May 30 - June 1, 2021 Virtual Conference
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Applicant name
  P27-001 SerologicaL HPV tumor marker DRH1 shows high sensitivity and specificity for anal dysplasia in people living with HIV Anna Huber Received Received
  P31-001 Real world evidence answering questions about human papillomavirus vaccines effectiveness to prevent genital warts and its relationship with the immunological status in women 14-23 y/o Mónica López-Lacort Received Received
  P09-001 Colposcopy, cervical and cone biopsy: the casuistic after implementation of a population screening program Inês Margarida Gomes Received Received
  P40-001 A prospective cohort study of cervical dysplasia and time-to-pregnancy Mette L. Kristensen Received Received
  P24-001 Review of predicting factors for an hemmorhagic LLETZ procedure in a representative sample Georgios Michail Received Received
  P10-001 Preference and acceptance of HPV self-sampling: gaining insights on urine as a sample type David Faster Received Received
  P07-001 Efficacy of a coriolus versicolor-based multi-ingredient vaginal gel in HPV women older than 40 years: sub-analysis of paloma clinical trial Javier Cortés Received Received
  P06-001 Final Phase 2 Trial Efficacy Results at 6 months after the last Administration of VGX-3100 for the Treatment of HPV16 and/or HPV-18 (HPV16/18) related Anal HSIL Pankti Bhatt Received Received
  P14-001 Current screening tests for cervical cancer detection: review, evidence, and further recommendations Victor Manuel Vargas-Hernández Received Received
  P29-001 Human papillomavirus (HPV) in adenoid cystic carcinoma (ACC) of the head and neck region reveals three cases of HPV related carcinoma with ACC like features Mark Zupancic Received Received
  P02-001 Incidence of HPV and HPV related dysplasia in elderly women in Sweden Annika Lindstrm Received Received
  P22-001 Evaluation of managing CIN 3-diagnosed pregnant women by methylation assessment using the QIASURE methylation test Monika Hampl Received Received
  P25-001 CIN2 diagnoses between 2013 and 2018 in women 18 to 45 years old an analysis of German statutory health insurance claims data Monika Hampl Received Received
  P12-001 Analytical validation of the Onclarity HPV assay for self-collected specimens Millie Shah Received Received
  P13-001 Exploring cervical HR-HPV genotypes among asymptomatic women in Grenada, West Indies Ronelle Bailey Received Received
  P35-001 Healthcare related costs during 24 months follow-up of patients undergoing cervical conization a retrospective study of German statutory health insurance claims data Kunal Saxena Received Received
  P18-001 Vaginal microbiota and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection among young Swedish women Andreas hrlund-Richter Received Received
  P08-001 MSWAB medium, a non-alcohol-based media for eluting dry self-collected vaginal swabs for hpv detection with commercial assays Santina Castriciano Received Received
  P36-001 Parental knowledge of HPV and vaccine acceptability in Spain: results from Kappas survey Noelia López Malpartida Received Received
  P08-002 Cross-platform high-risk (hr) low occurrence HPV NAAT positive samples for use in nucleic acid detection testing as prospective external quality assessment samples and user defined quality controls Pavel Zhelev Received Received
  P13-002 Human papillomavirus genotype attribution in Wielkopolska region (Poland) retrospective study Dominik Pruski Received Received
  P29-002 Antitumor effects in vitro of FGFR and PI3K inhibitors on HPV positive and HPV negative tonsillar and base of tongue cancer cell lines Ourania kostopoulou Received Received
  P35-002 Disease burden of cervical and head and neck cancers in Taiwan: a population-based database analysis Lily Wu Received Received
  P12-002 Post-collection stability of human papillomavirus DNA in first-void urine Vanessa Vankerckhoven Received Received
  P09-002 Opportunistic diagnosis of cervical high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion in a woman with perianal warts Elisa Soares Received Received
  P25-002 The new classification of cervical adenocarcinoma - correlation with histological features and molecular markers Mihai Mitran Received Received
  P09-003 Prevalences of STI and HPV in a womens prison in the state capital of São Paulo Marco Zonta Received Received
  P35-003 Modelling the impact of using a DNA vs mRNA HPV assay as part of the cervical screening programmes in Sweden and Denmark Caroline Dombrowski Received Received
  P13-003 HPV16 sublineages related with preinvasive lesions and invasive cervical cancer in Venezuelan women ENRIQUE JOSE ALVIREZ FREITES Received Received
  P12-003 Feedback from a colposcopy referral population on the use of Colli-pee for HPV-based cervical cancer screening (CASUS) Koen Beyers Received Received
  P08-003 Clinical significance of HC2 test borderline results in Slovenian cervical cancer screening program ZORA Jerneja Varl Received Received
  P08-004 Five-year cumulative incidence of CIN2 for women with HPV triage test in Slovenian organized cervical cancer screening program ZORA Veronika Kloboves Prevodnik Received Received
  P12-004 Validation of Floqswabs for cervical and vaginal physician specimen collection and patients vaginal self-collected specimens analyzed with the Femoflor screen and HPV quant quantitative real-time PCR assays Anastasiia Kunashova Received Received
  P35-004 Evaluating the choice of HPV assay for a proposed French cervical screening programme using a health economic model Caroline Dombrowski Received Received
  P13-004 Human papillomavirus genotype distribution in a primary screening population in spain Juan Manuel Peñate Garrido Received Received
  P35-005 Evaluating the benefits and costs of using an mRNA versus DNA hrHPV assay in the national cervical screening programme in The Netherlands Caroline Dombrowski Received Received
  P35-006 Estimating the costs and benefits of HR-HPV assay choice in a theoretical HPV primary cervical screening algorithm in Ontario, Canada Caroline Dombrowski Received Received
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