5-9 May 2017 Vienna
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  PV-0042 Fractionated-TBI schedules prior to allograft: Study from the Acute Leukemia Working Party (EBMT) Arefore Radiotherapy H Mondor Received Received
  PV-0043 Radiotherapy to the mediastinum in Hodgkins lymphoma: Is B-VMAT the only arc solution? Catherine Hanna Received Received
  PV-0044 Is involved-node radiotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma safe in routine? Angela Boros Received Received
  PV-0045 Estimation of internal risk volume for coronary arteries after motion evaluation with ECG-gated CT Mario Levis Received Received
  PV-0046 Comparison of respiratory-induced diaphragm motion during radiotherapy between children and adults Sophie Huijskens Received Received
  PV-0047 Whole lung irradiation in patients with osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma: a systematic review Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PV-0048 Prognostic impact of tumor size and response in neoadjuvant radiotherapy of soft tissue sarcoma Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PV-0050 A Randomised controlled trial evaluating the utility of a patient Decision Aid to improve clinical trial (RAVES 08.03) related decision-making Puma Sundaresan Received Received
  PV-0087 Improvement of models for survival prediction through inclusion of patient-reported symptoms Carsten Nieder Received Received
  PV-0088 Half body irradiation schedule in patients with multiple bone metastases: a phase I-II trial Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PV-0089 Relation between pain control and bone mineral density change in bone metastases Hidetoshi kobayashi Received Received
  PV-0090 The risk of myelopathy after reirradiation of the spinal cord. Morten Hiul Suppli Received Received
  PV-0091 Quantifying the Gap Between Radiotherapy in the Elderly and the Demand for Age-Agnostic Treatment. Thomas Mee Received Received
  PV-0092 Criterion-Based Benchmarking approach of the appropriate use of radiotherapy in NSW-ACT, Australia Gabriel Gabriel Received Received
  PV-0093 Availability of radiotherapy in Africa: past and present of an unsolved problem Eduardo Zubizarreta Received Received
  PV-0131 MR-only prostate external radiotherapy treatment planning - a multi-center/multi-vendor validation Emilia Persson Received Received
  PV-0132 Comparison of planned versus simulated delivered dose in IMRT for endometrial cancer Ingrid White Received Received
  PV-0133 Re-irradiation of pelvic recurrence of rectal cancer: Developing an adaptive plan ion strategy Lars Nyvang Received Received
  PV-0134 Isotoxic stereotactic radiotherapy for central pelvic recurrence in gynecological cancer Alexandra Taylor Received Received
  PV-0137 Validation of fast motion-including dose reconstruction for proton scanning therapy in the liver Emma Colvill Received Received
  PV-0138 Pencil beam scanning treatments in free-breathing lung cancer patients is 5 mm motion a limit? Annika Jakobi Received Received
  PV-0183 Microbrachytherapy: even more localised dose profiles? Richard Brown Received Received
  PV-0184 Quantitative study on position margin in Intraluminal Brachytherapy Planning for lung treatment CHI WAH KONG Received Received
  PV-0185 Retina dose as risk factor for worse visual outcome in 106Ru plaque brachytherapy of uveal melanoma Gerd Heilemann Received Received
  PV-0186 MaxiCalc: a tool to calculate dose distributions from measured source positions in HDR brachytherapy Maximilian Hanlon Received Received
  PV-0187 Source dwell time and transit time measurement for a HDR afterloading unit Tin Lok Chiu Received Received
  PV-0188 Improved class solutions for prostate brachytherapy planning via evolutionary machine learning Stefanus Maree Received Received
  PV-0189 Ring applicator source path determination using a high resolution ionisation chamber array Mark Gainey Received Received
  PV-0190 The analysis of prostate cancer with median lobe hyperplasia treated I-125 brachytherapy KOICHIRO MURAKI Received Received
  PV-0233 A Radiosensitivity Gene Signature & PD-L1 Predict Clinical Outcome of Breast Cancer in TCGA dataset Bum-Sup Jang Received Received
  PV-0234 SPECT-CT visualization of axillary lymph nodes in breast cancer: the guide for radiotherapy planning Sergey Novikov Received Received
  PV-0235 Is there a subset who benefits from PMRT in node-negative breast cancer patients? HAE JIN PARK Received Received
  PV-0236 Impact of radiation therapy delay in patients underwent neoadjuvant chemotherapy and breast surgery Gustavo Marta Received Received
  PV-0237 Management and outcome of local failure after intraoperative partial breast irradiation Maria Cristina Leonardi Received Received
  PV-0238 Use of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Measuring 5 cm or More Hill Tekatli Received Received
  PV-0239 Validation of lung cancer survival models in a clinical routine SBRT population Johan van Soest Received Received
  PV-0240 A logistic regression model to predict 30-day mortality: difference between routine and trial data Arthur Jochems Received Received
  PV-0241 Comparing endpoints of radiation induced lung injury for NSCLC: radiology vs. clinical symptoms Uffe Bernchou Received Received
  PV-0281 Lymph node MRI in regional breast radiotherapy leads to smaller target volumes and lower OAR dose Tristan van Heijst Received Received
  PV-0282 Out-of-plane motion correction in orthogonal cine-MRI registration Matteo Seregni Received Received
  PV-0283 Gated liver SBRT based on internal electromagnetic motion monitoring Esben Worm Received Received
  PV-0284 3D Performance Analysis of Cyberknife Synchrony Respiratory Tracking System Meryem Cansu Sahin Received Received
  PV-0286 Quantifying registration uncertainties in image-based data mining Eliana M Vasquez Osorio Received Received
  PV-0287 Determination of MC-based predictive models for personalized and fast kV-CBCT organ dose estimation Héléna Chesneau Received Received
  PV-0320 Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for liver metastases based on functional treatment planning utilizing 218Ffluoro-2-deoxy-D-galactose PET/CT Mette Marie Fode Received Received
  PV-0321 MRI guided stereotactic radiotherapy for locally advanced pancreatic cancer Hanne Heerkens Received Received
  PV-0322 Rapid Early Response of Gastroesophageal Junction Tumors During Real-time MRI-Guided Radiotherapy Hima Musunuru Received Received
  PV-0323 Development of a Prognostic Model incorporating PET Texture Analysis in Oesophageal Cancer Patients Kieran Foley Received Received
  PV-0324 Dose to pelvic bone marrow defined with FDG-PET predicts for hematologic nadirs in anal cancer patients treated with concurrent chemo-radiation Pierfrancesco Franco Received Received
  PV-0325 Tumor Regression Grading in the CAO/ARO/AIO-04 phase 3 trial in locally advanced rectal carcinoma Emmanouil Fokas Received Received
  PV-0326 Time to surgery and pCR after neoadjuvant CRT in rectal cancer: a population study on 2113 patients Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PV-0327 The effect of postoperative complications on Quality of Life in elderly rectal cancer patients Alice Couwenberg Received Received
  PV-0328 Factors associated with complete response after brachytherapy for rectal cancer; the HERBERT study. Eva Rijkmans Received Received
  PV-0369 The potential of hyperpolarized C MRS to monitor the effect of vascular disrupting agents Ane Iversen Received Received
  PV-0371 Novel molecular radiobiology for personalised prostate cancer radiotherapy Laure Marignol Received Received
  PV-0372 Histology-specific quantitative mapping and targeting of glucose and glutamine metabolism in NSCLC Tineke Meijer Received Received
  PV-0373 Glutamine metabolism as a potential target for prostate cancer radiosensitization Anna Dubrovska Received Received
  PV-0415 Verification of pre-treatment DVH measurements for individual plan QA Joep Stroom Received Received
  PV-0416 Novel methods for normal tissue dose in epidemiological studies of second cancer in radiotherapy Choonsik Lee Received Received
  PV-0417 Validation of an analytical peripheral photon dose model for FFF modality Mari Trini García-Hernández Received Received
  PV-0418 Characterisation of the prototype plastic scintillation detector (PSD) in a strong magnetic field ASGHAR Gadhi Received Received
  PV-0419 The impact that geometric variability in ionization chamber construction has on kQQo Josep Puxeu Vaqué Received Received
  PV-0420 Learn before you measure: Method of single-isolated errors analysis for ArcCheck. Marta Gizynska Received Received
  PV-0422 Direct determination of kQ in a clinical carbon ion beam using water calorimetry Julia-Maria Osinga-Blttermann Received Received
  PV-0423 AAPM TG-158 recommendations for neutron dosimetry for photon, electron, and light-ion therapy. Rebecca Howell Received Received
  PV-0456 Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy for patients with bilateral breast cancer Sjors Lutjeboer Received Received
  PV-0457 Delay between planning and stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastases: margins still accurate? Veronique Vendrely Received Received
  PV-0458 FMECA of Cyberknife process: two years experience for improvement Severine Cucchiaro Received Received
  PV-0459 Prostate CBCT dose optimization : from an iterative mAs reduction to a sytematic exposure reduction enric jaegle Received Received
  PV-0460 Comparison of 3 Image-guided Adaptive Strategies for Bladder Radiotherapy Vickie Kong Received Received
  PV-0461 Integrating diagnostic MRI in radical bladder cancer radiotherapy: Challenges in image registration. Cynthia Eccles Received Received
  PV-0462 E-learning in the Radiotherapy Department- Ortello Jocelyn de Jong Received Received
  PV-0502 Post-operative radiation therapy in atypical meningiomas: analysis of prognostic factors SHAKIR SHAKIR Received Received
  PV-0503 Novel Recursive Partitioning Analysis Classification for Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma: A Multi-institutional Study Highlighting the MGMT Promoter Methylation and IDH1 Gene Mutation Status Chan Woo Wee Received Received
  PV-0504 Observed survival in 3270 patients treated with Whole Brain Radiotherapy compared to the QUARTZ data. Similar results for lung cancer (2.8 months) and breast cancer (3.8 months) Paul Jeene Received Received
  PV-0506 Comparison of Clinical Behavior of Viral Related Oropharyngeal and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Shao Hui Huang Received Received
  PV-0508 Prognostic significance of PD-L1 expression in patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Chuan Peng Received Received
  PV-0509 An interactive prognostic tool for ion of head-and-neck cancer patients for experimental treatments Katrin Hkansson Received Received
  PV-0510 FMISO-PET/CT and functional MRI parameters as biomarkers during chemoradiation of HNSCC Hatice Bunea Received Received
  PV-0511 Fitting NTCP models to patient reported xerostomia and dysphagia after H&N radiotherapy to 60Gy Panayiotis Mavroidis Received Received
  PV-0548 The role of adjuvant therapy in stage IA serous and clear cell uterine cancer: a pooled analysis Xuan Lu Qu Received Received
  PV-0549 National Cancer Data Base Analysis of SBRT, IMRT, and Brachytherapy Boost for Cervical Cancer Michelle Ludwig Received Received
  PV-0550 Combined high dose radiation and tyrosine kinase inhibitors in renal cell carcinoma: a phase I trial Nora Sundahl Received Received
  PV-0551 PSMA PET/CT vs MRI for GTV delineation in prostate cancer: a comparison with histology Constantinos Zamboglou Received Received
  PV-0552 Urethra-sparing SBRT for prostate cancer: acute toxicity results from a randomized phase II trial Thomas Zilli Received Received
  PV-0553 Prognostic significance of Testosterone Level in prostate carcinoma patients treated with TAB and RT Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  PO-0604 A PET-based nomogram to predict survival in oropharyngeal cancers radiotherapy castelli joel Received Received
  PO-0605 Factors associated with late dysphagia and xerostomia in (chemo)radiation for head and neck cancer. Fréderic Duprez Received Received
  PO-0606 Mandible osteoradionecrosis in oropharynx carcinoma treated with IMRT Francesca Caparrotti Received Received
  PO-0608 Depression, anxiety and claustrophobia in patients undergoing radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Marie-Ève Pelland Received Received
  PO-0609 18F-FDG-PET in Guiding Dose-painting with IMRT in Oropharyngeal Tumours (FiGaRO) Early Results Andriana Michaelidou Received Received
  PO-0611 Long-term prognostic impacts of pretreatment plasma EBV DNA status in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Jin-Ching Lin Received Received
  PO-0612 Significance of co-expression of mutant p53 protein and Ki67 in locally advanced HNSCC post chemo-RT Priya Baskaran Shanmuga Received Received
  PO-0614 The prognostic role of 18F-FDG PET/CT in head and neck cancer and the importance of HPV status Jon M. Moan Received Received
  PO-0615 Can diffusion-weighted MRI predict for xerostomia and QoL in head and neck patients receiving RT? Kimberley Nguyen Received Received
  PO-0616 HPV, CSC marker expression and tumor hypoxia as prognosticators for LRC in patients with HNSCC Linge Annett Received Received
  PO-0618 Role of PET in radiotherapy planning of head and neck tumors: a systematic review Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0619 Comparison of a nanoString and RNA microarray gene signature predicting LRC after PORT-C in HNSCC Stefan Schmidt Received Received
  PO-0620 Partial Laryngeal IMRT for T2N0 Glottic Cancer: Impact of Image Guidance and Radiotherapy Regimen Kathy Rock Received Received
  PO-0621 Validation of tumor delineation on HE stained sections with cytokeratin staining as gold standard Hans Ligtenberg Received Received
  PO-0622 Medulloblastoma in adults: a retrospective single institution analysis Indrawati Hadi Received Received
  PO-0623 Impact of Interim Progression During the Surgery-to-Radiotherapy Interval and Its Predictors in Glioblastoma Treated with Radiochemotherapy Chan Woo Wee Received Received
  PO-0624 Gammaknife Radiosurgery in patients receiving anticancer immunotherapy: efficacy and safety Daniela greto Received Received
  PO-0625 Accelerated-hypofractionated IMRT plus Temozolomide in Glioblastoma:a phase I dose-escalation study Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0626 Quality of life: result from a randomized trial that compared WBRT with radiosurgery of tumor cavity Lucyna Kepka Received Received
  PO-0627 Prediction of radiosurgery response of brain metastases using convolutional neural networks Mi-sook Kim Received Received
  PO-0628 Correlation between 18F-FDOPA uptake and tumor relapse in recurrent high-grade gliomas isabelle chabert Received Received
  PO-0631 Molecular subtypes of glioblastoma: immunohistochemical approach and clinical correlations Luca Triggiani Received Received
  PO-0632 Phase I/II Trial on Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) in Glioblastoma Multiforme (INTRAGO I/II) Frank Anton Giordano Received Received
  PO-0634 Irradiation of Subventricular Zone in Glioblastoma: Its Impact on Tumor Progression and Survival Fatma Sert Received Received
  PO-0635 Can psychological support during RT improve distress, mood or quality of life in CNS tumor patients? Loredana Dinapoli Received Received
  PO-0637 HFSRT to the resection bed for intracranial metastases: a large retrospective study of 181 patients. Audrey KELLER Received Received
  PO-0638 FET PET prior to primary RT of glioblastoma patients - a recurrence pattern analysis Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  PO-0639 Feasibility of tract based dosimetric analysis in brain tumor patients Manuel Conson Received Received
  PO-0640 Which measurement type should be used for disease control of brain metastasis, volumetric or linear? Gerrit Fischedick Received Received
  PO-0641 A novel voxel based homogeneity index: clinical implications for WBRT Alexander Henry Thieme Received Received
  PO-0643 Scalp-sparing radiotherapy to minimize alopecia in patients with primary brain cancer Silvia Scoccianti Received Received
  PO-0644 Overall survival following stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) for breast cancer brain metastases Hanisha Patel Received Received
  PO-0646 Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkins Lymphoma (NLPHL): Early Outcomes Nehal Khanna Received Received
  PO-0647 Factors associated with pulmonary toxicity after conditioning with total body irradiation Hwa Kyung Byun Received Received
  PO-0648 Is age60 unfavorable prognostic factor in early stage upper aerodigestive tract NK/T-cell lymphoma? Bo Chen Received Received
  PO-0649 Locoregional Treatment of the Primary Tumor Shows Survival Benefit in De Novo Stage IV Breast Cancer Seo Hee Choi Received Received
  PO-0650 Omitting radiotherapy in triple-negative breast cancer leads to worse cancer-specific survival Isabelle Kindts Received Received
  PO-0651 Five year outcome and soft tissue toxicity of breast cancer hypofractionated adjuvant radiotherapy Andrei Fodor Received Received
  PO-0652 Risk factors for complications of post-mastectomy radiotherapy on implant-based reconstructed breast Mami Ogita Received Received
  PO-0653 A heart atlas for breast RT and the influence of delineation education on observer variability MELTEM KIRLI Received Received
  PO-0655 Patterns of locorégional failure in women with breast cancer treated by Postmastectomy Radiotherapy youlia kirova Received Received
  PO-0656 Reirradiationhyperthermia after surgery for recurrent breast cancer: 70 5-year local control Sabine Oldenborg Received Received
  PO-0657 Breast cancer subtypes and incidence/survival in patients with brain metastases Yu Chen Tsai Received Received
  PO-0659 Hypofractionated-accelerated concomitant boost in moderate-high risk breast cancer:phase I-II study Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0660 Partial breast re-irradiation with IMRT in patients with local failure after conservative treatment Samantha Dicuonzo Received Received
  PO-0661 Intraoperative partial breast re-irradiation: a multicenter study of the AIRO IORT Working Group Maria Cristina Leonardi Received Received
  PO-0663 Early toxicity of 150 patients treated with hypofractionated breast SIB-RT using advanced techniques Akos Gulyban Received Received
  PO-0664 Standardized Nodal Radiation (RT) through a Breast Clinical Pathway (CP) within a USA Cancer Network Brian Gebhardt Received Received
  PO-0665 The role of post-mastectomy radiotherapy (PMRT) and prognostic factors of locoregional recurrence Durim Delishaj Received Received
  PO-0666 30 Gy single-dose SBRT to lung lesions: outcome in a large series of patients Luca Nicosia Received Received
  PO-0667 The differences between two groups of patients with NSCLC depending on the imaging for radiotherapy Andrea Masarykova Received Received
  PO-0668 Five-fraction SBRT for central NSCLC in-field recurrences following high-dose conventional radiation Michael Repka Received Received
  PO-0669 Models of pulmonary function changes after thoracic radiotherapy Anne Niezink Received Received
  PO-0670 Administration of CPAP during lung cancer radiotherapy might allow for better sparing of normal lung tissue Dario Di Perri Received Received
  PO-0671 Influence of radioresistant histologies on SBRT outcome for lung metastases Davide Franceschini Received Received
  PO-0672 Delineation and eye-tracking: How to analyze treatment decisions according physician experience? Florence Legouté Received Received
  PO-0674 SABR for lung tumors of 5cm or more: can knowledge-based planning detect high-risk treatment plans? Saar van t Hof Received Received
  PO-0675 Evaluating commercial delineation software in routine clinical practice: analyzing time and quality. Tim Lustberg Received Received
  PO-0677 Vero SBRT for early stage lung cancer: a phase II trial with dynamic tracking in ed lesions Robbe Van den Begin Received Received
  PO-0678 Health-related quality of life reporting in lung cancer trials: A methodological appraisal. Lotte Van der Weijst Received Received
  PO-0680 SBRT for locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC): a retrospective multi-institutional experience Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0681 SBRT VS standard chemoradiation in locally advanced pancreatic cancer (LAPC): a case-control study Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0682 Re-irradiation for oligo-recurrence from esophageal cancer with radiotherapy history Keiichi Jingu Received Received
  PO-0684 Opposite pharmacokinetics of sorafenib modulates by liver irradiation concurrent versus sequential CHEN-HSI HSIEH Received Received
  PO-0685 The value of postoperative adjuvant therapy for pT2-3 esophageal cancer treated by radical resection Zhu Shuchai Received Received
  PO-0688 Unresectable hepatic oligorecurrence SBRT of 55 lesion:Adequate dose coverage improves local control Patrick Berkovic Received Received
  PO-0690 An initial result of carbon-ion radiotherapy for metastatic liver tumors. Shingo Toyama Received Received
  PO-0691 Whole-body total lesion glycolysis is an independent predictor of thoracic esophageal cancer Noriyoshi Takahashi Received Received
  PO-0692 The role of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy in patients with common bile duct cancer after R1 resection Sang-Won Kim Received Received
  PO-0693 Stereotactic radiotherapy in hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0694 Post-operative Intensity-Modulated hypofractionated Image-Guided Radiotherapy in cholangiocarcinoma Najla Slim Received Received
  PO-0695 Neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy and resection for esophageal cancer: outcomes in daily practice. Edmée Portier Received Received
  PO-0696 A predictive nomogram for decision support for patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors Arthur Jochems Received Received
  PO-0697 Reduced inter- and intra-observer variation in esophageal tumor delineation using fiducial markers. Melanie Machiels Received Received
  PO-0698 Phase II study of induction chemotherapy followed by radiochemotherapy in pancreatic cancer Michele Fiore Received Received
  PO-0699 Is stereotactic radiotherapy following radiochemotherapy useful in local advanced pancreatic cancer? Alessia Nardangeli Received Received
  PO-0700 Deep inspiration breath hold for radiotherapy of esophageal cancer reduces the heart dose significantly Margriet Dieters Received Received
  PO-0701 Discrepancies between pathological data on nodal spread and the CTV used in adjuvant radiotherapy for biliary tract cancer Joanna Socha Received Received
  PO-0702 Phase I trial evaluating panitumumab in combination with chemoradiotherapy for anal cancers Veronique Vendrely Received Received
  PO-0703 Bowel dysfunction resulting from different treatment strategies in patients with rectal cancer. Te Vuong Received Received
  PO-0704 Circulating angiogenesis factors predicting poor chemoradiotherapy outcome in rectal cancer Sebastian Meltzer Received Received
  PO-0705 Patient-reported workability during the first year of rectal cancer treatment Alice Couwenberg Received Received
  PO-0706 Assessing the impact of sentinel lymph-node and inguinal irradiation in patients with anal cancer Calogero Gumina Received Received
  PO-0707 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Texture Analysis Parameters for predicting risk of Anal Cancer recurrence Kasia Owczarczyk Received Received
  PO-0708 Patterns of Care in the Netherlands for Radiotherapy of Women with Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer Peter de Boer Received Received
  PO-0709 Disease courses in women with residual tumor after concurrent chemoradiotherapy for cervical cancer Young Seok Kim Received Received
  PO-0711 Risk factors for insufficiency fractures in cervix cancer following intensity modulated radiotherapy Anne Ramlov Received Received
  PO-0712 Benefit of semi-extended field radiotherapy in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer Jie Lee Received Received
  PO-0713 Diffusion-weighted MRI for predicting prognosis after radiotherapy in stage IIIB cervical cancer Yui Watanabe Received Received
  PO-0714 Toxicity and Clinical Outcome of Intensity Modulated versus Conventional Whole Pelvic Radiation Therapy for Endometrial Cancer: A Prospective Randomized trial Leila Vaalavirta Received Received
  PO-0715 A phase II study of chemoradiation with tri-weekly cycles of nedaplatin for uterine cervical cancer. Kae Okuma Received Received
  PO-0716 Pelvic insufficiency fracture after IMRT for gynecologic or anal cancer Louis Bazire Received Received
  PO-0717 Role of Radiation Therapy in Vulvar Cancer Patients with One or More Positive Inguinal Lymph Nodes Margaux Kanis Received Received
  PO-0718 18-FDG PET/CT parameters to predict survival and recurrence in cervical cancer Nathaniel Scher Received Received
  PO-0719 The use of ultrasound bladder scanning in cervical IMRT to reduce variability of uterine motion Sophie Otter Received Received
  PO-0720 CTV change during adaptive EBRT for cervix cancer: is mid-treatment plan adaptation required? Dharman Dinesh Vignarajah Received Received
  PO-0721 Prediction of disease-free survival and locoregional control using pretreatment 18FDG PET/CT radiomics features in locally advanced cervical cancer treated with chemoradiotherapy Franois Lucia Received Received
  PO-0725 Sigmoid colon is an important organ at risk for high-grade faecal urgency after pelvic radiotherapy Rashmi Jadon Received Received
  PO-0726 Dose escalation with HDR brachytherapy for intermediate- and high-risk prostate cancer Rodolfo Chicas-Sett Received Received
  PO-0727 Acute intestinal toxicity after whole-pelvis IMRT for prostate cancer from the patients perspective Barbara Noris Chiorda Received Received
  PO-0728 BRCA2 mutation predicts poor survival in prostate cancer: A compelling evidence from 8,988 patients. Ming Cui Received Received
  PO-0729 Normal Tissue Complication Probability for late urinary toxicities after RT for prostate cancer Federica Palorini Received Received
  PO-0730 The independent benefit deriving from high doses and WPRT in salvage post-prostatectomy radiotherapy Barbara Noris Chiorda Received Received
  PO-0731 Comparison of two fractionation schemes in prostate cancer patients treated with robotic SBRT Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  PO-0732 Toxicity and outcome in moderately hypofractionated radiotherapy for 590 prostate cancer patients andrea maucieri Received Received
  PO-0733 Radium 223: Difference in clinical outcomes between young and old Yee Pei Song Received Received
  PO-0734 The effect of TAB duration and pelvic RT in prostate cancers with gleason score 8-10: TROG study Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  PO-0736 Long term outcomes of IG-IMRT dose-escalation to pelvis and prostate for advanced prostate cancer Hester Lieng Received Received
  PO-0738 PET with 18F-Choline for evaluation of prostate cancer patients with biochemical relapse/persistence Héctor Pérez-Montero Received Received
  PO-0739 Phase II Trial of Dynamic Dosimetry for prostate brachytherapy: correlation with post-implant MRI/CT Daniel Song Received Received
  PO-0740 Surgery versus Radiotherapy in Uveal Melanoma: SEER Analysis using Propensity Score Matching & IPTW Bum-Sup Jang Received Received
  PO-0742 Target delineation conformity in extremity STS within the UK phase II multi-centre IMRiS trial Huiqi Yang Received Received
  PO-0743 Retransplantation of bony autografts sterilized by extracorporal high dose irradiation Ladan Saleh-Ebrahimi Received Received
  PO-0744 Brachytherapy and external beam radiation therapy after re-excision surgery in soft tissue sarcomas Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0745 Intrafractional movement of patients with spinal cord compression receiving radiation therapy Elin Ravnkilde Received Received
  PO-0746 Inter-observer variation in GTV delineation of bone metastases: a multicenter study Joanne van der Velden Received Received
  PO-0747 Setting defaults in palliative radiation: a value-driven approach to improving care Lindsay Puckett Received Received
  PO-0748 Efficacy of radiotherapy for painful bone metastases in elderly patients Jon Cacicedo Received Received
  PO-0749 Early impact of pulmonary SBRT on Quality of Life: Benefit for patients with low initial QoL/GHS Sonja Adebahr Received Received
  PO-0750 Failure to publish the results of clinical trials in oncology is skewing our medical practice Pedro Franco Received Received
  PO-0751 Uptake of a novel interactive 3D web-based contouring atlas among the radiation oncology community Erin Gillespie Received Received
  PO-0752 Birth Outcomes in Childbearing Age Female Cancer Survivors: A Nationwide Population-based Study Wei-Heng Kao Received Received
  PO-0754 ISIORT pooled analysis 2016 update: clinical and technical characteristics of intraoperative radiotherapy in 11,025 patients Marco Krengli Received Received
  PO-0755 Implementation of structural patient reported outcome registration in clinical practice Iverna Nijsten - van Riesen Received Received
  PO-0756 Characterizing tissue equivalent materials used for an end-to-end QA phantom for MR-guided RT Angela Steinmann Received Received
  PO-0757 Variation of mean dose output from 204 UK linacs (January-June 2015) and its potential clinical impact. Matthew Bolt Received Received
  PO-0758 Development of patient-specific phantoms for verification of SBRT planning using 3D printer Chae-Seon Hong Received Received
  PO-0759 Validation of the influence of M512 substrate resistivity on sensitivity degradation of radiation Nauljun Stansook Received Received
  PO-0760 Investigation of PRESAGE formulation on signal quenching in a proton beam Mitchell Carroll Received Received
  PO-0761 Dosimetry with Farmer ionization chambers in magnetic fields: Influence of the sensitive volume C. Katharina Spindeldreier Received Received
  PO-0762 Real-time dosimetry with rare earth doped silica Emiliano DAgostino Received Received
  PO-0763 Characterizing the response of Gafchromic EBT3 film in a 1.5 T magnetic field Yvonne Roed Received Received
  PO-0765 Preparation and Fabrication of a Full-scale Patient-specific 3D-Printed Radiotherapy Phantom Daniel Craft Received Received
  PO-0766 The effect of air gaps on Magic Plate (MP512) for small field dosimetry kananan utitsarn Received Received
  PO-0767 Revisiting EPID design for modern radiotherapy requirements Philip Vial Received Received
  PO-0768 Electron Paramagnetic Resonance signal from a new solid polymer material aimed for 3D dosimetry María del Rocío Bernal Zamorano Received Received
  PO-0769 Suitability of microDiamond detectors for the determination of absorbed dose to water around high-dose-rate 192Ir brachytherapy sources Vaiva Kaveckyte Received Received
  PO-0772 Real time error detection for VMAT: testing a novel transmission detector Marlies Pasler Received Received
  PO-0774 Investigation of dose-rate dependence at an extensive range for PRESAGE radiochromic dosimeter Evaggelos Pantelis Received Received
  PO-0775 Contributions to detector response in arbitrary photon fields Sonja Wegener Received Received
  PO-0776 Thermoluminescence Characteristics of Fabricated Ge Doped Optical Fibre for Radiotherapy Dosimetry Muhammad Safwan Ahmad Fadzil Received Received
  PO-0777 Importance of dosimetry formalism for cells irradiation on a SARRP and consequences for RBE Morgane DOS SANTOS Received Received
  PO-0778 New Razor silicon diode for Cyber Knife small beam relative dosimetry: a multi-site evaluation Serenella Russo Received Received
  PO-0779 New robotic phantom for evaluation of imaging and radiotherapy of moving structures Henry Arenbeck Received Received
  PO-0780 Feasibility study of beam monitoring system using AFORS for proton pencil beam Jaeman Son Received Received
  PO-0781 A characterisation of EBT3 Gafchromic film for relative and absolute dosimetry Ilias Billas Received Received
  PO-0782 New liquid ionization chamber detector of high resolution for treatment verification in Radiotherapy Luis Brualla Gonzalez Received Received
  PO-0783 Planverification in Robotic Stereotactic Radiotherapy with the Delta4-Dosimetry-System Wolfgang Baus Received Received
  PO-0784 Volume correction factors for alanine dosimetry in small MV photon fields Hans Lynggaard Riis Received Received
  PO-0785 A pencil beam algorithm for protons including magnetic fields effects Fatima Padilla Received Received
  PO-0786 Energy dependence investigation for detectors used in out-of-field dosimetry Laura Shields Received Received
  PO-0787 A compact and complete model for Bragg peak degradation in lung tissue Riccardo Dal Bello Received Received
  PO-0788 First assessment of Delivery Analysis tool for pre-treatment verification on the new Radixact system Andrea Girardi Received Received
  PO-0789 Demystifying failed VMAT PSQA measurements with ArcCHECK Paul Kinsella Received Received
  PO-0790 In-vivo dosimetry for kV radiotherapy: clinical use of micro-silica bead TLD & Gafchromic EBT3 film Antony Palmer Received Received
  PO-0791 Determination of water mean ionization potential for Geant4 simulations of therapeutical ion beams Álvaro Perales Molina Received Received
  PO-0792 Monte-Carlo calculated energy deposition and nanodosimetric quantities around a gold nanoparticle Tobias Dressel Received Received
  PO-0793 Absorbed dose distributions of ruthenium ophthalmic plaques measured in water with radiochromic film Marcelino Hermida-López Received Received
  PO-0794 Comprehensive quality assurance test for high precision teletherapy Sonja Wegener Received Received
  PO-0795 Comparison of Service graph log and Dynamic linac log of Elekta Linacs for patient QA. Matthias Kowatsch Received Received
  PO-0796 Optimisation of plan robustness to sinus filling in a magnetic field. Andrew Pollitt Received Received
  PO-0797 Studies on optical fiber dosimeters for in-vivo dosimetry in HDR brachytherapy Luis Moutinho Received Received
  PO-0798 Identification of areas of high-risk skin toxicity in SBRT and IMRT treatments Pablo Carrasco de Fez Received Received
  PO-0800 Log file based performance characterization of a PBS dose delivery system with dose re-computation Till Tobias Bhlen Received Received
  PO-0801 Benchmarking Gate/Geant4 for oxygen ion beams Andreas Resch Received Received
  PO-0802 Experimental validation of single detector proton radiography with scanning beams Cezarina Chirvase Received Received
  PO-0803 CloudMC, a Cloud Computing application for fast Monte Carlo treatment verification Hector Miras Received Received
  PO-0804 Relative dosimetry evaluation for small multileaf collimator fields on a TrueBeam linear accelerator Tony Younes Received Received
  PO-0805 Commissioning of the new Monte Carlo algorithm SciMoCa for a VersaHD LINAC Wolfgang Lechner Received Received
  PO-0806 Dosimetric end-to-end test procedures using alanine dosimetry in scanned proton beam therapy Antonio Carlino Received Received
  PO-0807 Practical advantages of a transmission chamber in relative dosimetry of Brainlab conical applicators Lucia Clara Orlandini Received Received
  PO-0808 Comparison of multi-institutional QA for VMAT of Nasopharynx with simulated delivery errors David Thwaites Received Received
  PO-0809 A 3D polymer gel dosimeter coupled to a patient-specific anthropomorphic phantom for proton therapy Guillaume Landry Received Received
  PO-0810 Absolute dose pre-treatment Portal Dosimetry using the Varian MAASTRO implementation Ana Taborda Received Received
  PO-0812 Dosimetric impact of using Acuros algorithm for stereotactic lung and spine treatments Laure Vieillevigne Received Received
  PO-0813 Break fewer hearts: Breath hold and protons for gentler lymphoma radiotherapy Laura Rechner Received Received
  PO-0814 The Influence of scans parameters on effective dose of CBCT scans used for IGRT procedures Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  PO-0815 External neutron spectra measurements for a single room compact proton system Rebecca Howell Received Received
  PO-0816 Towards a time-efficient treatment planning workflow for clinicians Rens van Haveren Received Received
  PO-0817 Anatomical robust optimization to deal with variation in nasal cavity filling during IMPT Steven van de Water Received Received
  PO-0818 Improving plan quality and efficiency by automated rectum VMAT treatment planning Geert Wortel Received Received
  PO-0819 Robustness evaluation of single- and multifield optimized proton plans for unilateral head and neck Macarena Cubillos Mesías Received Received
  PO-0820 Full automation of radiation therapy treatment planning Laurence Court Received Received
  PO-0821 Automatic re-planning of VMAT plans in prostate and HN patients using constrained optimization Luise Knzel Received Received
  PO-0824 IMRT dose painting for prostate cancer using PSMA-PET/CT: a planning study based on histology Khodor Koubar Received Received
  PO-0825 Multi-scenario sampling in robust proton therapy treatment planning Edmond Sterpin Received Received
  PO-0826 Evaluation of the new InCise MLC for Cyberknife stereotactic radiotherapy Julien BELLEC Received Received
  PO-0827 Robustness Evaluation of Head and Neck Treatment with Proton Pencil Beam Scanning Technique Haibo Lin Received Received
  PO-0828 Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for localised prostate cancer on the MR-Linac Angela Pathmanathan Received Received
  PO-0829 Robustness of IMRT and VMAT for interfraction motion in locoregional breast irradiation Richard Canters Received Received
  PO-0831 Multi isocentric 4-pi volumetric modulated arc therapy approach for head and neck cancer Shanmuga Subramanian Received Received
  PO-0832 The impact of variable RBE and breathing control in proton radiotherapy of breast cancer Jakob dén Received Received
  PO-0833 Reducing small bowel dose for cervical cancer by combining proton therapy and target tailoring: a treatment planning comparison Peter de Boer Received Received
  PO-0834 Automated planning to reduce integral dose in robotic radiosurgery for benign tumors Linda Rossi Received Received
  PO-0835 PTV margin for pelvic lymph nodes in IGRT guided prostate radiotherapy Henrik Jensen Received Received
  PO-0837 Dosimetric advantages afforded by Dynamic WaveArc therapy accelerated partial breast irradiation Yuka Ono Received Received
  PO-0838 Treatment planning for the MR-linac: plan quality compared with current clinical practice Stijn van de Schoot Received Received
  PO-0839 Personalized VMAT optimization for pancreatic SBRT Ivaylo Mihaylov Received Received
  PO-0840 Hypofractionated intensity modulated radiotherapy in patients with immediate breast reconstruction Damaris Patricia Rojas Received Received
  PO-0841 Feasibility of dose decrease in a rectal sub-region predictive of bleeding in prostate radiotherapy Caroline Lafond Received Received
  PO-0842 A comparison of heart sparing techniques for breast and internal mammary chain radiotherapy Alison Ranger Received Received
  PO-0843 volumetric-modulated Dynamic WaveArc therapy reduces the doses to the hippocampus Megumi Uto Received Received
  PO-0844 Dosimetric Evaluation of MLC and Fixed Cone for Patients in the Prone Position with CyberKnife Seung Kwon Ahn Received Received
  PO-0846 Bowel dose-volume relationship for patient-reported acute intestinal toxicity from pelvic IMRT Carla Sini Received Received
  PO-0847 The dose-response curve of post-treatment FDG-uptake in lung tissue of irradiated NSCLC patients Matthew La Fontaine Received Received
  PO-0848 Predictors of patient-reported incontinence after prostate cancer RT: results from a cohort study Cesare Cozzarini Received Received
  PO-0849 Trismus after chemoradiation in head & neck cancer: relation with medial pterygoid and masseter dose Olga Hamming-Vrieze Received Received
  PO-0850 Predicting late fecal incontinence risk after RT for prostate cancer:external independent validation alessandro cicchetti Received Received
  PO-0851 Artificial neural networks for toxicity prediction in RT: a method to validate their intelligence Mauro Carrara Received Received
  PO-0852 External validation of a TCP model predicting PSA relapse after post-prostatectomy Radiotherapy Sara Broggi Received Received
  PO-0853 A method for automatic ion of parameters in NTCP modelling Damianos Christophides Received Received
  PO-0854 Is radiation-induced trismus a time dependent masticatory structure story? Maria Thor Received Received
  PO-0855 Use of the LKB model to fit urethral strictures for prostate patients treated with HDRB Vanessa Panettieri Received Received
  PO-0856 Systematic baseline shifts of lymph node targets between setup and treatment of lung cancer patients Mai Lykkegaard Schmidt Received Received
  PO-0857 Analysis of Intrafraction Motion in Image-Guided Stereotactic Radiosurgery of Spinal metastases Jrund Graadal Svestad Received Received
  PO-0859 Impact of 4DCBCT reconstruction algorithm and surrogate on motion representation Elisabeth Steiner Received Received
  PO-0860 Characterization of a novel liquid fiducial marker for organ motion monitoring in prostate SBRT Robin De Roover Received Received
  PO-0861 Geometric validation of a 4D-MRI guided correction strategy on the MR-Linac Tessa van de Lindt Received Received
  PO-0862 Correlation of Liver and Pancreas Tumor motion with Normal Anatomical Structures Robert Kaderka Received Received
  PO-0864 Accuracy of fiducial based correction of target motion in prostate SBRT treatments Tuomas Viren Received Received
  PO-0865 Commissioning and clinical implementation of intra-fractional 4D-CBCT imaging for lung SBRT Richard Sims Received Received
  PO-0866 Visibility, image artifacts and proton dose perturbation of fiducial markers Vincent Hamming Received Received
  PO-0867 Magnitude and robustness of motion mitigation in stereotactic body radiation therapy of the liver Christian Heinz Received Received
  PO-0870 DIBH produces a meaningful reduction in lung dose for some women with right-sided breast cancer Jessica Conway Received Received
  PO-0871 Study of the effect of heterogeneous setup random errors in treatment margins David Sevillano Received Received
  PO-0873 Intra- and inter-fraction motion uncertainties during IGRT for Wilms tumour Filipa Guerreiro Received Received
  PO-0875 Dosimetric effects of anatomical changes in proton therapy of head and neck (H&N) cancer GLORIA MIORI Received Received
  PO-0876 Treatment adaptation is mandatory for intensity modulated proton therapy of advanced lung cancer Lone Hoffmann Received Received
  PO-0877 Proton therapy of oesophageal cancer is more robust against anatomical changes than photons Ditte Moeller Received Received
  PO-0879 Differences between planned and delivered maximum spinal cord dose in Head & Neck cancer patients David Noble Received Received
  PO-0880 Using accumulated delivered dose to predict rectal toxicity in prostate radiotherapy Leila Shelley Received Received
  PO-0881 4DMRI for RT planning; novel precise amplitude binning in the presence of irregular breathing Zdenko van Kesteren Received Received
  PO-0882 Proxy-free low-pitch helical 4DCT reconstruction René Werner Received Received
  PO-0884 Availability of MRI improves interobserver variation in CT-based pancreatic tumor delineation Oliver J. Gurney-Champion Received Received
  PO-0885 Assessment of Intratumoral Dose Response (SF2) Constructed Using Multiple FDG PET Images Di Yan Received Received
  PO-0888 Response monitoring by 18FDG-PET in locally advanced NSCLC treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy Judi van Diessen Received Received
  PO-0889 FLT PET kinetic analysis biomarkers of resistance to radiotherapy for nasal tumours in canines Urban Simoncic Received Received
  PO-0890 Image-based radiobiology: predicting the evolution of hypoxia during radiotherapy Mireia Crispin Ortuzar Received Received
  PO-0891 Quality assessment of target volume delineation and dose planning in the Skagen Trial 1 Giulio Francolini Received Received
  PO-0892 Automatic quality assurance of rectal contours on image guidance scans Marina Romanchikova Received Received
  PO-0893 Improving CBCT image quality for daily image guidance of patients with head/neck and prostate cancer Pascal Paysan Received Received
  PO-0894 Comparing the spatial integrity of 7T and 3T MR images for image-guided radiotherapy of brain tumors Jurgen Peerlings Received Received
  PO-0895 MRI-based analysis of volumetric changes of healthy brain tissue in glioma patients after photon RT Andreas Gommlich Received Received
  PO-0896 Quantitative MRI-based characterization of obturator muscles after prostate cancer radiotherapy Elisa Scalco Received Received
  PO-0897 Atlas-based auto-segmentation of heart structures in breast cancer patients Robert Kaderka Received Received
  PO-0898 Automated segmentation for breast cancer radiation therapy based on the ESTRO delineation guideline. Ahmed Ramadan Eldesoky Received Received
  PO-0900 Quantifying the Effect of MRI Geometrical Distortions on Radiotherapy Treatment Planning Doses. Mary Adjeiwaah Received Received
  PO-0901 Is MRI in immobilization mask necessary for brain metastasis patients? Astrid van Lier Received Received
  PO-0902 Identifying the dominant prostate cancer focal lesion using 3D image texture analysis William Nailon Received Received
  PO-0903 Patient-induced susceptibility effects simulation in magnetic resonance imaging Mikael Bylund Received Received
  PO-0904 Development of an MRI-protocol for radiotherapy treatment guidance in gastric cancer Vivian van Pelt Received Received
  PO-0905 (Semi-)Automatic contouring strategies for rectal boost treatment on the MR-Linac Christel Nomden Received Received
  PO-0906 Textural analysis of MR images to improve the characterisation of recurrent prostate cancer James Stirling Received Received
  PO-0907 Remote auditing of IMRT/VMAT deliveries Narges Miri Received Received
  PO-0908 APPLICATION OF Failure and effects analysis to linac quality controls: advantages and limits Francesca Bonfantini Received Received
  PO-0909 QA test of MLC speed using a fluorescent screen-CCD based dosimetry system BIN YANG Received Received
  PO-0910 Is Linac-Based Total Body Irradiation (TBI) on the coach by VMAT Feasible? BORA TAS Received Received
  PO-0911 Can the therapeutic benefits of microbeam radiation therapy be achieved using a clinical linac? Natalka Suchowerska Received Received
  PO-0912 Short- and long term stability of the isocenter of a three-source Co60 MR guided radiotherapy device Daan Hoffmans Received Received
  PO-0913 A national review of equipment, techniques and PTV margins used for SRS Rushil Patel Received Received
  PO-0915 Performance study of a prototype straight-through linac delivery system with an EPID assembly Ryan Scheuermann Received Received
  PO-0916 Feasibility and potential for treating locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer with a MR-linac Hannah Bainbirdge Received Received
  PO-0917 Nationwide audit of small fields output calculations in Poland Wojciech Bulski Received Received
  PO-0918 Radiotherapy and Her2 targeting agents: synergy in clonogenic and confluence assays Natalka Suchowerska Received Received
  PO-0919 Stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastases : Cyberknife versus VersaHD / ExacTrac Mickael PERDRIEUX Received Received
  PO-0920 Utilizing monte carlo for log file-based delivery QA Carl Stanhope Received Received
  PO-0921 Dose considerations of IGRT using MV projection and MV CBCT on a prototype linear accelerator Peter Balter Received Received
  PO-0922 Late toxicity and cosmetic outcome following APBI using interstitial multicatheter HDR brachytherapy Tamer Soror Received Received
  PO-0925 Timing of post-implant analysis in permanent breast seed implant: results from a serial CT study Elizabeth Watt Received Received
  PO-0926 Interstitial HDR prostate brachytherapy: comparison of pre- and post-implant dose distribution. Sergey Novikov Received Received
  PO-0927 Plug-free needles provide dosimetric advantages over plugged needles in I-125 prostate brachytherapy AHAMED BADUSHA MOHAMED YOOSUF Received Received
  PO-0928 Androgen deprivation therapy influences PSA bounce rate after brachytherapy Wojciech Burchardt Received Received
  PO-0929 Needle Migration in HDR Brachytherapy for Prostate Cancer evaluated by Serial MRI and Photos Simon Buus Received Received
  PO-0930 CT to TRUS based Prostate HDR: what is the optimal dosimetric margin to use? Frédéric Lacroix Received Received
  PO-0931 Clinical outcome and quality of life after MRI-guided HDR boost for prostate cancer. Ferenc Lakosi Received Received
  PO-0932 Prostate-specific Antigen bounce in patients treated with 125I prostate brachytherapy: Keep calm Andreia Pires Received Received
  PO-0933 Urethral dose in cervical image guided brachytherapy Kirsty MacLennan Received Received
  PO-0934 Brachytherapy as part of the conservative treatment for primary and recurrent vulvar carcinoma Pauline Castelnau-Marchand Received Received
  PO-0936 Dose effects of draining rectal gas in image-guided brachytherapy for gynecological cancer Hideko Takase Received Received
  PO-0937 HDR image-guided interstitial brachytherapy for postoperative local recurrent uterine cancer Ken Yoshida Received Received
  PO-0939 Comparison of brachytherapy sources of endometrial cancer: Electronic brachytherapy source and 192Ir Sergio Lozares Received Received
  PO-0940 3D mapping for precise definition of GTV, CTV and their correlation in cervix cancer BT (EMBRACE) Susovan Banerjee Received Received
  PO-0942 In vivo dosimetry for cervix HDR brachytherapy - feasibility study using a MOSFET Josh Mason Received Received
  PO-0943 Evaluation of a recent in vivo dosimetry methodology for HDR prostate BT using MOSFET detectors Rosa Fabregat Borrás Received Received
  PO-0946 Entropic model for real-time dose calculation: application for I-125 prostate brachytherapy Gabriele BIRINDELLI Received Received
  PO-0947 Image-guided brachytherapy with 106Ru eye plaques for uveal melanomas using post implantation MRI Gerd Heilemann Received Received
  PO-0948 Role of HDR Intraluminal Brachytherapy in carcinoma Esophagus: An institutional experience. Prashanth Kainthaje Bhat Received Received
  PO-0949 Evaluation of role of Interstitial Brachytherapy in Soft Tissue Sarcoma: Single institute experience VIBHAY PAREEK Received Received
  PO-0950 High-dose-rate brachytherapy treatment in T1-T2 stage non-melanoma skin cancer patients. Maria Ángeles González Ruiz Received Received
  PO-0951 Episcleral Brachytherapy for Uveal Melanoma Andreia Ponte Received Received
  PO-0952 Integral heart dose and lymphocytopaenia in lung cancer patients treated with radical radiotherapy Nuradh Joseph Received Received
  PO-0953 Proteome profiles in PDAC patients with local recurrence after postoperative radiochemotherapy Louisa Bolm Received Received
  PO-0955 Co-treatment of MSC and vascular permeability inhibitor reduces radiation side effects on the colon Virginie Monceau Received Received
  PO-0956 Prediction of irradiated cells fate: the necessity to revisit RBE by multi-parametric investigations Vincent PAGET Received Received
  PO-0957 Radiobiological studies in in vitro reconstituted squamous epithelia Georgeta Zemora Received Received
  PO-0958 Radiogenomics: role of non-coding RNA genes in increased radiotherapy sensitivity Laura Duran-Lozano Received Received
  PO-0960 Radiobiological effectiveness and its role in modelling secondary cancer risk for proton therapy Abdossalam Madkhali Received Received
  PO-0961 DNA damage and repair influence tumor sensitivity to diffusing alpha emitters radiation therapy Yona Keisari Received Received
  PO-0962 Proton minibeam irradiation leads to reduced acute side effects in an in-vivo mouse ear model Esther Zahnbrecher Received Received
  PO-0963 RBE variations along the Bragg curve of a 200 MeV proton beam Charlot Vandevoorde Received Received
  PO-0964 Biomarkers in wound drainage fluids affect response to radiations of head and neck cancer cells Mariangela Sottili Received Received
  PO-0966 Prognostic value of tissue necrosis, hypoxia-related markers in head and neck cancer patients treated with bio- or chemo-radiotherapy Dan Ou Received Received
  PO-0967 Analysis of tumour microenvironment using multi-parametric PET/MR imaging in HNSCC xenograft models Simon Boeke Received Received
  PO-0968 The Role of epithelial to mesenchymal transition (EMT) as Biomarker for Radioresistance in HNSCC Ina Kurth Received Received
  PO-0970 Prostate brachytherapy; DNA damage biomarker (gH2AX) induction rate correlates with late toxicity Sarah O S Osman Received Received
  PO-0974 Biomarkers of radiosensitivity for patient stratification and personalized radiotherapy treatment Elisa Palumbo Received Received
  PO-0975 Clinical utilization of the radiation-hypoxia-induced abscopal/bystander effect Slavisa Tubin Received Received
  PO-0976 Mechanisms of normal tissue toxicity from SAHA, an HDAC inhibitor and radiosensitizer Imon Barua Received Received
  PO-0977 Plasma lipidomics for predictive biomarker analysis in rectal cancer. Philippe Bulens Received Received
  PO-0978 Potential predictive biomarkers to chemoradiotherapy response in rectal cancer: a lipidomic study. Francesca Perrotti Received Received
  PO-0979 Differential response of glioma cell lines to microbeam versus conventional radiotherapy Lloyd Smyth Received Received
  PO-0980 MEK/ERK pathway sustains radioresistance of embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma stem-like cell population. Francesco Marampon Received Received
  PO-0981 Disturbance of redox status enhances radiosensitivity of hepatocellular carcinoma Hong Zhang Received Received
  PO-0985 Tumor metabolic changes after neoadjuvant radiotherapy: consequences for surgery-related metastases philippe martinive Received Received
  PO-0987 Gemcitabine-based chemoradiotherapy gets improved with PARP inhibitor in pancreatic cancer cells waisse WAISSI Received Received
  PO-0988 Following tumour microenvironment after Neoadjuvant radiotherapy with IVIM perfusion analysis Philippe Martinive Received Received
  PO-0990 Combining radiotherapy and notch inhibition in melanoma Kamalram Thippu Jayaprakash Received Received
  PO-0991 Chromosomal radiosensitivity and genomic instability of Fanconi anaemia patients in South Africa Flavia Zita Francies Received Received
  PO-0992 Low-dose whole lung irradiation plus Re-188-liposome eliminates lung metastasis of esophageal cancer Yu-Jen Chen Received Received
  PO-0993 Influence of radiotherapy on differentiation, maturation and functionality of dendritic cells Laila Knig Received Received
  PO-0994 Integrin antagonistic drugs reveal different effectiveness in 2D monolayer vs. 3D spheroid culture Verena Kopatz Received Received
  PO-0996 Accuracy of an optical surface monitoring device to reduce imaging of breast cancer patients Josh Sharpe Received Received
  PO-0997 Improving shoulder positioning in a 5-points mask. LJ Mesch Received Received
  PO-0998 Comparison of the accuracy of different pillow for radiation therapy of head and neck cancer Chun Yen Lin Received Received
  PO-0999 Control of rectal volume with Kampo formula during prostate radiotherapy: A prospective study Jin Kobayashi Received Received
  PO-01000 Immobilisation systems for brain treatment: are individual head supports needed for stable fixation? Simone Meessen Received Received
  PO-1001 Evaluation of target volume delineation of the regional lymph nodes in breast cancer patients Mirjam Mast Received Received
  PO-1002 Comparison of Best Commercial Model and Atlas based segmentation with CT and MR in brain cancer. Joong-Yeol Woo Received Received
  PO-1003 Radiological Features of Brain Metastases in a Single Center Population: An Implication for the HA-WBRT Approach YiMin Han Received Received
  PO-1004 Machine learning methods for automated OAR segmentation Pal Tegzes Received Received
  PO-1005 Automatic segmentation of cardiac sub-structures in the treatment of HL Christian Fiandra Received Received
  PO-1006 Evaluation of an auto-segmentation software for definition of organs at risk in radiotherapy Maria Dolores Herraiz Lablanca Received Received
  PO-1007 The effect of VMAT on tumor coverage and organs at risk for head and neck cancer patients Michelle Kertevig Received Received
  PO-1008 Feasibility of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for locally-advanced non-small cell lung cancer Katrina Woodford Received Received
  PO-1009 Evaluation of setup margins using cone-beam CT for prostate and pelvic nodes irradiation Aniek van Nunen Received Received
  PO-1010 Investigation of reproducibility of bolus position based on kV CBCT imaging Edyta D&261;browska Received Received
  PO-1011 Is it safe to omit a setup correction validation scan for central lung lesions treated with SBRT? Maddalena M.G. Rossi Received Received
  PO-1012 Traffic Light Protocol as a guide for optimal registration of LACC complex tumor pathology Evelien Bogaert Received Received
  PO-1013 Library of plans and CTV-PTV margins for VMAT irradiation of cervical cancer Petronella Maria Kager Received Received
  PO-1014 Target volume motion during anal cancer IGRT using cone-beam CT Corrinne Brooks Received Received
  PO-1016 Impact of CBCT based IGART strategies on margins in postoperative IMRT of gynecological tumors Monica Buijs Received Received
  PO-1017 Dose guided adaptive radiotherapy based on cumulated dose in OAR for prostate cancer Mohamed Nassef Received Received
  PO-1018 Improvement of radiation-induced late toxicity after hyperbaric oxygen treatment Raquel Roncero Received Received
  PO-1019 Mobile Oncology: Survey with Healthcare Professionals about Telemedicine, mHealth and mobile Apps Kerstin Kessel Received Received
  PO-1020 Re-irradiation of Head and Neck sarcomas: initial results of Protontherapy Center of Trento, Italy Irene Giacomelli Received Received
  PO-1021 An electronically configurable checklist program for quality control of RT treatment planning Karl-Heinz Grosser Received Received
  PO-1022 Implementation of a paperless workflow in radiotherapy; Reducing transcription Oliver Shoffren Received Received
  PO-1023 Reducing waiting room times - A 5 year review of an in-house KPI tool Andrew Wallis Received Received
  PO-1024 Effectiveness of couch coordinate constraints to reduce error rates in radiation therapy delivery Olaf Nairz Received Received
  PO-1025 Development of a in-house KPI tool Andrew Wallis Received Received
  EP-1027 Evaluation of induction chemotherapy followed by radiation therapy in advanced oropharyngeal cancers RAVIKIRAN POTHAMSETTY Received Received
  EP-1028 MRI during radiotherapy: tumor geometry and changes in organs at risk for head-and-neck patients chaline grundmann Received Received
  EP-1029 Improved interobserver reproducibility in nasopharyngeal tumor delineation using a reference GTV Ariane Lapierre Received Received
  EP-1030 External beam radiation therapy for locoregionally recurrent differentiated thyroid carcinoma Chul-Yong Kim Received Received
  EP-1031 FDG-PET/CT as a guide for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Treatment of advanced head and neck cancer Francesco Ricchetti Received Received
  EP-1032 Optimising head and neck radiotherapy for dental rehabilitation Sean OCathail Received Received
  EP-1033 Survival patterns in elderly patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma treated with definitive radiotherapy Linda Sommers Received Received
  EP-1034 Significance of mutant p53 and Ki67 as predictive biomarkers post Chemo-RT in locally advanced HNSCC Priya Baskaran Shanmuga Received Received
  EP-1035 Dose-volume analysis of the hypoglossal nerve and its correlation with Dysarthria-Dysphagia Syndrome FEN CHEN Received Received
  EP-1036 18F-FDG-PET in Guiding Dose-painting with IMRT in Oropharyngeal Tumours (FiGaRO) Swallow Results Carolyn Doughty Received Received
  EP-1037 Chronic radiation-associated dysphagia (RAD) after curative reirradiation in head and neck cancer Lucia Gutierrez Bayard Received Received
  EP-1038 Intraoperative electron beam radiotherapy for locoregionally recurrent head and neck cancer Patrick Wald Received Received
  EP-1039 CTV growth evaluation for involved site neck lymphoma RT if pre-chemo RT position PET-CT is absent David Bird Received Received
  EP-1040 Identifying risk factors for LHermittes syndrome after chemo-IMRT for head and neck cancer Hannah Laidley Received Received
  EP-1041 The Preliminary Report of PG2 in Improving QoL of Pharyngeal Cancer Patients in Chemoradiotherapy Hung-Ming Wang Received Received
  EP-1042 Olfactory neuroblastoma 10-year experience with volumetric modulated arc therapy Hemal Ariyaratne Received Received
  EP-1043 Chemo-reirradiation with simultaneously integrated boost in patients with local recurrence of HNSCC Aleksei Mikhailov Received Received
  EP-1044 Survival and functional outcome after treatment for primary base of tongue cancer Sangjoon Park Received Received
  EP-1047 Comparison of TPF and CF induction chemoradiotherapy for radical treatment of head and neck cancer. Carl Adkin Received Received
  EP-1048 Phantom Tumour Phenomenon in Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients after Radiotherapy Yee-Min Jen Received Received
  EP-1049 Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy(IMRT) could provide better outcomes for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Poompis Pattaranutaporn Received Received
  EP-1050 Prognostic factors analysis in advanced SCCHN treated by induction chemotherapy/local therapy Chingte Wu Received Received
  EP-1051 Characteristics and Impact of HPV to Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Thai Patients CHULEEPORN JIARPINITNUN Received Received
  EP-1052 Hypofractionated vs. conventional radiotherapy for early glottic cancer: a propensity score analysis Wataru Takahashi Received Received
  EP-1053 Analysis of outcomes of Adenoid cystic Carcinoma of Head and Neck region: Single Institution Study Milan Anjanappa Received Received
  EP-1054 Disease Outcomes following Post-operative IMRT for Oral Cavity Cancer: A Single Institution Analysis Andriana Michaelidou Received Received
  EP-1055 A Novel Postoperative Chemoradiotherapy Protocol versus Conventional CCRT for High-risk SCCHN Yi-Ting Shih Received Received
  EP-1056 Radiation and concurrent superive intra-arterial cisplatin for maxillary sinus cancer Takeshi Ebara Received Received
  EP-1057 Predictive and prognostic value of pretreatment 18F FDG-PET parameters in head-and-neck cancer Letizia Deantonio Received Received
  EP-1058 A multicenter study of carbon-ion RT for locally advanced olfactory neuroblastomas (J-CROS1402HN) Hiroaki Suefuji Received Received
  EP-1059 A 18F FDG-PET adaptive thresholding algorithm for delineation of RT volumes of head&neck cancer. Letizia Deantonio Received Received
  EP-1061 Towards a validated Decision Aid Tool for advanced larynx cancer patients Adriana Berlanga Received Received
  EP-1062 Hypofractionated vs standard radical radiotherapy in early (Tis-T1,T2) glottic cancer patients. Maria Ángeles González Ruiz Received Received
  EP-1063 Epidemiology and clinical outcome of HPV in different head and neck cancer a subgroup analysis Edwin Boelke Received Received
  EP-1064 Does parotid sparing adaptive radiotherapy (PSART) benefit patients? Interim results of the PARITY study Chandran Nallathambi Received Received
  EP-1065 Prediction of Dysphagia and Xerostomia based on CT imaging features of HNSCC Patients Karoline Pilz Received Received
  EP-1066 Hypofractionated accelerated SIB-VMAT radiotherapy for H&N cancer: brachial plexus constraint Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1067 is adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) radioresistant?: the effect of radiotherapy for ACC of head & neck INHYE JUNG Received Received
  EP-1068 Hypoxic imaging obtained at 2-h postinjection in FMISO-PET Mitsue Kawamura Received Received
  EP-1069 Survival-weight health profile in nasopharyngeal cancer patients Chia Hsuan Lai Received Received
  EP-1070 Concurrent chemoradiation versus upfront surgery for clinical T3-4 laryngeal and hypopharyngeal cancer Yoo Gyu Sang Received Received
  EP-1071 Organ-sparing SBRT in reirradiation of head and neck cancer: efficacy, toxicity, and quality of life Isabella Zhang Received Received
  EP-1072 Early nutritional support in head & neck: survey of Italian radiation oncologists/otolaryngologists. Marianna Trignani Received Received
  EP-1074 Dose impact using standard head and neck immobilization system in brain tumours magnolia rincon Received Received
  EP-1075 Role of Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Laryngeal & Hypopharyngeal Cancers treated with Radiotherapy Simon Pavamani Received Received
  EP-1076 toxicity of concomitant chemotherapy and IMRT in locally advanced OPSCC: sequential vs SIB technique Gessica Abate Received Received
  EP-1077 Predictive modeling for radiation-induced acute dysphagia in head and neck cancer patients. Daniela Alterio Received Received
  EP-1078 Transient xerostomia in head and neck cancers with significant parotid inclusion in target volume Anupam Datta Received Received
  EP-1079 Carotid blowout syndrome after reirradiation with particle therapy in the head and neck region Jon Espen Dale Received Received
  EP-1080 Psychological distress in patients with head and neck cancer during radiotherapy Mariangela Massaccesi Received Received
  EP-1081 Tumor response after palliative radiotherapy in head and neck cancer and its influence on survival Mafalda Cruz Received Received
  EP-1082 Primary surgery vs. radiotherapy in early-stage oropharyngeal cancer: a single centre experience Catia Pedro Received Received
  EP-1083 HPV as an etiological and prognostic factor for the Polish patients with HNC. Adam Brewczynski Received Received
  EP-1085 Comparative study of outcomes and toxicities in conventional 2DRT vs IMRT in locally advanced HNSCC Karthik Periasamy Received Received
  EP-1086 Health status and phisical activity in head and neck cancer survivors Ángela Matías-Pérez Received Received
  EP-1087 Real-world Cetuximab toxicity in curative and recurrent/metastatic setting in HNSCC patients. Isacco Desideri Received Received
  EP-1088 EGFR as blood biomarker improves prognostic value of nomogram for survival in laryngeal carcinoma Frederik Wesseling Received Received
  EP-1089 Prospective study of body composition changes during IMRT for H&N cancer as assessed by DXA scans Jrgen Johansen Received Received
  EP-1090 Particle therapy and IMRT for patients with esthesioneuroblastoma: a single-institution experience Jakob Liermann Received Received
  EP-1092 Perioperative high dose rate brachytherapy in previously irradiated head and neck cancer: Results Maria Isabel Martínez Fernández Received Received
  EP-1093 Hypofractioned robotic stereotactic radiotherapy of Head and neck Paragangliomas FATIMA MENIAI Received Received
  EP-1094 Transoral Laser Microsurgery associated to Radiotherapy in advanced laryngeal carcinomas. Iñigo Nieto Regueira Received Received
  EP-1096 Loco-regional failures in patients with head and neck cancer and where to find them using Deformable Image Registration Yaolin Zheng Received Received
  EP-1097 Medical or surgical management for oropharyngeal cancer:how far p16 expression can be used in decision process? Anouchka Modesto Received Received
  EP-1098 Survival predictors in patients with head and neck cancer treated with surgical resection Gustavo Marta Received Received
  EP-1099 Evaluation of laryngeal preservation & outcomes following RT for locally advanced laryngeal SCC Julianne OShea Received Received
  EP-1101 Leptomeningeal spread after stereotactic radiation for brain metastases from breast cancer Orit Kaidar-Person Received Received
  EP-1102 Prognostic factors of gliosarcoma a single institution study Hyun Ju Kim Received Received
  EP-1103 Are hippocampi considered organs at risks during stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastases? Umberto Tebano Received Received
  EP-1104 SABR for brain metastases with VMAT and FFF: feasibility and early clinical results Niccolò Giaj Levra Received Received
  EP-1105 Treatment Outcomes and Prognostic Factors of Atypical Meningioma: A Single-Institution Experience Hye Jin Kang Received Received
  EP-1106 Local control and overall survival after frameless radiosurgery Angelika Bilger Received Received
  EP-1107 Treatment Strategies for local and distant recurrence after HFSRT of the Resection Cavity Angelika Bilger Received Received
  EP-1108 CyberKnife stereotactic radiation therapy for re-irradiation of recurrent high grade gliomas. Hanna Grzbiela Received Received
  EP-1109 measurement of hippocampus atrophy after whole brain irradiation using voxel based morphometry Takeshi Ito Received Received
  EP-1110 Evaluation of 18FFET-PET and MRI assessed recurrence pattern in patients with high-grade glioma Josefine Hesse Received Received
  EP-1113 Helical Tomotherapy and altered fractionation in the treatment of Glioblastoma Cristina Caruso Received Received
  EP-1114 A prospective multicenter feasibility trial of Spine Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Hiroshi Tanaka Received Received
  EP-1116 Reirradiation and concurrent bevacizumab high-grade recurrent gliomas: experience and perspectives. Antoine Schernberg Received Received
  EP-1117 Sequential Proton Boost after Standard Chemoradiation for High-Grade Glioma Sebastian Adeberg Received Received
  EP-1118 Radiotherapy-related endocrine dysfunction in patients treated for craniopharyngioma Nicolette Taku Received Received
  EP-1119 Radiosurgery for meningioma:Evaluation of radiological outcome and factors of recurrence shaghayegh hassas yeganeh Received Received
  EP-1121 Newly diagnoses grade III glioma patients: evaluation of factors conditioning outcome. Pierina Navarria Received Received
  EP-1122 TSPO PET imaging RT treatment planning in malignant glioma Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  EP-1123 To contour or not contour hippocampus in stereotactic brain radiotherapy? A dosimetric study. CLELIA DI CARLO Received Received
  EP-1124 PET-MRI prior to re-irradiation of high-grade glioma patients - a planning study Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  EP-1125 Concomitant temozolomide therapy improves survival outcome of patients with multifocal glioblastoma Mustafa Syed Received Received
  EP-1126 Whole brain radiotherapy of breast cancer brain metastases: intracranial progression and prognosis. Dan Ou Received Received
  EP-1127 Dose to hippocampus in brain metastases radiosurgery: need for an hippocampal sparing approach Silvia Scoccianti Received Received
  EP-1128 Stereotactic radiotherapy or whole brain with simultaneous integrated boost in brain metastases? Francesco Beghella Bartoli Received Received
  EP-1129 Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for the treatment of cavernous sinus meningiomas Isabel Tovar Martin Received Received
  EP-1130 Hippocampus Dosimetry in patients treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Metastases Najmus Sahar Iqbal Received Received
  EP-1131 Evaluation of overall survival following SRS for non-small cell lung cancer brain metastases Sean All Received Received
  EP-1132 Hypofractionated Stereotactic Reirradiation for Recurrent High-grade Glioma Ludmila Hynkova Received Received
  EP-1133 Multifraction Radiosurgery for Large Brain Metastasis: Initial Results from Brazilian Experience. Allisson Borges Received Received
  EP-1134 Head and neck DLBCL in HIV-positive patients: long-term results in the HAART era Francesca De Felice Received Received
  EP-1135 Radiotherapy in primary CNS lymphoma ROBERTA MUNI Received Received
  EP-1136 Technical results of total skin irradiation using helical TomoTherapy. Kae Okuma Received Received
  EP-1137 Meningeal localisation in Sezary Syndrome patient treated with VMAT craniospinal irradiation ROBERTA MUNI Received Received
  EP-1140 Dosimetric comparison between Helical Tomotherapy and IMRT for Bilateral Breast Cancer Ming-Hua Wang Received Received
  EP-1141 Acute and late toxicity of IORT during BCS followed by whole breast radiotherapy (WBI). Bartosz Urba&324;ski Received Received
  EP-1142 EORTC QLQ C-30 scores evolution in stage I-III breast cancer patients during sequential treatment antonio vila Received Received
  EP-1143 Hypofractionated vs conventionally fractionated breast radiotherapy: Economic consequences. Aura Cecilia Ciafre Received Received
  EP-1144 Old age impact on radiotherapy omission in breast cancer patients Simona Cima Received Received
  EP-1145 Troponin I for the detection of cardiac toxicity in adjuvant breast cancer radiotherapy Khadidja Boudaoud Received Received
  EP-1147 The onset of radiation induced oesophagitis in breast cancer patients Katrina West Received Received
  EP-1148 Distress, use of psychological supportive care services and psychotropic drugs in early breast cancer: two Institutions comparison Icro Meattini Received Received
  EP-1149 Omission of completion axillary lymph node dissection in patients underrepresented in ACOSOG Z11 Brian Gebhardt Received Received
  EP-1151 Hypofractionated Radiotherapy in breast cancer treatment: A comparison between 3-DCRT and IMRT Alba Fiorentino Received Received
  EP-1152 Intraoperative radiotherapy for early breast cancer: a monocentric experience Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1153 Post-Mastectomy Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer Treatment Cindy Sharon Ortiz Arce Received Received
  EP-1154 Changes in skin microcirculation during radiation therapy for breast cancer to avoid any issues related to previous publication. Thank you for understanding. Alexandru Dasu Received Received
  EP-1155 Outcomes of breast cancer patients older than 80 years treated with adjuvant radiotherapy Michael Frelinghuysen Received Received
  EP-1156 A clinical trial on hypofractionated whole-breast irradiation after breast-conserving surgery Miwako Nozaki Received Received
  EP-1157 Serial changes of post-lumpectomy seroma during MRI-guided partial breast irradiation Seung Hyuck Jeon Received Received
  EP-1158 Vmat radiation induced nausea/vomiting in adjuvant breast cancer radiotherapy: dosimetrical issues. Grazia Lazzari Received Received
  EP-1159 Hypofractionated adjuvant radiotherapy and concomitant trastuzumab for breast cancer: 5-year results Andrei Fodor Received Received
  EP-1160 T4s for T4 small Breast cancer: a new TNM classification subgroup proposal Wael Salem ZRAFI Received Received
  EP-1161 Hypofracionated Radiation Therapy in Breast Cancer: retrospective analysis of late toxicity Patrizia Ferrazza Received Received
  EP-1162 Non surgical breast conserving treatment using a new radiosensitizer Taiju Shimbo Received Received
  EP-1163 A Prospective Evaluation of Lumpectomy Cavity Volume Changes During Whole Breast Radiotherapy Brandon Barney Received Received
  EP-1164 Improved accuracy in IORT with electron beams by a new measuring system of mammary gland thickness PAOLO SCALCHI Received Received
  EP-1165 Short and long term safety of a post-mastectomy conformal electron beam radiotherapy (PMERT) Noémie Grellier-Adedjouma Received Received
  EP-1166 Patterns of post-operative radiotherapy in breast cancer patients after neoadjuvant chemotherapy Gustavo Marta Received Received
  EP-1167 Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: A single center analysis. KILLIAN NUGENT Received Received
  EP-1168 male breast cancer; a review of patients treated from 2004 - 2013 (10yrs) Pearl scott Received Received
  EP-1169 Preoperative CT scan in tumor bed delineation after breast conserving surgery and oncoplasty Tripti Saxena Received Received
  EP-1170 Hypofractionated radiotherapy for ductal carcinoma in situ using VMAT: acute toxicity and cosmesis Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  EP-1171 Thermography and association to high-grade radiation dermatitis: a prospective trial on 64 patients. Nicolas Leduc Received Received
  EP-1172 Post-mastectomy radiotherapy with patient-tailored bolus using 3D printing for left breast cancer Kyungmi Yang Received Received
  EP-1173 Understanding variations in the use of hypofractionated radiotherapy for breast cancer: a mixed-methods study Josep Maria Borras Received Received
  EP-1174 impact of radiotherapy to posterior supraclavicular and posterior triangle area in breast cancer Shihhua Liu Received Received
  EP-1175 Impact of body-mass index on setup displacement in patients with breast cancer Yi-Chieh Tsai Received Received
  EP-1176 Helical tomotherapy in chest wall/breast and draining node irradiation after breast cancer surgery Valentina Lancellotta Received Received
  EP-1177 Late skin effects of radiotherapy after breast conserving surgery: analysis of possible predictive clinical factors Angela Romano Received Received
  EP-1178 Breast radiotherapy without nodal irradiation in pT1-2 pN0-1 stage: prognostic factors and outcomes. Clelia Di Carlo Received Received
  EP-1179 Target Volume Definition after Lumpectomy for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) or Boost Ilja Ciernik Received Received
  EP-1180 Whole breast radiotherapy in Lateral Decubitus position : efficacy and toxicity Estelle Bronsart Received Received
  EP-1181 dose to non-routinely delineated risk organs in post left conservative surgery conformal breast RT Mahmoud Abdelwahed Received Received
  EP-1182 Locoregional treatment of breast cancer with IMRT: a single center experience Ivica Ratosa Received Received
  EP-1183 Initial Clinical Experience with a Noninvasive Breast Stereotactic Radiotherapy Device: the GammaPod Cedric Yu Received Received
  EP-1184 HDR boost decreases the risk of breast failure in invasive breast ca. with close or involved margins Jose-Luis Guinot Received Received
  EP-1185 Post-operative Irradiation after Nipple-Sparing or Skin-Sparing Mastectomy: An International Survey Gustavo Marta Received Received
  EP-1186 Real-time intra-fraction motion in breast cancer radiotherapy: analysis of 1876 fractions using an optical surface scanner Reitz Daniel Received Received
  EP-1188 DIBH radiotherapy in left-sided breast cancer patients using an optical surface scanning system Stephan Schnecker Received Received
  EP-1189 Right Coroner Artery Assessment in Radiotherapy of Breast Cancer Ayse Altinok Received Received
  EP-1190 Assessment of the dose to the heart and the LAD for the left breast radiotherapy Dainius Burdulis Received Received
  EP-1191 Postmastectomy locoregional irradiation to temporary tissue-expander or permanent breast implant Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  EP-1192 Assessment of quality of life in phase III clinical trials of radiation therapy in breast cancer Gustavo Marta Received Received
  EP-1193 Hypofractionated external beam radiation therapy for breast cancer. The new standard? Ins Nobre Góis Received Received
  EP-1194 Dose-volume relationship for acute skin erythema in patients undergoing breast irradiation Tiziana Rancati Received Received
  EP-1195 Regional nodal recurrences after adjuvant breast radiotherapy are we covering the target? Laura Beaton Received Received
  EP-1196 Possible use of genetic tests: lets consider the opinion of patients Tiziana Rancati Received Received
  EP-1197 Results in Breast cancer Patients who Received adjuvant Radiation after Immediate Reconstruction Alexandra Giraldo Received Received
  EP-1198 Low risk breast cancer patients supportive care needs and perceptions of follow-up care options Jennifer Yin Yee Kwan Received Received
  EP-1202 A lot to a little or a little to a lot - dose-volume relationships in thoracic tumors Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1203 Changes in pulmonary function after high dose intrathoracic radio(-chemo)therapy up to 74 Gy Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1204 Treatment Outcomes and Patterns of Radiologic Injury after Tomotherapy-based SBRT for Lung Tumours Stefano Arcangeli Received Received
  EP-1205 The prognostic role of Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio in limited disease small-cell lung cancer Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1206 FDG-PET/CT predictive parameters of early response after SABR for lung oligometastases Rosario Mazzola Received Received
  EP-1207 Outcomes and prognostic factors in solitary brain metastasis from small cell lung cancer Denise Bernhardt Received Received
  EP-1208 Concomitant chemoradiotherapy followed by stereotactic ablative boost in non small cell lung cancer Jérme Doyen Received Received
  EP-1210 SBRT with FFF Beams and V-MAT for lung cancer. A mono-institutional experience. Francesco Martucci Received Received
  EP-1211 How ed are patients in clinical trials of radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer? Shalini Vinod Received Received
  EP-1212 Parenchymal and functional lung changes after stereotactic body radiotherapy for early-stage NSCLC Juliane Hoerner-Rieber Received Received
  EP-1213 Long-term outcomes of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for stage I non-small cell lung cancer Sumin Lee Received Received
  EP-1214 Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy in Clinical Stage I (5cm) Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer WAN JEON Received Received
  EP-1215 Risk factors of radiation pneumonitis after SRT: the usefulness of the PTV to lung volume ratio. Tomoko Ueyama Received Received
  EP-1217 lung cancer invading the vertebra: what is the optimal strategy for radiation? sarit appel Received Received
  EP-1218 Prognostic Values of Tumor Markers in Lung Cancer Patients Treated with Definitive Chemoradiotherapy Joohyun Chung Received Received
  EP-1219 Concomitant radiotherapy and TKI in EGFR mutant or ALK positive stage IV non-small cell lung cancer Marco Lorenzo Bonù Received Received
  EP-1220 Sites of recurrent disease and prognostic factors in SCLC patients treated with radiochemotherapy Rebecca Btof Received Received
  EP-1222 Beclin-1 expression of circulating tumor cells in non-small cell lung cancer patients. Cristina Prieto Prieto Received Received
  EP-1223 Comparing concurrent versus sequential chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced NSCLC Wei Guo Received Received
  EP-1224 Therapeutic effects of accelerated hyperfractionation and conventional fractionation CRT on NSCLC Takamasa Mitsuyoshi Received Received
  EP-1226 Stereotactic robotic body radiotherapy for patients with pulmonary oligometastases Patrick Berkovic Received Received
  EP-1227 Neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio and a dosimetric factor for predicting symptomatic radiation pneumonitis in non-small-cell lung cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy Yun Hee Lee Received Received
  EP-1228 UK NCRI CTRad consensus on drug and radiotherapy combination platform studies in NSCLC Gerard Hanna Received Received
  EP-1229 Phase II trial of concurrent erlotinib in locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer (LA-NSCLC) Olfred Hansen Received Received
  EP-1230 Post-operative radiotherapy (PORT) in patients with NSCLC Tanja Schimek-Jasch Received Received
  EP-1231 Early Clinical outcome of the first lung SBRT program in a developing country Shada Wadi-Ramahi Received Received
  EP-1232 Patient-reported toxicity in twice-daily (BID) versus once-daily (OD) chemoradiotherapy for LS-SCLC Joyce Lodeweges Received Received
  EP-1234 Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation (PCI) in Small-Cell Lung Cancer: a single-institution experience. Marek Konkol Received Received
  EP-1235 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for lung metastases: retrospective analysis of a single-center Harald Herrmann Received Received
  EP-1236 Validation of the clinical diagnostic method for solitary pulmonary nodules before SBRT in Navarra Maider Campo Received Received
  EP-1239 SBRT in patients with HCC/CCC or oligometastatic liver disease Sabine Gerum Received Received
  EP-1240 Stereotactic radiotherapy in pancreatic cancer: a systematic review on pain relief Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1242 Palliative EBRT for incurable esophageal cancer and symptomatic dysphagia-single center results kaloyan yordanov Received Received
  EP-1244 Neoadjuvant Chemo Radiation followed by Surgery in Ca Esophagus Retrospective Review from India VINEETA GOEL Received Received
  EP-1246 Definitive chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer: the impact of histological subtypes on survival Francine Voncken Received Received
  EP-1248 Adjuvant radiotherapy for gastric cancer patients underwent gastrectomy and D2 lymph node dissection Yunong Wang Received Received
  EP-1249 Changes in normal liver volume after Hepatic Irradiation: Results from a prospective observational study Karthick Rajamanickam Received Received
  EP-1250 Prognostic impact of post-surgery and post-adjuvant therapy in resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1252 Update of Stereotactic body radiation therapy for pancreatic adenocarcinoma: efficacy and safety Xin Chen Received Received
  EP-1253 Interobserver variability in the target delineation of hepatocellular carcinoma. Eleni Gkika Received Received
  EP-1254 DVH analysis of radiotherapy of upper gastrointestinal tumours: a model to predict toxicity. Gian Carlo Mattiucci Received Received
  EP-1255 Early clinical results for esophageal brachytherapy using a novel multi-balloon HDR applicator Amandeep Taggar Received Received
  EP-1256 Local ablative radiotherapy for liver metastasis: factors affecting local control and survival Cordula Petersen Received Received
  EP-1257 A look at pre-operative MRI accuracy at predicting rectal cancer staging post chemoradiotherapy KILLIAN NUGENT Received Received
  EP-1258 Comparing simultaneous vs sequential boost strategies during concurrent chemo-radiation for anal cancer: results of a retrospective observational study ARCADIPANE FRANCESCA Received Received
  EP-1261 Hypofractionated radiotherapy for inoperable rectal cancer: A retrospective analysis 2007 to 2015 Nur Abdul Satar Received Received
  EP-1262 EBRT And HDRBT in Rectal Cancer Patients Who Are Medically Unfit Or Refuse Surgery Chi Leung Chiang Received Received
  EP-1263 Short course radiotherapy, surgery & chemotherapy for stage IV rectal cancer with liver metastasis. Laura Díaz Gómez Received Received
  EP-1264 Metabolic response and change in CEA level in rectal cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant CRT Taek-Keun Nam Received Received
  EP-1265 Image-guided IMRT with simultaneous integrated boost as per RTOG 0529 for the treatment of anal cancer ARCADIPANE FRANCESCA Received Received
  EP-1266 In silico evaluation of subcutaneous skin dose associated to use of MRIdian MRI- 60Co System Francesco Catucci Received Received
  EP-1267 In silico Evaluation of the impact of Magnetic Field on dose distribution using of MRIdian MRI- 60Co Francesco Catucci Received Received
  EP-1268 Tumor response according to NK cell change during preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer Jaesung Heo Received Received
  EP-1269 Comparison of 2 and 3 arc VMAT versus fixed field IMRT and proton beam therapy in anal cancer Camilla Kronborg Received Received
  EP-1270 Clinical outcome of non-metastatic rectal cancer patients with extremely high CEA level DAEYOUNG KIM Received Received
  EP-1271 Is 3D-CRT still a valid option in radical radiochemotherapy of anal carcinoma in the era of IMRT? SHAKIR SHAKIR Received Received
  EP-1272 Impact of Ki67 on pathological complete response rate after neoadjuvant CRT in cT3N0M0 rectal cancer Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1273 Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for pelvic re-irradiation Yolanda Augustin Received Received
  EP-1274 Radiation dose escalation to increase pathological complete clinical response in locally advanced rectal cancer Maria Ana Estornell Gualde Received Received
  EP-1276 Clinic and radiobiology of hypofractionated radiotherapy for metastatic liver tumors. Pilot results. Tomasz Latusek Received Received
  EP-1277 Optimising RT dose for anal cancer the development of three clinical trials in one platform David Sebag-Montefore Received Received
  EP-1278 FMISO-PET & perfusion CT at baseline & week 2 CRT as predictive markers for response in rectal ca Tessa Greenhalgh Received Received
  EP-1279 Tumor response after short course radiotherapy for rectal cancer: immediate versus delayed surgery Mafalda Cruz Received Received
  EP-1280 Clinical outcomes of anal squamous cell carcinoma, treated with IMRT, using UK guidance. Sameer Sengupta Received Received
  EP-1281 Feasibility and Toxicity analysis of dose-escalation by SIB/VMAT schedule in rectal cancer patients Alessia Re Received Received
  EP-1283 Short Course Radiation Therapy For Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer João Casalta Lopes Received Received
  EP-1284 Impact of surgical delay after long-course radiochemotherapy in rectal cancer Tnia Maria dos Santos Teixeira Received Received
  EP-1285 Neutrophilia in locally advanced cervical cancer: A novel biomarker for image-guided adaptive brachytherapy? Alexandre Escande Received Received
  EP-1286 MRI vs clinical assessment in staging and prediction of recurrence in carcinoma cervix treatment mintu abraham Received Received
  EP-1287 10-Year outcomes on patients receiving radical radiotherapy for cervical cancer Kin Woo Received Received
  EP-1288 Correlation between PET/CT primary tumor FDG uptake and lymph node metastases in cervical cancer Gamze Ugurluer Received Received
  EP-1289 Use of image guided brachytherapy reduces late toxicity for elderly patients with cervical cancer Daijiro Kobayashi Received Received
  EP-1290 Helical Tomotherapy plus Brachytherapy boost in cervical cancer: a double dose escalation Gabriella Cattari Received Received
  EP-1293 Clinical outcome of prophylactic PAN irradiation for locally advanced cervical cancer Kohei Fukuda Received Received
  EP-1294 Interfractional motion of vaginal cuff after hysterectomy in gynecologic cancer SeokJoo Chun Received Received
  EP-1295 Role of postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy in early stage cervical cancer without high risk factors Wonguen Jung Received Received
  EP-1296 Adjuvant radiotherapy in endometrial cancer: Volumetric Modulated Intensity Arc Therapy vs 3DRT cristina iftode Received Received
  EP-1297 Update: Phase III randomised trial on electro-hyperthermia plus chemoradiation for cervical cancer Carrie Minnaar Received Received
  EP-1298 Radiotherapy in invasive vaginal carcinoma: a systematic review Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1300 Stereotactic radiotherapy for oligometastatic ovarian cancer patients: preliminary results. Sara Ronchi Received Received
  EP-1301 Early toxicity for image guided adaptive radiochemotherapy including brachytherapy in cervix cancer Yvette Seppenwoolde Received Received
  EP-1302 Acute toxicity of prophylactic para-aortic chemoradiation for cervical cancer treated in IMAT era NAGARJUN BALLARI Received Received
  EP-1303 Clinical outcomes of patients with advanced cervical cancer and percutaneous nephrostomy : An audit ROHAN SALUNKHE Received Received
  EP-1305 Hemoglobin monitoring in Endometrial Carcinoma: how preoperative anemia impacts overall survival. Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  EP-1306 New pre-treatment eosinophiles-related ratios as predictive factors for OS in endometrial carcinoma. Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  EP-1307 New neutrophils-related ratios as a novel predictive biomarkers for endometrial carcinoma. Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  EP-1308 A prospective trial of hypofractionation salvage radiation therapy after radical prostatectomy Petr Bulychkin Received Received
  EP-1309 Is it necessary to make a re-plan during IMRT for prostate cancer due to change in prostate size? Osamu Tanaka Received Received
  EP-1310 68Ga-PSMA-PET/CT imaging of localized prostate cancer patients for IMRT with integrated boost Wolfram Laub Received Received
  EP-1311 Beyond IMRT for Prostate Cancer: The Effect of Modern Technique on Treatment Quality and Outcome Amanda Zucker Received Received
  EP-1312 Long terms outcome in prostate cancer with image guided and intensity modulated radiation therapy. Carmen Salas Received Received
  EP-1313 18 F NaF PET use in prostate cancer staging in a single centre 2013-2016: retrospective review Martin Higgins Received Received
  EP-1315 Prostate cancer lymph nodal disease: SBRT only or extensive prophylactic irradiation and boost? Andrei Fodor Received Received
  EP-1316 Moderate Hypofractionation RT in post-prostatectomy setting:report on feasibility and acute toxicity Sergio Fersino Received Received
  EP-1317 PET-guided pelvic re-irradiation for nodal recurrences of prostate cancer Piet Dirix Received Received
  EP-1318 Is hypofractionation combined to WPRT effective in high risk prostate cancer patients? Andrei Fodor Received Received
  EP-1319 Adjuvant/ radical radiotherapy in prostate cancer patients with synchronous bone oligometastasis Chiara Lucrezia Deantoni Received Received
  EP-1320 Phase II Study of SBRT as Treatment for Oligometastases in Prostate Cancer: Trial in progress. Antonio Jose Conde-Moreno Received Received
  EP-1321 Salvage Radiotherapy in locoregional macroscopically relapsed Prostate cancer:retrospective analysis Alessio Bruni Received Received
  EP-1322 PERFORMANCE DIAGNOSIS OF 11C-choline PET/CT IN PROSTATE CANCER Pilar Maria Samper Ots Received Received
  EP-1323 Role of 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT in radiotherapy for prostate cancer: A single centre experience Nina-Sophie Hegemann Received Received
  EP-1324 Single-fraction HDR brachytherapy boost in combination to EBRT for prostate cancer Andres HUERTAS Received Received
  EP-1325 Risk adapted dose-intensified postoperative radiation therapy in prostate cancer patients using a simultaneous integrated boost technique applied with helical Tomotherapy. Marcus Beck Received Received
  EP-1326 Long term patients clinical outcome after salvage post-prostatectomy Radiation Therapy (RT) ELISABETTA GARIBALDI Received Received
  EP-1327 Decision Support System to implant a rectum spacer during prostate cancer radiotherapy Yvonka van Wijk Received Received
  EP-1332 Contouring variability with CT and MRI of prostate cancer for radiation planning ANA OTERO-ROMERO Received Received
  EP-1333 Impact of 18F-Choline PET scan acquisition time on delineation of GTV in Prostate cancer Craig Parkinson Received Received
  EP-1335 Hypofractionated versus conventional radiotherapy in intermediate- to high-risk prostate cancer Wei Guo Received Received
  EP-1338 High precision radiotherapy for early prostate cancer with concomitant boost to the dominant lesion. Giulia Riva Received Received
  EP-1340 Comparing dosimetry and toxicity of 5-field IMRT versus VMAT for prostate & pelvic nodal irradiation Philip Turner Received Received
  EP-1342 Salvage stereotactic body radiotherapy for lymph node oligorecurrent prostate cancer Giuseppe Fanetti Received Received
  EP-1344 Long-term quality of life after high-dose-rate brachytherapy boost for prostate cancer Wendy Busser Received Received
  EP-1345 Dosimetric effect of seed-based prostate localisation on Pelvic Lymph Nodes in High-Risk Prostate Ca Ronan Valentine Received Received
  EP-1346 Oligorecurrent nodal prostate cancer: long-term results of an elective nodal irradiation approach Sebastien Tran Received Received
  EP-1347 Treatment outcomes with hypofractionated high-dose radiation therapy for prostate cancer Daniele Candini Received Received
  EP-1348 Set-up errors in prostate cancer radiotherapy based on cone-beam computed tomography. Marianna Trignani Received Received
  EP-1349 Adjuvant hypofractionated radiotherapy for prostate cancer: acute toxicity Simonetta Saldi Received Received
  EP-1353 Salvage hypofractionated radiotherapy for prostate cancer: acute toxicity Simonetta Saldi Received Received
  EP-1354 Delayed Salvage Radiotherapy for Macroscopic Local Recurrence after Radical Prostatectomy Mohamed Shelan Received Received
  EP-1355 Comparing toxicity in IMRT and particle therapy of prostate cancer in a ROCOCO in silico trial Yvonka van Wijk Received Received
  EP-1356 Benefits of using stereotactic radiotherapy in patients with metachronous oligometastatic prostate cancer detected by 18Ffluoromethylcholine PET/CT Esther Bouman-Wammes Received Received
  EP-1358 Prostate postoperative hypofractionated radiotherapy: a single institution experience with Tomo Sara Gomellini Received Received
  EP-1359 Pain response in a Population-based study of Radium-223 for Metastatic Prostate Cancer Scott Tyldesley Received Received
  EP-1360 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic prostate cancer recurrence after local treatment. Pierre-Antoine Laurent Received Received
  EP-1362 Correlations between dose to small intestine and bladder volume in patients receiving pelvic IMRT Mohammad Alfayez Received Received
  EP-1363 Clinical efficacy of dose escalated and hypofractionated pelvic IMRT in prostate cancer Atia Khan Received Received
  EP-1364 Substratification of prostate cancer risk groups by core involvement and T stage may alter prognosis Austin Hopper Received Received
  EP-1365 Pure Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Low- to Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Robert Stephens Received Received
  EP-1366 Radiotherapy aimed at functional preservation in patients with small cell carcinoma of the bladder. Hiroko Akamatsu Received Received
  EP-1367 Conservation treatment of Carcinoma Penis with surface mould brachytherapy Milan Anjanappa Received Received
  EP-1368 Impact of post-operative Radiotherapy in bladder cancer after loco-regional relapse. MARIA JESUS MAÑAS Received Received
  EP-1369 Cystectomy with adjuvant radiotherapy for invasive bladder tumors: early results of a phase II study Martijn Swimberghe Received Received
  EP-1370 Simultaneous integrated tumour boost planning in bladder cancer: a comparison of strategies Shaista Hafeez Received Received
  EP-1371 Primary oesophageal melanoma responds to hypofractionated radiotherapy Olly Donnelly Received Received
  EP-1375 Volumetric-modulated-arc-therapy versus 3D-conformal-radiotherapy for sarcoma of extremities Anna Maria Ascolese Received Received
  EP-1376 IOERT combined with EBRT in R1-resected soft tissue sarcomas of the extremities: a pooled analysis Falk Roeder Received Received
  EP-1377 Single institutional experience of the treatment of angiosarcoma of the scalp Hiroki Ihara Received Received
  EP-1378 Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Intracranial Solitary Fibrous Tumorn Therapy in the Treatment of Hemangiopericytoma/ Solitary Fibrous Tumo Yin-Yin Chiang Received Received
  EP-1379 Heart volume reduction in paediatric cancer patients during radiotherapy Irma van Dijk Received Received
  EP-1380 Impact of radiobiological models on medical decision making to individualize proton and photon radiotherapy Abdulhamid Chaikh Received Received
  EP-1381 Treatment outcomes of proton craniospinal irradiation for paediatric medulloblastoma Evangeline Ho Received Received
  EP-1382 Feasibility of Proton therapy with concomitant Chemotherapy for atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumors Sarah PETERS Received Received
  EP-1383 Evaluation of QOL and psychological response in patients treated with palliative radiotherapy Takeo Takahashi Received Received
  EP-1384 Concomitant Use of Steroids and Immunotherapy in Cancer Patients: A Comprehensive Review Aurelie Garant Received Received
  EP-1385 Evaluation of the Spinal Instability Neoplastic Score for spinal metastases Laurens Bollen Received Received
  EP-1386 Mobile health technologies for severely-ill and palliative care patients Gudrun Theile Received Received
  EP-1387 Time Trends In Opioid Use In Cancer Patients with Pain: Observations from Administrative Data Lisa Barbera Received Received
  EP-1388 Clinical features of bone metastases and their importance for radiotherapy Natalya Bychkova Received Received
  EP-1389 Superficial hyperthermia with radiotherapy: toxicity and outcome of 62 metastatic lesions Gabriella Cattari Received Received
  EP-1390 Superior target delineation for stereotactic body radiotherapy of bone metastases from renal cell carcinoma on MRI compared to CT Fieke Prins Received Received
  EP-1391 Digestive toxicity after conformal radiotherapy for palliative cervico-thoracic spinal metastases Guillaume Peyraga Received Received
  EP-1392 Prognostic factors for survival in patients with bone metastases Pilar Maria Samper Ots Received Received
  EP-1393 Prognostic factors for survival in patients with brain metastases Pilar Maria Samper Ots Received Received
  EP-1394 Prognostic factor for palliative radiotherapy of bone metastases in good performance-status patients Yasushi Hamamoto Received Received
  EP-1395 CyberKnife treatment of intraorbital metastases: a single center experience on 24 lesions. Giulia Riva Received Received
  EP-1397 Dose painting guided by diffusion-weighted MRI applied to recurrent glioblastoma: a phase I protocol Mauro Iori Received Received
  EP-1399 Rotary-Dual Total Skin Electron Beam Therapy as palliative treatment for mycosis fungoides Agata Jodda Received Received
  EP-1400 Quality of Life in Responders after Palliative Radiation Therapy for Painful Bone Metastases Gustavo Marta Received Received
  EP-1401 SBRT for solitary extracranial metastases from gynecologic malignancies Michael Repka Received Received
  EP-1402 Impact of SBRT on pain and local control for bone metastases: a systematic review and meta-analysis Joanne van der Velden Received Received
  EP-1403 A comparison between 3D and volumetric technique in lumbar vertebral palliative irradiation Nicola Ricottone Received Received
  EP-1404 Survival time following palliative whole brain radiotherapy to treat brain metastases Astrid Billfalk Kelly Received Received
  EP-1406 Improvement in cancer pain management: the value of a joint approach in a single prospective series Valeria Masiello Received Received
  EP-1407 Are future radiation oncologists equipped with the knowledge to manage elderly patients with cancer? Niluja Thiruthaneeswaran Received Received
  EP-1408 Nutritional parameters in elderly patients with lung cancer and radiation treatment JOSE LUIS MONROY ANTON Received Received
  EP-1409 Prospective study of hypofractionated radiotherapy for elderly patients with High Grade Glioma Elena Clerici Received Received
  EP-1410 Role of PMRT in Elderly Patients with T1-2 and 1 to 3 Positive Nodes Breast Cancer Lu Cao Received Received
  EP-1411 Chemo-IMRT in elderly head and neck cancer patients Imtiaz Ahmed Received Received
  EP-1412 Quality of life of patients after high dose radiation therapy for thoracic carcinomas Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1413 IORT for treatment of recurrent tumors - A single institution analysis. Ricardo Cesar Fogaroli Received Received
  EP-1414 Toxicity of concurrent stereotactic radiotherapy and targeted or immunotherapy: a systematic review Stephanie Kroeze Received Received
  EP-1415 Interventions to Address Sexual Problems in People with Cancer Lisa Barbera Received Received
  EP-1416 A new model of care to improve clinical trial participation in radiation oncology Shalini Vinod Received Received
  EP-1417 Clinical evaluation of a fully automatic body delineation algorithm for radiotherapy Tobias Fechter Received Received
  EP-1418 RandOmized Study Exploring the combination of radioTherapy with Two types of Acupuncture treatment Rebecca Asadpour Received Received
  EP-1419 Optimal design and patient ion for interventional trials using radiogenomic biomarkers Dirk De Ruysscher Received Received
  EP-1420 Effects of Japanese traditional Kampo medicines Goreisan for acute radiation enteritis Taiju Shimbo Received Received
  EP-1421 Outcome by prognostic factors of AVM treated with LINAC:18 years experience, Spanish Institution Sergio Cafiero Received Received
  EP-1422 Pregnancy outcomes in cancer patients received radiotherapy: a nationwide population-based study Yu-Jung Chiang Received Received
  EP-1425 Permit to enter no-fly-zone: Risk-adapted mediastinal SBRT for oligometastases safe and effective Daniel Holyoake Received Received
  EP-1426 A model for internal target volume definition based on 4D-cone beam computed tomography. Monica Di Tommaso Received Received
  EP-1427 Peer reviewed radiation treatment planning process at a university hospital in a developing country Bilal Mazhar Qureshi Received Received
  EP-1428 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for isolated metastasis from different primitive tumors Andrea Lancia Received Received
  EP-1429 Maintaining efficacy of low-dose radiotherapy on pain and function in degenerative skeletal diseases Beatriz Álvarez Rodríguez Received Received
  EP-1430 Venous thromboembolism in radiation oncology: retrospective trial Mikhail Cherkashin Received Received
  EP-1431 Acute toxicity in deep loco-regional hyperthermia Ewa Burchardt Received Received
  EP-1433 Photoneutron Flux Measurement via NAA in a Radiotherapy Bunker with an 18 MV Linear Accelerator TUGCE GULUMSER Received Received
  EP-1435 Evaluation of single material and multi-material patient-specific, 3D-printed radiotherapy phantoms Daniel Craft Received Received
  EP-1436 A newly designed water-equivalent bolus technique enables BNCT application to skin tumor. Katsumi Hirose Received Received
  EP-1437 New Cobalt-60 system for reference irradiations and calibrations Claus Andersen Received Received
  EP-1438 Experimental determination of correction factors for reference dosimetry in Gamma Knife Perfexion Emmanouil Zoros Received Received
  EP-1440 Monte Carlo determination of scintillator quenching effect for small radiation fields Grichar Valdes Santurio Received Received
  EP-1441 Repurposing of a small clinical x-ray source for radiobiology irradiations Joerg Lehmann Received Received
  EP-1442 Fricke and Polymer Gel dosimeters for SRS/SBRT pre-treatment 3D dosimetry Giulia Maria Liosi Received Received
  EP-1443 Measurement of 3D dose distributions from an MR Linac with gel dosimetry Yvonne Roed Received Received
  EP-1444 Reliable error detection in radiochromic film dosimetry with optimal density curves and corrections Hae-Jin Park Received Received
  EP-1445 Performance evaluation of scintillators for SiPM PET/MRI Brain Imaging Natalia Campos Rivera Received Received
  EP-1446 Can parallel plate ion chambers be used for PDD measurements in FFF beams? Francisco Cutanda Received Received
  EP-1448 Epid-based in vivo dosimetry for SBRT-VMAT treatment dose verification Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1449 The effect of a build-up screen on superficial dose in total body irradiation Lotte Fog Received Received
  EP-1450 Implementation of dosimetry equipment and phantoms in clinical practice of light ion beam therapy. Loic Grevillot Received Received
  EP-1451 Validation of local tolerances for VMAT patient specific QA using the IBA Compass system Elizabeth Crees Received Received
  EP-1452 Evaluation of a collapsed-cone algorithm in a commercial software for in vivo volumetric dosimetry Jose Gimeno Olmos Received Received
  EP-1453 Modeling a carbon fiber couch in a commercial Treatment Planning System Roberto Gómez Pardos Received Received
  EP-1454 Comparison of Treatment Planning Algorithms and Monte Carlo Simulations in Oesophageal Radiotherapy Dewi Johns Received Received
  EP-1455 IGRT kV-CBCT dose calculations using Virtual Source Models and validated in phantoms using OSL Guillaume Boissonnat Received Received
  EP-1456 In-vivo dosimetry using Dosimetry Check: 5-year experience on 345 prostate cancer patients William Nailon Received Received
  EP-1457 Introducing the fraction of penumbra dose in the evaluation of VMAT treatment plans Anna Bck Received Received
  EP-1458 3D dose reconstruction on CBCT for daily monitoring of delivered patient dose Karsten Eilertsen Received Received
  EP-1459 Relative Signal Ratios using an unshielded silicon detector: data from 30 centers Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  EP-1460 Detection of forced errors in VMAT plans using EPID and Epiqa dosimetric system Domingo Granero Received Received
  EP-1461 Scintillator dosimetry reveals lung tumor size dependency of 6 MV AAA dose calculations Patrik Sibolt Received Received
  EP-1462 The impact on VMAT optimization using Type C vs B algorithms for patients with temporary gas pockets Bob Smulders Received Received
  EP-1463 MONET: an accurate model for the evaluation of the ion dose in water Alessia Embriaco Received Received
  EP-1464 Investigation on beam width tolerances for proton pencil beam scanning Benjamin Ackermann Received Received
  EP-1466 Implementation of a linac head-mounted matrix detector to clinical use for dynamic technique Lukasz Szczurek Received Received
  EP-1467 IPEM Code of Practice for proton and ion beam dosimetry: update on work in progress Stuart Green Received Received
  EP-1469 Flattening filter free beam profile analysis using two different normalization methods Giorgia Nicolini Received Received
  EP-1470 Dose response of ferrous gels in a low energy beam produced by a mini - accelerator Yassir Ben Ahmed Received Received
  EP-1471 Comparison of the integral dose of IMRT, RapidArc and helical tomotherapy prostate treatments Jaime Martinez Ortega Received Received
  EP-1473 Improving the accuracy of dosimetry verification by non-uniform backscatter correction in the EPID Yasmin Md Radzi Received Received
  EP-1474 Feasibility of dose delivery error detection by a transmission detector for patient-specific QA Hirofumi Honda Received Received
  EP-1477 Evaluating gamma-index quality assurance methods for Nasopharynx Volumetric Arc Therapy (VMAT) David Thwaites Received Received
  EP-1479 Gamma 3D analysis for VMAT treatments using two detector arrays EVA MARIA AMBROA REY Received Received
  EP-1480 Patient-specific QA for CyberKnife MLC plans using Monte Carlo Paul-Henry Mackeprang Received Received
  EP-1481 Testing algorithms in water and heterogeneous medium using experimental designs Stephane Dufreneix Received Received
  EP-1482 Signal Prediction for an On-line Delivery Verification System Robert Heaton Received Received
  EP-1483 Pre-Treatment QA of MLC plans on a CyberKnife M6 using a liquid ion chamber array. Laura Masi Received Received
  EP-1485 Dosimetric characterization of an high definition MLC for stereotactic radiotherapy treatments. Federica Rosica Received Received
  EP-1486 Further developments of two complexity metrics to consider clinical aspects of VMAT treatment plans Julia Gtstedt Received Received
  EP-1487 Dosimetric aspects in the development of a crawl positioning device for prone breast radiotherapy Leen Paelinck Received Received
  EP-1488 Evaluation of the Efficacy and Accuracy of Customized bolus by using a 3-dimensional printer woo keun choi Received Received
  EP-1490 A 3-class density method to monitor doses to the parotid glands and spinal cord in oropharynx IMRT Nicolas Perichon Received Received
  EP-1491 Verification of FFF VMAT plans with PDIP and GLAaS algorithms by using the new imager of TrueBeamSTx TULAY ERCAN Received Received
  EP-1492 Influence of induced accelerator errors on dosimetric verification result and DVH of treatment plan Marta Kruszyna-Mochalska Received Received
  EP-1493 Machine record parameters or Epid based data for ART QA. A comparison of two scenarios. Peter Haering Received Received
  EP-1494 The MedAustron proton gantry: nozzle design recommendations based on Monte Carlo simulations Hermann Fuchs Received Received
  EP-1495 Should we use correction factors for skin dose measurements with radiochromic films? Pablo Carrasco de Fez Received Received
  EP-1496 A portal dosimetry dose prediction method based on CT images of Electronical Portal Imaging Device Jaime Martinez Ortega Received Received
  EP-1497 Dosimetric effect of the Elekta Fraxion cranial immobilization system and dose calculation accuracy Carlos Ferrer Received Received
  EP-1498 IMRT and VMAT commissioning for Versa HD linear accelerator using AAPM TG-119 Seema Sharma Received Received
  EP-1499 Additional dose of Image Guided Radiation Therapy in Pediatric Patients Joanna Topczewska-Bruns Received Received
  EP-1501 Field-by-field and composite plan pseudo-3D verification of IMRT techniques with radiochromic film Tereza Hanušová Received Received
  EP-1502 Dosimetric assessment of brass bolus using radiochromic film Peta Lonski Received Received
  EP-1503 The effect of tandem-ovoid applicator on the dose distribution in GYN brachytherapy using Ir-192 Mohammad Hosain Sadeghi Received Received
  EP-1504 Monte Carlo modeling of a proton fixed beam line featuring non-isocentric PBS treatments capabilities Alessio Elia Received Received
  EP-1505 Use of Portal dosimetry to monitor treatment consistency throughout the course of treatment Sudesh Deshpande Received Received
  EP-1506 Temperature dependent dose readout of Gafchromic EBT3 and EBT-XD film and clinical relevance in SRT Konrad Buchauer Received Received
  EP-1507 Comparison of Pencil Beam Convolution and Analytical Anisotropic algorithms for lung cancer pinelopi gkogkou Received Received
  EP-1508 Quantification of skin dose and photon beam attenuation for the iBEAM couch and Compact accelerator Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi Received Received
  EP-1509 Small fields defined by jaw or MLC: evaluation of MU estimation by AAA and Acuros algorithms Giacomo Reggiori Received Received
  EP-1511 Radiation Dose from Megavoltage Cone Beam Computed Tomography for IGRT ESIL KARA Received Received
  EP-1512 Comparison between dose transmission detector and 3d dosimetry for lung SBRT treatments. Francesca Giglioli Received Received
  EP-1513 CyberKnife robotic radiotherapy delivery quality assurance using CrystalBall 3D Dosimetry System Belal Moftah Received Received
  EP-1514 Planar kV imaging dose reduction study for Varian iX and TrueBeam linacs Eduard Gershkevitsh Received Received
  EP-1515 A novel attachment system for cutouts in kilovoltage x-ray beam therapy Michael Baumgartl Received Received
  EP-1516 Impact of lateral electrons transport modeling in radiotherapy on the prediction of secondary cancer risk for pediatric cranio-spinal irradiation patients Abdulhamid Chaikh Received Received
  EP-1517 Analysis of radiotherapy risk profile applied to the patient positioning Gisela Menegussi Received Received
  EP-1519 Implementation of a hybrid superfast Monte Carlo-Pencil beam dose optimizer for proton therapy Ana Maria Barragan Montero Received Received
  EP-1520 Stereotactic body radiation therapy treatment planning using target volume partitioning James Robar Received Received
  EP-1524 Automated treatment planning for breast and locoregional lymph nodes using Hybrid RapidArc Marit van Duren - Koopman Received Received
  EP-1525 Automatic treatment plan generation for Prostate Cancer Sren Agergaard Received Received
  EP-1526 Analysis of dose deposition in lung lesions: a modified PTV for a more robust optimization Angelo Filippo Monti Received Received
  EP-1527 Pelvic Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy in prone and supine position in gynaecological cancer Elisabetta Perrucci Received Received
  EP-1528 RapidPlan Head and Neck model: the objectives and possible clinical benefits Luca Cozzi Received Received
  EP-1529 Reducing total Monitor Units in RapidArc plans for prostate cancer Kris Armoogum Received Received
  EP-1530 Validation of RayStation Fallback Planning dose-mimicking algorithm Laurent Bartolucci Received Received
  EP-1531 Collimator angle influence on dose coverage for VMAT SRS treatment of four brain metastases Carlos Ferrer Received Received
  EP-1532 ITV optimization for SBRT lung treatment planning accounting for respiratory dose blurring Carla Casadevall-Cases Received Received
  EP-1533 Modulation complexity assessment in VMAT plans from different treatment planning systems. Peter Winkler Received Received
  EP-1535 knowledge based planning for lung cancer patients with stereotactic ablative radiotherapy Suzanne Smith Received Received
  EP-1536 The advantages of Collimator Optimization for Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Silvia Pella Received Received
  EP-1538 VMAT craniospinal radiotherapy, planning strategy and results in twenty pediatric and adult patients Franoise Lliso Received Received
  EP-1540 Optimal fractionation schemes for radiosurgery of large brain metastases Jan Unkelbach Received Received
  EP-1541 4D dose reconstruction using common treatment planning systems in combination with a respiratory motion model Christoph Bert Received Received
  EP-1543 Dominant intraprostatic lesions boosting: comparison of tomotherapy, VMAT and IMPT Piotr Andrzejewski Received Received
  EP-1544 Predicting patient specific toxicity levels to guide radiotherapy treatment ion Jim Tol Received Received
  EP-1545 Mixed photon-electron radiation therapy optimisation using the column generation method Renaud Marc-Andre Received Received
  EP-1546 MR-Linac based single fraction ablative radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer: a planning study Ramona Charaghvandi Received Received
  EP-1547 Optimal treatment planning for H&N: evaluation of a predict parotid glands sparing tool Nolwenn DELABY Received Received
  EP-1548 Dose to risk organs in deep inspiration breath hold non-coplanar VMAT for lung cancer radiotherapy Mirjana Josipovic Received Received
  EP-1549 Cyberknife Iris based versus InCise based plans for 20 cases of prostate oligonodal metastases Cheng Lee Chaw Received Received
  EP-1550 Investigating the advantages of CyberKnife M6 MLC over Iris collimator for Liver SBRT plans Laura Masi Received Received
  EP-1551 Radiobiological optimization and plan evaluation in IMRT planning of prostate cancer Stefania Cora Received Received
  EP-1552 Robust optimization for IMPT of pencil-beam scanning proton therapy for prostate cancer Charlotte Brouwer Received Received
  EP-1553 Dose reduction of femoral heads using volumetric-modulated Dynamic WaveArc for prostate cancer Kiyonao Nakamura Received Received
  EP-1554 Partially ablative VMAT for large tumors using simultaneous integrated boost: a proof of concept Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1555 Improving inter-planner variability in head and neck (H&N) VMAT Hayley James Received Received
  EP-1556 Dosimetric commissioning of a TPS for a synchrotron-based proton PBS delivery system Gabriele Kragl Received Received
  EP-1557 Minimum prescription concept for dose painting increases robustness towards geometrical uncertainty Stine Korreman Received Received
  EP-1558 Dosimetric evaluation of incidental radiation of internal mammary chain in breast cancer with 3D RT Aura Cecilia Ciafre Received Received
  EP-1559 Optimizing the risks for deterministic effects and secondary malignancies in bladder and rectum Panayiotis Mavroidis Received Received
  EP-1560 Left breast cancer planning with VMAT technique: the dosimetric trade-offs Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  EP-1561 Comparison of heart, lung doses, and skin toxicity from different breast cancer RT techniques. MARIA LIZONDO Received Received
  EP-1562 A Dose Painting Study Based on CT Intratumoural Heterogeneity vs. FDG PET Uptake in NSCLC Sheaka Alobaidli Received Received
  EP-1563 Treatment Planning for Synchrotron Microbeam Radiotherapy using the Eclipse TPS Liam Day Received Received
  EP-1564 Dosimetric assessment of pseudo-CT based proton planning Giampaolo Pileggi Received Received
  EP-1565 Best of both worlds: 3D-CRT-based VMAT for locoregional irradiation in breast cancer. Peter van Kollenburg Received Received
  EP-1566 Biologically optimized IMRT plans for prostate cancer using population-based tumour biology Emily Her Received Received
  EP-1567 Inverse planning versus forward planning for orbital lymphoma EVA MARIA AMBROA REY Received Received
  EP-1568 Benefit of a breath hold radiotherapy technique for breast and internal mammary nodes irradiation Fanny Jouyaux Received Received
  EP-1569 A comparison of SRS plan quality when using VMAT vs non-coplanar static conformal fields. Robert Brass Received Received
  EP-1570 The dynamic jaw mode of tomotherapy: Better neural structure protection for advanced NPC patients? Pen-Tzu Fang Received Received
  EP-1571 Radiotherapy treatments using a prototype MLC design Paige Nitsch Received Received
  EP-1572 Feasibility study of prone position in radiotherapy of breast with regional lymph nodes Ewa Pawlowska Received Received
  EP-1573 TBI and TMI treatment comparison using bilateral and anteroposterior delivery techniques Emmily Sandrini Received Received
  EP-1575 Automated VMAT planning for whole brain irradiation with hippocampus sparing Jerome Krayenbuehl Received Received
  EP-1576 Tomotherapy WBRT with SIB planning for patients with brain metastases Dmytro Synchuk Received Received
  EP-1577 Hippocampus-sparing whole-brain IMRT and simultaneous integrated boost to multiple brain metastases Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1578 Frameless intracranial radiosurgery with Helical Tomotherapy: preliminary results. Martina Iacco Received Received
  EP-1579 Practical dosimetrical issues in Intraoperative electron radiation therapy Shada Wadi-Ramahi Received Received
  EP-1580 Dosimetric comparison between 3D-conformal radiation therapy and VMAT in Total Lymphoid Irradiation Carlos Ferrer Received Received
  EP-1581 Dosimetric comparison of treatment plans for pancreatic cancer: 3DCRT, IMRT and VMAT Pasquale Trecca Received Received
  EP-1582 Analysis of Risk of a Second Cancer from Scattered Radiation in Acoustic Neuroma Treatment Yoonjin Oh Received Received
  EP-1583 Quantifying Plan Quality Metrics using Conventional and Stereotactic dosimetric indices in Lung SBRT Ravindra Yaparpalvi Received Received
  EP-1584 Deformable image registration and dose accumulation for arc-Total Body Irradiation Gabriele Guidi Received Received
  EP-1585 A practical method to reduce monitor units in prostate cancer RapidArc plans David Sánchez Received Received
  EP-1586 ART and VMATthe benefits in bone marrow sparing for patients with bladder cancer Maria Poncyljusz Received Received
  EP-1587 feasibility investigation of prone position robotic radiosurgery treatment for dorsal metastasis ESRA KUCUKMORKOC Received Received
  EP-1590 Can bolus range shifting improve plan quality in the IMPT of head and neck cancer? Steven Michiels Received Received
  EP-1591 Evaluation of noninvasive eye fixation system on Cyberknife radiotherapy of orbitals tumors Agnieszka Skrobala Received Received
  EP-1592 Biological effective dose to the heart and lungs estimated by three variable RBE models during cranio-spinal proton radiotherapy Eivind Rrvik Received Received
  EP-1593 Accuracy of TCP model for nasopharyngeal cancer after more than five years average follow-up Michele Avanzo Received Received
  EP-1594 Development of multivariable models for acute toxicities in nasopharyngeal cancer radiotherapy Anna Cavallo Received Received
  EP-1595 NTCP models for early toxicities in patients with prostate or brain tumours receiving proton therapy Almut Dutz Received Received
  EP-1596 Developing and validating a survival prediction model for NSCLC patients using distributed learning Arthur Jochems Received Received
  EP-1597 Focal dose escalation in prostate cancer with PSMA-PET/CT and MRI: planning study based on histology Constantinos Zamboglou Received Received
  EP-1598 Modelisation of radiation response at various fractionation from histopathological prostate tumors Vivien Aubert Received Received
  EP-1599 Mathematical modeling of the synergistic combination of cancer immunotherapy and radiotherapy Crister Ceberg Received Received
  EP-1600 Delta radiomics of NSCLC using weekly cone-beam CT imaging: a feasibility study Janita van Timmeren Received Received
  EP-1601 Do higher CT pixel values outside the GTV predict for poorer lung cancer survival? Marcel van Herk Received Received
  EP-1602 Treatment planning individualisation based on 18F-HX4 PET hypoxic subvolumes in NSCLC patients Emely Lindblom Received Received
  EP-1603 Atlas of complication incidence to explore dosimetric contributions to osteoradionecrosis Laia Humbert-Vidan Received Received
  EP-1604 Ion induced complex DNA damage: In silico modelling of damage and repair using Geant4-DNA. John Warmenhoven Received Received
  EP-1605 Deep learning of radiomics features for survival prediction in NSCLC and Head and Neck carcinoma Arthur Jochems Received Received
  EP-1606 Calculating ion-induced cell death and chromosome damage by the BIANCA biophysical model Mario Pietro Carante Received Received
  EP-1607 Secondary cancer risk after particle therapy for organs distal or lateral to the target volume Laura Toussaint Received Received
  EP-1608 Deriving HPV status from standard CT imaging: a radiomic approach with independent validation Ralph Leijenaar Received Received
  EP-1609 Tolerance doses for detailed late effects after prostate cancer radiotherapy a post-QUANTEC review Caroline Olsson Received Received
  EP-1610 Predictors for morbidity from planned vs. delivered rectal dose maps in RT of prostate cancer Oscar Casares-Magaz Received Received
  EP-1611 Dose-response relationships for radiation-induced urgency syndrome after gynecological radiotherapy Eleftheria Alevronta Received Received
  EP-1612 Estimates of the a/ ratio for prostate using data from recent hypofractionated RT trials. Sarah Gulliford Received Received
  EP-1613 Modelling DNA damage on gold nanoparticle enhanced proton therapy Marios Sotiropoulos Received Received
  EP-1614 Uncertainty of dose-volume constraints obtained from radiation pneumonitis dose-response analysis Christina Maria Lutz Received Received
  EP-1615 Second cancer risk after radiation of localized prostate cancer with and without flattening filter Marius Treutwein Received Received
  EP-1616 Phase II trial of a novel device for DIBH in left-sided breast cancer: preliminary results Ingrid Romera-Martínez Received Received
  EP-1617 Reproducibility and stability of vmDIBHs during breast cancer treatment measured using a 3D camera Martijn Kusters Kusters Received Received
  EP-1618 Can diaphragm motion function as a surrogate for motion of esophageal tumors during treatment? Sophie Heethuis Received Received
  EP-1619 Determination of Lung Tumour Motion from PET Raw Data used for Accelerometer Based Motion Prediction Gisela Hrtgen Received Received
  EP-1620 The immobilizing effect of the vacuum cushion in spinal SBRT and the impact of pain Joanne van der Velden Received Received
  EP-1621 Intrafraction errors in cranial radiotherapy with standard VMAT mask: implications for SRS/SRT. Fares Azoury Received Received
  EP-1622 Intra-fractional isocenter position analysis and dose evaluation of DIBH breast treatment using surface guided RT Lovisa Berg Received Received
  EP-1624 Respiratory gating of an Elekta linac using a Microsoft Kinect v2 system David Edmunds Received Received
  EP-1625 Comprehensive prospective evaluation tool for treatments of thoracic tumours with scanned protons Cássia Ribeiro Received Received
  EP-1626 Predicting motion of normal tissue using incomplete real-time data during lung radiotherapy. Louise Bendall Received Received
  EP-1627 Anatomical advantages of deep inspiration breath hold for breast radiotherapy: a geometric analysis Leigh Conroy Received Received
  EP-1628 Analysis of prostate SBRT treatments using 3D transperineal ultrasound image guidance methods Martin Szegedi Received Received
  EP-1629 Lung tumor tracking using CBCT-based respiratory motion models driven by external surrogates Aurora Fassi Received Received
  EP-1630 The impact of DIBH on dose to the junction in loco-regionally treated left-sided breast patients Marille van Hinsberg Received Received
  EP-1632 A motion monitoring and processing system based on computer vision: prototype and proof of principle Nicolas Leduc Received Received
  EP-1634 Combined 4D and 3D cone beam CT protocol for lung SBRT for reliable and fast position verification Wietske Woliner - van der Weg Received Received
  EP-1635 Framework for the evaluation of interplay effects between respiratory motion and dose application Asmus von Mnchow Received Received
  EP-1636 Evaluation of the accuracy in frame-less image-guided radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Martina Iacco Received Received
  EP-1637 Critical appraisal of deep inspiration breath hold CBCT for left breast using VMAT pietro mancosu Received Received
  EP-1638 Comparison dual image registrations for SBRT treatment in central and peripheral tumour lung cancer David Esteban Received Received
  EP-1639 Does intrafraction motion between vmDIBHs during breast cancer treatment impact on delivered dose? martijn kusters Received Received
  EP-1640 Dosimetric consequences of PTV margin reduction in cervix cancer radiotherapy with VMAT and IGRT Thomas Berger Received Received
  EP-1641 Intra-fractional CBCT validation of a 6D couch to facilitate precision RT of head and neck cancer Anders Bertelsen Received Received
  EP-1642 Patient-specific transperineal ultrasound probe setups for image guided radiotherapy Saskia Camps Received Received
  EP-1643 Simulate baseline shift uncertainties to improve robustness of proton therapy treatments Kevin Souris Received Received
  EP-1644 Deep inspiration breath hold respiratory gated 3DRT for left breast cancer:Our clinical experience. María Pinto Received Received
  EP-1645 Optimization of on-line setup verification and adaptive radiotherapy for breast cancer patients Marion Essers Received Received
  EP-1646 Impact of interobserver variability and setup uncertainty on dose in organs-at-risk Vesna Prokic Received Received
  EP-1647 Validation of a set up procedure for IMRT/VMAT breast treatment using in vivo dosimetry with EPID Lucia Clara Orlandini Received Received
  EP-1648 Thermoplastic mask dependency with interfractional uncertainties for head and neck VMAT treatments EVA MARIA AMBROA REY Received Received
  EP-1649 Comparison of two thermoplastic immobilization shells for frameless stereotactic radiotherapy Isabelle Gagne Received Received
  EP-1651 Dosimetric impact of rotations correction in Stereotactic RT. How much a 6DoF couch is useful? Silvia Chiesa Received Received
  EP-1652 A new position verification protocol for breast cancer with simultaneous boost Karina Lindberg Gottlieb Received Received
  EP-1653 PolymarkTM fiducial markers migration in Prostate Image Guided Radiation Therapy using CBCT images CRISTINA CAMACHO LÓPEZ Received Received
  EP-1654 Clinical set up and first results of EPID in vivo dosimetry in an overload Chinese Radiotherapy Lucia Clara Orlandini Received Received
  EP-1655 Improved patient setup for breast cancer patients using the predicted (absolute) couch position. Marion Essers Received Received
  EP-1656 The inter-fraction variation of the supraclavicular- and the axilla-area in breast cancer patients Suzan Gerrets Received Received
  EP-1657 Clinical use of transit dosimetry to analyze inter-fraction motion errors Fatemeh Ebrahimi Tazehmahalleh Received Received
  EP-1658 The effect of weight loss in head and neck patients in the presence of a magnetic field Robert Chuter Received Received
  EP-1659 Quantitative triggering of plan adaptation: monitoring plan quality by recalculation on CBCT scans Richard Canters Received Received
  EP-1660 Improvement in tumour control probability by adapting dose to daily OAR DVCs Daniel Foley Received Received
  EP-1661 Adaptive strategy to accommodate anatomical changes during RT in oesophageal cancer patients Tine Bisballe Nyeng Received Received
  EP-1662 Interfractional trend analysis of sinograms: a decision-making for adaptive radiotherapy Sara Bresciani Received Received
  EP-1663 Automated full-online replanning of SBRT lymph node oligometastases for the MR-linac Dennis Winkel Received Received
  EP-1664 Two-step verification of dose deformation in presence of large inter-fraction changes during LACC RT Akos Gulyban Received Received
  EP-1665 Library of plans approach for bladder cancer radiotherapy including a simultaneous integrated boost SAREH NAKHAEE Received Received
  EP-1666 Adaptive radiotherapy in prostate cancer: when and why? Rodrigo Muelas Received Received
  EP-1667 MR-Guided Radiotherapy of Head and Neck Cancers: Adaptive Planning Strategies Nesrin Dogan Received Received
  EP-1668 Dose calculation accuracy using CBCT images for head and neck VMAT María Auxiliadora Carrasco Herrera Received Received
  EP-1669 Assessment of the clinical value of off-line adaptive strategies for tomotherapy treatments Damien Dumont Received Received
  EP-1670 Couch shifts in NAL protocols: Which is the optimal threshold? Albert Camarasa Escubedo Received Received
  EP-1671 Calculation of the skin dose-of- the-day during Tomotherapy for head and neck cancer patients Martina Mori Received Received
  EP-1672 Dual energy CT for improved proton stopping power estimation in head and neck cancer patients Vicki Taasti Received Received
  EP-1673 Electron-density assessment using dual-energy CT: accuracy and robustness Christian Mhler Received Received
  EP-1674 Experimental investigation of CT imaging approaches to deal with metal artefacts in proton therapy Marta Peroni Received Received
  EP-1675 Influence of CT contrast agent on head and neck VMAT dose distributions Layal Obeid Received Received
  EP-1676 Comparison of accuracy of Hounsfield units obtained from pseudo-CT and true CT images Nick Reynaert Received Received
  EP-1677 Multicentre initiative for standardisation of image biomarkers Alex Zwanenburg Received Received
  EP-1678 Are PET radiomic features robust enough with respect to tumor delineation uncertainties? Maria Luisa Belli Received Received
  EP-1679 Preliminary functional imaging study on an integrated 1.5T MR-Linac machine Mo Kadbi Received Received
  EP-1680 Assessing tumour necrosis in lung cancer with dual energy CT quantitative imaging Víctor González Pérez Received Received
  EP-1681 11C-choline PET/MRI for characterization of primary high-risk prostate cancer: Correlations of PET imaging parameters with clinical features Jing-Ren Tseng Received Received
  EP-1682 Comparison of SUV based on different ROIs and VOIs definitions: a multi-center 4D phantom study marie lambrecht Received Received
  EP-1684 Optimal window for assessing treatment responsiveness on repeated FDG-PET scans in NSCLC patients Marta Lazzeroni Received Received
  EP-1685 CT-Radiomics outperforms FMISO-PET/CT for the prediction of local control in head-and-neck cancer Jairo Andres Socarras Fernandez Received Received
  EP-1686 Diffusion weighted imaging for treatment response prediction in advanced rectal cancer Henrik Nissen Received Received
  EP-1687 Texture analysis of 18F-FDG PET/CT predicts local control of stage I NSCLC treated by SBRT Kazuya Takeda Received Received
  EP-1688 Voxelbased analysis of FMISO-PET and diffusion-weighted MRI of two different HNSCC models in mice René Winter Received Received
  EP-1689 Gleason driven dose painting based on ADC MR imaging Eric Grnlund Received Received
  EP-1691 Multi-modal voxel-based correlation between DCE-CT/MRI and DWI in metastatic brain cancer Catherine Coolens Received Received
  EP-1692 Multi-device textural analysis on 18F-FDG PET images for predicting cervical cancer recurrence Sylvain Reuzé Received Received
  EP-1693 Functional MRI to individualize PTV margins to seminal vesicles with suspected cancer involvement Sidsel Damkjr Received Received
  EP-1694 DW-MRI as a predictor of tumor response to hypofractionated stereotactic boost for prostate cancer David PASQUIER Received Received
  EP-1695 Intra-treatment diffusion MRI for predicting radiotherapy response in head and neck cancer patients Eva Samsoee Received Received
  EP-1696 Dose-painting planning with uncertainties in dose-response parameters and in patient positioning Steven Petit Received Received
  EP-1697 Does contrast agent influence the prognostic accuracy of CT radiomics based outcome modelling? Stephanie Tanadini-Lang Received Received
  EP-1698 Impact of motion and segmentation on PET texture features: evaluation with heterogeneous phantoms. Montserrat Carles Received Received
  EP-1699 The simulation study of position and biology of target with PET in high energy X-Ray irradiation quanshi zhang Received Received
  EP-1700 Prognostic value of FCH PET/CT in response to radical radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer Matteo Sepulcri Received Received
  EP-1701 Method for FDG-PET Background Signal Definition in Rectal Adenocarcinoma Patients Using Differential Uptake Volume Histograms James Schneider Received Received
  EP-1702 Evaluation of radiation induced MRI intensity change in vertebral bodies after proton beam scanning Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  EP-1703 Rapid prototyping phantom using LEGO for MRI distortion correction in MR guided radiation therapy Sebastian Neppl Received Received
  EP-1704 Breast tumour bed contouring: influence of surgical clips assessed on the same imaging. Delia Ciardo Received Received
  EP-1706 Validation of a novel hybrid deformable image registration algorithm for cervix cancer Martin Buschmann Received Received
  EP-1707 Dose of the day in Head-Neck cancer Tomotherapy: a DIR-based methods comprehensive validation Marco Branchini Received Received
  EP-1708 Investigating the reproducibility of geometric distortion measurements for MR-only radiotherapy Jonathan Wyatt Received Received
  EP-1709 Can atlas-based automatic segmentation contour H&N OARs like a physician? Nicola Maffei Received Received
  EP-1710 Chemical stability of BioXmark following normofractionated and single-fraction proton beam therapy Esther Troost Received Received
  EP-1711 Effect of Noise Floor Suppression on Diffusion Kurtosis for Prostate Brachytherapy Ziyafer Gizem PORTAKAL Received Received
  EP-1712 Quantification of radiotherapy-induced mediastinum changes using serial CT imaging Catarina Veiga Received Received
  EP-1713 Feasibility of low dose 4D CBCT in patients with lung cancer. Abigail Bryce-Atkinson Received Received
  EP-1714 Automatic delineation of the gross-tumour volume in prostate cancer using shape models William Nailon Received Received
  EP-1715 Differences in delineation uncertainty using MR images only vs CT-MR in recurrent gynaecological GTV David Bernstein Received Received
  EP-1716 Semantic PACS deployment enables research in a radiation oncology research environment M. S. Marshall Received Received
  EP-1717 Image Quality Comparison Between Two Radiotherapy Simulators Tomic Nada Received Received
  EP-1718 Application of motion compensation in 4D CT of oesophageal cancer. Andrew Green Received Received
  EP-1719 Diagnostic DSAs, a resource for radiotherapy treatment planning of AVMs Paul Davenport Received Received
  EP-1720 Framework for Statistical Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction with Prior Monte-Carlo Scatter Estimation Jonathan Mason Received Received
  EP-1721 A new calibration method of an Elekta XVI (R.5.0.2) system able to achieve superior image quality. Dominika Oborska-Kumaszynska Received Received
  EP-1722 Inter-observer agreement of ACR MRI phantom Test on a 1.5T MR-simulator with Flexible Coil setting Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  EP-1723 Optimisation of an Elekta XVI (R.5.0.2) system for clinical protocols image quality vs dose. Dominika Oborska-Kumaszynska Received Received
  EP-1724 Phantom image quality evaluation under 3 coil settings for abdominal MR-simulation at 1.5T Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  EP-1725 Predicting radiation-induced pneumonitis in NSCLC: a radiobiological and texture analysis study William Nailon Received Received
  EP-1726 Efficacy of vendor supplied distortion correction algorithms for a variety of MRI scanners Eleftherios Pappas Received Received
  EP-1728 Inter-observer contouring similarity metrics: Correlations with treatment outcome for prostate cancer Roach Dale Received Received
  EP-1729 Air pockets in the urinary bladder during hyperthermia treatment reduce thermal dose Gerben Schooneveldt Received Received
  EP-1731 What can reveal onsite end-to-end audit? The experience of national dosimetry audit group Irena Koniarová Received Received
  EP-1732 Treatment Planning of Dose Escalation for Anal Cancer in the PLATO Trial Natalie Abbott Received Received
  EP-1733 Proton grid therapy (PGT): a parameter study Thomas Henry Received Received
  EP-1734 AAPM TG-119 benchmarking of a novel jawless dual level MLC collimation system Dimitris mihailidis Received Received
  EP-1735 Total skin irradiation with helical Tomotherapy: Planning and dosimetry feasibility aspects André Haraldsson Received Received
  EP-1736 Radiation and lasers isocenters coincidence with ArcCheck phantom FERNANDO TATO DE LAS CUEVAS Received Received
  EP-1737 Efficient troubleshooting of accelerator faults using the TrueBeam Log Viewer software application Lars Hjorth Praestegaard Received Received
  EP-1738 Performance of a new EPID panel and opportunities for a fast MV-CBCT acquisition. Christopher Kennedy Received Received
  EP-1739 The feasibility of atlas-based automatic segmentation of MRI for prostate radiotherapy planning Richard Speight Received Received
  EP-1740 Nationwide audit of multileaf collimators performance Krzysztof Chelminski Received Received
  EP-1741 Commissioning of a robotic patient positioning system equipped with an integrated tracking system Alexander Ableitinger Received Received
  EP-1742 Optimisation and implementation of brain CBCT templates; an institutional pilot study. Shabnam Petkar Received Received
  EP-1743 Evaluation of proton grid therapy in challenging clinical cases Thomas Henry Received Received
  EP-1744 Failure modes and effects analysis of Total Skin Electron Irradiation (TSEI) technique Blanca Ibanez-Rosello Received Received
  EP-1745 EPID and Gantry sag characterization in Elekta LINAC FERNANDO TATO DE LAS CUEVAS Received Received
  EP-1746 A new method for exact co-calibration of the ExacTrac X-ray system and linac imaging isocenter Hella Sand Received Received
  EP-1747 From pre-treatment verification towards in-vivo dosimetry in TomoTherapy Tania Santos Received Received
  EP-1748 Mesorectal-only irradiation for early stage rectal cancer: Target volumes and dose to organs at risk Ane Appelt Received Received
  EP-1749 The IROC QA Centers Activities Supporting the NCIs National Clinical Trial Network David Followill Received Received
  EP-1751 A comparison of tools for Delivery Quality Assurance in TomoTherapy Tania Santos Received Received
  EP-1752 A simple technique for an accurate shielding of the lungs during total body irradiation Hana Mekdash Received Received
  EP-1753 Determining the effect of using lead as electron cutout material compared to low melting point alloy Mark Wanklyn Received Received
  EP-1754 Isocentric accuracy of Elekta VersaHD linear accelerators Mirjam Mast Received Received
  EP-1755 Multi-modality end-to-end audit by the ACDS Jessica Lye Received Received
  EP-1756 Treatment planning and dosimetric validation of bone oligomet SABR treatments on TomoTherapy Christopher Thomas Received Received
  EP-1757 QA of MLC Elekta Agility for Static fields FERNANDO TATO DE LAS CUEVAS Received Received
  EP-1758 Towards Clinical Implementation of an Online Beam Monitoring System Mohammad Islam Received Received
  EP-1759 MLC positioning study based on EPID images analyzed with the Dosimetry Check software Cinzia Avigo Received Received
  EP-1760 A simple method for estimating the longitudinal isocentre shift due to gantry motion Primoz Peterlin Received Received
  EP-1763 Acute toxicity and in-vivo dosimetry of a two week hypofractionated schedule within the HYPORT study Animesh Saha Received Received
  EP-1764 Implementation of a patient specific QA in-vivo dosimetry protocol using the PerFRACTION 3D system Filipa Vinagre Received Received
  EP-1765 Volume delineation based on 18FDG-PET and MRI in head and neck cancer treated with IG-VMAT LUCIA MENDEZ Received Received
  EP-1766 First experiences using the new Papillon TM Contact X-Ray Brachytherapy 50KVp (CXB) for breast IORT. GERARD Jean-Pierre Received Received
  EP-1767 The Dosimetric Consequences Throughout The Treatment Time In APBI With SAVI Applicators. Shereen Chandrasekara Received Received
  EP-1768 What is the proper dose in single fraction HDR brachytherapy as monotherapy for prostate cancer? Samuel Ruiz Arrebola Received Received
  EP-1769 Hypofractionated EBRT and single fraction HDR brachytherapy for patients with prostate cancer. Dorota Kazberuk Received Received
  EP-1770 Unpredictable PSA failure in intermediate-risk prostate cancer after seed implant brachytherapy Koyo Kikuchi Received Received
  EP-1771 Low dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer: A Brazilian Institution experience. Gustavo Marta Received Received
  EP-1772 HDR Brachytherapy in the treatment of Prostate Cancer the Vienna Experience Oxana Komina Received Received
  EP-1773 Clinical outcomes in localized prostate cancer treated with HDR Brachytherapy as single fraction Luis Larrea Received Received
  EP-1774 Randomized phase II trial of IGRT with or without HDR boost in intermediate-risk prostate cancer Eric Vigneault Received Received
  EP-1776 Is a single CT plan for vaginal cylinder brachytherapy adequate? Mark Zahra Received Received
  EP-1777 Cervical cancer outcomes in the high-dose-rate brachytherapy era: A single institution experience Najlaa Alyamani Received Received
  EP-1778 Combined intracavitary-interstitial IGABT of cervical cancer First dosimetric experience in Hungary Georgina Frhlich Received Received
  EP-1780 Postoperative endometrium: 68Gy EQD2(a/=3) at 2cc of vagina is related to G2 late toxicity. Angeles Rovirosa Received Received
  EP-1782 Effect of the amount of bladder filling on normal tissue doses in 3D-HDR vaginal vault brachytherapy Ilhami Er Received Received
  EP-1783 Acute toxicity with Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy (XB) in endometrial or cervical cancer ANABELA MIRANDA BURGOS Received Received
  EP-1784 Needle use in cervical cancer brachytherapy using the Utrecht applicator: a single center experience Milena Smolic Received Received
  EP-1786 Intraoperative Brachytherapy (HDR-IOBT) in advanced or recurrence gynecologic cancer.. ELENA VILLAFRANCA Received Received
  EP-1787 Dosimetric Implications of the organs at risk in Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy with ML Cylinder NIcolae Dumitru Received Received
  EP-1789 Comparison between MRI based 3D IGABT planning versus standardised BT planning of cervical cancer Malin Hedetoft Received Received
  EP-1790 A balloon applicator with adjustable catheters for image-guided endoluminal rectal brachytherapy Martin Heilmann Received Received
  EP-1792 Nasal function after exclusive brachytherapy for primary SCCs of the nasal vestibulum Francesco Bussu Received Received
  EP-1793 High-dose-rate brachytherapy for lip and oral cavity tumors Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1794 Intra-op check of ONCURA Rapid Strand (Model 7000) seeds radioactivity in LDR prostate brachytherapy Vladimir Stserbakov Received Received
  EP-1795 A novel MRI markers system in applicator reconstruction for brachytherapy Antonio Otal Received Received
  EP-1796 Dosimetric comparison between TG43/TG186 algorithms and manual/inverse optimization in brachytherapy Thomas BRUN Received Received
  EP-1797 Dosimetric characterization of MOSFET detectors for Ir-192 and feasibility for in vivo dosimetry. Rosa Fabregat Borrás Received Received
  EP-1798 Highly conformal external beam modalities vs. brachytherapy boost for rectal cancer patients Slobodan Devic Received Received
  EP-1799 Feasibility study of in vivo dosimetry with optically stimulated dosimeters for 50kVp Papillon beam Catherine DEJEAN Received Received
  EP-1800 Optical Fibre Luminescence Sensor for Real-time LDR Brachytherapy Dosimetry Peter Woulfe Received Received
  EP-1802 The role of the high dose rate brachytherapy in the conservative treatment of esophageal cancer. Alexsey Lozhkov Received Received
  EP-1803 Moderate dose-escalation with perioperative HDR brachytherapy in soft tissue sarcomas Xin Chen Received Received
  EP-1804 Laparoscopic robot-assisted brachytherapy of muscle-invasive bladder cancer: clinical case report Francisco Mascarenhas Received Received
  EP-1805 Interstitial and superficial brachytherapy for skin cancer Serhii Brovchuk Received Received
  EP-1806 HDR brachytherapy for superficial non-melanoma skin cancers. Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1807 Reducing Heart Toxicity In Medulloblastoma Using Proton Therapy Abdossalam Madkhali Received Received
  EP-1808 The response of human induced pluripotent stem cell- derived chondrocytes to ionizing radiation Ewelina Augustyniak Received Received
  EP-1809 Effect of thalidomide on radiation-induced urinary bladder dysfunction Jakob Kowaliuk Received Received
  EP-1810 Both location and complexity of DNA damage contribute to radiation induced senescence Wang Jufang Received Received
  EP-1811 Aligning the chest with a couch improved reproducibility in radiotherapy for head and neck cancers Keiichiro Koiwai Received Received
  EP-1813 The investigation of the immobilization devices and localization methods for brain cancer in P-SRS. REN-DUEN LIN Received Received
  EP-1814 Is AIO belly board device advantageous in all irradiated rectal cancer patients? Dominika Hempel Received Received
  EP-1815 Technical aspects and setup irradiation of rats using a clinical accelerator Vincenzo Sacco Received Received
  EP-1816 Neck positioning reproducibility of different pillow types in head and neck cancer patients Wan hsuan Yu Received Received
  EP-1817 Breast set-up: Assessing two immobilization systems Valentina Lancellotta Received Received
  EP-1818 The rate of a doctors progress in a learning curve in delineation of hippocampus Monika Konopka-Filippow Received Received
  EP-1819 EORTC RTT Delineation Project: improving volume definition of OAR within the EORTC Lungtech trial Marjolein van Os Received Received
  EP-1820 RapidArc vs IMRT in adjuvant gastric cancer irradiation: any dosimetric advantage? Karim Mashhour Received Received
  EP-1822 Monitoring of parotid gland changes in radiotherapy of NPC with parapharyngeal space involvement Vincent Wu Received Received
  EP-1823 DVH- and NTCP-based dosimetric comparison of different margins for VMAT-IMRT of esophageal cancer Stefan Mnch Received Received
  EP-1824 Elective breast RT including level I & II lymph nodes: A planning study with the humeral head as PRV Jorien van der Leer Received Received
  EP-1826 Analysis of dose distribution with change of the air gap when proton therapy using line scanning Se Kwang Seo Received Received
  EP-1827 Dosimetric comparison of 3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT for bilateral breast irradiation Hing Ming Hung Received Received
  EP-1828 Mean Dose in healthy lung for chest tumors treated with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) JOSE LUIS MONROY ANTON Received Received
  EP-1829 Dose delivery accuracy in total body irradiation delivered with Step and Shoot IMRT Tim Berlon Received Received
  EP-1830 Simple method on bladder filling simulation to improve the soft-tissue evaluation on CBCT Kirsten Legaard Jakobsen Received Received
  EP-1831 Entropic Boltzmann closure for MRI-guided radiotherapy Jonathan Page Received Received
  EP-1832 Selecting head and neck cancer patients for proton therapy: the influence of (different) dosimetric thresholds Ingrid Kuijper Received Received
  EP-1833 Bowel doses in cervical cancer patients treated with a full bladder during radiotherapy. annette schouboe Received Received
  EP-1834 Dose to internal mammary nodes compared to dose to heart and lung for breast cancer patients Martin Berg Received Received
  EP-1835 Independent verification of treatment planning system calculations Edyta Dabrowska Received Received
  EP-1836 Study of changes in bowel gas in pelvic radiotherapy Ashley Horne Received Received
  EP-1838 First IGRT results for SBRT bone and lymph node oligometastases within the pelvic region. Lisa Wiersema Received Received
  EP-1839 Towards planning organ at risk volumes for rectum and bladder using cone beam CT in prostate cancer. Piet Dirix Received Received
  EP-1840 Verification of accurate movement of 6DoF Couch using Yonsei QA Set. Dongmin Jung Received Received
  EP-1841 CASPIR Trial: Interim analysis of prostatic calculi as an alternative to fiducial markers for IGRT Angela ONeill Received Received
  EP-1842 Comparison between infrared marker and surface imaging for DIBH of left-sided breast treatments Amanda Moreira Received Received
  EP-1843 An audit evaluating the frequency of patient re-preparation after CBCT analysis in prostate IMRT Karen Crowther Received Received
  EP-1844 Clinical introduction of simple adaptive radiotherapy for transitional cell bladder carcinoma Nicole Willems Received Received
  EP-1845 The impact of intra-fractional bladder filling on adaptive bladder radiotherapy Aisling Krishnan Received Received
  EP-1846 Verification of Latency in Respiratory Gating with Proton Beam Therapy isamu maeshima Received Received
  EP-1847 Inter-fraction motion of the uterine cervix during EBRT measured using CBCT and polymer markers Ruud van Leeuwen Received Received
  EP-1848 Dosimetric evaluation of CBCT data in adaptive PoD for cervix cancer Krupa Bath Received Received
  EP-1849 Implementation and verification of DIBH technique for treatment of left-sided breast cancer patients Katarzyna Konat Received Received
  EP-1850 Effect of Meaning in Life on Smoking Behavior, Emotional Distress and Quality of Life in Male Head and Neck Cancer Survivors Hsin-Yi Kuan Received Received
  EP-1851 Why is planned palliative radiotherapy often cancelled? A retrospective exploratory study Helle Hansen Received Received
  EP-1852 A research interventional clinic within the NHS to enable participation in prostate clinical trials Karen Crowther Received Received
  EP-1854 Information Seeking Patterns of Patients/Carers and Satisfaction with Web-based Resources Agnella Craig Received Received
  EP-1855 Dedicated Patient Information Cancer Websites: A Usability Comparison Sandra Wall Received Received
  EP-1856 The impact of waiting time on survival of Lung Stereotactic Ablative Body Radiotherapy patients Yat Man Tsang Received Received
  EP-1857 Radiotherapy impairs on the bonding system in primary teeth HARLEY FRANCISCO DE OLIVEIRA Received Received
  EP-1858 Implementation of nursing consultations following adjuvant radiotherapy for breast cancer Suzanne Petri Received Received
  EP-1859 RTTs challenges in re-plan decision Dariusz Rado&322;a Received Received
  EP-1860 A process and human factors engineering paradigm for radiation oncology Kit Chi Chan Received Received
  EP-1861 Patient Satisfaction with Radiotherapy Services at Institute of Oncology in Ljubljana (Slovenia) Valerija Zager Marcius Received Received
  EP-1862 Alert issues in the radiotherapy Dénis Eijssen Received Received
  EP-1863 Risk analysis for image guided lung SBRT Alberto Perez-Rozos Received Received
  EP-1864 Control of patients with pacemaker/implantable cardioverter defibrillator undergo radiotherapy. MARIA DEL MAR PUERTAS Received Received
  EP-1865 The utilization of retrospective registry for patient information of access to care Mervi Siekkinen Received Received
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