4-8 April, 2014 Vienna
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  2-EP Commissioning of the AquaphanTOM 1.1ho water phantom for quality assurance of electron linear accelerators Svenja Kutscher Received Received
  4-P Hippocampal avoidance whole brain radiotherapy Irfan Bashir Received Received
  5-P Prognostic factors after postoperative radiotherapy in stage I-III uterine carcinosarcomas Angeles Rovirosa Received Received
  6-EP Concomitant boost versus sequential boost in breast conservative therapy for early stage breast cancer Shaimaa Lasheen Received Received
  7-EP Palliative radiotherapy with or without additional care by a multidisciplinary palliative team (MPT) Carsten Nieder Received Received
  8-EP Hypofractionated salvage radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost after radical prostatectomy Petr Bulychkin Received Received
  10-EP Organ doses and cancer risk from radiation prophylaxis for heterotopic ossification of the elbow: a Monte Carlo study Michail Mazonakis Received Received
  12-EP Comparative dosimetric analysis of intensity modulated radiotherapy and volumetric modulated arc therapy. Mirza Athar Ali Received Received
  13-EP Effectiveness and toxicity of IORT during breast conserving surgery followed by adjuvant whole breast radiotherapy Bartosz Urba&324;ski Received Received
  14-EP Postoperative radiotherapy of NSCLC: potential clinical predictors Rebecca Btof Received Received
  16-P Radiation Therapists image verification training and experience and resulting responsibility: A European study Laura Mullaney Received Received
  17-EP Stereotactic radiosurgery and stereotactic radiation therapy in the management of brain metastases Jennifer McCarthy Received Received
  18-EP Assessment of tumor volume and serum tumor marker levels during chemoradiation therapy for cervix cancer Seok Ho Lee Received Received
  19-EP Personalized organ dose assessment of cone-beam CT imaging for image-guided thoracic radiotherapy Yibao Zhang Received Received
  23-P Prevention of mucositis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma using virgin coconut oil and salt and soda mouthwash MISAEL CRUZ Received Received
  24-EP Development of novel conformity indices for quantitative comparison of radiation treatment plans Jong Min Park Received Received
  25-PD A novel intrauterine tandem design for HDR-DMBT of cervical cancer WILLIAM SONG Received Received
  27-EP Treatment patterns and outcomes of cN0 nasopharynx cancer: Multi-institutional study HYOJUNG PARK Received Received
  28-EP Local irradiation modulates pharmacokinetics of 5-Fluorouracil in plasma but not in lymphatic fluid Chen-Hsi Hsieh Received Received
  30-EP Downstaging of rectal cancer by long term preoperative chemoradiotherapy Andrea Masarykova Received Received
  32-EP Comparison of Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy plans using constant dose rate and variable dose rate options Raju Nagarajan Received Received
  35-EP An investigation of the dosimetric impact of population-based set up errors in pelvic radiation therapy Sany Dangol Received Received
  36-EP Comparing morbidity and cancer control after 3D-CRT and IMRT for prostate cancer Martin Dolezel Received Received
  39-EP A dosimetric comparison between 3D conformal radiotherapy and IMRT for glioblastoma multiforme Heather Ging Received Received
  40-EP Patterns of failure after postoperative radiation therapy and chemotherapy in completely resected glioblastoma Damiano Balestrini Received Received
  41-EP SIB in breast conserving therapy using presegmentation modulated radiotherapy (OAPS) : A dosimetric study Isabelle Barillot Received Received
  45-EP Local control evaluation in bone metastases treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy: Initial experience Rafael Piñeiro Retif Received Received
  46-EP Job retention, the influence factor to quality of life of nasopharyngeal cancer patients THANARPAN PEERAWONG Received Received
  47-P Permanent seed brachytherapy for low-risk prostate cancer: long-term outcomes at the Catalan Institute of Oncology Cristina Gutiérrez Received Received
  48-EP Comparing 3D versus standard planning techniques in the irradiation of the supraclavicular fossa in breast cases Pei Ping Eric Pang Received Received
  49-EP The impact of patient position in large field pelvic radiotherapy: A dosimetric analysis Lisa Nolan Received Received
  51-EP The introduction of volumetric modulated arc therapy to total body irradiation (TBI) first experiences Christine Track Received Received
  52-EP The 3D-CRT plan is not far beyond the IMRT concerning cochlear sparing in medulloblastoma posterior fossa boosting Wedad Hashem Received Received
  54-EP Accelerated partial breast irradiation with perioperative multicatheter interstitial brachytherapy Jiri Petera Received Received
  55-PD A novel approach to implement dose-guided ART for HN cases treated with tomotherapy Winky Wing Ki Fung Received Received
  56-EP PTV margin calculation and time dependency monitoring of intrafraction isocenter movement in lung SBRT by ExacTrac Sayan Paul Received Received
  57-EP Radiation therapy with concurrent superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy for gingival carcinoma YUKI MUKAI Received Received
  58-P Comprehensive audit of brachytherapy dose distributions: A methodology and UK audit results Antony Palmer Received Received
  60-P Relapse patterns in node positive cervical cancer patients treated with modern chemoradiotherapy techniques Sree Lakshmi Rodda Received Received
  61-P FTS (Fused Toes Homolog) is required for radiation-induced nuclear translocation and phosphorylation of EGFR Woo-Yoon PARK Received Received
  62-EP Prognostic and predictive value of serial plasma Osteopontin levels in the radiotherapy of NSCLC Christian Ostheimer Received Received
  63-EP Population-based outcomes of stereotactic body radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer Annie Houle Received Received
  64-EP Impact of metformin on outcome in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma with radiotherapy Won Il Jang Received Received
  65-EP Combined modality therapy of Hodgkins lymphoma: 10-year result of CEA/ABVD clinical trial Pavel Datsenko Received Received
  66-EP MRI-based contour propagation for adaptive cervical cancer radiotherapy: the added value of dosimetric analysis Anita Honingh Received Received
  68-EP The effect of rectal volume on rectum dose-volume metrics during cervical high dose-rate brachytherapy Ana Martos Received Received
  70-EP Arm and shoulder morbidity following surgery and radiotherapy of breast cancer Safora Johansen Received Received
  71-EP Prognostic factor and failure pattern differences between invasive micropapillary carcinoma and IDC of the breast Jeong Il Yu Received Received
  75-P Prophylactic extended-field carbon-ion radiotherapy for locally advanced uterine cervical cancer Masaru Wakatsuki Received Received
  76-EP Role of postoperative radiotherapy after adjuvant chemotherapy in pN2 NSCLC: A propensity score matching analysis Byounghyuck Kim Received Received
  77-EP MicroRNAs as predictors of local control in breast cancer Franz Zehentmayr Received Received
  79-EP Dose escalation with HDR brachytherapy in high risk patients - five year results Renata Soumarova Received Received
  81-EP Determining an imaging literacy curriculum for radiation oncologists: An international Delphi study Meredith Giuliani Received Received
  83-P Uterine perforation and its dosimetric implications in HDR brachytherapy for carcinoma of the cervix Yasir Bahadur Received Received
  85-EP Mepitel Film prevents radiation-induced moist desquamation Patries Herst Received Received
  86-EP Water phantom for absolute/relative dosimetry for brachytherapy radiation sources in clinical QA programm Vladimir Stserbakov Received Received
  87-EP Cyberknife stereotactic radiotherapy as the first-line treatment of intracranial meningiomas Yoshihiko Manabe Received Received
  88-P Neoadjuvant PSA kinetics in prostate cancer with LHRH agonists: The importance of full testosterone suppression Tom Pickles Received Received
  89-EP Effectiveness and safety of proton beam therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumour thrombosis Sung Uk Lee Received Received
  90-P SPECT/CT lymphoscintigraphy for superselective nodal CTV selection in cN0 HNSCC patients: A phase I study Jean-Francois Daisne Received Received
  92-EP Re-irradiation for recurrence and second primary head and neck cancer: A single center experience Micera Renato Received Received
  93-EP Intra-op check of BARD ProLink I-125(STM1251) seeds cartridges radioactivity in LDR prostate brachytherapy Vladimir Stserbakov Received Received
  94-EP Head and neck cancer cell lines with an EMT like phenotype show an enhanced resistance to treatment Karin Roberg Received Received
  95-EP Correlation between biologically effective dose (BED) and local control of brain metastases post stereotactic radiotherapy Helen Benghiat Received Received
  96-EP Involved-site radiotherapy based on FDG-PET/CT after R-CHOP chemotherapy in diffuse large B cell lymphoma Jeanny Kwon Received Received
  97-EP Adaptation of an experienced-based quality control model for VMAT, accounting for proximity of OAR to target volumes Alan McWilliam Received Received
  99-EP Comparison of intensity modulated radiotherapy and 3D conformal radiotherapy in patients with cancer of anal canal Iglika Mihaylova Received Received
  100-P Phase II study of FFF-SBRT for prostate cancer in 5 sessions: Excellent tolerability in the first 60 patients FIlippo Alongi Received Received
  101-EP Commissioning results of an automated treatment planning and delivery verification system Christopher Nelson Received Received
  102-EP Should level IIb nodes be irradiated in definitive radiotherapy for supraglottic cancer? Naoyuki Kanayama Received Received
  104-EP Adjuvant gemcitabine and concurrent radiotherapy in resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma Aldo Sainato Received Received
  105-EP Comparison of normal tissue dosimetry for 3D-CRT and IMRT techniques in prostate irradiation Csilla Pesznyak Received Received
  106-P Changes in absorbed dose to water for high-energy electron beams by beam quality correction factor Naoki Kinoshita Received Received
  109-P A feasibility study of induction CDDP/MTA followed by EPP and postoperative hemithoracic radiation therapy for MPM Toshinori Soejima Received Received
  111-P Dosimetric characterisation of a commercial plastic scintillator detector for its application to QA in EBRT Nuria Jornet Received Received
  113-P Particle therapy in Norway - report from the national project group Einar Waldeland Received Received
  114-P Towards Automated Treatment Planning in Radiotherapy Sebastiaan Breedveld Received Received
  115-EP Dosimetric impact of respiratory movements for dynamic IMRT breast irradiation with a SIB technique Pablo Carrasco Received Received
  116-EP Do patients with lung cancer benefit from a higher total radiation dose in a palliative setting - a unicentric analysis Christina Schroeder Received Received
  117-PD Hypoxia imaging with 18F-FAZA-PET-CT for adaptive escalation dose for head and neck cancer: A planning study SERVAGI VERNAT Stéphanie Received Received
  118-P CogState computerized memory tests in patients with brain metastases: Secondary endpoint results of RTOG 0933 Chip John Caine Received Received
  120-P Impact of probe pressure variability on prostate localization for ultrasound-based image-guided radiotherapy Marie FARGIER-VOIRON Received Received
  122-PD Compliance and toxicity of the hypoxic radiosensitizer nimorazole in patients with head and neck cancer MOHAMED A. HASSAN METWALLY Received Received
  123-P Single vocal cord irradiation: Promising results of a novel IMRT technique to treat T1a laryngeal cancer Abrahim Al-Mamgani Received Received
  124-EP Total lymphoid irradiation in bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome after lung transplantation LINA ARBELAEZ LEON Received Received
  125-EP Dosimetric assessment of IMRT in total abdominal irradiation in Wilms tumor patients Monica Ramos Received Received
  126-P A feasibility multicenter SBRT planning study on prostate cancer over 17 centers Carmelo Marino Received Received
  127-EP REQUITE: Validating predictive models and biomarkers of RT toxicity to reduce side-effects and improve QOL Dirk De Ruysscher Received Received
  128-P Dosimetric comparison between robotic and linac-based stereotactic body radiation therapy for spinal tumors Maria Irene Monterroso Received Received
  129-EP Role of 11 C-Choline PET/CT in decision making strategy before salvage radiation therapy in prostate cancer elisa villa Received Received
  130-PD Outcomes in locally advanced cervical cancer patients treated radically with/without staging FDG-PET/CT Ee Siang Choong Received Received
  132-EP The effect of partially used high energy photon on intensity-modulated radiation therapy plan for H & N cancer nam joon chang Received Received
  134-EP Intraluminal brachytherapy of inoperable patients with cholangiocarcinoma (long-term results) Evgeny Makarov Received Received
  136-EP Choice of planes for sector dosimetric analysis for implant quality assurance in permanent prostate brachytherapy Darren Mitchell Received Received
  137-P Comparison of cystectomy and organ preservative brachytherapy for bladder cancer in a systematic review Bradley Pieters Received Received
  138-EP Separated partial arc VMAT compared with single full or angled partial arc VMAT for the prostate carcinoma Hisato Nagano Received Received
  140-EP Neo-adjuvant monotherapy with anti-androgen or LHRHa and radical prostate radiotherapy - A case matched study Gemma Corey Received Received
  142-EP Radiation-induced mandibular bone fracture: a possible consolidation using PENTOCLO? Sylvie DELANIAN Received Received
  143-EP Reduced side effects by proton microchannel irradiation - study in a human skin mode Thomas Schmid Received Received
  144-EP Institutional difference of radiotherapy for esophageal cancer in core hospitals for cancer medical care Hamamoto Yasushi Received Received
  145-EP A Monte Carlo evaluation of beam characteristics for total body irradiation at extended distances Marcus Krantz Received Received
  146-EP Stereotactic body radiotherapy using 4D image-guidance for inoperable primary liver cancer or metastasis Wenchang Wong Received Received
  150-EP Should dose escalation in oesophageal cancer be re-visited? A radiobiological analysis Samantha Warren Received Received
  151-EP An RTQA program in a multicenter prostate IMRT trial: a benchmark and an individual case review. Satoshi Ishikura Received Received
  153-EP A novel integrated VMAT/IMRT technique for the treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer Nan Zhao Received Received
  155-EP Automatic and simultaneous KV imaging and VMAT delivery for prostate stereotactic treatment pascal fenoglietto Received Received
  156-EP Does the time of the day that radiation therapy is delivered impact on rectal variability in prostate radiation therapy? Susan Gillen Received Received
  157-EP Skin dose related to the use of breast-cups during adjuvant breast conserving therapy Dr ARENAS Received Received
  158-EP Dosimetric perturbations of a lead shield placed on the body surface for HDR brachytherapy Cristian Candela-Juan Received Received
  159-P Intercellular signalling in radiotherapy: Implications for margins, fractions, and modalities Stephen McMahon Received Received
  161-EP Treatment of non melanoma skin cancer with surface HDR Leipzig applicators Antonietta Grillo Received Received
  162-EP Significance of locoregional control for early-stage adenoid cystic carcinoma in the head and neck Joo Ho Lee Received Received
  163-EP CBCT-based volumetric and dosimetric variation evaluation of VMAT in the treatment of NPC patients Xiance Jin Received Received
  165-EP 4D dose calculation for SBRT using deformable image registration and probability density function of lung tumor Takehiro Shiinoki Received Received
  167-EP Comparison of the organ equivalent dose from the scattered radiation of aucostic schwannoma Dong Wook Kim Received Received
  168-EP Longitudinal evaluation of radiation induced lung fibrosis in mice using a dedicated small animal micro-irradiator Patrick Granton Received Received
  173-EP Dosimetric effects of image-guided radiotherapy using daily online cone beam CT for prostate radiotherapy Hemal Ariyaratne Received Received
  174-EP Treatment-based portal dosimetry for VMAT using integrated images James Bedford Received Received
  175-PD Correlation of pulmonary radioresponsiveness assessed during and post radiotherapy for NSCLC Uffe Bernchou Received Received
  176-EP Management of nasopharynx cancer within the Radiotherapy Center Emir Abdelkader Oran, Algeria Mama AId Received Received
  178-EP IMRT for head and neck cancer in our clinical practice: Verification and margin to CTV-PTV correction protocols Lucía Gutiérrez Bayard Received Received
  179-P Contact brachytherapy X-Ray 50 kV as an adjuvant treatment after local excision for T1(2)N0 rectal adenocarcinoma karine benezery Received Received
  181-EP Novel method of using 4D array system to evaluate effect of organ motion on target dose in conformal VMAT deliveries mehdi saberi Received Received
  183-P Sector dosimetric analysis of sagittal vs axial ultrasound guided source placement in I-125 prostate brachytherapy AHAMED BADUSHA MOHAMED YOOSUF Received Received
  186-EP Treatment planning using passive grid block for spatially fractionated GRID radiation therapy Ahmad Nobah Received Received
  187-EP Loco-regional control of NSCLC in relation to automated early assessment of tumor regression on CBCT Carsten Brink Received Received
  189-EP Guidelines for radiotherapy resources in Europe: a HERO project Peter Dunscombe Received Received
  191-P Radiochromic film based patient specific QA for brachytherapy Slobodan Devic Received Received
  193-P Optimal source distribution for focal boosts using high dose rate (HDR) brachytherapy alone in prostate cancer Pittaya Dankulchai Received Received
  194-P Impact of interfractional anatomical changes in intensity modulated photon and proton therapy of head & neck cancer Birgit Mueller Received Received
  195-EP Long-term outcomes of IMRT with neoadjuvant hormonal therapy under early salvage policy for T3-4N0M0 prostate cancer TAKASHI MIZOWAKI Received Received
  197-P Is MRI brachytherapy mandatory when boosting small residual cervical tumors after high doses external beam therapy ? Ingrid Fumagalli Received Received
  199-EP Clinical efficacy of Denosumab combined with external beam radiotherapy for metastatic bone tumor Taiju Shimbo Received Received
  200-EP The Czech multicenter dosimetric and treatment planning intercomparison of IMRT with a pelvic phantom Irena Koniarova Received Received
  201-EP Human papilloma virus status impact upon the full tumor response for treatment anal cancer Marina Chernykh Received Received
  206-P Prospective study on toxicity data using Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy for locally advanced cervix cancer Mouttet Raphaelle Received Received
  207-EP Energy response of XR-QA2 based radiochromic film dosimetry system Chrystian Quintero Received Received
  208-EP Reference dosimetry for diagnostic CT examination using radiochromic films Nada Tomic Received Received
  209-EP A randomized comparison of two schedules of hypofractionated radiotherapy for palliation of symptoms from NSCLC Puja Sahai Received Received
  212-EP Impact of radiation therapy on survival and laryngeal preservation in patients with conservative laryngeal surgery Florence Huguet Received Received
  213-P Three different schedules of thoracic radiotherapy in LD-SCLC: a comparison of efficacy and toxicity Joanna Socha Received Received
  214-EP Differences in dose accumulation with different deformable image registration algorithms for H&N IGRT Nesrin Dogan Received Received
  215-EP Final results of the IMRT Montpellier pilot study for prostate cancer David Azria Received Received
  216-EP 3D or 4D Monte Carlo optimization in robotic tracking stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) of lung cancer? Mark Ka Heng Chan Received Received
  218-EP Do fiducial markers improve prostate radiation therapy accuracy when using cone beam CT? Analytical review of 5 cases Tomer Charas Received Received
  219-EP Maintenance low-dose gemcitabine versus best supportive care inadvanced non-small cell lung cancer Ahmed Nagy Received Received
  220-EP Locoregional recurrence in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma after curative resection Kyubo Kim Received Received
  221-P Reduced PTV margins for prostate IMRT with daily online IGRT: a retrospective analysis Hayley Chesham Received Received
  222-EP In vitro impact of lovastatin on various human cell lines with additional irradiation and targeted therapies Petra Miglierini Received Received
  223-P Patterns of distant brain recurrences (DBR) after radiosurgery (RS) alone for newly diagnosed brain metastases Jaap Zindler Received Received
  225-EP Treatment of glomus jugulare tumors invading skull base by Gamma Knife radiosurgery Schoeb Sohawon Received Received
  231-EP Determination of radiotherapy strategy in patients with advance breast cancer: the role of functional imaging Sergey Novikov Received Received
  232-P The role of vaginal brachytherapy in endometrial carcinoma with positive pelvic lymph nodes Khadidja Boudaoud Received Received
  233-EP The longitudinal shape variation of target volume in nasopharyngeal carcinoma during IMRT Wenyong Tan Received Received
  234-EP Recurrence pattern analysis after re-radio-immunotherapy in recurrent malignant glioma patients Maximilian Niyazi Received Received
  235-EP Amifostine alleviates radiation-induced small-bowel damage through 14-3-3s-mediated nuclear p53 accumulation Eng-Yen Huang Received Received
  236-EP Outcomes of involved-field particle radiotherapy for stage II-III non-small cell lung cancer Osamu Fujii Received Received
  237-EP Preoperative capecitabine, bevacizumab and IMRT for rectal cancer ongoing two stage phase II trial HUA REN Received Received
  238-EP Inra-abdomical space modulated radiotherapy: Safety and efficacy of absorbable spacer in particle therapy Ryohei Sasaki Received Received
  240-P Comparing dosimetric outcomes of two different insertion methods for multicatheter breast brachytherapy JOHANN TANG Received Received
  243-EP Effect of calculaiton grid size on the dose difference between AAA and Acuros XB algorithm for lung SBRT treatment Baotian Huang Received Received
  247-EP CT-guided radioactive seed implantation for locally recurrent rectal cancer HAO Wang Received Received
  248-EP A novel radiosensitizer, monogalactosyl diacylglycerol, enhanced the cytotoxic effects for the pancreatic cancer Hiroaki Akasaka Received Received
  249-EP Anal canal as a risk organ in conventional field of whole pelvic radiotherapy Hyunsoo Jang Received Received
  250-EP Planning study of SBRT for localized prostate cancer among VERO, TomoTherapy, and Cyberknife Keiji Nihei Received Received
  251-EP Target equivalent uniform dose as a quality indicator for head-and-neck IMRT treatment plans Camelia Constantinescu Received Received
  252-EP Adaptive radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Early replanning prevents rectal and bladder overdose Vedang Murthy Received Received
  253-P Pathology of CTV of prostate cancer: Implications for the dose to the tumor and the gland Ghazaleh Ghobadi Received Received
  254-EP Uterine perforation during three-dimensional image-guided brachytherapy in cervical cancer patients Cem Onal Received Received
  255-EP Application of a CT Metal Artifact Reduction Method Using Monoenergetic Imaging to RT Planning Esther Br Received Received
  257-P Geometric accuracy of diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging for prostate and rectum Maaike Milder Received Received
  258-P Craniocaudal tumour extension in uterine cervical cancer on MRI compared to histopathology Peter de Boer Received Received
  259-EP Trajectory optimized dynamic couch rotation VMAT for craniopharyngioma Gregory Smyth Received Received
  260-P Radiosensitization effect of nitric oxide (NO) produced by ultrasonication during simultaneous radiotherapy YOICHI SUGITA Received Received
  261-EP Effect of 0rgan motion on target dose in SBRT using ArcCHECK to compare FFF and flattened beams martin shingler Received Received
  262-EP The efficacy of applying heterogeneity correction factors on ArcCHECK for IMRT and VMAT pre-treatment verification Wai Wang Lam Received Received
  263-EP Evaluation of solitary bone lesions by SPECT-CT: is it important for radiotherapy planning? Sergey Kanaev Received Received
  264-P Introduction of image lag correction on clinical cone-beam CT systems Lennert Ploeger Received Received
  265-P Three-dimensional liver motion tracking using 2D real-time MRI Lau Brix Received Received
  267-EP Comparison of IMRT and VMAT plans with different energy levels using monte carlo algorithm for prostate cancer Ozan Cem Guler Received Received
  269-EP Patterns of the relapses in different subgroups of aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphomas after chemoradiation therapy Vladimir Sotnikov Received Received
  270-EP Hemostatic radiotherapy for bleeding from an advanced gastric cancer Begoña Navalpotro Received Received
  272-EP Prognostic factors in lymph node positive rectal cancer after surgery following neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy Tae Ryool Koo Received Received
  273-EP DICOM export from Hi-Art TomoTherapy for the VoxTox study: A data-driven software solution Marina Romanchikova Received Received
  274-EP Quality of life of prostate cancer patients is influenced by single nucleotide polymorphisms in DNA repair genes Marta Lloret Received Received
  276-EP Development of a detection system for intra-fractional motion in intracranial treatment using surface pressure Hiroki Inata Received Received
  277-EP The angular response of a plane parallel ionization chamber in high energy photon beam Hui GENG Received Received
  278-P The workflow and benefits of patient positioning based on absolute table coordinates Rob Martens Received Received
  280-P A method to estimate sweeping window arc therapy (SWAT) treatment plan robustness Jens Fleckenstein Received Received
  283-EP Effect of couch sag on treatment beam width measurement of Tomotherapy machine using solid water slab CHI WAH KONG Received Received
  284-EP Clinical results of stereotactic radiotherapy for patients with choroidal melanoma using CyberKnife system Tomonari Sasaki Received Received
  285-P Deformable image registration to estimate the dose-volume relationship in the radiotherapy for cervical cancer Takanori Abe Received Received
  288-PD Combined trans-arterial chemoembolization and stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for inoperable HCC Chi Leung Chiang Received Received
  290-PD Dynamics of tumor hypoxia assessed by 18F-FAZA PET/CT in head and neck and lung cancer patients during chemoradiatioN Vikram rao Bollineni Received Received
  291-P Alternate criteria for the Radiological Physics Centers IMRT anthropomorphic phantoms Andrea Molineu Received Received
  293-EP Psoriasis in breast cancer: incidence and impact on radioinduced skin toxicity Roberto Pacelli Received Received
  294-EP A pilot study examining deformable imaging in deriving a PET-based PTV for oesophageal cancer radiotherapy planning Gillian Ward Received Received
  295-P Leiomyosarcomas stage I-IIIB: 33 years of experience LUISA CASTILLA Received Received
  296-EP Malignant lung nodules treated with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): A single institution experience Paolo Borghetti Received Received
  298-P Evaluation of a deep inspiration breath hold technique for patients with left breast cancer Mary McQuaid Received Received
  299-EP Calculus of reirradiation in in-field metastatic recurrences of spinal cord María Sánchez Belda Received Received
  300-EP Predicting survival and tumour control probability for SBRT treatments - a comparison between the LQ and USC models Emely Lindblom Received Received
  301-EP Clinical implications of ISC technique for breast radiotherapy with comparison to SweBCG recommendations Anna Koszewska-Flejmer Received Received
  305-PD Improving safety in radiotherapy: the implementation of the Global Risk Analysis method Renaud Mazeron Received Received
  306-EP Comparison of dose calculations between pencil-beam and Monte Carlo algorithms in arc therapy with 3DVH software Seok Hyun Son Received Received
  307-EP Radiation dose drop off comparison for stereotactic body radiation therapy Mitchell Liu Received Received
  309-EP Efficacy of Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT) with concurrent carboplatin in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Anussara Songthong Received Received
  310-EP Effect of PsA derivatives on DNMT inhibition and radiosensitization in U373MG glioblastoma cell line Hak Jae Kim Received Received
  311-EP Pre-treatment plan verification of VMAT using two-dimensional array: Initial results of head and neck patients Manigandan Durai Received Received
  312-EP The MRI capabilities in diagnostics, staging and planning the treatment of endometrial carcinoma Valeria Victorovna Sharakova Received Received
  313-EP Time comparison of GAFCHROMIC films and TLD for in vivo measurements of TBI HSIU-WEN HSIAO Received Received
  318-EP The vaginal thickness from MRI for prescribed dose of vaginal brachytherapy in endometrial carcinoma Napapat Amornwichet Received Received
  319-P High-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy as monotherapy with hormone therapy for high-risk prostate cancer Ken Yoshida Received Received
  321-EP AAA vs PBC for breast treatment planning - analysis based on the National Swedish Breast Cancer Group recommendations Anna Koszewska-Flejmer Received Received
  323-EP Impact of dose and sensitivity heterogeneity on TCP Iuliana Toma-Dasu Received Received
  324-P Dosimetric assessment of state of the art image guidance procedures using radiochromic films Saad Aldelaijan Received Received
  325-P Validation of glass bead TLDs for radiotherapy treatment verification Shakardokht Jafari Received Received
  326-P Commissioning and acceptance testing of a dedicated 3T MRI simulator for radiotherapy treatment planning Aitang Xing Received Received
  329-PD Memory preservation in patients with brain metastases following the RTOG 0933 hippocampal avoidance whole-brain RT trial Wolfgang Tome Received Received
  330-EP Monte Carlo simulation of lung shields for breast IORT with a dedicated mobile accelerator Rafael Ayala Received Received
  331-EP Cone-beam CT based position verification and correction improves the accuracy of IGRT for oesophageal cancer Paul van Haaren Received Received
  334-P Meta-analysis of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for esophageal carcinoma Baosheng Li Received Received
  335-P Postoperative radiotherapy for prostate cancer: Morbidity due to local vs. pelvic radiotherapy Cora Waldstein Received Received
  336-EP Study of skin sparing effect of a patient transportation couch top BIN YANG Received Received
  337-EP Survival after lumpectomy and mastectomy for early stage invasive breast cancer YUCHEN TSAI Received Received
  338-P Improved prediction of severe radiation pneumonitis by combining V20, VS5, pulmonary fibrosis on CT, and age Kayoko Tsujino Received Received
  339-EP A method to improve VMAT delivery Luca Trambetta Received Received
  340-PD Improvement of VMAT delivery accuracy using automated accelerator quality control based on dynamic treatment logs Lars Hjorth Praestegaard Received Received
  342-EP Confidence in VMAT EPID pre-treatment QA Angelo Filippo Monti Received Received
  344-EP Project for the implementation of a risk assessment methodology in the Spanish Radiotherapy Services Maria Luisa Ramirez Received Received
  346-EP The anti-tumor effects of iodine-125 radioactive seeds radiation in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Li Jinna Received Received
  348-EP Evaluating the effect of energy on calibration of thermoluminesent dosimeters 7-LiF:Mg,Cu,P (GR-207A) Nooshin Banaee Received Received
  349-P Imagen guided radiotherapy in prostate cancer: Interobservator variability with CBCT Mv and fiducial markers Carmen Salas Received Received
  350-P IMPT & VMAT sensitivity to anatomical variations - replanning strategies for advanced head and neck cancer Joanna Gora Received Received
  352-EP Dosimetric comparison of radiation techniques in the irradiation of the supraclavicular fossa in breast cancer Mahbubl Ahmed Received Received
  355-EP Time out in radiation oncology: from the operating to the treating room Isabel Prieto Received Received
  356-EP 11C-choline PET/CT and individualization radiotherapy planning in prostate cancer Escarlata Lopez Received Received
  357-P Elevated plasma fibrinogen level represents an independent prognostic factor in breast cancer patients Sabine Krenn-Pilko Received Received
  358-EP Radiotherapy overcomes adverse prognostic role of COX-2 expression in early Hodgkin lymphoma FRANCISCO MESTRE Received Received
  359-EP Dosimetric influence of tumor motion for different types of lung stereotactic treatment planning Víctor González Pérez Received Received
  362-P Aggregate proton therapy uncertainties for single vs. multiple daily fields Eric Klein Received Received
  363-P Radiotherapy of anal cancer: Is IMRT and VMAT a step forward? Georg Gruber Received Received
  364-P DTI and attention function. Dose-response evaluation in partial brain irradiation manuel conson Received Received
  365-P Simultaneous estimation of input functions from dynamic 18F-FLT studies of the head and neck Sara Hackett Received Received
  367-EP Local chemotherapy and conformal radiotherapy in treatment of the locally advanced pancreatic cancer Grigory Vasilev Received Received
  368-EP Use of EBT3 Gafchromic films for Monte Carlo validation of CyberknifeTM treatment plan Pierre COUTAND Received Received
  369-EP f-MRI signal changes following 3D conformal radiotherapy of GBM patients. Intra-observer variability results Arpad Kovacs Received Received
  370-EP Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 is associated with key oncoproteins in cervical carcinoma tumors Marta Lloret Received Received
  371-PD When atomic composition should not be taken into account for scoring the dose in the context of CTV to PTV safety margins Edmond Sterpin Received Received
  372-EP Radio-induced apoptosis of peripheral blood CD8 T-lymphocytes predict the survival of cervical carcinoma Rafael Ordonez Marmolejo Received Received
  374-P A framework for the validation of actual delivered dose estimation strategies Yiannis Roussakis Received Received
  377-EP A dosimetric study of photon small fields using polymer gel and Gafchromic EBT films Hossein Hassani Received Received
  378-EP Daily changes in rectum and bladder dose in patients with prostate cancer treated with Tomotherapy GIOVANNI CAMINITI Received Received
  379-EP In vivo measurements in helical Tomotherapy (MOSFET and gafchromic EBT3) : Importance of water equivalent thickness Catherine DEJEAN Received Received
  381-EP FDG-PET/CT in patients with carcinoma of the nasopharynx: response assessment and prognostic significance Salem Billan Received Received
  382-EP Investigating conversion of malignant induction probability to cancer mortality Abdossalam Madkhali Received Received
  383-EP Mass-based generalized equivalent uniform dose inverse optimization Ivaylo Mihaylov Received Received
  384-PD Risk of isolated nodal failure for stage III NSCLC treated with selective nodal irradiation using IMRT Hanneke Martinussen Received Received
  386-EP Outcomes and Prognostic Factors of Surgery Followed by Modern Radiation Therapy for Parotid Gland Carcinomas Bing-Shen Huang Received Received
  387-P Nitroglycerin decreases the hypoxic fraction in non-small cell lung cancer: an imaging study using 18FHX4 PET Bart Reymen Received Received
  389-EP Inoperable colorectal liver metastases: a monoinstitutional experience and preliminary outcome of SABR Marta Scorsetti Received Received
  390-EP Clinical outcomes and toxicity in supraglottic laryngeal cancer treated with radical or adjuvant radiotherapy Sara Pedretti Received Received
  391-EP Field-of-view shift reduces maximum pitch value in helical 4D-CT scans Guido Hilgers Received Received
  393-PD Potential clinical benefit of kV image-based MLC tracking for liver SBRT with VMAT: a simulation study Per Rugaard Poulsen Received Received
  394-EP High risk breast cancer can be safely treated with adjuvant accelerated hypofractionated irradiation María Auxiliadora Cabezón-Pons Received Received
  396-P External-radiotherapy plus HDR-brachytherapy in prostate cancer: ICO long-term outcome Ferran Guedea Received Received
  398-EP When to use volumetric IMRT for left sided breast cancer patients? Marion Essers Received Received
  400-PD Capecitabine induced cardiovascular toxicities during chemo-radiotherapy for rectal cancer Lucy Davidson Received Received
  402-EP Validation of a deformable registration image of a commercial treated planning system Jorge Bonaque Received Received
  403-EP Validation of the Heidelberg prognostic reirradiation score in an independent patient cohort Flieger Maya Received Received
  404-P MRI guided focal HDR brachytherapy in patients with localized prostate cancer Metha Maenhout Received Received
  406-P Image guided SBRT for treatment of liver malignancies: review of single institution 4-year experience Olga Utehina Received Received
  407-EP Impact of the CT scanning modalities on the delineation of parotid glands and doses contained on it Agata Jodda Received Received
  409-EP The effect of abortive division as a repopulation mechanism on head and neck cancer radiotherapy Loredana Marcu Received Received
  410-P MVP and IGF-1R overexpression predicts clinical outcome of oral carcinoma patients treated with radiotherapy Pedro C. Lara Received Received
  412-PD Studying the effect of radiation on vascular function and tumor microenvironment using intravital imaging Azusa Maeda Received Received
  416-EP Radiotherapy prevention of heterotopic ossification at reconstructed hip fractures: results and potential risks Neil Burnet Received Received
  417-P Dose escalation with intensity modulated radiotherapy in the treatment of locally advanced cervical cancer Hale B Caglar Received Received
  418-EP Implementation of functional MRI imaging for precise target determination and results evaluation in liver SBRT Sergey Popov Received Received
  419-EP FAST-Planning: Framework for Automatic Segmentation and Treatment Planning Rob de Graaf Received Received
  420-EP Advantages of patient specific VMAT pre-treatment quality assurancewith cylindrical geometry Joseph Barbiere Received Received
  421-EP A single-blinded RCT of the use of bolus in post mastectomy irradiation in breast cancer Lucas Sapienza Received Received
  422-EP Frequency of replanning and its variability dependent on the modification of the replanning criteria in H&N IG-IMRT Eva Stoiber Received Received
  423-EP Effectiveness of hypofractionated whole breast irradiation after partial mastectomy in Japanese patients Nobuhiko Yoshikawa Received Received
  424-EP How much does non-coplanar beam reduce renal dose in treating gastric malignant lymphoma? Tatsuya Toyoda Received Received
  427-PD Comparison of two postoperative chemoradiotherapy regimens in stage II/III rectal cancer patients Yanru Feng Received Received
  429-P MEK/ERK inhibition radiosensitizes rhabdomyosarcoma cells by downregulating growth and DNA repair signals Francesco Marampon Received Received
  430-EP Interobserver variability in the delineation of cranial nerves Ruud Wiggenraad Received Received
  432-P Deformable registration using python scripting for adaptive RT automation Gabriele Guidi Received Received
  433-EP Applying macroscopic radiobiology to radiotherapy treatment escalation and individualization Dhvanil Karia Received Received
  434-EP Dosimetric characteristics of a new unit for electronic skin brachytherapy Teresa Garcia-Martinez Received Received
  437-P In-house virtual simulator design for collision prevention in proton therapy planning system Hyunuk Jung Received Received
  440-P Patterns of failure after intensity modulated radiation therapy for squamous cell head and neck carcinoma Francesca Caparrotti Received Received
  441-EP A dose-volume intercomparison of VMAT and 3D-CRT for salvage radiation therapy after prostatectomy RYO OGINO Received Received
  442-PD Monte-Carlo model development for evaluation of current clinical target volume (CTV) definition for glioblastoma Leyla Moghaddasi Received Received
  443-EP The prognostic value of neck lymph node volume after neoadjuvant chemotherapy plus radiotherapy for N3 NPC Po-Ju Lin Received Received
  444-EP Effect of Dynamic Jaw on plan quality, organ sparing, dose fall-off, treatment time and integral dose in Tomotherapy plans Zubin Master Received Received
  445-EP SIB-IMRT with adaptive replanning for head and neck cancer Jung Ae Lee Received Received
  446-P Adaptive brachytherapy for carcinoma cervix analyzing CT versus MRI for volume delineation rimpa achari Received Received
  448-PD Impact of cardiac screening on satisfaction with information provision in Hodgkin Lymphoma survivors Laurien Daniels Received Received
  450-EP Outcome of radiotherapy in intracranial germinoma at basal ganglia/thalamus Sanghyuk Song Received Received
  451-EP Warping methods for Tomotherapy and IGRT: challenge and predictive analysis in clinical practice Gabriele Guidi Received Received
  452-EP CCRT for N3-positive IIIB NSCLC: Retrospective comparison of 3D-CRT and IMRT techniques at Samsung Medical Center Jae Myoung Noh Received Received
  453-EP The effect of the frequency of absolute dose calibration on the performance of ArcCHECK in helical TomoTherapy DQA Wing Kei Rebecca Wong Received Received
  454-P Workflow improvement in radiotherapy by implementation of a unique patient positioning and transfer system George Chiu Received Received
  455-EP Targeted high dose electron treatment of early stage anal cancers toxicity and initial outcomes in a case series Karina Olling Received Received
  456-P Improving the radio-sensitizing effect of sunitinib by drug-specific scheduling Esther Kleibeuker Received Received
  457-EP A new validation method of thoracic CT to CT deformable image registration Martin Nielsen Received Received
  458-EP CaSO4:Dy TLD for out-of field photon dosimetry in 3D-CRT and IMRT SIJI CYRIAC T Received Received
  459-EP Role of radiotherapy for localized cerebral ATRT in childhood : a pediatric radiotherapy group study Violaine Beneyton Received Received
  460-P Comparison of two commercially available real-time tumor tracking solutions in a phantom study Tom Depuydt Received Received
  461-EP Role of 18-Fluorocholine PET-CT in prostate cancer patients management. Preliminary results Felipe Counago Received Received
  468-EP Prediction of waiting time for lung cancer patients Raghu K Soman Received Received
  469-EP Sequential contrast-enhanced 4DCT and 3DCT for radiotherapy planning in lower-third oesophageal cancer Samir Dawoud Received Received
  470-EP Voxel-based comparison of dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI and FDG-PET in head-and-neck cancer Petra van Houdt Received Received
  471-EP Feasibility of SBRT with VMAT and high intensity photon beams for hepatocellular carcinoma patients Po-Ming Wang Received Received
  472-P Treatment outcomes of patients with cervical cancer with complete metabolic responses after definitive CHRT Cem Onal Received Received
  474-P End-to-End tests in linac based Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy using a new phantom Stefan Scheib Received Received
  475-PD Accuracy of external motion monitoring for internal motion prediction during liver SBRT on a conventional LINAC Esben Worm Received Received
  476-EP Influence of different multi-lumen interstitial applicators on dose distribution in APBI Janusz Skowronek Received Received
  478-EP Site of relapse according to radiation fields in stage I/II Hodgkin disease : a monocentric study of 60 patients Lorraine Krebs Received Received
  479-EP Moisturizer efficacy for breast radiation-induced dermatitis: A prospective open-label, randomized trial Mami Ogita Received Received
  481-EP Hypofractionated whole-breast radiotherapy in Italy: a survey by the Breast Cancer Study Group of AIRO Cristiana Vidali Received Received
  482-PD GI dose constraints for prostate radiotherapy: derivation by toxicity and localised anatomy Martin Ebert Received Received
  485-EP Efficacy and toxicity of chemo-radiotherapy in Hodgkins lymphoma: a single institution experience Angela Di Biase Received Received
  488-EP Evaluation of peripheral neutron equivalent dose and second cancer risk in radiotherapy patients Leticia Irazola Received Received
  489-P MRI-guided brachytherapy for rectal cancer: A treatment planning study with a shieldable multicatheter applicator Ane L Appelt Received Received
  490-PD Patient specific tumour profiling using hypoxia PET, metabolic PET and perfusion CT in NSCLC Wouter van Elmpt Received Received
  491-EP Acute toxicity related to pre-treatment respiratory function test in patients treated with SBRT for NSCLC Vanoni Valentina Received Received
  492-PD Dosimetric considerations to determine the optimal technique for localized prostate cancer Peter Kuess Received Received
  493-EP UK audit of intraoperative radiotherapy dosimetry David Eaton Received Received
  494-EP Contemporary CT planned skin brachytherapy: The Manchester experience David Wood Received Received
  497-PD IMPACT study - Targeted prostate cancer screening for rare germline mutation carriers Christos Mikropoulos Received Received
  498-EP NTCP models for radiation-induced esophagitis in non-small cell lung cancer María Auxiliadora Carrasco Herrera Received Received
  499-EP Predictive factors for high D2cc of the organs at risk in image-guided brachytherapy for cervical cancer Takafumi Toita Received Received
  500-PD Anatomical changes in head and neck patients seen on CBCT, the traffic light protocol Sanne Conijn Received Received
  501-P Modelling oxygen distribution in multicellular tumour spheroids David Robert Grimes Received Received
  502-PD Carbon ion radiotherapy for osteosarcoma of the trunk Reiko Imai Received Received
  503-P Outcome in HDR brachytherapy for penile cancer: a twelve-year follow up of 34 patients Kellas-Sleczka Sylwia Received Received
  505-P Dynamic characterization of structural and anatomical changes of parotid glands during IMRT using texture analysis Elisa Scalco Received Received
  506-EP Metabolic metrics in repeated FDG-PET scans show early treatment response for NSCLC patients Sara Carvalho Received Received
  508-EP A method for assessing the changes of dose calculation algorithms and irradiation techniques in radiation therapy Abdulhamid Chaikh Received Received
  509-EP Dose Scalation Study of hypofractionated 3D Radiotherapy for inoperable early stage non-small-cell lung cancer MERITXELL MOLLA Received Received
  510-EP Renal toxicity in resectable locally advanced gastric cancer treated with adyuvant radio-chemotherapy Juan Quirós Rivero Received Received
  513-EP Online neutron fluence measurements in phantom for second cancer risk estimation in radiotherapy Francisco Sanchez-Doblado Received Received
  514-EP Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy in the UK: National implementation and current practices. Are we there yet? Gail Distefano Received Received
  516-P Clinical benefit of repeated CBCT imaging for evaluation of delivered dose during (chemo)radiotherapy in NSCLC Ada Egelmeer Received Received
  517-EP Dosimetric effects of multileaf collimator leaf width on intensity-modulated radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Sang Gyu Ju Received Received
  519-EP Hypofractionated RT of the breast - experience with 500 women Elisabeth Brutigam Received Received
  520-P Bridging the theory-practice gap in RTT treatment planning education...To blog or not to blog? Michelle Leech Received Received
  522-P A prospective study to compare the clinical eye and model predictions for response in rectal cancer Jeroen Buijsen Received Received
  523-EP SABR in oligometastatic disease from colorectal cancer: a safe and effective approach tiziana comito Received Received
  526-EP Reduced cardiac and pulmonary complication probabilities for breast cancer radiotherapy using respiratory gating Anneli Edvardsson Received Received
  527-EP The effect of FFF for patients receiving pelvic radiotheraphy using volumetric modulated arc therapy technique Elvin Erdogan Received Received
  529-PD MRI integration into treatment planning of the head and neck: can we avoid patient immobilization? Valerio Fortunati Received Received
  530-EP The quality of the laparoscopically performed interstitial bladder implantation A.M. Nap Received Received
  531-P Impact of neoadjuvant radiotherapy on tumor inflammatory microenvironment and metastases Philippe Martinive Received Received
  532-P Intensity-modulated radiotherapy following extra-pleural pneumonectomy for malignant pleural mesothelioma Yukinori Matsuo Received Received
  535-EP Estimation of the rectal and urethral NTCP parameters in carbon ion therapy for prostate cancer Mai Fukahori Received Received
  537-EP Accelerated partial breast irradiation using the CyberKnife: a feasibility study Erwann Rault Received Received
  538-EP The dosimetric effects of the breath-hold technique for helical tomotherapy Michinori Yamamoto Received Received
  539-P Intra-fractional changes and the robustness of adaptive plan selection in radiotherapy for bladder cancer Anne Vestergaard Received Received
  540-PD Diffusion weighted MRI and GTV at time of brachytherapy in locally advanced cervical cancer Sren Kynde Nielsen Received Received
  541-P The role of radiotherapy in localized nongastric and nonorbital mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma Joohwan Lee Received Received
  543-EP Patterns of failure after the reduced volume approach for elective nodal irradiation in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Ki Ho Seol Received Received
  544-P Adjuvant chemotherapy improves outcome in NPC patients with post-RT persistently detectable plasma EBV DNA Chingte Wu Received Received
  545-EP Clinical decision making during treatment planning for lung cancer: a multi-criteria optimization approach Zdenko van Kesteren Received Received
  546-EP Evaluation of atlas based auto-segmentation tool for head and neck cancer patients Maire Kuddu Received Received
  547-P Multivariate NTCP modeling of radiation damage to the cardio-pulmonary system: the Hodgkin lymphoma paradigm Laura Cella Received Received
  548-P 18F-FAZA PET as a prognostic marker of the response to radiotherapy in rat tumor models Bernard Gallez Received Received
  549-EP Comparison of flattening filter applied and not applied IMRT plans in prostate cancer Oya Guneyli Received Received
  550-EP Radiotherapy of primary squamous cell carcinoma of the trachea a single center experience Roumen Lazarov Received Received
  553-EP Swallowing evaluation in head and neck cancer after IMRT: early results of a prospective study stefano ursino Received Received
  554-P Multidisciplinary assessment in patients with anal canal carcinoma: simultaneous integrated boost with VMAT CRISTINA IFTODE Received Received
  555-P Clinical application of a new pharmaceutical formulation of melatonin against radiotherapy-induced mucositis Escames Germaine Received Received
  556-PD Determination of reference levels for quality assurance of flattening filter free beams Eugenio Vanetti de Palma Received Received
  557-PD 18FHX4 hypoxia PET imaging gives complementary information to 18FFDG PET in NSCLC patients Karen Zegers Received Received
  559-EP Prospective analysis of radical chemoirradiation for head and neck cancer in elderly Age = 65years using IMRT chalissery jomon Received Received
  560-P Pretreatment FLAIR high intensity volume on MR imaging correlate with clinical outcome in WHO grade 3 gliomas NAOMI NAKAJIMA Received Received
  561-P Four-dimensional measurement of lung tumours and implanted gold markers by 320-slice CT scan Yusuke Iizuka Received Received
  562-EP TomoEDGE comparison in the treatment of anal canal carcinomas Nathan Corradini Received Received
  563-EP RITA Project (hypofractionated RT and analgesic therapy): an example of multidisciplinary supportive care Elena Clerici Received Received
  564-EP The Expression of epithelial cell adhesion molecules and prognosis in early stage glottic cancer Naoya Murakami Received Received
  565-PD Traceable calibration chain of 125I Low Dose Rate (LDR) brachytherapy sources Leila Joulaeizadeh Received Received
  566-EP Treated volumes comparison for different fractionation regimens of cervical cancer HDR brachytherapy Kamal Akbarov Received Received
  567-EP Comparison of position reproducibility in head and neck radiotherapy using different type fixation devices Chun Yen Lin Received Received
  568-EP Toxicity evaluation in adjuvant hypofractionated IMRT versus conventional 3DCRT in prostate cancer donatella russo Received Received
  569-EP Dosimetric evaluation of gated rotational radiotherapy Marianne Falk Received Received
  570-EP Acelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) with high dose rate brachytherapy in luminal breast cancer BEATRIZ PINAR SEDEÑO Received Received
  571-P Prognostic value of KPS and LDH in melanoma patients with intracranial seeding treated with WBRT: A multicenter study Richard Partl Received Received
  573-EP Hypofractionated stereotactic radiosurgery (HSRS) in recurrent high grade glioma: a safe and effective approach. Pierina Navarria Received Received
  574-EP Reirradiation against recurrent anaplastic ependymoma with stereotactic radiotherapy using CyberKnife Taro Murai Received Received
  576-EP Combined modality therapy of patients with gastric non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The update of long term results Sergey Golub Received Received
  577-EP Stem cell niche irradiation and long-term survival in patients with glioblastoma multiforme Susanne Rogers Received Received
  579-EP Comparative analysis of radiation-induced changes in gene expression and migration potential of HNSCC and PC cells Katrin Mbert Received Received
  580-P Dosimetric impact of interfractional anatomical deviations on postoperative IMRT for uterine cervical cancer Kazuma Kobayashi Received Received
  581-EP Dosimetric comparison of VMAT and linear accelerator based radiosurgery for the treatment of 1-4 brain metastases Alison Salkeld Received Received
  582-P Methods for robustness evaluation of proton scanning beams treatment plans Lamberto Widesott Received Received
  583-EP 3D printing of tissue equivalent boluses and molds for external beam radiotherapy Nienke Hoffmans-Holtzer Received Received
  585-PD Refining a method to define population-based margins including the residual deformation error in daily IGRT Roberta Raso Received Received
  586-EP Flattening Filter Free phase space files: comparison between Monte Carlo simulations and experimental data Maria Francesca Belosi Received Received
  587-EP Reduction rate of CEA after chemoradiation as a prognostic factor in advanced rectal cancer patients Soo Yoon Sung Received Received
  588-EP Breast reconstruction with full expander followed by Radiotherapy. Aesthetic outcome Ana Aurora Díaz Gavela Received Received
  589-PD Teaching patients the value of correct positioning Helle Hansen Received Received
  590-PD Spot-scanning proton therapy for pediatric ependymoma: clinical outcome of 50 patients treated at PSI Carmen Ares Received Received
  591-P A method of identifying planning system accuracy limitations in step and shoot IMRT Louise Bendall Received Received
  592-P Fatigue in breast cancer patients undergoing curative radiotherapy treatment Elizabeth Dalvad Received Received
  593-P Dosimetry modelling for focal high dose rate prostate brachytherapy Josh Mason Received Received
  594-P First UK experience of prostate SBRT: Acute toxicity and PSA outcomes Alison Tree Received Received
  595-EP Set-up of a new online digital detector for peripheral neutron equivalent dose estimation in radiotherapy patients Jose Antonio Terron Received Received
  596-EP Variation of Gamma Index depending on the spatial resolution for prostate IMRT QA Taejin Hwang Received Received
  597-P Predicting survival length in brain metastasis patients treated by WBRT using heart rate variability Yu-Ming Wang Received Received
  598-EP Proteome-based identification of biomarkers to predict radiation resistance in cancer patients Ira-Ida Skvortsova Received Received
  600-EP Locally advanced gastroesophageal junction cancer: neoadjuvant treatment with VMAT and concomitant chemotherapy Angelo Tozzi Received Received
  601-P Dynamic nature of radioresistant cancer stem cells Claudia Peitzsch Received Received
  602-EP Concurrent chemo-radiotherapy in locally advanced NSCLC: Is it specially tailored for the squamous cell pathology? Nicola Cornelius Received Received
  603-EP Clinical evaluation result radiotherapy after different dose treatment planning brachytherapy cancer cervix Vladimir Turkevich Received Received
  604-PD Quantification of gold nanoparticle induced microscopic dose enhancement using protons Jan schuemann Received Received
  605-EP Characterization of hypoxia in three rat prostate tumor sublines, using dynamic F-MISO PET and histology Pamela Mena Romano Received Received
  606-P The necessity of rescanning prostate patients during radiotherapy planning: A review of practice Thelma Rowntree Received Received
  607-EP Phase I/II trial of 3DCRTMDR Brachy given with Taxol and CDDP for inoperable uterine cervix carcinoma Charalampos Varveris Received Received
  608-EP The management of reccurent GBM with External 3D-Conformal Re-Irradiation, i.v TMZ and BEV Charalampos Varveris Received Received
  609-EP Acute and late toxicity of craniospinal irradiation for medulloblastoma patients Maria Jose Ortiz Gordillo Received Received
  610-PD Prostate tumor delineation using multiparametric MRI: inter observer variability and pathology validation Peter Steenbergen Received Received
  611-PD Small field output factor measurement using various active detectors and OSLD Dayananda Sharma Received Received
  614-EP A study of dosimetric differences between four techniques of whole breast tangential irradiation Yan Yee Ng Received Received
  620-EP Hypofractionated RT for breast cancer acceleration of the START A regime: intermediate tolerance and efficacy Stefan Janssen Received Received
  621-EP Achieving durable local control without surgery in unresectable, metastatic rectal cancer Sarat Chander Received Received
  622-EP Hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy in low-risk prostate cancer Hunjung Kim Received Received
  623-EP Stereotactic radiotherapy for primary renal cell carcinoma: Technique and early toxicity in a single institution Daniel Pham Received Received
  624-EP A novel Hybrid Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (H-VMAT) technique for primary cervical spine malignant tumors Xile Zhang Received Received
  626-P Differential Outcomes Following Radiotherapy by HPV Status in N3 Head and Neck Cancer Eric Tran Received Received
  627-PD CT substitute derived from MRI for external beam prostate radiotherapy Jason Dowling Received Received
  628-EP Can pre-treatment 4DCT-based motion margins estimates be trusted for proton radiotherapy? Joao Seco Received Received
  629-P Accuracy requirements and uncertainties in radiation therapy: The new IAEA report Ben Mijnheer Received Received
  632-EP Biological imaging for focal brachytherapy for prostate cancer Annette Haworth Received Received
  635-EP IPSA and HIPO optimisation algorithms for prostate HDR brachytherapy: comparison with radiobiological indices Vanessa Panettieri Received Received
  636-PD MR- guided and tumor-targeted salvage HDR brachytherapy for locally recurrent prostate cancer Trish Pulvirenti Received Received
  637-EP Dosimetric evaluation of a new design small volume detectors for small field high-energy photon beam Hyun Do Huh Received Received
  638-P RayStation vs Pinnacle modelling and system performance: implications for small field dosimetry Bongile Mzenda Received Received
  639-PD Multi centre planning study on flattening filter free beams for SBRT lung cancer treatment David Thwaites Received Received
  640-EP Results of whole pelvic radiotherapy for locally advanced prostate cancer Koji Inaba Received Received
  641-EP Characterization of optically stimulated luminescent dosimeters for TBI in vivo dosimetric verification Md Nurul Amin Received Received
  643-P The role of radiotherapy in the management of recurrent ovarian cancer a single UK centre experience Jan Ponichtera Received Received
  645-EP Segmentation of liver metastases lesion by PET image Heejin Kim Received Received
  646-EP Dermatitis in the treatment of nasopharyngeal carcinoma: correlation with chemotherapy and irradiation dose Kar Ho Francis Lee Received Received
  647-EP Is level Ib included as CTV for prophylactic irradiation necessary in negative Ib node NPC patients treated by IMRT? Zhixiong Lin Received Received
  648-EP Involved-field RT for isolated retroperitoneal lymph node metastasis in colorectal cancer Jeongshim Lee Received Received
  649-EP Robust treatment planning of active scanned proton therapy in prostate cancer Su Yeon Park Received Received
  652-PD Characterisation of a scintillation detector for stereotactic field in-air output ratios Benjamin Hug Received Received
  654-EP Investigation of isodose prescription level in hypofractionated intracranial treatments using VMAT Rochelle Hiscock Received Received
  655-EP VMAT in oropharyngeal cancer: dosimetric analysis of parotids outside the PTV and correlation with toxicity results Stefano Schipani Received Received
  656-P Dosimetric parameters correlated to quality of life after stereotactic body radiation therapy for prostate cancer Pin-Chieh Wang Received Received
  657-EP Computed tomography perfusion of prostate cancer before and after radiation therapy: early experience results Genoveva Ionela Boboc Received Received
  658-EP The HRQoL for hypopharyngeal and laryngeal cancer patients received organ preservation treatment Tung-Chieh Chang Received Received
  659-EP Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for the treatment of meningiomas María Isabel Tovar-Martín Received Received
  662-PD Redefining high risk localised prostate cancer A ten-year review of outcomes from external beam radiotherapy Matthew Fittall Received Received
  663-P Comparison of permanent 125-I seeds implants with two different techniques in 500 cases of prostate cancer Guinot Jose-Luis Received Received
  664-EP A retrospective study of lung stereotactic radiotherapy: 24,3 months of follow up Stefanos Bougas Received Received
  665-EP Early outcome of salvage LDR brachytherapy for local failure after EBRT for prostate cancer - Irish Experience Muhammad Faisal Jamaluddin Received Received
  666-P Analysis of tumor motion patterns during Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for treatment of liver cancer Santa Maksimova Received Received
  667-PD A pharmacodynamic assay to assess the radiosensitizing potential of PARP inhibitors in clinical trials Rosemarie de Haan Received Received
  668-EP Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation followed by radiotherapy in the management of painful bone metastases Mario Di Staso Received Received
  670-P Technology evolution improved clinical outcome after SBRT/SABR with 48 Gy in 4 fractions for stage I lung cancer Remouchamps Vincent Received Received
  671-EP Unintended irradiation of internal mammary chain - is that enough? Maria Leticia Silva Received Received
  672-EP Clinical evaluation of treatment plans of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for liver tumors Galina Boka Received Received
  673-EP Oral application of platelet supernatant gel prevents radiation-induced oral mucositis Pierluigi Bonfili Received Received
  674-EP Investigation of cholinergic system in radiation induced damages of rat liver and ileum HAZAN OZYURT Received Received
  675-EP Validation and implementation of quantitative DCE-MRI imaging for radiation oncology Helena van Zijp Received Received
  677-P Setup accuracy and residual motion in daily image guided treatment of breast patients in deep inspiration breath hold Mette Skovhus Thomsen Received Received
  678-PD Modeling the risk of self-reported acute nicturia in prostate cancer RT: ad interim results of a prospective study Viviana Carillo Received Received
  679-P Total dose to sites of nodal failure in cervical cancer patients: a sub study in EMBRACE Petra Kroon Received Received
  681-EP Lymphoepithelioma of the head and neck: Current treatment and outcomes Sharon Salenius Received Received
  682-P Detector choice for small-field Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) beam characterisation Natalka Suchowerska Received Received
  683-PD Improving breast radiotherapy through supported decision-making and automated planning Joan Penninkhof Received Received
  684-EP IORT followed by hypofractionated whole breast radiation versus sequential boost in early breast cancer patients Francesco Marampon Received Received
  685-P High dose hypofractionated radiotherapy for treatment and palliation of head and neck cancer patients Christian Maare Received Received
  687-EP What dose distribution metrics in the PTV can be used instead of the generalized Equivalent Uniform Dose? Pawel Kukolowicz Received Received
  690-EP Accuracy of a deformable image registration software in shape and volume recovery of phantom images Stefania Pallotta Received Received
  692-P MEK/ERK-AURORA-B/DNA-PK Pathway activation regulates radioresistance of gynecological cancer cell lines Francesco Marampon Received Received
  693-EP A tool for minimal mean lung dose prediction Zawadzka Anna Received Received
  694-PD Tracer kinetic model selection for dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI of locally advanced cervical cancer Jesper Folsted Kallehuage Received Received
  695-EP Radiochemiotherapy in uterine cervix adenocarcinoma the assessment of the treatment results Joanna Jonska-Gmyrek Received Received
  696-EP Primary Hodgkins lymphoma of the prostate: A rare case Cynthia Tan-Pusag Received Received
  698-EP Adjuvant and salvage conformal radiotherapy results after radical prostatectomy in patients with prostate cancer Pervin Hurmuz Received Received
  699-EP A clinical decision support system for breast cancer treatment planning Daniel Palacios Received Received
  700-PD Randomized prospective medical analysis of technologist repositioning during image-guided radiotherapy olivier riou Received Received
  701-P Multichannel vaginal cylinder: interfraction rotational variation and its dosimetric impact Anton Mans Received Received
  702-EP A novel web-based delineation and scoring system for teaching target volume delineation Marcel van Herk Received Received
  703-PD 3D Image guided adaptive brachytherapy for locally advanced vaginal cancer. Outcome and dose-volume parameters. Anne Rahbek Zizzo Received Received
  704-EP Helical tomotherapy for the reirradiation of locoregional recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma José Manuel García Ramírez Received Received
  705-P Combined IMRT and C12-heavy ion boost for malignant salivary gland tumours: COSMIC Alexandra D Jensen Received Received
  706-EP Predictors of outcome after radiotherapy post radical prostatectomy Richard Walshaw Received Received
  708-P TRUS guided interstitial HDR Brachytherapy combined with RCT for treatment of anal cancer Peter Niehoff Received Received
  709-EP Prediction of radiation treatment outcome in patients with tongue cancer Artem R Gevorkov Received Received
  710-P Prostate swelling after extreme hypo-fractionation as compared to a conventional radiation regimen Adalsteinn Gunnlaugsson Received Received
  712-EP Nave bayes models for predicting the risk of loco-regional relapse in breast cancer patients Salvador Tortajada Received Received
  713-EP Contrast enhancement of carotid adventitial vasa vasorum as a biomarker of radiation-induced atherosclerosis Dorothy Gujral Received Received
  714-EP A new fully automated lung segmentation method for lung cancer radiation treatment planning Emin Emrah zsavas Received Received
  715-EP Superior sulcus non small cell lung carcinoma: retrospective analysis of 42 patients Pierre Truntzer Received Received
  716-P A protocol to reduce errors due to intra-fraction motion in the highly focused irradiation of T1a larynx tumors Stefan Kwa Received Received
  717-EP Locally advanced cervical cancer in renal transplant patients: a dilemma between control and toxicity Pierre Maroun Received Received
  720-EP Nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Intergroup 0099: feasibility and results Isabel Linares Galiana Received Received
  721-P Evaluation of set up margins and a correction protocol in radical radiotherapy for lung cancer Laura Minchell Received Received
  722-EP Influence of image slice thicknesses on rectal dose response relationships following prostate cancer radiotherapy Caroline Olsson Received Received
  723-EP Effect of couch tracking upon volunteers Stephanie Lang Received Received
  724-PD Pancreatic cancer: Comparison of toxicity of IMRT and 3D-conformal radiotherapy (3D-CRT) Martin Bittner Received Received
  729-EP Fractionation modes of radiation therapy for kidney cancer patients with bone metastasis Yevgeniy Ishkinin Received Received
  730-PD Short course vs. standard course radiotherapy, in elderly and/or fragile patients with glioblastoma multiforme Lucyna Kepka Received Received
  731-P Redefining the checking process - an evidence-based approach. Peter McBride Received Received
  732-EP CBCT-guided Winston Lutz test JOAN CASALS Received Received
  733-P Robotic SBRT for tumors of the liver. Radiation induced liver disease, incidence and predictive factors janoray guillaume Received Received
  735-P Data mining tools for predicting the risk of toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated with radiation therapy Riquelme Jose Received Received
  736-PD Monte Carlo simulation tool for commissioning measurements corrections of a proton pencil beam scanning (PBS) mode Francesco Fracchiolla Received Received
  739-EP Dosimetric effects on radiotherapy of a patient transportation couch top Kin Yin Cheung Received Received
  740-EP Accuracy of dose calculation algorithms for static and rotational IMRT in the thorax Carla Sini Received Received
  741-P Central Necrosis on CT predicting extra capsular extension in lymph nodes with squamous cell carcinomas of Head & Neck Shankar Giri Received Received
  742-P Estrogen receptor and proliferation predicts local control in breast cancer hyperfractionated radiotherapy Ruth Carmona-Vigo Received Received
  744-EP Management parameters in the launching of intraoperative electron radiotherapy in a University Hospital Izaskun Valduvieco Received Received
  745-EP Potential role of VMAT and DIBH in the locoregional irradiation of left breast cancer. Fares Azoury Received Received
  746-P Anesthesia for external beam radiation therapy in children an audit of clinical practice rimpa achari Received Received
  747-EP Dose intensification on spinal metastases with medullar preservation by VMAT and intra fraction motion control ailleres norbert Received Received
  749-EP Commissioning of a linear accelerator for intra-operative treatments using electron beams Daniel Lambisto Received Received
  750-P Patterns of local failure after SBRT for oligometastatic colorectal cancer Robbe Van den Begin Received Received
  751-EP Association between ethnicity and toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated with arc radiation therapy Jose Luis Lopez Guerra Received Received
  752-EP A feasibility study of concurrent cetuximab during induction chemotherapy and IMRT for stage IV head and neck cancer Jin-Ching Lin Received Received
  753-P Patient-reported anxiety and depression at the end of post-prostatectomy IMRT: impact of acute toxicity Fabiana Zuppardi Received Received
  755-EP VMAT radiation therapy in nasopharynx carcinoma using 18F-FDG-PET/CT simulation: Humanitas CCO first experiences Nicola Ricottone Received Received
  757-P Characterisation and Evaluation of Flattening Filter Free (FFF) Portal Dosimetry Robert Chuter Received Received
  758-P Virtual detection of collisions between patient and gantry in tangential fields in breast radiotherapy Jordi Saez Received Received
  759-PD The stability of motion compensated cone-beam CT (MC CBCT) during radiotherapy for locally advanced lung cancer Anneke van der Reijden Received Received
  760-EP Evaluation of consistency tumor repositioning during multiple breathing cycles for liver stereotactic treatment Ludovic Bedos Received Received
  762-P Free breathing stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy with isotropic margins: evaluation of current practice Sheena Chauhan Received Received
  763-PD 18F-FDG PET parameters during radio-chemotherapy to predict tumor recurrence in cervical cancer Geoffrey Roman-Jimenez Received Received
  764-P A new method to segment advanced stage lung tumors in joint PET-CT data using a patient-specific learning approach VIPIN GUPTA Received Received
  765-P Stereotactic body radiation therapy is effective and safe in elderly patients with early stage NSCLC martin giuseppe Received Received
  767-P Use of functional MRI imaging to identify area to be boosted in anal cancer treatments ivan fazio Received Received
  770-EP Survival benefit of salvage radiosurgery in patients with recurrent high-grade gliomas Miguel Martinez Carrillo Received Received
  771-EP Continuous verification during breast treatment to exclude dosimetric missings due to the chest respiratory motion Giuseppe Dinolfo Received Received
  772-PD Curative radiation therapy for salivary gland-type primary tracheal cancer Seung Won Seol Received Received
  773-P Impact of Acuros XB on dose distribution for 4-MV photon beam in head and neck IMRT Kimiko Hirata Received Received
  777-EP Comparison of the accuracy of different treatment couch systems Anja Stssi Received Received
  779-P Impact of tissue assignment for preclinical radiotherapy: a dose-volume histogram analysis Caroline Noblet Received Received
  780-P In-vivo dosimetric evaluation of an atlas based labeling technique using MR DIXON for MR-only RT treatment planning Marloes Frantzen-Steneker Received Received
  781-EP Concurrent chemo-radiotherapy in locally advanced NSCLC: toxicity and clinical outcomes using VMAT (rapid arc) Anna Maria Ascolese Received Received
  783-P Validation of a MC-based dose calculation environment for feasibility of IORT in prostate cancer with INTRABEAM Sophie Chiavassa Received Received
  784-P Evidence based quality assurance of volumetric modulated arc therapy Heiko Tmmler Received Received
  786-P From gamma passing-rate to DVH: validation and first clinical applications of a commercial software Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  787-EP Inverse planning of MERT for clinically motivated situations Dominik Henzen Received Received
  788-EP A prospective study of thyroid function after radiotherapy for central nervous system and head and neck malignancies Kenneth Merrell Received Received
  789-P Lymphnodes shrinkage measured during RT by daily MVCT predicts tumour relapses of head-and-neck cancer Maria Luisa Belli Received Received
  790-P From LDR to PDR for gynaecological brachytherapy: local control and HR-CTV dosimetry Sally Baker Received Received
  791-EP Not every patient that fulfils APBI low risk breast cancer inclusion criteria is an adequate candidate for ELIOT Ricardo Llorente Received Received
  792-EP Clinical OER of tumors in carbon ion radiotherapy and the influence of local oxygenation changes Laura Antonovic Received Received
  793-P Development of an in-silico experimentation model to identify the best predictors of radio-induced late toxicity Francesco Civardi Received Received
  795-PD QA program for IGRT and the role of the RTT: detection of set-up errors for breast cancer patients Karin Goudschaal Received Received
  796-P Investigation of an inverse planning system for MERT as a function of beam setup and dose constraints Andreas Joosten Received Received
  797-P Late dysphagia, xerostomia, neck fibrosis and toxic death after IMRT for head and neck cancer Fréderic Duprez Received Received
  798-EP Feasibility and safety of prophylactic nodal irradiation with SIB- IMRT in high risk prostate cancer Angela Leone Received Received
  799-P Small Molecule HQ5 as a multimodal agent for imaging radiotherapy-induced tumor cell death Marieke Stammes Received Received
  800-EP PHASE I/II trial of 3DCRTMDR Brachy given concurrently to Liposomal Doxorubicin and CDDP to high risk endometrial cancer patients Charalampos Varveris Received Received
  801-EP Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR) for NSCLC oligometastatic patients: feasibility and outcomes Maria Concetta Campisi Received Received
  802-EP Repeat CT imaging and adaptive planning during radiotherapy for locally advanced lung cancer Esra Kucukmorkoc Received Received
  803-EP Position verification in breast cancer radiotherapy using tantalum clips in the lumpectomy cavity Madelon van der Drift Received Received
  804-P Dosimetric comparison between flattened and unflattened beams for lung SBRT Giorgia Nicolini Received Received
  805-EP Comparison of the efficacy of particle therapy and photon therapy in the same patients yukiko hattori Received Received
  806-PD Monte Carlo output correction factors for Cyberknife and Synergy small fields for the Exradin W1 Scintillator Paolo Francescon Received Received
  808-EP Imaging hypoxia with the PET-tracer F-18-fluoromisonidazole (F-MISO) -First experience Lena Thomas Received Received
  809-PD Karnofsky performance score as an easy tool to predict survival in patients receiving radiotherapy for painful bone metastases Paulien Westhoff Received Received
  810-PD Comparing the reproducibility of respiratory pattern during SBRT verses 4DCT Eveline Voorjans Leconte Received Received
  811-EP Effect of duodenal overlap volume with PTV (Duo OLV) on radiotherapy planning in patients with locally advanced pancreatic cancer Hima Bindu Musunuru Received Received
  812-P Stereotactic image-guided intraoperative electron irradiation: proof of concept and clinical feasibility Eugenio Marinetto Received Received
  813-P Delayed response assessment FDG PET-CT following (chemo)radiotherapy for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Finbar Slevin Received Received
  814-EP Areca nut contributes to malignant phenotype through promoting the conversion of cancer stem cell Ann-Joy Cheng Received Received
  815-EP Neoadjuvant treatment of Klatskin Tumours (KT) with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) & Capecitabine Ovidio Hernando Received Received
  817-EP What is the impact of radiotherapy on neuropsychological functions in adults with medulloblastoma? Milena Ferro Received Received
  818-EP Use of a commercial EPID dosimetry system in VMAT pre-treatment QA Marco Parisotto Received Received
  819-EP Integration and evaluation of a DICOM interface in a Monte Carlo simulated medical linear accelerator Gisela Hrtgen Received Received
  820-EP Impact of different treatment modalities on survival outcome in recurrent glioblastoma Irina Sackerer Received Received
  821-EP Beam matching of linacs with Elekta agility and MLCi2 heads - Energy, profiles, and output factors Heidi S. Rnde Received Received
  822-P Association 18F-FDG metabolic tumour volume and dysphagia in head and neck IMRT as a prophylactic feeding predictor MAUREEN ROLFO Received Received
  823-PD Inter- and intrafraction internal organ motion in esophageal cancer patients the ReShape study Femke Peters Received Received
  824-EP Big Data or Good Data? Improving the quality of Big Data by Open Source Clinical Research Protocols Cary Oberije Received Received
  825-P Ipsilateral Breast Tumour Recurrence (IBTR): second conservative treatment with Interstitial HDR BRT Sergio Gribaudo Received Received
  826-EP Simultaneous integrated boost to intraprostatic lesions using different energy levels of IMRT and VMAT Cem Onal Received Received
  828-EP Graded Prognostic Assessment (GPA) score for brain metastases treated with stereotactic radiosurgery Christina Benn-Mackay Received Received
  830-EP Setup variations in in 3-DCRT of the head and neck cancer patients using electronic portal Imaging devices (EPID) Amina Weber Received Received
  831-EP Neodjuvant Temozolomide and Bevacizumab for bulky glioblastoma before radiotherapy Ilan DARMON Received Received
  832-EP A comparison of doses received by HRCTV, GTV & IRCTV using prescription to HRCTV-D90 or to point A using IGBRT Niranjan Bhandare Received Received
  833-EP Reirradiation using helical tomotherapy for recurrent cervical cancer Myungsoo Kim Received Received
  834-EP Comparison of the treatment planning parameters used in tomotherapy for dose painting plans Ma&322;gorzata Skórska Received Received
  835-EP Gantry angle dependence pre-treatment patient-specific quality assurance and gamma index variation study SIJI CYRIAC T Received Received
  836-EP Knowledge-based planning and evaluation - a pilot DVH registry for pediatric cranio-spinal irradiation John Kildea Received Received
  840-EP Dosimetric comparison of IMRT versus 3DCRT for breast irradiation with simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) JUAN FRANCISCO CALVO ORTEGA Received Received
  841-EP Streamlined clinical CBCT protocols: Reduced dose and variation and maintained image quality Magali Devillers Received Received
  842-P Patient-specific quality assurance for intensity-modulated dynamic tumor-tracking radiotherapy with Vero4DRT Nobutaka Mukumoto Received Received
  844-EP Central pathological review of prostatic biopsies in a multicenter randomized controlled trial (SHIP0804) Kenta Miki Received Received
  845-EP Volumetric modulated arcs with flattening filter-free beams for recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma Mingzan Zhuang Received Received
  846-P Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for lung oligometastasis Luis María Larrea Received Received
  847-PD Comparison of dose delivery accuracy in two Leaf motion calculator algorithms in DMLC IMRT Yu Kuang Received Received
  849-P Dosimetric characterisation of glass bead TLDs in proton beams Russell Thomas Received Received
  850-EP Carbon ion radiotherapy for lung cancer with idiopathic interstitial pneumonia Mio Nakajima Received Received
  851-EP Assessment and topographic characterization of local-regional recurrences in head and neck tumours Brigida Ferreira Received Received
  853-EP Audit of PTV margins for lung SABR Gareth Webster Received Received
  854-EP Volumetric arc radiosurgery in recurrent gynecological cancer: a preliminary report from a phase I trial Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  855-PD Focal therapy to prostatic tumor using LDR- or HDR brachytherapy technique Susanne Rylander Received Received
  859-EP Testing the machine performance check application Alessandro Clivio Received Received
  860-EP On the robustness of VMAT for SABR treatment plans vs. patient positioning uncertainties Luca Cozzi Received Received
  861-EP Radiochromic film dosimetry: Considerations on accuracy for EBT2 and EBT3 type films Ralf Dreindl Received Received
  862-P Severity of cardiac comorbidity is associated with dyspnea in lung cancer patients: preliminary results Georgi Nalbantov Received Received
  863-P Robustness of the breath-hold approach for early stage lung cancer with spot scanned proton therapy Jenny Dueck Received Received
  864-EP Pre-clinical study of intraoperative radiotherapy using the Intrabeam system in locally advanced prostate cancer Franois BUGE Received Received
  865-EP Should organs at risk respiratory induced motion be considered during tumor tracking in radiotherapy? Marlene GILLES Received Received
  866-EP An investigation into the use of a drinking protocol to assess reproducibility and inter-fractional bladder variation in cervical radiotherapy. Laura Davidson Received Received
  867-EP Predictive factors for pathologic complete response after preoperative chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer Jaesung Heo Received Received
  868-P Coronary arteries preservation through VMAT use in adjuvant left breast cancer irradiation CELINE BOURGIER Received Received
  869-P Are dose constraints satisfied in SBRT trials? A planning study over 12 centers Marco Esposito Received Received
  871-EP Multichannel absolute film dosimetry for EBT3 GafChromic films Tiago Ventura Received Received
  872-EP Compilation of a database for illustration and automated detection of 4DCT motion artifacts Rene Werner Received Received
  873-EP Multi-institutional planning study for spine stereotactic body radiation therapy with cyberknife in Japan Hiroshi Tanaka Received Received
  874-EP Differences in planned and delivered dose to the rectum during prostate radiotherapy using helical tomotherapy Jessica Scaife Received Received
  875-EP Minimally interactive OAR and GTV segmentation in 4D FDG-18 PET/CT NSCLC: first clinical experience Jose Dolz Received Received
  877-EP In determining the set-up margins for complex brain radiotherapy, is there a need to account for optic nerve motion? SYED MOINUDDIN Received Received
  878-EP High dose hypofractionated stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic lung cancer Achille Bergantin Received Received
  879-P Standardized data collection (SDC) for rectal cancer: towards personalized medicine Meldolesi Elisa Received Received
  880-EP Application of timepix for autoradiography imaging in targeted alpha therapy Ruqaya AL Darwish Received Received
  881-P Haematologic toxicity from post-prostatectomy whole pelvis RT is not negligible and prolonged. A prospective study Cesare Cozzarini Received Received
  882-EP Treatment of extensive scalp lesions using VMAT (RapidArc) Andrew Aitken Received Received
  884-EP Dose distributions for CCX, CCA and CIA applicators: Plaque Simulator vs. PENELOPE Monte Carlo code Alberto Cano-Herranz Received Received
  886-EP First experiences with a central DICOM based radiotherapy plan database for research collaboration Simon Krogh Received Received
  887-P Quality control of interstitial HDR/PDR brachytherapy for prostate cancer in a multi-institutional study Inger-Karine Kolkman-Deurloo Received Received
  888-EP Control of respiratory motion by hypnosis intervention during radiotherapy of lung cancer Yaoqin Xie Received Received
  889-EP Quantification of dwell position inaccuracy and dose heterogeneity in ring & tandem applicator using OSL-nano dots Abdul Qadir Jangda Received Received
  890-EP Hypofractionated whole prone breast RT using Sagittilt system: patient comfort, setup accuracy and acute toxicity Ferenc Lakosi Received Received
  892-PD External-internal correlation models built from Cone-Beam CT for intrafraction tumor tracking Aurora Fassi Received Received
  893-EP Time to develop brain metastases as an important factor to predict overall survival in this cohort of patients Aurora Sanz Torres Received Received
  895-PD Dosimetric comparison of different non-invasive techniques for additional boost delivery after whole breast RT Truus Reynders Received Received
  896-P On the dose to air cavities in SBRT lung treatments Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  898-EP Prostate stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy: long-terms outcome Giancarlo Beltramo Received Received
  899-EP Zebrafish embryo model for testing potential radioprotective agent Emilia Rita Szabó Received Received
  900-EP Introduction of MRI guided HDR brachytherapy for high risk prostate cancer patients in a radiotherapy department Simon Buus Received Received
  903-EP Pulmonary oligometastases: Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy as a new option? calais gilles Received Received
  905-EP Dosimetric comparison among 45 and 50.4Gy in neoadjuvant radiotherapy for rectal cancer. Preliminary results Esther Jimenez Received Received
  906-EP Assessment of different detectors for relative output factor measurements for the Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion Petra Kozubikova Received Received
  907-EP Acute toxicity after boost with MammoSite technique Khashayar Fakhrian Received Received
  908-PD Elevated C-reactive protein level predicts poor prognosis in prostate cancer patients treated with radiotherapy Eva-Maria Thurner Received Received
  909-EP May play a phosphatidylcholine derivative radio-neuroprotective role in focal brain irradiation of rats? Imola Plangár Received Received
  910-EP Genitourinary symptoms, well-being and quality of life after radiotherapy for prostate cancer David Alsadius Received Received
  911-EP Integration of DICOM images in a Geant4 application : a support for intra-operative radiotherapy clinical research Casarino Carlo Received Received
  914-EP Patient-reported outcomes with a validated LENT-SOMA questionnaire for radiotherapy following prostatectomy Richard Walshaw Received Received
  915-EP The arginine effect on quality of life in head and neck cancer patients treated with Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy SEZIN YUCE SARI Received Received
  916-P Acuros XB algorithm sensitivity to Hounsfield Units Diego Jurado-Bruggeman Received Received
  919-EP Feasibility study of optical stimulated dosimeters for high dose evaluation in SBRT Su chul han Received Received
  920-EP Dosimetric properties of a synthetic single crystal diamond diode in high energy clinical proton beams Gianluca Verona Rinati Received Received
  921-EP Second Primary Malignancy After Definitive Radiotherapy For Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Yi Chun Liu Received Received
  923-EP Moderate deep inspiration breath hold maximizes heart-sparing for prone left-sided whole breast irradiation. Thomas Mulliez Received Received
  924-EP Comparison of DVH and myelosuppression between IMRT and 3DCRT in cervical cancer with postoperative radiotherapy Mayuka Kitaguchi Received Received
  925-EP Reducing effectiveness of hair loss by additional lead block for electron treatment of eyelid lesion patients Jungil Lee Received Received
  926-EP Development of a therapeutic proton beam dosimetry system using optical fiber array for the instant measurement of percent depth dose curves Jaeman Son Received Received
  927-EP Evaluation of the risk for radiation pneumonia development in lung cancer using the dose volume histogram parameters Ayse Hicsonmez Received Received
  930-EP Usability evaluation of planning MRI acquisiton when CT/MRI fusion of computerized treatment plan Do Keun Park Received Received
  931-EP Endobronchial implantation of fiducial markers for image guidance in lung cancer radiotherapy Tomas Kron Received Received
  932-EP Long-term results of the 252-Cf brachytherapy combined with EBRT for carcinoma of cervix uteri Ernestas Janulionis Received Received
  934-PD Volumetric changes in head&neck radiotherapy are not the most significant predictors for dose distribution shifts Peter Winkler Received Received
  935-EP Dosimetric effects of different source arrangements in permanent prostate brachytherapy Andras Herein Received Received
  936-P Hyperfractionated stereotactic reirradiation for recurent head and neck cancer Jakub Cvek Received Received
  939-EP Anorectal dysfunction after prostate cancer radiotherapy Yunseon Choi Received Received
  940-PD Phase II study of Vero SBRT for oligometastatic cancer: first clinical results Robbe Van den Begin Received Received
  941-EP DIBH for left-sided breast radiotherapy: Does this equate to a reduction in OAR doses? Kate Walsh Received Received
  942-P Effect of post-irradiation exposure to hypoxia on radiation sensitivity and residual gammaH2AX foci Franziska Hauth Received Received
  943-EP Characterization of the cone beam CT in a hybrid surgery room for Ir-192 HDR 3D brachytherapy Francesco Lucio Received Received
  944-EP Pre-clinical planning and dosimetric verifications of a TomoEdge unit: differences between fixed/dynamic jaw mode Paola Mangili Received Received
  945-EP WHO performance score and hand grip strength in lung cancer: the influence on survival Kim Smits Received Received
  947-EP The accuracy of dose calculation in wedge fields of the Analytical Anisotropic Algorithm for 6 and 10 MV photon beams SUKANYA RUTCHANTUEK Received Received
  948-P Systematic 18F-FDG PET and immunohistochemistry analysis for differentiation between head and neck tumors Bianca Hoeben Received Received
  949-EP Lactospore as supportive care in gynecological malignancies treated with HDR Brachytherapy Valentina Gruppuso Received Received
  952-EP MRI-guided SBRT with individualised margins for locally advanced pancreatic cancer a feasibility and safety study Hanne Heerkens Received Received
  955-P Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for the treatment of pituitary adenomas ZURITA-HERRERA MERCEDES Received Received
  956-PD Cervix motion in 50 cervical cancer patients, derived from daily CBCT and implanted fiducials Mischa Hoogeman Received Received
  957-EP GGEMS-brachy: fully GPU Geant4-based Monte Carlo simulation for brachytherapy applications Yannick Lemaréchal Received Received
  958-P Localisation of lymph node metastases on 18FDG-PET/CT in inoperable esophageal cancer and its impact on CTV Sanne Wouterse Received Received
  960-EP Craniospinal radiotherapy with VMAT Arjan Hoes Received Received
  961-P Experimental evaluation of a novel application of the gammaH2AX assay to predict tumour radiation sensitivity Apostolos Menegakis Received Received
  962-P Patient-reported nocturia 1 to 14 years after radiation therapy for prostate cancer Niclas Pettersson Received Received
  963-P The reorganization of a large academic radiotherapy department set-up similar to a prospective clinical trial maria jacobs Received Received
  964-P Measurement setup for verifying dose distributions of 106Ru eye-plaques with synthetic diamond and diode detectors Gerd Heilemann Received Received
  966-EP Effect of 4DCT and CBCT Imaging doses on cell survival in subsequent radiotherapy Linda Rogers Received Received
  969-EP MRI of individual axillary and periclavicular lymph nodes for MR-guided regional radiotherapy Tristan van Heijst Received Received
  970-EP Particle therapy: ReCompareindividual patient selection at non-particle radiation institutions Armin Lhr Received Received
  971-P Characteristics of tissue-equivalent thermoluminescence and photo-stimulated luminescence sheets Chie Kurokawa Received Received
  972-P A study of dose rate dependence of the Ocatavius1000 SRS array for Flattening Filter Free and Flattened photon beams Ermias Gete Received Received
  973-EP Treatment outcomes of limited-stage small-cell lung cancer patients treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy: A comparative analysis of different radiation dose fractionation schedules in a single institution Kyung SU Kim Received Received
  974-P Evaluating the setup accuracy of patient positioning and transfer system in radiotherapy Ka Fai Cheng Received Received
  976-EP Interobserver variation of target volume for prostate cancer salvage radiotherapy using CT versus combined CT & MRI Eonju Lee Received Received
  977-P Association between life prognosis and pretreatment ICG 15 for the patients with HCC treated by proton beam therapy MASASHI MIZUMOTO Received Received
  979-EP Dosimetric comparison of intensity-modulated and 3D conformal accelerated partial breast irradiation Gabor Stelczer Received Received
  980-EP Hemithoracic radiotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma following extrapleural pneumonectomy Soichi Odawara Received Received
  981-EP Post treatment PET-CT to stratify follow-up for head and neck cancers - a matched cohort analysis of safety and cost Ketan Shah Received Received
  982-EP Thermoluminescence dosimetry dose verification of a high dose rate brachytherapy treatment planning in phantom Siwaporn Sakulsingharoj Received Received
  983-EP First results with a new phantom for quality assurance in deep hyperthermia treatment systems Dietmar Marder Received Received
  984-PD How many fractions are necessary for an accurate accumulation of bladder wall dose? Tara Rosewall Received Received
  986-EP From the bunkers up: Engaging RTTs in the journey to Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) Allison Walker Received Received
  987-EP Our experience in stereotactic single-dose radiation therapy of lung tumors Dina Najjari Jamal Received Received
  988-P Biological target volume definition in locally advanced pancreatic cancer: how useful is FDG-PET? James Wilson Received Received
  991-EP The influence of inhomogeneities on measurement of source position in HDR brachytherapy using an EPID Rick Franich Received Received
  992-EP Radiotherapy after autologous self cell transplant in Hodgkin lymphoma: better outcome for isolated recurrence Carlo Furlan Received Received
  993-EP Intensity modulated radiotherapy and endocavitary BRT in elderly patients with locally advanced cervical cancer Giulia Vidano Received Received
  994-EP Predicting prospectively patient-reported acute bowel symptoms in post prostatectomy IMRT including pelvic nodes Lucia Perna Received Received
  995-EP Re-irradiation with Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for recurrent or second primary head and neck cancer Catarina Travancinha Received Received
  996-EP Clinical evaluation of HIPO algorithm for HDR prostate cancer brachytherapy CARLA ALVES Received Received
  998-EP Relaxation parameter estimation and comparison of NLS and LLS methods for DCE MRI in the cervix Christian Mariager Received Received
  999-PD Factors influencing urinary incontinence following post-prostatectomy IMRT irradiation. A prospective study Barbara Noris Chiorda Received Received
  1002-EP An assessment of three diffusion weighted imaging sequences for prostate radiotherapy planning Lois Holloway Received Received
  1003-P Safety of ART with margin reduction evaluated with fiducial markers in head and neck cancer Olga Hamming-Vrieze Received Received
  1004-EP A treatment planning protocol for hypofractionated helical tomotherapy of prostate cancer Martina Iacco Received Received
  1005-P Development of a national audit program for dynamic therapy Brigitte Reniers Received Received
  1006-P Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) expression by neoplastic Hodgkin-Reed-Sternberg cells marta casasus Received Received
  1007-EP A new challenge between clinical examination, transrectal ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging Claudia Ordeanu Received Received
  1012-P Factors associated with hearing loss after LINAC-based stereotactic radiotherapy for vestibular schwannoma Nienke Hoekstra Received Received
  1013-EP 18FDG-PET/CT evaluation of non-small cell lung cancer patients receiving radiotherapy and erlotinib Ingerid Knudtsen Received Received
  1014-EP Monte Carlo dosimetry for the eye plaque model used at the St. Erik Eye Hospital for 125I brachytherapy Mattias Karlsson Received Received
  1015-EP Dosimetric comparison of multi-channel gynaecological cylinders using IPSA and HIPO optimisation methods Claire Dempsey Received Received
  1016-EP Dose analysis of organs at risk dependent on non-PTV and PTV-based breast irradiation in different breathing modes Brigitte Zurl Received Received
  1017-P Importance of combining phantom-less patient specific quality control and linac specific quality control in VMAT Adam Agnew Received Received
  1018-EP Residual positioning error following matching and remote treatment couch repositioning Erlend Peter Skaug Sande Received Received
  1021-EP Patient position verification in MRI-based external RTP of the pelvic region Korhonen Juha Received Received
  1022-EP Automated pancreas segmentation and motion tracking based on dynamic MRI Ke Sheng Received Received
  1023-EP Ablative robotic radiosurgery for inoperable patients with Stage IA-IB non small cell lung cancer Anna Stefania Martinotti Received Received
  1024-P Impact of collimator leaf width and VMAT optimization algorithm on whole brain irradiation with hippocampal sparing Vesna Prokic Received Received
  1026-EP Is a dose volume histogram neccessary to assess ipsilateral lung dose for patients receiving breast radiotherapy? NICOLA RIVINGTON Received Received
  1027-EP Evaluation of 3D dose measurement for breathing motion in lung cancer SBRT ChangHeon Choi Received Received
  1028-EP VMAT radiosurgery: A planning study to reduce healthy brain dose Alfredo Serna Received Received
  1029-EP Feasibility of in vivo use of OSLDs and XR-RV3 films for measuring peripheral doses Dechambre David Received Received
  1030-PD Is daily MVCT imaging really required in helical tomotherapy for head & neck cancers? An analysis of 2858 fractions Indranil Mallick Received Received
  1032-EP 3D collision map creation using patient-specific collision detection simulator between treatment unit and patient Akira Sawada Received Received
  1033-EP A new mixed intracavitary and interstitial perineal template compatible with GEC-ESTRO recommendations approach SILVIA RODRIGUEZ VILLALBA Received Received
  1036-EP Dosimetric feasibility of a simplified fixed-field IMRT technique for total marrow irradiation Marcelino Hermida-López Received Received
  1037-EP Correlation of PET results with pathological response after dose-escalation RT for NSCLC Shaakir Hasan Received Received
  1038-P Evaluating tumour response of NSCLC patients with FDG-PET: potential for treatment individualisation Iuliana Toma-Dasu Received Received
  1039-EP The role of radiotherapy technicians in intraoperative radiotherapy with electrons in a dedicated operating room JORDI SOLA Received Received
  1040-PD Development of a new virtual source model for portal image prediction Chabert Isabelle Received Received
  1041-P Fast GPU-based Monte Carlo dose calculations for permanent prostate implants Éric Bonenfant Received Received
  1043-EP Comparison of VMAT treatment planning techniques with 3D conf. planning in non-stereotactic lung cancer treatment Alexander Altenburger Received Received
  1044-PD Recalculating AAA plans with Acuros XB for oesophageal cancer - are we getting closer to the truth? Sriram Padmanaban Received Received
  1045-EP 2D/3D image registration for various gantry angles for online tumor motion tracking Elisabeth Steiner Received Received
  1047-P From random sampling QA to digital central review QA of multicentre clinical H&N radiotherapy protocols in DAHANCA Eva Samsoe Received Received
  1048-EP Impact of PET-CT simulation in lung cancer patients treatment. Preliminary results José Pardo Received Received
  1049-EP Comparative plan analysis of static field IMRT and VMAT for hippocampus sparing whole brain radiation therapy Wenchang Wong Received Received
  1050-PD Online evaluation of tumor match and need for adaptation for lung cancer patients - Can radiation therapists do the job? Anne-Mette Bang Rasmussen Received Received
  1051-P Clinical experiencie in the treatment of adrenal metastases with Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) JAVIER ANCHUELO LATORRE Received Received
  1053-EP Preventing human intervention errors in voluntary breath-hold radiation treatment Willy de Kruijf Received Received
  1055-EP Monitoring changes in lung glucose metabolism for patients with lung cancer receiving thoracic irradiation Azadeh Abravan Received Received
  1056-PD Patient modelling in head and neck hyperthermia treatment planning: is CT-based auto-segmentation sufficient? René Verhaart Received Received
  1058-P Image quality and registration uncertainty in image guided deep inspiration breath hold radiotherapy of lung cancer Mirjana Josipovic Received Received
  1059-P Simultaneous-integrated boost volumetric-modulated arc therapies in prostate cancer: A dosimetric comparison Juan Carlos Mateos Received Received
  1060-EP A method for dosimetry audit of IMRT and VMAT Emelie Adolfsson Received Received
  1061-EP Dosimetric impact of advanced calculation algorithms on OAR in head and neck treatments using VMAT Ingrid Romera-Martínez Received Received
  1062-EP Haematology toxicity evaluation in whole pelvis RT: implementing a procedure for contouring bone marrow structures Vincenzo Sacco Received Received
  1063-EP Left sided breast radiotherapy with respiratory gating: deep inspiration breath hold versus free breathing Basri Gunhan Received Received
  1065-EP An observatory study of organ motion in patients with cervical cancer using cinematic-magnetic resonance imaging Noha Jastaniyah Received Received
  1068-EP Radiation therapy for pelvic lymph node metastasis from uterine cervical cancer Masaharu Hata Received Received
  1069-EP Hypo fractionated breast IMRT treatment with simultaneous versus sequential boost technique SURESH MOORTHY Received Received
  1071-EP A new hybrid VMAT technique for accelerated whole breast irradiation with hypofractionation plus concurrent boost Alfredo Serna Received Received
  1073-P Outcome of Choline PET-CT guided salvage hypofractionated Tomotherapy for lymph-nodal recurrent prostate cancer Andrei Fodor Received Received
  1074-EP Needle placement accuracy of intracavitaryinterstitial cervical brachytherapy using same-day MRI preplanning Johanne Hermesse Received Received
  1076-PD Whole breast radiotherapy in prone and supine position: what treatment technique to choose? bruno speleers Received Received
  1079-PD Homologous recombination deficient tumor cells exhibit increased radiosensitization by PARP inhibition Floor Hageman Received Received
  1083-PD PET-CT SIM: Radiation Therapist (RT) led protocol development and clinical implementation into routine practice Maeve Kearney Received Received
  1084-EP Wilms tumor - a single institution experience ANA PIMENTA Received Received
  1085-EP TPS performance audit with a heterogeneous phantom Krzysztof Chelminski Received Received
  1086-EP Radiotherapy for thymic carcinoma: a retrospective analysis of 39 patients. Hiroto Murata Received Received
  1087-EP Characterization of alanine electron paramagnetic resonance detector in clinical carbon ion and proton beams Antonio Carlino Received Received
  1090-PD Is the perfect agreement among delineators a chimera? Analysis of interobserver variability in H&N and rectal tumors Chiara Valentini Received Received
  1091-EP Service user participation in radiotherapy education Bev Ball Received Received
  1092-EP IMRT in nasopharyngeal cancer patients with skull base infiltration Iñigo Nieto Regueira Received Received
  1093-EP The use of failure mode and effects analysis for risk assessment in Cyberknife stereotactic body radiation therapy. Ivan Veronese Received Received
  1094-EP Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) for extracranial oligometastases Katharine Aitken Received Received
  1095-EP Prostate intrafraction motion assessment using a temporary-implanted wired electromagnetic tracking system Alessandro Vai Received Received
  1096-EP Accuracy of radiophotoluminescence glass dosimeter for dose measurement of IMRT beam Shimpei Hashimoto Received Received
  1097-P Estimation of a/ ratio for late rectal toxicity from localized prostate cancer irradiation Jian Zhu Received Received
  1098-PD Early stage nodal follicular lymphoma using IF radiotherapy and Rituximab: Results of the MIR trial of the GLSG and ARO Klaus Herfarth Received Received
  1100-P Establishing adequately visible endoscopically implantable gold markers for CT, cone-beam CT and MRI Oliver Jacob Gurney-Champion Received Received
  1101-EP Quality assurance of four-dimensional computed tomography for stereotactic ablative radiotherapy William Nailon Received Received
  1102-EP Dysgeusia during radio(chemo)therapy for head-and-neck tumors: A prospective study in 356 patients Elke Doerr Received Received
  1103-PD HIF1 signaling in aggressive hypoxic cervical tumors Christina Saeten Fjeldbo Received Received
  1105-EP Clinical outcomes and toxicity in MRI based cervical brachytherapy Francisco Javier Celada Received Received
  1108-P Mitochondrial function of the prognostic cell cycle regulatory gene CKS2 in cervical cancer Marte Jonsson Received Received
  1109-PD A dosimetric analysis of Dice index and Hausdorff distance in H&N. Which index can evaluate autocontouring software? Gian Carlo Mattiucci Received Received
  1112-P VERO Mitsubishi/BrainLab RT: case profile, feasibility and acute toxicity in consecutive 686 patients/819 lesions matteo muto Received Received
  1113-P First experience with the use of gold markers for image guidance in esophageal cancer radiotherapy Peng Jin Received Received
  1114-EP Clinical validation of Smart Probabilistic Image Contouring Engine (SPICE) for prostate and head & neck cancer SHING CHEUNG LEE Received Received
  1117-EP Definitive chemoradiation for oesophageal cancer: Northern Ireland regional outcomes Rebecca Goody Received Received
  1119-EP Clinical impact of IMPORT HIGH trial (CRUK/06/003) on breast radiotherapy in the United Kingdom Yat Man Tsang Received Received
  1120-EP Pelvic rotation for rectal and anal cancer patients: Revisiting a local pelvic fixation 2 years after introduction Matrin Berg Received Received
  1121-EP Development of hybrid dynamic tumor tracking irradiation using Vero4DRT: A preliminary study Masaki Sueoka Received Received
  1122-EP Image guided radiotherapy using daily Vs weekly cone beam CT for intensity modulated radiotherapy of head and neck Zaheeda Mulla Received Received
  1123-EP Use of choline PET/CT for treatment decision by recurrent prostate cancer in South Germany a pattern of care study Annedore R. Strnad Received Received
  1124-PD Review and meta-analysis of prognostic PET imaging studies: Evidence of publication bias Malene Martini Clausen Received Received
  1125-P Virtual patients for RT education: Facilitating the acquisition of treatment competencies and self-reflection Adriana Berlanga Received Received
  1126-P Visibility of fiducial markers on the same MRI T2 sequence used for delination of the prostate Brian Holch Kristensen Received Received
  1128-EP IGRT for prostate cancer with ultrasound-based system and surface imaging system: role of the two methods Krengli Marco Received Received
  1131-EP Serious game for shared decision making in lung cancer patients eligible for prophylactic cranial irradiation Anna Braeken Received Received
  1132-EP Volume model of interfractional movement of the uterus. Adequate margins in EBRT of cervical cancer Signe Danielsen Received Received
  1133-EP Clinical impact of tomoEDGE in the treatment of anal canal carcinoma Alessandra Franzetti Pellanda Received Received
  1134-EP Incidence of uterine perforation and tandem tenting in CT-guided intracavitary radiotherapy for cervical cancer Yuko Shirakawa-Isoyama Received Received
  1136-P Does neoadjuvant chemotherapy improve the pathologic complete remission rate for rectal cancer patients? Te Vuong Received Received
  1140-P Initial clinical experience with cohort multiple Randomized Controlled Trial design: the PICNIC-rectum project Maarten Burbach Received Received
  1141-EP Assessment of organs at risk contour variability within a UK multicentre lung radiotherapy trial (Isotoxic IMRT) Elizabeth Miles Miles Received Received
  1142-PD Trade-offs between PTV dose homogeneity and OAR sparing: influence of different planning protocols Jim Tol Received Received
  1143-P Dosimetric impact of Acuros XB dose calculation algorithm on PTV in head and neck treatments using VMAT Carles M Received Received
  1144-EP Evauation of biochemical response in relation to RT schedule for prostate cancer: preliminary experience Gladys Blandino Received Received
  1145-EP A planning study comparing two SIB-techniques in patients with breast cancer Stephanie Pensold Received Received
  1146-EP Image guided adaptive radiotherapy: a practical method to estimate rectal and bladder dose in prostate treatment Simona Castiglioni Received Received
  1147-EP Small field dosimetry using three solid state dosimeters for advanced dose audit in radiotherapy Hideyuki Mizuno Received Received
  1152-EP The pilot study for dosimetry audits of high energy electron beams using TLD, OSLD and RPLD Paulina Grochowska Received Received
  1153-PD Evaluation of long-term radiation-induced toxicity in children undergoing radiotherapy for Rhabdomyosarcoma Giorgia Timon Received Received
  1154-EP A retrospective review of organ at risk outlining for the IDEAL-CRT trial and its effect on dose escalation Emma Parsons Received Received
  1156-PD Combined chemo-radiotherapy in paediatric astrocytary gliomas. Deborah Aloi Received Received
  1157-EP Comparison of techniques and energies for optimal hair follicle sparing in whole brain radiotherapy Geraldine Dowse Received Received
  1158-EP The significance of carbon fiber couch top attenuation in a 6MV VMAT beam Stephen McCormack Received Received
  1161-EP Multimodal image registration to identify the dominant intraprostatic lesion in radiotherapy - AIRC grant IG 13218 Delia Ciardo Received Received
  1162-EP Radiation therapy with image guidance and active breath control for hepatobiliary malignancies Shikha Goyal Received Received
  1164-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy and concomitant boost in breast cancer patients using 3-D conformal radiotherapy Jeannette Valero Albarrán Received Received
  1165-PD Effect of vaginal packing (VP) on vagina and OAR dose in 337 consecutive cervical cancer brachytherapy applications Mario Federico Received Received
  1166-EP Histopathological outcomes of neoadjuvant radiotherapy for extremity soft tissue sarcoma Zuhair Gahelnabi Received Received
  1167-EP First implementation of intensity-modulated dynamic tumor-tracking RT in pancreatic cancer using a gimbaled linac Akira Nakamura Received Received
  1170-EP Successful radiotherapy in persistent inguinal lymphorrhea with CT-Planning Michael Kopp Received Received
  1172-EP Setup protocol and procedure for radiotherapy of pelvic region using 6 point fixation mask Vedran Manestar Received Received
  1173-EP Preliminary setup results of a new IGRT protocol for cranio-spinal axis irradiation Marije Frank Received Received
  1174-EP A therapeutic challenge: metastatic pancreatic cancer with musculoskeletal predilection. Case report and review Constantinos Zamboglou Received Received
  1175-PD Improving anatomical mapping of large deformations observed between EBRT and BT for cervical cancer Eliana M. Vasquez Osorio Received Received
  1176-EP Upper abdominal stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT): correlation of local control with biological equivalent dose Simon Kirste Received Received
  1178-P Impact of catheter displacements on inverse planning simulated annealing Gabriel Reynes-Llompart Received Received
  1179-P Repeatability of MRI-based diffusion measurements of oesophageal cancer Astrid van Lier Received Received
  1181-EP Outcome after re-irradiation for recurrent glioblastoma Kerstin Zwirner Received Received
  1182-EP Curative treatment of invasive bladder cancer in patients not candidates for cystectomy Miguel Ángel Gentil Jiménez Received Received
  1183-P Wee1-inhibition, radiation and hypoxia Sissel Hauge Received Received
  1184-EP The effect of hip prosthesis on dose distribution: in vivo thermoluminescent dosimeter in a cervical cancer patient yazici gzde Received Received
  1185-EP Implementing PRISMA-RT to analyze digitally reported (near) incidents and classify them for benchmarking Jan Verstraete Received Received
  1187-EP Cost-benefits of 8Gy therapy for bone metastases :the born of the hospital without pain. angela argenone Received Received
  1188-EP Proton pencil beam scanning as a RT modality in breast cancer: a comparison to gated and non-gated photon techniques Petra Mariann Witt Nystrm Received Received
  1189-EP PDRNs intravesical instillations reduces symptoms of interstitial radiation-induced cystitis Pierluigi Bonfili Received Received
  1190-EP Optimising the accuracy of the triple channel film dosimetry technique Simon Stevens Received Received
  1191-P Model-free investigation of the dose-volume-response of radiation pneumonitis by principal component analysis Christina Maria Lutz Received Received
  1193-P Novel hybrid detector for radiobiological investigations in clinical ion beams Martin Niklas Received Received
  1194-EP Positional stability of stereotactically irradiated lung tumors in 100 patients Siete Koch Received Received
  1196-EP High resolution portal image prediction for radiotherapy treatment verification & in vivo dosimetry David Patin Received Received
  1197-PD Hypoxia imaging and functional MR using combined FMISO PET/MRI in head and neck cancer (HNC) Simon Bke Received Received
  1198-EP Neoadjuvant chemotherapy and chemoradiotherapy with gemcitabine in muscle invasive bladder cancer Catherine Thompson Received Received
  1199-P Optimising 4D-PET-CT imaging protocols for radiotherapy treatment planning of lung, upper GI and pancreas carcinomas Abraham Selvan Received Received
  1200-P Clinical predictors of acute skin erythema in patients undergoing breast irradiation Tiziana Rancati Received Received
  1201-EP Geometric accuracy of 4DCT scans acquired using the wall and couch mounted variations of the Varian RPM camera system Barry OConnell Received Received
  1202-EP The effect of hormonotherapy duration on survival after conformal radiotherapy for prostate cancer patients Gokhan Ozyigit Received Received
  1203-P Hypoxia and miRNA correlation in esophageal squamous cell carcinomas Marianne Nordsmark Received Received
  1205-PD NBN gain is predictive for adverse outcome following image-guided radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer Alejandro Berlin Received Received
  1206-EP Total scalp irradiation using Helical Tomotherapy with a helmet bolus printed using a 3D printer JongSik Kim Received Received
  1207-EP The effect of tumor volume and pathology on diffusion-weighted MRI during radiotherapy of lung cancer Elisabeth Weiss Received Received
  1208-EP Brachytherapy of liver lesions with 90Y-microspheres:comparing previsional and post-therapy dosimetry Guerriero Francesco Received Received
  1209-EP Considering patient preferences to choose the best individual treatment, the example of a treatment choice tool Adriana Berlanga Received Received
  1210-PD Combining chemoradiation with COX-2 inhibitors in rectal cancer: clinical and translational data of a phase II study Annelies Debucquoy Received Received
  1211-P Radiotherapy practice patterns for lung cancer after the update of national guidelines in The Netherlands Jose Belderbos Received Received
  1213-EP Cavity Boost (CB) following Fractionated External Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT): Time to move on from clinical mark-ups? Sayan Chakraborty Received Received
  1214-EP Assessment of tangential VMAT technique for conventionally operated left-sided breast cancer Jan Seppl Received Received
  1217-P Pre-operative chemoradiation for rectal cancer Do radiotherapy dose and field size matter? David Boon Harn Tan Received Received
  1219-EP Defining Robustness planning protocols: including robustness into the clinical plan selection in proton therapy Stacey McGowan Received Received
  1220-P Quantitative Assessment of Morphological and Vascular Damage in Late Oral Radiation Toxicity Using Optical Coherence Tomography Bahar Davoudi Received Received
  1225-EP Comparative analysis of PTV and OAR DVH parameters in gynecologic patients receiving postoperative IMRT or 3D-RT Joaquin Velasco-Jimenez Received Received
  1226-P A sinogram warping strategy for pre-reconstruction 4D PET optimization in ion beam therapy application Chiara Gianoli Received Received
  1227-EP Accurate detection and tracking of ROIs for image-guided fractionated radiotherapy Gloria Bueno Received Received
  1228-PD Surgery and radiotherapy in childhood craniopharyngioma: impact on neuropsychological functions Barbara Diletto Received Received
  1229-EP Fast visual quality inspection of 4D PET/CT contouring of manual and semi-automatic contours Matthias Schlachter Received Received
  1230-EP An expert consensus panel on Geriatric Assessment (GA) in oncology Anita ODonovan Received Received
  1231-PD Proton range monitoring using prompt gamma camera in clinical configuration Guillaume Janssens Received Received
  1234-EP Defining radiation induced malignancies in the HPV era aisling barry Received Received
  1235-EP Increasing the plan quality of volumetric modulated arc therapy with increased number of arcs Wilko Verbakel Received Received
  1236-P Surface EGFR levels rather than intrinsic radiosensitivity predict response to In-DTPA-hEGF in solid cancers Clara Chan Received Received
  1238-EP Geant4 Monte Carlo simulations of direct energy deposition in a novel micro-calorimeter Kamran Fathi Received Received
  1242-P 10 year experience of an intra-operative computer guided prostate brachytherapy procedure - What have we learned? Siraj Husain Received Received
  1243-EP Dynamic provision of R&V database information in real-time via SQL, Dicom and HL/7 Fred Rhner Received Received
  1244-PD Sharing radiotherapy data using Semantic Web technology: one query for multiple datasets Johan van Soest Received Received
  1247-P Comparison of GTV in SBRT patients with central versus peripheral lung tumors on 3D and 4D PET/CT imaging alin chirindel Received Received
  1248-EP IGRT of the Prostate Evaluation of gold marker position migration during treatment course Sophie Kuechler Received Received
  1249-EP Radiotherapy treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer-A survey of current UK practice Andrew McPartlin Received Received
  1252-EP Monitoring of surface motion for 4D CT and gated radiotherapy Susanne Lise Bekke Received Received
  1255-PD Pancreas-sparing radiotherapy: a feasibility study in paediatric abdominal irradiation Emmanuel Jouglar Received Received
  1256-P Validity of dose shift-deformation invariance assumption for dose accumulation in head & neck radiotherapy Simon van Kranen Received Received
  1258-P Dosimetric analysis of mid-position vs ITV conformational plans for locally advanced NSCLC. Preliminary results AYADI MYRIAM Received Received
  1259-EP Feasibility study to establish polymer gel dosimetry in a real lung tissue phantom Torsten Moser Received Received
  1260-P Effect of prosthetic implants on Collapsed Cone algorithm comparison with GAMOS Monte Carlo and film dosimetry Dogukan Akay Received Received
  1262-EP Towards adaptive EBRT in cervix cancer: Robustness of a reduced margin strategy Lars Nyvang Received Received
  1263-EP Patterns of care and outcome in HPV p16 oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma treated at a tertiary hospital Myo Min Received Received
  1264-EP Stereotactic radiosurgery dose quality assurance: a commercial plastic scintillation versus a diamond detector Giovanna Dipasquale Received Received
  1265-EP Optimization of bladder hyperthermia treatment for Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Using Loco-regional Heating, 3D Thermometry and Hyperthermia Treatment Planning Gerben Schooneveldt Received Received
  1266-EP MRI-only based radiotherapy - Creating a pseudo CT scan from a T1-weighted MRI scan Daniel Andreasen Received Received
  1269-EP Evaluation of set up margins and a correction protocol in radical radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Laura Minchell Received Received
  1270-EP Introducing IMRT / VMAT Interdepartmental Photon Audit Arkadiusz Mazurek Received Received
  1271-EP Reduced fixation with optical monitoring for palliative whole brain radiotherapy treatment Malin Kgele Received Received
  1272-EP 2D/3D registration for pre-treatment lung tumor motion analysis using CBCT for intra-fractional tracking Hugo Furtado Received Received
  1275-PD Reproducibility of bladder volume in prostate RapidArc radiotherapy treatment Joana Bento Received Received
  1277-EP evaluation of inter-fractional prostate motion using 3D ultrasound image-guided radiotherapy Michael Martyn Received Received
  1279-EP Linac model optimisation loop enables high-resolution dose reconstruction from low-resolution measurements Jeremy Godart Received Received
  1280-PD The 70 of SUVmax threshold on pre radiotherapy PET/CT identifies the site of local recurrence in lung cancer Jérémie Calais Received Received
  1281-EP Volumetric modulated arc therapy quality assurance: Characterisation and evaluation of Octavius 4D system Caroline Lafond Received Received
  1282-EP Multidimensional geriatric evaluation in urological neoplasia: a cooperative prospective study morlino sara Received Received
  1283-EP Analysis of a stereotactic frameless radiosurgery technique for targeting arteriovenous malformation Femke Steenbeke Received Received
  1284-EP MRI safety during interventional brachytherapy in a combined 1.5 Tesla MRI/HDR treatment room; the role of the RTT Rogier Schokker Received Received
  1285-EP Evaluating the use of bladder volume measurement ultrasound device in radiotherapy Samantha Wallice Received Received
  1289-P DNA detection and p16 immunohistochemistry as alternative methods for the diagnosis of HPV in oropharyngeal cancer Rosa Autorino Received Received
  1291-EP HDR brachytherapy dose errors resulting from geometric distortion of MR used for fusion in CT-based planning William Keough Received Received
  1292-P Quantification of tumor shrinkage in the treatment of lung cancer: selecting candidates for adaptive treatment Patrick Berkovic Received Received
  1296-P planning comparison of MV vs kV homogeneous radiation treatment for pre-clinical studies with rat flank tumors Stefan van Hoof Received Received
  1298-P Anatomical markers of parotid overdosage during IMRT for locally advanced H&N guiding an adaptive RT strategy Jol Castelli Received Received
  1301-EP In-Vivo verification of tomotherapy treatment plans using the MVCT detectors Maxime Coevoet Received Received
  1302-PD Tomographic reconstruction of regular and irregular fields by means of optical scintillating fiber layer Maria Francesca Spadea Received Received
  1303-EP Breathing irregularity of free-breathing lung and liver tumor patients over the course of SBRT Tobias Gauer Received Received
  1306-EP Evaluation of methods for proton treatment planning in lung cancer patients Marina Sutto Received Received
  1307-EP 2D/3D EPID-based in-vivo dosimetry: preliminary results Jérémy Camilleri Received Received
  1309-P Post-neoadjuvant presacral radiological abnormalities in rectal cancer: long-term risk factors analysis Mercedes Muñoz Fernández Received Received
  1310-EP An in silico comparison of scanned carbon ion vs. SBRT single dose treatment of metastatic lung cancer Kristjan Anderle Received Received
  1311-P 2D versus 3D gamma index sensitivity and the impact of detector array resolution Mohammad Hussein Received Received
  1312-EP Do new radiotherapy techniques favourably impact on toxicity rates in prostate cancer patients (pts)? LAURA DONADONI Received Received
  1313-P Phase II Trial of image-based HDR interstitial brachytherapy for previously irradiated gynecological cancer ALICIA OLARTE GARCIA Received Received
  1314-EP Additional exposure by backscattering at high density dental prosthetics in the radiotherapy with photon radiation Nicolas Wissmann Received Received
  1318-EP Estimation of MRI-CT registration errors and geometric distortions for the pelvis Johan Sjberg Received Received
  1320-EP Dose calculation on CBCT: a simple approach accounting for the dependency of grey values on cone beam scan parameters Niek van Wieringen Received Received
  1321-EP SBRT for localized prostate cancer using Tomotherapy: current results of a phase II study (8 fractions in two weeks) Victor Macias Received Received
  1324-P Auto-delineation of hippocampus for sparing in whole brain radiotherapy Jens Edmund Received Received
  1326-EP Salvage radiotherapy after HIFU: low toxicity and satisfactory survival outcome Irina Sackerer Received Received
  1330-P Late rectal toxicity after RT for prostate cancer: the case of patients with moderate/severe basal GI symptoms Gianni Fellin Received Received
  1331-EP Radiation therapy in combination with cetuximab and gemcitabine in locally advanced pancreatic cancer Michele Fiore Received Received
  1332-EP Evaluation of a commercially available software for 3D dose and delivery verification of radiation treatment plans Patrik Sibolt Received Received
  1333-EP Implication of different calculation algorithms in breast radiotherapy: pencil beam vs collapsed cone convolution Savino Cilla Received Received
  1335-EP Comparison of three different immobilization devices for radiation therapy in the pelvic region Milos Djordjevic Received Received
  1337-EP Brain radiotherapy for breast cancer with brain metastasis:effect of breast cancer subtypes on clinical outcome SHIHFAN LAI Received Received
  1338-EP Imaged guided IMRT & moderate hypofractionated for the treament of prostate cancer in novalis linac Emilio Sanchez Received Received
  1340-EP Evaluation of a prototype in vivo dosimetry device Shaun Graydon Received Received
  1343-PD Effects of non-target dose on normal prostate cells Laura Shields Received Received
  1344-P Characterization of CdSe quantum dots under irradiation by photon beams for x-ray and linac-based dosimetry Marie-Eve Delage Received Received
  1345-EP Concurrent radio-chemotherapy in elderly patients: feasibility and tolerance in a mono-institutional experience Milena Di Genesio Pagliuca Received Received
  1346-EP Dose Planning of a Total Body Irradiation with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Andreas Springer Received Received
  1348-EP Serum levels of soluble Heat shock protein 70 (sHsp70) correlate to tumor response after radical treatment of SCCHN Hanno M. Specht Received Received
  1350-EP Phase correlation for the 3D registration of CT image volumes for dose monitoring of target volumes and organs at risk Daniel Foley Received Received
  1352-P Delineation of tumor tissue on H&E-sections of laryngeal carcinoma. How accurate is the gold standard? Elise Anne Jager Received Received
  1353-EP Evaluation of internal target volumes between 4D CT, Slow CT and CBCT according to breath patterns Soon Sung Lee Received Received
  1354-EP Functionalized nano-crystalline diamond surfaces for the generation of tumour spheroids of defined size Thomas Schmiedinger Received Received
  1356-EP Multi-institutional comparison of dosimetric parameters: Results from a Danish dosimetry protocol Anders Ravnsborg Beierholm Received Received
  1359-P Dosimetric evaluation of four patients treated with adaptive radiotherapy for bladder cancer Lotte Lutkenhaus Received Received
  1360-EP Measuring output factors for flattening filter free beams: A case study of the Elekta Versa HD Hans Lynggaard Riis Received Received
  1361-P Molecular mechanisms of targeted drug toxicities in a clinical combined-modality radiotherapy study Ert Kalanxhi Received Received
  1362-EP Accuracy of contralateral breast doses using different treatment planning algorithms Janne Heikkil Received Received
  1365-EP Dosimetric analysis of supine lateral total body irradiation technique sevim inel Received Received
  1366-EP Volumetric-modulated arc therapy for gynecological cancer with lumbo-aortic nodal invasion Aurélie Morel Received Received
  1367-EP Comparison of a novel Schottky diamond diode with reference detectors for dosimetry of flattening filter free beams Antonella Stravato Received Received
  1368-EP Collision-free planning of trajectories for conventional radiotherapy Markus Mehrwald Received Received
  1369-EP Is delivered multi-isocenter TMI by VMAT consistent with the planned one? In-vivo dosimetry study using GafChromic Anna Gaudino Received Received
  1370-EP Preliminary outcomes and toxicity in anal cancer treated with definitive VMAT chemoradiotherapy elisa ciurlia Received Received
  1372-EP OARs dose distribution evaluation before and after on-line corrections through CBCT in prostate cancer patients Anabela Dias Received Received
  1373-EP A method for checking the dose delivered to the prescription point from a line HDR or PDR source using alanine dosimetry Edwin Aird Received Received
  1377-EP 3D HDR brachytherapy of vaginal apex made with inverse planning dose calculation: a mono-institutional experience Enrico Verga Received Received
  1378-PD Radiation-induced changes in hepatocyte-specific Gd-EOB-DTPA enhanced MRI: Potential mechanism Christian Richter Received Received
  1379-P Comparison of quantitative and clinical assessment of deformable image registration of CT and MRI for H&N patients richard speight Received Received
  1380-P Robotic stereotactic re-irradiation for locally recurrent head-and-neck cancer: single center experience Pierluigi Bonomo Received Received
  1381-EP Migration of coated and non-coated seed types at day zero and after four weeks after LDR prostate implant Frank-André Siebert Received Received
  1382-P Visualization of inhomogeneities in a phantom irradiated by carbon ion beams using prompt secondary ions Tanja Gaa Received Received
  1383-EP Safely achieving up to 6 minute breath-holds in breast cancer patients Andrea Stevens Received Received
  1384-EP Relationship of gamma index evaluation and dose-volume-histograms in patient individual IMRT quality assurance Steffi Kantz Received Received
  1385-EP Optimal skin retraction for Helical Tomotherapy breast planning robustness vs skin dose Frederik Crop Received Received
  1386-P Clinical experience in the use of transit dosimetry for breast cancer treatment Sofia Celi Received Received
  1387-PD Tumour response: a multiparametric function DAVID ARAMBURU NUÑEZ Received Received
  1388-EP Direct measurement of the secondary ion track yield during carbon and helium ion irradiation of a PMMA phantom Merle Reinhart Received Received
  1390-EP Staying the Course: An exploration of the student experience for BSc(Hons)Radiotherapy students Catherine Gordon Received Received
  1391-P TRAM-34 an inhibitor of the Ca2-activated IK K channel radiosensitizes glioblastoma cells in vitro Benjamin Stegen Received Received
  1392-EP Radiation-induced modulation in the distribution of lymphocytes in breast cancer patients Eva Katharina Sage Received Received
  1393-EP Investigation of plan robustness regarding patient setup using Monte Carlo methods Werner Volken Received Received
  1394-EP An analysis of the dose distribution in the SCOPE 1 oesophageal cancer trial data Rhys Carrington Received Received
  1395-EP Combination of IMRT and three dimensional conformal brachytherapy in cervical carcinoma Melahat Garipagaoglu Received Received
  1397-EP Reirradiation of brain tumors in young ages (7-40 years) Petra Mozes Received Received
  1400-P VMAT radiosurgery with flattening filter free photon beams for benign brain lesions in comparison to GammaKnife Mehmet Ufuk Abacioglu Received Received
  1401-P Hypoxia in tumor and LN-metastases in course of radiochemotherapy of locally advanced head-and-neck cancer Anna Bandurska-Luque Received Received
  1402-EP Fast scan and low dose megavoltage CT reconstruction via a compressed censing with prior image constraints in IGRT HO LEE Received Received
  1405-EP Impact of preoperative 18FDG PET/CT images in target volume delineation of the breast boost Odile Fargier-Bochaton Received Received
  1406-EP In vivo lung dose estimation during total body irradiation with Gafchromic EBT3 films Tino Streller Received Received
  1408-P Evolution in late rectal toxicity in prostate cancer patients in the intensity modulated radiotherapy era Valérie Fonteyne Received Received
  1409-P An individualized radiation dose escalation trial in non-small cell lung cancer, based on FDG-PET imaging Marie Wanet Received Received
  1411-EP CT perfusion treatment response evaluation of head and neck cancer after IMRT: preliminary findings luna cernusco Received Received
  1412-EP Individual risk for biochemical recurrence in T2/T3a R1 prostate cancer a multicenter study Ute Ganswindt Received Received
  1413-P Concurrent aromatase inhibitor use during left-sided breast cancer radiotherapy decreases cardiac functions Tanja Skytt Received Received
  1414-EP Evaluation of re-optimisation based on AAA-calculated VMAT plan and dose distribution in Eclipse André Haraldsson Received Received
  1415-EP Stereotactic boost in intermediate risk prostate carcinoma: preliminary results of a french multicentric study Eric Lartigau Received Received
  1417-EP Factors affecting survival for patients with brain metastases receiving palliative radiotherapy Ebru KARAKAYA Received Received
  1418-PD Clinical use of iterative 4D CBCT reconstructions to investigate tumor motion of lung cancer patients Mai Lykkegaard Schmidt Received Received
  1419-PD Development of a software platform for evaluating automatic PET segmentation methods Beatrice Berthon Received Received
  1420-EP Acceptance tests of a set of Valencia skin applicators Pablo Saldaña Received Received
  1421-PD Necessity and extent of pelvic radiotherapy in cN0 high-risk prostate cancer patients Sofie Isebaert Received Received
  1423-PD Fast rotational IMRT with a 2d binary MLC (2D-bMLC): Dosimetric consequences of intrafraction prostate motion Georg Altenstein Received Received
  1425-P Pattern of failure after sentinel node based individualization of pelvic IMRT for high risk prostate cancer Arndt-Christian Mller Received Received
  1429-EP Moderate hypofractionation radiotherapy with helical tomotherapy (HT) for prostate cancer GIUSEPPE FERRERA Received Received
  1430-P Dosimetric comparison between Tomotherapy and Cyberknife for radiosurgery of single brain metastasis DANIELA GRETO Received Received
  1432-EP Brachytherapy HDR source Air Kerma strength evaluation by means of a radiofluorescence-based QA tool Chiara Tenconi Received Received
  1433-EP Partial breast irradiation and stereotactic body radiation therapy with Exactrac in breast cancer patients RAQUEL CIERVIDE Received Received
  1434-EP Dosimetric comparison between GPU and CPU cluster based Tomotherapy dose engine for different anatomical districts Angelo Maggio Received Received
  1435-EP Quality index to predict differences between planned and measured dose due to limitations in the TPS Julia Gtstedt Received Received
  1440-P Evaluation of a new motion correction algorithm for PET/CT images and its impact on imaged maximum SUV Daniel McGowan Received Received
  1441-EP Dose response relationship for stereotactic salvage of locally recurrent nasopharyngeal carcinoma Andrew hartley Received Received
  1442-EP Orchiectomy and radiotherapy for stage I-II testicular seminoma: Side effects, body image and sexual functioning Ruud Wortel Received Received
  1443-P Dosi-MeV, a new electron in vivo dosimeter for external radiotherapy Catherine KHAMPHAN Received Received
  1444-EP Adjuvant radiotherapy using simultaneous integrated boost technique for breast conserving surgery Rosario Del Moral-Ávila Received Received
  1445-EP Analysis and comparison of setup correction shifts of compliant and non-compliant patients with the setup protocol Rocío Bermúdez Luna Received Received
  1446-EP Advantages and early outcomes of extended field IMRT for advanced cervical cancer Roxolyana Abdah-Bortnyak Received Received
  1447-EP Accuracy of remote translations of the couch during IGRT-guided radiosurgery MIQUEL POZO Received Received
  1448-EP Ionizing radiation-induced glioblastoma cell migration in vivo Lena Butz Received Received
  1449-EP Could c-myc amplification replace Cahans criterias to discriminate secondary from primary breast angiosarcoma ? Audrey Lebel Received Received
  1450-EP Volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT)in locally advanced lung cancer dosimetric comparison with 3DCRT Gowardhanan doss Reddy Received Received
  1451-EP Quercetin protects radiation induced oxidative DNA damage and apoptosis in kidney and bladder tissues of rats AYSE SEVGI OZDEN Received Received
  1452-PD FDG-PET/CT for prediction and assessment of pathological response to induction CRT for esophageal carcinoma Piet Dirix Received Received
  1453-P Monitoring the workflow in a radiotherapy department: a study on quality evolution in ten years of clinical activity Stefano Tomatis Received Received
  1457-P Dose escalation with HDR brachytherapy in high risk prostate cancer: comparison of two consecutive protocols ALICIA OLARTE GARCIA Received Received
  1458-EP The use of a 3D surface based imaging system to assess intra-fraction motion for breast cancer patients Sarah Wright Received Received
  1459-EP Setup correction in breast radiotherapy with lymph node irradiation is radiobiologically significant Saskia Petillion Received Received
  1460-P Design of cone-beam CT for proton therapy gantry Sebastien Brousmiche Received Received
  1461-EP A pilot project with multiple IAEA studies exploring a Big Clinical Data strategy for research and to improve quality Glenn Jones Received Received
  1462-EP Application of statistical process control (SPC) to patient-specific VMAT quality assurance Savino Cilla Received Received
  1464-EP The radiobiology of switching from a no action level to a daily imaging IGRT setup protocol Antony Carver Received Received
  1465-P Outcome of young patients treated with 125I-brachytherapy for low and intermediate risk prostate carcinoma. Isabelle Kindts Received Received
  1466-P Dose escalation using 3DCRT in concurrent setting with vinorelbine and a platinum compound in locally advanced NSCLC Petronela Rusu Received Received
  1467-EP Delivered and planned doses for prostate SBRT with FFF beam: a radiobiology study by CBCT and deformable registration Giacomo Reggiori Received Received
  1469-EP Dosimetric comparison of AAA and Acuros XB algorithms for lung stereotactic radiotherapy Oznur Senkesen Received Received
  1470-EP Influence of histology and smoking status on PD-L1, PD1 and CTLA4 expression of tumor vs. normal lung tissue in NSCLC Kobe Reynders Received Received
  1471-EP Radiation therapy for biliary tract tumors: Joint experience of three centers Sinan Karabey Received Received
  1472-EP A unique PDF-form/e-form manager platform to improve data quantity and quality in IAEA randomized trials Trishala Menon Received Received
  1474-EP BK K channels regulate migration of irradiated glioblastoma cells by modifying the Ca2 signaling Dominik Klumpp Received Received
  1475-EP Added value of Spacer to IMRT treatment of prostate cancer: Is it cost-effective? Ben Vanneste Received Received
  1477-P Human Papillomavirus (HPV) serum antibodies as biomarkers in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Katja Lindel Received Received
  1478-EP Potential of iron oxide nanoparticles as radiosensitisers Thomas Schmiedinger Received Received
  1479-EP Dosimetric results from a clinical trial of adaptive radiotherapy for limited-stage small-cell lung cancer Lindsay Rowe Received Received
  1480-P non-isocentric cone-beam computed tomography reconstruction and artifact suppression Peter Keuschnigg Received Received
  1482-PD Evaluating dose parameters and toxicity in endoluminal brachytherapy for inoperable rectal cancer patients. Laura Velema Received Received
  1483-EP Normal tissue irradiation during micro-MLC based SRT or SRS: impact of the prescription isodose Gregory Delpon Received Received
  1484-PD Impact on NTCP of worst-case and beam-angle optimization in IMPT for oropharyngeal cancer patients Steven van de Water Received Received
  1485-P Routine application of fully automated independent 3D dose calculation prior to and during fractionated treatment Wilco Schillemans Received Received
  1486-P Initial characterisation of a graphite calorimeter in a proton pencil beam Lauren Petrie Received Received
  1489-EP Monte Carlo simulation of electron beams from medical linac using EGS5 Alexander Nevelsky Received Received
  1490-EP Evolution of QA program for dynamic MLC in volumetric modulated arc therapy based on EPID portal dosimetry Ricardo Tortosa Oliver Received Received
  1496-EP A dosimetric comparison of Helical Tomotherapy and VMAT in the treatment of high risk prostate cancer Thomas Lacornerie Received Received
  1500-EP Effect of relaxation music on the emotional state of radiotherapy cancer patients Malgorzata-Monika Stanczyk Received Received
  1503-EP Multi-centre assessment of a 4D radiotherapy quality assurance, verification and audit phantom Stéphanie CORDE Received Received
  1504-EP Patterns of difficult cases for breast irradiation: where multi-beam IMRT and SIB should be the primary choice Selma Ben Mustapha Received Received
  1505-P IMPT may reduce risk for cardiac mortality and secondary cancers compared to 3D-CRT and IMRT for Hodgkins Lymphoma Allison Toltz Received Received
  1506-EP Organ sparing treatment for bladder cancer a series of patients from a single institution Barbara Helena Zobec Logar Received Received
  1507-EP Volumetric modulated arc therapy for advanced breast cancer Pei-Chieh Yu Received Received
  1508-P Implementation of 3D real-time-planning in HDR brachytherapy for anal cancer Frank-André Siebert Received Received
  1509-P The risk of lumbosacral plexopathy in long-term survivors after definitive radiotherapy for cervix cancer SEI HWAN YOU Received Received
  1511-EP Experience of definitive chemoradiotherapy in senior adults with head and neck cancers Muhammad Shahid Iqbal Received Received
  1512-P The effect of metformin on radiotherapy outcome in non small cell lung cancer patients treated with chemoradiation Maddalena M.G. Rossi Received Received
  1513-EP Proton-photon or photon therapy of locally advanced prostate cancer: 10 years results and dynamics of toxicities. Irina Kancheli Received Received
  1514-PD Kilo voltage x-ray visibility and artifact quantification for 2D & 3D imaging of a new liquid fiducial marker for IGRT Jonas Bengtsson Scherman Received Received
  1515-P Definitive radiotherapy for cervix cancer a single institution experience with 10-years follow-up Barbara Segedin Received Received
  1516-P Identifying relationships between patient-reported outcomes in multiple radiotherapy cohorts Maria Thor Received Received
  1517-P The toxicity of induction chemotherapy on salivary gland function prior to curative IMRT for head and neck cancer Tom Richards Received Received
  1521-EP Development of a water tank-type lung phantom for dose verification and credentialing of lung SBRT clinical trial Teiji Nishio Received Received
  1522-P Robotic guided prostate brachytherapy under TRUS visualization: A phantom experiment Martin André-Guy Received Received
  1524-P Brain abnormalities on MRI in pituitary adenoma patients treated with or without radiotherapy Margriet Sattler Received Received
  1529-PD Valvular disease in long-term childhood cancer survivors treated with potentially cardiotoxic therapy Irma van Dijk Received Received
  1530-EP Does the delivery technique impact the effect of respiratory motion in stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy? Alexis Dimitriadis Received Received
  1531-PD Impact of DVH prediction models and a standardized planning technique on post-op endometrial IMRT plan quality Lindsey Olsen Received Received
  1532-EP Functional requirements in public tendering for linear accelerators and ROKIS Gerd Lutters Received Received
  1533-P Effects of e-Feedback of Radiotherapy on breast cancer patients knowledge: a randomized controlled trial Mervi Siekkinen Received Received
  1535-PD 168 patients with skull base chordoma treated with carbon ion irradiation: First long term results Matthias Uhl Received Received
  1536-EP Risk analysis in brachytherapy department Lulzime Daci Received Received
  1537-EP Low esophageal toxicity during simultaneous modulated accelerated radiotherapy (SMART) in locally advanced NSCLC enrique chajon Received Received
  1539-EP Stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of melanoma brain metastases. María Rosario Guerrero-Tejada Received Received
  1540-P Validation of a phase space determination algorithm for intra-operative radiation therapy Paula Ibanez Received Received
  1541-P Current smoking is the only significant predictor of locoregional control in HPV-positive oropharyngeal cancer Carmen Liskamp Received Received
  1542-EP Pretreatment 18F-FDG-PET SUVmax plus Plasma EBV DNA titers to predict distant failure in NPC YITING SHIH Received Received
  1544-EP Hypofraccionated stereotactic reirradiation with Novalis linac in patients with high-grade gliomas Mercedes Lopez Gonzalez Received Received
  1546-EP Identification of regions at risk for radiotherapy planning based on fMRI data Noora Tuovinen Received Received
  1547-PD Validation of the oncentrabrachy collapsed cone convolution algorithm using real patient geometries Yunzhi Ma Received Received
  1548-P Hypofractionated IMRT treatment delivery for breast cancer patients in prone position Sandra Vieira Received Received
  1550-P Evaluation of automatic segmentation software for brain organs at risk Petr Filatov Received Received
  1551-EP Radiotherapy-related changes in serum proteome patterns of head and neck cancer patients Piotr Widlak Received Received
  1552-EP Stereotactic radiotherapy for lung tumors: preliminary treatment results of 35 cases from a single institution Gonca Altinisik Inan Received Received
  1553-EP De-ESCALaTE HPV radiotherapy quality assurance: Improving plan quality within a UK HNC trial Helen Baines Received Received
  1554-P Development of a combined in-room imaging and patient alignment system Philipp Steininger Received Received
  1555-EP Determination of expression of EGFR and role of Gefitinib in premalignant and malignant lesions of the oral cavity Umesh Velu Received Received
  1557-EP Dosimetric comparison of dynamic treatment plans based on manual and automatic beam angle selection Joanna Litoborska Received Received
  1558-P Dose calculation accuracy in the build-up region of flattening filter-free photon beams Annemieke De Puysseleyr Received Received
  1559-EP Dosimetric characterization of a monolithic epitaxial silicon dosimeter for quality assurance in radiotherapy Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  1561-EP The role of chemoradiotherapy in pancreatic cancer treatment: institutional experience M Victoria De Torres Olombrada Received Received
  1562-EP The Radiogenomics Consortium (RGC) Catharine West Received Received
  1563-EP Feasibility study of simultaneous integrated boost for radiotherapy treatment in anal canal cancer Samuel Palumbo Received Received
  1564-EP Is the V150 a good quality indicator of postimplant dosimetry for I-125 permanent prostate brachytherapy? Miriam Zarza-Moreno Received Received
  1565-P Comparing deformable and rigid image registration to assess pelvic cancer relapses following chemo-radiotherapy Lisa Durrant Received Received
  1566-P Assessing response to radiotherapy with diffusion weighted MRI (DW-MRI) in muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) shaista hafeez Received Received
  1567-EP A dosimetric comparison between different external photon beam techniques for accelerated PBI Elena De Martin Received Received
  1568-PD Initial evaluation of MR and TRUS imaging for pre BT cervical cancer assessment in the frame of MR-based Image Guided BT Mario Federico Received Received
  1569-EP Fast evaluation of interplay effects in proton scanning therapy for mobile targets in free breathing patients Angjelina Protik Received Received
  1571-EP Intraoperative-like single dose X-ray radiotherapy in squamous cell skin carcinoma in elderly patients Katarina Majercakova Received Received
  1574-P Impact of locoregional treatment on survival in patients presented with metastatic breast carcinoma Melis Gultekin Received Received
  1576-P Pre-treatment IMRT quality assurance: from ROC curves to Quantec constraints Sara Bresciani Received Received
  1579-EP Implications for tumor coverage due to the accuracy of dose calculation algorithms for 3DCRT lung radiotherapy Diana Braga Received Received
  1580-EP Respiratory motion patterns during free breathing radiotherapy and implications for offline correction protocols Gaspar Sánchez Merino Received Received
  1582-P A full Monte Carlo model to correct for scatter in clinical CBCT images Rune Slot Thing Received Received
  1584-EP Quantifying the trigger level of the vacuum surveillance system of Gamma Knife eXtend and the impact on dose delivery Béatrice Reiner Received Received
  1588-EP Bladder Tumors - 8 years experience of a Radiotherapy Service Pedro Pinto Soares Received Received
  1589-P Implementation of soft tissue match using daily CBCTs for lung cancer patients results in reduced dose to lung Tine Bisballe Nyeng Received Received
  1590-P A centralized data management system of heterogeneous data sources for radiation therapy Otto Diesenbacher Received Received
  1592-EP Prognosis and survival of women with type II endometrial carcinoma after adjuvant radiotherapy Robert Foerster Received Received
  1593-EP Clinical implementation of dosimetry check, EPID based in-vivo dosimetry for volumetric modulated arc therapy Martyn Gilmore Received Received
  1594-EP Assessing the dosimetric impact of tumour motion during lung SBRT with the RayStation TPS and Elekta Agility linac Richard Sims Received Received
  1595-EP Classification of radiotherapy lung patients by their characterized respiratory patterns Jesus Cortes-Rodicio Received Received
  1596-EP Fractionated stereotactic radiation with CyberKnife for uveal melanoma : early results. Samy Horn Received Received
  1597-EP Hypofractionated Helical Tomotherapy for breast cancer Vs prone 3D-conformal radiotherapy: a dosimetric analysis Francesca Maria Giugliano Received Received
  1598-EP Impact of primary treatment modality(surgery vs radiotherapy)on oncological outcome of hypopharyngeal carcinoma Francesco Miccichè Received Received
  1600-EP Novel applicator for RF hyperthermia treatment of soft-tissue sarcomas using improved excitation control Myles Capstick Received Received
  1601-EP A mortality study ofsystemicanti cancer therapy inHeadandNeckcancers at a UK tertiarycancercentre KAMALNAYAN GUPTA Received Received
  1602-EP Obtaining 5MV and 8MV energies from 6MV linear accelerator and investigating the advantages of using in IMRT ilker catan Received Received
  1604-PD Flattening Filter Free for head and neck and prostate irradiation Linda Kool Received Received
  1605-EP Effect of large set-up errors on conventional and IMRT craniospinal irradiation Young Lee Received Received
  1606-EP Dosimetric comparison between 3D detectors arrays and portal dosimetry for VMAT treatments Daniel NGUYEN Received Received
  1608-EP Development of quality audits for advanced technology in radiotherapy dose delivery Joanna Izewska Received Received
  1609-EP APBI with IMRT IGRT: Report of a novel technique and dosimetry results Pablo Castro Peña Received Received
  1611-EP Radiosurgery and stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastases: an early single-institution experience Valentina Borzillo Received Received
  1612-EP In vivo Dosimetry as verification of delivered dose leading to an adaptive radiotherapy GABRIELLA PASTORE Received Received
  1614-EP FDG-PET based dose painting in head and neck tumors: a dosimetric comparison between TomoTherapy and RapidArc Sarah Differding Received Received
  1615-PD Clinical outcomes in oligometastatic patients treated with SBRT for lung nodules SLAVISA TUBIN Received Received
  1616-EP Hippocampal-sparing WBRT using VMAT technique Bar-Deroma Raquel Received Received
  1617-EP Follow-up with pelvic MRI in cervix cancer: Our experience Claudia Marcela Diaz Silvera Received Received
  1618-EP A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis for implementation new technology - CyberKnife Agnieszka Skrobala Received Received
  1622-P The efficiency of radiotherapy in the treatment of glioblastoma is enhanced by chloroquine. Helmut Bhler Received Received
  1623-P Tomotherapy vs. VMAT for total marrow irradiation Lukasz Matulewicz Received Received
  1626-EP Adjuvant brachytherapy for endometrial cancer: is the vaginal mold better than the cylinder? Clement El Khoury Received Received
  1627-P development of a predictive spectrophotometry-based model for skin erythema in patients treated for breast cancer Tommaso Giandini Received Received
  1628-P Fully Automated Plan Generation for Cervical Cancer Patients Abdul Wahab Sharfo Received Received
  1629-PD Three-point method for IMRT verification with radiochromic film dosimetry without previous calibration Pedro Gallego Received Received
  1631-P SBRT for liver metastases: Results on 260 treated lesions CLAUDIA MENICHELLI Received Received
  1632-EP Comparison of manuel and inverse optimization methods for HDR tandem-ovoids brachytherapy Bilgehan Yumak Received Received
  1633-P Parotid sparing in IMRT treatment - A study comparing clinical practice with QUANTEC recommendations Moore Margaret Received Received
  1634-EP Automated deformable image registration and manual correction in RT: Dosimetric implications Kristina Giske Received Received
  1635-P Experimental determination of megavoltage electron beam kR50 factors using water calorimetry James Renaud Received Received
  1636-EP Lung stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastases of colorectal tumors: First outcomes Claudia Carvajal Sanjines Received Received
  1637-EP Value of modern radiation techniques in bilateral breast cancer treatment Ana Luísa Vasconcelos Received Received
  1638-P Estimated effect of overall treatment time on the risk of late rectal toxicity Marianne Aznar Received Received
  1639-EP The retrospective evaluation of uveal melanoma cases treated with fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy Ela Delikgz Soykut Received Received
  1640-EP Geometrical and dosimetric interfractional variations and their correlation in head and neck IG-IMRT Markus Stoll Received Received
  1641-EP Prone accelerated partial breast irradiation with MERTIMRT using a Monte Carlo treatment planning system. Elisa Jiménez Ortega Received Received
  1643-EP Efficient Monte Carlo calculations of CBCT scatter using egs_cbct Rune Thing Received Received
  1645-P Use of palliative radiotherapy in brain and bone metastases (VARA II study) José Expósito-Hernández Received Received
  1646-PD Health related quality of life before radiation therapy for patients with lung cancer Sonia Perez Received Received
  1647-P CT-guided high-dose-rate interstitial brachytherapy in eyelid carcinomas a retrospective study Virgínia Mareco Received Received
  1648-EP Anticipated boost with IORT followed by hypofractionated whole breast radiotherapy (AFTEREIGHT phase II study) Veronica DellAcqua Received Received
  1652-EP Hypofractionation with concomitant boost versus conventional radiotherapy in Egyptian breast cancer patients mona kamal Received Received
  1653-P Dosimetric advantage of Protura 6DOF robotic couch in prostate RapidArc treatment plan Silvia Chiesa Received Received
  1654-EP Results of RapidArc Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) in patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma MUTAHIR TUNIO Received Received
  1657-P A new margin concept for motion compensation during stereotactic treatment of lung tumors Carolin Schubert Received Received
  1658-PD The impact of prostate volume on clinical outcomes in patients with localized prostate cancer treated with HDR boost Eric Vigneault Received Received
  1659-EP Inspiration gating - Improving left breast coverage for patients with anterior heart position: the RPM advantage anna kaplinsky Received Received
  1660-EP 3D-guided high-dose-rate brachytherapy for oral cavity carcinomas departments retrospective analysis André Abrunhosa-Branquinho Received Received
  1663-EP Dose delivery verification of craniospinal irradiation using IMRT Young Lee Received Received
  1665-P VMAT verification, commissioning and QA based on MC simulation Ana Rita Barbeiro Received Received
  1666-P Calculating dose distributions in Elekta XVI CBCT for head and neck adaptive radiotherapy. Georgios Ntentas Received Received
  1667-P Clinical Implementation and Evaluation of DIBH to Reduce Cardiac Dose in Left-Sided Breast Cancer Radiotherapy Carolyn Furlong Received Received
  1670-EP Patient positioning by 3D ultrasound: quantification of inherent technical limitations Hendrik Ballhausen Received Received
  1671-PD Clinical implementation of MRgRT: safety and mechanical quality assurance Olga Green Received Received
  1673-EP Automated delivery and quality assurance of modulated electron radiation therapy for breast Tanner Connell Received Received
  1674-EP Comparing of Rapid Arc technique Vs 3D-CRT in rectal caner radiotherapy in regards to organs preservation. abdulaziz alhamad Received Received
  1675-EP SABR for lung lesions in patients previously treated with surgery; our centre experience Marta Errasti Received Received
  1676-EP A fast Monte Carlo-based calculation algorithm for a Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy TPS : a validation study Jose Udias Received Received
  1677-EP 3D surface imaging for intrafraction motion management in pelvic tumours radiotherapyation therapy Giuseppina Apicella Received Received
  1678-P Quality assurance of radiologic images - Focal spot measurements for a dual energy X-ray tube Horst Schdl Received Received
  1679-EP Prognostic factors in stereotactic radiation therapy of brain metastases Thomas Leth Received Received
  1680-EP Radiation isocenter verification using the electronic portal imaging device JOSE ANGEL MERINO Received Received
  1681-EP QA Procedures using digital camera can improve accuracy of cranial stereotactic radio-surgery in patient to 0.5 mm Harald Petermann Received Received
  1682-EP CyberKnife Re-irradiation For Recurrent Low-Grade Glioma Gonca Altinisik Inan Received Received
  1683-EP Cyberknife robotic SBRT for primary and secondary lung lesions: Clinical outcome of 129 patients with 157 lesions Zsolt Levente Janvary Received Received
  1685-P Alternatives to the PTV concept for dose escalation of pelvic lymph nodes in cervical cancer Marianne Sanggaard Assenholt Received Received
  1689-P Simulation of x-ray images from the planning CT for online correction of scatter in cone-beam CT Simon Rit Received Received
  1690-P Disregarding RBE variation in treatment plan comparison may lead to bias in favor of proton therapy Minna Wedenberg Received Received
  1692-EP First results using a local reporting and learning system to analyze events in the radiotherapy process María José Béjar Received Received
  1693-P Helical Tomotherapy in combined anal cancer treatment: a prospective trial with reduced overall treatment time stefano vagge Received Received
  1694-EP Automated detection of radiopaque fiducial markers for image registration in MRI-guided radiation therapy Paul Mercea Received Received
  1695-EP Comparison of 3D conformal radiotherapy and IMRT and the effect of position in locally advanced rectal cancer ozlem derinalp or Received Received
  1697-EP RAD17 and DNA Replication as a potential target for improving radiotherapy in prostate cancer Cihan Gani Received Received
  1698-PD Individualizing left breast radiotherapy on the basis of patient anatomy Barbara Diletto Received Received
  1699-P Benefit of automated treatment planning applied in a parotid gland stem-cell sparing treatment Roel Steenbakkers Received Received
  1703-EP Hounsfield unit variation with changing acquisition parameters for Elekta XVI CBCT Christopher Thomas Received Received
  1707-P Motion-inclusive rectum and bladder doses in prostate IMRT and their deviations from planned distributions Ludvig P Muren Received Received
  1708-P 89Zr-Cetuximab uptake in primary head and neck xenografts is independent of the expression of EGFR and influenced by tumor microenvironment kranthi panth Received Received
  1709-EP MRI guided single fraction ablative radiotherapy for early-stage breast cancer: a brachytherapy versus VMAT planning study Kejal-Ramona Charaghvandi Received Received
  1712-P Scanning protocol improvements in Gafchromic EBT-x dosimetry Konrad Buchauer Received Received
  1713-EP Early clinical experience with image-guided intensity modulated accelerated partial breast irradiation Mészáros Norbert Received Received
  1714-EP Evaluation of radiotherapy techniques for unilateral head and neck cancer in planed and summed treatment doses Dualta McQuaid Received Received
  1715-P Importance of setup margins and setup accuracy in Image Guided Total Marrow Irradiation. alessandra pasini Received Received
  1716-PD Impact of age and comorbidities in glioblastoma patients. Which cut-off of age make a difference? ciro mazzarella Received Received
  1717-PD Impact of technology and learning curve on migration and seed loss in permanent prostate implants Sylviane Aubin Received Received
  1720-EP Improving the set-up of breast cancer patients during radiation treatment using an optical surface scanning system Charlotte Thornberg Received Received
  1721-EP Cone beam CT in patient repositionning evaluation to adjust planning CTV margins Latorzeff igor Received Received
  1724-EP Keloids treatment brachytherapy susana roldán Received Received
  1725-P Targeting HOX proteins to enhance radiotherapy in glioblastoma Tim Brend Received Received
  1726-EP Impact of patient-applicator air-gap in dedicated mobile accelerator for Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy JOSE Udias Received Received
  1729-EP Pleural cavity radiotherapy with IMRT-SIB-IGRT by Tomotherapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma Gabriella Cattari Received Received
  1730-EP Robustness of prostate pelvic IMRT: comparison of target delineation and target motion uncertainties on CTV dose Liv Bolstad Hysing Received Received
  1731-EP Inter-observer variability in contouring of the tumor bed in breast cancer patients with and without clips. Samantha Dicuonzo Received Received
  1732-EP Commissioning experience for six degree of freedom robotic couch accuracy in IGRT system Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  1734-EP An experimental method for IMRT transit dose verification using an a-Si EPID system M. Saeed Saboori Received Received
  1735-EP Inmediate reconstruction and postmastectomy radiotherapy Verónica Díaz Received Received
  1736-EP How much does robotic couch reduce the geometric errors? Scanning of tumor sites for more beneficial implemetation Silvia Chiesa Received Received
  1737-EP Dosimetric quality assurance in precision robotic radiotherapy: which type of detector suits best? Wolfgang Baus Received Received
  1742-EP Evaluation of an EPID- based in vivo dosimetric system in the presence of lung tissue heterogeneity FRANOISE LLISO Received Received
  1743-EP Fertility in prostate cancer patients treated with radiation therapy ASUNCION HERVAS MORON Received Received
  1744-P Assessment of liver function by magnetic resonance imaging after SBRT for hepatocellular carcinoma Anne-Sophie BAUMANN Received Received
  1745-EP Symptoms management in inoperable rectal carcinoma by short course palliative radiotherapy Ira Pavlovic-Ruzic Received Received
  1746-PD Reproducibility of deep inspiration breath-hold and dosimetric implications in treatments of left-breast cancer patrizia porcu Received Received
  1747-EP Feasibility and tolerance of simultaneous integrated boost technique in intermediate and high risk prostate cancer Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  1749-EP Dosimetric and clinical evaluation of a novel craniospinal irradiation technique Oliver Dohm Received Received
  1751-EP Monitoring fatigue and quality of life in high grade glioma patients. Is it useful? Silvia Chiesa Received Received
  1754-EP Evaluation of a predictive system of perturbations in the DVH from pre-treatment Quality Assurance data Marco Fortunato Received Received
  1758-EP Quality assurance of clinical dosimetry using reference dose volume histograms ALBERTO PEREZ-ROZOS Received Received
  1759-EP How big are the differences between individual operators in MVCT verification of target position on Tomotherapy ? Bartosz Bak Received Received
  1762-EP The outcome of patients with rectal cancer after Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for liver oligometastases. Agnieszka Namysl-Kaletka Received Received
  1763-PD Edema or not edema: this the matter in glioblastoma CTV Hypothesis from two sequential phase II studies Silvia Chiesa Received Received
  1764-EP Comparison of 3-dimensional conformal radiotherapy and intensity modulated radiotherapy for breast cancer Huseyin Kivanc Received Received
  1765-EP The curative treatment of synchronous rectal and prostate cancer Naomi Lavan Received Received
  1767-P Development of an open-source software platform for conventional and particle therapy Philipp Steininger Received Received
  1768-EP Could three trials demonstrate radiotherapy tolerance and utility in post-surgery setting prostate cancer? Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  1769-EP In vivo dosimetry with MOSFET and EBT3 film for total skin electron irradiation technique Anabela Dias Received Received
  1770-P High-grade acute toxicity during radiochemotherapy and outcome: an analysis on 352 patients Maria Cristina Barba Received Received
  1771-EP Inverse planning an education model for clinically experienced RTTs Tamar Katzman Received Received
  1775-EP Commissioning of a novel heterogeneity phantom for fiber-coupled organic scintillator dosimetry Wiviann Ottosson Received Received
  1777-PD Brachytherapy planning techniques for cervical cancer as part of the INTERLACE Trial Diez Patricia Received Received
  1779-P Clinical implementation of APBI using combined modulated electron and photon beams by means of the same MLC device Antonio Leal Plaza Received Received
  1781-P Prognostic value of early PET-CT to predict response after neoadjuvant RCT in locally advanced rectal cancer Maria Antonietta Gambacorta Received Received
  1785-EP Clinical technology in 21st century radiotherapy education - towards greater alignment with clinical competencies Mike Kirby Received Received
  1788-EP Patient-Specific QA for CyberKnife plans using 2D ion chamber array Sebastian Adamczyk Received Received
  1789-P Feasibility of single fraction, preoperative stereotactic body radiation therapy for breast cancer Krista Bota Received Received
  1791-EP - interoperable data exchange in radiotherapy Michael Memelink Received Received
  1792-P Helical Tomotherapy dose-escalation feasability study for radical malignant pleural mesothelioma Claudia Cutaia Received Received
  1795-P Fast calculation of dose coverage probability in fractionated RT David Tilly Received Received
  1796-EP Palliative combined treatment by high-dose-rate brachytherapy and stents in patients with esophageal cancer. Marek Kanikowski Received Received
  1798-EP The impact of the CT scanner calibration curve on the calculation of dose distribution Bartosz Pawalowski Received Received
  1800-EP Gamma H2AX and 53BP1 foci in lymphocytes correlate with rectal dosimetry in low dose rate I125 prostate brachytherapy Darren Brady Received Received
  1802-EP Clinical significance of hypermetabolic uptake in mediastinum on PET/CT in locally advanced head and neck cancer Jongmoo Park Received Received
  1803-EP May low dose radiotherapy combined with Bevacizumab improve outcome in recurrent glioblastoma? A pilot study Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  1804-EP Influence of FDG-PET on primary nodal target volume definition for head and neck carcinomas Chris Terhaard Received Received
  1806-EP Monte Carlo simulation of Proton Beams and CTs using GATE in a Cloud Computing Environment Blake Rowedder Received Received
  1807-EP Merkel cell carcinoma - a retrospective review of cases treated in a University Hospital Trust from 2001-2008 Harish Venkataravanappa Reddy Received Received
  1808-EP Accuracy of Atlas-Based Autosegmentation in head and neck radiotherapy treatment planning Karen De Souza Received Received
  1810-EP Advanced IGRT and plan adaptation with TrueBeam 2.0, PerfectPitch 6 DOF couch and ARIA 13 Andrew Reilly Received Received
  1811-EP Clinical parameters vs MGMT methylation as prognostic factors in unselected radiation-treated GBM patients Elzbieta Nowicka Received Received
  1812-PD Development of a novel regmentation framework using the Jensen Renyi divergence for adaptive radiotherapy Daniel Markel Received Received
  1813-EP Long-term outcome after simultaneous integrated boost treatment of prostate cancer patients via tomotherapy Michael Geier Received Received
  1814-EP Analysis of RapidArc optimization strategies in the treatment of prostate cancer Marta Adamczyk Received Received
  1815-EP Effect of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor on neutrophil count during chemoradiation for head and neck cancer Katie White Received Received
  1816-P CT density changes in the lungs after SBRT are dependent on the baseline HU of the irradiated lung Gilles Defraene Received Received
  1817-EP The out-of-field dose measurement of neutron and photon during radiotherapy with 20MV Marta Kruszyna Received Received
  1818-EP Phantom to Patient Registration applied to Dosimetry Gloria Bueno Received Received
  1819-EP Utility of FDG-PET in radiotherapy for indolent MALT lymphoma Emiko Katayama Received Received
  1820-EP The impact of human papillomavirus on oropharyngeal cancer in Nottingham, UK Louise Brookes Received Received
  1821-EP Clinical evaluation of surface-imaging system for patient positioning during breast cancer radiotherapy Heiko Karle Received Received
  1823-P Towards trial eligibility support from unstructured data: making the best of uncertainty M. Scott Marshall Received Received
  1824-EP Accelerated partial breast irradiation: Arctherapy versus 3D-CRT Georges Farha Received Received
  1826-EP Organ preservation in elderly patients with rectal cancer: Preliminary results of a prospective study Krzysztof Bujko Received Received
  1828-EP Inverse heat source problem for deep tumor imaging Valentin Mateev Received Received
  1833-P Phase I/II study of image-guided and radiobiologically guided radiotherapy for hepatic lesions Michael Lock Received Received
  1834-EP Evaluation of MRI-based radiotherapy treatment planning using look up table YoungNam Kang Received Received
  1835-P Assessment of setup in 123 breast cancer radiotherapy patients using daily megavoltage computed tomography Karin Schombourg Received Received
  1836-EP Treatment of nasopharynx carcinoma by external beam radiation and endocavitary brachytherapy boost Jose Luis Guinot Received Received
  1837-PD Combined FiF Tangent-to-tangents VMAT breast SIB technique: Clinical introduction of an optimal class solution Akos Gulyban Received Received
  1838-EP Comparision of IMRT-plans and volumetric modulated arc therapy for an ARTISTE accelerator Ute Spahn Received Received
  1840-EP 3D reconstruction of 1D water tank profile series to enable volumetric evaluation of beam models Jochem Wolthaus Received Received
  1842-P Applicator based-image registration to support image guided adaptive cervix brachytherapy in clinical routine Andreas OSZTAVICS Received Received
  1843-P Brachytherapy in cervical cancer: Comparison between CT/MRI based versus MRI only based conformal approach Peter Bownes Received Received
  1844-EP Field-in-Field technique for breast cancer radiotherapy: dosimetric advantages and practical problems Francesco Cellini Received Received
  1845-P Patients pain level affects duration of simulations procedures more than technical complexity Francesco Cellini Received Received
  1846-P Assessing variation in volume of breast-CTV during radiotherapy to ameliorate the boost planning Francesco Cellini Received Received
  1847-EP Comparison between the use of loose and polymer string seeds in prostatic brachytherapy in Brazil Fernando Peleias Junior Received Received
  1848-EP Study and development of a iridium-192 seed for use in ophthalmic cancer carla daruich de souza Received Received
  1850-EP Radiation therapy risk profile illustrated by new categorization method for near miss and incident reports. Harald Spejlborg Received Received
  1853-EP Five-year biochemical control rates and late toxicity of prostate cancer hypofractionated radiotherapy Pavol Dubinsky Received Received
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