November 09-10, 2020 Virtual Conference
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  BP-2008 DUCKT Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2009 Secure & wide area ITS with real radio coverage and the mobile edge cloud Ian Goetz Received Received
  TP-2011 Lessons Learned with the implementation of the large scale C-ITS data exchange hub (TLEX) in The Netherlands Paul Potters Received Received
  TP-2012 Shift from a traditional centric-based to an account-based ticketing: MUVT, the first Italian pilot Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2024 Practical guidance for micro-mobility data sharing & personal privacy Giles Bailey Received Received
  BP-2029 Make Parking Forgettable using digital transformation Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2031 Cooperative ITS Security Standards: Implementation, assessment and next challenges Brigitte LONC Received Received
  TP-2035 Preliminary findings regarding eCall after-market CBA Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2038 The Power of sharing: more flexible power system through Mobility-as-a-Service Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2041 Automatic text categorization in emergency management information systems Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2042 Stakeholder requirements for aftermarket eCall systems in Europe Fatih Ozel Received Received
  TP-2046 Autonomous feeder transport service development in Tampere, Finland Pekka Eloranta Received Received
  TP-2048 MaaS Pilot Upper Austria - How to proactively manage intermodal transport with a MaaS regulatory platform Markus Pajones Received Received
  TP-2050 Freight Information Exchange for eCall Harold Linke Received Received
  TP-2052 Decentralised cooperative collision avoidance: Desired versus planned trajectories approach, simulation and practice Charlie Wartnaby Received Received
  BP-2053 myWork Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2054 Cybersecurity by lifecycle: the CRUSOE approach Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2062 Environmentally-friendly intersection controls based on the concept of distributed, decentralized intelligence Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2067 The nature of interoperability in digital public services. Deconstructing interoperability Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2073 Deploy and publish valid C-ITS messages at signalized intersections to support connected driving Mario Krumnow Received Received
  TP-2083 FRAME NEXT The new and extended European ITS architecture tool Benjamin Witsch Received Received
  TP-2088 Proactive urban network traffic management using short term traffic prediction in the city of Deventer Tineke School Received Received
  TP-2089 Is there effect of navigation system positive to dissolve congestion? Izmir case Chaewon Yang Received Received
  TP-2093 Transport Digital Twin: Challenges and Opportunities Anna Watt Received Received
  TP-2094 CCAM Infrastructure Support for 5G Advanced Driving Scenarios João Almeida Received Received
  TP-2096 The MobiCascais system and the role of ITS technologies Paulo Marques Augusto Received Received
  TP-2097 Processing and visualization of bus link travel times Mykola Andrushchenko Received Received
  TP-2098 Requirements and solutions for growing, scaling and monetizing autonomous mobility Joerg Luetzner Received Received
  BP-2099 Artificial Intelligence for Signal Control Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2103 Estimation of value-of-time and willingness to pay for shared transport services in Thessaloniki Georgia Aifandopoulou Received Received
  TP-2105 Public-private cooperation in a test environment Pierre van Veggel Received Received
  SP-2109 Development of a new lane-precise map matching algorithm using GNSS considering road connectivity Philipp Luz Received Received
  BP-2116 How RailMaaS delivers multi city mobility roaming for passengers Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2117 Results of methodology for interoperable ITS data exchange Ian Cornwell Received Received
  TP-2118 Digital Winter - Connected cars for safer roads Jonas Hglund Received Received
  BP-2131 Smart infrastructure for new mobility - reliable and safe Nathalie DEGUEN Received Received
  SP-2134 An approach for scaling up vehicle fuel and exhaust emission reduction across European motorways Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2136 Innovative C-ITS Services of the C-ITS Pilot Hessen (C-ROADS Germany) and their significance for road operators Stephanie Metzner Received Received
  SP-2141 Autonomous Vehicles impact on 5G network inter-site distance Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2143 Leveraging the power of C-ITS with collaborative routing in urban areas Jonas Matthias Received Received
  BP-2144 FUTURE Cities How do we use AI and edge computing to optimize traffic in smart cities? Alain Btzberger Received Received
  BP-2145 Holistic Parking Management reduces emissions from traffic searching for parking space Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2146 How C-ITS enables Individual Green Waves Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2147 Seamless multimodal mobility across Europe: The Shift2Rail Programme approach Juan Manuel Castro Received Received
  TP-2148 Safe and autonomous drones for transport management Adrian Irala Received Received
  TP-2152 Recommendations of bottom-up development of regional and rural MaaS ecosystems Roberto Cavaliere Received Received
  TP-2156 Environmental Zone information in the Amsterdam Region Jan Maarten Van den Berg Received Received
  TP-2157 SUMO and oneM2M in AUTOPILOT: validation by simulation of a Traffic Light Assist C-ITS service for Platooning Sadeq Zougari Received Received
  BP-2165 Mobility Catalogue Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2166 Towards a uniform process model for deploying and operating autonomous shuttles on public roads Karl Rehrl Received Received
  TP-2167 Infrastructure Supported Operational Design Domain: ISAD closing ODD gaps Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2168 A matchmaking module for real-world MaaS applications Athanasios Salamanis Received Received
  TP-2170 Enhanced traffic management procedures of connected and autonomous vehicles in transition areas Sven Maerivoet Received Received
  SP-2173 Societal impacts and gap analysis of connected and autonomous vehicles Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2175 MUSICC: An open catalogue for CAV certification scenarios Zeyn Saigol Received Received
  TP-2179 Impact evaluation and user acceptance of C-ITS IVI services Sven Maerivoet Received Received
  TP-2180 Experience in the standardization of the Fleet Management System for Public Transportation Inigo Larraondo Received Received
  SP-2182 Integration of limited Connected Vehicles and aggregated Floating Car Data in existing traffic-actuated signal control based on extended Kalman filter Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2186 The development of intelligent transport systems in the Republic of Tatarstan Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2188 Digitising the rules of the road: a West Midlands demonstrator Keelan Fadden-Hopper Received Received
  TP-2189 TPEG3: Dynamic Information for Automated Vehicles Matthias Unbehaun Received Received
  TP-2192 Implementation of a road attribute changes data-exchange platform and a transferability assessment: The case of TN-ITS Cyprus Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2195 Measuring the impact of Light Electric Vehicle usage through the analysis of GPS data collected during the ELVITEN demonstration Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2199 On the implementation of an ETSI MEC adopting open-source solutions Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2202 TrAM: Zero-emission passenger transport Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2205 Aurora, The Arctic Intelligent Testbed for CAD Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2206 Cargo Flow Optimisation and prediction Irene Chausse Received Received
  TP-2213 Test track for automated and connected driving in Hamburg (TAVF-HH) Henning David Received Received
  SP-2220 Smart mobility in Finland and Norway: Emerging services and regulatory frameworks Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2228 EU ITS platform on future motorway traffic: Cross corridor cooperation Tobias Reiff Received Received
  TP-2230 CARAMEL: Artificial Intelligence based cybersecurity for connected and automated vehicles Nikos Piperigkos Received Received
  TP-2235 Cybersecurity and data privacy aspects in 5G-MOBIX Marwane EL BEKRI Received Received
  TP-2238 The French mobility ecosystem is becoming open house Laurent Chevereau Received Received
  TP-2239 5GMOBIX Spanish-Portuguese Pilot Site Diego Bernardez Received Received
  TP-2242 The application of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in vehicular on-road hazard detection for autonomous vehicles Kaushali Dave Received Received
  SP-2243 Snap judgements and availability bias in travel decisions Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2251 A framework of urban mobility behaviour to leverage the potential of traveller information systems Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2253 Automated, cooperative and connected ITS. The European project C-ROADS. Cantabrian Subpilot. Benefits and value Laura Rey Received Received
  TP-2254 Optimising network traffic flow with cooperative traffic management in the Amsterdam region Giovanni Huisken Received Received
  TP-2258 Making French MaaS successful Laurent Chevereau Received Received
  TP-2269 A preliminary framework of digital assessment for an automated highway overtaking system Abhishek Singh Tomar Received Received
  TP-2271 ICT Services for Electro-Mobility Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  SP-2274 Optimising periodic timetables with machine learning combined with other approaches Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2278 Traffic light forecast in Hamburg Samaneh Beheshti-Kashi Received Received
  SP-2294 Network effects in C-ITS - an analysis of road hazard warning implemented with vehicle-to-vehicle communication Risto rni Received Received
  BP-2298 Virtual Traffic Management System Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  TP-2299 Accelerating autonomous public transportation in cities by innovation procurement Renske Martijnse-Hartikka Received Received
  TP-2300 High resolution mapping of air pollution as a tool for electric bus deployment: experimental approach in Latin American cities Alessandro Santiago dos Santos Received Received
  TP-2301 Shared autonomous mobility in Helsinki - Hype vs. Reality Ulla Tikkanen Received Received
  TP-2310 Potential threats and cybersecurity issues for vehicle-to-infrastructure link used for traffic signal preemption Dumitrescu Sorin Received Received
  TP-2312 Bike-path Surface Quality Lars Randleff Received Received
  TP-2316 C-ITS and CCAM implementation speed-up through envisioning win-win for all actors Thomas Desseilles Received Received
  TP-2319 Novel methodology for passengers data collection through augmented reality for origin-destination matrix generation Luis Miguel Escobar Falcón Received Received
  TP-2321 Infrastructure and operating system requirements for automatic bus guidance on a fully dedicated mountainous route João Cardoso Received Received
  SP-2323 Fully automated reverse-parking system for a level 3 Autonomous Heavy-Duty Vehicle Ahu Ece Hartavi Karci Received Received
  TP-2325 Road CID, to work on a corridor level Karolina Hedberg Received Received
  TP-2330 Autonomous Carpooling System Rodrigo Moura Received Received
  TP-2333 Implementation of a large-scale demonstrator to model demand for shared mobility Patrizia Franco Received Received
  TP-2337 European harmonisation of data flow: Elementary parts in DATEX II Gottfried Allmer Received Received
  BP-2339 Lets open the box of the future automotive computing platforms Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2341 Innovative and operational approaches to cybersecurity for the automotive players Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2343 Opportunities of hybrid electric propulsion and the impact in designing the Passenger Experience (Flexcraft project) Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-2344 Inclusiveness and accuracy: The route to better mobility Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-17988 Virtual Risk Assessment for the Deployment of Autonomous Shuttles Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-18522 Cloud-Based Traffic Control: A System of Systems for Accelerating Deployment of C-Its and Autonomous Vehicles Lei Chen Received Received
  BP-18524 Federated Learning to Enable Automotive Collaborative Ecosystem: Opportunities and Challenges Lei Chen Received Received
  BP-18692 Identifying Key Characteristics of Automated Shuttle Bus Projects in France, Germany, and Luxembourg Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-18873 Safety of Maintenance Personnel in Short-Term Roadworks Sites Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-18897 Computer Vision and Iot for Automated Traffic Sign Inspections Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
  BP-19059 Transportation from School to Hobby and Back a Hobby Ride Service Called NsMaas for Schoolchildren in Tampere Region Mika Kulmala Received Received
  BP-19561 Reinventing Urban Mobility Using Agent-Based Demand Modelling at Large-Scale to Appraise Attitudes Towards Shared Mobility Patrizia Franco Received Received
  BP-19641 Assessing Potential Impacts of Light Electric Vehicles on Urban Mobility Elina Aittoniemi Received Received
  BP-19664 Acceptance and Use of Adas - a Step Towards Automation? Merja Penttinen Received Received
  BP-19909 The Endless Pursuit of Convenience - Finding the Goldilocks Zone for Transport Daniel Zaldumbide Received Received
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