marta Gizynska Received Received
  EP-1785 Dosimetric verification of stereotactic treatment plans using 3D-printed phantom and GafchromicEBT3. Marta Kruszyna-Mochalska Received Received
  EP-1786 Towards real-time Monte Carlo dose computation: muscle or brain? Markus Alber Received Received
  EP-1787 Commissioning of the RayStation treatment planning system in a multi-vendor context. Alessandro Savini Received Received
  EP-1788 Dose distribution for electron beam using Monte Carlo simulation with GATE Jeremy Leste Received Received
  EP-1789 Repetitive use of TLD-100 without annealing for imaging doses in radiotherapy Monika Clausen Received Received
  EP-1790 TPS out of field dose accuracy: impact on dose volume histogram calculation of pacemaker devices Agnese Barbareschi Received Received
  EP-1791 Correcting dose distributions to the magnetic field of a high-field MR-Linac using deep learning Roel Rozendaal Received Received
  EP-1792 Straightforward and easy way to determine MLC parameters (DLG, T) for FFF beams in Eclipse TPS Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  EP-1793 Verification and Measurement of the Tongue and Groove Effect in an Electronic Portal Imaging Device Jordi Saez Received Received
  EP-1794 Bias-free comparison of PTW arrays in terms of ability to detect clinically significant MLC errors Agnieszka Walewska Received Received
  EP-1795 HyperArc commissioning necessitates high-resolution measurements Maria Sjlin Received Received
  EP-1796 Comparison of Treatment Planning Systems shallow depth dose prediction for IMRT Evelien Bogaert Received Received
  EP-1797 Skin dose in HDR brachytherapy for breast cancers: our in vivo dosimetry protocol and data analysis stefania fabiani Received Received
  EP-1799 Characterisation of a commercially available large-area IC for dosimetry of scanned proton beams Simon Berke Received Received
  EP-1800 Evaluation of Techniques for Dose Calculation on Cone Beam CT Valentina Giacometti Received Received
  EP-1801 Automatic EPID based Beam QA : measurements become pleasure Aurelie Sors Received Received
  EP-1804 Experimental validation of a novel technique to derive stopping power ratio from MRI in soft tissue Jessica Scholey Received Received
  EP-1806 Commissioning an Independent Dose Calculation System for the Unity MR-Linac Edmund Goodwin Received Received
  EP-1807 Use of SPC techniques to generate assessment criteria for transit dosimetry analysis Alexandra Pyett Received Received
  EP-1809 Comparison of Photon Optimizer (PO) and Progressive Resolution Optimizer (PRO) for SRS VMAT Plans Yucel Akdeniz Received Received
  EP-1810 Comparison of absorbed dose between medium and water on Monte Carlo algorithm for VMAT plan Narendra Kumar Bhalla Received Received
  EP-1811 Volumetric modulated arc therapy with robust optimization for larynx cancer Hideharu Miura Received Received
  EP-1812 Outcome-optimized radiotherapy planning using risk modeling for lymphoma a preliminary study Laura Rechner Received Received
  EP-1813 AAA vs Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Algorithm for Lung SABR Iulian Badragan Received Received
  EP-1814 On the aperture shape controller and the air cavity correction for lung plans using AcurosXB and AAA Lotte Fog Received Received
  EP-1815 MCO in VMAT treatment planning for locally advanced head and neck cancer Veronique Favrel Received Received
  EP-1816 A robustness comparison of margin based and robust plans for head and neck VMAT patients Jennifer Robbins Received Received
  EP-1817 Comparison of 2 VMAT optimization algorithms using complexity metrics for breast cancer radiotherapy Laurent Bartolucci Received Received
  EP-1818 Comparison of two optimisation algorithms in Eclipse for VMAT in prostate: which one to choose? Diego Jurado-Bruggeman Received Received
  EP-1819 Robustness to shifts in patient position with either knowledge based or multi-criteria optimisation Peter Houston Received Received
  EP-1820 Preliminary results of using artificial neural networks for prediction CK planning parameters Agnieszka Skrobala Received Received
  EP-1821 Fast Robust Optimization using a Patient-Specific Scenario Selection Methodology Gregory Buti Received Received
  EP-1822 Evaluation of plan robustness against tumor motion for lung SBRT treatment with non-coplanar VMAT Cristina Garibaldi Received Received
  EP-1823 Analysis of treatment plans robustness for dynamic techniques in external beam radiotherapy Edyta Dabrowska-Szewczyk Received Received
  EP-1824 Hybrid-Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy in the Upper Thoracic Esophageal Cancer: A Planning Study Young Eun Choi Received Received
  EP-1825 Variability of PTV volume and target coverage for hypofractionated prostate treatments EVA AMBROA REY Received Received
  EP-1826 Comparison of two Volumetric Arc Therapy techniques for hippocampal sparing whole brain radiotherapy Ana Isabel Milanés Received Received
  EP-1827 Influence of the optimization PTV structure on hippocampal sparing radiation therapy using VMAT. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1828 Treatment plan comparison between SBRT techniques for recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma Mark Lin Received Received
  EP-1829 Clinical validation of knowledge-based planning for multiple brain metastases Noriko Kishi Received Received
  EP-1831 Avoidance sector strategy to reduce healthy tissue dose in locoregional breast planning with VMAT Thengumpallil Sheeba Received Received
  EP-1832 Dosimetric comparison of IMRT for early-stage glottic cancers with and without air cavity in the PTV David Asher Received Received
  EP-1833 Impact of physicist clinical practice on the quality of head and neck IMRT and VMAT plans David Sánchez-Artuñedo Received Received
  EP-1834 Feasibility study of extreme hypofractionated proton treatment planning for prostate cancer. Petra Klinker Received Received
  EP-1835 Use of the gEUD in modern TPSs for prostate radiotherapy with VMAT tecnique Luca Grimaldi Received Received
  EP-1836 Validation of a novel knowledge-based planning (KBP) model for lung cancer treatments with VMAT Nilesh Suresh Tambe Received Received
  EP-1837 A new hybrid approach to allow robust Monte Carlo-based multi-field optimization in proton therapy Francesco Tommasino Received Received
  EP-1838 Dosimetrical comparison of brain SRS treatment plans using IRIS and InCise 2 MLC of the CyberKnife Marton Vekas Received Received
  EP-1839 Development of Cardiac Avoidance Treatment Planning for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Sarah De Vos Received Received
  EP-1840 comparing the dosimetric impact of omentum spacer in carbon-ion, proton and photon radiotherapy Masayoshi Yamada Received Received
  EP-1841 Couch modeling optimization for TomoTherapy planning and delivery Masao Tanooka Received Received
  EP-1842 Automated treatment planning of prostate cancer using prioritized clinical-goal based optimization Roel Kierkels Received Received
  EP-1843 Evaluation of treatment efficiency for helical tomotherapy with TomoEdge technology Bin Yang Received Received
  EP-1845 Proton beam therapy vs best photons for the management of mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma: step by step Louisa Abbassi Received Received
  EP-1846 Cloud-based contouring education system supporting access from multi-devices Hideki Takegawa Received Received
  EP-1847 Automatic optimization of Head and Neck treatments with multicriteria radiobiological cost functions Marco Esposito Received Received
  EP-1848 Inaccuracies in proton dose calculation may be as significant as setup and range uncertainties. Marta Innocenzi Received Received
  EP-1849 Evaluation of plan modulation parameters on pre-treatment QA results during VMAT and SABR Minsoo Chun Received Received
  EP-1850 Intensity modulated protons: feasibility for hypofractionated hepatocellular carcinoma treatment Luca Cozzi Received Received
  EP-1851 VMAT versus 3D-CRT for the irradiation of left breast or chest wall plus supra/infraclavicular nodes MARIA ANTONIETTA GILIO Received Received
  EP-1852 Dosimetric comparison of techniques for left-sided breast and regional lymph node radiotherapy Tom Joslin-Tan Received Received
  EP-1853 Dosimetric comparison of helical tomotherapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy in cervical cancer Lijing Zhu Received Received
  EP-1854 Application of a tool for bulk treatment plan evaluation in advanced treatment planning training Marcel van Herk Received Received
  EP-1855 Retrospective review of brain dose from cranial stereotactic radiosurgery treatments of metastases Tanya Kairn Received Received
  EP-1856 Dose escalation potential for hypofractionated radiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic cancer Jenny Bertholet Received Received
  EP-1857 Simulating the interaction of clinical electron beams with tissue-equivalent samples produced by FDM Irina Miloichikova Received Received
  EP-1858 Inter-observer variability in rectal target delineation on MRI for MR image-guided radiotherapy Ingrid White Received Received
  EP-1859 Investigating the feasibility of boosting 18F-FLT-PET-CT volumes to 75 Gy in oropharyngeal cancer Jonathan Wyatt Received Received
  EP-1860 Dosimetric and physical aspects of APBI techniques: External Beams vs IntraOperative Radiotherapy Paola Tabarelli de Fatis Received Received
  EP-1861 Simultaneous truth and performance level estimation method for contouring assessment in radiosurgery Helena Sandstrm Received Received
  EP-1862 A comparative study of male pelvis CT auto-segmentation and its clinical utility Joseph Wood Received Received
  EP-1863 Semi-Automatic Planning in H&N VMAT treatments Angelo Filippo Monti Received Received
  EP-1865 A feasibility study: 6 VMAT arcs full collimator opening for hippocampal sparing Martin Maffei Received Received
  EP-1866 An interplay effect study comparing two different VMAT techniques for free-breathing moving targets María Gil Conde Received Received
  EP-1867 SBRT automatic treatment planning as a dose escalation strategy in pancreatic cancer Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1868 Automated VMAT planning in Pinnacle3: a dosimetric study in high-risk prostate cancer Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1869 Automated VMAT planning in Pinnacle3: a dosimetric study in head-neck cancer Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1870 Dosimetric assessment of metal artefact corrected CT images use for pelvis treatment planning. Enric Jaegle Received Received
  EP-1871 Can the use of a hydrogel spacer enable intra-prostatic boosts without increasing rectal doses? Nikki Laverick Received Received
  EP-1872 Combining multi-criteria optimisation and a hydrogel spacer for intra-prostatic focal boosts Nikki Laverick Received Received
  EP-1873 Reducing OAR doses in prostate patients: use of a hydrogel spacer and multi-criteria optimisation Nikki Laverick Received Received
  EP-1874 Multiple brain metastasis radiosurgery using dedicated treatment planning system: a dosimetric study Marie-Claude Biston Received Received
  EP-1875 Compare OAR dose of breast cancer using sequential boost and simultaneous integrated boost technique Lin-Shan Chou Received Received
  EP-1876 Level II volume and parotid doses during nasopharyngeal radiotherapy: what relationship? Fourati Nejla Received Received
  EP-1877 Proton vs photon deep inspiration breath-hold planning study for left-sided breast cancer patients Katarzyna Czerska Received Received
  EP-1878 PRV brainstem during the nasopharyngeal IMRT: margin calculation and dosimetric implications Fourati Nejla Received Received
  EP-1879 HyperArc for stereotactic radiosurgery: comparison of planning options Dianne Kearns Received Received
  EP-1880 A planning study evaluating the use of 4DCT vs 3DCT in pancreas planning, both conventional and SABR Elizabeth Tait Received Received
  EP-1881 Sequentially- versus co-optimized plans for pelvis and prostate bed: time efficacy and plan quality Akos Gulyban Received Received
  EP-1882 Dosimetric comparison between proton SFUD, IMPT and SBRT Boost in clivus chordoma radiotherapy Marie Vidal Received Received
  EP-1883 Lung tumor target delineation: different segmentation strategies Simona Borghesi Received Received
  EP-1884 Commissioning and clinical validation of FRED: Monte Carlo on GPU for proton beam therapy Magdalena Garbacz Received Received
  EP-1885 Neutron beam design and dosimetric evaluation for accelerator-based Boron Neutron Capture Therapy silva bortolussi Received Received
  EP-1886 Efficacy of a hydrogel spacer in 3D-CRT for prostate cancer Mami Ogita Received Received
  EP-1887 Dosimetric and volumetric evaluation of MR-only planning for radiotherapy of rectal cancer Sandra Vieira Received Received
  EP-1888 Validation of automated planning with RapidPlan for prostate bed VMAT radiotherapy Bernt Louni Rekstad Received Received
  EP-1889 Evaluation of organ-motion based robust optimisation for RT of the breast, axilla, and IMC Irena Blasiak-Wal Received Received
  EP-1890 Patient specific conversion of CBCT images for proton therapy treatment planning NIls KRAH Received Received
  EP-1891 A new hotspot correction algorithm in Modulated Electron Radiation Therapy utilizing 3D printed boli Borko Basaric Received Received
  EP-1893 A machine learning based stain-free method for classification of cell apoptosis stages Jingwen Feng Received Received
  EP-1894 On the possibility of estimating the radiosensitivity range in a cell mixture Pavel Stavrev Received Received
  EP-1895 Multicenter CT phantoms public dataset for radiomics reproducibility studies Petros Kalendralis Received Received
  EP-1896 A TCP-based early-regression index predicts outcome of rectal cancer patients better than pCR Claudio Fiorino Received Received
  EP-1897 Texture analysis of the initial CT to predict the response to neoadjuvant CRT in rectal cancer David Pasquier Received Received
  EP-1898 Encouraging the use of decision support systems in routine clinical practice Rianne Fijten Received Received
  EP-1899 Prediction of outcomes in lung SBRT with dosimetric variables and machine learning techniques David Sevillano Received Received
  EP-1900 Predictive parameters for long-term cardiac mortality excess related to left breast radiotherapy Nadia Pasinetti Received Received
  EP-1901 Identifying organs at risk for radiation-induced late dysphagia in head and neck cancer patients Johanna Hedstrm Received Received
  EP-1902 S32: A decision Support System to predict radiation toxicity in lung cancer patients Lopez Guerra Jose Luis Received Received
  EP-1903 Learning from scanners: radiomics correction modeling Ivan Zhovannik Received Received
  EP-1904 3T CE-MRI (peri)tumoral radiomics for prediction of lymphovascular invasion in early breast cancer Michele Avanzo Received Received
  EP-1905 CT /PET based dosiomics and radiomics model predicts local control of nasopharyngeal carcinoma Michele Avanzo Received Received
  EP-1906 CBCT delta-radiomics for predicting complete pathological response of rectal cancer after CT-RT Michele Avanzo Received Received
  EP-1907 Which FDG-PET features are robust enough for Radiomic studies in pancreatic cancer patients? Luca Presotto Received Received
  EP-1908 A Guide For Predicting Normal Tissue Dose in Stereotactic Radiosurgery Donal Cummins Received Received
  EP-1909 Delta-radiomics signature predicts outcomes after preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer Changoon Song Received Received
  EP-1910 Impact of multi-centric imaging on robustness of radiomic models Diem Vuong Received Received
  EP-1911 Treatment response on MR during radiotherapy in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma. Boris Peltenburg Received Received
  EP-1912 Outcome prediction with CT radiomics and random forests in primary lung tumor treated with SBRT David Sevillano Received Received
  EP-1913 Distributed rapid learning made easy: a user-friendly dashboard for model development and ution Johan van Soest Received Received
  EP-1914 A method to deal with highly correlated explanatory variables in the development of NTCP models Arjen van der Schaaf Received Received
  EP-1915 Modelling framework for FMISO and FDG PET imaging tailored dose prescription Marta Lazzeroni Received Received
  EP-1916 Predictive model of the dose to the heart based on geometry evaluation in left breast radiotherapy Stefano Maria Tomatis Received Received
  EP-1917 Variable versus conventional inter-fraction intervals in SBRT Pavel Stavrev Received Received
  EP-1918 Active bone marrow identification in the pelvis using texture analysis of CT features ELENA GALLIO Received Received
  EP-1919 Voxel-based assessment of proton RBE in paediatric brain cancer radiotherapy from multimodal imaging Mikkel Skaarup Received Received
  EP-1920 ADC mean versus fractional volume to predict radiation sensitivity in humanhead and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCC) xenografted in nude mice Sara Leibfarth Received Received
  EP-1921 Association of MRI-based radiomic features with prognostic factors in prostate cancer Johannes Isaksson Received Received
  EP-1922 Comparing biological and conventional dose accumulation using daily imaging of H&N and pelvis cases Nina Niebuhr Received Received
  EP-1923 Dimensionality reduction of radiomic features using a clustering coherence-based approach Chiara Tenconi Received Received
  EP-1924 Are spatial dose metrics predictive of oral mucositis duration in oropharyngeal cancer? Antony Carver Received Received
  EP-1926 Radiomics in rectal cancer: prognostic significance of 3D features extracted from diagnostic MRI Concetta Piazzese Received Received
  EP-1927 Mechanistic modelling of RT damage to microvasculature and of its effect on tumour microenvironment Alessandro Cicchetti Received Received
  EP-1929 Prediction of voxelwise mandibular osteoradionecrosis maps in HNC patients using deep learning Laia Humbert-Vidan Received Received
  EP-1930 Hypoxia induced by vascular damage could impact on the outcome of stereotactic body radiotherapy Emely Kjellsson Lindblom Received Received
  EP-1931 Photon vs proton therapy for reduction of cardiac toxicities in locally advanced lung cancer Suliana Teoh Received Received
  EP-1932 Development of a deep learning network using a pre-trained convolutional neural network Michelle Rooney Received Received
  EP-1933 A Deep Learning Approach for Identifying Focal Prostate Cancer from Multi-Parametric MRI Michelle Rooney Received Received
  EP-1936 PET/CT Radiomics predict local recurrence in patients treated with SBRT for early-stage NSCLC DISSAUX Gurvan Received Received
  EP-1938 A high precision irradiation system for in vivo RBE measurements with ion beams Judith Besuglow Received Received
  EP-1939 Repeatability of 18F-FDG PET/CT based radiomic features using wavelet and Laplacian of Gaussian filters Stavros Kyzalas Received Received
  EP-1940 Impact of respiratory motion on the robustness of 18F-FDG PET/CT radiomic features Stavros Kyzalas Received Received
  EP-1941 MRI-based radiogenomics analysis of 1p/19q codeletion in grade II and III gliomas. Wataru Takahashi Received Received
  EP-1943 Intra-fractional respiration monitoring for patients undergoing lung SBRT Erlend Peter Skaug Sande Received Received
  EP-1944 Automated respiratory cycle binning for liver 4D-MR imaging Baptiste LHOMEL Received Received
  EP-1946 First french clinical experience using the Calypso tracking system for the prostate treatment Jessica Prunaretty Received Received
  EP-1947 RCMIGI randomized phase II study using Calypso system. First dosimetric results on CBCT acquisitions Pierre Debuire Received Received
  EP-1949 Heart position reproducibility in deep inspiration breath hold radiotherapy for lung cancer Mirjana Josipovic Received Received
  EP-1950 Phase gated lung SBRT verified by fluoroscopy Pauliina Wright Received Received
  EP-1951 Clinical feasibility of whole brain radiation therapy without a mask Janita Dekker Received Received
  EP-1952 Intra-fraction motion assessment of frameless intracranial radiosurgery using 1.5T MR simulator Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  EP-1953 Lung tumour dynamics during SABR: Analysis of 415 CBCTs using a semi-automated contouring technique Edward Chandy Received Received
  EP-1954 The role of 4D cone beam CT and abdominal compression in motion management for Liver SABR Mike Nix Received Received
  EP-1955 Increased accuracy in setup position by using surface scanning Martha Garcia Received Received
  EP-1956 Image quality of in-treatment 4D-CBCT obtained at various doses in VMAT for SBRT: a phantom study Yoshinobu Shimohigashi Received Received
  EP-1958 Eight different open face masks compatibility with surface guided radiotherapy. Malin Kgele Received Received
  EP-1959 Performance of Marker-less Tracking for Gimbaled Dynamic Tumor Tracking Marc Ziegler Received Received
  EP-1960 A comparison of positioning accuracy for frameless lung SBRT using two immobilization systems Jose Maria Penedo Cobos Received Received
  EP-1962 A simple and low-cost method of deep inspiration breath-hold irradiation for breast cancer. Yutaro Koide Received Received
  EP-1963 IGRT to improve accuracy in lung SBRT Cristina Anson Marcos Received Received
  EP-1966 Deep inspiratory breath hold versus free breathing techniques in breast cancer radiotherapy Ahmed Sayed Kamal Aly Received Received
  EP-1968 Respiratory-gated carbon-ion beam treatments of abdominal targets: clinical introduction of 4DMRI. Alessandro Vai Received Received
  EP-1969 Dosimetric effect of diaphragm motion on target volume coverage for oesophageal cancer Robyn Stansbridge Received Received
  EP-1970 2D and 3D dose verification for a gated irradiation on a 0.35 T MR-LINAC Philipp Mann Received Received
  EP-1971 Comparison of pancreatic respiratory motion using three abdominal corsets for particle therapy Sergej Schneider Received Received
  EP-1972 Transit-Guided Radiation Therapy (TGRT): a novel intra-fraction patient monitoring approach Artur Latorre-Musoll Received Received
  EP-1973 Cardiac dose sparing with active breath coordinator in breast radiotherapy: a dosimetric analysis Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1974 Usage of computer generated 4D CTs for interplay effect studies in scanned proton therapy Tina Pfeiler Received Received
  EP-1975 Intra-fraction robustness evaluation of deep inspiration breath hold radiotherapy for lung cancer Katrin Haakansson Received Received
  EP-1976 Clinical evaluation of two monitoring devices for prostate radiotherapy treatment Marie-Claude Biston Received Received
  EP-1977 Intrafraction motion in CNS radiotherapy with an open mask system using an optical surface imaging Daniel Reitz Received Received
  EP-1978 Surface guided coplanar and non-coplanar stereotactic radiotherapy with open masks a phantom study Elise Konradsson Received Received
  EP-1979 Intrafraction stability of 2098 deep inspiration breath holds in left-sided breast cancer Daniel Reitz Received Received
  EP-1980 Randomised trial investigating breathing regularity: Audiovisual biofeedback vs free breathing Elisabeth Steiner Received Received
  EP-1982 Pancoast tumours. A good candidate for proton spot scanning? Ditte Sloth Mller Received Received
  EP-1983 Inter and intra-fraction bowel motion during abdomino-pelvic stereotactic ablative radiotherapy Finbar Slevin Received Received
  EP-1984 Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) interobserver variability in patient setup error evaluation Anna Delana Received Received
  EP-1985 Clinical feasibility of CBCT-based online plan adaptation for multiple lesion brain SRS Geert Wortel Received Received
  EP-1986 Comparison of automatic OAR contour propagation from CT to MR lung images Michael Dubec Received Received
  EP-1987 Dose accumulation assessing the validity of reduced PTV margins in head-and-neck radiotherapy Nicholas Lowther Received Received
  EP-1988 Statistical process control to monitor anatomical changes during head-and-neck radiotherapy Nicholas Lowther Received Received
  EP-1989 Mesorectal shape variation and PTV margins for rectal cancer radiotherapy in prone position using a belly board. Maurice Cox Received Received
  EP-1990 Assessment of Inter-Sessional Positional Reproducibility in the HN Sub-Regions Using 1.5T MR-Sim Yihang Zhou Received Received
  EP-1991 PTV margin evaluation for pediatric craniospinal irradiation with 3D and 2D position verification Erik Slooten Received Received
  EP-1992 Dose warping protocol for interfraction variation in Bladder filling in ano-rectal cancer patients Christian Fiandra Received Received
  EP-1993 Evidence of CTV underdosing due to anatomical changes during breast Helical Tomotherapy Paola Mangili Received Received
  EP-1994 Lung Radiotherapy : Internal position reproducibility with spirometric DIBH. Robin Garcia Received Received
  EP-1995 Anisotropic definition of ITV-PTV margins according to the target position in lung SBRT with 4D-CBCT Silvia Pini Received Received
  EP-1996 Assessment of bulk-density CT accuracy for MR-guided proton therapy of pelvic cancer Josefine Handrack Received Received
  EP-1997 Daily adaptive proton therapy: A clear potential to reduce dose to healthy tissue and integral dose Lena Nenoff Received Received
  EP-1998 Quality assurance criteria and anatomically plausible methods for deformable image registration Cornel Zachiu Received Received
  EP-1999 Robustness of IMPT plans towards anatomical variations for nasopharyngeal cancer Raul Argota Perez Received Received
  EP-2000 Dosimetric impact of setup errors and anatomical changes in breast cancer patients Emilie Costa Received Received
  EP-2002 Prostate treatment planning for the MR-linac: effect of online performance on template development Robert Adam Mitchell Received Received
  EP-2003 Evaluation of three methods to calculate the dose on CBCT in case of IMRT for cervical cancer Anas Barateau Received Received
  EP-2004 Online rotation correction for MR-guided prostate radiotherapy Wouter van den Wollenberg Received Received
  EP-2005 A novel method for rectal wall dose accumulation for prostate cancer patients Florian Kamp Received Received
  EP-2006 Dosimetric benefit of the first clinical SBRT of lymph node oligometastases on the 1.5T MR-linac Dennis Winkel Received Received
  EP-2007 Analysis of MRgRT treatment adaptation strategies with a high-field MR-Linac Marcel Nachbar Received Received
  EP-2008 Positioning errors in free breathing and DIBH breast cancer radiotherapy: SGRT vs. skin markers Ana María Acosta Roa Received Received
  EP-2009 Inter-fractional Motion of Intact Cervical Cancer Treated On A MR-Guided Radiation Therapy System David Asher Received Received
  EP-2010 A QA method for evaluation of deformable image registration in head and neck adaptive radiotherapy Elisabetta Cagni Received Received
  EP-2011 Dose calculation accuracy of using tailored synthetic CT for MR-guided online adaptive radiotherapy Davide Cusumano Received Received
  EP-2013 Lung tumor motion based on 4D-CBCT: baseline shift, interfraction amplitude and volume variation AYADI MYRIAM Received Received
  EP-2014 Decision Support System for Checking Online Adaptive Treatments on the Elekta Unity Dualta McQuaid Received Received
  EP-2015 Interfraction setup error using multiple immobilization devices for limb-extremity particle therapy Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  EP-2016 Evaluation of 4D cone beam CT-based dose calculation for SBRT lung cancer treatment Sara BELLEFQIH Received Received
  EP-2017 Deep learning-based conversion of CBCT to CT for HN, lung and breast: Experiments on paired vs. unpaired and single-site vs. all-sites training Matteo Maspero Received Received
  EP-2018 Actual delivered boost dose for gynecological cancer patients treated with image-guided IMRT Sandra Vieira Received Received
  EP-2019 Does the use of an endorectal balloon improve seminal vesicle stability for prostate radiotherapy? Stephen Chin Received Received
  EP-2020 Assessment of treatment margins for breast radiotherapy evaluated using CBCT. Susanne Nrring Bekke Received Received
  EP-2021 Commissioning and clinical implementation of dose accumulation and adaptive radiotherapy Kristy Brock Received Received
  EP-2022 Dose-dependent changes in T2w-MRI texture of obturator muscles after prostate cancer radiotherapy Elisa Scalco Received Received
  EP-2023 Predictive value of delta-radiomics features extracted from MR Images in image-guided liver SBRT Nesrin Dogan Received Received
  EP-2024 Assessment of ADC value when comparing two methods to reduce geometrical distortion in DWMRI Antonio Lopez Medina Received Received
  EP-2025 Predicting midtreatment FDG PET in head and neck cancer Zeno Gouw Received Received
  EP-2026 Diffusion weighted textural differences between p16 positive and negative oropharyngeal carcinoma Sarah Deschuymer Received Received
  EP-2027 FDG-PET/CT-based assessment of hematologic toxicity in anal cancer patients following chemoradiation Joakim Kalsnes Received Received
  EP-2028 Pilot study: Textural features of mpMRI for response assessment in prostate cancer patients Michaela Daniel Received Received
  EP-2029 Principal component analysis for quantitative and robust analysis of dynamic PET/MR imaging data René Winter Received Received
  EP-2030 Multiparametric MRI and FMISO PET in HNSCC and its relation with outcome Nicole Wiedenmann Received Received
  EP-2031 18F-Choline-PET-CT to guide simultaneous integrated boost in prostate cancer Rachel Pearson Received Received
  EP-2032 Automated Bone Scan Index (aBSI) as an Imaging Biomarker in Castration Sensitive Prostate Cancer ALI ALSHEHRI Received Received
  EP-2035 Robust optimization of CT reconstruction and scanning parameters shlomi alani Received Received
  EP-2037 Digital phantom for evaluating the dosimetric impact of MRI Geometric inaccuracy in MR only based RT Tarraf Torfeh Received Received
  EP-2038 Use of deformable image registration for automatic outlining of the rectum Samuel Hunt Received Received
  EP-2040 iDose4 algorithm for radiotherapy planning process: how reduce the dose without image quality loss Alessandro clivio Received Received
  EP-2042 A clinically applicable deep learning model for segmentation in the prostate region Mitsuhiro Nakamura Received Received
  EP-2043 Efficiency Boosting of HN Positional Verification Using Highly Accelerated 3D MR Imaging in MRgRT Yihang Zhou Received Received
  EP-2044 CT number estimation techniques for the stoichiometric method to predict proton stopping power Vicki Taasti Received Received
  EP-2045 Tumor profile matching at the end of 8x7,5 Gy SBRT treatment: CBCT vs Untagged Image Reconstruction. Gustavo Pozo Rodríguez Received Received
  EP-2046 Patient setup verification using synthetic DRRs in an MR only workflow for head and neck cancer Emilia Palmér Received Received
  EP-2047 Investigating a new MR sequence combined with radiologist training for prostate delineation Jonathan Wyatt Received Received
  EP-2048 Development and implementation of a cost-effective technique to improve CT scans for contouring David Nash Received Received
  EP-2049 Patient specific pixel-based weighting factor bone-only dual-energy x-ray imaging Sahar Darvish-Molla Received Received
  EP-2050 Implementation of CT-based attenuation maps of RT positioning devices in PET/MRI - online vs offline Leticia Tubert Received Received
  EP-2051 A comparative analysis of MR signal normalization methods during proton therapy treatment Giulia Buizza Received Received
  EP-2052 Commissioning monoenergetic CT images for optimal proton dose calculations using TwinBeam scans Pia Randers Received Received
  EP-2053 Pelvic plan adaptation to manage systematic rotations without CT re-imaging Albert Licup Received Received
  EP-2054 Potential role of dual-energy CT imaging modality in the neoadjuvant radiotherapy: a phantom study. Pasqualina Gallo Received Received
  EP-2055 Impact of patient-specific MRI distortion correction for stereotactic cranial target definition Thierry Gevaert Received Received
  EP-2056 Feasibility of realistic Digitally Reconstructed Radiograph (DRR) rendering through shallow learning Jennifer Dhont Received Received
  EP-2057 Influence of implanted metals in new CT reconstruction algorithm for radiotherapy treatment planning Takeshi Kamomae Received Received
  EP-2058 Measuring eye deformation between planning and proton beam therapy position. Myriam Jaarsma-Coes Received Received
  EP-2059 Assessment of image quality in simulated low-dose paediatric cone beam CT Josh Lindsay Received Received
  EP-2060 Feasibility of prostate rectum spacer in an MRI only radiotherapy workflow Minna Lerner Received Received
  EP-2061 Feasibility of MR-only planning in a commercial treatment planning system Hazel McCallum Received Received
  EP-2062 Feasibility of automatic detection of breast limits for auto-planning Jorge Oliveira Received Received
  EP-2063 Treating prostate cancer with MRI-only radiotherapy Emilia Persson Received Received
  EP-2064 A novel method for GTV generation for large-scale analysis of lung cancer patients planned with 4DCT Angela Davey Received Received
  EP-2065 Simulation PET-CT vs diagnostic PET-CT fusion in H&N RT: volumetric and planning implications Saide Di Biase Received Received
  EP-2066 Evaluation of ANACONDA performances varying the exploited subset of controlling ROIs (AIRC IG-14300) Chiara Romanò Received Received
  EP-2067 Data driven region of interest respiratory surrogate signal extraction from CBCT Projection data Adeyemi Akintonde Received Received
  EP-2068 Scatter-corrected CBCTs for online water-equivalent path length calculations in proton therapy Andreas Gravgaard Andersen Received Received
  EP-2069 Improved dose calculation on CBCT using polyenergetic quantitative (Polyquant) reconstruction William Nailon Received Received
  EP-2070 Comparison of multi-atlas based synthetic CT generation methods for radiotherapy for prostate cancer Chloe Choi Received Received
  EP-2072 Automatic analyzation of patient specific QA measurements made with the Octavius verification device Peter Haering Received Received
  EP-2074 Can we use Effective Depth for deformable image registration QA alongside the AAPM recommendations? Megan Wilson Received Received
  EP-2075 mARC vs. IMRT prostate treatments: OAR dose distribution analysis stratified by PTV extent Rocío Bermúdez Luna Received Received
  EP-2076 Is there any advantage in using helium ions over protons for minibeam radiation therapy? Tim Schneider Received Received
  EP-2077 De-intensification of radiotherapy dose to the elective neck in oropharyngeal squamous cell cancers Ronan Valentine Received Rece