SfE BES Annual Conference 2016


7-9 November 2016 Brighton
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  1-CC Life threatening cardiac arrhythmias following treatment of newly diagnosed Addisons disease. Johanna Rochester Received Received
  1-EP An unusual presentation of 17alpha hydroxylase deficiency Maura Moriarty Received Received
  2-CC More than just Diabetes Insipidus Xilin Wu Received Received
  2-EP Cushings Disease Detected Following an Adrenal Incidentaloma Shailesh Gohil Received Received
  2-P Dynamic changes in nephrine levels with acclimatisation reflect acquisition of heat tolerance Mike Stacey Received Received
  3-EP Apparent mineralocorticoid excess due to daily consumption of liquorice- containing tea. Isolda Frizelle Received Received
  3-P In denial? Patient perspectives on adrenal crisis management Alice Hacker Received Received
  3-CC Tremelimumab-induced Graves disease EARN GAN Received Received
  4-CC Asymptomatic elevated PTH level due to immunoassay interference resulting from Macro-PTH: a case report Jayadave Shakher Received Received
  4-EP Failure to suppress TSH in thyroid cancer - could it be Addisons disease? George Fowler Received Received
  5-CC A case report of a symptomatic osteopoikilosis patient caused by novel mutation in LEMD3 Khaled Tofeec Received Received
  5-EP Adrenal TB: the great master of disguise Eswari Chinnasamy Received Received
  6-EP Prednisolone 3mg once daily should be the glucocorticoid replacement for hypopituitarism. Pratibha Machenahalli Received Received
  6-P Role of Computed Tomography Scan in adrenal tumors Dia Eddine Boudiaf Received Received
  7-EP An unusual case of adrenal metastases Moayed Alhelfi Received Received
  7-CC Spurious diagnosis of phaeochromocytoma due to drug induced symptoms and abnormal investigation results. Johanna Rochester Received Received
  8-CC Diffuse Idiopathic Pulmonary Neuroendocrine cell hyperplasia (DIPNECH): two unusual cases of cyclical ectopic adrenocorticotrophic hormone secretion Sarah Ali Received Received
  8-EP Will the routine use of high dose steroids for alcoholic hepatitis result in an increased incidence of clinically significant hypocortisolism in patients with liver cirrhosis? Priya Karia Received Received
  9-EP Case of prolonged hypoaldosteronism after unilateral adrenalectomy for Conns syndrome Natasha Shrikrishna Received Received
  9-CC Successful treatment of primary aldosteronism with partial adrenalectomy, facilitated by the use of 11C-Metomidate PET/CT Waiel Bashari Received Received
  10-CC ACTH-dependent Cushings syndrome unmasked following transphenoidal surgery for Acromegaly - the rare coexistence of dual endocrinopathies Parizad Avari Received Received
  10-EP Pediatric Cushings Syndrome due to primary pigmented nodular adrenocortical disease Dia Eddine Boudiaf Received Received
  11-P Safe withdrawal of corticosteroids after prolonged use: a management protocol SAMSON O OYIBO Received Received
  11-EP Elevated Renin Levels Heralds Adrenocortical Involvement In A Case Of Adrenoleukodystrophy Mehjabeen Beebeejaun Received Received
  12-EP Bilateral adrenal haemorrhage secondary to non-meningococcal sepsis. Malgorzata Lubczynska Received Received
  13-EP Pheochromocytoma in pregnanacy Kavitha Dhevi Krishnasamy Ganapathy Received Received
  14-EP Not Another Bloody Case of Low Sodium Sobia Arshad Received Received
  14-P Lowered replacement glucocorticoid doses are associated with a rise in frequency of adrenal crisis Katherine White Received Received
  15-EP Primary Pigmented Nodular Adrenocortical Disease: a rare cause of Cushings syndrome Catriona Kyle Received Received
  16-P Comparison of insulin tolerance test performance with other dynamic tests of cortisol reserve payal haria Received Received
  16-EP X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy a rare cause of Addisons disease Claudia Matta-Coelho Received Received
  17-EP Please dont operate on this patient - A case of Adrenaline running high Irfan Khan Received Received
  17-P The effect of time of day and utility of 30 and 60 minute values in 250 mcg ACTH stimulation test Stephanie Kaiser Received Received
  18-EP Bilateral adrenal nodules and pheochromocytoma associated with Neurofibromatosis zeenet banu Received Received
  19-EP Challenging hypercalcaemia Rahat Tauni Received Received
  20-EP Adult presentation of hypophosphatasia due to a novel compound heterozygous Tissue Nonspecific Alkaline Phosphatase (ALPL) mutation Catriona Farrell Received Received
  21-P Diagnosis of Adrenal Sufficiency Using a Highly Specific Cortisol Immunoassay: Major Implications for Clinicians Gregory Kline Received Received
  21-EP Severe hypercalcaemia following Vitamin D replacement therapy in patient found to have co-existing sarcoidosis and primary hyperparathyroidism Jodie Sabin Received Received
  22-EP An unusual case of hypocalcaemia Tobias Cox Received Received
  23-EP Idiopathic Infantile Hypercalcaemia (IHH) caused by a missense mutation of 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D2 24-hydroxylase (CYP24A1) Victoria Stokes Received Received
  24-EP An Unusual Case of Hypercalcaemia grace pink Received Received
  25-EP Association of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 with Primary Hyperparathyroidism: Report of a Case Emily Austin Received Received
  26-EP Osteocalcin suppression may be a useful marker of steroid exposure. Yvette Ang Received Received
  27-EP Maternal hypercalcaemia due to CYP24A1 loss of function mutations. Thomas Upton Received Received
  28-EP Lithium associated Hyperparathyroidism (LAH): Cinacalcet is an effective alternative treatment option satyanarayana varama sagi Received Received
  29-EP Severe hypercalcaemia in sarcoidosis: Is Vitamin D replacement safe? Rozana Ramli Received Received
  29-P Oestrogen excess induces instability in the forming vascular system Silvia Parajes Received Received
  30-EP Hypercalcaemia induced psychosis due to primary hyperparathyroidism in pregnancy. Alice Thomas Received Received
  31-EP Hypercalcaemia due to Pelvic Sarcoidosis Nicola Neary Received Received
  32-EP Normocalcemic tetany after parathyroidectomy for hyperparathyroidism umaira aziz Received Received
  33-EP Can parathyroid carcinoma or functional parathyroid cyst be predicted preoperatively? Adnan Agha Received Received
  35-EP An interesting case of skyrocketing hypercalcaemia Irfan Khan Received Received
  36-P The role of 9am Cortisol level to predict response to Short Syancthen Test in hypoadrenalism Najaf Haider Received Received
  36-EP Periodic episodes of weakness over 7 years Jolyon Dales Received Received
  38-EP Hypokalaemic Periodic Paralysis Anjan Lenkalapally Received Received
  39-EP A young person with recurrent severe hypokalaemia - familial, iatrogenic or just unknown? Navya Basavaraju Received Received
  40-P Steroid Metabolomics for Diagnosis of Inborn Steroidogenic Disorders - Bridging the Gap between Clinician and Scientist Through Computational Approaches Elizabeth Baranowski Received Received
  40-EP Insulinoma misdiagnosed as alcohol induced hypoglycaemia Khaled Tofeec Received Received
  41-EP A rare case of Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) in a patient with genetically confirmed maturity onset diabetes of young (MODY). Sajjad Ahmad Received Received
  41-P Impact of month of birth on the risk of development of autoimmune Addisons disease. Agnieszka Pazderska Received Received
  42-EP Birds of a feather flock together: Maternally inherited diabetes and Deafness AND Mitochondrial encephalopathy lactic acidosis and stroke like episodes. Adnan Agha Received Received
  43-EP Navigating troubled waters: Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar State precipitated by Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus Aditi Sharma Received Received
  44-EP A case of reversible elevation in liver enzymes in a patient with poorly controlled type 1 diabetes. Hassan Kahal Received Received
  45-EP An Unusual Cause of Hypoglycaemia Triona OShea Received Received
  45-P Immunomodulation by vitamin D is associated with regulation of microRNAs Danyang Li Received Received
  46-EP Management of Thyrotoxicosis with Chronic Neutropenia; Case Report Nida Pasha Received Received
  47-EP Hyperosmolar Hyperglycaemic state following Diazoxide therapy for Insulinoma Arshiya Tabasum Received Received
  48-EP Resistant Hypertension - A Fourth Cause? Katherine Powell Received Received
  48-P Emergency management of hypercalcemia (an audit of SfE guidance in Oxford). HAVAL SURCHI Received Received
  49-EP A Case of Euglycaemic Diabetic Ketoacidosis In a Patient Treated with Canagliflozin Katherine Hodson Received Received
  50-EP Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) secondary to severe diabetic ketoacidosis Amar Puttanna Received Received
  51-EP Spontaneous hypoglycaemia in a non diabetic man with end stage renal disease caused by repaglinide or endogenous hyperinsulinaemia: An enigma entangled Rahat Tauni Received Received
  51-P Management of Primary Hypoparathyroidism- A single centre audit Sameer Sighakoli Received Received
  52-EP Adrenal carcinoma, a rare incidental finding: case presentation ANA MARIA HILMA Received Received
  53-EP Common Features of Giant Prolactinoma and Paranasal Neuroendocrine Carcinoma-Case Report Adriana Gogoi Received Received
  54-EP A rare case of type 2 diabetes for 35 years on metfomin who developed insulinoma and diazoxide induced renal failure. muhammad alam Received Received
  56-EP An Unusual case of a para-sellar mass Ramesh Kumar Received Received
  57-EP Co-existent Macro-prolactinoma, Raised Free T4 and Right Sided Facial Nerve Palsy Shailesh Gohil Received Received
  58-EP Endocrine Dysfunction in Diamond Blackfan Anaemia Maria Rita Talla Received Received
  59-EP New onset sarcoidosis following treatment of Cushings Disease. Ross Cairns Received Received
  59-P Primary Hyperparathyroidism and Concomitant Vitamin D Deficiency: Study of Diagnosis and Management Outcomes Uzma Khan Received Received
  60-EP Extra-pancreatic, Extra-intestinal Pancreatic Polypeptide secreting tumour presenting as a case of diarrhoea. EHTASHAM AHMAD Received Received
  61-EP A rare case of Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) secreting pituitary adenoma in male Punith Kempegowda Received Received
  62-P Burden of major sodium and calcium abnormalities in the non-ITU adult inpatient population of a large two-site university hospital Philip Jones Received Received
  62-EP Protienurea, oedema, murmur and skin rash - An interesting case of gut carcinoids. Sajjad Ahmad Received Received
  63-EP Carney Complex-a 30 year journey Gideon Mlawa Received Received
  64-P Management of Hyponatraemia in Acute Hospital Admissions: Effect on Length of stay, Readmission and Mortality Aditi Sharma Received Received
  65-P Osteoporosis and low-dose prednisolone: Is there a link? Insights from bone turnover markers. Yvette Ang Received Received
  65-EP Pituitary apoplexy precipitated by head trauma in a Nigerian: A case report Bolanle Okunowo Received Received
  66-EP Vanishing Insulin Requirements in patient with type 1 Diabetes Dinesh Nagi Received Received
  67-EP Ectopic somatotroph adenomas Farida Chentli Received Received
  68-EP Panhypopituitarism secondary to compression by bilateral kissing internal carotid artery aneurysms Harriet Daultrey Received Received
  69-EP Cushings Syndrome secondary to ACTH-producing prostate adenocarcinoma: A case report. Marcello Scopazzini Received Received
  70-EP Rare source of catecholamine secretion in two cases Yasmeen Khalid Received Received
  72-EP A case of pituitary hypophysitis following treatment with ipilimumab. Fizzah Iqbal Received Received
  73-EP Somatostatin analogue use to treat visual field loss in acromegaly newly diagnosed in pregnancy Isolda Frizelle Received Received
  73-P Investigations and management of hyponatraemia: Experience at a district general hospital Rahat Tauni Received Received
  74-EP Hypopituitarism secondary to carotid artery aneurysm complicating a new presentation of hepatocellular carcinoma Lavanta Farouk Received Received
  74-P Characterising susceptibility to heat illness by plasma copeptin measurement Mike Stacey Received Received
  75-P A case series of Sodium Glucose co-transporter-2 inhibitor (SGLT-2i) related diabetic ketoacidosis and literature review about its pathophysiology Jawad Bashir Received Received
  75-EP The challenges to diagnose and differentiate TSHoma from thyroid hormone resistance: a case report Khaliq Hamdan Received Received
  76-EP Acromegaly gigantism with dilated cardiomyopathy and heart thrombus Farida Chentli Received Received
  77-P Nine year evaluation of a recall database of Thyroid Function Tests in a combined Antenatal-Endocrine clinic NAVEED KHALILY Received Received
  77-EP A patient who presented unresponsive and unseated from the sella Andrew Solomon Received Received
  79-EP Pseudoacromegaly - a differential diagnostic problem for acromegaly Pedro Marques Received Received
  80-EP Glioma in an AIP mutation carrier patient Shiv Datta Received Received
  81-EP Retroperitoneal fibrosis presenting with panhypopituitarism Maria Rita Talla Received Received
  82-EP Neuroendocrinology and pituitaryTitle:Pituitary atrophy: a rare cause of pan hypopituitarism Manish Kushe Received Received
  83-EP Sweaty arms and legs: Is it acromegaly? Chong Lim Received Received
  84-EP Delayed diagnosis in a case of insulinoma due to hypoglycaemia unawareness. Vinod Joseph Received Received
  85-P Inpatient Endocrinology: a comprehensive specialty service audit and Quality Improvement Project in a large tertiary care centre Joannis Vamvakopoulos Received Received
  85-EP Spontaneous resolution of secondary amenorrhoea in a patient with mosaic Turners Syndrome Richard Quinton Received Received
  86-EP central autonomization of peripheral precocious puberty Belazzouz Abderahmen Youssouf Received Received
  87-EP Thionamide in a Neutropenic Thyrotoxic patient- Culprit or Cure Pranav Kumar Received Received
  89-EP An unusual cause of thyrotoxicosis Ramesh Kumar Received Received
  90-EP Thyroid dysfunction caused by three different Thyrosine Kinase inhibitors Siva Sivappriyan Received Received
  91-P Oral glucose tolerance test or HbA1c assessment of subjects with coronary disease verified by angiography Teodora Beljic Zivkovic Received Received
  91-EP Papillary thyroid cancer within an auto-immune goitre: two birds with one stone Emma Bremner Received Received
  92-EP A Case of Uncontrolled Thyrotoxicosis and Congestive Heart Failure due to Graves disease Clement Aransiola Received Received
  93-EP A different cause of Thyrotoxicosis: Alemtuzumab induced thyrotoxicosis Fareha Bawa Received Received
  94-EP A case of severe hypercalcaemia caused by hyperthyroidism with concomitant adrenal insufficiency Jodie Sabin Received Received
  95-EP Thyrotoxicosis resistant to treatment: Graves disease or Factitious thyrotoxicosis: A Puzzle Nagi Dinesh Received Received
  96-EP Acute confusion in a cyclist ANGELIKI GIANNOPOULOU Received Received
  97-EP Graves disease with fluctuating thyroid status and hypothyroidism with positive anti-TSH receptor antibody levels - distinctive autoimmune side-effects following alemtuzumab therapy for multiple sclerosis Carla Moran Received Received
  98-EP Thyrotoxic periodic paralysis, and high carbohyrdate diet; an unusual presentation in a Caucasian male Rahat Tauni Received Received
  99-EP Vomiting as harbinger for Graves disease Emanuela Bejinariu Received Received
  99-P Medical knowledge on DKA and management Khaled Tofeec Received Received
  100-EP Sole metastatic spread from a renal cell carcinoma presenting as a goitre 6 years following renal cell carcinoma Rachel Livingstone Received Received
  101-EP The curious case of thyroid dysfunction and the monoclonal antibody hasan faisal Received Received
  102-EP Thyrotoxic Periodic Paralysis in a Nigerian Male Artemis Vogazianou Received Received
  103-EP Thyrotoxicosis with Ocular myasthenia - A case report Narayana Pothina Received Received
  104-EP An unusual case of resistance to thyroid hormone (RTH) behaving as TSH secreting pituitary adenoma (TSHoma). Sajjad Ahmad Received Received
  105-EP Sidrah Khan Received Received
  106-EP A challenging case of thyroid storm AZMI MOHAMMED Received Received
  107-P Elective hip arthroplasty rates and related complications in people with diabetes mellitus Lindsey McVey Received Received
  108-EP Transient thyrotoxicosis following external beam radiotherapy to the neck Ritwika Mallik Received Received
  109-EP The night when a floppy Chinese lad almost died due to his thyroid Jawad Bashir Received Received
  110-EP A case of undetectable thyroid hormones Samantha Hayes Received Received
  111-EP Off legs in a 30 year-old: a Grave concern? Anne de Bray Received Received
  112-EP A lady with Psycho-affective symptoms due to Hashimotos encephalopathy Jawad Bashir Received Received
  113-EP A big price for a little mistake: similar presentations but diverse management of thyroid storm. Use of Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) in hyperthyroidism related cardiomyopathy Mawara Iftikhar Received Received
  114-EP Thymic Hyperplasia in Graves Disease - Case Presentation and Review of Current Literature Kelly Cheer Received Received
  116-EP Can myxedema coma be managed in a ward? A complicated case of myxedema with peg feeding. Fareha Bawa Received Received
  117-P Insulin resistance, obesity indices and lipid profile in Nigerian patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Oyindamola Awofisoye Received Received
  118-P Retrospective Review of Insulin Degludec (Tresiba) Started in Patients at Royal Derby Hospital. Seifeldin Yahia Received Received
  128-P Timing and Outcome of Surgery for Primary Hyperparathyroidism in MEN1 Mamta Joshi Received Received
  130-P Diagnostic performance of adrenal imaging in a high risk population for adrenal malignancy. Danae Delivanis Received Received
  137-P The effects of proton pump inhibitor therapy on neuroendocrine tumour biomarkers Christoforos Constantinou Received Received
  138-P Copeptin as a marker of cardiovascular strain during occupational heat stress Mike Stacey Received Received
  140-P Complications of radiation therapy (RT) for acromegaly Saodat Issaeva Received Received
  143-P Investigation of Hyperprolactinaemia in Patients with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Omar El Tokhy Received Received
  148-P Post-traumatic amnesia, but not acute CT brain findings, predicts pituitary dysfunction following traumatic brain injury. OShea Triona Received Received
  162-P The Clinical, Pathological and Molecular Differences Between Sparsely and Densely Granulated Somatotroph Adenomas Mario Shaid Received Received
  170-P Audit of adult GH replacement therapy in Derby Seifeldin Yahia Received Received
  176-P Five years on: A qualitative exploration of beliefs prior to and following gastric banding using a Theory of Planned Behaviour framework Sue Jackson Received Received
  182-P Concentrations of endocrine disrupting chemicals in liver and adipose tissue in the United Kingdom. Thozhukat Sathyapalan Received Received
  185-P A retrospective study assessing the effects of OSA in women with PCOS attending the weight management clinic. Hassan Kahal Received Received
  187-P Consequences of manipulating NAD availability for central carbon and energy metabolism in skeletal muscle cells. Lucy Oldacre-Bartley Received Received
  189-P Mechanisms of ageing metabolic decline revealed by targeted metabolomics and energy metabolism in NAD depleted skeletal muscle. Rachel Fletcher Received Received
  190-P Maternal high fat diet exposure and offspring metabolism: a meta-regression analysis of animal models. George Ribaroff Received Received
  195-P Adrenal Insufficiency post gastric bypass surgery Vinod Joseph Received Received
  196-P L- Phenylalanine modulates gut hormone release, and suppresses food intake in rodents via the Calcium Sensing Receptor. Mariana Norton Received Received
  198-P Hormonal regulation of gene expression related to acylation stimulating protein production and function in ex vivo adipose tissue explant culture Bashair Al Riyami Received Received
  199-P Endocannabinoid receptor blockade increases vascular endothelial growth factor and inflammatory markers in obese women with PCOS Thozhukat Sathyapalan Received Received
  200-P Defining uterine insulin resistance Ruijin Shao Received Received
  201-P Alterations of specific caveolin isoforms in the rat uterus under insulin resistance and hyperandrogenism conditions: does metformin contributes to their regulation? Ming Hu Received Received
  204-P Gonadotropin Induction of Spermatogenesis in Men with Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism: an audit . Pushpa Jinadev Received Received
  206-P The effects of Vitamin D on the outcomes of controlled ovarian stimulation in women with and without Polycystic Ovary Syndrome undergoing in vitro fertilisation. Thomas Cunningham Received Received
  210-P Safety and tolerability of inducing completion of puberty with IM testosterone over 1 year in older men with congenital hypogonadism and absent puberty Agniezska Pazderska Received Received
  216-P Androsterone Glucuronide to dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate ratio is higher in obese Caucasian women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Thozhukat Sathyapalan Received Received
  217-P A prospective cohort study investigating Endocrine Disrupting Agents and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome within an IVF setting. Thomas Cunningham Received Received
  220-P Management of Turners syndrome women with liver involvement: FIB-4 score is a promising marker of fibrosis matilde calanchini Received Received
  221-P Turners syndrome and liver involvement: prevalence and characterisation of a large population with Turners syndrome matilde calanchini Received Received
  224-P Case series of 11 46,XX DSD males Artemis Vogazianou Received Received
  226-P A multidisciplinary specialist team for pregnancy in Turners syndrome improves survival and maternal and fetal outcomes Gayathri Kumarasinghe Received Received
  228-P Causes of primary amenorrhea in women evaluated in an academic center of adult endocrinology Monica Livia Gheorghiu Received Received
  231-P Hormonal profiling to detect male mini-puberty: a rapid and accurate diagnostic approach in suspected cases of congenital hypogonadotrophic hypogonadism Richard Quinton Received Received
  233-P The use of the radiologically determined U grading for Thyroid Nodules prior to Fine Needle Aspiration is a reliable and highly Predictive way to determine Abnormal Cytology. ehtasham ahmad Received Received
  237-P Management and investigations of woman with hypothyroidism before and during pregnancy in a joint Medical/Obstetric clinic a DGH. Tala Balafshan Received Received
  245-P Thyroid autoimmunity as a biomarker of breast cancer outcome: large-scale study using data from the Taxotere as Adjuvant Chemotherapy Trial (TACT: CRUK01/001) Ilaria Muller Received Received
  249-P ESR2 mutations in RET mutation-negative familial medullary thyroid carcinoma Wazir Afghan Received Received
  250-P Auditing outcomes post radioiodine therapy in patients with hyperthyroidism VENUGOPAL VIMAL Received Received
  258-P The fluctuating clinical and biochemical thyroid status of patients with oscillating TSH receptor antibody predominance. Georgina Wordsworth Received Received
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SfE BES Annual Conference 2016


7-9 November 2016 Brighton

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