WFH 2016 World Congress


24-28 July 2016 Orlando
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  1-PP-W Acquired Von Willebrand Syndrome: Mechanisms and response to treatment Pu-Lin Luo Received Received
  1-MP-T Comprehensive Care Delivery for Bleeding/ Blood disorders through Telemedicine (TM) with a variety of providers at multiple delivery sites Roshni Kulkarni Received Received
  2-PP-T Dont Let My Brain Bleed Decreasing IVH rates in the NICU. Linda Wyman-Collins Received Received
  2-LB Pilot Phase of a World Bleeding Disorders Registry Jamie OHara Received Received
  2-PP-W FVIII activity of OBIZUR can be measured in hemophilic plasma with standard FVIII one-stage clotting assays Peter L. Turecek Received Received
  3-PP-T Joints bleeding management in a developing country. DIALLO Yacouba Received Received
  4-PO-W NovoSeven(R) in the treatment of acquired haemophilia A: Results from the prospective study (ACQUI-7) in France Annie Borel-Derlon Received Received
  4-PP-M Activation of neutrophils by plasma derived FVIII concentrates Martin Brodde Received Received
  4-PP-T Cost and time effectiveness of telemedicine to deliver collaborative Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC) services to remote patients Witkop Michelle Received Received
  5-PP-T Patient organization assessment of care delivery in treatment centres David Page Received Received
  6-PP-M Improved pharmacokinetics and bleeding efficacy of recombinant Factor IX Fc-XTEN in hemophilia-B mice Arjan van der Flier Received Received
  6-PO-W Anti-FVIII IgG1 titers correlate with Bethesda levels in patients with acquired hemophilia Elizabeth Donnachie Received Received
  6-PP-T Parental confidence when dosing children with long acting factor products in relation to sporting activity. A pilot study. Melanie Wilkinson Received Received
  7-PP-T Practice Characteristics of Genetic Counselors Serving the North American Bleeding Disorders Community Rebecca Malouin Received Received
  8-PP-T When health care professionals express themselves: results overview of the qualitative phase of Hero initiative Harley Souter Received Received
  9-PO-W Acquired haemophilia A in a Jehovahs Witness Jacek Trelinski Received Received
  9-PP-M In silico models for genotype/phenotype correlations of F9 gene mutations causing severe Hemophilia B Lennon Meléndez Aranda Received Received
  10-PP-T Towards a new, patient-centric, model of hemophilia management Alessandro Gringeri Received Received
  10-PO-W Diagnosis of von Willebrand disease in population of Western Mexico Ara Rebeca Jaloma-Cruz Received Received
  11-PO-W Hypofibrinogenemia as the first sign of autoimmune disease Erica Okazaki Received Received
  11-PP-M DNA methylation of Factor VIII secreting endothelial cells and several other endothelial cells in comparision to blood Muhammad Ahmer Jamil Received Received
  11-PP-T National Survey of the 340B Pharmacy Income Program: Quantitative Evaluation of the Services Provided by US Hemophilia Treatment Centers Marisela Trujillo Received Received
  12-PO-W Management of acquired hemophilia: a single center experience. Eva Ivanová Received Received
  12-PP-M Protein aggregates in plasma-derived factor IX (pdFIX) concentrates support platelet activation and microparticle formation in vitro. Martin Brodde Received Received
  13-PP-T Step forward in health care for children with hemophilia in Republic of Macedonia Zorica Trajkova Received Received
  13-PP-M Comparison of Different Prophylaxis Regimens for Moderate/severe Hemophilia A Children Darintr Sosothikul Received Received
  13-MP-W Algorithmic evidence-based phenotype screening and collaborative approach to attacking symptoms of nonadherence in patients with bleeding disorders Jay Bryant-Wimp, RPh Received Received
  14-PP-T Successful pregnancy and delivery in a woman with Severe Hemophilia A Shadan Lalezari Received Received
  14-PP-M The effects of a long-acting factor IX product (N9-GP) on wound healing Maureane Hoffman Received Received
  14-MP-W Effectiveness of the uPatient Platform in Hemophilia Prophylactic Treatment Glòria Sagarra Received Received
  15-PP-M Variations of Factor XIII level during pregnancy Gianluca Sottilotta Received Received
  15-PP-T Carrier Career Counseling: Development of e-learning educational tool for hemophilia carriers and women in hemophilia extraction to support acquiring readiness for change Akiko Kakinuma Received Received
  15-PP-W Collecting clinical data through a care management assessment form during telephone patient encounters: A study among patients of the Gulf States Hemophilia and Thrombophilia Center (GSHTC) in Houston, Texas 2014-2015 Stephanie Gustafson Received Received
  16-PO-T Pregnancy and delivery in a woman with von Willebrand Disease type 2 M: successfull treatment with Wilfactin Dorina Cultrera Received Received
  16-PP-W Adherence to treatment in Korean hemophilia patients Eun Jin CHOI Received Received
  16-PP-M Influence of Complement factor H on Factor XIIIA activation: a preliminary study Sneha Gupta Received Received
  17-PP-W Changes in adherence after initiating treatment with prolonged half-life clotting factors for hemophilia Adi Eldar-Lissai Received Received
  18-PP-W Adherence to prophylactic treatment in patients with haemophilia in Germany Wolfgang Miesbach Received Received
  18-MP-T Learning about women with bleeding through data Cheryl DAmbrosio Received Received
  19-PP-T Results of a national registry for hemophilia A and B: Situation of the disease in Colombia Patricia Sanchez Received Received
  20-PO-M Severe Congenital factor V deficiency in the north region of Turkey canan albayrak Received Received
  20-PP-T Developing centralized web-based National Patients Registry: Pakistan Experience Masood Malik Received Received
  20-PP-W perceived barriers to hemophilia treatment-a survey among parents of persons with hemophilia Anjalin Dsouza Received Received
  21-PP-T Public Health Surveillance of People Not Receiving Care at US Federally-funded Hemophilia Treatment Centers: Methods and Demographics of the CHOICE Project Wendy Owens Received Received
  21-PO-M Comparison of FXIII activity and antigen measurement during pregnancy Mario von Depka Received Received
  21-PP-W Assessment of adherence to warfarin anticoagulation using the ratio of vitamin K dependent factors Sarisha Naidoo Received Received
  22-PP-T Establishing a regional haemophilia registry in southern Tunisian olfa kassar Received Received
  22-PO-M guardian5: a prospective non-interventional study of the treatment of severe and moderately severe haemophilia A with turoctocog alfa AXON Turoctocog Received Received
  22-PP-W Validation of a scale of adherence to treatment in patients with hemophilia Rubén Cuesta-Barriuso Received Received
  23-PP-W Adherence and the relationship to frequency of infusions in pediatric patients with hemophilia A and B Karen Strike Received Received
  23-PP-T Associated factors to bleeding episodes in children diagnosed with hemophilia in a comprehensive care program in developing country YADIRA VALDERRAMA VARGAS Received Received
  24-PO-W Adherence to treatment in patients with immune tolerance induction and patients on primary prophylaxis Luis Cinara Received Received
  24-PO-M Safety and efficacy of B-domain deleted 3rd generation recombinant factor VIII (GreenGene F) in Korean patients with haemophilia A: Data from a post-marketing surveillance study Soon Ki Kim Received Received
  25-PP-T Measuring the quality of hemophilia care across different settings: a set of performance indicators derived from demographics data Mark Brooker Received Received
  25-PO-M The extent of VWF:Ag rise during moderate physical activity modulates FVIII half-life in severe haemophilia A subjects CLEMENCE MERLEN Received Received
  25-PO-W Identification of psychological factors that interfere in the adherence to the treatment of patients with Haemophilia. salguero Mariana Received Received
  26-PO-M A Novel Mutation in Child with Severe Congenital Factor X Deficiency davut albayrak Received Received
  26-PO-T Psychosocial Impact of Mild to Severe Hemophilia B on Affected Adults and Children: Methods and Demographics of the Bridging Hemophilia B Experiences Results and Opportunities into Solutions (B-HERO-S) Study Jane Cowley Received Received
  26-MP-W A successful nine year journey by a China-Canada professional group to transfer current hemophilia assessment tools to advance pediatric hemophilia care in China Audrey Abad Received Received
  27-PO-M Patients Classification with Hemophilia A by FVIII Cromogenic Assay Mirta Arias Received Received
  27-MP-W Effectiveness of Training Programme on Identification of Cases with Bleeding Disorder among Community Health Workers (CHWs) sulochana b Received Received
  27-PO-T Demographic chracterization of patients older than 35 years with hemophilia, retrospective evaluation in a developing country Claudia Casas Received Received
  28-PP-W Together Improving Haemophilia Healthcare in Kenya Kibet P. Shikuku Received Received
  28-PO-M Evolution of clotting factor consumption over the last fifteen years for ambulatory hemophilia patients in a French comprehensive care center Florianne Bel Received Received
  29-PP-T Joint Outcomes in United States (US) Hemophilia Patients: A Report of the Community Counts Registry Becky Dudley Received Received
  29-MP-M Next Generation DNA sequencing for haemostatic and platelet disorders Anne Goodeve Received Received
  29-PP-W Capacity Building in India - Integrating women into the picture Gurmeet Khanna Received Received
  30-PP-W Importance of School Visits in Management of Hemophilia in Kenya Phyllis Bartilol Received Received
  30-PP-T Korea Hemophilia Foundation registry trends 1991-2014: patient registry, demographics, health services utilization Soon Ki Kim Received Received
  30-MP-M Preliminary Results of a Phase 1/2 Trial of SPK-9001, a Hyperactive FIX Variant Delievered by a Novel Capsid, Demonstrate Safety and Efficacy at the Lowest Dose Cohort ALVIN LUK Received Received
  31-PP-M Discrepancy of F8 and F9 gene variant classifications between clinical laboratories Michelle Alabek Received Received
  31-PO-T Can the use of data derived from different data sources improve regulatory procedures in a rare disease like Hemophilia A? Christine Keipert Received Received
  32-PP-M Biopotency and efficacy of a FVIII gene therapy construct in hemophilia A mice Werner Hoellriegl Received Received
  32-PO-T Comparison of parameters collected from clinical trials (performed in the frame of Marketing Authorization) and registries in severe Hemophilia A patients - A methodological exercise Carla Jonker Received Received
  32-PP-W Establishing a Registry and Improving Diagnostic Capabilities and Treatment Outcomes for Persons with Hemophilia in Jamaica Audrey Abad Received Received
  33-PP-M Development of a lead candidate for Baxaltas AAV8-based FVIII gene therapy program BAX 888 Hanspeter Rottensteiner Received Received
  33-PP-W POSITIVE DIARIES: Testimonials of people living with bleeding disorders in Pakistan Masood malik Received Received
  34-PP-W Women Empowerment Nabila Husseni Received Received
  34-PP-M Messenger RNA Analysis and Multiplex Ligation Probe Amplification for Hemophilia A Patients without Found Mutation or Suspected Exon(s) Deletion in Genomic DNA Yeu-Chin Chen Received Received
  35-PP-W Legal aspects: amparo action and compassionate use Daniel Adolfo Luna Received Received
  35-PP-M An unexpected finding: two different coagulation factor VIII gene mutations in brothers Michael Steiner Received Received
  35-PO-T A cross-sectional study of females with congenital bleeding disorders enrolled in the ATHNdataset Kristina Haley Received Received
  36-PP-M Exploring the causes of skewed X-chromosome inactivation: XIST genetic analysis of cases and controls Claudia Pamela Radic Received Received
  36-PO-T Inherited bleeding disorders - experience of a not-for-profit organization in Pakistan Shabneez Hussain Received Received
  36-PP-W Women As Leaders Nabila Husseni Received Received
  37-MP-T Are you HIRT? (Hemophilia Injury Recognition Tool): perceptions of the mobile app on injury self-management from young men with mild hemophilia in Canada JoAnn Nilson Received Received
  37-PP-W BE, A youth employment pilot program: A Canadian HERO initiative Ann Marie Stain Received Received
  38-PP-M Genetic variant analysis in children and adults with hemophilia: experience from a large hemophilia center in the US Jennifer Lemons Received Received
  38-PP-T The role of social media in hemophilia care in Kenya CHRISTOPHER MWANIKI Received Received
  38-PP-W Women with bleeding and leadership - a wicked problem? Cheryl DAmbrosio Received Received
  39-PP-W Final transition of youth to adult hemophilia treatment center-a single center transition care project. Karolina Lieponis Received Received
  39-PP-T Link nurse teaching day to bring haemophilia to ward nurses Wandai Maposa Received Received
  40-PP-W The development of a Youth Ambassador Programme Luke Pembroke Received Received
  40-PP-M Polygenic score analysis to find genetic factors of inhibitor development in Korean severe hemophilia A patients using WES Hee Jo Baek Received Received
  41-PP-W Empowering and developing future community leaders to advocate and create awareness in their countries and in the region of Central America, the Caribbean and Venezuela. FENDI VALDEZ BISONO Received Received
  41-PP-T Responsiveness of people with bleeding disorders and their families to educational modules on psychosocial challenges Jessica Morrison Received Received
  42-PO-M Complexities and resolution of gene variant interpretation in two hemophilia cases Stefanie Dugan Received Received
  42-PP-T Development of a Canadian video-based educational tool for teaching parents of children with hemophilia about joint assessment Lawren De Marchi Received Received
  42-PP-W Factoring In youth: an online approach Hannah Opeskin Received Received
  43-PO-M Systematic molecular analysis in Hemophilia A patients in a cohort from Bogotá, Colombia Luz Yunis Received Received
  43-PP-T Empowering families of hemophiliacs to face challenges Jayashri kale Received Received
  44-PO-M Factor VIII Gene Mutation and Hemophilic Arthropathy in Hemophilia A Patients Tsung-Ying Li Received Received
  44-PP-T Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) Patient Conference in response to the 2014 Strategic Summit on VWD Jeanette Cesta Received Received
  44-PP-W Blood pressure trends in relation to clotting factor utilization in patients with severe hemophilia Richard Barnes Received Received
  45-PP-W a prospective study on vascular diseases in patients with haemophilia 2 years evaluation Paul van der Valk Received Received
  45-PO-M National prevalence of F8 gene intron 1 and 22 inversions and development of inhibitors to factor VIII in Mexican severe hemophilia A patients Ana Rebeca Jaloma-Cruz Received Received
  46-PP-W The orthopaedic treatment of haemophilic arthropathy in patients with inhibitors: a 15-year experience at a single Institution Christian Carulli Received Received
  46-PP-T Use of electronic audience response system (ARS) during Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) patient conference Jeanette Cesta Received Received
  47-MP-M Expanding the knowledge base: a collaboration between Saskatoon and Vancouver bleeding disorder teams Jennifer King Received Received
  47-PP-T Parents Empowering Parents (PEP) Project: Evaluating its impact in providing effective parenting tools to parents of children with bleeding disorder in East and North India Richa Mohan Received Received
  47-PP-W Endothelial activation markers and constitutional hemorrhagic diseases: defining normal STA-Procoag-PPL values Dominique Desprez Received Received
  48-PP-M Hemophilia care in National Institute of Hematology and Blood transfusion, Hanoi, Vietnam Mai Nguyen Thi Received Received
  48-PP-T A US National Program for Orientation of New Staff through the Regional Core Centers Karen Droze Received Received
  48-PP-W Evaluation of bone mineral density in patients with haemophilia in a Colombian population Edgar David Gomez Lahitton Received Received
  49-PP-T Getting closer to our patient: playing, learning and humanizing treatment - an experience of a Brazilian Center Erica Okazaki Received Received
  49-PP-W Thrombotic and Cardiovascular Events in People with Hemophilia. Experience of a Single Hemophilia Centre Beatriz Delgado Received Received
  49-PP-M Impact of Twinning between HTCs: Incremental Gain with Longitudinal Experience Jonathan Kuriakose Received Received
  50-PP-M Bleeding Disorder Patient Perspectives on Information and Services Needs in a Remote US Pacific Island Tiffany Lin Received Received
  50-PP-W Cardiovascular risk assessment in haemophilia patients at University Hospital in Ostrava Radomira Hrdlickova Received Received
  50-PP-T The Bott-Harrington Nursing Fellowship in Bleeding Disorders: Broad dissemination of a nursing education tool kit Sarah Crymble Received Received
  51-PP-T Development of a group intervention in Canada to provide education about joint assessment to adolescents and parents of children with Hemophilia Celina Woo Received Received
  51-PP-M The impact of the World Federation of Haemophilia humanitarian aid program in conducting Circumcision for Haemophilia patients in Kenya. INJERE AFUDE Received Received
  51-PO-W Prevalence of adult-onset medical comorbidities in Korean hemophiliacs Hugh Kim Received Received
  53-PO-T The educational program Hemonline News Gianluca Sottilotta Received Received
  53-PP-M Twining program Vietnam Hemophilia Association Irish Hemophilia Society Mai Nguyen Thi Received Received
  53-PO-W Coronary by-pass surgery in patients with haemophilia A: single centre experience Isil Erdogan Ozunal Received Received
  54-PO-T Development of a UK Haemophilia Data Managers Programme of Education Lynne Dewhurst Received Received
  55-PO-W Coronary Angioplasty for Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease in mild PWH Shashikant Apte Received Received
  55-PO-T Communication Through Design Iman Rasheed Received Received
  55-PP-M Up-to-date informative sessions: an opportunity of empowerment Otilia Ragull Received Received
  56-PP-M Organisational strategy to support members through 7 Key Life Stages Liz Carroll Received Received
  56-PP-T An assessment of annualized bleed rates and quality of life among severe haemophilia A and B individuals in Europe Alexandra Khachatryan Received Received
  57-PP-T A cost-effectiveness analysis of PK-driven prophylaxis using myPKFiT vs. standard prophylaxis in Haemophilia A Alessandro Gringeri Received Received
  57-PP-M Assessing the Programming Needs of Patients/Clients of the Hemophilia Center at Oregon Health & Science University (HC) and the Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon (HFO) Mina Nguyen-Driver Received Received
  57-PO-W Challenges of Hemophilia care in a developing country ARCHANA VIJAY Received Received
  58-PP-T The relationship between treatment strategy and work productivity in severe haemophilia Jason Booth Received Received
  58-PO-W Non-virus related cancer in people with haemophilia Basak Koc Received Received
  59-PP-T An introduction to The Cost of Haemophilia across Europe - a Socioeconomic Survey (CHESS) Charlotte Camp Received Received
  59-PP-M Causes and consequences in hospitalizations of patients with hemophilia in a hemophilia treatment center in Korea. Jung Woo Han Received Received
  60-PP-T The cost of severe haemophilia in five European countries: the CHESS study Charlotte Camp Received Received
  60-PP-W Rate of central venous line infections in people with bleeding disorders and home care services Crystal Blankenship Received Received
  60-PP-M The Catalan Association of Hemophilia celebrates 40 years Otilia Ragull Received Received
  61-PP-W Twenty-three years of HIV infection in hemophilic patients Maria Coutinho Received Received
  61-PP-T Estimating the potential cost of a high dose immune tolerance induction (ITI) therapy relative to the cost of a combined therapy of a low dose ITI therapy with bypassing agent prophylaxis Abiola Oladapo Received Received
  61-PP-M Medical care provided by a private clinic with the highest number of hemophilia patients in the region Masue Kajiwara Received Received
  62-PP-W Treatment of HCV Infected Young Hemophiliacs Expectations to Cure Hepatitis C Katalin Koehler-Vajta Received Received
  62-PP-M Collaboration between National Member Organisation (NMO), French Hemophilia Society (AFH Comity Midi-Pyrénées) and Belgian Hemophilia Society (AHVH) during diving courses Patrick Finders-Binje Received Received
  62-PP-T The relationship between bleeding frequency and EQ-5D in severe haemophilia Booth Jason Received Received
  63-PP-T Home infusion model can reduce factor consumption Kirstin Schmidt Received Received
  63-PP-W Treatment of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) in haemophiliacs with the new direct acting antiviral drugs (DAAs) PANAGIOTA IOANNIDOU Received Received
  63-PP-M Expectations and Concerns towards the Up-Coming New Long-Acting Products - Results of a Survey among Haemophilia Patients in Switzerland Sylvia von Mackensen Received Received
  64-PP-M Regional hemophilia project in Turkey Basak Koc Received Received
  64-PP-T Impact of mild to severe hemophilia on education and work by US adult men and women and caregivers of children with hemophilia B: the bridging hemophilia B experiences results and opportunities into solutions (B-HERO-S) study Jane Cowely Received Received
  65-PO-W managing infectious complications of hemophilia, the experience of Constantine Center, Algeria SIHEM KEBAILI Received Received
  65-PP-T U. S. Hemophilia Physician Prescribing Practices: Then and Now Brenda Riske Received Received
  65-PP-M Hemophilia : A single-centre experience of 12 years. HANDE KIZILOCAK Received Received
  66-PO-M Be-Coag, the hemophilia card with a basic medical file on the net Patrick Finders-Binje Received Received
  66-PP-T Real world dosing and therapy switching patterns on rFVIII-Fc in the United States Booth Jason Received Received
  66-MP-W Inhibitor risks in Argentine patients with severe HA. F8 genotype, status concordance in sibling pairs and immune gene polymorphisms studies Claudia Pamela Radic Received Received
  67-MP-W Risk factors associated with High-titre Inhibitors development in Previously Untreated Hemophilia A patients (PUPS-HA) born between 2000 and 2013: A single center experience Arlette Ruiz de Saez Received Received
  67-PP-T Use of Adding T2 Mapping Sequence to a Routine MR Imaging Protocol to Evaluate of the Articular Cartilage Changes of the Knee and Ankle Joint with Hemophilia in Children Ningning Zhang Received Received
  67-PO-M Support network for Barcelona family carers: a way of embracing efforts working together between entities Patricia Cabre Received Received
  68-PO-M A new challenge: twinning between the Catalan Association of Hemophilia (ACH) and the Cuban Society of Hemophilia (SCH) Ana Fernández Received Received
  68-PP-T A Comprehensive Online Communication and Education Strategy for Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC) Jerome Teitel Received Received
  68-PP-W Preliminary in vitro results from the PredicTGA study: thrombin generation assay (TGA) as a test of haemostatic effectiveness of factor VIII concentrates in patients with Hemophilia A and inhibitors Armando Tripodi Received Received
  69-MP-M Heat treated Bethesda assay in the monitoring of acquired haemophilia A annette bowyer Received Received
  69-PP-W Impact of FVIII source in the Bethesda-Nijmegen inhibitor test result. Difference between FVIII/VWF complex concentrates and concentrates of isolated FVIII Maria Isabel Bravo Received Received
  70-PP-W Combined FEIBA- FVIII therapy a potential treatment for patients with hemophilia and inhibitors- a thrombin generation based study Tami Livnat Received Received
  70-PO-T Testicular haematoma. Diagnostic and monitoring by Magnetic Resonance (MR) Horacio Caviglia Received Received
  71-PO-T Long-Term Health Outcomes Comparison between Prophylaxis and On-Demand aPCC Treatment in Patients with Severe Haemophilia A with Factor VIII Inhibitors in Spain Juan Pablo Garcia Received Received
  71-PP-M Thrombin generation assay triggered with tissue factor or factor XIa in patients with severe haemophilia A Hassan Naeem Received Received
  72-MP-T PROTECT VIII Kids trial results: BAY 94-9027 safety and efficacy in previously treated children with severe hemophilia A Elena Santagostino Received Received
  72-PP-M Clinical application of rotational thromboelastometry (ROTEM) in the diagnostic work-out of thrombocytopenia Adela Gwozdowska Received Received
  72-PP-W Primary prophylaxis and inhibitor development in patients with severe Hemophilia A and B marilia renni Received Received
  73-PP-W Thrombin generation assay (TGA) for testing haemostatic response in patients with Hemophilia A and inhibitors on immune tolerance induction treatment (ITI): preliminary in vivo results from the PredicTGA study Armando Tripodi Received Received
  73-MP-T Is there a difference in inhibitor incidence with recombinant products? A meta-analysis of 2000 previously untreated patients Alessandro Gringeri Received Received
  73-PP-M A validated patient-specific numerical model of thrombin generation for the management of hemophilia Pierre Chelle Received Received
  74-MP-T Individual baseline thrombin generation and bleeding rate during personalized prophylaxis with Nuwiq in previously treated patients with severe haemophilia A Joris Versteden Received Received
  74-PP-W Analytical performance of the Nijmegen assays using different buffered reagents. Yuen On Wan Received Received
  75-MP-T Transition to Fc-fusion recombinant factor IX using a pediatric PK based protocol: Real life individualized prophylaxis Kimberly Jacobson Received Received
  75-PP-W Inhibitor incidence in a cohort of South African people with severe hemophilia A is not higher than for Caucasian patients. Ziphozonke Mafika Received Received
  75-PP-M Thromboelastography may help to define haemostatic safety zones for the practice of sport in patients with severe haemophilia A Ihosvany Fernandez Received Received
  76-PP-M Bleeding Score: normal values for healthy young adults Karina Meijer Received Received
  76-MP-T Validation of the Colorado Adult Joint Assessment Scale in adult patients with severe hemophilia A Sharon Funk Received Received
  76-PP-W REal life MAnagement of children with severe hemophilia A and INhibitors: first results of the REMAIN study. Maria Elisa Mancuso Received Received
  77-MP-T Effect of Moderate Intensity Exercise on Hemostatic Capacity in Adults with Hemophilia A and B: Pilot Study Michelle Sholzberg Received Received
  78-PP-W South Mimms Inhibitor Assay (SMIA): an affordable and improved method for measurement of FVIII inhibitors Sanj RAUT Received Received
  78-PP-T Hematuria is a Frequent Finding on Routine Urinalysis in Pediatric Patients with Hemophilia Kyle Davis Received Received
  78-PP-M Endogenous thrombin generation potential: an added value parameter to individualize prophylaxis treatment in pediatric hemophilic patients? PHU QUOC LE Received Received
  79-PP-M Application of global coagulation assays in Hemophilia B patients to evaluate the hemostatic potential in baseline conditions and after FIX concentrate administration. Cristina Santoro Received Received
  79-PP-T Reduction in Dosing Frequency and ABRs in Previously Treated Pediatric (12 years) Patients With Severe Hemophilia A During Prophylactic Treatment With Pegylated Recombinant Factor VIII Compared to Pre-Study Prophylactic Regimen Jennifer Doralt Received Received
  79-PP-W Bleeding characteristics of patients with congenital hemophilia and inhibitors: data from a postmarketing study of recombinant activated factor VII (SMART-7) Harley Souter Received Received
  80-PP-T Transition to Fc-fusion recombinant factor VIII using a pediatric PK based protocol: Real life individualized prophylaxis Kimberly Jacobson Received Received
  80-PP-M Role of bleeding score and laboratory testing in women with menorrhagia to identify inherited bleeding disorders: the experience of a tertiary care hospital in South India Annamma Kurien Received Received
  81-PP-T Use of Power Doppler Ultrasound in Haemophilia Could Predict Early Relapse of Intra Articular Bleeding after Haemarthrosis: A Prospective Cohort of 27 Haemarthrosis Monitored By Articular Ultrasound Laurent Frenzel Received Received
  81-PP-W Low-titer inhibitors in children with severe hemophilia A: real-life data from the REMAIN study. Maria Elisa Mancuso Received Received
  82-PP-T Dosing Regimens Before and Following Long-Term Treatment With Recombinant Factor VIII Fc Fusion Protein (rFVIIIFc) in Adults and Adolescents With Severe Hemophilia A Barbara Konkle Received Received
  82-PP-W Development and evaluation of a novel FVIII domain-specific multiplex microsphere based immunoassay for characterization of anti-FVIII antibodies Behnaz Pezeshkpoor Received Received
  82-PO-M Evaluation of the Sebia Hydragel von Willebrand factor (VWF) assay compared to an in-house agarose gel electrophoresis method for VWF multimer analysis KAREN GOODFELLOW Received Received
  83-PP-W Prevalence of Inhibitors in Hemophilia - A single centre study. PARISMRITA BORAH Received Received
  83-PP-T Post Hoc Analysis to Evaluate the Effect of Recombinant Factor IX Fc Fusion Protein (rFIXFc) Prophylaxis in Adults and Adolescents with Target Joints and Hemophilia B Roshni Kulkarni Received Received
  84-PP-W Anti- factor VIII IgG4 and intracellular cytokines profile in T and B cells from hemophilia A patients with complete success, failure, or relapse after immune tolerance induction treatment: longitudinal evaluation with five years follow-up Montalvao Silmara Received Received
  84-PO-M Enhancing appropriate utilization of coagulation tests Michelle Sholzberg Received Received
  84-PP-T Efficacy and safety of long-acting recombinant fusion protein linking factor IX with albumin (rIX-FP) in hemophilia B patients undergoing surgery Carol Hills Received Received
  85-PP-T Carriers of Haemophilia B Leyden: Factor IX levels during life Sophie Aapkes Received Received
  85-PP-W Prophylactic treatment and Rituximab subsequent immune tolerance induction therapy to improve inhibitor eradication on resistant ITI in severe hemophilia A patients with inhibitor Shin-Nan Cheng Received Received
  85-PO-M Activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT) of persons with haemophilia A can serve as a surrogate marker of their factor VIII activity Teruhisa Fujii Received Received
  86-PP-T Characteristics of pediatric previously treated patients with severe hemophilia A aged less than 12 years experiencing no bleeds during a 6-month prophylactic treatment regimen with pegylated recombinant factor VIII Jennifer Doralt Received Received
  86-PO-M Postoperative TGA monitoring of haemostasis of haemophilia patients with inhibitor (Second report) fujihiko MINAMOTO Received Received
  86-PO-W Final results of the Prospective Advate ITI Registry (PAIR) Immune Tolerance Induction (ITI) experience with Advate Jimena Goldstine Received Received
  87-PP-M A method to solve the issue of emicizumabs interference with FVIII:C and FVIII inhibitor titer assays Tetsuhiro Soeda Received Received
  87-PO-W Variable Success with Immune Suppressive Therapy in Rescuing Immune Tolerance Induction in Children with Severe Haemophilia A, FVIII inhibitors and unfavorable prognostic factors Viacheslav Dmitriev Received Received
  88-PO-W Prophylaxis with FEIBA three days a week results in safe and effective hemostasis in children with Hemophilia A with inhibitors Mark Belletrutti Received Received
  88-PP-T Immune tolerance induction in adult patients with severe haemophilia A and long lasting inhibitors Anna Buczma Received Received
  89-PP-T Safety and efficacy of a pegylated full-length recombinant factor VIII with extended half-life in previously treated children with hemophilia A Jennifer Doralt Received Received
  89-PP-M Interaction of BAX 826 (PSAylated rFVIII) with VWF and LRP1 An in vitro and in vivo assessment Gerald Schrenk Received Received
  90-PP-M Increasing the in vivo half-life of factor VIIa by attachment of the natural polysaccharide heparosan Jesper Haaning Received Received
  90-PO-W Status of inhibitor hemophilia patients in different age groups Nadezhda Zozulya Received Received
  90-PP-T A Study of the seroprevalence of Adenovirus-Associated Virus Vectorserotype AAV5 neutralizing activity and antibodies in Patients with Haemophilia A Sophia Stanford Received Received
  91-PP-T Effect of factor VIII concentration on the risk of spontaneous bleeding following treatment with rFVIII (turoctocog alfa) in patients with severe hemophilia A Harley Souter Received Received
  92-PP-T Long-Term Safety and Efficacy of Recombinant Factor IX Fc Fusion Protein (rFIXFc) in Adults/Adolescents With Hemophilia B: Longitudinal Analysis of B-LONG and B-YOND Johnny Mahlangu Received Received
  92-PP-M Anti-factor IXa/X bispecific antibody emicizumab (ACE910) does not interfere with antithrombin or TFPI activity Mariko Noguchi-Sasaki Received Received
  93-PP-M Efficacy of BAX 826, a polysialylated full-length rFVIII, in mouse models of hemophilia A Werner Hoellriegl Received Received
  93-PO-W Haemophilia A with inhibitor in children: Experience of a single center in the last 25 years Zafer Salcioglu Received Received
  94-PP-M Structural and functional characterization of preclinical and clinical batches of BAX 826, a PSAylated full-length recombinant FVIII Gerald Schrenk Received Received
  95-PO-W Immune Tolerance Induction in Hemophilia A a Single Center Experience Maria Coutinho Received Received
  95-PP-M FVIIa-CTP, a novel long acting FVIIa, Comprehensive Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics and Bioavailability evaluation following Subcutaneous (SC) and Intravenous (IV) administration to hemophilic animal models. Doron Calo Received Received
  96-PP-M In-vitro Evaluation of Factor VIIa-CTP, a Novel Long-Acting Coagulation Factor Doron Calo Received Received
  96-PP-T Course of target joint bleeding with prophylaxis of a pegylated full-length recombinant factor VIII with extended half-life in patients with hemophilia A Lisa Patrone Received Received
  97-PP-T Safety and efficacy of turoctocog alfa for prophylaxis and treatment of bleeding episodes in patients with severe hemophilia A: results from the guardian2 trial Harley Souter Received Received
  97-PO-W Long-term course of inhibitors against factor VIII concentrates in hemophilia A patients KIYOUNG YOO Received Received
  98-PP-M Factor VIIa-CTP , a novel FVIIa potentially supporting subcutaneous treatment - comprehensive assessment in Hemophilic animals models in preparation for first in human study. Doron Calo Received Received
  98-PO-W Sequential combined bypassing therapy for refractory bleeding in two adolescent hemophiliacs with inhibitors Zhre Kaya Received Received
  98-PP-T Dosing Regimens Before and Following Long-Term Treatment With Recombinant Factor VIII Fc Fusion Protein (rFVIIIFc) in Children With Severe Hemophilia A Beatrice Nolan Received Received
  99-PP-M Clinical and laboratorial evaluation of recombinant FVIII Fc fusion protein treatment in hemophilia A patients: a real-life in a single center marion echenagucia Received Received
  99-PP-T A case of unexpected moderate haemophilia A in a female neonate within a family with mild haemophilia A in affected males: what happened? Marjolein Peters Received Received
  99-MP-W World-wide field study of FVIII activity assay variability of ADYNOVATE, the PEGlylated form of rFVIII ADVATE, in clinical hemostasis laboratories Peter L. Turecek Received Received
  100-PP-M Video Games addiction as it relates to children with hemophilia in Japan Kayoko Omura Received Received
  100-PP-W Assay Discrepancies for New Generation FIX Products Elaine Gray Received Received
  101-PP-M The importance of immunizations in patients with hemophilia Maria Sol Cruz Received Received
  101-PP-W A modified IS-PCR protocol for easy detection and interpretation of inversion 22 in severe haemophilia A CLEMENCE MERLEN Received Received
  101-PP-T Plasma tissue factor pathway inhibitor (TFPI) levels in healthy subjects and patients with hemophilia A and B Jian-Ming Gu Received Received
  102-PP-T Local and general tolerability of Advate reconstituted in 2-mL rather than 5-mL SWFI: a pediatric post-authorization safety surveillance study Jimena Goldstine Received Received
  102-PP-M A Genetics Day to Facilitate Efficient Enrollment for a National Project Nancy Hatcher Received Received
  102-PP-W Does participation in an External Quality Assessment Scheme impact routine laboratory practice? A review of participant data from CMCEQAS over the last 6 years. Joy Mammen Received Received
  103-PO-M Participation in school events of childrens with haemophilia in the era of prophylaxis in Japan Tomie FUJII Received Received
  103-PP-W Harmonisation of the dilution factor in the Factor VIII Inhibitor test improves the between-laboratories comparability Piet Meijer Received Received
  103-PP-T First report of safety and efficacy of a glycoPEGylated FVIII (N8-GP) in previously treated pediatric patients with severe hemophilia Aresults from the international phase 3 pathfinder5 trial harley souter Received Received
  104-PP-W Relationship between coagulometric tests, clinical symptoms and the PCR test on fVIII haemophilia carriers Marcela Alejandra Mardones Montanares Received Received
  105-PP-M Developing a regional Dental Services Pathway for inherited bleeding disorders in North London, UK Heather Williams Received Received
  105-PP-T Long-term Efficacy of Recombinant Factor VIII Fc Fusion Protein (rFVIIIFc) in Adults/Adolescents With Severe Hemophilia A: United States Subgroup Analysis of A-LONG and ASPIRE Doris Quon Received Received
  105-PP-W Results from a multi-national survey of FVIII activity assay preferences Peter L. Turecek Received Received
  106-PP-T An Integrated Analysis of Long Term Safety of an Extended Half-Life, Pegylated, Full-length Recombinant Factor VIII (BAX 855) in the Treatment of Hemophilia A in 234 Pediatric, Adolescent and Adult Patients Jacqueline Dyck-Jones Received Received
  106-PP-W The application of thrombin generation assays is compromised by low levels of antithrombin III Sabine Knappe Received Received
  106-PO-M Training sessions on dental care for patients with hemophilia and von Willebrand disease Maria Sol Cruz Received Received
  107-PP-T Iliopsoas hemorrhage in congenital factor deficiencies Zafer Salcioglu Received Received
  107-PP-W Selection of trigger conditions influences the effect of Factor VIII on thrombin generation in hemophilia A plasma Sabine Knappe Received Received
  107-PO-M The Wand Single Tooth Anaesthesia System is a safe and effective method of anaesthetising lower molar teeth for restorative treatment in patients with congenital coagulopathy. Tara Dunseith Received Received
  108-PP-W Identification and characterization of the vitamin K binding pocket in human VKORC1 Katrin Czogalla Received Received
  109-PO-M Main Manual for dental management of patients with Hemophilia and von Willebrand in Argentina Maria Sol Cruz Received Received
  109-PP-W Hemoglobin variability in anemic adults one and six hours after packed red blood cell (PRBC) transfusions. Jose Mauricio Garcia Habeych Received Received
  110-PP-W Modified primary prophylaxis in previously untreated patients with severe hemophilia A in Iran Mehran Karimi Received Received
  110-PO-M A review on dental practice. Experience from a hemophilia treatment center Luis Cinara Received Received
  111-PO-M Benefits of a swollen surgical site modification during a programmed tooth extraction Luis Cinara Received Received
  111-PP-W Pain assessment and management in hemophilia: a survey among Italian patients and specialist physicians Gianna Franca Rivolta Received Received
  111-PP-T 2nd interim analysis results of the global ahead study in hemophilia A patients Alessandro Gringeri Received Received
  112-PP-W Circumcision experience and management of complications in hemophiliac patients Ilgen Sasmaz Received Received
  112-PO-M PREVENTION TREATMENT FOR PATIENTS WITH HEMOPHILIA Design of a Diagnose Survey Model Miryam Parreira Received Received
  113-PP-W Estimation of annual bleeding management cost in severe haemophilia A patients, without inhibitors, treated with on-demand therapy with recombinant factor VIII in Spain. Juan Pablo Garcia Received Received
  113-PP-T Interim results of a Phase IIIb safety and efficacy extension study of a recombinant fusion protein linking coagulation factor IX with albumin (rIX-FP) in patients with hemophilia B Carol Hills Received Received
  113-MP-M Total Ankle Replacement (TAR) in Haemophilic Arthropathy of the Ankle sanghoon lee Received Received
  114-PP-M FRAX and the assessment of fracture probability in patients with severe and moderate Haemophilia A & B. Alexandra Agapidou Received Received
  114-PO-W The Diagnosis and Treatment Status of Children Hemophilia in China Min Zhou Received Received
  115-PP-M Relationship between the ultrasound evaluation and the clinical examination of joints in patients with hemophilia on primary prophylaxis Luis Cinara Received Received
  116-PO-W Respond time in providing clotting factor to patient with hemophilia in Manado Stefanus Gunawan Received Received
  116-PP-T Intracranial haemorrhages (2000-2015): 7 centre pediatric experience in Argentina Monica Martinez Received Received
  117-PP-T Examination of Reduced Volume APCC (activated prothrombin complex concentrate-(FEIBA) for Accelerated Infusion in Adult Hemophilia A or B Patients with Inhibitors Jennifer Doralt Received Received
  117-PO-W Clinical profiles of Malagasy hemophiliac patients with iliopsoas hematoma in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit CHU JRA Antananarivo Madagascar Rakoto Alson Aimée Olivat Received Received
  118-PO-T Articular condition in children and adolescents with severe hemophilia A on prophylaxis: clinical assessment and ultrasound examination Ihosvany Fernández-Bello Received Received
  118-PP-M High-resolution musculoskeletal ultrasound with power Doppler (MSKUS/PD) for hemophilic mouse joints provides a non-invasive model to study location-specific clustering of vascular changes associated with joint bleeding in hemophilia Esther Cooke Received Received
  118-PP-W Preoperative overdosing in mild hemophilia A patients: an analysis of possible risk factors (DAVID studies) Lisette Schtte Received Received
  119-PP-M Reduced Bone Mineral Density in Children and Adolescents with Hemophilia from East Turkey Murat Sker Received Received
  119-PO-T Impact of training of primary care health professionals and patients with hereditary bleeding disorders on quality of treatment Alessandra Loureiro Prezotti Received Received
  119-PP-W Prevalence of discrepancy between one-stage and chromogenic FVIII activity assays and the mutation profile in Polish mild/moderate haemophilia A patients Beata Baran Received Received
  120-MP-W The development of a software for musculoskeletal evaluation database Janaina Ricciardi Received Received
  121-PP-W Comparison of clinical characteristics and health care utilization among individuals with hemophilia A and B in the Hemophilia Utilization Group Studies (HUGS) cohorts Mimi Lou Received Received
  121-PP-M HAEMOcare: an international epidemiological study of musculoskeletal disease burden in haemophilia patients in developing countries Johnny Mahlangu Received Received
  122-PO-T Long-term safety and efficacy of recombinant fusion protein linking coagulation factor IX with albumin (rIX-FP) in previously treated patients with hemophilia B Carol Hills Received Received
  122-PP-W An alternative model of comprehensive care for geographically challenged hemophilia treatment centers in the United States Michelle Witkop Received Received
  123-PO-T Striving for a bleed free world an interim analysis from the AHEAD Global & German studies Alessandro Gringeri Received Received
  124-PO-T The use of turoctocog alfa for the prevention and treatment of bleeds in patients with hemophilia A: efficacy data from European countries included in the guardian2 clinical trial Harley Souter Received Received
  124-PP-M The spectrum of haemophilic pseudotumours:Management at a single centre in India Sandeep Albert Received Received
  124-PP-W Hemophilia Joint Health Score v2.1 in US Adults With Hemophilia in the Pain, Functional Impairment, and Quality of Life (P-FiQ) Study Jane Cowley Received Received
  125-PO-T The experience of surgery in hemophilia patients with inhibitors Ilgen Sasmaz Received Received
  125-PP-W Joint outcomes in adults with hemophilia A on prophylaxis in Scandinavia: results from the KAPPA register. Mehdi Osooli Received Received
  126-PP-M Anterior osteophytes resection of the ankle joint to increase range of the ankle motion in haemophilic patients Myung Chul Yoo Received Received
  126-PO-T Arteriovenous fistulas for clotting factor administration in adults with severe bleeding disorders Jerome Teitel Received Received
  127-PP-W An assessment of anxiety levels in 100 haemophilia patients from Northern India using validated S.T.A.T. scale Naresh Gupta, M.D. Received Received
  128-PO-T Monitoring for efficacy anc safety during switching to new hemophilic products Hugh Kim Received Received
  128-PP-W Reseach on characteristics and causes of death in hemophilia patients managed in National Institute od Hematology and Blood transfusion Mai Nguyen Thi Received Received
  129-PP-W Assessments of Pain in US Adults With Hemophilia Across Patient-Reported Outcomes in the Pain, Functional Impairment, and Quality of Life (P-FiQ) Study Jane Cowley Received Received
  129-PP-M Multiple joint procedures (MJP) in haemophilia: benefit of self-reported activities Piet de Kleijn Received Received
  130-PO-T Robust Fed-Batch Manufacturing Process of Long Acting Factor VIIa (MOD-5014) in CHO Cells Laura Moschcovich Received Received
  130-PP-M Factors associated with perioperative complications in orthopedic surgery for patients with hemophilia Jun Hirose Received Received
  131-PP-W Exploring temporal patterns of clotting factor use and associated healthcare utilization in hemophilia Joanne Wu Received Received
  131-PP-M Assessments of Functional Impairment in US Adults with Hemophilia Across Patient-Reported Outcomes in the Pain, Functional Impairment, and Quality of Life (P-FiQ) Study Jane Cowley Received Received
  132-PP-M Should VTE prophylaxis be applied after total joint replacement in Hemophilia patients? Anna Seltser Received Received
  133-PP-M Retrospective Study of 14 cases of pseuodotumours in hemophilia From a Comprehensive Haemophilia Care Centre of Western India chandrakala Shanmukhaiah Received Received
  133-PO-T Clinical and biological characteristics of Haemophilic patients in Ouagadougou (Burkina faso) Michelle Piot Received Received
  133-PO-W Physical Activity of Severe Haemophilia A Patients Receiving Prophylaxis with Helixate NexGen Sylvia von Mackensen Received Received
  134-PO-T Global hemostatic assay at different target procoagulant acitivity of factor VIII and factor IX KIYOUNG YOO Received Received
  134-PO-W Comparing findings on physical examination and ultrasound in adults with haemophilia: a pilot study Merel Timmer Received Received
  135-PO-T Clinical phenotype of Thai children with hemophilia A Bunchoo Pongtanakul Received Received
  135-PO-W Daily activities performance of patients with hemophilia in Manado Stefanus Gunawan Stefanus Gunawan Received Received
  135-PP-M Efficacy and safety of point-of-care ultrasound-guided intra-articular steroid joint injections in patients with hemophilic arthropathy Emily Martin Received Received
  136-PO-W Assessment of musculoskeletal function & its association with severity of hemophilia Suresh Hanagavadi Received Received
  137-PO-W Risk management indicators in people with Hemophilia to evaluate results in disease control obtained by health insurers and providers in Colombia Patricia Sanchez Received Received
  137-PP-T Intra-Articular Injection of Platelet-Rich Plasma versus Hyaluronic Acid Viscosupplementation in Treating Haemophilic Arthropathy of the Knee Joints Tsung-Ying Li Received Received
  138-PP-T Pain threshold, central sensitization, and relationships with joint dysfunction in haemophilia patients Carlos Cruz-Montecinos Received Received
  138-PO-W Effect of once-weekly prophylaxis treatment with a recombinant fusion protein linking coagulation factor IX with albumin (rIX-FP) on target joints in patients with hemophilia B during the PROLONG-9FP clinical trial program Carol Hills Received Received
  139-PP-T Patterns of prescription pain medication use among patients with hemophilia (PWH) in the United States based on a commercial insurance claims database Anshu Shrestha Received Received
  139-PO-W Baseline Characteristics in Hemophilia Utilization Group Studies Part VI (HUGS VI): An Adherence Study among Participants with Hemophilia Mimi Lou Received Received
  139-PO-M Experience of knee and hip replacement in patients with haemophilia Tatyana Polyanskaya Received Received
  140-PO-M Total knee arthroplasty when bone ankylosis in a patient suffering from hemophilia A Vladimir Zorenko Received Received
  140-PO-T Pain profile in patients with haemophilia Steffen Krger Received Received
  141-PO-M Does orthopaedic surgery reduce bleeding rate in patients with haemophilia A? AXON Turoctocog Received Received
  141-PO-T Pain management survey in adult patients with severe hemophilia Maximiliano Berro Received Received
  141-PP-W Pharmacokinetics of a plasma-derived von VWF/FVIII concentrate (Voncento) in adult/adolescent and pediatric subjects with severe hemophilia A (SWIFT-HA and SWIFTLY-HA studies) Wilfried Seifert Received Received
  142-PP-W Population pharmacokinetic model of recombinant single-chain factor VIII (rVIII SingleChain) in patients with hemophilia A Carol Hills Received Received
  142-PP-T Excessive menstrual bleeding in adolescents: study of prevalence and characteristics of defects of hemostasis Aguirre Rioseco Received Received
  143-PO-M Avascular necrosis of the talus in children with hemophilia: Can it be prevented? Case report and bibliographic revision Roberto Bernal-Lagunas Received Received
  143-PP-T Home-based factor infusion therapy in hemophilic children MiKyung Kim Received Received
  143-PP-W Pharmacokinetics of a novel extended half-life glycoPEGylated factor IX, nonacog beta pegol (N9-GP) in previously treated adult, adolescent, and paediatric patients with haemophilia B results from two phase 3 trials Andreas Tiede Received Received
  144-PP-T Central Venous Access Device (CVAD) insertion procedure for pediatric patients with severe hemophilia A: trends in Factor VIII (FVIII) replacement therapy Valerie Cui Received Received
  144-PP-W Pharmacokinetic (PK)-guided daily dosing: a significant reduction in weekly clotting factor VIII consumption Iris van Moort Received Received
  145-PP-W Comparison of pharmacokinetic (PK)-guided prophylactic dosing tools in hemophilia A - a pilot study Tim Preijers Received Received
  145-PO-M Hemophilic Arthropathy: Diagnosis and Treatment of Subchondral Knee Cyst. Luis Cinara Received Received
  146-PP-W In silico evaluation of limited blood sampling strategies for individualized recombinant factor IX prophylaxis in hemophilia B patients Tim Preijers Received Received
  146-PO-M Treatment of pseudotumor in patient with hemophilia A and an inhibitor: clinical case. Vladimir Zorenko Received Received
  147-MP-T The Star Excursion Balance test as a measure of lower limb function in people with Severe Haemophilia. Fionnuala Sayers Received Received
  147-PP-W The pharmacokinetics characteristics of plasma-derived and recombinant FVIII products in Chinese children with severe hemophilia A. zhenping chen Received Received
  148-PP-W Pharmacokinetic (PK) profiles in boys with hemophilia A assessed using a population PK Program (myPKFiT) and WinNonlin Audrey Abad Received Received
  148-PP-T Screening for falls risk in the older person with haemophilia a pilot study of quantitative measures David Stephensen Received Received
  148-PO-M Hemophilia and reduction of bone mineral density (BMD) yamina ouarhlent Received Received
  149-PO-M Treatment of adult patients with hemophilic arthropathy, Experience in Mexico Jonathan Gonzalez Received Received
  149-PP-W Single center clinical and pharmacokinetic experience with long-acting recombinant factor VIII (rFVIIIFx) and IX (rFIXFc) Devin Malik Received Received
  149-PP-T Swimming exercise prevents bone mass density alteration and modulates bone turnover in an animal model of blood-induced joint damage Fabio Souza Received Received
  150-PP-M Longitudinal Analysis of Annualized Bleeding Rates Among Adults/Adolescents Receiving Weekly Prophylaxis With rFVIIIFc in A-LONG and ASPIRE Amy Shapiro Received Received
  150-PP-T When should we interfere to prevent joint damage in Lebanon? Haddad Cesar Received Received
  151-PP-T Gait analysis by means of accelerometry in patients with haemophilic arthropathy Sofia Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  151-PP-W Population pharmacokinetic modeling of factor IX activity after administration of nonacog alfa in patients with hemophilia B Joan Korth-Bradley Received Received
  151-PP-M Evaluation of long-term prophylaxis with a pegylated full-length recombinant factor VIII with extended half-life in patients with hemophilia A Lisa Patrone Received Received
  152-PP-T Prevalence of gross motor delays in boys with hemophilia ages 4-14: single site study Grace Hernandez Received Received
  153-PP-T Measuring Achilles Tendon Stiffness in Patients With Haemophilia and Ankle Arthropathy Carlos Cruz-Montecinos Received Received
  153-PP-M Prophylaxis introduced 13 years ago, retrospective studies, experience in a Brazilian center JUSSARA ALMEIDA Received Received
  153-PO-W Is weight-based adjustment of factor VIII dosage required for underweight or overweight Japanese patients with hemophilia A? MEGUMI NOGUCHI Received Received
  154-PP-T Preliminary results in the quantification of physical activity and the relationship with trough levels determined by myPKFiT Sofia Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  155-PP-M Current status of prophylaxis in haemophilia children ----a multi-center study in China Ling Tang Received Received
  155-PP-T The role of physical therapy in the WFH Twinning program Eveline P Mauser-Bunschoten Received Received
  156-PO-W Pharmacokinetics of factor VIII and individualized prophylaxis for severe hemophilia A children in China- a single center data analysis zhenping chen Received Received
  156-PP-M Successful daily tertiary prophylaxis without increase in factor VIII consumption in a group of severe hemophilia A adolescents Margareth Ozelo Received Received
  156-PP-T Muscle quality analysis in children with severe and mild haemophilia assessed by ultrasonography Sofia Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  157-PP-T The effect of hydrotherapy in haemophilic patients after joint replacement in the lower limb Dènise Bestetti Received Received
  157-PP-W Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of MYH9 related Macrothrombocytopenias in four Portuguese Families Maria Coutinho Received Received
  158-PP-T Point of care ultrasonography in hemophilia: impact of prior experience and success on competency assessment/evaluation Karen Strike Received Received
  160-PP-W Diagnosis of platelet disorders despite normal platelet aggregations Erika Martin Received Received
  160-PP-M Bioethical analysis of the Brazilian primary prophylaxis protocol JUSSARA ALMEIDA Received Received
  160-PO-T Joint physical examination (Colorado scale) of osteoporotic hemophilia A patients after resistance training and Pulsed electromagnetic fields Behrouz Parhampour Received Received
  161-PO-T Severe flexed knee treatment by release of the ipsilateral hip in patients with hemophilia Carla Daffunchio Received Received
  161-PO-M Tertiary prophylaxis started in adult hemophiliac: experience of a Brazilian Center Paula Villaca Received Received
  162-PO-W Presence of antiphospholipid antibodies in children with immune thrombocytopenic purpura Umran Caliskan Received Received
  162-PO-M Single centre experience with the use of Arteriovenous Fistula in children with bleeding disorders Victoria West Received Received
  163-PO-T Evaluation of Haemophilic arthropathy by thermal images Sofia Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  163-PO-M Prophylaxis analysis of children hemophilia A in Sichuan Province Xiaojing LI Received Received
  164-PO-T Conservative management of unyielding knee deformity Jayashri Kale Received Received
  164-PO-M Identification of the optimal prophylaxis regimen for a physically active child with severe haemophilia A Rob Herbert Received Received
  165-PO-T The experience of physiotherapy for patients with acquired hemophilia A in a single hemophilia center Satoko Orita Received Received
  165-PO-M Low-dose short course tertiary prophylaxis in hemophilia A patients with target joint Bunchoo Pongtanakul Received Received
  165-MP-W Specific therapeutic support and development of the Body Schema in bleeding disorders NATACHA ROSSO Received Received
  166-PO-M Impact of maintaining higher FVIII trough levels with BAX 855: Rationale and design of the PROPEL study Andrea Hafeman Received Received
  166-MP-W Psychosocial care for children with congenital bleeding disorders and their parents in the Netherlands Perrine Limperg Received Received
  166-PO-T Factors influencing knee range of motion after total knee arthroplasty in patients with hemophilia at more than 3 years of follow-up Minoru Kubota Received Received
  167-PO-T Effectiveness of virtual reality on balance rehabilitation in a patient with hemophilia Glenda Feldberg Received Received
  167-MP-W Tackling menorrhagia: A potential target to improve psychosocial wellbeing in women with bleeding disorders Richa Mohan Received Received
  168-PO-M A novel, prospective study reveals the benefit of peak factor VIII protection from the patients perspective Jason Booth Received Received
  169-PO-M Five years of tailored low dose prophylaxis in a small cohort of kids with severe hemophilia A using SD-F cryoprecipitate Ahmed Elekiaby Received Received
  169-PP-W The Age of Multicultural Outreach Elizabeth Fung Received Received
  169-PO-T Haemophilic arthropathy: image evaluation and interobserver reliability Sofia Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  170-PO-M Annual bleeding rate during prophylaxis: our experience in Argentina Honnorat, Elhelou, Neme Honnorat Received Received
  170-PP-W Themes in daily life of young adults with congenital bleeding disorders in the Netherlands: a qualitative study Perrine Limperg Received Received
  171-PP-W Assessments of Anxiety and Depression in US Adult People With Hemophilia Across Patient-Reported Outcomes in the Pain, Functional Impairment, and Quality of Life (P-FiQ) Study Jane Cowley Received Received
  171-PO-M A cohort study of the usefulness of primary prophylaxis in patients with severe hemophilia A in our hospital Chiai Nagae Received Received
  171-PO-T Physiotherapy of hemophilia in Japan; a survey for physical therapist Akiko Shimokawa Received Received
  172-PP-W Participation of clinical psychologist in a non-hemophilia treatment center Jun Yamanouchi Received Received
  172-PP-T Influence of activity on ankle joint presentation Ann McCarthy Received Received
  173-PP-T Understanding the Impact of Hemophilia B on Activity of US Children with Hemophilia (CWH) from their Caregivers: The Bridging Hemophilia Experiences Results and Opportunities into Solutions (B-HERO-S Study) Jane Cowley Received Received
  173-PP-W A bright employment future for persons with bleeding disorders Brittany Zellner Received Received
  174-PO-M Approaches to optimization of prophylaxis Rob Herbert Received Received
  174-PP-W Caregiver Burden of Parents of Children with Haemophilia Results from a Single UK Centre Sylvia von Mackensen Received Received
  174-PP-T Impact of mild to severe hemophilia on engagement in recreational activities by US adult men and women with hemophilia B: the bridging hemophilia B experiences results and opportunities into solutions (B-HERO-S) study Jane Cowley Received Received
  175-PP-W Case Construction between the psychologist and nurse staff: the experience in a day hospital for hemophiliac patients Silvia Grases Received Received
  175-PP-T Physical Activity in adult patient with haemophilic arthropathy monitored by Fitbit Charge HR Sofia Pérez-Alenda Received Received
  176-PP-W Perceived ideal roles of hemophilia treatment center social workers in the United States and barriers to those roles Margaret Geary Received Received
  176-PP-T New York City Marathon: a challenge for hemophilic patient Dènise Bestetti Received Received
  177-PO-M Single centre experience in previouly untreated patients with hemophilia Basak Koc Received Received
  177-PO-T Applying individualized care to safe physical activity recommendations: an evidence-based resource for persons with bleeding disorders. Erin McCabe Received Received
  178-PP-W Clinical, Family and Environmental Characterization of in a low income population of person with Hemophilia (PWH) at FUNDOVIDA-Colombia Antistio Anibal Alviz Amador Received Received
  178-PO-T The Sports effect on the motor development of hemophiliacs JUSSARA ALMEIDA Received Received
  178-MP-M Comparison of Health Utilities in Persons with Hemophilia B Joanne Wu Received Received
  179-MP-M Subjective Physical Functioning and Health-Related Quality of Life in Children with Severe Haemophilia in the UK Results of the SO-FIT Study Sylvia von Mackensen Received Received
  179-PP-W You cannot divorce the Hemophilia Gaby Golan Received Received
  180-PP-W Life expectancy and lifetime inequalities by settled areas among hemophiliacs with HIV in Japan Toshiya Kuchii Received Received
  180-MP-M The Patient Reported Outcomes Burdens and Experiences (PROBE) Study Phase 1 Methodology and Feasibility Results Mark Skinner Received Received
  180-PO-T Pharmacokinetic: APTT; FVIII, FIX level. Is the Prophylaxis effective? JUSSARA ALMEIDA Received Received
  181-PP-M Health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in young children with haemophilia B treated with the novel long-acting nonacog beta pegol recombinant factor IX Harley Souter Received Received
  181-PP-W Correlation of pain and life satisfaction among persons with haemophilia Marko Marinic Received Received
  182-PP-W The Effects of Counseling using NLP( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) for Improvement in Unsociable Tendency and Interpersonal Anxiety of Hemophilic Arthritis Patients BAK WON-SOOK Received Received
  182-PP-T Cryopreserved platelets: results from in vitro and in vivo studies mariasanta napolitano Received Received
  182-PP-M Improvement in health status and quality of life in patients with haemophilia B treated with nonacog beta pegol, an extended half-life glycopegylated recombinant FIX product Harley Souter Received Received
  183-PP-M Economic Rehabilitation Nabila Husseni Received Received
  184-PP-W Depression and Anxiety in Adult Haemophilia Patients: Ege Adult Haemophilia Center Experience Fahri Sahin Received Received
  184-PP-T Shear-dependent interaction of von Willebrand factor with factor VIII and protease ADAMTS13 demonstrated at a single molecule level by atomic force microscopy Gerald Schrenk Received Received
  184-PP-M Impact of Factor Replacement Therapy on Health-Related Quality of Life: an analysis of pooled data from 254 boys with severe hemophilia Audrey Abad Received Received
  185-PP-W Psychosocial issues in mothers of children with hemophilia in india Meera Suresh Hanagavadi Received Received
  185-PP-T Comparison of the pharmacokinetic parameters of a plasma-derived VWF/FVIII concentrate (Voncento) in adult/adolescent and pediatric subjects with von Willebrand disease (SWIFT-VWD and SWIFTLY-VWD study) Tobias Rogosch Received Received
  185-PP-M Association between Quality of life, Adherence and Satisfaction of Treatment in a low income population of person with Hemophilia (PWH) at FUNDOVIDA- Colombia ANTISTIO ANIBAL ALVIZ AMADOR Received Received
  186-PP-W Family Meetings in The Hemophilia Society of Turkey Basak Koc Received Received
  186-PP-M Influence of optimism and resilience on quality of life & general mental health for haemophilia patients Fiona Brennan Received Received
  187-PP-T Indication for use of VWF containing concentrates in patients with von Willebrand disease Ana Boban Received Received
  187-PP-M Inhibitor family camp provides a safe haven for children and families to have a camp experience Eric Lowe Received Received
  187-PP-W Introducing psychodrama as a group psychotherapy with psychosocial benefits in hemophiliacs and their families Neumann Neumann Received Received
  188-PP-M Beliefs about exercise in persons with severe Haemophilia-a qualitative study. Steph Taylor Received Received
  189-PP-M Pain, walking, and mobility play essential roles for activities of HIV/HCV-infected people with hemophilia in Japan Akiko Kakinuma Received Received
  189-PP-W Perception of Self-Esteem of Children with hemophilia from 8 to 12 years according to the degree of arthropathy Ana Torres-Ortuño Received Received
  190-PP-M FVII annual retreats help guide patients and families to a better understanding of living with a rare bleeding disorder Eric Lowe Received Received
  190-PO-T Genotype Characteristics of von Willebrand Disease in Taiwan Chia-Yau Chang Received Received
  190-PP-W Safe circumcision in haemophilia patients:The Kenyatta National Hospital experience Nairobi Kenya Anastasia Khasiani Received Received
  191-PO-T Treatment with a Von Willebrand factor concentrate almost devoid of FVIII in patients with von Willebrand disease on antithrombotic therapy carlos ramirez Received Received
  191-PP-M Healthy living in India... even with hemophilia NATARAJ SELVARAJ Received Received
  192-PP-W Social work caseloads in hemophilia treatment centers in the United States Margaret Geary Received Received
  192-PO-M Influence of aging on QOL of HIV-1-infected Japanese hemophiliacs MIWA OGANE Received Received
  193-PO-T Reliability and validity of the Haemophilia Activities List (HAL) in von Willebrand disease Karin van Galen Received Received
  193-PO-M CAPACITY BUILDING AND LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE: Bringing change by improving access to care and awareness Masood Malik Received Received
  193-PP-W The role of the Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) Social Worker in the United States Ellen Kachalsky Received Received
  194-PO-M Summer Camp with Teens Maria Sol Cruz Received Received
  194-PO-T Reliability and validity of the Haemophilia Joint Health Score (HJHS) in von Willebrand disease Karin van Galen Received Received
  194-PO-W Psychosocial factors play a role in the adherence of adult patients with hemophilia Rubén Cuesta-Barriuso Received Received
  195-PO-W NETWORK FOR LIFE David Andres Cuartas Bolivar Received Received
  195-PO-M Correlation between Hemophilia joint health and Patients Quality of life Haddad Cesar Received Received
  196-PO-W The impact of parental expectations with a hemophiliac child undergoing treatment Silvia Grases Received Received
  196-PO-M Change In My Life Nabila Husseni Received Received
  197-PO-T Orthopedic surgery in a patient affected by von Willebrand disease Type 3: benefits of continuous infusion Dominique Desprez Received Received
  197-PO-W The psychosocial impact of Hemophilia Lamia Jouini Received Received
  197-PO-M Evaluation of quality of life in children with hemophilia Aydogan Gonul Received Received
  198-PO-T Women with von Willebrand disease - a group not mentioned enough Maneka Ghosh Received Received
  198-MP-W Management of US Boys and Girls with Hemophilia B: Caregiver Insights from the Bridging Hemophilia B Experiences Results and Opportunities into Solutions (B-HERO-S) Study Jane Cowley Received Received
  198-PO-M Quality of life perceived by pediatric hemophilia patients and their parents in Mexico Maricela Osorio Received Received
  199-PO-T Clinical Features and Genotypes of 7 Taiwanese Patients with Type 3 von Willebrand Disease Chia-Yau Chang Received Received
  199-MP-M Pharmacokinetic (PK) Comparison of Two Fibrinogen Concentrates in Patients with Congenital Fibrinogen Deficiency: final analysis. bruce schwartz Received Received
  199-PP-W Management of US adult men and women patients with hemophilia (PWH): the bridging hemophilia B experiences results and opportunities into solutions (B-HERO-S) study Jane Cowley Received Received
  200-PP-W Belfast Adults experience of using a pharmacokinetic personalised treatment regime tool to maximise factor replacement Helen Manson Received Received
  200-PO-T Bleeding score in Type 1 von Willebrand vWD patients using the condensed MCMDM-1 VWD Questionnaire. ANIL PATHARE Received Received
  200-MP-M Recombinant factor XIII is safe and effective for prophylaxis in young children with congenital FXIII A-subunit deficiency: results from the mentor5 international phase 3 trial Susan Kearney Received Received
  201-PO-T Screening for von Willebrand disease in women with puberty menorrhagia Naresh Gupta, M.D. Received Received
  201-PP-W Empowering others to treat; the use of social media for peer support, the benefits, challenges and effectiveness of sharing positive images of intravenous treatment Cathy Benfield Received Received
  201-MP-M Afibrinogenemia: haemorrhagic and/or thrombotic disease? Claudia Djambas Khayat Received Received
  202-MP-M Investigation of possible correlation between clinical and laboratory phenotype in congenital FXI deficiency: results from a single center. Cristina Santoro Received Received
  202-PP-W Home therapy consensus in an under resourced hemophilia setting Johnny Mahlangu Received Received
  203-PP-M Factor VII deficiency: clinical and genetic features in a cohort from Emilia Romagna Region Gianna Franca Rivolta Received Received
  203-PP-W Single center, first study in APAC region, on empowering prophylaxis nave families of PWH on self-infusion as home therapy for improved compliance and medical outcomes chandrakala Shanmukhaiah Received Received
  203-PP-T Kinetics of recombinant Von Willebrand Factor (rVWF) clearance and ADAMTS13-mediated multimer proteolysis in severe Von Willebrand Disease (VWD) Miranda Chapman Received Received
  204-PP-W Continuous infusion method for life threatening hemorrhage of hemophilia patient Kun Lee Received Received
  204-MP-T Talking Red. A campaign for women with bleeding disorders Christina Burgess Received Received
  205-MP-T Gynecologic conditions in post-menarchal adolescents with congenital bleeding disorders (CBD) when compared to adult women a surveillance report of the Female Universal Data Collection project in United States Hemophilia Treatment Center Network Jane Geyer Received Received
  205-PP-M Molecular basis of factor VII deficiency in a Canadian population study Julie Gauthier Received Received
  206-PP-T FXI levels and coagulation parameters in women with heavy menstrual bleeding Sophie Wiewel-Verschueren Received Received
  206-PP-M Phenotype Report on Patients with Congenital Factor V Deficiency in Southern Iran Mehran Karimi Received Received
  206-PO-W Experience of Self-infusion and Prophylaxis in Pediatric Hemophilia Patients EM&304;NE TRKKAN Received Received
  207-PO-W Central venous access devices in bleeding disorders in children: experience in Argentina centres. Monica Martinez Received Received
  207-PP-T Carrier perceptions regarding care and resources elicited from the Carriers: Assessment of REsources (CARE) focus group Michelle Alabek Received Received
  208-PP-T Reproductive health in females with inherited bleeding disorder Shabneez Hussain Received Received
  209-PP-M Inhibitor elimination in a high titer haemophilia A patient during long-term prophylaxis with aPCC (FEIBA) Dr. Carmen Escuriola Ettingshausen Received Received
  209-PP-W Sexual Health in Hemophilia: Identifying and Responding to Healthcare Providers Needs Lane Shannon Received Received
  209-PP-T A multidisciplinary clinic for women with bleeding disorders: the administration perspective Antonette Travas Received Received
  210-PP-W Is sexual health education in men with hemophilia needed? The University of California at San Francisco experience Patricia Tobase Received Received
  210-PP-T A single-centre review of late amniocentesis reliability & satisfaction in carriers of haemophilia Kayleen Coutts Received Received
  211-PP-T Building Each Other, One Country At A Time Andrea Trinidad Echavez Received Received
  211-PP-W Activities and participation in sexuality and bleeding disorders Eveline Mauser-Bunschoten Received Received
  212-PO-M The treatment and prophylaxis with cryoprecipitate of spontaneous intracranial bleeding in a patient with mild inherited factor XIII deficiency Ebru Yilmaz Received Received
  212-PO-T Association of factor V Leiden G1691A and prothrombin gene G20210A mutation with adverse pregnancy outcomes Sidra Asad Ali Received Received
  213-PO-T The Lioness and the young Lion A case report Gina Goldstein Received Received
  214-PO-M Assessment of ed ROTEM parameters, kinetics of fibrinogen polymerization and plasmin amidolytic activity in patients with congenital fibrinogen defects Jacek Trelinski Received Received
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