29 April - 3 May 2016 Turin
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  33-PV Assessing dose contribution to pelvic lymph nodes in intracavitary brachytherapy for cervical cancer Gail Wan Ying Chua Received Received
  35-PV Electronic Brachytherapy for basal cell carcinoma: two prospective pilot trials with different doses Olga pons Received Received
  36-PV Dosimetric evaluation of 3D printed applicators for High Dose Rate brachytherapy Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  37-PV Application of brachytherapy for residual nasopharyngeal carcinoma after external beam radiotherapy Mingyuan He Received Received
  38-PV Multivariable model development for mortality after total salvage Iodine-125 prostate brachytherapy Max Peters Received Received
  85-PV The level of innovations routinely implemented in Dutch radiotherapy centers:a cross-sectional study Maria Jacobs Received Received
  86-PV Clinical implementation of research within a radiotherapy department. A quality indicator? Maria Jacobs Received Received
  87-PV Non-publication of Phase-3 clinical trails in radiotherapy Jaime Pérez-Alija Received Received
  88-PV Rapid changes in brain metastasis during radiosurgical planning implications for MRI timing Alison Salkeld Received Received
  90-PV Stereotactic body radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer: a 7-year experience Yu-Wei Lin Received Received
  91-PV Early salvage RT for PSA recurrence postprostatectomy improves biochemical progression free survival Austin Hopper Received Received
  118-PV Prognostic impact of presurgical Ca 19-9 level in pancreatic adenocarcinoma: a pooled analysis. Gian Carlo Mattiucci Received Received
  119-PV Pattern of Regional Recurrence in Locally Advanced adenocarcinoma of GEJ: Implication for Elective Lymphatic Target Delineation Jiajia Zhang Received Received
  120-PV Neoadjuvant radiation to the gastric fundus increases the risk of anastomotic leakage after transthoracic esophagectomy for esophageal cancer Peter S.N. van Rossum Received Received
  121-PV Falcon based Clinical Target Volume Delineation to support Inter-Society Rectal Cancer Guidelines. Giuditta Chiloiro Received Received
  122-PV Clinical factors as a ion tool for organ-preserving treatment strategies in rectal cancer Ines Joye Received Received
  123-PV Gender and secondary malignancies in rectal cancer patients with and without radiation therapy Paul Martin Putora Received Received
  124-PV Does daily intake of resistant starch reduce the acute bowel symptoms in pelvic radiotherapy? RCT Balu Krishna Sasidharan Received Received
  125-PV Chemoradiationsurgery vs chemoradiationBRT in advanced cervical carcinoma: a case-control study Simona Cima Received Received
  171-PV Can protons reduce bone marrow toxicity in definitive chemoradiotherapy for oesophageal tumours? Samantha Warren Received Received
  172-PV Selecting patients with lung cancer for proton therapy should be based on multivariable NTCP models. Miranda Kramer Received Received
  173-PV Dosimetric assessment of three-source Co-60 and Linac-based lung SBRT for feasibility of MR-IGRT Nesrin Dogan Received Received
  174-PV Experimental verification of 4D Monte Carlo calculations of dose delivered to a moving anatomy Joanna Cygler Received Received
  175-PV Knowledge-based DVH predictions for automated individualised treatment plan quality assurance Jim Tol Received Received
  176-PV Evaluation of biologically effective dose in stereotactic radiotherapy for prostate cancer Tuomas Viren Received Received
  222-PV Enhancing safety and quality of the radiotherapy process using a multidisciplinary end-to-end review Merel Albers Received Received
  223-PV Accuracy of 2D angiogram to 3D MRI registration for frameless stereotactic targeting of brain AVM Ingrid Kuijper Received Received
  224-PV To be greeted as a human being - A meta-synthesis of cancer patients experiences of radiotherapy Suzanne Petri Received Received
  225-PV Investigating optimal modality for boost treatment of left breast with deep inspiration breath hold Brendan Done Received Received
  226-PV Pattern of relapse of glioblastoma treated with Stupp protocol:could a margin reduction be proposed? sara pedretti Received Received
  227-PV Radiotherapy in elderly patients with lung cancer. Performance status and fractionation analysis jose luis monroy anton Received Received
  229-PV IGRT for pediatric patients: How much can we reduce the dose? Lykke Johansen Received Received
  230-PV Risk assessment of solid secondary malignancies in childhood Hodgkin Lymphoma after radiotherapy GIADA ZANELLA Received Received
  275-PV IMRT for non-small cell lung cancer: a decade of experience at the Ghent University Hospital. Pieter Deseyne Received Received
  276-PV Adaptive radiotherapy: rate of marginal failure after replanning in combined treatment of NSCLC Sonia Silipigni Received Received
  277-PV SBRT with concurrent chemoradiation in stage III NSCLC: first results of the phase I Hybrid trial Heike Peulen Received Received
  278-PV Volume concepts in routine radiotherapy for localized Hodgkin lymphoma: results of a national survey Renaud Mazeron Received Received
  279-PV Role of IFRT prior or after autologous stem cell rescue for refractory or relapsed Hodgkin lymphoma Mario Levis Received Received
  280-PV Role of adjuvant radiotherapy in abdominal desmoplastic small round cell tumor: analysis of 107 patients Vincent Atallah Received Received
  281-PV (ICORG 05-03): Radiotherapy in malignant spinal cord compression; The quality of life analysis Karla Lee Received Received
  322-PV Target displacement evaluation for fluoroscopic and four-dimensional cone-beam computed tomography Hiraku Iramina Received Received
  323-PV Feasibility of markerless tumour tracking through dual-energy imaging and 3D/3D image registration Dhont Jennifer Received Received
  324-PV Intra-fraction motion characterisation of head-and-neck tumors using cine-MRI Tom Bruijnen Received Received
  325-PV Retrospective self-sorted 4D-MRI for the liver Tessa van de Lindt Received Received
  328-PV Rectal immobilisation device in stereotactic prostate treatment: intrafraction motion and dosimetry Jeremiah de Leon Received Received
  329-PV Modulation indexes for predicting interplay effects in lung SABR treatments Josep Puxeu Vaqué Received Received
  375-PV Comparison of carina- versus bony anatomy-based registration for setup verification in esophageal cancer image-guided radiotherapy. Melanie Machiels Received Received
  376-PV Contrast-enhanced respiration managed cone-beam CT for image-guided intrahepatic radiotherapy Michael Lock Received Received
  377-PV Inter-fraction bladder variations in RT of prostate cancer: impact on dose surface maps Federica Palorini Received Received
  378-PV CBCT derived CTV-PTV margins for elective pelvic node irradiation of prostate cancer patients Ciara Lyons Received Received
  379-PV 4D Cone-Beam CT reconstruction with 60s acquisition and 60s reconstruction David Hansen Received Received
  428-PV Factor 2.5 radiosensitivity difference determined by ex vivo ?H2AX assay in prostate cancer patients Chiara De Colle Received Received
  429-PV A 3D in vitro cancer model and imaging platform to measure proton radiation-induced cellular damage Tong Long Received Received
  430-PV Late radiation enteropathy: do tissue cytokines play a protective role? A first-in-man study. Miguel Reis Ferreira Received Received
  431-PV The changes of the density CD8 tumour infiltrating lymphocytes after neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in patients with rectal adenocarcinoma David Buka Received Received
  432-PV Mechanisms and abscopal effects of combined mRNA-based radioimmunotherapy in a syngenic mouse model. Lucas Basler Received Received
  473-PV Diagnostic and predictive values of quantitative analysis on T2-w and ADC map MRI in prostate cancer Khemara Gnep Received Received
  474-PV Comparison of DCE MRI and FMISO-PET kinetic parameters in head and neck cancer patients Urban Simoncic Received Received
  475-PV Probability map prediction of relapse areas in glioblastoma patients using multi-parametric MR Andrea Laruelo Received Received
  476-PV Fractional anisotropy dose-response relationship of the corpus callosum Niclas Pettersson Received Received
  510-PV Evaluation of a breast cancer nomogram to predict for ipsilateral breast relapse after breast conserving therapy Isabelle Kindts Received Received
  511-PV Hypofractionated VMAT for early stage breast cancer: acute toxicity and cosmesis in 840 patients Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  512-PV Accelerated partial breast irradiation for Luminal-A breast cancer: analysis from a phase 3 trial Icro Meattini Received Received
  513-PV The impact of chemotherapy on toxicity in the era of hypofractionated radiotherapy Maria Carmen De Santis Received Received
  514-PV Chest wall radiotherapy and complications after flap reconstruction Yuan Rao Received Received
  515-PV GTV delineation of laryngopharyngeal carcinoma on PET is more accurate than on CT and MRI Hans Ligtenberg Received Received
  516-PV Validated guidelines for tumor delineation on MR-imaging for laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer Elise Anne Jager Received Received
  517-PV Upfront vs. no upfront neck dissection in primary head and neck cancer radio(chemo)therapy Daan Nevens Received Received
  518-PV Phase 1 Study of Debio 1143 with Concurrent Chemo-Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Francesca Peressotti Received Received
  561-PV Validation of an optimized MC dose prediction for low energy X-rays intraoperative radiation therapy Paula Ibanez Received Received
  562-PV Hadron-therapy monitoring with in-beam PET: measurements and simulations of the INSIDE PET scanner Francesco Pennazio Received Received
  563-PV Dosimetric comparisons of 1H, 4He, 12C and 16O ion beams at HIT Thomas Tessonnier Received Received
  564-PV Experimental validation of proton stopping power calculations based on dual energy CT imaging Joanne van Abbema Received Received
  565-PV Dosimetric response maps of diode and diamond detectors in kilovoltage synchrotron beams Tracy Wright Received Received
  566-PV Improving image reconstruction for Compton camera based imaging for proton radiotherapy verification Emily Draeger Received Received
  630-PO Outcomes of induction chemotherapy for head and neck cancer patients Szu-Yuan Wu Received Received
  631-PO The prognostication of tumour volume and lower neck lymph nodes in laryngeal cancer treated with IMRT SHAO HUI HUANG Received Received
  632-PO A multivariate model predicting grade = 2 neck fibrosis at 6 months after radio(chemo)therapy Daan Nevens Received Received
  634-PO Body image in irradiated head and neck cancer patients Hsuan Chiu Received Received
  635-PO Dose to the masseter muscle and risk of trismus after chemoradiation for advanced head & neck cancer Wilma Heemsbergen Received Received
  636-PO Safety profile support efficacy of gingival clonidine tablet to prevent severe oral mucositis in HNC Yungan Tao Received Received
  639-PO Graves ophthalmopathy: a network meta-analysis of treatments Mohammad Shaikh Received Received
  640-PO Prognostic factors in definitive salvage RT for recurrent Head and Neck cancer Osamu Suzuki Received Received
  641-PO Radiosurgery for intracranial meningioma. A systematic review and meta-analysis Valentina Pinzi Received Received
  642-PO Radiosurgery without whole brain radiotherapy in brain metastases from non-small cell lung cancer Paola Anselmo Received Received
  645-PO Dual time-point 18F-FET PET and MRI for treatment planning in glioblastoma Maciej Harat Received Received
  646-PO Temozolomide during radiotherapy of glioblastoma multiforme: daily administration improves survival Silke Nachbichler Received Received
  647-PO Subventricular zones: new key targets for glioblastoma treatment Jonathan Khalifa Received Received
  648-PO Pilot study in the assessment of contouring variability in stereotactic radiosurgery Helena Sandstrom Received Received
  649-PO Evaluation of distant brain failure among patients undergoing SRS for lung cancer brain metastases Gurjaspreet Bhattal Received Received
  650-PO Prognostic value of minimal time to peak in dynamic 18F-FET-PET for high-grade glioma re-irradiation Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  651-PO Pattern of failure in glioblastoma patients after FET-PET and MRI-guided chemo-radiotherapy Michael Lundemann Received Received
  652-PO SFRT of the resection cavity in patients with one to three brain metastases Angelika Bilger Received Received
  653-PO Surgical interventions after previous SBRT of the spine increased risk for complications? Johannes Roesch Received Received
  654-PO Hypofractionated StereotaticRS for patients with brain metastases. Outcome evaluation and toxicity Pierina Navarria Received Received
  655-PO Targeted therapy and stereotactic radiotherapy in brain metastases from renal cell carcinoma Paola Anselmo Received Received
  656-PO Radiosurgery in brain metastases: a mono-institutional experience Cristina Mantovani Received Received
  657-PO Does Radiomics have prognostic value in glioblastoma? Inge Compter Received Received
  658-PO Linear Accelerator Radiosurgery for Arteriovenous Malformations : A Single Institution Experience Sundus Yahya Received Received
  659-PO Influence of 68Ga-Dotanoc-PET on tumor delineation and outcome in patients with meningiomas treated with radiotherapy Kerstin Kessel Received Received
  660-PO Evaluation of distant brain failure among patients undergoing SRS for melanoma brain metastases Shilpa Kailas Received Received
  661-PO Gliosarcoma: prognostic and therapeutics factors Jol Castelli Received Received
  662-PO The multi-institutional retrospective study of radiation therapy for NK/T-cell lymphoma in Japan Masahiko Oguchi Received Received
  663-PO Treatment result of primary thyroid lymphoma; a single institute experience Nobuhiko Yoshikawa Received Received
  665-PO Compliance with ILROG guidelines in the treatment of extranodal lymphomas; an internal plans review Carlo Furlan Received Received
  666-PO Comparing the efficacy of low-dose radiotherapy in patients with aggressive and indolent lymphomas Carlo Furlan Received Received
  667-PO Second malignancies after TBI in AHCT for relapsed follicular lymphoma Steven Tisseverasinghe Received Received
  668-PO Outcome of low and intermediate dose radiotherapy in head and neck MALT lymphoma Fareen Rahman Received Received
  669-PO Risk of second malignant neoplasms among long-term survivors of extranodal NK/T-cell lymphoma Chen Bo Received Received
  671-PO Risk of cardiac damage after mediastinal radiotherapy for Hodgkins disease Michela Buglione Received Received
  672-PO Ten years experience of breast reconstruction after mastectomy in previously irradiated patients Alessia Di Donato Received Received
  673-PO Common European mitochondrial haplogroups in the risk ofbreast RT-induced fibrosis Letizia Deantonio Received Received
  675-PO Radical radiotherapy in ologometastatic breast cancer patients Marco Trovo Received Received
  676-PO Impact of Internal Mammary Irradiation on the right coronary artery and organs at risk in right-sided post-mastectomy patients Kathy Rock Received Received
  677-PO Comparing detailed cardiac structure dose-volume metrics in supine versus prone breast radiotherapy Carol Luo Received Received
  678-PO Do blood-biomarkers enhance clinical models for NSCLC patients treated with radical radiotherapy? Cary Oberije Received Received
  679-PO Comparison of toxicity and outcome in stage III NSCLC patients treated with IMRT or VMAT Robin Wijsman Received Received
  680-PO Predictive models of the extent and CT appearance of radiation induced lung injury for NSCLC Uffe Bernchou Received Received
  681-PO Randomized phase II study of Erlotinib with radiotherapy in irresectable non small cell lung cancer MIKEL RICO OSES Received Received
  683-PO Multiple training interventions improve PET/CT based target volume delineation in NSCLC RTP Tom Konert Received Received
  685-PO Is PET imaging a reliable target for dose painting by numbers in lung cancer? Dario Di Perri Received Received
  686-PO Locoregional failure in locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer after definitive radiotherapy Emmanuel Jouglar Received Received
  687-PO Machine learning method for biomarkers identification in lung cancer patients BLAS-DAVID DELGADO-LEÓN Received Received
  688-PO Patterns of loco-regional relapses in contemporarily staged stage III-N2 non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with induction chemotherapy and resection: Implications for postoperative radiotherapy target volumes Charlotte Billiet Received Received
  689-PO Outcome predictors for moderate hypofractionated tomotherapy in Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Andrei Fodor Received Received
  690-PO Patient weight loss predicts worse overall survival for stage I lung cancer treated with SABR Graham Cook Received Received
  691-PO Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) for central lung tumors: plan quality and long-term clinical outcomes Hill Tekatli Received Received
  692-PO A novel endoscopically injected liquid-gel marker for image guided radiotherapy of thoracic tumours Steen Riisgaard Mortensen Received Received
  693-PO Primary tumor response of locally advanced NSCLC in PET/CTs during radiochemotherapy: Prediction of survival? Tanja Schimek-Jasch Received Received
  694-PO Lung toxicity modelling in thoracic post-operative RT for NSCLC and pleural mesothelioma Angela Botticella Received Received
  695-PO Lobectomy vs Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in NSCLC: a multicentric series in four centers Vieri Scotti Received Received
  696-PO Prognostic impact of celiac/supraclavicular node metastasis in locally advanced oesophageal cancer Wonkung cho Received Received
  697-PO Neoadjuvant vs. adjuvant treatment of gastroesophageal junction cancer: a retrospective analysis Alexander Stessin Received Received
  698-PO Integration of radiotherapy to chemotherapy for abdominal lymph node recurrence in gastric cancer Jeongshim Lee Received Received
  699-PO Treatment of metachronous esophageal cancer after head and neck cancer KANG-HSING FAN Received Received
  700-PO Salvage radiotherapy in the patients with supraclavicular lymph node metastases after esophagectomy Zhou Zhiguo Received Received
  701-PO Dose-response relationship for locoregional control in esophageal cancer treated with curative CRT Hyun Ju Kim Received Received
  702-PO The use of pet texture analysis to predict lymph node metastases in patients with oesophageal cancer Kieran Foley Received Received
  703-PO Perioperative chemotherapy versus neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for esophageal adenocarcinoma Lucas Goense Received Received
  704-PO Patterns of replase in stage III thoracic esophageal squamous cell carcinoma patients after surgery Yu-Xiang Wang Received Received
  705-PO Clinical outcomes for inoperable HCC treated with SBRT: results on 71 patients and 102 lesions. tiziana comito Received Received
  706-PO Supraclavicular lymphnode disease is not an independent prognostic factor in esophageal cancer Paul jeene Received Received
  707-PO The impact of dose on survival in adjuvant chemoradiation pancreatic cancer laura de filippo Received Received
  708-PO Advanced age is no contraindication for chemoradiotherapy with curative intent in oesophageal cancer Francine Voncken Received Received
  709-PO Interobserver variation of CT and FDG-PET/CT based GTV for oesophageal cancer: a Dutch nationwide study Marlies Nowee Received Received
  710-PO Large interobserver variation of delineated target volumes of pancreatic cancer in the Netherlands Eva Versteijne Received Received
  711-PO Relating CT image heterogeneity to patient outcome in the SCOPE 1 oesophageal cancer trial Rhys Carrington Received Received
  712-PO Stereotactic body radiotherapy in the treatment of inoperable hepatocellular carcinoma Pierfrancesco Franco Received Received
  713-PO Conformity analysis of target-volume definition for margin-directed boost in pancreatic cancer SBRT Daniel Holyoake Received Received
  714-PO Proposal for the delineation of the clinical target volume in biliary tract cancer radiotherapy JOANNA SOCHA Received Received
  717-PO Circulating serum microRNA-345 correlates with unfavorable pathological responses to preoperative chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer Jing Yu Received Received
  718-PO The significance of postoperative CEA after preoperative chemoradiotherapy followed by total mesorectal excision in advanced rectal cancer Songmi Jeong Received Received
  719-PO Target delineation of anal cancer based on MR or PET an inter-observer, inter-modality study Espen Rusten Received Received
  720-PO High tumour glycine concentration an adverse prognostic factor in locally advanced rectal cancer Kathrine Re Redalen Received Received
  721-PO Impact of sentinel lymph-node biopsy on staging and treatment in patients with anal cancer Najla Slim Received Received
  723-PO Short time interval between radiation and hyperthermia improves treatment outcome in cervical cancer Caspar van Leeuwen Received Received
  725-PO Pelvic organ motion during radiotherapy for cervical cancer and impact on target coverage Gemma Eminowicz Received Received
  726-PO Stereotactic body radiotherapy for mediastinal and sub-diaphragmatic nodal relapse of ovarian cancer LORENA DRAGHINI Received Received
  727-PO Prognostic impact of 18F-FDG PET-CT in patients with locally advanced cervical carcinoma Cima Simona Received Received
  728-PO Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for oligometastatic patients with ovarian cancer Angelo Tozzi Received Received
  729-PO Hematological toxicity of Rth-Chth for cervical cancer:Rth technique and dose given to bone marrow Katarzyna Bialas-Kulesza Received Received
  730-PO QOL after postoperative IMRT for cervical cancer: results from matched pair analysis with 3DCRT Supriya Chopra Received Received
  731-PO Quality of life of women after endometrial cancer: the role of the vaginal dilator Robert Foerster Received Received
  732-PO Predictive factors for inter-fraction uterine motion in definitive radiotherapy for cervical cancer Hitoshi Maemoto Received Received
  734-PO Justgin in the prevention of radio-induced vaginal mucositis federica piccolo Received Received
  735-PO Prognostic value of microRNA-205 in endometrial cancer patients treated with adjuvant radiotherapy. Justyna Danielska Received Received
  736-PO Tumour staging using MRI in prostate cancer: impact on treatment decisions for radical radiotherapy Felipe Couñago Received Received
  737-PO Predictors of PSA relapse in patients with intermediate risk prostate cancer treated with SBRT Thomas Kole Received Received
  738-PO Hydrogel injection prevents long-term rectal toxicity after radiotherapy for prostate cancer Michael Pinkawa Received Received
  739-PO IMRT versus 3D conformal radiotherapy when used in combination with I-125 prostate brachytherapy Atsunori Yorozu Received Received
  740-PO Nodal clearance rate and efficacy of individualised SN-based pelvic IMRT for prostate cancer Arndt-Christian Mller Received Received
  741-PO Even high-dose radiotherapy requires long-term androgen ablation for high-risk prostate cancer Taek-Keun Nam Received Received
  742-PO Image-guided IMRT reduces late toxicity compared to 3D-CRT for prostate cancer Ruud Wortel Received Received
  743-PO Stereotactic body radiotherapy in recurrent lymph nodes metastases from prostate cancer FABIO TRIPPA Received Received
  744-PO Effects of IMRT or radical prostatectomy (RP) on serum testosterone in patients with prostate cancer Alexandra Giraldo Received Received
  745-PO Significant correlation between prostate volume and obstructive voiding symptom in hypofractionated RT Susana Pérez-Echagen Received Received
  746-PO Spanish validation of Charlson Index applied to prostate cancer Casas Francesc Received Received
  747-PO Revisiting guidelines for target definition after prostatectomy when taking MRI study into account Gemma Sancho Pardo Received Received
  748-PO Escalated-dose IMRT for prostate cancer: long-term toxicity and biochemical outcomes Bettina Hentschel Received Received
  749-PO Factors predicting late severe urinary incontinence after postprostatectomy RT: a longitudinal study Barbara Noris Chiorda Received Received
  751-PO Predicting recurrence after 3DC Radiotherapy for prostate cancer: proposal for a new classifier Pietro Gabriele Received Received
  752-PO Outcome of prostate cancer patients treated with 3DCRT: impact of rectal/bladder preparation Angelo Maggio Received Received
  754-PO Whole body Integral dose is associated with radiotherapy related fatigue in prostate cancer Nuradh Joseph Received Received
  755-PO Intestinal toxicity from WPRT delivered with IMRT is negligible. A multicentric observational trial. Carla Sini Received Received
  756-PO Choline PET/CT and Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy in oligometastatic prostate cancer patients Francesco Pasqualetti Received Received
  757-PO SBRT for prostate cancer using tomotherapy: interim analysis of a prospective trial in 82 patients VICTOR A MACIAS Received Received
  758-PO Adjuvant or Salvage?10-y results of the AIRO Group on Prostate cancer multicentre prospective trial francesca maurizi Received Received
  759-PO Results of radical radiotherapy with a tumour boost for bladder cancer in patients unfit for surgery Lotte Lutkenhaus Received Received
  760-PO 3D Radiotherapy with concurrent weekly Gemcitabine and Cisplatin for bladder carcinoma Charalampos Varveris Received Received
  762-PO Dose-volume predictors of radio-induced effects after SRS for uveal melanoma Antonella del Vecchio Received Received
  763-PO Ruthenium-106 brachytherapy for choroidal melanoma: high efficacy with improved visual outcome. Femke Petersx Received Received
  765-PO Management of primary cardiac and great vessel sarcomas, The RMH experience 2000-2015. Romelie Rieu Received Received
  766-PO May dose escalation allow increasing local control in resected soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities? Antonin Levy Received Received
  767-PO Does fluid collection have an impact on radiotherapy outcomes after excision of soft tissue sarcoma? Noorie Choi Received Received
  768-PO Evaluation of RT practice for limb soft tissue sarcomas and its impact on prognosis and toxicity Carmen Llacer-Moscardo Received Received
  769-PO Survival benefit for patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) undergoing re-irradiation Geert O Janssens Received Received
  770-PO Subsequent colorectal adenomas in childhood cancer survivors: a DCOG LATER record linkage study Jop Teepen Received Received
  771-PO Temporal changes in pediatric radiation oncology: DCOG LATER childhood cancer survivor study Judith Kok Received Received
  776-PO Radiotherapy for painful bone metastases: clinical predictors of efficacy Natalya Bychkova Received Received
  777-PO Evaluation of spinal stability in relation to pain response after radiotherapy for spinal metastases Joanne Martine van der Velden Received Received
  778-PO Limited short-term effect of radiotherapy on bone density in metastatic femoral bone Florieke Eggermont Received Received
  782-PO Stereotactic body radiation therapy for primary lung cancer in the elderly Luis Larrea Received Received
  783-PO Implementation of a trial outpatient clinic to improve participation and data collection in trials John Paulissen Received Received
  784-PO Targeting General Practitioners:Prospective Outcomes of a Nationwide GP Education Program Lucinda Morris Received Received
  785-PO Improvement strategies and performance enhancement in Healthcare: the reorganisation of Radiotherapy Antonino Romeo Received Received
  788-PO Using the MALTHUS programme to predict the viability of MR-Linac in prostate and lung cancer Benjamin Sanderson Received Received
  789-PO Treatment duration in breast irradiation: a trade-off between positioning and complexity? Chris Monten Received Received
  791-PO Motion management and Vero dynamic tracking for SBRT in oligometastatic disease: a prospective trial Robbe Van den Begin Received Received
  793-PO The Advanced Markus ionization chamber is useable for measurements at ultra high dose rates Kristoffer Petersson Received Received
  794-PO First proton irradiation experiments with a deformable radiochromic 3D dosimeter Ellen Marie Hye Received Received
  795-PO Dose verification of fast and continuous scanning in proton therapy Grischa Klimpki Received Received
  796-PO Dose rate dependence of the PTW 60019 microDiamond detector in high dose-per-pulse pulsed beams Juan Pardo-Montero Received Received
  797-PO Advanced Radiation Dosimetry System (ARDOS) - A novel breathing phantom for radiation therapy Natalia Kostiukhina Received Received
  798-PO Validation of Monte Carlo calculated correction factors for MRI-linac reference dosimetry Daniel OBrien Received Received
  799-PO Beam quality specifiers for an integrated MRI-linac Daniel OBrien Received Received
  800-PO Fricke-type dosimetry for real-time 3D dose measurements using MR-guided RT: a feasibility study Hannah Lee Received Received
  801-PO Large area 2D polycrystalline CVD diamond dosimeter under intensity modulated beams Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  803-PO Validation of a pre-treatment delivery quality assurance method for the CyberKnife Synchrony System Edoardo Mastella Received Received
  805-PO Proton radiography for the clinical commissioning of the new Gantry2 head support at PSI Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  806-PO Optimization and assessment of the MLC model in the Raystation treatment planning system Alessandro Savini Received Received
  807-PO 3D and 4D dose calculations for tumour-tracking irradiation of lung/liver tumours using gimbaled linac Yusuke Iizuka Received Received
  808-PO Validation of a clinical peripheral photon dose model: prostate IMRT irradiation of Alderson phantom Santiago Velazquez Received Received
  809-PO Flattening filter free (FFF) beams from TrueBeam and Versa HD units: evaluation of the parameters for quality assurance Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  810-PO Implementation of Normalised Dose Difference method for evaluation of VMAT Monte Carlo QA Rickard Cronholm Received Received
  811-PO Patients in vivo skin dosimetry using the Exradin W1 plastic scintillator for proton therapy Fahed Alsanea Received Received
  812-PO Dosimetric accuracy of TPS algorithms for actively scanned proton beams and small target volumes Giuseppe Magro Received Received
  813-PO Accuracy of treatment delivery in proton PBS: Using log files to calculate patient dose Daniel Scandurra Received Received
  814-PO Beam quality and perturbation factors of Farmer chambers in magnetic fields C. Katharina Spindeldreier Received Received
  815-PO Impact of digitizer response and time averaging de-noising in radiochromic film dosimetry Juan Antonio Vera Sánchez Received Received
  816-PO Sensitivity and reproducibility of the portal imaging panel for routine FFF QC measurements Andrew Willett Received Received
  817-PO Characteristics and performance of the first commercial MLC for a robotic delivery system Dirkx Maarten Received Received
  818-PO Multicentre small field measurements using a new plastic scintillator detector Serenella Russo Received Received
  819-PO Analysis of liquid embolic agents on flattening filter free dose deposition with Monte Carlo method DOGUKAN AKCAY Received Received
  820-PO Volumetric quality assurance of RapidArc plans for multiple intracranial targets using gel dosimetry Clement El-Khoury Received Received
  821-PO A comparison between different patient QA devices for IMRT treatments on VERO system Alessia Bazani Received Received
  822-PO Tumor margin estimation by multiple Bragg peak detection in carbon ion therapy Marta F. Dias Received Received
  823-PO Five-year results of treatment quality assurance using in vivo dosimetry in ocular proton therapy Adela Carnicer Caceres Received Received
  824-PO Treatment couch modeling in Elekta Monaco treatment planning system Concepcion Huertas Received Received
  825-PO Characterization of a commercial EPID 3d software for in vivo dosimetry. Marco Esposito Received Received
  826-PO Benchmarking computed IDD curves for four proton treatment planning systems against measured data Jailan Alshaikhi Received Received
  828-PO Dosimetric assessment of a second generation Multi-Leaf Collimator for robotic radiotherapy Paul-Henry Mackeprang Received Received
  829-PO Determining the mechanical properties of a radiochromic deformable silicone-based 3D dosimeter Laura Patricia Kaplan Received Received
  830-PO Correlation of MLC positions detected using log-files with MLC positions detected using the EPID Wolfgang Lechner Received Received
  832-PO Preliminary scanning water phantom data for beam characterisation of a hybrid MRI-Linac eva hortas Received Received
  833-PO Measured neutron spectra & dose: craniospinal irradiation on single-room passively scattered proton Rebecca Howell Received Received
  834-PO Calibrating absolute malignant induction probabilities into life-time attributable risk Abdossalam Madkhali Received Received
  835-PO A System for Measuring and Calculating Neutron Doses in Paediatric Proton Patients Reinhard Schulte Received Received
  836-PO Low dose out-of-field radiation: calculation, measurement and radiobiological impact on cells Marta Kruszyna Received Received
  838-PO Impact of dosimetric outliers on the performance of a knowledge-based planning system Alexander Delaney Received Received
  839-PO Clinical simulation of nodal boosting in cervix cancer using reduced margin and coverage probability Anne Ramlov Received Received
  840-PO Voxel-based ?TCP distribution:a tool to study the impact of dose distributions in tumour outcome Daniella Fabri Received Received
  841-PO Cranial Stereotactic Trajectory Optimization via Patient-Specific Overlap Atlas Lee MacDonald Received Received
  842-PO Non-coplanar volumetric-modulated arc therapy for craniopharyngiomas reduces doses to hippocampus Megumi Uto Received Received
  843-PO Dosimetric evaluation of 10 years of treatment planning improvements in head and neck cancer Jim Tol Received Received
  844-PO Dosimetrical advantages of 4D mid-vent: should every LA NSCLC patient be treated this way? Sven Philippi Received Received
  845-PO Evaluating dosimetric indices in lung SBRT for establishing treatment plan quality guidelines Ravindra Yaparpalvi Received Received
  846-PO The impact of anatomical changes on the accumulated carbon ion dose in pancreatic cancer patients Antonetta Houweling Received Received
  847-PO Implementing the new ESTRO guideline for elective breast radiotherapy with the humeral head as PRV Kathrin Surmann Received Received
  848-PO Simultaneous integrated protection (SIP): a new concept for high precision radiation therapy Thomas Brunner Received Received
  849-PO Heart structures sparing through volumetric modulated arc therapy in mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma Andrea Riccardo Filippi Received Received
  850-PO Interplay effect quantification of PBS lung tumour proton therapy with various fractionation schemes Ye Zhang Received Received
  851-PO development of a postoperative image-based treatment planning system for breast IOERT Hamidreza Baghani Received Received
  853-PO Impact of CT modality used for treatment planning of lung SBRT Aurora vicedo Received Received
  855-PO Flattening Filter Free VMAT for extreme hypofractionation of prostate cancer Hunor Benedek Received Received
  856-PO Clinical and dosimetric issues of VMAT craniospinal irradiation for paediatric medulloblastoma Silvia Meroni Received Received
  857-PO GTV-based prescription and Monte Carlo treatment planning in Cyberknife treatments for lung lesions Alessandro Vai Received Received
  858-PO Development of dysphagia optimised IMRT for head and neck cancer treatment in the DARS trial Justine Tyler Received Received
  859-PO Quantifying and categorizing plan rejections as a part of the clinical process improvement Christina Speirs Received Received
  860-PO Is there a best technique available for reducing acute toxicities in craniospinal Irradiation? Michal Devecka Received Received
  861-PO Whole lung irradiation using VMAT: dosimetric and NTCP benefits vs. second cancer risks Paul Clarke Received Received
  862-PO Comparison of Monte-Carlo computed 50 kV X-rays radiation therapy and EBRT for rectal cancer. Marie Vidal Received Received
  863-PO Localizing the benefit of a hydrogel rectum spacer for prostate IMRT within the ano-rectal wall Ben Vanneste Received Received
  864-PO A planning study investigating different planning techniques for SBRT of NSCLC. Christos Moustakis Received Received
  865-PO Developing sciatic nerve-sparing stereotactic radiotherapy for re-irradiating the pelvic sidewall Megan Llewelyn Received Received
  866-PO Evaluation of three planning RT techniques for boost phase in pediatric medulloblastomas Ana Rita Figueira Received Received
  867-PO Treatment planning study for spatially fractionated mini-beam radiotherapy Andrew Alexander Received Received
  868-PO A method to define isodose-based structures in Dose Painting treatment of GBM in Tomotherapy. Matteo Orlandi Received Received
  869-PO Comparing Varian EDGE and Gamma Knife for brain metastases radiosurgery. Preliminary results Stefano Tomatis Received Received
  870-PO Fitting data of relapse-free survival after post-prostatectomy RT with a comprehensive TCP model Claudio Fiorino Received Received
  871-PO Radiation-induced lung damage: beyond dose-volume histogram analysis Giuseppe Palma Received Received
  873-PO Modelling severe late rectal bleeding: results from a large pooled population of prostate cancer patients alessandro cicchetti Received Received
  874-PO Dose prescription in carbon ion radiotherapy: how to compare different RBE-weighted dose systems. silvia molinelli Received Received
  875-PO Multivariable models for urinary symptoms at 6-24 months after radical RT of prostate cancer Federica Palorini Received Received
  876-PO Voxel-by-voxel NTCP model for lung density changes after IMRT Michele Avanzo Received Received
  877-PO Baseline CT image and isodose shape features improve prognostic models for dyspnea after RT in NSCLC Gilles Defraene Received Received
  878-PO The effect of rectal retractor on intrafraction motion of the prostate Antti Vanhanen Received Received
  879-PO Real-time prostate tracking in prostate cancer radiotherapy using autoscan transperineal ultrasound Xin Qi Received Received
  880-PO Clinical implementation of 5DCT workflow Daniel Low Received Received
  882-PO Abdominal organ motion during breath-hold measured in volunteers on MRI: inhale and exhale compared Eelco Lens Received Received
  884-PO Respiratory motion models from Cone-Beam CT for lung tumour tracking Aurora Fassi Received Received
  885-PO Brain motion induced artefacts in microbeam radiation therapy: a Monte Carlo study Mattia Donzelli Received Received
  886-PO Does lung capacity influence the geometrical reproducibility in DIBH radiotherapy of NSCLC patients? Patrik Sibolt Received Received
  887-PO Latency characterization of gated radiotherapy treatment beams using a PIN Diode circuit Michael Lempart Received Received
  889-PO Intra-fraction re-setup with Triggered Imaging allows for margin reduction in prostate treatments Lineke van der Weide Received Received
  890-PO Homogeneous versus inhomogeneous dose prescription in liver SBRT: effect on delivered CTV-dose Anders Traberg Hansen Received Received
  891-PO Clinical implementation and experience with real-time anatomy tracking and gating during MR-IGRT Olga Green Received Received
  892-PO Assessment of respiratory and cardiac motion to supplement MRI based tracking of hilar lymph nodes Rob Tijssen Received Received
  893-PO Direct comparison of electromagnetic guided couch and MLC tracking on a TrueBeam accelerator Rune Hansen Received Received
  894-PO Evaluation of daily setup errors in VMAT for craniospinal irradiation of paediatric patients Camelia Constantinescu Received Received
  895-PO Intraprostatic calcifications as IGRT fiducial markers: analysis of 646 CBCT images in 35 patients Paolo Antognoni Received Received
  896-PO The effect of bladder volume on bowel dose in the treatment of anal cancer using IMRT Kim McDonald Received Received
  897-PO Comparison of hippocampus sparing extent according to the tilt of a patient head during WBRT Sun Young Moon Received Received
  898-PO Inter-fraction position of the tongue in postoperative radiotherapy of tongue cancer Einar Dale Received Received
  900-PO Dosimetric analysis of organ deformation during prostate IMAT with cone beam CT imaging Daniel Foley Received Received
  901-PO Investigation of a fast CBCT protocol for supine accelerated whole breast Irradiation Evelien Bogaert Received Received
  902-PO Improving frameless intracranial stereotactic setup with 6DOF couch using two pre-treatment CBCTs Isabelle Gagne Received Received
  904-PO Bladder changes assessment using daily cone-beam computed tomography Oscar Casares Magaz Received Received
  905-PO Preparation for the first in man on the MR-linac: online plan adaptation Ilse Kiekebosch Received Received
  906-PO NTCP differences between planned and delivered dose in treatment for head and neck cancer Jolien Heukelom Received Received
  907-PO Effect of weight loss in head and neck patients in the presence of a magnetic field Alan McWilliam Received Received
  908-PO Inter-fraction OAR dose variation in pancreatic SBRT using contrast-enhanced in-room diagnostic CT Chrysi Papalazarou Received Received
  909-PO Merging proton radiographies with treatment planning CT for adaptive radiation therapy Chiara Gianoli Received Received
  910-PO Potential increase in dose delivered on a fraction by fraction basis by adapting to daily OAR DVCs Daniel Foley Received Received
  911-PO Optimal adaptive radiotherapy strategy in head and neck to spare the parotid glands Jol Castelli Received Received
  912-PO MRI-only based RT: adopting HU conversion technique for pseudo-CT construction in various body parts Juha Korhonen Received Received
  913-PO Clinically applicable T2-weighted 4D Magnetic Resonance Imaging with good abdominal contrast Daniel Tekelenburg Received Received
  914-PO Adjustment of CT calibration in presence of titanium implants by pencil beam proton radiography Roberto Righetto Received Received
  915-PO Evaluation of a metal artifact reduction algorithm for radiotherapy CT scans Laura Rechner Received Received
  917-PO The impact of irregular respiratory patterns on tumour volumes in 4DCT Erik van Dieren Received Received
  918-PO Validation of freeware-based mid-ventilation CT calculation for upper abdominal cancer patients Sandra Vieira Received Received
  920-PO Early prediction of individual response in neo-adjuvant adaptive Radiochemotherapy for rectal cancer Roberta Raso Received Received
  921-PO Free-breathing dynamic contrast enhanced MRI of lung cancer Shivani Kumar Received Received
  922-PO Are planning CT radiomics and cone-beam CT radiomics interchangeable? Janita van Timmeren Received Received
  924-PO Histogram analysis of ADCs from DWMRI predicts tumour response and survival for rectal cancer Kine Bakke Received Received
  926-PO Voxel-based PSMA-PET/histopathology analysis in patients with primary prostate cancer Constantinos Zamboglou Received Received
  927-PO Bone texture analysis as predictive of bone radiation damage in patients undergoing pelvic RT. Valerio Nardone Received Received
  928-PO Impact of fuzzy-thresholding of 18F-FDG PET images for cervical cancer recurrence prediction Geoffrey ROMAN JIMENEZ Received Received
  929-PO Dual Energy CT imaging of tumour vasculature in NSCLC: an intra-patient comparison with DCE-CT Aniek Even Received Received
  930-PO PET based response assessment of lung toxicity - Assessment of two approaches for dose response evaluation Azadeh Abravan Received Received
  931-PO Diffusion tensor imaging of radiation-induced neuronal change following proton therapy Ching-Ling Teng Received Received
  932-PO Preliminary clinical study to evaluate an interactive system to segment OARs in thoracic oncology Jose Dolz Received Received
  933-PO Towards standardisation of PET auto-segmentation with the ATLAAS machine learning algorithm Beatrice Berthon Received Received
  934-PO Cardio-respiratory motion compensation for 5D thoracic CBCT in IGRT Sebastian Sauppe Received Received
  935-PO Correcting diffusion weighted MR images for signal pile-up and distortions near gas pockets Laurens van Buuren Received Received
  936-PO Evolved Grow-cut: A PET based segmentation algorithm for heterogeneous tumors Hannah Mary Thomas Thevarthundiyil Received Received
  937-PO Sound speed reconstruction in full wave ultrasound computer tomography for breast cancer detection Mailyn Pérez-Liva Received Received
  938-PO Estimation of system-related geometric distortion in 7T MRI using a 3D anthropomorphic head phantom Jurgen Peerlings Received Received
  939-PO The dosimetric consequences of delineation variation for cervical external beam radiotherapy Gemma Eminowicz Received Received
  940-PO The problems found within the on-site dosimetry audits of radiotherapy centres in the Czech Republic Irena Koniarova Received Received
  941-PO 3D printed bolus for chestwall radiation therapy James Robar Received Received
  942-PO VMAT planning and treatment preparation process adapted for failure mode and effect analysis fares azoury Received Received
  943-PO Dutch national head and neck plan comparison significantly improved treatment planning quality wilko verbakel Received Received
  945-PO Modeling and simulation of simultaneous using of two superficial hyperthermia antennas Amalia Di Dia Received Received
  947-PO VMAT-based Grid for Spatially Fractionated radiation therapy Somayeh Gholami Received Received
  948-PO A comprehensive evaluation of intracranial SRS treatment accuracy Tara van de Water Received Received
  949-PO Automated approval of a pre trial benchmark RTTQA case. The ARISTOTLE experience. Loretta Sweeney Received Received
  950-PO QA and dummy-run results of the TRENDY randomized trial on SBRT vs. chemoembolization for HCC Steven Habraken Received Received
  954-PO Early results of a multi-center trial of IORT using electronic brachytherapy at the time of breast conservation surgery for early stage breast cancer Joyce Musacchio Received Received
  955-PO PBI with interstitial HDR brachytherapy: acute and late toxicities & cosmetic results. valentina cerboneschi Received Received
  956-PO Audit of 100 consecutive cervical cancer patients treated with HDR CT guided brachytherapy Mark Zahra Received Received
  957-PO Focal boost to GTV in interstitial and intracavitary cervical brachytherapy - a feasibility study Nichola Groom Received Received
  958-PO Locally advanced cervical cancer treated with IGABT: impact of the D90 HR-CTV on patterns of relapse Cyrus Chargari Received Received
  961-PO Retrospective dosimetric comparison of TG43 and a commercially MBDCA for gynecological brachytherapy Sara Pinto Received Received
  962-PO Adjuvant brachytherapy as a part of a multimodal treatment for high-grade uterine sarcoma: 30 years experience at Gustave Roussy Pierre Annede Received Received
  963-PO Effectiveness of week 5 MRI virtual preplanning for Image-Guided Brachytherapy for cervical cancers Amy Chang Received Received
  964-PO High-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy as monotherapy for locally limited mobile tongue cancer Ken Yoshida Received Received
  965-PO 125I seeds implantation under ultrasound guidance for local recurrent tumor of head and neck Ping Jiang Received Received
  966-PO Dose planning of intraluminal brachytherapy for esophageal cancer using MR imaging Rrezarta Reci Received Received
  967-PO Current practice in quality assurance of the Papillon50 contact X-ray brachytherapy system in the UK Laia Humbert-Vidan Received Received
  968-PO Development of a fluorescent screen based QA system for dose verification of afterloading HDR unit Tin Lok Chiu Received Received
  969-PO Development of a formalism for dose measurements in phantoms surrounding brachytherapy sources Frank Hensley Received Received
  970-PO On the water equivalence of thirteen commercially available phantom materials in 192Ir brachytherapy Andreas Schoenfeld Received Received
  972-PO Clinical Application and Validation of a Collapsed Cone Based Algorithm for Brachytherapy Guemnie Tafo Alain Received Received
  973-PO A novel approach to locating source dwell positions in HDR brachytherapy gynaecological applicators Max Hanlon Received Received
  974-PO Urethral and bladder dose of total and focal salvage brachytherapy: toxicity and dose constraints Max Peters Received Received
  976-PO High-dose-rate (HDR) prostate brachytherapy (BT) using a 3-D planned simultaneous integrated boost to the peripheral zone: Initial experience in 30 patients and 70 implants. Rodrigo Hepp Received Received
  978-PO Image-guided impact on the brachytherapy prostate treatment quality. valentina cerboneschi Received Received
  979-PO LTB control and toxicity for Favorable and Int Risk pts using real time IO-PSI prostate BT alone Adam Raben Received Received
  981-PO Activation of immune cells and enhanced efficacy of radiotherapy by anti-TIP1 antibodies in cancer Dennis Hallahan Received Received
  982-PO Therapeutic potential of the YB-1/Notch-3 interaction in prostate cancer Laure Marignol Received Received
  985-PO Anti-glucose reactive protein-78 antibodies bind specifically to cancers and enhance efficacy of radiotherapy in cancer David Dadey Received Received
  989-PO Hypoxic and perfusion effects of Trastuzumab in a HER2 oesophageal adenocarcinoma xenograft model Connie Yip Received Received
  990-PO Impact of Ramipril on rat spinal cord after high- and low-LET irradiation Maria Saager Received Received
  993-PO Genetic profiles of glioblastoma in proximity to the subventricular zone receiving chemoradiation Sebastian Adeberg Received Received
  994-PO Assessment of 11C-metformin PET for identification of patients suitable for metformin treatment Ane Iversen Received Received
  995-PO Osteopontin expression in glioblastoma a promoter of the cancer stem cell-like phenotype? Susanne Rogers Received Received
  996-PO Distinct radiation responses after mtDNA depletion are potentially related to oxidative stress Marike van Gisbergen Received Received
  997-PO Interferon response genes in breast cancer resistance to endocrine treatment and radiotherapy Annemarie Post Received Received
  998-PO The Robo1-receptor is involved in the migration of irradiated glioblastoma cells Helmut Bhler Received Received
  999-PO Reduced side effects by proton minibeam radiotherapy in a mouse ear model Thomas Schmid Received Received
  1000-PO Effect of X-rays and carbon ions on cell survival and expression of Hh pathway genes in cancer cells Katrien Konings Received Received
  1001-PO Dosimetric Impact of Flattening Filter and Flattening Filter-Free Beams on Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Planning of Non-small Cell Lung Carcinomas Wee Yee Shara Lee Received Received
  1002-PO A comparison of outcomes using VMAT and 3DCRT in treatment of esophageal cancer Esther Jimenez Received Received
  1003-PO Does level of DIBH amplitude correlate to reduction in cardiac dose in left breast cancer patients? Dawn Ledsom Received Received
  1004-PO Optimising breast dosimetry: Improving homogeneity through the application of angled IMRT fields Matthew Squires Received Received
  1005-PO Dosimetric effect of US versus CT delineation on postplanning I-125 treatment Joke van der Klein Received Received
  1006-PO A breath-hold friendly, hybrid 3DCRT/IMRT technique for locoregional breast irradiation Kelly Hunnego Received Received
  1007-PO Optimizing the overlap sector for patients undergoing cranio-spinal irradiation by VMAT Mirjam Willemsen-Bosman Received Received
  1008-PO In silico implementation of MRI-60Co RT. A dosimetrical comparison in cervical cancer (SIMBAD-02) Luca Boldrini Received Received
  1009-PO VMAT planning approach to avoid superficial underdosage for accelerated partial breast irradiation Fabio Zucconi Received Received
  1010-PO Partial delegation in 2-D match set-up evaluation for H&N IGRT treatment: preliminary results Adele Pesce Received Received
  1011-PO Radiotherapy of brain metastases. Relationship with patients age an Karnofsky Index jose luis monroy anton Received Received
  1012-PO Can we adequately irradiate bladder cancer without daily on line adaptive treatment? Jordy Noordermeer Received Received
  1013-PO Adaptive radiotherapy in prostate cancer patients: concepts for Individualized Radiotherapy (iRT) Frederik Fuchs Received Received
  1014-PO Long-term follow-up experience after IMRT for Anal Canal Cancer: Clinical Outcomes and Late Toxicities Malys de Meric de Bellefon Received Received
  1015-PO The utilisation of a Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training (VERT) in patient information giving sessions prior to the delivery of external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients Adéle Stewart-Lord Received Received
  1016-PO Radiotherapy students perceptions of skills training simulation using a bariatric suit Ricardo Khine Received Received
  1017-PO Survey of image-guided radiation therapy use in Australia Vikneswary Batumalai Received Received
  1018-PO Increase efficiency and quality? Yes please Use project management, participation and ownership Per-Erik Tdenes Received Received
  1019-PO Reflective practice: What is its impact on therapy radiographers practice? John Rodgers Received Received
  1020-PO Occurrence of visual phosphenes during radiation therapy of the head Willy de Kruijf Received Received
  1021-PO Implementation and clinical use of a digital log regarding the Traffic Light Protocol in daily IGRT Rick Verhage Received Received
  1023-PO Quality assurance for IMRiS phase II study of IMRT in sarcomas: a survey of limb immobilisation Ana Rita Lopes Simoes Received Received
  1024-PO Residual interfraction error after orthogonal kV in stereotactic RT. Analyses from 139 CBCT scans Alessandra Castelluccia Received Received
  1025-PO Reproducibility of prone immobilization in breast treatment a retrospective study Nuno Rodrigues Received Received
  1027-EP Re treatment in previously irradiated neck. The different problems of relapsed and second cancers Claude Krzisch Received Received
  1028-EP The role of adjuvant external beam radiation therapy for advanced papillary thyroid cancer chul-yong kim Received Received
  1029-EP 20 v. 25-35 fractions in Oropharyngeal Carcinoma chemoIMRT: Could fraction number be de-escalated? cheng sann boon Received Received
  1030-EP Sentinel lymph node biopsy in clinically N0 laryngeal cancer: validation and application Viktoras Rudzianskas Received Received
  1031-EP Does oral mucosa OAR dose predict duration of G3 mucositis following IMRT for oropharynx cancer? Sundus Yahya Received Received
  1032-EP Unilateral neck radiotherapy in HPV-related tonsillar carcinomas Kamalram Thippu Jayaprakash Received Received
  1033-EP Pattern of radiation induced thyroid changes in NPC patients in first 3 years post-chemoradiotherapy Vincent WC Wu Received Received
  1034-EP Cachexia induces head and neck changes in locally advanced oropharyngeal carcinoma Rosario Mazzola Received Received
  1035-EP Predictors of mucositis in volumetric modulated radiotherapy for oropharyngeal-oral cavity cancer Mazzola Rosario Received Received
  1036-EP Glottic carcinoma stage T1 radiotherapy Graeme Dickie Received Received
  1038-EP IMRT/VMAT-SIB technique chemoradiation in locally advanced head and neck cancer: toxicity results alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1039-EP H&N IMRT: correlation of dysphagia/xerostomia to dose/volume parameters of involved OARs Letizia Deantonio Received Received
  1040-EP Development of a CT-based prognostic model for regional control in head and neck cancer after RT Daan Nevens Received Received
  1042-EP Risk-factors in pT1-2N0M0 squamous cancers of the oral cavity and the role of adjuvant radiotherapy Indranil Mallick Received Received
  1043-EP Clinical and volumetric prognostic factors in external beam radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Ken Takeda Received Received
  1044-EP Relations between cancer-related communication and dyadic adjustment in head and neck cancer patient Chinying Lin Received Received
  1045-EP Phase I study for evaluation of the safety of high-dose hypofractionated RT in early glottic cancer Hong-Gyun Wu Received Received
  1047-EP Volume, FDG-PET and ADC responses could predict a similar prognostic benefit as HPV status Zeno Gouw Received Received
  1048-EP Phase I trial of a novel metalloporphyrin radiosensitiser (MTL005) in head and neck cancer Stefano Schipani Received Received
  1049-EP Prognostic role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in Head and Neck cancers treated with radical radio-chemotherapy Arcelli Alessandra Received Received
  1050-EP Volume definition in radiotherapy planning for thyroid cancer: a retrospective observational study alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1051-EP Long-term quality of life and second tumours in T1N0 glottic cancer treated with radical radiotherapy Raquel Benlloch Rodríguez Received Received
  1052-EP Treatment outcome of induction bio-chemotherapy followed by IMRT in advanced NPC patients Po-Ju Lin Received Received
  1053-EP Toxicity and clinical outcome for patients treated for advanced Head and Neck cancer with VMAT-SIB Ciro Franzese Received Received
  1054-EP Temporal patterns of patient-reported trismus and associated mouth-opening distances in RT of HNC Thor Maria Received Received
  1055-EP Determination of EGFR in lesions of the oral cavity and evaluating the role of Gefitinib Umesh Velu Received Received
  1056-EP Treatment delays are associated with disease upstaging in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Sarah Baker Received Received
  1057-EP Impact assessment of Sankol drug on the excretion of radioiodine-131 from patients DTC sepideh saadatmand Received Received
  1058-EP Organ preservation in locally advanced larynx and hypopharynx cancer: non surgical strategy Pepa Cucarella Beltran Received Received
  1061-EP Progressive resistive exercise training for shoulder function: a randomised controlled trial Vedang Murthy Received Received
  1063-EP Patient reported voice outcomes after laser surgery or radiotherapy for T1 laryngeal cancer Richard Simcock Received Received
  1064-EP Reirradiation results in head and neck tumours Lucía Gutiérrez Bayard Received Received
  1065-EP Using Post-Treatment FDG-PET CT Imaging to Inform Patient Follow-up in Head & Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma James Price Received Received
  1066-EP Low FDG-PET detection rate of the primary tumor for patients with cervical lymph node metastases Einar Dale Received Received
  1067-EP Assessing the outcome in 3D and IMRT head and neck (H&N) cancer patients: are we doing well? Isabel Prieto Received Received
  1068-EP Impact of pretreatment primary tumor volume on survival of patient with T4a larynx cancer Jay Shiao Received Received
  1069-EP Nasopharyngeal carcinoma screening by plasma EBV DNA and serum antibodies in an outpatient clinic Chih-Wen Twu Twu Received Received
  1070-EP Predictive role of FDG-PET performed before or during radiotherapy in head and neck cancer Myo Min Received Received
  1071-EP Maintenance metronomic chemotherapy for recurrent/metastatic nasopharyngeal carcinoma Chingte Wu Received Received
  1072-EP Early stage hypopharyngeal cancer: treatment outcome and treatment strategy Nalee Kim Received Received
  1073-EP The usefulness of 18F-FDG PET and PET-based considerations in locally advanced nasopharyngeal cancer Hong In Yoon Received Received
  1074-EP Circulating cell free DNA: dynamics in patients with head and neck cancer during radiochemotherapy Kerstin Zwirner Received Received
  1075-EP Squamous cell carcinoma of maxillary sinus : 25-years experience in a single institution Hong-Gyun Wu Received Received
  1076-EP Phase II study of prophylactic radiotherapy in cN0 HNSCC patients based on sentinel node(s) SPECT/CT Eleonore Longton Received Received
  1077-EP Could site, age and stage be clinical factors for development of adaptive RT in head-neck cancer? Luciana Lastrucci Received Received
  1078-EP Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: prognostic factors analysis in patients treated with IMRT and chemotherapy NICOLA ALESSANDRO IACOVELLI Received Received
  1079-EP Clinical outcomes in locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer 18FDG PET-guided dose escalation IMRT-SIB anna chiara Received Received
  1080-EP Definitive or adjuvant IMRT for locally advanced sinonasal tumors: outcome and prognostic factors ESTER ORLANDI Received Received
  1083-EP Usefulness of PET/CT in definition of treatment volumes of head and neck tumors Luigi Perron Received Received
  1084-EP Elderly patients concomitant radiotherapy cetuximab in locally advanced head and neck cancer Alexander Falk Received Received
  1085-EP EGFR expression in head and neck cancer : does it have a role as prognostic factor in radiotherapy? Daniela Alterio Received Received
  1086-EP Finding the right threshold for determining hypoxic subvolumes in F-MISO-PET/CTs for HNSCC Hatice Bunea Received Received
  1087-EP Screening for symptoms in head and neck cancer: Italian translation and validation of the VHNSS, a patient-reported outcome measure Marta Maddalo Received Received
  1088-EP Is time from symptom to treatment a prognostic factor in stage III-IV head and neck cancer patients? Carlo Furlan Received Received
  1089-EP Accelerated hypofractionated IMRT-IGRT and concurrent chemotherapy in oropharyngeal cancer Elisa DAngelo Received Received
  1090-EP Overall treatment time is not a prognostic factor in chemoradiation for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Eduardo Netto Received Received
  1092-EP Intensive radiotherapy in locally advanced head and neck squamous cell cancer- is it worth the pain? Abigail Pascoe Received Received
  1093-EP Impact of Comorbidity, Polypharmacy and HPV status in Elderly Patients with Oropharyngeal Cancer Francesca Caparrotti Received Received
  1094-EP Total Tumour Volume Predicts Response In Head And Neck Cancer: Regression Tree Analysis And Models bharat dua Received Received
  1095-EP Prognostic role of FDG PET-CT performed before and during radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal cancer Peter Lin Received Received
  1096-EP Prognostic value of pretreatment FDG-PET features in laryngeal cancer patients treated with RT eva hortas Received Received
  1097-EP Comparison of outcomes and toxicities between IMRT and SIB-IMRT in cancers of hypopharynx Madhu Sairam Raghunathan Received Received
  1098-EP Radiation induced brachial plexopathy in head and neck carcinoma (acute and chronic) Sundus Yahya Received Received
  1099-EP Re-irradiation for head and neck tumors: efficacy versus late toxicity in 137 patients Wouter Bots Received Received
  1100-EP External validation of a mixture NTCP model of radiation-induced hypothyroidism (HT) Marianne Feen Rnjom Received Received
  1101-EP Knowledge of HNC risk factors and symptoms a survey among 1903 young Polish respondents Elzbieta Sierko Received Received
  1102-EP Parotid toxicity in head and neck cancer patients treated with IMRT giovanna mantello Received Received
  1103-EP Review of thyroid ablation rates with RAI based on I131 uptake in differentiated thyroid carcinoma Maeve Keys Received Received
  1104-EP Perfusion CT in evaluation of tumor response after radiochemotherapy in head and neck cancer: prelimiray reports Patrizia Ferrazza Received Received
  1105-EP Impact of waiting time for treatment initation on glottic T1N0M0 cancer radiotherapy results Konrad Urbanek Received Received
  1106-EP A Modified Docetaxel-Based Induction Chemotherapy Regimen Markedly Increased Tumor Response Rate in Locally Advanced Head and Neck Cancer YI-CHUN LIU Received Received
  1108-EP Chemoimmunotherapy with hyperfractionated radiotherapy in head and neck carcinoma. Ruth Carmona Vigo Received Received
  1109-EP Role of adjuvant EBRT for papillary thyroid carcinoma invading the trachea: a single-instn study Young Suk Kim Received Received
  1110-EP Combination of RT and cetuximab for aggressive, high-risk CSCC of h&n: a propensity score analysis Adam Raben Received Received
  1111-EP A cut point for Ki-67 proliferation that predicts for poorer survival in high-grade glioma Puma Sundaresan Received Received
  1112-EP Optic toxicity in radiation treatment of meningioma: a retrospective study in 213 patients Mostafa Farzin Received Received
  1113-EP Light seeing in radiotherapy of patients with brain tumours and head and neck malignancies Mostafa Farzin Received Received
  1114-EP Clinical outcomes in modern management of infratentorial ependymoma Sharon Salenius Received Received
  1115-EP Stereotactic radiosurgery for brain metastases: neuropathological report of three autopsy cases Madoka Sakuramachi Received Received
  1116-EP Staged radiosurgery for petroclival meningiomas. Preliminary results Pinzi Valentina Received Received
  1118-EP Impact of susceptibility-weighted imaging MRI on radiosurgery for melanoma and RCC brain metastases Susanne Rogers Received Received
  1119-EP Treatment of Subependymal giant cell astrocytoma (SEGA): Is there a place for radiotherapy? Randa Atef Kamel Received Received
  1120-EP Experience with robotic SBRT in treatment of intraspinal tumours ASCARY VELAZQUEZ-PACHECO Received Received
  1122-EP Efficacy and safety of stereotactic reirradiation for recurrent brain metastases. fatima Meniai- Merzouki Received Received
  1123-EP New aspects regarding the radiation of thalamic gliomas Edwin Boelke Received Received
  1124-EP Outcomes of patients with 4 or more cerebral metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery Helen Benghiat Received Received
  1126-EP Postoperative hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy to the resection cavity in brain metastases XIN CHEN Received Received
  1127-EP Combined chemotherapy and craniospinal irradiation of adults medulloblastoma and PNET tumors. Elzbieta Nowicka Received Received
  1128-EP Outcome of high grade glioma patients: To prioritise dose to primary tumour or organs at risk? JUSTIN YIM Received Received
  1129-EP Pre and post-irradiation hypothalamic-pituitary axis dysfunction in adults treated for brain tumours Nicolette Taku Received Received
  1130-EP Hair-sparing whole brain radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost using high density bolus SANTIAGO VELAZQUEZ MIRANDA Received Received
  1131-EP Hypofractionated Radiotherapy with temozolomide in Poor Prognosis glioma: a retrospective study cristina mantovani Received Received
  1132-EP Application of IMRT technique in treatment of malignant gliomas: Assessment of treatment tolerance Konrad Urbanek Received Received
  1133-EP Long-term follow-up and prognostic factors in low-grade glioma (WHO II) postoperatively irradiated. Konrad Urbanek Received Received
  1134-EP Proton Therapy Re-Irradiation for Large-Volume Recurrent High-Grade Gliomas Dante Amelio Received Received
  1135-EP Hypofractioned Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for Cavernous Sinus Meningiomas fatima Meniai- Merzouki Received Received
  1136-EP Treatment with radiosurgery (stereotactic radiotherapy) in single session in brain metastases M Pilar Vargas Arrabal Received Received
  1137-EP Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Simultaneus Boost for brain metastases patients Antonella Papaleo Received Received
  1138-EP Evolution of radiation techniques in the treatment of mediastinal lymphomas: single center experience nadia besson Received Received
  1139-EP Clinical results of radiation therapy for localized gastric lymphoma Hiroki Ihara Received Received
  1140-EP Role of radiotherapy in treatment of Hodgkin and non Hodgkin lymphomas - our experience Danijela Scepanovic Received Received
  1141-EP Second cancer in Primary Mediastinal Lymphoma treated with MACOP-B R and mediastinal radiotherapy VITALIANA DE SANCTIS Received Received
  1143-EP Splenic irradiation as treatment modality in neoplastic hematological disorders Laura Diaz Received Received
  1144-EP Clinical outcomes according to molecular subtypes in stage II-III breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by surgery and radiotherapy Hakyoung Kim Received Received
  1146-EP Non-surgical therapy of early breast cancer with novel enzyme-targeting radiosensitisation KANA KOBAYASHI Received Received
  1147-EP Hypofractionated vs conventional radiotherapy: is there a difference in local recurrence? Rajan Yadav Received Received
  1148-EP A comparison study of whole breast irradiation of hypo- and conventional fractionation Kyung Hwan Shin Received Received
  1149-EP Changing practice patterns for breast cancer radiotherapy: hypofractionation in KFSYSCC at Taiwan YUCHEN TSAI Received Received
  1150-EP Patient quality of life treated with IORT during BCS followed by whole breast radiotherapy (WBI) Bartosz Urba&324;ski Received Received
  1151-EP Lymph flow guided irradiation of internal mammary lymph nodes Sergey Nikolaevich Received Received
  1152-EP Impact on late toxicity of IMRT with concomitant boost after breast conserving surgery alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1153-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy and simultaneous boost in breast cancer: preliminary result in elderly Niccolò Giaj-Levra Received Received
  1154-EP Post mastectomy radiotherapy and periprosthesic capsule contraction: a clinico-pathological analysis alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1155-EP Radiation-induced morbidity evaluated by high-frequency ultrasound: A pilot study Line M H Schack Received Received
  1156-EP Radiotherapy for ductal carcinoma in situ: patterns of recurrence and risk factors stratification Icro Meattini Received Received
  1158-EP Should breathing adapted radiation therapy also be applied for right-sided breast irradiation? Marion Essers Received Received
  1159-EP Does a SPECT-CT improve the delineation of internal mammary nodes for breast cancer patients? Marion Essers Received Received
  1161-EP Does sentinel-node biopsy affect the use of supine MRI for regional breast radiotherapy? Tristan van Heijst Received Received
  1162-EP Cyberknife stereotactic partial breast irradiation for early stage breast cancer Olusola Obayomi-Davies Received Received
  1163-EP Selection of patients with left breast cancer for Deep-Inspiration Breath-Hold RadiotherapyTechnique. Beata Czeremszynska Received Received
  1164-EP Outcomes of postmastectomy radiotherapy in patients with 1 to 3 positive nodes in single institute YASUKO KUMAI Received Received
  1165-EP Impact of nodal status on clinical outcome of breast cancer patients: a monoinstitutional experience CARMEN CEFALOGLI Received Received
  1166-EP Management of chest wall irradiation in patients with breast reconstruction Sara Falivene Received Received
  1167-EP Radiation therapy and breast reconstruction: outcomes and complications in our experience MARCO GATTI Received Received
  1168-EP Phase II trial of hypofractionated VMAT treatment for early stage breast cancer: 2-years outcomes Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  1169-EP The effect of escalating boost dose in breast cancer patients with involved resection margin Sunmin Park Received Received
  1171-EP The impact of body mass index on organs at risk in breast axillary nodal radiotherapy Laura Pettit Received Received
  1172-EP Thyroid tolerance in adjuvant supraclavicular fossa nodal radiotherapy in breast cancer Laura Pettit Received Received
  1175-EP Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation using Carbon-iron Radiotherapy for stage I breast cancer Kumiko Karasawa Received Received
  1177-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy with concomitant boost for breast cancer: a dose escalation study Carla Germana Rinaldi Received Received
  1178-EP Predictive factors of patient compliance for breath-holding during radiotherapy for breast cancer Richard Walshaw Received Received
  1179-EP Preoperative parallel PET/MR predicts the disease free survival in patients with breast cancer ILHAN LIM Received Received
  1180-EP Postoperative intensity-modulated radiotherapy with helical tomotherapy for breast cancer: outcome and toxicity analysis Jacques Fourquet Received Received
  1181-EP Prostheses irradiation in breast cancer: clinical and aesthetic outcomes in retrospective series Valeria Masiello Received Received
  1182-EP Prone whole breast irradiation: multimodal imaging for target delineation alessandra huscher Received Received
  1183-EP Investigation on the absorbed dose to organs at risks using an IOERT planning software Hazel zcan Received Received
  1184-EP Adjuvant radiotherapy on nodal areas after breast conserving surgery in breast cancer patients according to histological subtype and prognostic features Grazia Lazzari Received Received
  1186-EP Late side effects and cosmetic outcome after intraoperative electron radiotherapy in breast cancer Christiane Matuschek Received Received
  1187-EP T-lysyal based cream (Repalysyal) in the prevention of acute skin toxicity in breast cancer patients Annaisabel Rese Received Received
  1188-EP The protective role of lipofilling in women subjected to radiotherapy. Natascia Costantino Received Received
  1189-EP Hypofractionated RT with or without boost in breast cancer: an institutional analysis of toxicity Cristina Mariucci Received Received
  1190-EP Boost volume assessment in breast cancer: preop tumor volume vs clips used in oncoplastic surgery Ayse Altinok Received Received
  1191-EP Pattern of metastasis in different molecular sub-types of locally advanced carcinoma breast Ashutosh Sharma Received Received
  1192-EP Management of the axilla after neoadjuvant systemic therapy in breast cancer: A systematic revision Ana Manterola Received Received
  1193-EP ABPI with 3D-CRT, and image-guided IMRT, after BCS 4 year results of a phase II trial Norbert Mészáros Received Received
  1194-EP Cardiac toxicity after breast cancer patients treatment Dorota Gabry&347; Received Received
  1195-EP Active breathing coordinator in left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy: dosimetric comparison study Nadia Pasinetti Received Received
  1196-EP Atlas-based segmentation for delineating the locoregional node levels during breast radiotherapy Akos Gulyban Received Received
  1197-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer Ana Carolina Carvalho Received Received
  1198-EP Evaluation of pulmonary acute/ subacute toxicity after different techniques of breast radiotherapy BENGL SERARSLAN Received Received
  1199-EP Cardiac dose delivered by left sided tumour bed electron boost; a potential source of toxicity Venkatesh Gajapathy Received Received
  1201-EP Impact of low skeletal muscle mass on survival after SBRT for non-small cell lung cancer Yukinori Matsuo Received Received
  1202-EP CBCT in Lung FFF-SABR: predictive parameters of early response Mazzola Rosario Received Received
  1204-EP Predicting toxicity after lung stereotactic radiation therapy Jean-Emmanuel Bibault Received Received
  1205-EP Resected pN1 non-small cell lung cancer: recurrence patterns and nodal risk factors may suggest ion criteria for post-operative radiotherapy Paolo Borghetti Received Received
  1206-EP Adequacy of dose/volume constraints in stereotactic radiotherapy and radiosurgery of thoracic area alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1208-EP Radiation-induced pulmonary function change after postoperative radiotherapy in NSCLC Hwan-Ik Kim Received Received
  1210-EP Definitive Radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy for T4N0-1 Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Yeon Joo Kim Received Received
  1211-EP Prognostic factors in patients with Stage I NSCLC treated with 3-D noncoplanar conformal RT Katsuyuki Karasawa Received Received
  1212-EP Are the encouraging SABR results for NSCLC reproducible outside of pioneering academic institutions? Clive Peedell Received Received
  1213-EP Changes in pulmonary function after single-fraction carbon-ion radiotherapy for stage I NSCLC Wataru Takahashi Received Received
  1214-EP Radiotherapy as adjuvant or definitive treatment method in thymic tumours Aleksandra Napieralska Received Received
  1215-EP Do higher doses of palliative radiotherapy still prolong survival in stage III/IV NSCLC? Price Allan Received Received
  1216-EP Differential diagnosis between toxicity and recurrence after SBRT in early stage inoperable NSCLC alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1217-EP Effect of dose escalation in non-small cell lung cancer when overall treatment time is taken in to account. A BED-time based analysis. Joaquin Cabrera Received Received
  1218-EP Salvage radiotherapy for locoregionally recurrent non-small cell lung cancer after resection Eunji Kim Received Received
  1219-EP Utilisation of new functional imaging in NSCLC radiotherapy: Can we use DW-MRI? Moustafa AL Daly Received Received
  1220-EP Postoperative hypofractionated radiotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer. The pattern of the relapses. Vladimir Sotnikov Received Received
  1221-EP Accelerated hypofractionated three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy (AHRT) for NSCLC NURIA RODRIGUEZ DE DIOS Received Received
  1222-EP Lung SBRT with Dynamic Tracking (DT) on the VERO (Brainlab-Mitsubishi) system JIMENEZ Gaelle Received Received
  1223-EP Local failure after radical radiotherapy of NSCLC in relation to the pre-therapeutic PET/CT Maria Kandi Received Received
  1224-EP An Australian radiotherapy decision support system with contextual justification Mohamed Barakat Received Received
  1225-EP MRI-defined GTV change during SBRT for unresectable or oligometastatic disease of the central thorax Lauren Henke Received Received
  1226-EP Quality of life in locally-advanced non-small cell lung cancer patients: a systematic review Lotte Van der Weijst Received Received
  1227-EP Salvage radiotherapy for regional lymph node recurrence after surgery of non-small cell lung cancer Ki Ho Seol Received Received
  1228-EP Pulmonary toxicity after 3D-CRT or VMAT-based stereotactic radiotherapy for early stage lung cancer Andrea Riccardo Filippi Received Received
  1229-EP Non-small cell lung cancer: Marked difference in first failure site depending on histology Lotte Nygaard Received Received
  1230-EP Clinical outcomes of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in pulmonary oligometastases Bum-sup Jang Received Received
  1231-EP Proton and Carbon ion for stage I non-small cell lung cancer: a meta analysis Xiaohu Xiaohu Received Received
  1232-EP Interim 18F-FDG-PET/CT for early outcome prediction during chemoradiotherapy of thorax malignancies Marta Cremonesi Received Received
  1233-EP Carbon ion radiotherapy for stage I non-small cell lung cancer: A Meta-analysis of 369 patients Xiaohu Wang Received Received
  1234-EP VMAT based lung ablative radiotherapy: primary lesions and metastases DOLORES FARGA Received Received
  1235-EP Necroses / Fistulae occurring in temporal association with chest irradiation Sonja Adebahr Received Received
  1236-EP Does a localized NSCLC treated with SBRT affect the survival in COPD patients? Stefan Jeppesen Received Received
  1238-EP Thoracic re-irradiation following curative intent radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer Sarah Scobie Received Received
  1239-EP Clinical outcome of SBRT of central, apical or paracostal tumors in the lung, a retrospective study Charlotte Kristiansen Received Received
  1240-EP Normal tissue exposure in SBRT: Retrospective QA on a prospective cohort - what have we learned? Sonja Adebahr Received Received
  1241-EP Relationship of dosimetric findings and toxicity following SABR for lung cancer Kerstie Johnson Received Received
  1242-EP stereotactic body radiation therapy for early stage NSCLC: clinical outcomes Aurelia Iurato Received Received
  1243-EP (ICORG 06-34): A multicentre clinical trial using 3DCRT to reduce toxicity of palliative radiation for lung cancer Ronan McDermott Received Received
  1244-EP Radiotherapy for loco-regional recurrence of non-small-cell lung cancer after complete resection Kotaro Terashima Received Received
  1245-EP BED 100Gy and ITV =20cc predict local relapse after stereotactic radiation therapy for lung cancer Alexandra Suissa Received Received
  1246-EP Is there a different dose-effect relation between the tumour and involved lymph nodes in NSCLC? Lisa Van den Bosch Received Received
  1247-EP Is CC Chemokine Ligand 18 a biomarker for the prediction of radiation induced lung disease? Eleni Gkika Received Received
  1248-EP Lung re-irradiation with stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) PAOLO BONOME Received Received
  1249-EP Neoadjuvant chemoradiation in Locally Advanced NSCLC: impact of histology and drugs on results. Barnaba Floreno Received Received
  1250-EP Outcome after stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastasis of lung cancer: a retrospective study Noémie Grellier Adedjouma Received Received
  1252-EP Oligometastatic NSCLC: long-term results show efficiency of radical approaches in ed patients Andrei Bunea Received Received
  1253-EP Local control and toxicity for centrally located NSCLC: SABR in no fly zone Patrizia Ferrazza Received Received
  1254-EP Updated outcomes for patients treated with SABR for lung cancer at the Leeds Cancer Centre Patrick Murray Received Received
  1256-EP Stereotactic body radiation therapy for liver metastases using RapidArc technique. Elia del Cerro Peñalver Received Received
  1258-EP Concurrent high-dose (60-70 Gy) radiation and chemotherapy for esophageal cancer: long-term results Takuhito Kondo Received Received
  1259-EP Clinical significance of lymphocyte count before chemoradiotherapy in resected pancreatic cancer Jaesung Heo Received Received
  1260-EP Prognostic factors in hepatoma patients treated with radiotherapy for lymph node metastasis Chan Woo Wee Received Received
  1261-EP Impact of sarcopenia on adverse effects in trimodality therapy for esophageal carcinoma Cedric Panje Received Received
  1264-EP Patterns of recurrence in stage pT3N0M0 thoracic ESCC patients after two-field esophagectomy Yu-Xiang Wang Received Received
  1265-EP Salvage chemoradiation for locoregional recurrences of esophageal cancer after curative treatment Paul jeene Received Received
  1266-EP Acute health-related quality of life changes after liver stereotactic ablative radiotherapy Hans Chung Received Received
  1267-EP Induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma Juliette Reure Received Received
  1268-EP Dosimetric parameters predict toxicity in chemoradiotherapy with nelfinavir for pancreatic cancer Daniel Holyoake Received Received
  1269-EP Dose tolerance of small bowel in patients treated with radiochemotherapy for pancreatic cancer laura de filippo Received Received
  1270-EP SBRT for liver metastases from low grade neuroendocrine tumors Mario Bignardi Received Received
  1271-EP Stereotactic body radiation therapy for malignant tumours of the pancreas XIN CHEN Received Received
  1272-EP Stereotactic radiotherapy in pancreatic cancer. Review of two different treatment approaches. Eleni Gkika Received Received
  1273-EP Clinical results of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy in the treatment of liver metastases Michele Fiore Received Received
  1276-EP Stereotactic robotic body radiotherapy for patients with unresectable hepatic oligometastases. Patrick Berkovic Received Received
  1278-EP CCRT with or without Surgery using Helical Tomotherapy or IMRT for Esophageal cancer patients Pei-Yu Hou Received Received
  1279-EP SABR in inoperable liver oligometastatic patients and radioresistant primary tumors. Elena Clerici Received Received
  1280-EP Preoperative short vs. long course chemoradiation with delayed surgery for rectal cancer patients mijoo chung Received Received
  1281-EP DVH relationships in rectal cancer: effects of contouring methods and patient positioning Nathan Bennion Received Received
  1282-EP Does blood glucose level normalisation improve PET-based response prediction in rectal cancer? Ines Joye Received Received
  1283-EP Outcomes and toxicities in advanced anal cancer treated with radical VMAT chemoradiotherapy Estabrak Jiad Received Received
  1284-EP Predictive factors of tumour response after neoadjuvant chemoradiation for rectal cancer Fernando López Campos Received Received
  1285-EP Is watch and wait policy after chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer detrimental to outcome? NIDA PASHA Received Received
  1286-EP Does dose-escalated neo-adjuvant radiotherapy improve pathological response in rectal cancers? NIDA PASHA Received Received
  1287-EP Radiation-induced rectal toxicity in prostate cancer: a proctoscopy evaluation Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1289-EP Anal squamous cell carcinoma; a retrospective case series Orla Houlihan Received Received
  1290-EP A review of grade 3 bowel toxicity in patients treated with chemoradiotherapy for rectal cancer Jennifer King Received Received
  1291-EP Can mucosal criteria estimate response in rectal cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy? Aurelie Garant Received Received
  1293-EP Intensified neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced rectal cancer: long-term follow-up Francesca De Felice Received Received
  1294-EP Total Mesorectal Excision versus Local Excision in Early Clinical T3 Rectal Cancer : Propensity Score Analysis Youngseob Shin Received Received
  1296-EP A correlation between PTV dosimetric criteria and pathological responsein rectal cancer patients Alessandra Franzetti Pellanda Received Received
  1297-EP Impact of 18F-FDG-PET/CT in evaluating the response to neadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer Sara Pedraza Received Received
  1298-EP Stereotactic radiotherapy in oligometastatic patients with lung metastasis from colon-rectal cancer Sabrina Montrone Received Received
  1299-EP Tomotherapy for anal cancer: analysis of toxicity and response in a dual institution experience Pierluigi Bonomo Received Received
  1300-EP Preoperative, Adaptive Radiotherapy with Tomotherapy concomitant with chemotherapy in rectal cancer Paolo Passoni Received Received
  1302-EP The utility of Squamous Cell Carcinoma SCCAg as a marker for treatment response or relapse Lucyna Pietrzak Received Received
  1303-EP Radiotherapy dose-escalation in rectal cancer: preliminary results of a pooled analysis. Marco Lupattelli Received Received
  1305-EP Impact of time from neoadjuvant treatment and surgery in rectal cancer: a monoinstitutional report Liliana Belgioia Received Received
  1307-EP Chemoradiation in anal cancer with using VMAT: toxicity and early outcome. Donatella Russo Received Received
  1308-EP Effect of prone and supine positions on setup and organ-at-risk sparing using VMAT for rectal cancer Anthony Kim Received Received
  1309-EP Predictive value of FDG-PET in rectal cancer: correlation with tumour characteristics and response. Lucia Turri Received Received
  1312-EP Measurement of GTV delineation uncertainty for centrally recurrent gynaecological cancers David Bernstein Received Received
  1313-EP Short course post operative IMRT on vaginal vault of endometrial tumor at low-risk of recurrence Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1315-EP Abdominopelvic Radiotherapy for advanced endometrial cancer after surgery and chemotherapy: results Virginia Rodriguez Received Received
  1316-EP Value of imaging modalities in predicting pelvic lymph node metastases for uterine cervical cancer Wonguen Jung Received Received
  1317-EP Prognostic and predictive factors in endometrial cancer Khadidja Boudaoud Received Received
  1319-EP Clinicopathological characteristics of patients with synchronous ovarian & endometrial cancers Samreen Chaudry Received Received
  1320-EP Postoperative radiotherapy results of serous endometrial carcinoma: 34 cases during 2003-2014 Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  1321-EP Postoperative treatment results of clear-cell endometrial carcinoma: 20 cases from 2005 to 2014 oses gonzalez gabriela Received Received
  1324-EP High risk early stage endometrial cancer: lymphadenectomy with brachytherapy as alternative to EBRT Rachele Lucia Fabiano Received Received
  1326-EP The role of PET CT in the IMRT of cervical cancer: the experience of the Institute of Candiolo gabriella cattari Received Received
  1327-EP Clinical outcomes of dose escalation using simultaneous integrated boost in cervical cancer Ramona Verges Received Received
  1330-EP Single center experience with definitive radiotherapy for vaginal cancer Henrike Westerveld Received Received
  1331-EP Cancer of uterine cervix: PET-CT, IMRT and HDR. XIN CHEN Received Received
  1333-EP PSA kinetics after hypofractionated stereotactic body radiotherapy for localised prostate cancer Hun Jung Kim Received Received
  1334-EP PSA kinetics following SBRT versus conventionally fractionated EBRT for localised prostate cancer Hun Jung Kim Received Received
  1335-EP Prostate cancer hypofractionation: impact of prostate gland dimension in genitourinary toxicity Mazzola Rosario Received Received
  1336-EP Hypofractionated salvage radiotherapy after radical prostatectomy: clinical outcomes. Petr Byluchkin Received Received
  1338-EP Delay Haematuria after prostatic radiotherapy: do it mean always radiation cystitis? RODRIGUEZ VILLALBA SILVIA Received Received
  1339-EP Influence of leaf thickness on prostate VMAT about dosimeto-volumetoric and delivering parameters Hisato Nagano Received Received
  1340-EP Nomograms predicting the probabilities of having indications for adjuvant prostatic radiotherapy Mingwei Ma Received Received
  1341-EP Single-nucleotide polymorphisms associated with toxicity to radiotherapy in prostate cancer patients Girolamo Spagnoletti Received Received
  1342-EP F-18Fluorcholine-PET/CT guide salvage therapy in biochemical failure of prostate cancer Marta Barrado Received Received
  1343-EP PET-CT-related treatment changes in high risk and recurrent prostate cancer Arndt-Christian Mueller Received Received
  1344-EP Influence of surgical margins on the biochemical and radiological characteristics of the recurrence Lucas Sapienza Received Received
  1345-EP SBRT in low- and intermediate-risk prostate cancer: results of a phase II study Giuseppe Roberto DAgostino Received Received
  1346-EP Intraoperative radioterapy (IORT) in the multimodality treatment of locally advanced prostate cancer Marco Krengli Received Received
  1347-EP Could radical RT be a reasonable choice in bone oligometastatic prostate cancer patients? Chiara Lucrezia Deantoni Received Received
  1348-EP Endoscopic evaluation of late rectal toxicity after radiotherapy in 597 prostate cancer patients Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1349-EP Long term results of a phase I-II study of moderate hypofractionated IGRT in prostate cancer Nadia Di Muzio Received Received
  1350-EP Postoperative Radiation Therapy following radical prostatectomy Jose Antonio Domínguez Rullán Received Received
  1351-EP Developing a prostate decision aid tool considering patients and clinicians decisional needs Berlanga Adriana Received Received
  1352-EP Early clinical experience from MRI-only based radiotherapy of localised prostate cancer Mikko Tenhunen Received Received
  1353-EP Phase I/II study of hypofractionated Tomotherapy with CT-MRI planning for prostate cancer Vanessa Figlia Received Received
  1354-EP Meta analysis of carbon ion therapy prostatic cancer Xiaohu Wang Received Received
  1355-EP Combined and modulated adjuvant therapy in prostate carcinoma: a phase I-II trial Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1356-EP Postoperative radiotherapy in pT3a R1-resected prostate cancer patients Nina-Sophie Hegemann Received Received
  1357-EP Moderately hypofractionated IGRT / IMRT-SIB in prostate carcinoma: toxicity and QoL in 300 patients Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1358-EP Prospective evaluation of PSA response during radiotherapy as a predictor of outcome after prostate cancer salvage radiotherapy Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson Received Received
  1359-EP A randomized trial comparing bladder volume consistency during EBRT in postoperative prostate cancer Karin Braide Received Received
  1360-EP Comparing patient and physician-reported GI effects in locally advanced prostate cancer radiotherapy Maria Thor Received Received
  1361-EP Prognostic factors in 1080 prostate cancer treated with radical external beam radiotherapy ELISABETTA GARIBALDI Received Received
  1363-EP Salvage SBRT in isolated nodal oligorecurrence from prostate cancer: UPMC San Pietro FBF experience. Maria Cristina Barba Received Received
  1364-EP Role of choline PET/CT in Cyberknife treatment planning for recurrent prostate cancer following EBRT Isa Bossi Zanetti Received Received
  1365-EP Dosimetric predictors for rectal toxicity with two hypofractionated schedules for prostate cancer Thomas Zilli Received Received
  1367-EP IMRT from 70 Gy to 80 Gy in prostate cancer: clinical and dosimetric predictors of late toxicity Maria Jolnerovski Received Received
  1368-EP A novel decision support method to estimate the value of a rectum spacer: Virtual Rectum Spacer Skadi van der Meer Received Received
  1371-EP Role of 11C choline PET/CT in the management of prostate cancer patients with biochemical relapse Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1372-EP Salvage image-guided stereotactic re-irradiation of local recurrence in prostate cancer Giorgia Timon Received Received
  1373-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy and androgen deprivation in intermediate risk prostate cancer MAURIZIO VALERIANI Received Received
  1374-EP Contouring guideline optimisation for prostate pts undergoing carbon ions/photons combined treatment Tommaso Giandini Received Received
  1376-EP Long term patient reported urinary function following external beam radiotherapy for prostate cancer Stephen Chin Received Received
  1377-EP Consistency of cone beam CT-derived bladder volume and inflow during localized prostate cancer IMRT Chao Jin Ho Received Received
  1378-EP Should pelvic radiotherapy be tailored to early patient-reported gastrointestinal toxicity? Miguel Ferreira Received Received
  1379-EP SBRT in the treatment of bone metastases in hormone refractary prostate cancer Silvia Grespi Received Received
  1380-EP Primary focal prostate radiotherapy: do all patients really need whole-prostate irradiation? Delia Ciardo Received Received
  1381-EP ADC of prostate tumour and normal tissue during radiotherapy after neoadjuvant hormone therapy Lucy Kershaw Received Received
  1382-EP PET/CT and MRI guided salvage radiotherapy after prostatectomy for prostate cancer Simon Kirste Received Received
  1383-EP PSA kinetics in prostate cancer patients after SBRT radiotherapy using CyberKnife. Marek Konkol Received Received
  1384-EP Acute toxicity hypofractionated-IMRT vs standard radiotherapy in prostate cáncer: comparative study Jeannette Valero Received Received
  1385-EP A comparative study between radical RT and radical prostatectomy in locally advanced prostate cancer PRAMOD KUMAR GUPTA Received Received
  1386-EP Adjuvant pelvic radiotherapy for pathological high-risk muscle-invasive bladder cancer Paul Sargos Received Received
  1387-EP Outcomes after recurrent bladder cancer and (chemo)radiotherapy post surgery Thomas Brunner Received Received
  1390-EP Cystoman in the prevention of acute radio-induced urinary toxicity in irradiated pelvic region emma dippolito Received Received
  1391-EP Total skin irradiation using helical tomotherapy: a novel experience and report of three cases Kae Okuma Received Received
  1392-EP The abscopal effect:efficacy of radiotherapy in patients on progression after ipilimumab 3 mg/kg Sara Falivene Received Received
  1394-EP Radiotherapy for adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma: a single institutional experience Kyosuke Tomura Received Received
  1395-EP Choroidal melanoma: is radiosurgery more efficient? Luis Larrea Received Received
  1396-EP Radiosurgery/Stereotacticradiotherapy with Cyberknife and immunotherapy in melanoma brain metastases Valentina Borzillo Received Received
  1397-EP Patterns of failure in patients treated with adjuvant radiotherapy post lymphadenectomy for melanoma Lorna Keenan Received Received
  1398-EP Acute gastro-intestinal toxicities after pre-operative tomotherapy for retroperitoneal liposarcoma Paul Sargos Received Received
  1399-EP Safety of concurrent adjuvant radiotherapy and chemotherapy for locally advanced soft tissue sarcoma daniela greto Received Received
  1400-EP Combined modality management of myxofibrosarcomas: a single-institution experience DANIELA GRETO Received Received
  1401-EP Surgery, IOERT and EBRT in recurrent extremity sarcomas: long term results Ladan Saleh-Ebrahimi Received Received
  1402-EP Surgery, IOERT and EBRT in upper extremity sarcomas: long term results Falk Roeder Received Received
  1403-EP Radiation of cardiac and large vessel sarcoma Marc Wygoda Received Received
  1404-EP Early results of proton beam therapy in sarcomas at the West German Proton Therapy Center Essen Beate Timmermann Received Received
  1405-EP Chemoradiation with pegulated Liposomal Doxorubicin and Cisplatin for patients with Uterine Sarcomas Charalampos Varveris Received Received
  1406-EP Cardiac sarcomas: update of an evolving multidisciplinary approach with focus on radiation therapy Antonino De Paoli Received Received
  1407-EP Surgical spacer for sacral chordoma carbon ion treatment at CNAO Barbara Vischioni Received Received
  1408-EP Adjuvant concurrent chemoradiotherapy in soft tissue sarcomas of the limbs: an effective strategy. Anne DUCASSOU Received Received
  1409-EP Neuropathic pain a secondary-effect in Classic Kaposi Sarcoma patients treated witth radiotherapy Iñigo Nieto Regueira Received Received
  1410-EP SABR in the treatment of metastases from soft tissue sarcoma (STS): Single-institution Experience charles-henry canova Received Received
  1411-EP Evaluating the utility of 18F-DOPA-PET imaging for neurosurgical planning of pediatric gliomas Andrea Arnett Received Received
  1412-EP Respiration-induced diaphragm motion in children during image-guided radiation therapy Sophie Huijskens Received Received
  1413-EP Second neoplasms in survivors of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia treated with radiotherapy Wen Shen Looi Received Received
  1415-EP Cranial irradiation and sleep disorders in children with brain tumour: a case-control study Chiara Pilotto Received Received
  1416-EP Analysis of childhood brain tumours treated with radiosurgery/stereotactic fractionated radiotherapy Jean Paiva Received Received
  1417-EP ANDANTE: Second cancers from neutrons following proton therapy: Preliminary epidemiological results Katrin Perstorfer Received Received
  1418-EP Proton therapy in paediatric oncology An Irish perspective Karla Lee Received Received
  1419-EP Proton irradiation in childhood and adolescence at RINECKER Proton Therapy Center (RPTC) Ronald Richter Received Received
  1420-EP Cyberknife radiotherapy for recurrent or oligometastatic tumours in children and adolescents SIMONA GAITO Received Received
  1421-EP Radiotherapy for pediatric patients from 2006 to 2015 in a large health care region Einar Waldeland Received Received
  1422-EP Contemporary management of bone metastases from breast cancer: Who is getting long course RT? Carsten Nieder Received Received
  1423-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy for complicated bone metastases in patients with poor performance Silva Mauricio Received Received
  1424-EP Palliative short-course Radiotherapy in rectal cancer: a phase II study. Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1425-EP Phase I study on hypofractionated accelerated radiotherapy for bone metastases from prostate cancer Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1426-EP Analysis of treatment response and survival of patients with superior vena cava syndrome (SVCS) Lucas Sapienza Received Received
  1427-EP Predictive factors influencing vertebral compression fracture specific to spinal metastasis from colorectal cancer after palliative radiotherapy Jeongshim Lee Received Received
  1428-EP Routine Whole Body MRI of bone metastases may reduce the incidence of spinal cord compression Indrani Bhattacharya Received Received
  1429-EP Phase II study of short-course accelerated palliative radiation therapy for advanced H&N tumours Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1430-EP Phase II study of short-course accelerated palliative radiation therapy for advanced thoracic tumors alessandra arcelli Received Received
  1431-EP SBRT for patients with spine metastases using LINAC Yulya Mironova Received Received
  1432-EP Predicting pain response after conventional radiotherapy in 1018 patients with bone metastases Joanne Martine van der Velden Received Received
  1433-EP Comparison of single fraction versus long course RT treating bone metastasis with cobalt machines Orges Spahiu Received Received
  1434-EP Phase II study of short-course accelerated palliative radiotherapy for complicated bone metastases Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1435-EP Radium223 in castration resistant prostate cancer with bone metastases: preliminary clinical results Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1437-EP Radiofrequency, Cementoplasty and Radiotherapy: combined strategy in patients with bone metastases Antonino Daidone Received Received
  1438-EP Radiosurgery to the resection cavity of brain metastasis: Long term efficacity axel leysalle Received Received
  1440-EP Tokuhashi Scoring and Karnofsky Scale: correlated with prognosis in spinal cord compression? David Esteban Received Received
  1441-EP IMRT in elderly woman with breast cancer: are comorbidities related to toxicity? Alba Fiorentino Received Received
  1442-EP Oligometastatic colorectal cancer in elderly patients: role of stereotactic body radiation therapy Davide Franceschini Received Received
  1443-EP Radical hypofractionated VMAT-RA for stage III NSCLC in the elderly: feasibility and toxicity. Anna M;aria Ascolese Received Received
  1444-EP Short-course accelerated palliative radiation therapy for advanced solid cancers in elderly patients Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1446-EP Multifraction radiotherapy for painful bone metastases in elderly patients: 20 Gy versus 8 Gy Francesca Maria Giugliano Received Received
  1447-EP Lung stereotactic body radiation for oligometastasis treatment in the elderly Luis Larrea Received Received
  1448-EP Outcomes and tolerance of larynx preservation treatment in the older population Maeve Keys Received Received
  1449-EP Personalizing Cancer Care in elder early-breast-cancer patients after conservative surgery María Dolores De las Peñas Cabrera Received Received
  1451-EP Workflow Management: Impact on the ergonomics of a Radiotherapy department in a developing country RAVITEJA MIRIYALA Received Received
  1452-EP The impact of individual surgeons on the likelihood of mastectomy in breast cancer Anthony Paravati Received Received
  1453-EP Analysis on research and cooperation status of heavy ion Xiaohu Wang Received Received
  1454-EP Analysis on research status of proton Xiaohu Wang Received Received
  1455-EP Impact of the implementation of the radiotherapy workflow optimization software RT-Flow Frederik Crop Received Received
  1456-EP What is the cost of reducing cardiac morbidities when treating breast cancers with radiotherapy? Moses Arunsingh Received Received
  1457-EP Delineation of radiation treatment volumes: a regional network based on the software Radiotherap-e Pierfrancesco Franco Received Received
  1459-EP Testing the Self-Sufficiency of the Radiotherapy Department of Ospedali Riuniti Marche Nord Francesca Maurizi Received Received
  1460-EP Radiotherapy-Related Knowledge, Attitudes and Decision-Making Preferences of Men Considering Participation in the TROG RAVES Prostate Cancer Trial (TROG 08.03) Puma Sundaresan Received Received
  1461-EP Virtual imaging for patient information on radiotherapy planning and delivery. Josep Sulé-Suso Received Received
  1462-EP Effects of education using Youtube about radiotherapy process for cancer patients Jaesung Heo Received Received
  1463-EP Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT). Outcomes and toxicities. Ana Aurora Diaz Gavela Received Received
  1465-EP Early dupuytrens: superficial radiotherapy offers long-term resolution without hand surgery John Glees Received Received
  1466-EP Radiotherapy combined with steroids for Graves ophthalmopathy: role of magnetic resonance imaging Tatsuya Suwa Received Received
  1468-EP Prospective audit showing improved patient-assessed skin toxicity with use of betamethasone cream Sara Erridge Received Received
  1469-EP Survey on the use of complementary and alternative medicine in a German radiooncology department Sabrina Lettner Received Received
  1470-EP Intralesional injection of triamcinolone acetonide in treatment of Radiation Induced Fibrosis Ahmed Marzouk Maklad Received Received
  1471-EP The effect of radiotherapy on Ledderhose disease Johanna van Nes Received Received
  1472-EP Role of SBRT with VMAT-FFF for abdomino-pelvic lymph node metastases in oligometastatic patients Ciro Franzese Received Received
  1473-EP The clinical study on oligometastases from different tumors treated with carbon ions Xiaohu Wang Received Received
  1474-EP The preliminarily results of carbon ion radiotherapy in 60 patients Xiaohu Wang Received Received
  1476-EP General fatigue during the period of radiotherapy; clinical usefulness of Japanese herbal medicine. Nobuhiko Yoshikawa Received Received
  1477-EP Radiotherapy-Hyperthermia: outcome/toxicity in the superficial recurrent/metastatic tumors ELISABETTA GARIBALDI Received Received
  1478-EP Low Dose Radiation therapy of degenerative painful osteoarthritis stephanyie payano Received Received
  1481-EP Toxicity of concomitant application of radiotherapy with new targeted therapies Michael Geier Received Received
  1482-EP Improving accuracy of radiochromic film dosimetry system using control film piece Slobodan Devic Received Received
  1483-EP Reference dosimetry of FFF MV photon beams: a correction for intra-Farmer ion chamber dose gradients Ruggero Ruggieri Received Received
  1485-EP Characterization and performance of the MR compatible Delta4 patient QA system in a hybrid MRI-Linac Wilfred de Vries Received Received
  1486-EP Evaluation of detectors response for small field output factor measurement using Gafchromic film gunther rucka Received Received
  1488-EP Estimation of the RBEs of two miniature x-ray devices, I-125, Ir-192 and Co-60 BT-sources Hans Rabus Received Received
  1489-EP On the development of a primary standard for validating internal radiation dose assessment methods Ilias Billas Received Received
  1490-EP Angular independent silicon detector for quality assurance in Small Field Radiotherapy Sultan Alhujaili Received Received
  1493-EP Modelling the energy dependence of Cherenkov light correction in plastic scintillation detectors Alexis Dimitriadis Received Received
  1495-EP Evaluation of measurement dose uncertainty of Gafchromic EBT3 because of local inhomogeneity Evgeniia Sukhikh Received Received
  1496-EP Small field correction factors for the IBA Razor Paul Zhi Yuan Liu Received Received
  1499-EP Gd2O3:Eu scintillator modeling using GEANT4 Monte Carlo simulation code Gyu Seok Cho Received Received
  1500-EP Development of tumor response observation system for dose-volume delivery guided particle therapy Teiji Nishio Received Received
  1501-EP New material for high resolution dosimetry using radiation induced changes in fluorescence response Nicolai Sanders Received Received
  1503-EP Small field output correction factors for 6-X and 6-X FFF beams: GAMOS Monte Carlo study Dogukan Akcay Received Received
  1504-EP Evaluation of transmission detector model using Monte Carlo simulation of VMAT delivery Dan Johnson Received Received
  1505-EP Comparison of two unshielded diodes for commissioning of Cyberknife Eduard Gershkevitsh Received Received
  1506-EP Investigation of PTWs microDiamond detector for dosimetry in small animal radiotherapy research Severin Kampfer Received Received
  1507-EP Which detector for small photon field measurements? Marta Casati Received Received
  1508-EP Multicenter study of FFF beams with a new stereotactic diode: can be defined a universal OF curve? ELISABETTA CAGNI Received Received
  1509-EP Small fields Output Factor measurement using several multidetectors arrays Dawid Radomiak Received Received
  1510-EP Monte-Carlo determination of output correction factors for four detectors in small MV photon beams Grichar Valdes Santurio Received Received
  1511-EP Gamma analysis: testing scanners and software tools Balazs Almady Received Received
  1512-EP Influence of the incident electron beam energy on the primary dose component for FFF beams Wolfgang Lechner Received Received
  1513-EP Polymer gels enable volumetric dosimetry of dose distributions from an MR-guided linac Yvonne Roed Received Received
  1514-EP &947;Tools: a new multipurpose phantom for end-to-end tests in Gamma Knife SRS treatments Silvia Calusi Received Received
  1516-EP Evaluating a versatile new-generation anthropomorphic phantom for Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy An Nulens Received Received
  1518-EP Evaluation of dynamic delivery quality assurance process for internal target based RapidArc Ju-Young Song Received Received
  1519-EP Automatic detection of MLC position errors using an EPID based picket fence test Damianos Christophides Received Received
  1520-EP Uncertainties in film measurements of dose area product Tracy Wright Received Received
  1521-EP Comparative study of three pre-treatment verification methods for RapidArc: Portal Dosimetry, Delta4 and Epiqa Justine MAROOTE Received Received
  1522-EP Evaluation of usefulness of patient dose analysis system using MLC log file Chul Kee Min Received Received
  1523-EP Validation of the dosimetric algorithm Acuros XB and the impact of its usage in SBRT treatments Younes Tony Received Received
  1524-EP The effect of the table top modeling on calculations and measurements for the Delta4 phantom Leen Paelinck Received Received
  1525-EP Clinical results of an EPID-based in-vivo dosimetry for prostate cancer treated by VMAT Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  1526-EP In vivo dosimetry with n-type Isorad semiconductor diodes during pelvic treatment Laza Rutonjski Received Received
  1527-EP A phantom for brachytherapy treatment planning systems verification with the ArcCHECK device Krzysztof Chelminski Received Received
  1528-EP Evaluation of the performance of the Integral Quality Monitor (IQM) Bruce Perrin Received Received
  1529-EP A real-time monitor system for QA and VMAT sensitivity analysis in clinical practice Gabriele Guidi Received Received
  1530-EP Machine performance check tool data analysis Patricia Gago Received Received
  1531-EP Comprehensive commissioning and QA of the new version upgrade of treatment planning system Jean Peng Received Received
  1532-EP Reliability of the Machine Performance Check application for TrueBeam STx Linac Vaibhav Mhatre Received Received
  1533-EP Sensitivity of ArcCheck system to setup error using Perfect Pitch 6D couch VAIBHAV MHATRE Received Received
  1534-EP Dosimetric impact of the QFix kVue Calypso couch top and the electromagnetic array with photon beams Jessica Molinier Received Received
  1535-EP Electron Skin Irradiation: refinement of an abutting field technique Geert Pittomvils Received Received
  1536-EP Uncertainties in dose calculations for radiation treatment of breast cancer after mastectomy Roumiana Chakarova Received Received
  1537-EP Developing a correction-based method for in vivo dosimetry for TomoTherapy using the CT detector array Harpreet Dhiraj Received Received
  1538-EP How well does Compass compare to film for prostate VMAT patient-specific QC? David Nash Received Received
  1539-EP Proposal for DVH oriented acceptance criteria for VMAT prostate patient specific QA Mattia Polsoni Received Received
  1540-EP EBT3 films for proton therapy plan QA using a multichannel approach Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  1541-EP Effects of leaf position accuracy of robotic radiotherapy system on dose distribution Junji Suzuki Received Received
  1542-EP Comparison between Elekta Oncentra 4.3 and Monaco 5.0 3DCRT dose calculation algorithms Maria Grazia Brambilla Received Received
  1543-EP Feasibility of MLC dosimetric leaf gap measurement using OCTAVIUS 4D system Hui GENG Received Received
  1544-EP Dose conformation evaluation of volumetric modulated arc therapy for cranial radiosurgery Carlos Ferrer Received Received
  1545-EP Dosimetric impact of target separation in craniocaudal direction with TomoDirect Dynamic Jaw CHI WAH KONG Received Received
  1547-EP Monte Carlo simulation of the Elekta VersaHD linac Egor Borzov Received Received
  1548-EP Optimisation of the initial parameters and efficiency in Monte Carlo simulation for Cyberknife Miao Jung Lin Received Received
  1549-EP Dosimetric evaluation of VMAT planning for Elekta Agility using Varianplanning system Vesna Prokic Received Received
  1550-EP Dosimetric comparison of the two dose reporting modes of Acuros XB and AAA for lung SBRT Ange Wambaka MAMPUYA Received Received
  1551-EP Benchmarking Monte Carlo for proton radiosurgery Petra Trnkova Received Received
  1552-EP Phantom measurements and simulated dose distributions in pelvic Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy Alessandro Esposito Received Received
  1553-EP Dosimetric characterization of carbon fiber stabilization devices for postoperative particle therapy Edoardo Mastella Received Received
  1554-EP Retrospective dosimetric comparison of TG43 and a commercially MBDCA for image-based plesiotherapy Pereira Alexandre Received Received
  1555-EP On the RapidArc tests by Ling 2008: towards flexibility and troubleshoot with a new family of plans giorgia nicolini Received Received
  1556-EP VMAT in nasopharyngeal tumor: clinical implications after a change in the dose calculation algorithm Savino Cilla Received Received
  1557-EP Development of dose calculation algorithm in homogeneous phantom through the transit dose Dong Wook Kim Received Received
  1558-EP Comparison between softwares employed in analysis of star shot patterns Juan Antonio Vera Sánchez Received Received
  1559-EP The Australian Clinical Dosimetry Service: The findings from a national auditing service Jessica Lye Received Received
  1560-EP Is EBT-XD film suitable for linac and Gamma Knife radiosurgery dosimetry verification and audit? Andrew Nisbet Received Received
  1561-EP Online control point resolved VMAT QA using the integral quality monitor and log files Marlies Pasler Received Received
  1562-EP VMAT pre-treatment verification using Octavius 4D system: from simple to more complex plans Hossein Aslian Received Received
  1563-EP Study of the characteristic of enhanced dynamic wedged depth dose profiles in non-homogenous media Amjad Hussain Received Received
  1564-EP Impact of dose calculation algorithm on SBRT and normofractionated lung radiotherapy in breath hold Mirjana Josipovic Received Received
  1566-EP Influence of inner materials of rectal balloon on TPS calculation accuracy and dose distribution Jihye Koo Received Received
  1567-EP Investigation of dose buildup region from electron beam by of polymer films and ionization chamber Evgeniia Sukhikh Received Received
  1568-EP A Monte Carlo based modelling of a dedicated mobile IOERT accelerator Majid Ghorbanpour Besheli Received Received
  1569-EP Dose deposition kernel measurements with radiochromic films Antonio González-López Received Received
  1570-EP Determination of stopping power ratios and output factors of intraoperative electron beams Majid Ghorbanpour Besheli Received Received
  1571-EP Electron dosimetric characteristics of a dedicated linear accelerator for IOERT Majid Ghorbanpour Besheli Received Received
  1572-EP Effective target spot size and grid size for acuros algorithm on penumbra and delivered dose Mehmet Ertugrul Erturk Received Received
  1573-EP Validation of a dedicated Intra-operative radiotherapy TPS: an innovative tool for image-guided IORT Lidia Strigari Received Received
  1574-EP EpiDream: All-in-One model for EPID based quality controls CHRISTINE BOUTRY Received Received
  1575-EP The effect of high density dental materials on dose distributions calculated by Acuros XB in head and neck IMRT cases Hing Ming Hung Received Received
  1576-EP Evaluation of transit in vivo dosimetry using portal imaging in VMAT treatment plans Emille Combettes Received Received
  1577-EP A robust method to minimize geometric table rotational errors in stereotactic radiotherapy Job Geuze Received Received
  1578-EP Evaluation of an Integral Quality Monitor device for monitoring real-time delivery Gloria Miori Received Received
  1579-EP Room scatter effects in Total Skin Electron Therapy: a Monte Carlo study Alex Nevelsky Received Received
  1580-EP CyberKnife multi-site small beam dosimetry with a new plastic scintillator detector Serenella Russo Received Received
  1581-EP PTW Starcheck 2D array for Quality Control in IOERT: an evaluation of accuracy and dose consumption mara severgnini Received Received
  1582-EP Retrospective study of IORT sarcoma treatment using an innovative dedicated TPS Antonella Soriani Received Received
  1584-EP Experimental validation of Tomotherapy to VMAT plan conversion using RayStation Fallback Planning Laurent Bartolucci Received Received
  1585-EP PRIMO software as a tool for Monte Carlo treatment quality control in IMRT: a preliminary study Alessandro Esposito Received Received
  1586-EP Characterization of a new EPID-based system for in-vivo dosimetry in VMAT treatments Sara Bresciani Received Received
  1587-EP Sensitivity and specificity of gamma index method for Tomotherapy plans. Michele Stasi Received Received
  1589-EP Experimental validation of Tomotherapy TPS in build-up and superficial zones for a H&N plan Margherita Zani Received Received
  1590-EP Verification of small-field VMAT plans using a 2D detector array in a rotational phantom Ans Swinnen Received Received
  1591-EP Investigation on backscattered dose of absorber plates for IORT application Merve Pirpir Received Received
  1592-EP Automatic detection algorithm for MLC position using a single EPID image in a daily QA program Paolo Colleoni Received Received
  1593-EP Plan specific pitch on Tomotherapy-plans effect on gamma pass rate for patient QA measured on Delta4 André Haraldsson Received Received
  1594-EP On-line analysis of 4D treatment deliveries for scanned proton and carbon ion beams Simona Giordanengo Received Received
  1595-EP Impact of different dose calculation algorithms on aperture-based complexity metric evaluations Anna Bck Received Received
  1596-EP Intraoperative radiotherapy with electrons in breast cancer patients with cardiac devices. Rosa Luraschi Received Received
  1597-EP Investigation of in-air output ratios in FFF beams Mrten Dalaryd Received Received
  1598-EP Initial validation of a commercial algorithm for volume dose reconstruction with ionization chamber Julia Garcia-Miguel Quiroga Received Received
  1599-EP How far can we go? Reliability of gamma evaluation in IMRT plans. Marta Gizynska Received Received
  1600-EP VMAT lung SBRT: 3D evaluation in pretreatment patient QA and in vivo dose verification Elena Villaggi Received Received
  1601-EP Dosimetric consequences of using two common energy matching techniques in Monte Carlo Laura Shields Received Received
  1602-EP Do We Need to Redefine Electron Beam Treatment Parameters for IORT Applications? Sebastian Adamczyk Received Received
  1603-EP Improved performance of the Varian TrueBeam Portal Dosimetry system for large fields Gloria Beyer Received Received
  1605-EP Dose from kV cone beam CT to lens, breast and gonads for children using different standard protocols Marianne Sanggaard Assenholt Received Received
  1606-EP Second cancer risk after RT for rectal cancer: 3DCRT vs VMAT using different fractionation schemes Daniel Zwahlen Received Received
  1607-EP CT imaging doses in radiotherapy A single centre audit Kris Armoogum Received Received
  1608-EP Radiation safety shielding for high dose rates from flattening filter free treatment modalities Stephen Sawchuk Received Received
  1609-EP CBCT and planar imaging dose for prostate and head-&-neck patients using 3 different imaging systems Yvonne Dzierma Received Received
  1610-EP A practical approach to assess cumulative dose of CBCT using standard CT dosimetry system Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  1611-EP Evaluation of organ dose according to cone-beam CT scan range using Monte Carlo simulation Kum Bae Kim Received Received
  1613-EP Comparison of peripheral doses associated to SBRT, VMAT, IMRT, FFF and 3D-CRT plans for lung cancer SANTIAGO VELAZQUEZ Received Received
  1614-EP Comprehensive validation of a Monte Carlo kV-CBCT model using OSL and spectral measurements Héléna Chesneau Received Received
  1615-EP Decreasing cone beam CT scans doses and duration for breast cancer BORA TAS Received Received
  1616-EP Secondary cancer induction of VMAT technique in breast irradiation organ equivalent dose estimation Gabriele Guidi Received Received
  1617-EP Pre-treatment and in vivo fetal dosimetry in brain radiotherapy treatment during pregnancy Marco Valenti Received Received
  1618-EP IGRT Cone Beam CT : a method to evaluate patient dose giglioli francesca Received Received
  1619-EP Ovaries and uterus Equivalent dose to in patients treated for Hodgkin Lymphoma with mediastinal RT Luigi Spiazzi Received Received
  1620-EP Accuracy of cone beam computed tomography while decreasing dose to patient Ando Aasa Received Received
  1621-EP Automated Extraction and Management of Radiotherapy Imaging Dose Data Andrew Reilly Received Received
  1622-EP Cyberknife M6TM: peripheral dose evaluation in brain treatments Nolwenn DELABY Received Received
  1623-EP Correlation of organ doses and IEC and AAPM methods for cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  1626-EP 4D Energy-based Optimization in Lung Cancer Ivaylo Mihaylov Received Received
  1628-EP Single-click automatic radiotherapy treatment planning for breast, prostate and vertebrae Rob de Graaf Received Received
  1629-EP A novel method for electron beam geometry optimisation Tony Felefly Received Received
  1630-EP Automated iterative plan optimisation widens therapeutic window for prostate cancer arc therapy Ellen Brunenberg Received Received
  1631-EP mARC treatment planning in non-dedicated systems: two conversion approaches using IMRT and SmartArc Yvonne Dzierma Received Received
  1632-EP Spinal SBRT: improving plan quality using an existing database and a geometric parameter Laura Masi Received Received
  1633-EP Optimal dose prescription in Linac-based SBRT using VMAT: a Pareto fronts approach Savino Cilla Received Received
  1634-EP Treatment of extremity soft tissue sarcoma using protons - robustness of single and matching fields Barbara Knusl Received Received
  1635-EP Volumetric modulated arc therapy optimization including dynamic collimator rotation Michael Fix Received Received
  1636-EP Clinical validation of Automated Planning process in rectal cancer IMRT treatment Giuditta Chiloiro Received Received
  1637-EP Dose plan assessment of coplanar and non-coplanar beam angle optimization algorithms Tiago Ventura Received Received
  1638-EP Multicriteria optimization for whole-pelvic VMAT planning in prostate patients Martin Buschmann Received Received
  1639-EP Single-click generation of whole breast IMRT treatment plans Geert Wortel Received Received
  1640-EP Evaluation of automatic treatment planning system: comparison with manual planning for liver SBRT. Elena Gallio Received Received
  1641-EP Clinical experiences with RapidPlan knowledge-based treatment planning Liz Adams Received Received
  1642-EP Comparison between a conventional IMRT planning method and a new automated planning method. Malys Michel Received Received
  1643-EP Rapidplan: knowledge-based model with Tomotherapy plans Andrea Botti Received Received
  1644-EP Fast, High Quality, Semi-Automated and Fully-Automated Prostate Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Philip Wheeler Received Received
  1645-EP Optimal treatment parameters for left-sided whole breast cancer irradiation using TomoDirect Philippe Meyer Received Received
  1646-EP HDR brachytherapy with hypofractionated EBRT for high risk prostate cancerSPAN STYLE=font-style:italic Yaichiro Hashimoto Received Received
  1647-EP Feasibility of hippocampal sparing radiation therapy for glioblastoma using helical Tomotherapy Kamalram Thippu Jayaprakash Received Received
  1649-EP Optimised Stereotactic Radiotherapy for pancreatic head tumours: a feasibility planning study Alessandra Arcelli Received Received
  1650-EP IMRT versus VMAT for breast: a dosimetric point of view suresh moorthy Received Received
  1652-EP A planning study of dose escalation FET PET active gliomas by IMRT, VMAT and IMPT Anne Holm Received Received
  1654-EP Robustness to set-up errors for treatment plans for superficial tumors in head and neck radiotherapy Duncan den Boer Received Received
  1655-EP VMAT FFF irradiation in deep inspiration breath hold Julien Demoucron Received Received
  1657-EP DVH analysis automation in Tomotherapy Maria Esperanza Perez Alvarez Received Received
  1658-EP Comparing of two different techniques for WBRT with SIB for patients with single brain metastasis Alaattin zen Received Received
  1659-EP Is VMAT better than field-in-field technique in simultaneous integrated boost for breast cancer? HSIN-HUA LEE Received Received
  1660-EP VMAT Planning and Delivery for Total Marrow Irradiation Stephanie Houghton Received Received
  1661-EP Comparison of treatment planning techniques for brain tumour radiotherapy Gillian Cooke Received Received
  1662-EP Comparison of VMAT for single fraction lung cancer radiotherapy with and without flattening filter Sara Barbiero Received Received
  1663-EP A tool for collision prediction in linac-based intracranial radiosurgery planning Tony Felefly Received Received
  1664-EP Comparison between intensity modulation techniques in prostate cancer treatment simona fondelli Received Received
  1665-EP Scalp-Sparing focal radiotherapy for gliomas using VMAT or Helical Tomotherapy: a feasibility study Silvia Scoccianti Received Received
  1666-EP A modified left-sided breast cancer irradiation in Tomotherapy: comparison to hybrid-IMRT technique CHIUNG-LIEN KUO Received Received
  1671-EP Stereotactic body radiotherapy for early-stage lung cancer with flattening filter free beams Jiyong Zhang Received Received
  1672-EP mARC vs. IMRT treatment of prostate and head-and-neck cancer with flat and FFF energies Yvonne Dzierma Received Received
  1673-EP Hippocampal-sparing radiotherapy for glioblastoma patients using the VMAT technique Jan Hofmaier Received Received
  1674-EP Should VMAT be routinely applied to treat sacral bone metastases? viacheslav soyfer Received Received
  1675-EP Total body irradiation with Tomotherapy Luc SIMON Received Received
  1676-EP Sparing potential of scanned protons for the treatment of internal mammary nodes in breast radiotherapy Alexandru Dasu Received Received
  1677-EP Comparison of different techniques in lung SABR using VMAT with deep inspiration breath hold NAMIK KAYALILAR Received Received
  1678-EP VMAT in locally advanced lung cancer; does it add benefit? Moustafa AL Daly Received Received
  1680-EP Treatment planning of stereotactic radiosurgery for single brain metastases: impact of leaf width Emmy Lamers Received Received
  1681-EP A treatment planning strategy for SBRT of multiple T1-2 lung tumors Angela Tijhuis Received Received
  1682-EP Breast and regional lymph nodes RT: V-MAT/RapidArc and Tomotherapy comparison Mariacarla Valli Received Received
  1683-EP Left breast IMRT with SIB: a user improved technique to reduce heart and lung dose Stefania Naccarato Received Received
  1686-EP Frameless radiosurgery in brain metastasis with Tomotherapy: a comparison toward dosimetric index Alberto Ciarmatori Received Received
  1687-EP Improving target dose homogeneity in intensity-modulated radiotherapy for sinonasal cancer Jia-Yang Lu Received Received
  1688-EP Evaluation of Automatic Brain Metastasis Planning for multiple brain metastasis Yoshimasa Mori Received Received
  1689-EP Which Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB) Technique is Dosimetrically Superior in the Treatment of Breast Cancer; Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) or Fixed Field (FF) IMRT? STEVEN MURPHY Received Received
  1691-EP A planning approach for lens sparing proton craniospinal irradiation in pediatric patients Nicola Bizzocchi Received Received
  1693-EP Constant dose rate VMAT and step-and-shoot IMRT in head and neck cancer: a comparative plan analysis Annamaria Didona Received Received
  1694-EP Angle-restricted tomotherapy to reduce the risk of heart for left-sided breast cancer patients Hsin-Pei Yeh Received Received
  1695-EP Dosimetric comparison of Helical Tomotherapy and VMAT for endometrial cancer Aysen Dizmen Received Received
  1696-EP Can we increase the dose with particle therapy versus IMRT? A dosimetric study for sinonasal cancer Anna Cavallo Received Received
  1697-EP Evaluating patient dose difference in case of linac transfer under treatment Aurélien Vasseur Received Received
  1698-EP New sliding window IMRT planning design for head and neck patients with dental prostheses. Miguel Lopez Sanchez Received Received
  1699-EP 10MV un-flattened photon beams in prostate and pelvic node VMAT SABR; is the high energy necessary? Sarah Osman Received Received
  1700-EP SRS Treatment Planning for Multiple Cranial Metastasis with a Single Isocentre Approach using VMAT Bill Rebecca Received Received
  1701-EP VMAT or IMRT- what is better solution in sparing bone marrow in WPRT of patients after prostatectomy Maria Poncyljusz Received Received
  1702-EP Cardiac dose evaluation in left breast cancer radiotherapy: Direct and Helical Tomotherapy Alessandra Fozza Received Received
  1703-EP The usefulness of VMAT in patients irradiated to the chest wall after left-sided mastectomy Mateusz Spalek Received Received
  1705-EP Dosimetric comparison (VMAT and 3DCRT) in breast cancer with regional nodes and SIB of the tumor bed Alvaro Seguro Received Received
  1706-EP Evaluation of different radiosurgical planning techniques using iPlan Clara Navarro Received Received
  1707-EP Tomotherapy Dose Painting hypofractionated treatments on GBM based on DW-MRI: a feasibility study. Matteo Orlandi Received Received
  1708-EP Re-irradiation of pelvic sidewall disease: comparing normalisation techniques for stereotactic RT Megan Llewelyn Received Received
  1709-EP Comparison of IMRT and VMAT plan quality for hypofractionated post-mastectomy chest wall irradiation Edyta Dabrowska Received Received
  1710-EP Use of FFF beams for SBRT treatments: impact of the size of the PTV? Laure Vieillevigne Received Received
  1711-EP To revise helical irradiation of the total skin HITS as completed-HITS in cutaneous lymphoma patient Hui-Ju Tien Received Received
  1712-EP Increased tumour control probability (TCP) with inhomogeneous dose escalated distributions in NSCLC Cathy Fleming Received Received
  1713-EP Dose-volume analysis of genitourinary toxicity in 3-D conformal radiotherapy for prostate cancer PAOLO BAGALA Received Received
  1714-EP Hyper- versus hypofractionated radiotherapy in a radioresistant head and neck cancer model Loredana Marcu Received Received
  1715-EP A Neural Network predictions and follow-up toxicity correlation to validate re-planning during RT Nicola Maffei Received Received
  1717-EP Impact of radiation induced cell death kinetics on reoxygenation and tumour response. Araceli Gago-Arias Received Received
  1718-EP Estimation of tumor radio-sensitivity using mathematical models and analysis of the oxygenation role Antonella Belfatto Received Received
  1719-EP Radiobiology based head & neck cancer protocol (FAMOSO) combining accelerated RT and EGFr inhibitor Marta Cremonesi Received Received
  1720-EP Impact of Contouring Variability on Tumour Control and Normal Tissue Toxicity in Liver SBRT Maxwell Robinson Received Received
  1721-EP Feature extraction from duodenal dose surface maps to predict toxicity in pancreatic chemoradiation Alon Witztum Received Received
  1723-EP Radiobiological analysis of rib fracture incidence in lung SABR Antony Carver Received Received
  1724-EP Model-based effect estimates reduce sample-size requirements in randomized trials of proton therapy Ane Appelt Received Received
  1725-EP Predictors of diarrhea after whole-pelvis post-prostatectomy radiotherapy Carla Sini Received Received
  1726-EP Biological modelling to identify proton therapy candidates in focal boosting of prostate tumours Jesper Pedersen Received Received
  1728-EP Dose individualisation through biologically-based treatment planning for prostate cancer patients Elisabetta Gargioni Received Received
  1729-EP The impact of CBCT-imaging and verification time on prostate motion using 4D TPUS Clarity system Eric Pang Received Received
  1730-EP Clinical evaluation of new approach for determining ITV target volume in NSCLC treated with 4D SABR xiadong li Received Received
  1731-EP Changes of the intra-fraction prostate motion errors in the initial phase of 3DCRT and IMRT for prostate cancer patients HIROYASU TAMAMURA Received Received
  1732-EP Quantitative estimation of gamma passing rates from characteristics of respiratory motion Mitsuhiro Nakamura Received Received
  1733-EP Deep inspiration breath-hold technique using an Arduino Pedro Gallego Franco Received Received
  1734-EP Radical and postoperative IGRT for prostate cancer: intrafraction variation analysis and CTV-PTV margin determination in a newly opened radiation therapy department Corrado Italia Received Received
  1735-EP Impact of respiratory motion on breast tangential radiotherapy using the field-in-field technique Hidekazu Tanaka Received Received
  1736-EP The quantitative measurement of liver motion in CT during respiration Yu-Lun Tsai Received Received
  1737-EP Intrafraction motion and ITV dose coverage in thoracic SBRT: preliminary analysis of 101 CBCT images Paolo Antognoni Received Received
  1738-EP The impact of active breath control on IMN coverage in left sided post-mastectomy breast patients aisling barry Received Received
  1739-EP Deep inspiration breath hold with AlignRT in 3D conformal mediastinal radiotherapy for lymphoma Jessica Brady Received Received
  1742-EP The first clinical implementation of audiovisual biofeedback in liver cancer SBRT Sean Pollock Received Received
  1743-EP Analysis of the deviation of lung tumour displacement caused by different breathing patterns Gisela Hrtgen Received Received
  1744-EP Evaluation of the clinical accuracy of the robotic respiratory tracking system Mitsuhiro Inoue Received Received
  1745-EP Radiotherapy in breast cancer with voluntary deep-inspiration breath-hold using BrainLab Exactrac Edy Ippolito Received Received
  1746-EP Stereo/monoscopic motion tracking of the prostate using room-mounted x-ray image guidance Tynan Stevens Received Received
  1748-EP An experimental comparison of advanced respiratory motion management techniques Stefanie Ehrbar Received Received
  1750-EP Monitoring of intra-fraction prostate motion with a new 4D ultrasound device Marie-Claude Biston Received Received
  1751-EP Time-resolved analysis of Varian RPM-gated exposures on three versions of Truebeam linac Raymond King Received Received
  1752-EP A study of suitable conditions for stereotactic radiation therapy using VMAT for lung cancer Kazuki Kubo Received Received
  1753-EP Intrafraction setup variability for breast Helical Tomotherapy Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  1754-EP The accuracy of ExacTrac X-ray intra-fraction verification at arbitrary couch rotation angles Danique, DLJ Barten Received Received
  1755-EP Visualization of respiratory and cardiac motion via TomoTherapy exit detector fluence Nathan Corradini Received Received
  1756-EP Differential motion of adjacent lung tumours eligible for SBRT with a single isocentre Maddalena Maria Giovanna Rossi Received Received
  1758-EP Cyberknife Stereotactic Radiation Therapy for lung cancer: role of the LOT simulation. Isa Bossi Zanetti Received Received
  1760-EP Correlation and directional stability of principal component of respiratory motion in the lung Hideki Hanazawa Received Received
  1761-EP Assessment of motion mitigation and setup monitoring in gating treatments with accelerated particles Andrea Pella Received Received
  1762-EP Impact of physiological breathing motion for breast cancer radiotherapy with proton beam scanning Alexandru Dasu Received Received
  1763-EP Experimental analysis of interplay effects in flattening filter free VMAT treatment techniques Tobias Gauer Received Received
  1764-EP development and validation of a tool to evaluate prostate motion due to patients breathing Costanza Maria Vittoria Panaino Received Received
  1765-EP Monitoring of intra-fraction eye motion during proton radiotherapy of intraocular tumors Riccardo Via Received Received
  1766-EP Factors Influencing Intrafraction Variation in Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Mikel Rico Received Received
  1767-EP Deep Inspiration Breath Hold a promising technique in patients with left-sided breast cancer. Piotr Mezenski Received Received
  1768-EP Dosimetric impact of tumor motion in SBRT lung VMAT treatments for 6MV and 6MV-FFF using EBT3 film. Drita Elezaj Received Received
  1769-EP Evaluation of the intra-fraction patient movement for SBRT treatments in our Institution Daniel Martínez Rodríguez Received Received
  1770-EP Predictive modeling of respiratory lung motion using single-phase CT and finite-element analysis Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi Received Received
  1771-EP Biological consequences of dynamic dose interplay in VMAT SBRT lung treatments Maria Sjlin Received Received
  1772-EP Comparison of dynamic 2D MRI with 4DCT lung tumor volumes for accurate real time imaging on a linac-MR Sarah Baker Received Received
  1774-EP A novel phantom for dosimetric verification of gated SIB radiotherapy treatment plans Dima Soultan Received Received
  1776-EP Assessment of setup uncertainties in modulated treatments for various tumour sites Emmily Sandrini Received Received
  1777-EP MRT investigation of prostate and lymph nodes movements: implications on planning target volume? Ulrika Bjreland Received Received
  1778-EP On the feasibility of performing a 3D-scan with your own smartphone Pedro Gallego Received Received
  1779-EP Margins to compensate for deformity of the prostate/seminal vesicle in IGRT using fiducial-markers Yasushi Hamamoto Received Received
  1783-EP Translational and rotational set-up uncertainties in Head and Neck cancer treatments using CBCT MARIANNA TRIGNANI Received Received
  1784-EP Effect of body mass index on setup errors in patients treated with pelvic image guided radiotherapy Zumre Alicikus Received Received
  1785-EP Comparison of setup errors and comfort levels of two immobilisation systems for the treatment of head and neck cancer damodara kumaran Received Received
  1787-EP View of interest of automatic registration for CBCT localization of head and neck cancer Cédric Draulans Received Received
  1788-EP Accurate and stable immobilisation with Lorca Marin masks for head and neck IMRT verified by IGRT Isabel Prieto Received Received
  1789-EP Immobilization and dosimetric performance of a MRI compatible frame for Head & Neck patients ALBERTO PEREZ-ROZOS Received Received
  1790-EP Assessment of Uterine Fundus Coverage with IGRT using daily CBCT in cervical cancer ZEYNEP OZEN Received Received
  1791-EP Improving patient posture reproducibility by using the predicted couch position and tight tolerances Willy de Kruijf Received Received
  1793-EP Analysis of setup error in patients affected by oropharyngeal cancer treated with tomotherapy Pierluigi Bonomo Received Received
  1794-EP Quantification of stomach movement using CBCT images Rhys Carrington Received Received
  1795-EP Evaluation of CBCT protocols in craniospinal RT for pediatric medulloblastoma:a preliminary study Eugenia Madon Received Received
  1796-EP Definition of thresholds to detect anatomy changes using Delivery Analysis software for Tomotherapy. Catherine DEJEAN Received Received
  1797-EP Pelvic lymph node PTV margins in prostate IMRT Loig Duvergé Received Received
  1798-EP Is there a true dosimetric improvement in lung SBRT using a 6-Degree of Freedom couch in IGRT era? Sebastiano Menna Received Received
  1799-EP 3, 5 or 7 fractions with no image guidance in moderately hypofractionated prostate treatments Rocío Bermúdez Luna Received Received
  1800-EP Setup verification for breast cancer RT: Manual and automatic match of EPID images compared to CBCT Ebbe Lorenzen Received Received
  1801-EP Management of inter-fraction patient movement for SBRT treatments without an on-site 3D imaging. Francisco Candela-Rodríguez Received Received
  1802-EP Mechanical sag patterns of the cone-beam CT imaging system of Elekta linear accelerators Sune Jrg Zimmermann Zimmermann Received Received
  1803-EP An immobilization device-based procedure to predict couch coordinates and set-up tolerance levels CRISTINA CAMACHO LOPEZ Received Received
  1804-EP A comparative analyse of prostate positioning guided by transperineal 3D ultrasound and cone beam CT Minglun Li Received Received
  1805-EP Design and testing of the Rotating Whole-Body Linac-MRI Hybrid System B. Gino Fallone Received Received
  1806-EP A novel predictive approach to quantify parotids warping using SIS epidemic model Nicola Maffei Received Received
  1807-EP Replanning effects in Tomotherapy treatment using dose accumulation and dose deformation strategies Alberto Ciarmatori Received Received
  1808-EP A biological modeling based comparison of two strategies for adaptive radiotherapy of bladder cancer Lotte Lutkenhaus Received Received
  1810-EP Dose uncertainties due to inter-fractional anatomical changes for carbon ion therapy Denis Panizza Received Received
  1811-EP Accuracy of dose calculations on CBCT scans of lung cancer patients using a vendor-specific approach Mariska de Smet Received Received
  1814-EP Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy using Gamma Knife Icon with adaptive re-planning (a-gkFSRT) Florian Stieler Received Received
  1815-EP Towards adaptive Tomotherapy: planning CT to MVCT deformable image registration for dose calculation Marco Branchini Received Received
  1816-EP A hybrid approach for head-neck cancer using on-line image guidance and off-line adaptive planning Ms Roopam Srivastava Received Received
  1817-EP Dosimetric evaluation of new method for patient specific CBCT scan calibration Andrea Fidanzio Received Received
  1818-EP Using ROIs projected on EPID as a predictor of plan deterioration due to anatomical changes Ophelie PIRON Received Received
  1819-EP Plan of the Day is the optimal approach to address organ motion for cervical cancer IMRT Rashmi Jadon Received Received
  1820-EP On the use of deformable image registration to evaluate the need to perform ART in head and neck cancer Paula Delgado Received Received
  1821-EP Adaptive external radiation therapy of cervical cancerwith different uterine fundus positions Anne Beate Langeland Marthinsen Received Received
  1822-EP Limits and potentialities of the use of CBCT for dose calculation in adaptive radiotherapy Silvia Meroni Received Received
  1823-EP Characterization of kV- and MV-CBCT for personalized adaptive treatment therapy on RayStation TPS Aniko Balazs Received Received
  1824-EP A new strategy approach for dose tracking and novel radiobiological models for adaptive radiotherapy Silvia Strolin Received Received
  1825-EP Delivered dose determination in large organ deformations:Pre-requirement for adaptive RT for LACC. Akos Gulyban Received Received
  1826-EP An empirical post-reconstruction method for beam hardening correction in CT reconstruction BIN YANG Received Received
  1827-EP Dual energy Computed Tomography based tissue characterisation for Radiotherapy treatment planning Nada Tomic Received Received
  1828-EP Liver SBRT: benefits from breath-triggered MRI in treatment position for accurate lesion contouring Laure Parent Received Received
  1829-EP Evaluation of metal artifact reduction (MAR) algorithm for patients with a bilateral hip implant Aurelie MOREL Received Received
  1830-EP Comparison of the MRI sequences in ideal fiducial maker-based radiotherapy for prostate cancer Osamu Tanaka Received Received
  1831-EP Inter-physician variability in delineation of clinical target volume of uterine cervical carcinoma Young Seok Kim Received Received
  1832-EP Improved 4DCT quality using true phase based triggers Philipp Freislederer Received Received
  1833-EP Improved proton stopping power ratio estimation for a deformable 3D dosimeter using Dual Energy CT Vicki Taasti Received Received
  1834-EP Towards MRI-only radiotherapy planning: patch-based method for generation of brain pseudo-CT Souha Aouadi Received Received
  1835-EP Dosimetric Effect of Metal Artifact Reduction Function by Different Dose Calculation Algorithms for H&N Radiotherapy PARK JUYOUNG Received Received
  1836-EP HU to electron density conversion with virtual monochromatic images generated by dual-energy CT Víctor González Pérez Received Received
  1837-EP Impact on patient positioning using four CT datasets for image registration with CBCTs in lung SBRT Markus Oechsner Received Received
  1839-EP exploiting planning CT data for accurate WEPL on CBCT reconstructions used in adaptive radiotherapy Jonathan Mason Received Received
  1840-EP Motion artifacts in 4DCT: frequency and correlation with breathing pattern Marco Valenti Received Received
  1841-EP Dose comparison study for CT and MR-only prostate IMRT treatment planning Matteo Maspero Received Received
  1842-EP A dosimetric analysis of MRI only radiotherapy treatment planning for the brain Edmund Goodwin Received Received
  1843-EP Synthetic CT calculation from low-field MRI: feasibility of an MRI-only workflow for glioblastoma RT Nicole Nesvacil Received Received
  1844-EP Feasibility of generating mid-position CT from 4DCT using commercial deformable registration systems Marcel van Herk Received Received
  1845-EP Integration of 7T MRI into image-guided radiotherapy of glioblastoma: a feasibility study Inge Compter Received Received
  1846-EP Pseudo-CT generation from T1 and T2-weighted brain MRI based on a localised correlation approach Christoph Speier Received Received
  1847-EP Comparison of stopping power estimators from dual-energy computed tomography for proton therapy Gloria Vilches Freixas Received Received
  1848-EP Dual-energy CT for range prediction in proton and ion therapy Christian Mhler Received Received
  1849-EP Validation of Synthetic CTs for MR-only planning of Brain Cancer Carri Glide-Hurst Received Received
  1852-EP Predictive role of FDG-PET/CT image-derived parameters in locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer Sara Broggi Received Received
  1853-EP Correlation between biomarkers derived from PET/CT and diffusion-weighted MRI in esophageal cancer Lucas Goense Received Received
  1855-EP Computed tomography lung texture changes due to radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer Justyna Chalubinska-Fendler Received Received
  1856-EP Predictive factors based on textural features reliability of patient classification Uffe Bernchou Received Received
  1857-EP Multi-parametric MRI at 3.0 Tesla for the Prediction of Treatment Response in Rectal Cancer Trang Pham Received Received
  1858-EP Variation of apparent diffusion coefficient in penile bulb after radiotherapy Paola Volonghi Received Received
  1859-EP Tumor control assessment on cervical lymph nodes using texture analysis on CT and T2w-MRI images Elisa Scalco Received Received
  1860-EP PET/MR in radiation oncology how to correct for attenuation caused by flat table top? Piotr Andrzejewski Received Received
  1861-EP Effect of respiratory motion on extracted textural features in tumour CT images Sheaka Alobaidli Received Received
  1862-EP Impact of 4DPET/CT on normal tissue sparing for SBRT of central lung tumors Sonja Adebahr Received Received
  1863-EP Radiomics in the CT perfusion maps robustness study Marta Nesteruk Received Received
  1864-EP A 18FDG-PET texture analysis study on early stage Hodgkin Lymphoma patient outcome prediction Giacomo Feliciani Received Received
  1865-EP DCE-CT lung tumour and aorta enhancement: is it an appropriate input vessel for kinetic modelling? Matthew La Fontaine Received Received
  1867-EP Dosimetric comparison between jaw tracking and static jaw modes in volumetric-modulated arc therapy YI-TING HSIEH Received Received
  1868-EP Standardization of amino-acid PET windowing for GTV definition in recurrent glioblastoma Focus on normal tissue Oliver Oehlke Received Received
  1869-EP Metabolic response between primary tumor and lymph nodes in NSCLC patients during treatment course Natascha Bruin Received Received
  1870-EP Improving Tumor Response Assessment using DWMRI corrected by reversed gradient method and DCEMRI Antonio Lopez Medina Received Received
  1871-EP Optimization of gross tumour volume definition in lung-sparing VMAT for pleural mesothelioma Angela Botticella Received Received
  1873-EP Multimodality functional imaging for characterizing tumour volume Antonio Lopez Medina Received Received
  1874-EP Effective radiosensitivity maps of early tumour responsiveness based on repeated FDG PET scans Marta Lazzeroni Received Received
  1875-EP Correlation between MRI-based hyper-perfused areas and tumor recurrence in high-grade gliomas Isabelle Chabert Received Received
  1876-EP An image-based method to quantify biomechanical properties of the rectum in RT of prostate cancer Oscar Casares-Magaz Received Received
  1877-EP Lung cancer textural analysis: to contrast or not to contrast? Nicola Dinapoli Received Received
  1878-EP Feasibility of gel phantoms in MRI for the assessment of kurtosis for prostate brachytherapy Ziyafer Gizem Portakal Received Received
  1879-EP Difference between PET and RMI fusion on delineation variability for liver metastases ronan tanguy Received Received
  1880-EP Validation of the use of digital camera for the prediction of skin toxicity in breast radiotherapy Matteo Poli Received Received
  1881-EP Diffusion MRI predicts radiotherapy response in brain metastases Faisal Mahmood Received Received
  1882-EP Brain Connectivity Changes in the Presence of a Glioblastoma Noora Tuovinen Received Received
  1883-EP Functional Brain Connectivity in Glioblastoma Patients Pre- and Post-Radiotherapy Noora Tuovinen Received Received
  1884-EP Voxel based topological PET SUV changes of bone marrow for LACC RT effect on hematological toxicity Akos Gulyban Received Received
  1885-EP Novel algorithm for IVIM MRI in cancer patients: comparison to pCASL MRI Sonja Stieb Received Received
  1886-EP The feasibility of atlas-based automatic segmentation of MRI for H&N radiotherapy planning Richard Speight Received Received
  1888-EP Accuracy and limitations of deformable image registration with SmartAdapt in the thorax region Sebastian Sarudis Received Received
  1889-EP Quality assurance of image registration algorithms using synthetic CT/MRI/PET datasets ALBERTO PEREZ-ROZOS Received Received
  1890-EP Accurate organs at risk contour propagation in head and neck adaptive radiotherapy TianTian Zhai Received Received
  1891-EP Determination of physical body outline in relation to outline visualisation in MRI for RT planning Steffen Weiss Received Received
  1892-EP Using deformable image registration to integrate diagnostic MRI into the planning pathway for H&N Cancer Robert Chuter Received Received
  1893-EP Automatic Contouring of Soft Organs for Image-guided Prostate Radiotherapy Xiaohao Cai Received Received
  1894-EP Evaluation of a novel method for automatic segmentation of rectum on daily MVCT prostate images Marina Romanchikova Received Received
  1895-EP Towards adaptive radiotherapy: a new registration-segmentation framework for focal prostate cancer Bill Nailon Received Received
  1896-EP An atlas based auto-contouring technique incorporating interobserver variation Lauren Bell Received Received
  1897-EP Construction of a virtual T1-weighted 4D MRI: a feasibility study Chiara Paganelli Received Received
  1898-EP A workflow for automatic QA of contour propagation for adaptive radiotherapy William Beasley Received Received
  1899-EP Evaluation of SEMAC MRI metal artifact reduction for orthopaedic implants in radiotherapy planning Maria A Schmidt Received Received
  1900-EP Geometric accuracy of MRI for stereotactic radiosurgery planning of Acoustic Neuromas at 3 Tesla Maria A Schmidt Received Received
  1901-EP Patient-specific deformable image registration quality assurance based on feature points Peter Park Received Received
  1902-EP Impact of image quality on DIR performances: results from a Multi-Institutional study Gianfranco Loi Received Received
  1903-EP Application of the Enhanced ChainMail Algorithm for Image Registration in Adaptive Radiotherapy Kathrin Bartelheimer Received Received
  1904-EP Virtual CT for adaptive prostate radiotherapy based on CT-CBCT deformable image registration Francisco Roberto Cassetta Junior Received Received
  1905-EP Feasibility of automatic contour propagation of spinal bone metastases for online MR-Linac treatment Gonda Sikkes Received Received
  1906-EP Importance of true cord delineation in spine SBRT and rigid vs. deformable MRI-to-CT registration Lee Goddard Received Received
  1907-EP Accuracy of software-assisted contour propagation from planning CT to cone-beam CT in head and neck Christian Hvid Received Received
  1908-EP An image processing technique for simulating CT image sets for assessment of DIR-based dose-warping accuracy Jeremy Supple Received Received
  1909-EP Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Thoracic CBCT Image Quality for Multiple Imaging Systems Matthew Williams Received Received
  1910-EP Evaluation of diffusion-weighted imaging properties of a RT-specific positioning solution for PET/MR imaging René Winter Received Received
  1911-EP Evaluating the effect of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles doped with Gadolinium on dose enhancement factor Nooshin Banaee Received Received
  1912-EP The mechanism research of radio-dynamic treatment Quanshi Zhang Received Received
  1913-EP National automated collection of standardised and population-based radiation therapy data in Sweden Tufve Nyholm Received Received
  1914-EP Nationwide audit of small fields output calculations in Poland Wojciech Bulski Received Received
  1915-EP Development of video based quality assurance system for the medical linear accelerator Jungsuk Shin Received Received
  1916-EP The IROC Houston QA Centers international activities outside North America David Followill Received Received
  1917-EP Measurements of reactive oxygen species production induced by gold nanoparticles in radiotherapy sonja visentin Received Received
  1918-EP Radiotherapy quality assurance in the TREC trial Natalie L Abbott Received Received
  1919-EP A cost-effective and fast end-to-end test for treatment accuracy evaluation André Wopereis Received Received
  1920-EP Harmonising clinical trials QA group reports on phantom measurements around the globe Catharine Clark Received Received
  1921-EP Novalis certification of stereotactic radiation therapy programs: methodology and current status James Robar Received Received
  1922-EP Comparing MLC positioning errors in Clinac and Truebeam Linacs by analysing log files Jose Olasolo Received Received
  1923-EP Regular assessment of isocentre and positioning accuracy in image guided stereotactic radiotherapy Christian Heinz Received Received
  1924-EP Implementation of a safety checklist to improve quality and safety of physician plan review process Luis Fong de los Santos Received Received
  1925-EP Online open source software to assess adverse events of patients undergoing radiochemotherapy Alexander Henry Thieme Received Received
  1926-EP Hybrid of cloud computing and workstations for radiotherapy planning Lian Zou Received Received
  1927-EP Practical dosimetry solutions to enhance cell biology studies Natalka Suchowerska Received Received
  1928-EP Demonstrating imaging and dosimetric equivalence for Nano-X: a gantry-less real-time image-guided adaptive radiotherapy machine Ilana Feain Received Received
  1929-EP Characterisation of a gridded electron gun in magnetic fields: implications for MRI-Linac therapy Brendan Whelan Received Received
  1930-EP Cancer patient experience of slow, single arc rotation to simplify radiation therapy delivery Brendan Whelan Received Received
  1932-EP Quality assurance in implementing a national dose escalation trial in NSCLC report from NARLAL2 Tine Bjoern Nielsen Received Received
  1933-EP End-to-end dosimetric audit comparison of TLD and lithium formate EPR dosimetry Emelie Adolfsson Received Received
  1934-EP Event reporting and learning in radiotherapy: Evaluation over 4 years MOLLA meritxell Received Received
  1935-EP Impact of standardised codes of practice and associated audit on radiotherapy dosimetry over 20 years Matthew Bolt Received Received
  1936-EP Dose plan quality in the DBCG HYPO trial: an evaluation based on all treatment plans in the study Mette Skovhus Thomsen Received Received
  1937-EP UK stereotactic ablative radiotherapy trials normal tissue dose constraints tolerance consensus Gerard Hanna Received Received
  1938-EP Evaluation of pre-treatment verification for hyperthermia treatment plans Dietmar Marder Received Received
  1939-EP An optimal grid block design for spatially fractionated radiation therapy Somayeh Gholami Received Received
  1940-EP Individual cases review in KROG-0806 study Phase&8546; randomized trial for breast cancer patients Jeongmin Yoon Received Received
  1941-EP Assessment of variation in planning benchmark case for ABC-07 trial of liver SBRT David Eaton Received Received
  1943-EP Implications of gold nanoparticles used for dose enhancement in proton radiotherapy Reem Ahmad Received Received
  1944-EP Lessons from the findings of 31 QUATRO audits in Europe Joanna Izewska Received Received
  1945-EP Plan submission comparison for commissioning of spinal and nodal SABR for oligometastases Rushil Patel Received Received
  1946-EP Small animal irradiation by using Tomotherapy: dosimetric and preclinical results Anna Miranti Received Received
  1947-EP Evaluation of dosimetric properties of 3D printed flat bolus for external beam radiotherapy Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  1948-EP Multicentre comparison for small field dosimetry using the new silicon diode RAZOR Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  1949-EP Developing a Radiotherapy Quality Assurance programme as part of the HIPPO trial (NCT02147028) Daniel Megias Received Received
  1950-EP Monte Carlo dose calculation of Viewray hybrid MRI-Co60 radiotherapy system: a repeatability study Elisa Placidi Received Received
  1951-EP An international multi-institutional planning study for spine stereotactic body radiotherapy Hiroshi Tanaka Received Received
  1952-EP Monte-Carlo calculation of the secondary electron spectra inside and around gold nanoparticles Elisabetta Gargioni Received Received
  1953-EP Patient Safety & Quality Control Working Group of the Spanish Society of Radiation Oncology. Pardo Jose Received Received
  1954-EP Quality of Contouring in Radiation Oncology Where to draw the line? Shalini Vinod Received Received
  1955-EP Teaching radiation interactions and dosimetry through Monte Carlo simulations: VisualMC Colin Baker Received Received
  1956-EP Twitter as a tool for radiotherapy medical education: The radonc Journal Club Richard Simcock Received Received
  1957-EP Partial breast irradiation with brachy- and teletherapy: comparative dosimetry of treatment plans Gábor Stelczer Received Received
  1960-EP Exclusive brachytherapy of vaginal cuff: ethical considerations on quality of life after treatment Fabrizio Piro Received Received
  1961-EP Factors influencing the risk of uterus perforation in high-dose rate tridimensional brachytherapy Lucas Sapienza Received Received
  1962-EP CT-based optimisation of single source line HDR vaginal vault brachytherapy: a dosimetric study isabelle barillot Received Received
  1963-EP Dosimetric evaluation of image guided brachytherapy using tandem- ovoid and tandem- ring applicators RAMYA RANGARAJAN Received Received
  1964-EP Measurement of vaginal dose with image guided vaginal vault brachytherapy Louise Bleakley Received Received
  1965-EP Quantification of CT planning scans assessing OAR doses when delivering vaginal vault brachytherapy Lindsay White Received Received
  1967-EP Preliminary results of a new brachytherapy schedule in postoperative endometrial carcinoma Angeles Rovirosa Received Received
  1968-EP Vaginal mucosal doses in the treatment of cervical cancer using HDR brachytherapy Dr. William Keough Received Received
  1969-EP High-dose-rate image-guided interstitial brachytherapy for recurrent cervical adenocarcinoma Ken Yoshida Received Received
  1970-EP Dose to organs at risk on CT versus MRI based brachytherapy for cervix cancer Kamal Akbarov Received Received
  1971-EP Result of IGBT for cervical cancer using ring applicator with Siriraj Ring Cap extension Pittaya Dankulchai Received Received
  1972-EP Application of adaptive brachytherapy in the treatment of cervical cancer in accelerated mode Olga Kravets Received Received
  1973-EP MRI-guided brachytherapy and 3D/IMRT radiotherapy for cervical carcinoma. A prospective study elena Villafranca Received Received
  1974-EP Application of the self-made applicator in brachytherapy for recurrent cervical cancer at vaginal Mingyuan He Received Received
  1975-EP 18FFDGPET guided brachytherapy for carcinoma of the uterine cervix Sofia Meregalli Received Received
  1976-EP Concomitant radio-chemotherapy and brachytherapy for advanced cervical cancer:outcomes and toxicity licia pollara Received Received
  1978-EP Individualized approach to brachytherapy in cervical cancer patient: a case report study. Barbara Helena Zobec Logar Received Received
  1979-EP Adyuvant vaginal brachytherapy whitout external beam radiotherapy for endometrial cancer Pilar Vargas Arrabal Received Received
  1980-EP Lower dose per fraction brachytherapy for patients with stage 1 endometrial cancer following surgery Jiyoung Kim Received Received
  1981-EP Comparing MRI- versus CT-based treatment planning in cervix cancer brachytherapy Wai Kwan Cheung Received Received
  1982-EP Adjuvant brachytherapy of the lip cancer after surgical resection Artur Chyrek Received Received
  1983-EP Intensity modulated perioperative interstitial HDR brachytherapy for recurrent neck metastases Tamer Soror Received Received
  1984-EP Interstitial brachytherapy for the isolated lymph node metastasis from different solid cancers He Mingyuan Received Received
  1985-EP Proposal to improve commissioning of HDR brachytherapy with results from the first 2 SagiNova units Antony Palmer Received Received
  1986-EP New design of brachytherapy water phantom for absolute dosimetry Vladimir Stesrbakov Received Received
  1987-EP Feasibility study of patient specific QA system for HDR brachytherapy in cervical cancer BORAM LEE Received Received
  1988-EP Calibration of ionisation well chambers at the Polish SSDL Wojciech Bulski Received Received
  1989-EP Dosimetry of the RIC-100 P32 brachytherapy source for the intraoperatiove treatment of spinal tumours Christopher Deufel Received Received
  1990-EP Comparison of dose optimisation methods for vaginal HDR brachytherapy with multichannel applicators Davide Cusumano Received Received
  1992-EP Design and characterization of a new HDR brachytherapy Valencia applicator for larger skin lesions Javier Vijande Received Received
  1993-EP Dose evaluation at organs at risk in vaginal cuff brachytherapy Judyta Wierci&324;ska Received Received
  1994-EP On the dosimetric effect of heterogeneities and finite patient dimensions on Co-60 HDR brachytherapy Kyveli Zourari Received Received
  1995-EP Potential OAR dose reduction with Fletcher shielded applicator and ACE algorithm for cervix brachy Caroline Jones Received Received
  1996-EP Post IVD verification and recalibration of MOSkins using a certified low dose emitting Sr-90 source Anna Romanyukha Received Received
  1997-EP Geometrical and source positioning accuracy verification of Varian HDR afterloader and applicators Chin Loon Ong Received Received
  1999-EP Comparison of intraoperatively linked and loose seed in prostate brachytherapy using sector analysis Norihisa Katayama Received Received
  2000-EP Template guided saturation biopsy of prostate: what is the optimal volume for brachytherapy? Sergey Vasilevich Received Received
  2001-EP Radical salvage brachytherapy (BT) for local recurrences after previou radiation treatment RODRIGUEZ VILLALBA SILVIA Received Received
  2002-EP Focal prostate brachytherapy: aspects of multi-modality registration and dosimetry feasibility Thomas BRUN Received Received
  2003-EP HDR brachytherapy in monotherapy of one fraction in patients with prostate cancer at low risk ANDREA CAROLINA ORDUZ ARENAS Received Received
  2004-EP Dose homogeneity constraints for urethra in LDR real-time prostate brachytherapy could diminish urinary morbidity Víctor González Pérez Received Received
  2005-EP Analysis of PSA kinetics after HDR brachytherapy in prostate cancer patients Wojciech Burchardt Received Received
  2006-EP IPSS time recovery in patients with prostate cancer after I-125 prostate brachytherapy Walter Vásquez Rivas Received Received
  2007-EP A multicenter study of exclusive brachytherapy in younger patients with prostate cancer elena Villafranca Received Received
  2008-EP Robustness of the OARs recommendations made by GEC/ESTRO according to inter-observer variability RODOLFO CHICAS SETT Received Received
  2009-EP Feasibility and early toxicity of HDR alone in pts with recurrent/locally advanced prostate cancer Salvatore Roberto Bellia Received Received
  2010-EP Audit OAR comparing nationally-adopted prostate seed technique with GEC-ESTRO and ABS guidelines. Caroline Sims Received Received
  2011-EP High-dose-rate brachytherapy combined with external beam radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer Shinji Kariya Received Received
  2012-EP Are there differences in quality prostate indicators among 9-Gy vs 15-Gy HDR brachytherapy boost? Ricardo Tortosa Received Received
  2013-EP Single fraction HDR BT boost using ultrasound plng for prostate cancer: dosimetrics and toxicity Maroie Barkati Received Received
  2014-EP Retrospective analysis of interstitial brachytherapy in gynecological and digestive tumours Carolina De la Pinta Received Received
  2015-EP Acute toxicity in HDR BT of skin cancer with very high viscosity addition silicone custom made molds Camilo José Sanz-Freire Received Received
  2016-EP A method to transform 2D LDR brachytherapy plans into contemporary 3D PDR dose distributions Emmy Rodenburg Received Received
  2017-EP High dose-rate endoluminal brachytherapy as a treatment of primary and recurrent esophageal cancer Nils Nicolay Received Received
  2018-EP Treatment with high dose rate plesiotherapy and custom moulds in skin cancer. Long term results Ismael Membrive Received Received
  2019-EP The safety and efficacy of external beam radiotherapy combined yttrium 90 SIRT Ti-Hao Wang Received Received
  2020-EP Vertical type surface brachytherapy applicator improvement with a 3d printed dose compensation body. Konrad Buchauer Received Received
  2021-EP Cosmesis and acute toxicity outcomes in skin lesions treated with High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy. Héctor Pérez-Montero Received Received
  2024-EP Optimising hyperthermia induced radiosensitisaion for treating HPV cervical tumours Arlene Leonie Oei Received Received
  2025-EP The potential role of gold nanoparticles in proton beam radiosurgery for arteriovenous malformations Aiman Nor Received Received
  2026-EP Effect of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase-1 inhibition on human soft tissue sarcoma cells radiosensitivity. Monica Mangoni Received Received
  2028-EP Dependence of dose enhancement on the cluster morphology of Gold Nano Particle in radiation therapy Sanghee Ahn Received Received
  2029-EP Feasibility study of Fe3O4/TaOx nano particles as a radiosensitiser for radiation therapy Sanghee Ahn Received Received
  2031-EP Research on p53 and endostatin gene-radiotherapy induced by EGFR-targeted adenovirus vector in NSCLC Ning Wu Received Received
  2032-EP Radiotherapy gets improved by a nanotechnology based enzyme therapy in glioblastoma primary cultures Luis Fernández Fornos Received Received
  2033-EP Combining Hedgehog inhibition with metformin to induce radiosensitization in prostate cancer cells Sofie Isebaert Received Received
  2034-EP Targeting hypoxic cancer cells by inhibition of checkpoint kinases ATR and CHK1 MRINAL JOEL Received Received
  2035-EP Internalization of iron nanoparticles by macrophages for the improvement of glioma treatment Solveig Reymond Received Received
  2036-EP A flow cytometry-based screen for compounds that increase S-phase damage after Wee1 inhibition Christian Naucke Received Received
  2037-EP Radiation-induced abscopal effect in normoxic and hypoxic conditions in lung adenocarcinoma Slavisa Tubin Received Received
  2038-EP Radiation-induced Abscopal effect in HORMONE-resistant and SENSITIVE prostate adenocarcinoma Slavisa Tubin Received Received
  2039-EP The impact of surgical wound fluids after IORT on the breast cancer stem cell phenotype Wiktoria Suchorska Received Received
  2040-EP Can pimonidazole be used to detect cycling hypoxia in tumours? Simon Bke Received Received
  2042-EP Meta-analysis: can amifostine reduce chemoradiotherapy and radiotherapy toxicity in advanced NSCLC? Annemarie Devine Received Received
  2048-EP Serum cytokines as a predictive factor in hepatoma patients treated with radiotherapy jinsil seong Received Received
  2049-EP Diffusion MRI for following tumor modifications after neoadjuvant radiotherapy Philippe Martinive Received Received
  2050-EP The assessment of fractal dimension with Dual Energy CT gives information on lung cancer biomarkers Víctor González Pérez Received Received
  2051-EP Is Hsp70 a tumor specific biomarker in primary glioblastoma multiforme patients? Friederike Lmmer Received Received
  2052-EP Expression of molecular biomarkers in wound drainage fluids: a pilot study in head and neck cancer Mariangela Sottili Received Received
  2053-EP In-vivo imaging of rat leukocytes redistribution after pelvic irradiation Fabio Benigni Received Received
  2055-EP Fibro-inflammatory circulating proteins as biomarkers for response in locally advanced rectal cancer Philippe Bulens Received Received
  2056-EP Preclinical investigation of hypoxia induced genes in different prostate cancer cell lines. Thomas Wittenborn Received Received
  2057-EP Radiotoxicity prediction by gene expression profiling when simulating therapy in matched fibroblasts Markus Schirmer Received Received
  2058-EP A novel multi-SNP model predictive of erectile dysfunction following radiotherapy in prostate cancer Jung Hun Oh Received Received
  2059-EP Changes in hypoxia in serial F-MISO/PET-CT during chemoradiation in HNSCC Hatice Bunea Received Received
  2060-EP Correlation of imaging data with known predictive/prognostic factors in Oropharyngeal cancer Joanna Lynch Received Received
  2061-EP Over-expression of EGFR and/or cox-2 in locally advanced squamous cervical cancer Mary Aylas Received Received
  2063-EP Apoptotic pathway activation in prostate neoplastic cells after 12 Gy-IORT Carla Pisani Received Received
  2064-EP Radiation induces metabolic switch to lactate production to support tumour cell survival Klaus Dittmann Received Received
  2066-EP Phospholipase Ce as a biomarker of prostate cancer radioresistance Anna Tyutyunnykova Received Received
  2067-EP The adhesion of tumor cells to endothelial cells is increased by photon irradiation Helmut Bhler Received Received
  2068-EP Effect of a 0.2 T magnetic field during radiation on DNA damage and repair in prostate cancer cells Sarah Baker Received Received
  2069-EP CDC73 deficiency: a syndrome with multiple tumours is predicted to show excessive radiosensitivity Rachel Lewis Received Received
  2070-EP Cell cycle analysis of γ-H2AX in irradiated normal or DNA-defective cells with image flow cytometry Rachel Lewis Received Received
  2072-EP Spatiotemporal dynamics of DNA damage in cells exposed to mixed beams of ionising radiation Beata Brzozowska Received Received
  2073-EP Angio/lymphangiogenic, inflammatory and immune responses in head and neck cancer: proton vs photon audrey claren Received Received
  2074-EP The comparison of properties for radiotherapy with flattening filter-free and flattening filter beam JangHyun Gu Received Received
  2075-EP Evaluation of conventional versus IMRT based Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation treatment planning Ester Holm Thgersen Received Received
  2076-EP Stereotactic body radiation therapy using Tomotherapy for refractory metastatic bone pain: case study Bruno Bosco Received Received
  2077-EP A decision protocol to propose proton versus photon radiotherapy: in silico comparison Abdulhamid Chaikh Received Received
  2078-EP PROSPECT: Phase 2 Rescanning of Seromas in Patients to Evaluate CTV reduction in breast cancer gillian smith Received Received
  2080-EP Redefining the possible: planning multiple complex head lesions using non-coplanar VMAT arcs Vicki Guy Received Received
  2081-EP Impact of baseline shifts on 4D cone-beam CT images using a 4D phantom driven by lung tumor motions Hiraku Moriwaki Received Received
  2082-EP Static beam tomotherapy (TD) as an optimisation method in whole breast radiation therapy (WBRT) Matthew Squires Received Received
  2083-EP Utilising flattening filter free (FFF) beams to reduce treatment delivery times for breast patients Monica Le Mottee Received Received
  2084-EP Risk assessment of secondary cancer after craniospinal radiotherapy in childhood medulloblastoma Francesca Maria Giugliano Received Received
  2085-EP Breast irradiation: Is the Isocenter fix ?Results of a Quality Control Study. Ilya Lvovich Received Received
  2086-EP Advantages of deep inspiration breath-hold (DIBH) in left sided breast cancer using 3D-CRT Anna Kalmar Received Received
  2087-EP Simultaneous Integrated Boost Bilateral breast cancer RT with Helical IMRT: How to manage it? Joao Rodrigues Received Received
  2088-EP CT and MRI fusion to minimize contouring uncertainties in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) planning Ivet Payanova Received Received
  2089-EP Comparison of target volumes for lower gastro-intestinal tumours using PET-CT and PET-MR images Julie Heywood Received Received
  2090-EP Accurate and stable immobilisation with Lorca Marin masks for head and neck IMRT treatment Amaia Ilundain Received Received
  2091-EP Establishment of diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for CT of the Head and Neck in radiation therapy and comparison with a European sample Laura Mullaney Received Received
  2092-EP Impact of treatment volumes in loco-regional failure of oral cancer in patients treated with IMRT Durim Delishaj