WFH 2018 World Congress


20-24 May 2018 Glasgow
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  0-W-P Evaluation on effects of early home treatment of bleeding in hemophilia patients Nguyen Thi Mai Received Received
  1-T-P Successful carrier identification by messenger RNA analysis for one hemophilia A family without found DNA mutations Chia-Yau Chang Received Received
  1-M-MP Severe bleeding diatheses in two patients with autoantibodies against factor XIII A subunit KRISZTINA PÉNZES Received Received
  1-LB-P Body mass index was found to be the best predictor for the pharmacokinetics of recombinant factor VIII Alison Plummer Received Received
  1-W-P Safety of long-term prophylaxis with BAY 94-9027: interim results of 5 years of treatment in the PROTECT VIII extension trial Ana Russell Received Received
  2-LB-P Combining Data from Hemophilia Registries; A Proof of Concept Study Mayss Naccache Received Received
  2-T-P Psychological profile of carriers and need for active genetic counseling for female family members of hemophilia. Hugh Kim Received Received
  3-T-P A mother of a sporadic hemophilia A patient was carrying two different mutations which were in different origin of X chromosome Keiko Shinozawa Received Received
  3-M-P An evaluation of hemostatic abnormalities in patients with hemophilia according to the activated partial thromboplastin time waveform Takeshi Matsumoto Received Received
  3-W-P Does the use of an online screening tool affect referral outcomes? Preliminary results of the Lets Talk Period project Julie Grabell Received Received
  4-M-P The result of Chinese acquired hemophilia registry(CARE):conditions and challenges Boyang Sun Received Received
  4-T-P Genetic evaluation of sporadic hemophilia through carrier diagnosis in Japan Keiko Shinozawa Received Received
  4-W-P Individualized prophylaxis can contribute to decreasing annualized bleeding ratio (ABR) in adult persons with hemophilia A Teruhisa Fujii Received Received
  5-W-P The correlation between overall haemostatic potential with bleeding severity in haemophilia A Danijela Mikovic Received Received
  6-W-P Platelet rich plasma for synovitis treatment: 1 year follow up Maria Landro Received Received
  6-T-P Managment of deliveries in carriers for haemophila A and low FVIII levels with recombinant FVIIIFc fusion protein Susan Halimeh Received Received
  7-W-P Demographics of haemophilia in the Ivory Coast in 2017. Data collection in the setting of the WFH twinning program. Catherine Lambert Received Received
  7-T-P Identification of and Recommendations for At-Risk Female Relatives of Pediatric Hemophilia Treatment Center Patients Katie Bergstrom Received Received
  7-M-P Acquired hemophilia A: a benign chronic disease? Filipa Santos Received Received
  8-T-P Characterization of hemophilia carrier status in women of childbearing age: the experience of the Hub Hemophilia Center of Parma (Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy) FEDERICA RICCARDI Received Received
  8-W-P Surgical prophylaxis using long acting factor concentrate in a cohort of haemophilia patients Aby Abraham Received Received
  9-W-P Continued benefit demonstrated with BAY 81-8973 prophylaxis in children with severe hemophilia A: interim analysis of the LEOPOLD Kids extension study Gili Kenet Received Received
  9-T-P The Differences Between Intracranial Hemorrhage in Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B and Its Outcome Basak Koc Received Received
  9-M-P Lessons from a systematic review of recombinant factor VIIa in acquired hemophilia Sharon Eastwood Received Received
  10-M-P Ischemic events are rare among ageing patients with hemophilia: results of a cross-sectional study from at centers treating hemophiliacs in Japan Azusa Nagao Received Received
  10-T-P Prevalence of adult-onset medical comorbidities in Korean Hemophliacs and active intervention via WEB-based monitoring Hugh Kim Received Received
  10-W-P BAY 94-9027 prophylaxis improves quality of life: Haemo-QoL-A data from the PROTECT VIII study Ana Russell Received Received
  11-M-P Pigs with Von Willebrand disease show altered expression of VEGF and VEGFR-2 in the gastrointestinal tract Carsten Detering Received Received
  11-T-P Comorbidities in hemophilia patients Anabela Aires Received Received
  11-W-P A prospective randomized double blind trial of celecoxib versus acetaminophen in haemophilic arthropathy Aby Abraham Received Received
  12-M-MP Reduced cardiovascular events in haemophilia - results from a 5 year prospective study Paul van der Valk Received Received
  12-T-MP Prevalence of depression and anxiety disorders in patients with hemophilia: A nationwide cohort study Yung-Chieh Huang Received Received
  12-W-P Efficacy of twice-weekly prophylaxis with BAY 81-8973 in Chinese patients with severe hemophilia A enrolled in the LEOPOLD II trial Ana Russell Received Received
  13-M-P The Association Between Hepatitis C and Elevated Blood Pressures in Patients with Hemophilia Richard Barnes Received Received
  13-W-MP mRNA Analysis and Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification in Hemophilia A Patients without Mutation in Genomic DNA Yeu-Chin Chen Received Received
  13-T-MP The WFH World Bleeding Disorders Registry Mayss Naccache Received Received
  14-T-P CBDR and MyCBDRAdvancing Hemophilia Nursing Practice in Canada Chris Czaniecki Received Received
  14-W-P Germline and somatic mosaicisms of factor VIII gene mutation identified in an asymptomatic grandfather Ming-Ching Shen Received Received
  14-M-P Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Patients with Haemophilia Ludmila Elhelou Received Received
  15-M-P Pulmonary vein isolation in patients with hemophilia or von Willebrand disease: A feasible option, but mind the groin. A case serie. Paul van der Valk Received Received
  15-W-P F8 and F9 gene mutations profile in haemophilia patients Margarida Antunes Received Received
  15-T-P Korea Hemophilia Foundation Registry Trends 1991-2016: Patient registry and demographics, with the changes of hemarthropathies, contagious diseases, and inhibitor incidence Soon Ki Kim Received Received
  16-T-P Development of a Prospective, Outcomes-Based Bleeding Disorders Registry: A Pilot Study Nur Insyirah Abdul Kadir Received Received
  16-M-P Coronary artery bypass surgery in patients with haemophilia B Theoni Kanellopoulou Received Received
  17-W-P Molecular genotyping of hemophilia C in Poland Edyta Odnoczko Received Received
  17-T-P A Retrospective Data Review of Haemophilia patients registered at Haemophilia centers across Czech Republic (CR) since the past 6 years Arun Jayarame Gowda Received Received
  17-M-P Reducing unnecessary coagulation testing in outpatients: A quality improvement project Fatima Khadadah Received Received
  18-M-P Study of fibrin clot ultrastructure of varying concentrations of FVIII deficient plasma using scanning electron microscopy Rachelle Li Received Received
  19-W-P Missense mutations and predicted effects on splicing in Factor XI deficiency FEDERICA RICCARDI Received Received
  20-M-P Use of High-Purity Factor X (Coagadex) for On-demand Treatment of Bleeding Episodes in Factor X Deficient Patients: Results from a Multicenter, Retrospective, Data Collection Study rick Kemmerer Received Received
  20-W-P Correlation between Genotype and Phenotype in Hispanic Patients with Hemophilia A Laura Villarreal Martinez Received Received
  21-M-P Recombinant FVIIa therapy for heavy menstrual bleedings in patient with severe FV deficiency ZHRE KAYA Received Received
  22-T-P Overview of severe Haemophilia A treatment from a single European Centre Eugénia Cruz Received Received
  22-W-MP Hemarthrosis in FVIII-Deficient Mice Causes Systemic Gene Expression Changes that are Improved with FVIII Prophylaxis Esther Cooke Received Received
  23-W-MP Effects of Prophylactic Clotting Factor Replacement on Synovial Gene Expression after Hemarthrosis in FVIII-Deficient Mice Esther Cooke Received Received
  23-M-MP Molecular Design of MG1121, a Novel vWF-Independent Long-Acting FVIII Injae Oh Received Received
  24-M-P Risk of inhibitor and purity of FVIII: the apparent paradox of plasma derived concentrates? Yves GUILLAUME Received Received
  25-T-P Evolution of Korea Hemophilia Foundation for twenty five years; role in hemophilia care in Korea Hwi-Joong Yoon Received Received
  25-W-P Investigating the genetic variations of antiphospholipid syndrome by high-throughput exome sequencing JI YOON KIM Received Received
  25-M-P Real-World expenditures associated with Prophylactic Factor IX replacement in Severe Hemophilia B patients in the US: A comparison between standard and extended half-life products Bill DeVita Received Received
  26-W-P Correlation of Large Mutations with Inhibitor Development in Cases with Hemophilia A Nuzhat Husain Received Received
  26-T-P Central line placement challenges and management heterogeneity in pediatric patients with hemophilia Loren DAngelo Received Received
  27-W-P 3D Structure prediction of the (FVII) coagulation factor with a novel mutation and its potential repercussions on the proteins interactions amira amira Received Received
  28-W-MP Use of rotational thromboelastometry to monitor boys with severe haemophilia A and inhibitors on treatment with emicizumab Saket Badle Received Received
  29-M-P Bayesian pharmacokinetic individualization of prophylaxis with recombinant factor VIII in severe or moderate hemophilia A Juan Eduardo Megías-Vericat Received Received
  29-T-P Clinical efficacy of recombinant factor VIII Fc fusion protein in hemophilia A patient receiving on demand treatment only, a cross sectional study Tahira Zafar Received Received
  30-W-P Assays for von Willebrand factor (VWF) a need for further standardisation? Ian Jennings Received Received
  30-T-P SPINAL EPIDURAL HEMATOMA IN HEMOPHILIA zlem arman bilir Received Received
  31-M-P Scottish experience introducing extended half-life factor concentrates in Haemophilia A and Haemophilia B patients. David McLaughlin Received Received
  32-M-P Annualized Bleeding Rates: their importance, implication and impact from a Regulatory perspective Christine Keipert Received Received
  32-T-P Muscle hematomas in patients with hemophilia. Experience in a Comprehensive Hemophilia Treatment Center in Colombia. Augusto Posada Received Received
  33-W-P Truncated live calibration in one-stage and chromogenic assays improves accuracy and precision Susan Guy Received Received
  34-W-P Mixing based Inhibitor Screening in Hemophilia A: Challenges in interpretation NAMRATA AWASTHI Received Received
  35-M-P An en-masse switch to extended half life recombinant factor IX replacement therapy in Irish adults with Haemophilia B Niamh OConnell Received Received
  35-T-P Epidemiology of a population with hemophilia in Colombia: pharmacotherapy and sequelae. Jorge Machado-Alba Received Received
  37-W-P Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Reveals that Patient-Derived Symptom Assessment Questionnaires are Unreliable for the Diagnosis of Hemarthrosis in Patients with Hemophilia Srila Gopal Received Received
  37-T-P Optimal management of haemarthrosis in patients with hemophilia in emergency room Jose Luis Lopez Received Received
  37-M-P A companion protein, click chemistry approach to extended half life FVIII James Kelly Received Received
  38-W-P Intracranial Hemorrhage in Young Children with Hemophilia: A Report of Hemophilia Study Group of Taiwan Society of Hemostasis and Thrombosis. Te-Fu Weng Received Received
  39-T-P Central nervous system bleeding in children with hemophilia Patcharee Komvilaisak Received Received
  40-T-P Inherited bleeding disorders in women Anabela Aires Received Received
  41-W-P Bone Health screening and treatment in a complete cohort of patients with severe haemophilia in a single national comprehensive care centre. Niamh OConnell Received Received
  41-T-P Clinical screening for underlying bleeding disorder in Nigerian women Theresa Nwagha Received Received
  41-M-P Combined therapy of plasma derived FVIIa/FX and recombinant FVIIa was highly effective in 2 cases of hemophilia with inhibitor Yushi Chikasawa Received Received
  42-W-P Severe subgaleal hemorrhage is the first clinical manifestation of neonatal hemophila A: report of two cases. Bunchoo Pongtanakul Received Received
  43-M-P Development of a Bayesian model for plasma-derived factor VIII/VWF Juan Eduardo Megías-Vericat Received Received
  44-T-P High-risk neuroblastoma managed with aggressive treatments including surgery, chemotherapy and autologous hematopoietic transplantation, in which severe hemophilia A wasnt an aggravating factor of prognosis Sara Morais Received Received
  44-W-P Complications of Haemophilia in First Years of Life: a Single Center Report Ludmila Elhelou Received Received
  46-M-P Efficacy of Rifampicin for Chemical Synoviorthesis in Target Joints in Patients of Hemophilia: A single centre experience from Pakistan Lubna Zafar Received Received
  46-W-P Iliopsoas as a bleeding site of hemophilia Aimee Olivat Rakoto Alson Received Received
  47-W-P Clinical spectrum of intracranial bleeds in patients with bleeding disorders at a tertiary care center in Karnataka Meera Varadarajan Received Received
  47-T-P Clinical effectiveness of recombinant activated factor VII in bleeding disorders Sharon Eastwood Received Received
  48-T-P Barriers for fast treatment of bleeds and challenges in the non-haemophilia treatment centre hospital setting Caroline Cook Received Received
  48-M-P Haemophilia Joint Health Score in Children with Haemophilia on Prophylaxis (Preliminary Study) Helen Pergantou Received Received
  48-W-P The spectrum of inherited coagulation disorders and their symptoms and treatment strategies among female patients in a developing country; one centre study Tahira Zafar Received Received
  49-T-P Population PK is the useful kit to determine hemostatic control schedule for surgery in hemophilia Kumiko Ono Received Received
  49-M-P Molecular analysis and clinical assessment of severe haemophilia B in Poland Anna Buczma Received Received
  50-M-P Comparisons in physical activity and bleed rate among severe hemophilia A and B patients on prophylactic treatment with rFVIIIFc/rFIXFc vs conventional rFVIII/rFIX Nanxin Li Received Received
  50-T-P Joint outcomes of the elbow, knee and ankles evaluated by Hemophilia Joint Health Score in patients with hemophilia : Trends by age and clinical predictors Chia-Yau Chang Received Received
  51-W-P Prednisolone treatment does not regulate FVIII expression in mice treated with valoctocogene roxaparvovec (BMN 270) Aji Nair Received Received
  51-T-P Risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis after Total Knee Arthroplasty in patients with haemophilia A Kumiko Ono Received Received
  52-M-P Turoctocog alfa is stable during storage at 40C and multiple sequences of temperature cycling Alison Plummer Received Received
  52-T-P Muscle function of the upper limb in patients with hemophilia: results of surface electromyography (sEMG) analysis Axel Seuser Received Received
  53-T-P Outcomes Following Total Joint Arthroplasty in Persons with Hemophilia: Analyses Using the CDCs Universal Data Collection Surveillance Project Heidi Lane Received Received
  54-T-P Bilateral, Simultaneous Total Knee Replacement (TKR) Surgery for Hemophilia A with Eloctate A Feasible and Cost Effective Approach SHASHIKANT APTE Received Received
  55-T-P Is it possible to forget the joint after total knee replacements in hemophiliacs? Elcil Kaya Bicer Received Received
  56-T-P 18F-FDG PET/CT Imaging of Hemophilic Arthropathy Correlates with Power Doppler Ultrasonography Tsung-Ying Li Received Received
  57-W-P Stability of reconstituted eptacog alfa (activated) in automated infusion pump AXON Communications Received Received
  57-T-P Medial Patellofemoral Ligament Lesion in Patients with Hemophilia Maria Eulalia Landro Received Received
  58-T-P Arthroscopic Treatment of Anterior Ankle Osteophyte in Patients with Haemophilia Horacio Caviglia Received Received
  58-W-P Screening of Bleeding Disorders in School-Age Children by Using Thai Pediatric Bleeding Questionnaire (TPBQ) Nongnuch Sirachainan Received Received
  59-T-P Total bilateral knee replacement in severe haemophilia arthropaty with flexion contracture Horacio Caviglia Received Received
  59-M-P Agreement between a chromogenic modified Nijmegen-Bethesda Assay and a qualitative ELISA test in detection of Factor VIII inhibitors in plasma from Persons with Hemophilia A (PwHA) Elaine Benoit Received Received
  60-W-P A Tale of Two Cities - Comparison of Perioperative Practices for Placement of Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD) in Paediatric Haemophilia Patients JOYCE LAM Received Received
  60-T-P Application of Botulinum toxin type A for the treatment of knee flexion contracture in PWH Is it a useful treatment ? Carla Daffunchio Received Received
  60-M-P Determinants involved in the development of inhibitors in patients with hemophilia in Colombia: A nested case-control study Jorge Machado-Alba Received Received
  61-M-P Prevalence of FVIII Inhibitors in Cases with Hemophilia A receiving on- demand therapy SANYA ARSHAD Received Received
  62-T-P Experience on the utility of the HEAD US method in the assessment of patients with hemophilia in a University Hospital at Bogotá, Colombia in 2017 David Gomez Received Received
  62-W-P Fibrinolysis defects in adolescents with excessive menstrual bleeding (EMB) NOEMI AGUIRRE Received Received
  63-M-P Implementation of Immune Tolerance Induction among Hemophiliacs with High Inhibitor using Blood Products ranging from Lyophilized Cryoprecipitate to Fc Fusion Recombinant Concentrate Ampaiwan Chuansumrit Received Received
  63-W-MP Evaluation of the effect on endogenous factor VIII activity (FVIII:C) after recombinant von Willebrand factor (rVWF) administration during the elective surgery study in patients with severe von Willebrand disease (VWD) Margit Rezabek Received Received
  63-T-P Knee Fat Pad Volumes in Patients with Hemophilia and their Relationship with Osteoarthritis Richard Barnes Received Received
  64-M-P Successful Use of a Plasma Derived VWF/FVIII Product in the Treatment of High and Low Titre Inhibitors in Hemophilia A Heather Perkins Received Received
  65-W-P Data Collected at USA National Type 3 Von Willebrand Disease Conference Jeanette Cesta Received Received
  66-W-P The Management of Menorrhagia in Von Willebrand Disease: Single Center Experience Can Balkan Received Received
  66-M-P Hospitalizations and bleeding managements for hemophilia patients with inhibitors in a tertiary care center of Korea. Jung Woo Han Received Received
  67-T-P Regaining mobility after stiff total knee replacements in hemophiliacs Elcil Kaya Bicer Received Received
  67-M-P Prevalence of the inhibitor in people with hemophilia in Tunisia hejer Elmahmoudi Received Received
  68-W-P Why we have to suspect and diagnose von Willebrand disease in early life? KUN LEE Received Received
  68-T-P Complications of ankle arthroscopy synovectomy Horacio Caviglia Received Received
  69-W-P Using ISTH-BAT Bleeding Scores to predict type of Von willebrand disease Darintr Sosothikul Received Received
  70-M-P Long term experience on bleeding control effect with activated prothrombin complex concentration a child with hemophilia B and inhibitor Alphan Kupesiz Received Received
  71-M-P Critical assessment of the methodologies used to collect data in congenital hemophilia with inhibitors: lessons learned from a systematic literature review on recombinant FVIIa Sharon Eastwood Received Received
  71-T-P Does the arthroplasty meet the expectations in haemophilic patients? Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  72-M-P Outcomes of Haemophilia A patients who develop inhibitors in Australia between 1996 and 2016 Sumit PARIKH Received Received
  72-W-P Outreach of the von Willebrand disease in Tunisia. Hejer Elmahmoudi Received Received
  72-T-P In situ release of ulnar nerve tunnel syndrome in haemopiliac patients Horacio Caviglia Received Received
  73-T-P Ankle impingement, open or arthroscopic synovectomy. Horacio Caviglia Received Received
  73-W-P Identifying inherited bleeding disorders in women presenting Menorrhagia without organic cause in Colombia. Sergio Hinestroza Lamus Received Received
  74-T-P Low Bone Mineral Density and Associated Factors in Patients with Hemophilia in Colombia. Claudia Sossa Received Received
  75-T-P Total bilateral total arthroplasty in severe hemophilic arthropathy with inhibitors; Report of two cases Jonathan Gonzalez_Martinez Received Received
  76-M-P Immune Tolerance Induction with moroctocog-alpha (Refacto/Refcto AF) in a population of haemophilia A patients and high-titre inhibitors: data from the REF.IT Registry Samantha Pasca Received Received
  77-M-P Economic impact of recombinant factor VIII Fc fusion protein (rFVIIIFc) compared to conventional factor VIII for immune tolerance induction (ITI) in Hemophilia A patients with inhibitors Nanxin Li Received Received
  78-T-MP Uptake of subsidised Hepatitis C direct acting antiviral treatment among patients with bleeding disorders in Australia Sumit PARIKH Received Received
  78-M-P High risk of intracranial haemorrhage in adult mild haemophiliac patients: data from the EMO.REC Registry Samantha Pasca Received Received
  79-W-P Knowledge Transfer of Musculoskeletal (MSK) Outcome Measures (OMs) to Improve Assessment of MSK disease in Persons with Hemophilia (PWH) Rungrote Natesirinilkul Received Received
  81-W-P A Single Centre Study to Investigate the Impact of Autism on the Management of Severe Haemophilia in Children Clare James Received Received
  81-M-P Application of a DDAVP test regimen in adult hemophilia A patients utilizing subcutaneous administration Deborah Gue Received Received
  82-T-P Cross-cultural adaptation of a Quality of Life measure (CHO-KLAT) for boys with haemophilia in the Ivory Coast. Catherine Lambert Received Received
  82-W-P Delivering Clinical Trial Opportunities At A Haemophilia Treatment Centre Sarah Johns Received Received
  83-M-P Single centre experience of switching from standard half-life to extended half-life products in patients with severe haemophilia A and B Jayanthi Alamelu Received Received
  83-T-P Outcome of perioperative hemostatic management in patients with hemophilia without inhibitors undergoing 161 invasive or surgical procedures Jiaan-Der Wang Received Received
  84-M-P An Observational study to evaluate hemostatic action of Velseal - T in hemophilia patients with external bleeding Anupam Dutta Received Received
  85-M-P Experience of major orthopaedic surgery in Severe Haemophilia A with extended half life FVIII product Mahmoud Hellal Received Received
  85-W-P Use of ultrasound for assessment of musculoskeletal disease in persons with hemophilia: Results of a global survey Saunya Dover Received Received
  86-W-P Girdlestone procedure in a 50 year old woman with Type 3 von Willebrand Disease (VWD) reducing pain, restoring function and maintaining independence: the value of patient-centered care by the Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) Thuvia Flannery Received Received
  86-M-MP Do dental students have sufficient knowledge and confidence to manage patients with inherited bleeding disorders? A comparison between students in the UK and Brazil Rajaishree Armugam Received Received
  87-W-P Impact of a nursing home support program for prophylactic factor administration in children with severe haemophilia Mark Belletrutti Received Received
  87-T-MP UKPK trial interim analysis: Use of Pharmacokinetic interventionto optimise Factor VIII prophylaxis in severe haemophilia A Saket Badle Received Received
  88-W-P How good a healthcare professional should be? An empirical study on the acquired and required psychosocial competences for comprehensive haemophilia care Sonia Brondi Received Received
  90-M-P Dental care program in early chilhood on patients with bleeding disorders in Tabasco, Mexico. Laura Beatriz Isidro Olan Received Received
  90-W-P The measurement of therapeutic relationship in the care of patients with haemophilia: a scoping review Erin McCabe Received Received
  91-M-P Prevalence of gingivitis in a von Willebrand disease population of Tabasco, México. Laura Beatriz Isidro Olan Received Received
  91-T-P Optimizing the treatment: the precision medicine using MyPKfit in a population of patients with moderate or severe hemophilia A Samantha Pasca Received Received
  92-M-P Dental Implants in a patient with Glanzmann Thrombasthenia Miryam Parreira Received Received
  92-T-P Predictable and reliable individualized pharmacokinetic profiling for BAY 94-9027 using population pharmacokinetics analysis Ana Russell Received Received
  93-M-P An Option to Deal with Orthodontists Challenges: Mini Screw in patients with Hemophilia Miryam Parreira Received Received
  94-M-P A Preventive Project for Patients with Hemophilia Miryam Parreira Received Received
  94-T-P Pharmacokinetic predictions of N8-GP show that patients dosed every 34 days in all age groups had factor VIII (FVIII) activity levels above 5 for the majority of treatment intervals Alison Plummer Received Received
  95-T-P Use of the WAPPS model for BAY 81-8973: external validation of the Web-Accessible Population Pharmacokinetic Service - Hemophilia (WAPPS-Hemo) platform to determine individual BAY 81-8973 pharmacokinetics Josh Silvertown Received Received
  95-M-P Oral Health and Management of the Challenging Bleeding Disorder in Saudi Arabia Zikra Alkhayal Received Received
  96-W-P Evaluation of healthcare resources for haemophilia in the UK 2017-2018 Cathy Harrison Received Received
  97-M-MP Simple and fixed N8-GP dosing regimen associated with measurable trough levels and low annualised bleed rates in children and adolescents/adults treated with N8-GP prophylaxis Alison Plummer Received Received
  98-W-MP Utilization of a Virtual Reality based tool in Hemophilia Education Dominder Kaur Received Received
  98-M-MP Low Dose (20 iu/kg/week),Single Infusion Prophylaxis Using Long Acting FVIIIc (ELOCTATE) in Severe Hemophilia A SHASHIKANT APTE Received Received
  99-W-MP A novel patient educational strategy for families with children with hemophilia Tongpil Min Received Received
  99-T-P Comparison of Platelet Nucleotide Assays and Lumiaggregometry in the Diagnosis of Storage Pool Disorder Hanna Renshaw Received Received
  99-M-MP Influence of Age of Prophylaxis Initiation on Hemophilia Joint Health Scores in Hemophilia A Beth Boulden Warren Received Received
  100-W-MP Newly Diagnosed Family weekends Tracy Hyland Received Received
  100-T-P Determination of effective vitamin K concentrations to reverse the coagulation phenotype in VKCFD1 patients Suvoshree Ghosh Received Received
  101-T-P A novel FGG missense mutation possibly leading to fibrinogen storage disease Marie-Claude Pelland-Marcotte Received Received
  101-M-P Results from a prospective, dose escalating, prophylaxis study in young boys with severe hemophilia A in China: the China Hemophilia Individualized Prophylaxis Study (CHIPS) Jia Shi Received Received
  101-W-MP Evaluation of a program to improve identification of new hemophilic patients in Mali: Lessons and Challenges. DIALLO Yacouba L. Received Received
  102-W-MP Patient perspectives on and preferences for future treatments for haemophilia Erna van Balen Received Received
  102-T-P Novel approaches to the diagnosis and classification of anti-FXIII allo-, and autoantibodies László Muszbek Received Received
  103-W-P Bleeding Disorders Education Day for School Nurses Ruthrolen Martinez Received Received
  103-T-P Retrospective evaluation of phenotype and management of A/Hypo-Fibrinogenemia in a cohort of Italian patients Cristina Santoro Received Received
  104-T-P Retrospective evaluation of phenotype and management of Dysfibrinogenemia and Hypodysfibrinogenemia in a cohort of Italian patients Cristina Santoro Received Received
  105-T-P Collaborative Crowd Advocacy for Families with Rare Diseases For Molecular Diagnostic Services Janet Brewer Received Received
  105-W-P Educational Puppets for Hemophilia: The old versus the new Tammy Bourque Received Received
  106-W-P Development, Evaluation and Updates of HIRT? (Hemophilia Injury Recognition Tool) JoAnn Nilson Received Received
  107-W-P Experience of basic course of physical therapy in haemophilia in South America Carlos Cruz Received Received
  107-M-P Prophylactic Care of Adult Patients with Hemophilia A National Survey on Physician Perspectives Avery Longmore Received Received
  107-T-P Clinical outcomes of prophylaxis in patients with rare bleeding disorders in southern Iran Mehran Karimi Received Received
  108-M-P Cost-effectiveness of efmoroctocog-alpha in the treatment of severe haemophilia A patients: a single Centre experience Samantha Pasca Received Received
  108-W-P eLearning of pharmacokinetic monitoring in hemophilia with application in the clinical practice Juan Eduardo Megías-Vericat Received Received
  110-W-P Von Willebrand in Pictures Sue Ann Hawes Received Received
  111-W-P Bringing families affected by Factor XIII deficiency together for a novel educational program Sarah Waite-Ardini Received Received
  112-W-P Factor X deficiency consumer education programs inaugural year Sarah Waite-Ardini Received Received
  112-M-P Clinical Audit of low dose prophylaxis in Nigerian children with Haemophilia Theresa Nwagha Received Received
  113-W-P Inhibitor Teams: building stronger connections and deeper learning Sarah Waite-Ardini Received Received
  113-T-P Clinical Spectrum of the Rare Autosomal recessive Bleeding Disorders from a tertiary center in South India Meera Varadarajan Received Received
  114-W-P The age of Technology: Skype Vs face to face teaching Trupti Bhandari Received Received
  114-T-P Genotype and phenotype relationships in 25 Tunisian patients with inherited factor VII deficiency Ouardani Cherifa Received Received
  115-M-P Daily Prophylaxis in Pediatric Patients with Severe Hemophilia A Celina Woo Received Received
  115-T-P Overview of clinical and epidemiological characteristics of factor XI deficiency in 24 Tunisian patients Maroua Gharbi Received Received
  116-T-P Bleeding frequencies and Hospitalizations in rare bleeding disorders Jung Wan Han Received Received
  117-M-MP A Canadian perspective: use of the self-report VERITAS-Pro to document adherence levels in individuals with hemophilia on prophylaxis Erica Crilly Received Received
  118-M-P Adherence rate among severe hemophilia patients in a Brazilian city Maria Roberti Received Received
  118-T-P Factor VII deficiency and anticoagulant treatment: a case series GABRIELE QUINTAVALLE Received Received
  119-M-P Adherence in adolescents with haemophilia: concurrently feeling safe and doing what you prefer. Anne Hoefnagels Received Received
  121-W-P First National USA Type 3 Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) Conference Jeanette Cesta Received Received
  121-M-P Mapping the provision of psychological care for haemophilia patients in the United Kingdom and Ireland Nicola Dunn Received Received
  122-W-P Preparing for a child with a bleeding disorder to start school: a combined team approach Allison Reid Received Received
  124-W-P Parents Empowering Parents (PEP): Its a Small World After All Mina Nguyen-Driver Received Received
  124-T-MP The World Federation of Hemophilia Annual Global Survey: low dose prophylaxis Christine Herr Received Received
  125-T-P Single centre experience comparing Factor VIII half-life to von Willebrand factor levels and blood group in a cohort of severe Haemophilia A patients. Jenna Stanley Received Received
  126-M-P Impact of the Clinical Social Workers Intervention in the Attendance at a Hemophilia Treatment Center Laura Villarreal Martinez Received Received
  128-W-P Giving men with VWD a voice Corinne Koenig Received Received
  128-T-P Steps to Healthier Habits Fionnuala Sayers Received Received
  129-W-P Ageing with a bleeding disorder Tracy Hyalnd Received Received
  129-T-P Barriers and enablers to self-care (or self-management) for adults with inherited bleeding disorders Chiara Hendry Received Received
  130-W-P Inhibitor support Tracy Hyland Received Received
  130-T-P Active Participation of Hemophiliacs in Sports, Action Research Haluk Zulfikar Received Received
  131-W-P Local Heamophilia groups around the United Kingdom Tracy Hyland Received Received
  131-M-P Adherence: different approaches for different patients. An experience in Cordoba, Argentina. maria simonella Received Received
  132-W-P A new way to learn about hemophilia: an educational APP for children Io Daiela Castillo Martínez Received Received
  132-T-P The Effects of Swimming on The Social Adaptation of Hemophiliacs; A Qualified Research Haluk Zulfikar Received Received
  132-M-P Improving care and treatment options for women and girls with bleeding disorders Nabila Husseni Received Received
  133-T-P Tokyo Medical University Hospital-sponsored hemophilia summer camp: achievements over 34 years Ryui Miyashita Received Received
  133-M-P Turkeys Model for the Formation of the Hemophilic Arthropathy Council Fikret Bezgal Received Received
  134-T-P Empowerment through transition - a qualitative exploration of young peoples experiences Gráinne O Brien Received Received
  134-M-P Turkeys Model for Easy Access to Hemophilia Care Yusuf Buyukp&305;narbasili Received Received
  135-M-P Perception Analysis of GenerationY Hemophiliacs and Their Relatives Bulent Zulfikar Received Received
  135-T-P Living your Life in a Bubble Scott Moore Received Received
  135-W-P Relationship between treatment strategy and impairment in severe hemophilia Aji Nair Received Received
  136-M-MP Culturally Responsive Practices: Interacting with indigenous communities through Piritoto Te Whainoa Te Wiata Received Received
  136-T-P Life with Rare Bleeding Disorder Nabila Husseni Received Received
  137-M-P Patient assessment by use of the International Classification of Functioning (ICF) in Indonesian patients with Hemophilia Eveline Pauline Mauser-Bunschoten Received Received
  139-T-P 4th 2017 mdq hemophilia federal camp, we gather patients with their families from all over the country Roberto Oscar Paéz Received Received
  139-W-P Nurses educational needs in bleeding disorders: results from an international, mixed-methods study Christine Candora-Hickey Received Received
  139-M-P Development of diagnostic algorithm for von Willebrand disease within WFH the Twinning Tallinn-Helsinki program Marika Pikta Received Received
  140-T-P Hemophilia and Masculinity Neale Smith Received Received
  140-M-P Hemophilia in Brazilian Courts THAIS MAIA RIBACIONKA Received Received
  141-M-P NHFs State-Based Advocacy Coalition Program Nathan Schaefer Received Received
  141-T-P Living Conditions of Patients Attending a Social Service Maria Marcela Musi Received Received
  141-W-P Lets Talk Period: Nursing Outreach in Grade 9 Females, a Pilot Project Lisa Thibeault Received Received
  142-T-P In the Drivers Seat: A patient education resource to guide individualized decision-making about physical activities. Elia Fong Received Received
  143-W-P Value of the Haemophilia Specialist Nurse Cathy Harrison Received Received
  144-W-P Development of a nurse-led pharmacokinetic sampling clinic for patients with Factor VIII deficiency. Niamh Larkin Received Received
  144-T-P Safety and efficacy of fascial therapy in the treatment of hemophilic arthropathy of elbow. A pilot study. Rubén Cuesta-Barriuso Received Received
  144-M-P My Factor is my human right: Recombinant factors availability equal normal life for hemophiliacs Bahaa Shaheen Received Received
  145-W-P Challenges in the treatment of Syrian refugees A view from German Hemophilia Nurses Manuela Siebert Received Received
  145-T-P Usefulness of a simple self-administered condition assessment sheet for knee and ankle joints in the management of children with hemophilia. Yusuke Inagaki Received Received
  146-T-P Validity of a Depth Camera for Elbow Range of Motion Measurement in Haemophilic Patients: the First Step for a Telemedicine Approach Felipe Querol Received Received
  146-W-P The mothers thought and measures for the hemophilic carriers to notify their daughters in Japan. Tomie Fujii Received Received
  146-M-P Building capacity to advocate for comprehensive care centres in Canada David Page Received Received
  147-T-P Interaction of dual task in haemophiliac and non-haemophiliac subjects in postural control during quiet stance Carlos Cruz Received Received
  147-W-P Protection for children with Hemophilia in daily life Karen Menninga Received Received
  148-W-P A School Nursing targeted intervention to provide a greater understanding and holistic support for children with bleeding disorders within an isolated island community. Jan Howard Received Received
  148-T-P Weekend Group Rehabilitation Course Increasing Range of Motion in Patients with Hemophilic Arthropathy of the Knee Tsung-Ying Li Received Received
  148-M-MP The family attention program. Evolution and settlement after 40 years Patricia Cabré Received Received
  149-T-P Osteoporosis and sarcopenia in haemophilics who underwent orthopedic major surgery: an observational study Rossella Tosini Received Received
  149-M-P Psychological burden of hemophilia on familys functioning: which place for siblings? ROSSO Natacha Received Received
  150-M-P How to prepare for a good school start for children with bleeding disorders? Camilla Hertil Lindelw Received Received
  150-T-P Gait Testing and Training using the C-Mill Motek Treadmill in Hemophilia Patients: A Pilot Study Rachel Tiktinsky Received Received
  151-W-P Does culture or country affect the care of person with a bleeding disorder? A qualitative review of persons utilizing a treatment suite at a global bleeding disorders conference Penelope Kumpf Received Received
  152-W-MP 74 of haemophilia patients experience pain: A global snap-shot Greta Mulders Received Received
  153-W-MP The pain of hemophilia in childhood Silvia Grases Received Received
  154-W-P Short term benefits of steroid injection in the ankle, for severe haemophilic arthropathy Stephanie Taylor Received Received
  155-M-MP The UK Haemophilia Parental Support Study A single site pilot study using the Parental Needs Scale for Rare Diseases (PNS-RD) to assess whether families with children with bleeding disorders are being adequately supported Lemuel Pelentsov Received Received
  155-T-P Is eccentric overload exercise with a flywheel machine tolerated by patients with severe haemophilia? Felipe Querol Received Received
  155-W-P Differences of subjective and semi-objective pain assessments in patients with haemophilia Steffen Krger Received Received
  156-W-P Conditioned Pain Modulation (CPM) in patients with haemophilia Steffen Krger Received Received
  156-T-P Fear of Movement and Joint Health Status in Haemophilia Patients: A Multicentre Study Sofía Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  157-T-P Joint mobility program of patients with severe bleeding disorders in Hungary Maria Kardos Received Received
  157-W-P The perception of pain in children with haemophilia, and its impact on their lives: a case-control study Samantha Pasca Received Received
  158-M-P One solidarity crowdfunding initiative linked to our twinning program with the Haemophilia Cuba Society Eduardo Garzon Received Received
  158-W-P Non-pharmacologic Hemophilia Pain Management Options: A Review of the Literature & Call to Action for Further Research Angela Lambing Received Received
  158-T-P Evaluation of the Musculoskeletal Status of Persons with Hemophilia in Chiang Mai University Hospital, Thailand: A Pilot Study Rungrote Natesirinilkul Received Received
  159-W-MP Assessment of depressive disorders among people with hemophilia A inhibitors Randall Curtis Received Received
  159-M-P MHEMO : The healths French network of rare diseases for inherited bleeding disorders Stéphanie RINGENBACH Received Received
  160-W-P Group therapy for parents of young children improves coping with hemophilia Helena Landa Received Received
  160-T-P The Functional Gait Analysis in Persons with Haemophilia: Quantitative Data from a Newly designed Triaxial Accelerometer Emilio Valter Passeri Received Received
  161-M-P 40 years of Catalan Association of Haemophilia explained by its main characters Otilia Ragull Received Received
  161-W-P Psychological support to families and its effect on the family structure of patients with hemophilia Silvina Graña Received Received
  162-W-P Go Dutch with Ethics; using a Moral Deliberation Forum to structure and discuss an ethical dilemma Greta Mulders Received Received
  163-T-P A Physiotherapist a small price to pay Trupti Bhandari Received Received
  163-W-P A psychological wellbeing needs assessment for haemophilia patients at Newcastle Haemophilia Centre Frances Wilkins Received Received
  164-M-MP The impact of hemophilia on the social status and quality of life among Lebanese persons with hemophilia Claudia Djambas Khayat Received Received
  165-M-P Health-related quality of life and health status in persons with hemophilia A (PwHA) without inhibitors: prospective, non-interventional study (NIS) from a real-world setting Daniella Babu Received Received
  165-T-P PHYSIOTHERAPY AFTER RADIOSYNOVECTOMY kaouther zahra Received Received
  165-W-P The Effects of Counseling using NLP(Neuro-Linguistic-program) on reducing irrational belief and interpersonal anxiety of hemophilia patients - Comparative Study of Individual Counseling and Group Counseling - WON SOOK BAK Received Received
  167-T-P Physiotherapy assessment following emergency department visits by patients with hemophilia: a Canadian, single-centre experience Steven Anthony Received Received
  168-M-P Effect of Monitoring Daily Physical Activity on Quality of Life in Adult Patients with Haemophilic Arthropathy Sofía Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  168-T-P Orthoses in pediatric hemophilia patients: examining patterns of use in a large Canadian pediatric center Lawren De Marchi Received Received
  169-T-MP Establishment of Plasma Fractionation Centre to Produce Plasma-derived Factor VIII Concentrate by the National Blood Centre, The Thai Red Cross Society: Achieving Self-reliance Ampaiwan Chuansumrit Received Received
  169-M-P Understanding Gender-Specific Disease Burden of US Females with hemophilia A or B: insights from the results of the CHOICE Project into gynecological, obstetric, and quality of life issues Wendy Owens Received Received
  170-W-P Establishment of a Comprehensive Hemophilia Clinic, Chiang Mai University Hospital: 5-year Experience Rungrote Natesirinilkul Received Received
  170-T-MP The factor concentrate redistribution program: a 10 year review Sarah Crymble Received Received
  171-W-P Collaborative model of home delivery program in haemophilia through an association of patients Juan Eduardo Megías-Vericat Received Received
  171-M-P Health-related outcomes and caregiver burden in pediatric persons with hemophilia A (PwHA) with inhibitors: prospective, non-interventional study (NIS) in a real-world setting Amy Lindsay Received Received
  171-T-P Emergency drugs, health geography interest to study spatial accessibility: application for clotting factor concentrates Vincent LEROY Received Received
  172-W-P Patient experiences of recording treatments and bleeds at home: barriers and facilitators Frances Wilkins Received Received
  172-T-P Audit of the Laboratory Management of Coagulation Factor Concentrates in a National Paediatric Centre for Haemophilia martina williams Received Received
  172-M-P The PROBE Data Dashboard A new tool for real-time data visualization and analysis of patient reported outcomes Alexandra Pastarnak Received Received
  173-M-P Pharmacokinetic education combined with a personalised treatment discussion increases patient activation in severe haemophilia A Sandra van Os Received Received
  173-W-P Arterio-Venous Fistula in adults with severe bleeding disorders - a single centre experience Debra Pollard Received Received
  174-W-P Adult and paediatric experience using a vein light device in a clinical setting Anica Phillott Received Received
  174-T-P Accessibility to drugs in the context of a rare bleeding disorder: analysis of a cohort of haemophiliac in a French region Vincent LEROY Received Received
  175-T-P Successful treatment for dental problem using expired recombinant Factor IX in India improving access in a challenging environment Ana Gabriela Chalkling Bardelli Received Received
  175-W-P Nurse-led service development to create guidelines on childrens transition from central line to peripheral venous access Sarah Pool Received Received
  175-M-P Influence of health care professionals on the embodiment of persons with hemophilia: a bioethical perspective Tiago Marques Received Received
  176-W-P Achievement of home treatment after been trained by the nursery team from a multidisciplinary haemophilia centre Laura Villarreal Martinez Received Received
  176-M-P Quality of Life in Adults with Hemophilia in a Colombian Population Claudia Sossa Received Received
  177-W-P A pilot program to improve sexual health communication for healthcare professionals treating people with hemophilia (PWH) Caroline Cook Received Received
  177-T-P The Female Factors: womens resources as education tools Suzanne OCallaghan Received Received
  177-M-P Severe Hemophilia A. Two brothers lifetime experience Manuel Fernández Alcaraz Received Received
  178-W-MP Patients priorities for enhancing access to person-centered hemophilia care and support via electronic means Deborah Gue Received Received
  179-W-P Improvement in Reporting of Bleeds and Infusions via a Mobile Application Chiew Ying Lim Received Received
  179-M-P HERO in Canada: The impact of the Canadian HERO Advisory Board Caroline Cook Received Received
  180-M-P Feasibility Study on the Psychometric Analysis and Qualitative Assessment of EQ-5D and Haemo-QoL-A Aji Nair Received Received
  180-T-P Women with All Bleeding Disorder Require Education Janet Brewer Received Received
  181-M-P Health-related quality of life in children with hemophilia assessed by J-KIDSCREEN-52 Yasuko Furuichi Received Received
  181-T-P Understanding and finding symptomatic undiagnosed women Kate Nammacher Received Received
  181-W-P Sports Participation in Adult Haemophilia Patients: an age-related comparison between intermediate and high dose prophylaxis Olav Versloot Received Received
  182-T-P Womens Booth at WFH 2016 World Congress Brittany Zellner Received Received
  182-M-P Daily activity and health related QOL (HRQoL) among hemophiliacs with HIV in Japan Toshiya Kuchii Received Received
  183-T-P HFNZ Womens Experiences of Menstruation Phil Constable Received Received
  183-M-P Review of the Canadian Hemophilia Outcomes-Life Assessment Tool (CHO-KLAT): current status and future directions Koyo Usuba Received Received
  183-W-P Quadriceps hematoma in mild hemophilia after sport injury: case series in two subjects Hadeel mohammad Received Received
  184-M-P Classification of Hemophillia Patients Based on Sasang Constitutional Medicine for Effective Treatment and Patients Life quality Mi Kyung Lee Received Received
  184-T-P Gender equality in Bleeding disorders Communities Nabila Husseni Received Received
  185-T-P Outreach, education, counseling and support results and outcomes towards hemophilia carriers or women in hemophilia extraction in Japan Akiko Kakinuma Received Received
  185-W-P Physical activity and sports participation in patients with severe hemophilia A: a new approach to management hadeel mohammad Received Received
  185-M-P The hemophiliac citizen-patient in Brazil and their relationship of dependence with the Brazilian Government LUCIANA MUNHOZ Received Received
  186-W-P A new activity for our community: Water aerobics Ana Fernández Received Received
  187-T-P Pakistan Hemophilia Movement Driven by Youth Faizan Baig Received Received
  188-T-P Discovering support needs for teenagers with a bleeding disorder Alex Whitteker Received Received
  189-T-P Each One, Teach One: Members of the AFFIRM and NYLI Leadership Programs Provide Health and STEM Career Orientation Training for the BLeaders Advocacy and Leadership Program Mosi Williams, PsyD Received Received
  190-T-P From the Roots to the Treetops: HFNZ Advanced Youth Leadership Training Karl Archibald Received Received
  213-W-P Topical application of tranexamic acid after dental extractions does not induce systemic plasma levels Vinicius Toregrossa Received Received
  233-W-P Addressing teachers fears of haemophilia - 10 years of a successful model Janine Furmedge Received Received
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