20-24 April 2018 Barcelona
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Applicant name
  PV-0036 The effect of tumour laterality on survival for non-small cell lung cancer patients Alan McWilliam Received Received
  PV-0037 Correlation between coronary artery doses and survival in locally advanced lung cancer patients Marianne Aznar Received Received
  PV-0038 Esophagus toxicity after stereotactic radiotherapy of central lung tumor: NTCP modelling Marloes Duijm Received Received
  PV-0039 Outcome of elderly NSCLC patients treated with isotoxic RT dose-escalation using IMRT (NCT01166204) Judith van Loon Received Received
  PV-0040 Patterns of care for the elderly with non-surgically treated stage III non-small cell lung cancer Eric Miller Received Received
  PV-0041 Hand grip strength: independent prognostic ion test for OS in stage I NSCLC treated with SBRT Stephanie Peeters Received Received
  PV-0042 SBRT for peripheral lung tumors 5 cm: first results of the multicenter phase I/II VOLUMES trial Heike Peulen Received Received
  PV-0044 REPEAT SBRT FOR PULMONARY OLIGO-METASTASES Matthias Guckenberger Received Received
  PV-0098 Preoperative Nomogram for Early recurrence after Trimodality Therapy in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma. Lucas Goense Received Received
  PV-0100 Patient selection for proton therapy in esophageal cancer? The impact of clinical and dosimetric variables on postoperative pulmonary and cardiac complications after trimodality treatment Melissa Thomas Received Received
  PV-0101 Impact of cardiac dose on survival and toxicity after neo-adjuvant treatment for esophageal cancer. Edwin Oldehinkel Received Received
  PV-0102 Cardiopulmonary toxicity after tri-modality treatment versus surgery alone for esophageal cancer Marloes van der Heiden Received Received
  PV-0103 Can we safely reduce the radiation dose to the heart in esophageal cancer patients? Jannet Beukema Received Received
  PV-0104 Dosimetric Analysis of Hepatic Toxicity after Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Ren Luo Received Received
  PV-0105 Stereotactic body radiotherapy treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma: A phase II study Jérme Durand-Labrunie Received Received
  PV-0136 Comparison of secondary cancer risks of whole and various partial breast irradiation techniques Nienke Hoekstra Received Received
  PV-0137 Dosimetric uncertainties in pencil beam proton therapy for breast cancer Francesco Tommasino Received Received
  PV-0138 A multi-modal MRI and CT imaging method for the accurate calculation of proton stopping power ratios Atchar Sudhyadhom Received Received
  PV-0139 Experimental verification of 4D Monte Carlo simulations of dose delivered to a deforming anatomy Sara Gholampourkashi Received Received
  PV-0140 Beam characterization of the Elekta MRI-linac for the first clinical trial Eva Hortas Received Received
  PV-0141 Spiraling contaminant electrons increase dose to surfaces outside the radiation beam of an MRI-linac Sara Hackett Received Received
  PV-0142 Time-resolved commissioning of HDR brachytherapy applicators Gabriel Fonseca Received Received
  PV-0143 Dynamic six-degree of freedom dose reconstruction during radiotherapy Casper Gammelmark Muurholm Received Received
  PV-0144 Are gantry angular speed variations relevant to dose delivery accuracy? Alber Onsès Received Received
  PV-0197 Comparison of manual and two automated planning solutions for stereotactic brain radiosurgery Mariangela Zamburlini Received Received
  PV-0198 Clinical experience of automated SBRT paraspinal planning with constrained hierarchical optimization Linda Hong Received Received
  PV-0199 Influence of tumor infiltration on treatment outcome in Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: a modeling study Marta Lazzeroni Received Received
  PV-0200 Benchmark Case results from the EORTC Lungtech trial of SBRT for patients with centrally NSCLC Marie Lambrecht Received Received
  PV-0201 Automated proton planning by mimicking the reference photon dose for patient ion Roel Kierkels Received Received
  PV-0203 Energy layer reduction strategies for single- and multi field optimization of proton lung plans Maria Fuglsang Jensen Received Received
  PV-0204 Comparison of IMPT and VMAT for diffusion tensor image guided treatment planning of gliomas Jesper Kallehauge Received Received
  PV-0205 Optimization of combined proton-photon treatments Jan Unkelbach Received Received
  PV-0252 Image-guided boost brachytherapy for anal canal cancer: tumour and functional outcome Martin Heilmann Received Received
  PV-0253 Importance of DCE- MRI for targeting biopsy and salvage treatments after prostate cancer recurrence Joshua Mason Received Received
  PV-0254 Matched-paired analysis of radical radiotherapy vs. prostatectomy in high-risk prostate cancer Marta Gimeno Received Received
  PV-0255 Salvage high-dose-rate brachytherapy for previously irradiated locally recurrent prostate cancer Manuel Galdeano Rubio Received Received
  PV-0256 Fast and insightful bi-objective HDR prostate brachytherapy planning Ngoc Hoang Luong Received Received
  PV-0257 Functional sub-structures of lower urinary tract in cervix cancer: contouring and dose distribution Sofia Spampinato Received Received
  PV-0258 Dose to the Bladder Neck: Impact on Urinary Toxicity after MRI-guided HDR Prostate Brachytherapy Noelia Sanmamed Received Received
  PV-0259 Impact of an additional chemotherapy cycle during brachytherapy in cervical cancer patients ESCANDE Alexandre Received Received
  PV-0260 On the implementation of IGBT for cervix cancer in the observational multicenter study EMBRACE Nicole Nesvacil Received Received
  PV-0313 Tract-Crawler: A Computational Tool to Analyze Regional White Matter Dose Effects after Brain RT Jordan Houri Received Received
  PV-0314 Model Based Radiotherapy: Submandibular Dose-Response NTCP-curve Based on Objective Measurements. Cornelis Raaijmakers Received Received
  PV-0315 Comparison of NTCP models between using planned and actual delivered dose for head and neck cancer Takahiro Kanehira Received Received
  PV-0316 Development of a prediction model for unfavourable aesthetic outcome after breast-conserving therapy Isabelle Kindts Received Received
  PV-0317 A NTCP model for mortality after chemo-RT for lung cancer including mean heart dose and GTV Gilles Defraene Received Received
  PV-0318 External Validation of Radiation-Induced Dyspnea Models on Esophageal Cancer Radiotherapy Patients zhenwei shi Received Received
  PV-0319 A systematic review and quantitative synthesis of tolerance doses for distinct late toxicities Caroline Olsson Received Received
  PV-0320 NTCP models of late severe urinary symptoms after radical IMRT for prostate cancer Federica Palorini Received Received
  PV-0321 Influence of urethra contouring on NTCP models predicting urethral strictures in prostate HDRB Vanessa Panettieri Received Received
  PV-0363 The effect of the use of CPAP on set-up errors in SBRT treatments in the thorax Tamar Katzman Received Received
  PV-0364 The correlation between rotations of the pelvis and geometrical inaccuracy of the para-aortic region Emina Ajanovic Received Received
  PV-0365 CASPIR Trial: Calculi as an alternative to fiducial markers for IGRT in localised prostate cancer Angela ONeill Received Received
  PV-0366 Stereotactic ablative RT with focal boosting in prostate cancer: feasibility on a 1.5T MR-linac Eline de Groot - van Breugel Received Received
  PV-0368 Investigation of bladder volume and OAR protection in prostate radiotherapy Lynsey Rice Received Received
  PV-0370 Europe Holds its Breath A deep inspiration breath hold technology and left breast cancer survey leah donnelly Received Received
  PV-0371 Analysis of seed loss at day of implant for I-125 prostate brachytherapy. Can we skip the CT scan? Rogier Schokker Received Received
  PV-0425 Associations between rash, treatment outcome, and SNPs in HNSCC patients receiving EGFR-inhibition Line Brndum Received Received
  PV-0426 Prognostic value of CT based image biomarkers for treatment outcome in head and neck cancer patients Tian-Tian Zhai Received Received
  PV-0429 Swallowing sparing IMRT vs parotid sparing IMRT in head and neck cancer: phase III randomized trial May Ashour Received Received
  PV-0430 Localisation of recurrences in the neck after IMRT for HNSCC in relation to the elective CTV Ruta Zukauskaite Received Received
  PV-0432 Impact of re-irradiation volume and dose on the survival of recurrent HN cancer: an AIRO study Ester Orlandi Received Received
  PV-0433 Prospective analysis of patient reported outcomes after head and neck reirradiation Courtney Pollard, III Received Received
  PV-0468 Low-dose radiation therapy as treatment for hand and knee osteoarthritis: two double-blinded RCTs Michiel Minten Received Received
  PV-0469 Preliminary results of a phase I trial on VMAT radiosurgery in primary or oligometastatic cancer Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PV-0471 An interim analysis of a phase I dose escalation clinical trial on extracranial SBRT Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PV-0473 Dosimetry, safety, efficacy and QoL in a study of 5-fraction SBRT for oligometastatic (OM) cancers Jan Ponichtera Received Received
  PV-0474 Pelvic re-irradiation with Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR): outcomes and cumulative doses Louise Murray Received Received
  PV-0476 Survival outcomes following surgical resection or SABR for stage I lung cancer Katie Spencer Received Received
  PV-0528 An preliminary MRI harmonization method allowing large scale radiomics analysis in glioblastoma Sylvain Reuzé Received Received
  PV-0529 Reproducibility of radiomic features in apparent-diffusion coefficient images of rectal cancer ALBERTO TRAVERSO Received Received
  PV-0530 Parotid gland segmentation with deep learning using clinical vs. curated training data Annika Hänsch Received Received
  PV-0531 Multi-centre evaluation of atlas-based and deep learning contouring using a modified Turing Test Mark Gooding Received Received
  PV-0532 Using deep learning to generate synthetic CTs for radiotherapy treatment planning Mikael Bylund Received Received
  PV-0533 Methods for distortion assessment and correction on the Australian MRI-linac Amy Walker Received Received
  PV-0534 Multi-Resolution radial MRI to Reduce IDLE time in pre-beam imaging on an MR-Linac (MR-RIDDLE) Tom Bruijnen Received Received
  PV-0535 Optimizing Acquisition Speed and Contrast of Respiratory Correlated 4D-MRI on a 1.5T MRI-Linac Bjorn Stemkens Received Received
  PV-0564 Predicting Genitourinary Toxicity by Machine Learning on Genome-Wide Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms Sangkyu Lee Received Received
  PV-0565 Texture Analysis of 3D dose distributions for predictive modelling of toxicity rates in radiotherapy Linda Rossi Received Received
  PV-0567 Minibeam radiation therapy in a commercial irradiator spares normal rat brain yolanda prezado Received Received
  PV-0568 Remarkable normal tissue sparing effects are seen in vitro in response to microbeam radiation. Harriet Steel Received Received
  PV-0569 Proton minibeam radiation therapy widens the therapeutic window for gliomas yolanda prezado Received Received
  PV-0570 Proton minibeam radiation therapy (pMBRT): a novel approach to minimize normal tissue damage Thomas Schmid Received Received
  PV-0571 Transcriptomic changes in fibroblasts irradiated with proton beam scanning or Co-60 gamma rays Steffen Nielsen Received Received
  PV-0572 Biological effects by the next generation of ultra-fast dose rate ionizing radiation FLASH Hak Jae Kim Received Received
  PV-0621 Single-Dose SBRT for Intermediate-risk prostate cancer: Early results from a randomized trial. Eva Hortas Received Received
  PV-0622 Impact and efficacy of 68GA-PSMA PET/CT in recurrent prostate cancer patients with PSA 0.5 ng/ml Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  PV-0624 Longitudinal analysis of the microbiota by GI toxicity during IMRT for high-risk prostate cancer. Miguel Ferreira Received Received
  PV-0625 Quality of Life trajectories and correlation with toxicity after radiotherapy for prostate cancer Kim de Vries Received Received
  PV-0626 Long term toxicity after radiotherapy for prostate cancer: NTCP models for rectal toxicity. Nick van Vreeswijk Received Received
  PV-0627 Hematologic toxicity after whole-pelvis irradiation: results of a longitudinal observational study Tiziana Rancati Received Received
  PV-0628 Hypofractionated vs. conventionally fractionated radiotherapy for prostate cancer: A meta-analysis Mohammad Parvez Shaikh Received Received
  PV-0629 External beam RT with brachytherapy vs prostatectomy in treatment of high-risk prostate cancer Nikhil Sebastian Received Received
  PO-0696 Plasma Cell Free HPV-16 DNA as a Biomarker for HPV-associated Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Cancers Bhishamjit Chera Received Received
  PO-0697 Probiotics reduces oral mucositis for nasopharyngeal cancer patients in a randomized clinical trial Chunling Jiang Received Received
  PO-0698 Severe and late dysphagia after head and neck cancer IMRT without residual disease Ehab Ibrahim Received Received
  PO-0700 A phase I-II trial on palliative short course accelerated radiotherapy in advanced head and neck malignancies Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  PO-0701 Survival-weight health profile in advanced oral cavity cancer patients Chia Hsuan Lai Received Received
  PO-0703 Added value of metastatic cervical lymph node group V in nodal staging of nasopharyngeal cancer Panid Chaysiri Received Received
  PO-0704 NTCP model for aspiration after (chemo) radiation as a ion tool for baseline videofluoroscopy. Agata Gawryszuk Received Received
  PO-0706 Sensorineural hearing loss and radiotherapy for head and neck cancer. Carl Adkin Received Received
  PO-0707 Impact of HPV status, presence of a caregiver and smoke habit on QoL in HNC patients NICOLA ALESSANDRO IACOVELLI Received Received
  PO-0710 Brain dose from IMRT is associated with neurocognitive function in nasopharyngeal cancer survivors Lachlan McDowell Received Received
  PO-0711 Re-irradiation in recurrent high grade gliomas: An analysis of survival and radionecrosis outcomes Mihir Shanker Received Received
  PO-0713 Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for pituitary adenomas Isabel Tovar Martin Received Received
  PO-0714 A Radiosensitivity and PD-L1 Predict Clinical Outcome of Patients with GBM in TCGA Dataset Bum-Sup Jang Received Received
  PO-0715 External validation of prognostic score for patients with brain metastases based on extracranial factors. Victor Lewitzki Received Received
  PO-0716 High dose chemoradiation in glioblastoma patients: feasibility and safety of a phase I trial Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0717 Phase II study of hypofractionated stereotactic RT in recurrent HGG: preliminary results Giulio Alberto Carta Received Received
  PO-0718 Radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors: a long-term follow-up of 30 patients Jose Lopez Received Received
  PO-0719 Risk factors influencing survival after re-Op plus re-RT for recurrent high-grade gliomas Seok-Joo Chun Received Received
  PO-0720 Single-fraction versus hypofractionated stereotactic radiosurgery for medium-sized brain metastases Young Hyun Cho Received Received
  PO-0721 Multicentric experience of hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy for intracranial meningiomas Fatima Meniai Received Received
  PO-0723 TSPO-PET for RT treatment planning using 18FGE-180 first in human results in GBM patients Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  PO-0724 Brain tumor patients psychological profile during RT and its relationship with MRI response Loredana Dinapoli Received Received
  PO-0725 Neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a predictor of overall survival in brain metastases following SRS Mudit Chowdhary Received Received
  PO-0726 Long term follow up of patients with meningioma after stereotactic radiation therapy (SRT) Jamina T. Fennell Received Received
  PO-0727 Disease Outcomes after GK-SRS for Brain Metastases:a prospective institutional registry analysis Fabio Ynoe de Moraes Received Received
  PO-0729 Preoperative Prediction of Local Failure and Overall Survival for Meningioma Efstathios Gennatas Received Received
  PO-0730 Temporal changes in radiation-induced breast cancer in Hodgkins lymphoma survivors. Sarit Appel Received Received
  PO-0731 Reducing toxicity of mediastinal RT for lymphoma: Combining butterfly VMAT and breath hold techniques Rebecca Lynn Received Received
  PO-0732 First line low doses RT and chemoimmunotherapy in stage II/IV follicular lymphoma patients Marco Galaverni Received Received
  PO-0733 PTV margins for mediastinal lymphoma in deep inspiration breath-hold using daily image guidance Maja Maraldo Received Received
  PO-0734 Clinical outcome of Durie-Salmon Stage III multiple myeloma patients treated with radiotherapy Songmi Jeong Received Received
  PO-0735 Low dose Total Skin Irradiation followed by maintenance with oral Bexarotene in Mycosis Fungoides Gabriele Simontacchi Received Received
  PO-0736 Patterns of relapse in patients with early stage Hodgkin lymphoma treated in the modern era Karin Nielsen Received Received
  PO-0737 Is there a role for hippocampal sparing consolidation radiotherapy in primary CNS lymphoma (PCNSL)? Hannah Buckley Received Received
  PO-0738 Hyperfractionated-accelerated radiotherapy in locally advanced breast cancer: Fifteen-year results Ruth Carmona Vigo Received Received
  PO-0739 Role of ki67, tumor size and lymph nodal status as a prognostic index in breast cancer. Francesca Arcadipane Received Received
  PO-0742 Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for the adjuvant treatment of breast cancer: a prospective study David Pasquier Received Received
  PO-0743 Assessment of heart substructures delineation in a phase III cardioprotection trial (SAFE2014) Giulio Francolini Received Received
  PO-0744 LBP is predictive for long-term cardiac complications in breast cancer patients. Justyna Chalubinska-Fendler Received Received
  PO-0745 Postmastectomy radiation leads to increased mortality in patient with nodal micrometastasis Gary Eastwick Received Received
  PO-0746 NTCP modeling of pulmonary toxicity after stereotactic radiotherapy for central lung tumors Hill Tekatli Received Received
  PO-0748 Inter-observer delineation variation and dose to hippocampus in hippocampus avoidance PCI Fabian Bartel Received Received
  PO-0749 Is tumor shrinking during chemoradiation for LA-NSCLC a biomarker for outcome? Sara Ramella Received Received
  PO-0750 Association between lung density changes and radiation pneumonitis after IMRT for lung cancer Ahmed Ghanem Received Received
  PO-0751 Radiomic feature changes in small cell lung cancer IGRT relate significantly to overall survival Gareth Price Received Received
  PO-0755 Can dose outside the PTV influence the risk of distant metastases in stage I lung cancer patients treated with stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT)? André Diamant Received Received
  PO-0756 Respiration control by hypnosis during radiotherapy of lung cancer:A preclinical and clinical trial Yanjun Liu Received Received
  PO-0757 Non-small cell lung cancer decision support based on distributed learning over multi-center data Matthew Field Received Received
  PO-0758 favorable vs unfavorable prognosis by post-CRT PET scan in cN esophageal SCC treated with dCRT Wing Keen Yap Received Received
  PO-0760 SCOPE trial involvement as driver of oesophageal radiotherapy developments in UK centres sarah gwynne Received Received
  PO-0765 Efficacy of stereotactic body radiation therapy over radiofrequency ablation for HCC Seo Hee Choi Received Received
  PO-0766 Feasibility of radiotherapy for hepatocellular carcinoma with Child-Pugh class B (KROG 16-05) Won Sup Yoon Received Received
  PO-0767 Local tumor control in patients with HCC treated with SBRT or TACE: a propensity score analysis Eleni Gkika Received Received
  PO-0768 Patterns of nodal relapse after D2 dissection in gastric cancer: rethinking the target volume Wang Yang Received Received
  PO-0769 NeoSCOPE RTTQA: pre-accrual and on-trial review of all patients in a UK oesophageal RT trial Elin Evans Received Received
  PO-0770 concurrent chemoradiotherapy using photon and proton for locally advanced pancreatic cancer Yuichi Hiroshima Received Received
  PO-0772 Impact of dose escalation to nerve plexus on the outcome of neoadjuvant CRT for pancreatic cancer Takero Hirata Received Received
  PO-0774 Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in radiotherapy target volume definition in Oesophageal Cancer Kasia Owczarczyk Received Received
  PO-0775 MRI for GTV delineation in pancreatic cancer: preliminary results of a multi-institutional study. Luciana Caravatta Received Received
  PO-0776 Induction chemotherapy with TPF followed by chemoradiotherapy for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma Hisanori Ariga Received Received
  PO-0777 Intensified IMRT with concurrent chemotherapy for locally advanced esophageal carcinoma. Federico Navarria Received Received
  PO-0778 A study of treatment mode for T4 locally advanced gastric cancer Ran Hu Received Received
  PO-0779 local-regional failures after adjuvant chemotherapy for resectable pancreatic cancer shengguang zhao Received Received
  PO-0780 Radiochemotherapy in borderline resectable and LAPC: report from three prospective phase II studies Michele Fiore Received Received
  PO-0782 Borderline pancreatic adenocarcinomas: is there a place for a neoadjuvant treatment ? Véronique Vendrely Received Received
  PO-0784 Contemporary esophageal cancer management by chemo radiation: survey of French radiation oncologists Eivind Blais Received Received
  PO-0785 Automated VMAT planning for postoperative treatment of advanced gastric cancer Abdul Wahab Sharfo Received Received
  PO-0788 MR imaging biomarkers for prediction of response to neoadjuvant treatment in oesophageal cancer Kasia Owczarczyk Received Received
  PO-0789 Contact X Ray (CXB) boost for planned organ preservation in T2 T3 rectal cancer. French Experience. Jean-Pierre Gérard Received Received
  PO-0792 Rectal cancer: multiparametric MRI assessment of tumour heterogeneity and chemoradiotherapy response Trang Pham Received Received
  PO-0793 Metformin with neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in the management of locally advanced rectal cancer Thomas Leroy Received Received
  PO-0794 Patient preferences for surgical and organ-sparing treatment approaches for rectal cancer Alice Couwenberg Received Received
  PO-0795 Preoperative radiotherapy and local excision of rectal cancer: Results of a prospective study Mateusz Spalek Received Received
  PO-0797 Diffusion-weighted MRI for early assessment of tumor response in rectal cancer patients. CONSUELO ROSA Received Received
  PO-0798 High dose IMRT for locally advanced rectal cancer late toxicity and patient-reported outcomes Ane Appelt Received Received
  PO-0799 An externally validated MRI radiomics model for predicting clinical response in rectal cancer Carlotta Masciocchi Received Received
  PO-0800 Deep Neural Network predicts complete response in rectal cancer after neo-adjuvant chemoradiation Jean-Emmanuel Bibault Received Received
  PO-0801 Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy is Associated with Improved Survival in Anal Cancer Jaymin Jhaveri Received Received
  PO-0802 Lymph flow guided radiotherapy in patients with cervical cancer Sergey Novikov Received Received
  PO-0803 Risk factors for severe late bowel toxicity after primary radiotherapy for cervical cancer Janna Laan Received Received
  PO-0804 Knowledge-based planning in image guided adaptive radiotherapy for cancer of the cervix Sophie Otter Received Received
  PO-0805 Prediction of outcome using pretreatment PET and MRI radiomics in locally advanced cervical cancer Franois Lucia Received Received
  PO-0806 Cervical cancer stem cells and response to chemo-radiation in locally advanced cervical cancer. Supriya Sastri (Chopra) Received Received
  PO-0807 Diversity of PET imaging biomarkers predicting cervical cancer treatment outcome: where do we stand? Sylvain Reuzé Received Received
  PO-0808 Efficacy and toxicity of chemoradiation with image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer Nanda Horeweg Received Received
  PO-0809 Implementing a novel online education programme to support RTQA - the EMBRACE-II experience Simon Duke Received Received
  PO-0811 Patient-reported quality of life in cervical cancer patients treated with definitive chemoradiation Jessica Conway Received Received
  PO-0812 Definitive radiotherapy and brachytherapy for inoperable endometrial cancer: a retrospective report Dina Najjari Jamal Received Received
  PO-0813 Charlson Index in Very Elderly Patients Receiving Radiotherapy for Endometrial Cancer Treatment Karen Sttephannía Cortés Mateus Received Received
  PO-0814 Initial experiences with coverage probability-based nodal SIB RT in cervical cancer Csaba Glavak Received Received
  PO-0816 Hypofractionated radiotherapy in patients with intermediate- to high-risk PCaan update data Wei Guo Received Received
  PO-0817 Rectal bleeding and radiotherapy for prostate cancer. DVHs and potential clinical parameters antonio cassio assis pellizzon Received Received
  PO-0818 Focal IMRT dose escalation for prostate cancer using PSMA PET/CT and MRI: a planning study Constantinos Zamboglou Received Received
  PO-0820 The bowel syndrome after whole pelvis RT for prostate cancer: acute symptoms and quality of life Barbara Noris Chiorda Received Received
  PO-0821 Selection of patients with localized prostate cancer for proton therapy using the model-based approach Christian Hammer Received Received
  PO-0822 Patient-reported outcomes after hypofractionated radiotherapy to 66Gy for prostate cancer. Antonio Lazo Received Received
  PO-0824 Dose effects by interfractional variability of tumor and OAR on the example of prostate-Ca-patients Mona Splinter Received Received
  PO-0825 Urinary calprotectin as a promising bio-marker of RT-induced urinary toxicity. Preliminary results. Gabriella Rossi Received Received
  PO-0827 Five year follow-up of prostate cancer patients treated with volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) Mami Ogita Received Received
  PO-0828 Analysis of the urethro-vesical region for urinary toxicity prediction after prostate radiotherapy Thibaut LIZEE Received Received
  PO-0829 Postprostatectomy dose intensified salvage radiotherapy is associated with grade 3 late haematuria Gemma Sancho Pardo Received Received
  PO-0831 Modified Glasgow prognostic score can predict survival in elderly patients with bladder cancer Koyo Kikuchi Received Received
  PO-0832 Long-term outcomes following organ preservation treatment for muscle invasive bladder cancer David Bchser Received Received
  PO-0834 Hypofractionated electron beam RT in non-melanoma-skin-cancer (229 pts): exclusive or postoperative. Valentina Mazzotti Received Received
  PO-0836 A hypoxia related gene signature is independently prognostic in multiple soft tissue sarcoma cohorts lingjian yang Received Received
  PO-0838 Soft tissue sarcomas irradiation: long term analysis on a large patient population Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  PO-0839 Treatment outcome and prognostic factors of pediatric parameningeal rhabdomyosarcoma: NCI experience Mohamed Mortada Received Received
  PO-0840 Impact of irradiating residual disease to 30Gy on OAR dose in pediatric mediastinal Hodgkin lymphoma Bradford Hoppe Received Received
  PO-0841 Kidney-sparing whole abdominal irradiation in Wilms Tumor: potential advantages of VMAT technique Michael Chen Received Received
  PO-0843 Outcomes of paediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas treated with hypofractionated radiotherapy EVA Hortas Received Received
  PO-0844 A comparison of outcomes of stereotactic body radiotherapy versus metastasectomy in patients with pulmonary metastases Hoon Sik Choi Received Received
  PO-0845 Histopathological findings after irradiation and re-irradiation of spinal bone metastases with SBRT Robert Foerster Received Received
  PO-0846 Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for spinal metastasis with epidural spinal cord compression Yi-Jun Kim Received Received
  PO-0847 Pain response and quality of life with survival post palliative radiotherapy for bone metastases Katie Spencer Received Received
  PO-0848 Dose escalation and hypofractionation for SBRT of lymph node oligometastases on the 1.5T MRI-Linac Dennis Winkel Received Received
  PO-0849 Lymph node stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic patients postpones systemic treatment. waisse WAISSI Received Received
  PO-0852 Adjuvant breast EBRT in elderly patients: toxicity results with an hybrid IMRT class solution Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  PO-0853 The impact of comprehensive geriatric assessment in NSCLC patients treated with SBRT Stefan Starup Jeppesen Received Received
  PO-0855 Age does not affect the benefit of modern chemoradiation for LA-NSCLC patients Carlo Greco Received Received
  PO-0856 Age and frailty do not limit Magnetic Resonance guided Radiotherapy (MRgRT) in elderly patients Luca Boldrini Received Received
  PO-0857 Radiotherapy Utilisation and Treatment Completion in the Elderly - A Single Institution Analysis Thomas Mee Received Received
  PO-0859 Project S32: decision support system for lung cancer patients Jose Lopez Received Received
  PO-0862 Prognosis predicting factors for thyroid eye disease in radiotherapy concurrent with pulse therapy Makoto Ito Received Received
  PO-0863 First in man treatments with the MRI-linac provide clinical proof of the concept Ina Jrgenliemk-Schulz Received Received
  PO-0865 Unconventional radiotherapy for bulky tumors exploiting the bystander and abscopal effects. Slavisa Tubin Received Received
  PO-0867 Reporting of late morbidity after radiotherapy: review of the current practice in large studies published in Radiother. Oncol. and IJROBP. Anders Schwartz Vittrup Received Received
  PO-0868 Nivolumab in association with Radiation Therapy in patients with lung and kidney cancer Isacco Desideri Received Received
  PO-0870 Characteristic of EBT-XD versus EBT3 radiochromic films for dosimetry in photon and proton beams Peter Kuess Received Received
  PO-0871 Evaluation of CBCT low contrast resolution using a novel phantom and Difference Detail Curve method Karsten Rydén-Eilertsen Received Received
  PO-0872 Monte Carlo calculated correction factors for a proton calorimeter in clinical proton beams David Shipley Received Received
  PO-0873 2D pixelated diamond detector for patient QA in advanced radiotherapy treatments Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  PO-0874 Proton therapy range verification accuracy considering range mixing for time resolved dosimetry Allison Toltz Received Received
  PO-0875 The suitability of alanine as a reference class detector for MRI-linac dosimetry Ilias Billas Received Received
  PO-0876 Accuracy of the recombination correction factor (ks) in FFF beams for three ion chamber types GUADALUPE MARTIN MARTIN Received Received
  PO-0877 Multi-detector dosimetry for QA in advanced radiotherapy modalities: a comparative study Emmanouil Zoros Received Received
  PO-0878 Development status of a real-time 3D scintillation detector system for proton dosimetry Chinmay Darne Received Received
  PO-0879 Corrections factors determination for small stereotactic radiosurgery beams with a MonteCarlo method Andrea Girardi Received Received
  PO-0881 Absolute dosimetry with EBT3 films Francisco Javier San Miguel Received Received
  PO-0882 Detecting radiation-induced acoustic waves with a transperineal transducer for in vivo dosimetry Susannah Hickling Received Received
  PO-0883 Feasibility of a transit in vivo dosimetry method to monitor cumulative dose in lung SBRT treatments Artur Latorre-Musoll Received Received
  PO-0885 Measurement of magnetic field correction factors for multiple radiation detectors for MR Linacs Pooja Gohil Received Received
  PO-0886 Triggering adaptive intervention for H&N weight loss cases, using an EPID in-vivo dosimetry solution Suzanne Wong Received Received
  PO-0887 Influence of a magnetic field on the dose deposited by a 6 MV linac at tissue interfaces Sebastian Richter Received Received
  PO-0888 Comparison of x-ray CT and proton based CT planning in the presence of titanium dental implants Cristina Oancea Received Received
  PO-0891 Enhancing efficiency of proton macro Monte Carlo dose calculation by an adaptive step size algorithm Reto Kueng Received Received
  PO-0892 Dosimetric evaluation of the gantry sag effect Egor Borzov Received Received
  PO-0894 Reduced spot number for PBS proton therapy shortens delivery time without dosimetric plan compromise Maria Francesca Belosi Received Received
  PO-0895 Influence of wide beams of CT scans on size-specific dose estimate (SSDE) Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  PO-0896 Accuracy of stereotactic body radiotherapy dose calculation algorithms outside treatment field Tuomas Viren Received Received
  PO-0897 Predicting the number of seeds in LDR prostate brachytherapy using machine learning and 320 patients Nicolas BOUSSION Received Received
  PO-0898 Second cancer induction risk from breast radiotherapy with VMAT and 3D conformal therapy Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  PO-0899 Uncertainties in dose-response relations strongly affect the expected gains of robust dose-painting Steven Petit Received Received
  PO-0900 Spatiotemporal fractionation schemes for liver stereotactic body radiotherapy Jan Unkelbach Received Received
  PO-0903 Evaluation of a FourPi approach to stereotactic treatment planning in cranial SRT James Robar Received Received
  PO-0904 Comparison of knowledge based planning and multi-criteria optimisation for VMAT pancreas planning Peter Houston Received Received
  PO-0906 Robust Breast VMAT Plan Optimisation Accounting for Breast Swelling and Positional Changes Eliana M Vasquez Osorio Received Received
  PO-0908 Developing Whole Breast Radiotherapy Automatic-Planning System using Beamlet Feature based Model Q. Jackie Wu Received Received
  PO-0909 Analytical probabilistic models for dose quality metrics and optimization objectives Niklas Wahl Received Received
  PO-0911 Proton therapy of head and neck cancer: comparing PTV-based and robustly optimized IMPT with VMAT Sigrun Saur Almberg Received Received
  PO-0912 A comparison of swallowing sparing IMPT and VMAT for head and neck cancer Torbjrn Furre Received Received
  PO-0913 Evaluation of PlanIQ Quality Algorithm to improve quality of treatment planning for prostate cancer Andrea Girardi Received Received
  PO-0914 Nerve-sparing prostate stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SBRT) using SIB-VMAT technique Savino Cilla Received Received
  PO-0915 Integration of Trade-Off Exploration and RapidPlan(TM) for gynaecological treatment planning. Peter Houston Received Received
  PO-0917 Comparison of Multi-Criteria Optimization together with RapidPlan for Head & Neck treatment. Eliane Miguel Chumacero Received Received
  PO-0918 Consensus on target volume delineation and treatment planning strategy for the DBCG RT Recon trial Henrik Nissen Received Received
  PO-0919 Assessment of IMRT & VMAT using a class solution, RapidPlan, and Multi-criteria Optimization. Eliane Miguel Chumacero Received Received
  PO-0922 Implementation of swallowing structures as risk organs in national radiotherapy guidelines for H&N cancer Eva Samse Received Received
  PO-0923 Enhanced prostate SBRT using VMAT a single computer-optimized non-coplanar IMRT beam Abdul Wahab Sharfo Received Received
  PO-0924 4DCT and VMAT planning for lung patients with irregular breathing Naomi Sisson Received Received
  PO-0925 Monte Carlo Quality Assurance platform for particle therapy Wioletta Koz&322;owska Received Received
  PO-0926 Comparison of CyberKnife multileaf collimator and variable aperture collimator in renal SBRT Eva Hortas Received Received
  PO-0927 Dosimetric comparison of two planning target volume margins recipes for prostate radiotherapy Asrar Ahmad Received Received
  PO-0928 Normal tissue dose estimation using large databases for automatic plan ion of similar patients Wouter van Elmpt Received Received
  PO-0929 Exploring dose-effect relationships for late fecal incontinence after modern radiotherapy Wilma Heemsbergen Received Received
  PO-0930 Influence of inhomogeneous radiosensitivity and intrafractional movement on TCP in prostate cancer Benedikt Thomann Received Received
  PO-0931 Dependency of patient risk stratification on PET target volume definition in Oesophageal cancer Craig Parkinson Received Received
  PO-0932 Combining deep learning and radiomics to predict HPV status in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Arthur Jochems Received Received
  PO-0933 Biological dose to brainstem substructures in scanning proton therapy of paediatric brain tumours Lars Fredrik Fjra Received Received
  PO-0934 Detailed mapping of time-resolved 3D intra- and inter-fractional oesophageal tumour motion Lone Hoffmann Received Received
  PO-0935 Layered rescanning spread over full breathing cycle reduces interplay effects in active proton treatments Erik Engwall Received Received
  PO-0936 Feasibility of markerless bronchus motion monitoring using kilovoltage images for central lung SBRT Lineke van der Weide Received Received
  PO-0937 Rigid and deformable registration in patient set-up verification with optical surface scanning. Stefania Pallotta Received Received
  PO-0938 Evaluation of a 3D Surface Imaging System for Patient Positioning and Intra-fraction Monitoring Vincent Hamming Received Received
  PO-0939 Dosimetric comparison of four motion adaptation strategies for stereotactic liver radiotherapy Per Poulsen Received Received
  PO-0940 Porcine-lung-phantom based evaluation of proton dose calculations on 4DCBCT Guillaume Landry Received Received
  PO-0941 3D motion validation with clinically used cine-MRI and an MR-LINAC phantom Kai Dolde Received Received
  PO-0942 A superior alternative to the conventional Varian two-marker RPM box for respiration monitoring Sidsel Damkjr Received Received
  PO-0944 Estimation of gating latency in MR-guided radiotherapy by modeling the dosimetric effects Daan Hoffmans Received Received
  PO-0945 Controlling motion in radiotherapy: rapid shallow ventilation for thoracic and abdominal targets Nicholas West Received Received
  PO-0946 Breath-hold motion effect in pencil beam scanned proton therapy for lung cancer an experimental dosimetric study Jenny Gorgisyan Received Received
  PO-0948 Use of an interdimensional correlation framework to estimate real-time intrafraction 6DoF motions Doan Trang Nguyen Received Received
  PO-0949 Effective and efficient rescanning method for PBS proton therapy Oxana Actis Received Received
  PO-0950 Improved tumor motion monitoring accuracy using piece-wise rigid 2D/3D registration Hugo Correia Duarte Furtado Received Received
  PO-0951 What CTV-to-PTV margins are required for esophageal cancer radiotherapy? Mick Boekhoff Received Received
  PO-0952 Validation of margin recipes to account for complex target motion as assessed with deformable image registration in endometrial cancer IMRT Ingrid White Received Received
  PO-0953 Positioning accuracy of two electromagnetic positioning systems in radiotherapy of prostate cancer Antti Vanhanen Received Received
  PO-0954 Fiducial markers and daily kV imaging improve patient setup during proton RT of esophageal cancer Rudi Apolle Received Received
  PO-0955 Assessment of internal motion in rectal cancer radiotherapy using rigid and non-rigid approximation Ingrid White Received Received
  PO-0956 A self-gated coronal 4D-MRI method for daily imaging of liver lesions on an MR-Linac Tessa van de Lindt Received Received
  PO-0957 Dose Delivery Accuracy for Image-Guided Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Endometrial Cancer. Sandra Vieira Received Received
  PO-0958 Anatomical changes in oesophageal cancer patients: Posterior beam IMPT is more robust than IMRT Ditte Sloth Mller Received Received
  PO-0959 Dosimetric Evaluation of Midposition Pseudo-CT for MR-only Lung Radiotherapy Treatment planning. Joshua Freedman Received Received
  PO-0960 Plan ion in proton therapy for simultaneous treatment of multiple targets in the male pelvis Sara Thrnqvist Received Received
  PO-0961 Anatomical predictors of differences between planned and delivered dose to Head & neck OARs David Noble Received Received
  PO-0962 CBCT dose calculation in head and neck adaptive radiotherapy: accuracy assessment of four methods Anas Barateau Received Received
  PO-0964 Pancreas SBRT: estimated dosimetric impact of a daily setup based on an abdominal mask. Ruggero Ruggieri Received Received
  PO-0965 Differential motion of prostate and elective lymph node targets requiring adaptive radiotherapy Rune Thing Received Received
  PO-0966 Translation of a certified MR-only synthetic CT solution for prostate from photon to proton therapy Christopher Kurz Received Received
  PO-0967 Quality assurance of 4DCT in the EORTC Lungtech trial on SBRT for patients with NSCLC Marie Lambrecht Received Received
  PO-0970 Robustness of Texture as a Biomarker in Radiomics Applications Helen Wang Received Received
  PO-0971 Monte Carlo validation of a new dual-energy CT method for proton therapy in a patient-like geometry Arthur Lalonde Received Received
  PO-0972 Image biomarker changes at the third treatment week predict late xerostomia Lisanne van Dijk Received Received
  PO-0973 Evaluation of SUVpeak based segmentation to determine lung tumour volume on FDG PET-CT compared with pathology Susan Mercieca Received Received
  PO-0974 Repeatability of Quantitative Imaging on the MR-Linac for Treatment Response Monitoring Ernst Kooreman Received Received
  PO-0975 Relationship of dose, FDG PET, CT lung response imaging, and radiation pneumonitis in NSCLC patients Matthew La Fontaine Received Received
  PO-0977 Assessment of motion and SUV recovery in 3D and 4D PET/CT: a multicentre phantom study Karen Johanna Ortega Marin Received Received
  PO-0978 Histology correlation of in vivo 68GaPSMA-PET/MRI data of the prostate Kristina Sandgren Received Received
  PO-0979 Ultra-high field MRI for evaluation of rectal cancer stroma ex vivo: correlation with histopathology Trang Pham Received Received
  PO-0981 Results from the Image Biomarker Standardisation Initiative Alex Zwanenburg Received Received
  PO-0982 Early MRI biomarkers changes following SRS of brain metastases: correlation with dose Jeff Winter Received Received
  PO-0983 Prediction of chemoradiotherapy response in rectal cancer using static and dynamic R2 MRI Kathrine Re Redalen Received Received
  PO-0984 Vascular responses to stereotactic radiosurgery of metastases to the brain Line Brennhaug Nilsen Received Received
  PO-0985 The relationship between PET textural features, SUV metrics and metabolic tumor volume Tom Konert Received Received
  PO-0987 Target volume changes of brain metastases during fractionated SRS Eline Hessen Received Received
  PO-0988 Automatic fiducial tracking on 4D cine-MRI for MR-guided prostate radiotherapy Angela Pathmanathan Received Received
  PO-0990 A Clinical Decision Support Tool Based on Active Appearance Modelling for Prostate Segmentation William Nailon Received Received
  PO-0992 Electron IORT in vivo film dosimetry in breast cancer for alignment and dose verification Anna Petoukhova Received Received
  PO-0993 Evaluation of MV imaging dose for the first clinical Halcyon system Dimitris Mihailidis Received Received
  PO-0994 A fast automated sanity check for online plan adaptation in MR-guided RT Jochem Kaas Received Received
  PO-0996 Dynamic Wave Arc for lung SBRT: compliance with RTOG dosimetric criteria. Christine Collen Received Received
  PO-0997 Towards personalized dose-escalation in non-small cell lung cancer: Validation of published models Maria Thor Received Received
  PO-0998 Feasibility study for high energy photon small beam dosimetry audits using OSL and RPL dosimeters Tomislav Bokulic Received Received
  PO-0999 Auto-contouring software comparison for brain SRS patients Robert Chuter Received Received
  PO-1000 Modulation indexes for VMAT SBRT liver treatments: data from a multicentric evaluation. Marco Esposito Received Received
  PO-1001 Implementation and experimental verification of a faster gantry rotation in lung SBRT Carsten Ohlmann Received Received
  PO-1002 Patient-specific brachytherapy with liquid radioisotope using 3D printer: a Monte Carlo study Jong Min Park Received Received
  PO-1003 Feasibility of a machine learning QA system for failure detection in IORT with a mobile accelerator. Rafael Ayala Received Received
  PO-1005 Towards Dutch consensus on treatment planning for breast cancer, current variation across institutes Celine Van Beveren Received Received
  PO-1007 Monte Carlo modelling of the ImagingRing System a new method for realistic X-ray distribution Niklas Reisz Received Received
  PO-1008 Commissioning of IMRT/VMAT on the novel Varian Halcyon Robin De Roover Received Received
  PO-1009 Plan comparison of non-coplanar VMAT, HyperArc and multi-criteria optimization for radiosurgery. Peter Houston Received Received
  PO-1010 A crowd-knowledge-based analysis of DVHs in SBRT: first steps towards a national virtual audit Alessandro Savini Received Received
  PO-1012 Can re-planning improve standardization? A multi-institutional SBRT prostate comparison Elena Villaggi Received Received
  PO-1014 Comparison of subjective and objective assessment of cosmetic outcome following breast brachytherapy Tabassum Wadasadawala Received Received
  PO-1015 Image-guided salvage radiotherapy of pelvic recurrences in post-hysterectomy endometrial cancer Johannes Knoth Received Received
  PO-1016 TRUS/CT for IGABT in cervical cancer: an interobserver study on target volume contouring Stéphanie Smet Received Received
  PO-1017 Interobserver variability of vaginal dose points reporting in cervical cancer radiotherapy treatment Blanca Ibanez-Rosello Received Received
  PO-1020 Better plans and easy plan ion via bi-objective optimization for HDR prostate brachytherapy Stef Maree Received Received
  PO-1021 HDR Brachytherapy dosimetry: clinical use of micro-silica bead TLD & Gafchromic EBT3 film Alexandros Douralis Received Received
  PO-1022 Use of GaN dosimeter in brachytherapy: A new approach of machines and patients quality controls Aurélie TOURNIER Received Received
  PO-1025 Effects of antecedent androgen deprivation therapy in prostate seed implant brachytherapy dosimetry Ryuji Nakamura Received Received
  PO-1026 LDR prostate brachytherapy inverse planning including dose-volume relation and tissue heterogeneity Konstantinos Mountris Received Received
  PO-1027 Dosimetric Improvement in HDR Prostate Brachytherapy Patients using Hydrogel Spacer Implantation Tiffany Tsui Received Received
  PO-1029 Contact X-Ray Brachytherapy as an adjunct to a Watch and Wait approach is an affordable alternative to standard surgical management of Rectal Cancer Christopher Rao Received Received
  PO-1030 BrachyView: verification of a full LDR brachytherapy patient plan in a prostate gel phantom Taylah Brennen Received Received
  PO-1031 High-dose-rate contact brachytherapy to treat skin carcinomas on flat surfaces Jose-Luis Guinot Received Received
  PO-1032 CT-guided interstitial BT of pulmonary malignomas. Retrospective analysis of 174 patients. Peter Hass Received Received
  PO-1033 Activation of specific anti-tumor immunity by alpha radiation based brachytherapy and immunotherapy Yona Keisari Received Received
  PO-1034 High-dose-rate brachytherapy in the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer. María Ángeles González Ruiz Received Received
  PO-1035 Detection of radiation induced lung fibrosis using x-ray dark-field imaging in a murine model Thomas Gora Received Received
  PO-1036 Brain modifications after stereotactic radiotherapy recorded by Functional MRI Franois Lallemand Received Received
  PO-1039 Meta-analysis of toxicity and small-bowel radiotherapy dose-volume: omnibus consequentia Daniel Holyoake Received Received
  PO-1041 A novel oral selenocystine prevents pneumonitis in a mouse model exposed to whole lung radiation jayant Goda Received Received
  PO-1043 Development of zebrafish embryo model for radiobiology research on laser driven hadron beams Emília Rita Szabó Received Received
  PO-1045 Photon, proton and C12 irradiation influences maturation and functionality of dendritic cells Laila Knig Received Received
  PO-1046 Dose-dependent changes after proton and photon irradiation in zebrafish model Szilvia Brunner Received Received
  PO-1047 Cellular responses to focused low LET proton irradiation Katarina Ilicic Received Received
  PO-1048 Radiobiological characterization of clinical proton, helium-, carbon- and oxygen ion beams Ivana Dokic Received Received
  PO-1051 Comparative genomic analysis of oral versus laryngeal and pharyngeal cancer David Vossen Received Received
  PO-1052 In vivo radiobiological analysis of prostate carcinoma treated with 12 Gy single-shot IORT Carla Pisani Received Received
  PO-1054 Wound fluids from patients after IORT abrogates epithelial-mesenchymal transition in breast cancer Katarzyna Kulcenty Received Received
  PO-1055 High intensity treadmill running reduces tumour hypoxia in mice. Simon Lnbro Received Received
  PO-1058 Maintenance BEZ235 following BEZ235 and radiation prolongs therapeutic effect in colorectal cancer YU HSUAN CHEN Received Received
  PO-1060 Leukocytosis correlates negatively with T-cell infiltration and prognosis in anal cancer Daniel Martin Received Received
  PO-1061 Evofosfamide sensitizes esophageal carcinomas to radiation without increasing normal tissue toxicity Ludwig Dubois Received Received
  PO-1062 Can an open faced shell replace a closed face shell for cranial radiotherapy? Initial results. Martin Brewer Received Received
  PO-1063 A big-data platform, managing the clinical data & workflows and facilitating clinical research Lucas Persoon Received Received
  PO-1065 Role of CT-MRI co-registration in tumor delineation for preoperative radiotherapy of rectal cancer Elisa Palazzari Received Received
  PO-1067 Endorectal balloon positioning on MR simulation for prostate cancer radiotherapy Ellen Brunenberg Received Received
  PO-1068 ADSCAN: Feasibility of implementing adequate technology for a pick the winner trial in lung cancer Ana Rita Lopes Simoes Received Received
  PO-1069 VMAT-SIB treatment Auto-Planning for breast with locoregional lymph nodes in breathhold. Liza Bouwmans Received Received
  PO-1072 Head & Neck VMAT Auto-Planning in Pinnacle. A class solution. Peter Van Kollenburg Received Received
  PO-1073 The effect of PTV margin reduction on out-of-field doses in paediatric radiotherapy of brain tumours Anders Ravnsborg Beierholm Received Received
  PO-1074 Pinnacle Auto-Planning using EMBRACE II guidelines for EBRT of cervix carcinoma; clinical experience Cindy Verhagen Received Received
  PO-1075 Implementation and validation of radiographer-led IGRT for cervix cancer Sophie Alexander Received Received
  PO-1077 Feasibility of a CBCT decision protocol for high precision radiotherapy of advanced lung tumors Erik van Dieren Received Received
  PO-1078 CBCT guided adaptive radiotherapy for cervix cancer:Uncertainty of the choice of the plan of the day maxime gobeli Received Received
  PO-1079 Study of SBRT Planning Dose Reproducibility With Endorectal Balloon In Localized Prostate Cancer Yung Poon Received Received
  PO-1080 4DCT oesophageal tumour delineation in SCOPE2 how is radiotherapy quality assurance beneficial? Samantha Cox Received Received
  PO-1081 Utilizing deformable registration in evaluation of anatomic and dosimetric variation in lung SBRT Chi Hang Mak Received Received
  PO-1083 De gode strlene a book for children as next of kin to cancer patients in Norway Kristin Farstad Received Received
  PO-1085 Tomotherapy of pediatric sarcomas: Outcome and toxicity rates Maria-Elena Antonia Salfelder Received Received
  PO-1086 Benefits of ovarian transposition in young patients after pelvic irradiation Raquel Roncero Received Received
  PO-1087 Radiotherapy (RT) and cardiac implantable electronic devices (CIEDs): a prospective study. Elisa Villa Received Received
  PO-1088 Pattern of late dysphagia after IMRT of head and neck cancers: a prospective study Durim Delishaj Received Received
  PO-1089 IORT for breast cancer treated with Axxent Xoft. Our experience: toxicity analysis J. Guadalupe Molina Osorio Received Received
  PO-1090 Effect of radiotherapy on bonding and bonding interface to substrate of permanent teeth. Alexandra Mussolino de Queiroz Received Received
  PO-1092 Weight loss and patient-reported daily activity after curative radiotherapy for head and neck cancer Pia Krause Mller Received Received
  PO-1093 Personalized painted masks may help to make pediatric radiation treatment more tolerable Joyce van Dongen Received Received
  PO-1094 Dosimetric parameters and toxicity in Sterotactic Radiotherapy (SBRT) for Thoracic Tumors. JOSE LUIS MONROY ANTON Received Received
  PO-1095 Tolerance and toxicity of treatment in patients undergoing radiotherapy associated with hyperthermia Agata Nowak Received Received
  PO-1096 The impact of advanced practice in a large radiotherapy department Yat Man Tsang Received Received
  PO-1097 Engaging Employees Through a Unique Career Development Program Sarah Lowitz Received Received
  PO-1099 Lean method, live update - real-time librarian support for evidence based radiotherapy protocols Simon Goldsworthy Received Received
  PO-1100 Risks related to replacement of technical platform: shared experience of 2 radiotherapy centers Severine Cucchiaro Received Received
  PO-1102 Application of The Hospital Survey on Patient Safety Culture to Radiotherapy Departments Worldwide Anita ODonovan Received Received
  EP-1103 Tumour volume as a prognostic marker in early-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma Sharon Poh Received Received
  EP-1104 Prognostic value of pre-treatment neutrophils in locally advanced head and neck cancer Ruth Carmona Vigo Received Received
  EP-1105 Effectiveness of combined orbital radiation and systemic steroids in Graves Ophthalmopathy Ruth Carmona Vigo Received Received
  EP-1106 Role of hyperfractionated radiotherapy with chemoimmunotherapy in advanced head and neck carcinoma Ruth Carmona Vigo Received Received
  EP-1109 Psychiatric comorbidity among nasopharynx cancer survivors who received radiotherapy in South Korea Jaesung Heo Received Received
  EP-1110 PD-L1 expression in recurrent head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Alice DELAFOY Received Received
  EP-1111 Reduction of target volume post induction chemotherapy using PET/CT in locally advanced HNSCC Viktoras Rudzianskas Received Received
  EP-1113 Salvage surgery after organ preservation treatment for head and neck cancer Jose Antonio Domínguez Received Received
  EP-1114 Organ-sparing treatment in locally advanced head and neck carcinoma. Jose Antonio Domínguez Received Received
  EP-1115 Local control for T3-T4 nasopharyngeal cancer treated with mixed beam (photons-protons) radiotherapy Emma DIppolito Received Received
  EP-1116 Cisplatin-based chemotherapy plus radiotherapy for head and neck carcinoma. ASUNCION HERVAS Received Received
  EP-1117 Oncologic Safety of De-escalation Compared with Standard Dose in T1-3 Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Zhenzhen Yin Received Received
  EP-1118 Prediction of distant metastasis by simulating CT radiomics feature in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Zhenzhen Yin Received Received
  EP-1119 Comparison between T staging and FDG-PET for predicting outcomes of maxillary sinus carcinoma Hiroshi Doi Received Received
  EP-1120 Early toxicity profile after re-irradiation with dose painting of head and neck cancer Torleiv Skjtskift Received Received
  EP-1121 Treatment of oral cavity cancer: concurrent chemoradiotherapy vs surgery followed by radiotherapy Junhee Park Received Received
  EP-1122 The value of the nutritional markers in predicting outcomes of RT-treated head and neck cancer Jiyoung Kim Received Received
  EP-1123 Follow up on salvage radiotherapy for relapsed pilocytic astrocitoma JACOBO PALMA DELGADO Received Received
  EP-1124 Delay of postoperative radiotherapy affected treatment outcomes of head and neck cancer Yasushi Hamamoto Received Received
  EP-1125 Mandibular osteoradionecrosis (ORN) after curative reirradiation in head and neck cancer. Lucia Gutierrez Bayard Received Received
  EP-1126 Target volume delineation of PET post one cycle of induction chemotherapy in oropharyngeal cancer Craig Parkinson Received Received
  EP-1127 Prognostic factors analysis in patients with advanced NPC received induction CT followed by RT Chingte Wu Received Received
  EP-1128 Proton Therapy in adenoid cystic carcinoma at the West German Proton Therapy Center Essen (WPE) Theresa Steinmeier Received Received
  EP-1129 Perfusion CT in the evaluation of Nodal response after RCT in H&N cancers: a prospective study Durim Delishaj Received Received
  EP-1130 Influence of dose applied to cochlea during RT of vestibular schwannoma and its effect on hearing Geraldine Anna Bihoi Received Received
  EP-1131 Treatment results of primary parotid carcinoma treated with surgery and postoperative radiotherapy Yong-Hyub Kim Received Received
  EP-1132 Toxicity analysis of pure modestly accelerated radiotherapy in post-operative oral cavity carcinomas Satyajeet Rath Received Received
  EP-1133 Validation of GTV delineation based on MRI, CT or FDG-PET/CT in head and neck cancer. Zhe WANG Received Received
  EP-1134 significant risk factors in surgically resected oropharyngeal cancers according to p16 status Tae Jin Han Received Received
  EP-1135 Effects of different treatment and EBV viral load in stage III nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients Jin-Ching Lin Received Received
  EP-1136 Interaction of chemotherapy with radiation and surgery in nasal cavity and nasal sinus cancer Ting Zhao Received Received
  EP-1137 Chemoradiotherapy in head and neck cancer: an option for radical treatment. Our experience Angel Vicente Navarro Bergadá Received Received
  EP-1138 Laser Therapy for chemoradiotherapy-induced mucositis in HNC: a randomised, phase III trial Florence Legouté Received Received
  EP-1139 Late endocrine effects after radiotherapy of nasopharyngeal carcinoma NADIA BOUZID Received Received
  EP-1141 Treatment outcomes of olfactory neuroblastoma: two institutional study Joohyun Chung Received Received
  EP-1143 Prognostic significance of combined lymphocyte counts and body mass index in head and neck cancer YAOYU WU Received Received
  EP-1144 PTPN14 as a potential marker of local recurrence after PORT in patients with SCC of the oral cavity. Jolanta Szelachowska Received Received
  EP-1146 Carotid Artery Sparing Radiotherapy in Early Laryngeal Cancers Final Results of a Phase 2 Study Chandran Nallathambi Received Received
  EP-1147 Prognostic value of neutrophillymphocyte ratio in head-neck cancer: Mono-institutional experience Francesco Martucci Received Received
  EP-1148 Evaluation of atlas-based auto segmentation (ABAS) of breast cancer and head and neck cancer cases Bálint Tamaskovics Received Received
  EP-1149 Clinical Evaluation of attenuation correction in FDG-PET/MRI in a head and neck radiotherapy setup Andriana Michaelidou Received Received
  EP-1150 Oral gel for relieving dysphagia in head and neck cancer survivors: A feasibility study Julie Killerup Kaae Received Received
  EP-1151 Pattern of failure in H&N cancer patients after RT-CT based on pre-treatment 18F-FDG PET/CT uptake. Letizia Deantonio Received Received
  EP-1152 Prospective evaluation of relationships between radiotherapy dose to masticatory apparatus & trismus Christina Hague Received Received
  EP-1153 Impact of pre-treatment imaging on outcomes of organ conservation in laryngopharyngeal cancers Shwetabh Sinha Received Received
  EP-1154 Sensorineural hearing loss in patients with head and neck cancer treated with chemo-radiotherapy. Pasqualina DUrso Received Received
  EP-1156 Set-up errors in head and neck cancer patients undergoing IGRT. Relationship to BMI and weight loss. Albina Allajbej Received Received
  EP-1157 Efficacy and Toxicity of Proton with Photon Radiation for locally advanced Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Arnaud BEDDOK Received Received
  EP-1158 Prognostic factors and role of neck dissection in N3 head and neck cancers treated with radiotherapy Angela Boros Received Received
  EP-1159 Management and treatment outcomes of patients with nasal cavity melanoma from a UK cancer centre Jim Lester Received Received
  EP-1160 Predictive factors of weight loss during radiotherapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma Ms Fourati Received Received
  EP-1161 The importance of regional and distant metastasis in esthesioneuroblastoma YUNG CHIH CHOU Received Received
  EP-1162 Outcomes and second malignancies after radiotherapy for early stage glottis cancers Steven Tisseverasinghe Received Received
  EP-1163 Partial Laryngectomy vs Definitive Radiotherapy: 10 year-Outcomes in T2N0 Glottic Cancer Leonor Fonseca Received Received
  EP-1164 Bone and dental complications in patients with head and neck cancer treated with IMRT Thomas REYNAUD Received Received
  EP-1165 IMRT survival outcomes, late toxicities and endocrine dysfunction for nasopharyngeal carcinoma Shermaine Pan Received Received
  EP-1166 Factors associated with compliance to radiotherapy in underserved head and neck cancer patients Sai kumar Received Received
  EP-1167 Indications for external beam radiotherapy in differentiated thyroid carcinoma: an expert consensus EIVIND BLAIS Received Received
  EP-1169 Aspiration Pneumonia/Pneumonia in patients undergoing irradiation; the perspective of a developing country. Rishabh Kumar Received Received
  EP-1170 Clinical factors impacting on late dysphagia following radiotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer Sarah Deschuymer Received Received
  EP-1171 Toxicity and outcome for simultaneous integrated boost radiotherapy in head and neck cancer patients Tatiana Dragan Received Received
  EP-1172 Characterization of recurrence origin using pre-treatment PET/CT for head and neck cancers Jérémy BEAUMONT Received Received
  EP-1173 Impact of plasma Epstein-Barr virus-DNA and gross tumor volume on prognosis of nasopharyngeal cancer Teuta Zoto Mustafayev Received Received
  EP-1174 Outcomes in patients with cervical paragangliomas treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy. Adrien ROCHAND Received Received
  EP-1176 Long-term outcomes and toxicity profile of chemoradiation for nasopharyngeal carcinoma. Eduardo Netto Received Received
  EP-1177 15 years of cerebral stereotactic radiotherapy at the Klinikum rechts der Isar, Munich Anna Schmidt Received Received
  EP-1178 Patterns of loco-regional tumour failure in elderly HNSCC patients treated with definitive radiotherapy compared to young patients Linda Sommers Received Received
  EP-1179 Usefulness of 18FFDG-PET/MRI in clinical evaluation of head and neck cancer (HNC) patients (pts) Natalia Samo&322;yk-Kogaczewska Received Received
  EP-1180 Public involvement in design of a phase III trial comparing IMPT and IMRT for oropharyngeal cancer Christina Hague Received Received
  EP-1181 Prognostic value of lymph node and tumor necrosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma Wicem Siala Received Received
  EP-1182 Relation of Parotid Shrinkage to Acute Xerostomia During Adaptive Radiation for Head and Neck Cancer Erin Healy Received Received
  EP-1184 Elderly patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme treated with radiotherapy: a single institution study Aisling Glynn Received Received
  EP-1185 Outcome for brain metastasis of NSCLC treated with SRS or hypofractionation Morena Sallabanda Received Received
  EP-1186 Dosimetric comparison of planning modalities for GammaKnife radiosurgery of brain metastases Donato Pezzulla Received Received
  EP-1187 Reirradiation using 3DCRT in recurrent brain gliomas: Survival and prognostic factors Bahareh Parkam Received Received
  EP-1188 Repeat Radiosurgery for new brain metastases allows avoidance of whole-brain radiation therapy Andratschke Nicolaus Received Received
  EP-1189 A systematic review on neurocognitive impairment in hippocampal sparing radiotherapy Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1191 Outcomes of a mono-institutional experience of IG-IMRT in Glioblastoma ANIKO MARIA DELI Received Received
  EP-1193 SRS to cavity post resection of intracranial metastases. A single centre experience 2013-2016 Martin Higgins Received Received
  EP-1194 Benefit of adjuvant temozolomid chemoradiotherpy in GBM: provocative results or potential bias Igor Djan Received Received
  EP-1196 Clinical outcome of proton therapy for patients with chordomas SANG HEE YOUN Received Received
  EP-1197 Clinical outcomes for Chordomas treated with Radical Radiotherapy: A Single Institutional Analysis Julianne OShea Received Received
  EP-1198 Whole brain radiotherapy and concurrent temozolomide in multifocal newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Lucien Lahmi Received Received
  EP-1199 Hypofractionated stereotactic radiotherapy as a salvage therapy for recurrent high-grade gliomas Thomas REYNAUD Received Received
  EP-1200 Fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy in meningiomas PILAR GALVÁN BANQUERI Received Received
  EP-1201 Outcomes of patients with brain metastases from uncommon primaries treated with radiosurgery Archya Dasgupta Received Received
  EP-1202 Radiosurgical decompression for benign perioptic tumors causing compressive cranial neuropathy Young Hyun Cho Received Received
  EP-1204 Limited margin radiotherapy and temozolomide for glioblastoma multiforme: patterns of failure Sara Sastre Gallego Received Received
  EP-1206 Outcomes of SIB-IMRT with concurrent temozolomide in patients with glioblastoma multiforme Jung Ae Lee Received Received
  EP-1207 Evaluation of the intrafraction motion in SRT-SRS treatments Domingo Granero Received Received
  EP-1208 Primary radiotherapy treatment for patients with multifocal glioma - a case series of 12 patients Daniel Fleischmann Received Received
  EP-1209 Long-term outcomes following conventionally fractionated stereotactic boost for high-grade glioma eva hortas Received Received
  EP-1210 Active beam scanning proton therapy for vestibular schwannomas: early outcomes Dante Amelio Received Received
  EP-1211 High-dose vs conventional radiotherapy for high-grade glioma: A propensity score-matched analysis Wataru Takahashi Received Received
  EP-1214 Initial Australian experience utilising CyberKnife radiosurgery in the treatment of brain metastases Jeremy Croker Received Received
  EP-1216 Variation of the blood glucose during radiotherapy: an analysis among glioblastoma patients Nadja Isabel Oszfolk Received Received
  EP-1217 SRS for Brain Metastases in Non Small Cell Lung Cancer patients: Evaluation of Prognostic Factors. Allisson Borges Received Received
  EP-1218 Comparing diffusion weighted MRI with amino acid PET and GdT1w-MRI for re-irradiation of recurrent glioblastoma Ilinca Popp Received Received
  EP-1219 Dosimetric Comparison of Proton RT with Standard of Care Photon RT Techniques in CNS Tumors Sebastian Adeberg Received Received
  EP-1220 Use of VMAT in Linac-SRS Vestibular Schwannomas. Dosimetric report of 34 cases in our Institution. Maria Jose Perez Calatayud Received Received
  EP-1222 Intrafraction motion in CNS and HNC radiotherapy: 399 fractions using an optical surface scanner Daniel Reitz Received Received
  EP-1223 Validating RTOG RPA Classes of brain metastases in patients treated with whole brain radiation Niranjan Vijayaraghavan Received Received
  EP-1224 Treatment outcome of hippocampal avoidance whole-brain radiotherapy for brain metastases Youngkyong Kim Received Received
  EP-1226 Therapy of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis in breast cancer patients a single center experience Christian Diehl Received Received
  EP-1227 Dosimetric Comparison of Simultaneous Integrated vs. Sequential Boost in Radiotherapy for Gliomas Tahani Nageeti Received Received
  EP-1228 Local control and toxicity of brain stereotactic radiation in a French non-academic hospital Ngoc Hanh Hau Desbat Received Received
  EP-1229 Early response of melanoma brain metastases to radiosurgery as important indicator of tumor behavior Irina Zubatkina Received Received
  EP-1230 Molecular Markers as a predictor of Long-term survival in patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme Emma Connolly Received Received
  EP-1232 Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy for Vestibular Schwannoma. Toxicity and Complications. Héctor Pérez-Montero Received Received
  EP-1233 DKI in GBM patients: Could it be a new biomarker for radiobiology response after irradiation? Igor Djan Received Received
  EP-1235 Clinicopathological and prognostic factors of recurrence for atypical and anaplastic meningiomas Kathy Ytuza Charahua de Kirsch Received Received
  EP-1236 IMRT with SIB in patients affected by malignant gliomas: a systematic review Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1237 Radiosurgery re-irradiation in trigeminal neuralgia: a clinical case Catarina Meneses Dias Received Received
  EP-1238 Validation of the GPA index in brain metastasis treated with Stereotactic Radiosurgery Sonia Flamarique Received Received
  EP-1240 Oral mucositis, pain, IV opioid use and in-patient days after TBI delivered in 3 vs 6 fractions Lotte Fog Received Received
  EP-1243 DIBH and IMRT for gastric MALToma: Dosimetric evaluation using comprehensive plan quality index Seo hee Choi Received Received
  EP-1244 Patterns of failure after peri-stem cell transplant consolidation radiotherapy for relapsed lymphoma Minh-Phuong Huynh-Le Received Received
  EP-1245 A systematic review of dose-effect relationship in radiotherapy for head and neck plasmacytoma Claire Petit Received Received
  EP-1246 Radiotherapy after autologous stem cell transplant in recurrent or refractory Hodgkins lymphoma FABIO MATRONE Received Received
  EP-1247 Effect of dose-rate on pulmonary toxicity in patients with hematologic malignancies undergoing TBI. DONG-YUN KIM Received Received
  EP-1248 Evaluation of the treatment with a single-fraction dose of radiation for mycosis fungoides. Kae Okuma Received Received
  EP-1249 Repeated low-dose radiation therapy in indolent Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma patients SALEH Khalil Received Received
  EP-1250 Ocular Adnexal lymphoma: a 12-years experience in an Institution Sofia Garcia Received Received
  EP-1251 Teens who fall in-betweenThe risk of late effects following a pediatric versus an adult radiotherapy regimen in Hodgkin lymphoma Anni Young Lundgaard Received Received
  EP-1252 Dosimetric and clinical outcomes of radiotherapy for early-stage lymphoma mediastinal involvement. Alessia Carnevale Received Received
  EP-1253 Secondary central nervous system lymphoma-clinical experience from a regional cancer centre in India Ahitagni Biswas Received Received
  EP-1254 Role of implantable venous devices in dose distribution: dosimetric and clinical considerations Marc Laurans Received Received
  EP-1255 Target volume and dose to organs at risk for RT of Hodgkins disease of adolescents. Stefan Lautenschlger Received Received
  EP-1256 Cardiovascular risk reduction by deep inspiration breath hold technique in breast cancer. Brendan McCann Received Received
  EP-1257 Voluntary Deep Inspiration Breathhold (DIBH) in the Radiotherapy for Breast Cancer Ivan Gueorguiev Received Received
  EP-1258 Impact of Patient-reported vs. Physician-reported outcome measures in breast cancer patients Ruth Carmona Vigo Received Received
  EP-1259 Breast Q questionnaires in Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation: chasing the best quality of life Marina Arangena Peñacoba Received Received
  EP-1260 Effectiveness, QoL and Toxicity of Intraoperative Radiotherapy in Early Breast Cancer Patients Bartosz Urbanski Received Received
  EP-1262 Postmastectomy RT Decision for Lymph Node Negative Patients: Turkish Radiation Oncology Society Ayse Altinok Received Received
  EP-1263 Radiotherapy after Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy using a super paramagnetic iron oxide particles tracer Louis Bazire Received Received
  EP-1264 Prophylactically applied Hydrofilm reduces radiation dermatitis in whole-breast radiation therapy Leonard Christopher Schmeel Received Received
  EP-1265 Quality of Life in long term premenopausic early stages breast cancer survivors. QL determinants. Juan Ignacio Arraras Received Received
  EP-1266 Results of intraoperative radiotherapy given as a boost after breast conserving-surgery Kraiwut Onthong Received Received
  EP-1268 Breast cancer irradiation using proton pencil beam scanning Michal Andrlik Received Received
  EP-1269 Adjuvant chemotherapy and hypofractionated VMAT treatment with SIB for early stage breast cancer Davide Franceschini Received Received
  EP-1270 Randomized phase II study of hypofractionated WBI versus APBI using VMAT: early toxicity results Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  EP-1272 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Oligometastatic and Oligoprogressive Disease Catherine Pembroke Received Received
  EP-1273 Creation of an Educational Quality Improvement Program for Radiation Oncology Residents Catherine Pembroke Received Received
  EP-1274 Does field-in-field technique improve homogeneity in high tangent radiotherapy for breast cancer Hidekazu Tanaka Received Received
  EP-1275 Displacement of surgical clips and volume change of MegaDerm during whole-breast irradiation Wonguen Jung Received Received
  EP-1276 Risk factors for treatment failure in cT1-2N0-1 breast cancer treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy Xin Wang Received Received
  EP-1278 Postoperative radiotherapy on the breast and influence on acute haematological toxicity Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1279 Molecular factors on local control in breast hypofractionated radiotherapy : a control group study Grazia Lazzari Received Received
  EP-1280 MARA-3 trial: a whole breast irradiation with simultaneous integrated boost in low risk patients Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1281 MARA 4 trial: a whole breast irradiation with SIB using an hybrid IMRT class solution Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1282 Complication analysis of breast cancer patients treated with mastectomy with IABR and adjuvant RT So Jung Lee Received Received
  EP-1283 Lung sparing techniques for internal mammary chain radiotherapy in right breast cancer patients Alison Ranger Received Received
  EP-1285 Immediate breast reconstruction followed by adjuvant radiotherapy. Aesthetics and Quality of life. Ana Aurora Diaz Gavela Received Received
  EP-1286 Adjuvant hypofractionated breast radiotherapy plus brachytherapy boost for ductal carcinoma in situ Ana Aurora Diaz Gavela Received Received
  EP-1288 Concurrent chemoradiaton(CCRT) for locally advanced/inflammatory or recurrent breast carcinoma(LABC) Panagiota Mavroeidi Received Received
  EP-1289 ABPI with 3D-CRT and image-guided IMRT 6 year results of a phase II trial Norbert Mészáros Received Received
  EP-1290 Evaluation of incidental internal mammary chain dose coverage with different radiation techniques Yuanfang Song Received Received
  EP-1291 Clinical guidelines for breast cancer drugs and radiotherapy based on combination safety data Geoffroy Boulle Received Received
  EP-1292 Impact of adjuvant trastuzumab on locoregional recurrence in HER2-overexpressed breast cancer Seung Hyuck Jeon Received Received
  EP-1293 Lymphovascular invasion as a negative prognostic factor for triple-negative breast cancer Yoon Sun Choi Received Received
  EP-1295 Validation of the MSKCC-nomogram in the prediction of recurrence risk after treatment in DCIS. Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1296 Unintended dose to the lower axilla in whole breast radiotherapy: standard tangential fields vs VMAT Imane Ahrouch Received Received
  EP-1297 RT for bone-only oligometastases in breast cancer patients: a survey of current clinical practice. Marta Bonet Received Received
  EP-1299 Postmastectomy radiation therapy after subcutaneous direct-to-implant breast reconstruction Icro Meattini Received Received
  EP-1300 Efectiveness of once-weekly hypofractionated irradiation in 486 elderly breast cancer patients. JAVIER SANZ Received Received
  EP-1301 Incidental or intentional node irradiation in breast cancer. Preliminary results of OPTIMAL Trial. Xavier Sanz Received Received
  EP-1303 Less is good: once-weekly hypofractionated radiotherapy for early breast cancer in elderly women Elisabetta Bonzano Received Received
  EP-1304 Patterns of loco-regional failure in early breast cancer treated by WBRT in lateral position HaoPing XU Received Received
  EP-1305 Location of arm draining lymph node in relation to breast cancer radiotherapy field and volume Wei Wang Received Received
  EP-1306 Cardiovascular sequelae in breast cancer survivors Athiththa Satchithanandha Received Received
  EP-1307 Radiotherapy significantly contributes to loss of cardiac function after treatment for breast cancer Veerle van den Bogaard Received Received
  EP-1308 Clinical and dosimetric evaluation of radiation therapy post-mastectomy with implant based reconstruction - a matched cohort study Niina Rintel Received Received
  EP-1309 Myocardial segmental strain changes detected with cardiac MRI following tangential breast radiation Simon Tang Received Received
  EP-1311 Self-reported work ability in breast cancer patients during and after breast cancer treatment. Madelein Gregorowitsch Received Received
  EP-1312 Improved treatment prone positioning in 3D whole-breast irradiation DAVID HERNANDEZ GONZALEZ Received Received
  EP-1313 Dose optimization in conventional breast radiotherapy through positioning: supine vs prone DAVID HERNANDEZ GONZALEZ Received Received
  EP-1314 Breast treatments with Axxent equipment.Comparison with Mammosite for skin, lung and heart dose. Sergio Lozares Received Received
  EP-1315 KORTUC phase I/II trial testing a novel radiation sensitiser in breast cancer: preliminary results Samantha Nimalasena Received Received
  EP-1316 The use of Helical Tomotherapy in early stage breast cancer: indications, tolerance, efficacy. Arsène-Henry Alexandre Received Received
  EP-1317 Early results of implementation of IORT with INTRABEAM for early breast cancer in a private hospital Yonina Tova Received Received
  EP-1318 Hypofractionationated RT in Breast Cancer: Early Experience from a tertiary care centre in India jibak bhattacharya Received Received
  EP-1319 Long-term results of partial-breast-IORT or IORT-boost: a 10-year mono-institutional experience. Montserrat Pazos Received Received
  EP-1320 Postoperative 3D-CRT for breast cancer: results from patients treated in a single institution. Manuel Conson Received Received
  EP-1322 Patterns of failure according to breast cancer subtype after RT and contemporary systemic therapy. Edy Ippolito Received Received
  EP-1323 Dosimetry results and toxicity of a 3-week schedule RT with SIB in breast cancer, with TomoDirect Marianna Gerardi Received Received
  EP-1324 Hypo- vs Normofractionated RT in Early Breast Cancer Patterns of Care in German speaking countries Michael Mayinger Received Received
  EP-1325 Outcomes of stereotactic radiotherapy for brain metastases in different breast cancer subtypes Sonia Silipigni Received Received
  EP-1326 Hypofractionated IMRT using Tomotherapy for early stage breast cancer: early chronic toxicity samantha dicuonzo Received Received
  EP-1327 Risk of relapse according to molecular subtype in patients with 1-3 positive nodes after adjuvant RT Alessia Di Donato Received Received
  EP-1329 Clinical Outcomes Of Hypofractionated Vs Conventional Radiation In Women Treated For Breast Cancer Ashwini Budrukkar Received Received
  EP-1330 Dosimetric comparison of two techniques in left breast cancer with respiratory gating Mariacarla Valli Received Received
  EP-1331 Role of postoperative radiotherapy in DCIS: an observational study of 1,048 cases Stefanie Corradini Received Received
  EP-1332 Efficacy of an accelerated hypofractionted schedule for whole breast and regional node irradiation Angel Montero Received Received
  EP-1333 Predictive Factors of Recurrence after Mastectomy for Ductal Carcinoma in situ Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1334 The role of coronary CT angiography for early detection of heart coronary disease after breast EBRT Nuria Jornet Received Received
  EP-1336 Pattern of care of adjuvant radiotherapy in male breast cancer patients in clinical practice: an observational study Paul Rogowski Received Received
  EP-1337 Exclusive IORT in breast cancer: outcome analysis of a pilot trial at two different single doses Liliana Belgioia Received Received
  EP-1338 No Axillary Dissection Among Women With Invasive Breast Cancer and Sentinel Node wit Macrometastasis Isabel García Ríos Received Received
  EP-1339 Evaluation of Sleep Quality in Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy Eda Yirmibesoglu Erkal Received Received
  EP-1340 Assessment of risk/dosimetric factors of radiation induced toxicities in breast cancer radiotherapy Maximilian Loos Received Received
  EP-1341 Contralateral breast : A missing organ at risk in breast radiotherapy Ms Fourati Received Received
  EP-1342 To evaluate a deformable registration of preoperative PET-CT with post surgery simulation CT for future delineation of tumor bed volumes for whole-breast radiotherapy. Ambroise Champion Received Received
  EP-1344 Long-term reconstruction failure after postmastectomy RT to temporary expander or permanent implant samantha dicuonzo Received Received
  EP-1345 Prevalence of asymptomatic pericardial effusion in breast cancer patients referred for RT Miguel Árquez-Pianetta Received Received
  EP-1346 CyberKnife Stereotactic Partial Breast Irradiation for Early Stage Breast Cancer: Early Outcomes Shaan Kataria Received Received
  EP-1350 Capacity of resilience during radiotherapy treatment in breast cancer David Muñoz Carmona Received Received
  EP-1351 Analyses of doses with deep inspiration breath-hold Vs free-breathing 3D-RT in breast cancer. SONIA BLANCO PARAJON Received Received
  EP-1355 The prognostic impact of solid component diameter of tumor in Stage I NSCLC undergoing SBRT Tomohiro Itonaga Received Received
  EP-1357 Changes of lung density after radiotherapy for thoracic carcinomasan analysis of follow up CT scans Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1358 Correlation between changes in lung function and lung density after radiotherapy for thoracic cancer Christina Schrder Received Received
  EP-1359 Preoperative high doses chemoradiotherapy in stage IIIA-N2 NSCLC on behalf of GOECP/SEOR-GICOR Felipe Counago Received Received
  EP-1360 Heat shock Protein 70 serum levels as a predictor of clinical response in non-small-cell lung cancer Christian Ostheimer Received Received
  EP-1361 Upfront cranial radiotherapy for EGFR mutant non-small cell lung cancer with brain metastases Mi Young Kim Received Received
  EP-1362 Random forest analysis to predict Disease-Free Survival using FDG-PET and CT in Lung Cancer Martina Sollini Received Received
  EP-1363 Intensity modulated radiotherapy with simultaneous integrated boost for non-small cell lung cancer Jose Lopez Received Received
  EP-1364 Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase C677T polymorphism in lung, rectal and breast cancer Khadidja Boudaoud Received Received
  EP-1365 F-FDG-PET/CT metabolic features as prognostic and predictive factors in lung tumors undergoing SBRT Marco Galaverni Received Received
  EP-1366 Different toxicity rating patients and physicians in randomized phase III PCI vs obs stage III NSCLC Dirk De Ruysscher Received Received
  EP-1367 Cardiovascular disease and survival in lung cancer: a multicenter prospective assessment DANIEL HERRERO RIVERA Received Received
  EP-1368 Lung cancer 3D-CRT: Evaluation of V5 constraint compliance and incidence of radiation pneumonitis Montserrat Colomer Received Received
  EP-1369 High local control for lung SBRT of comorbid patients: prospective monocenter phase II STRIPE trial Sonja Adebahr Received Received
  EP-1370 Generation of tumor-regression CT during definitive CCRT of the lung cancer using deep learning Eva Hortas Received Received
  EP-1371 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for stage I lung cancer. Pilar Maria Samper Ots Received Received
  EP-1372 DART-bid with VMAT for locally advanced NSCLC Pinter Raoul Received Received
  EP-1373 Role and Timing of Radiotherapy for Limited-Disease Small Cell Lung Cancer Minji Koh Received Received
  EP-1374 SBRT for new lesions after surgery or curative intended radiotherapy in patients with NSCLC Olfred Hansen Received Received
  EP-1375 Pre-radiotherapy quality of live assessment predicts survival in lung cancer patients José María Nieto-Guerrero Gómez Received Received
  EP-1376 Prognostic factors for clinical outcome in advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) Ana María Otero-Romero Received Received
  EP-1377 Tolerability of radical lung hypofractionated radiotherapy in elderly patients Ana María Otero-Romero Received Received
  EP-1378 Stereotactic body radiotherapy in an Australia centre for biopsy proven non-small cell lung cancer Jeremy Croker Received Received
  EP-1379 stereotactic radiotherapy for oligometastases in the lung: analysis of 279 patients (647 lesions). Franco Casamassima Received Received
  EP-1380 Can radiomic features describe lung semantic features in NSCLC patients? Evelyn E.C. de Jong Received Received
  EP-1381 Role of Metabolic Tumor Volume and Total Lesion Glycolysis on FDG-PET/CT in NSCLC treated with SBRT JOAQUIN CABRERA Received Received
  EP-1383 The use of Real World Evidence to audit NTCP-models for acute esophagus toxicity in NSCLC patients Kwint Margriet Received Received
  EP-1384 The role of SABR for eradicative treatment of thymoma recurrences Claudia Menichelli Received Received
  EP-1385 Carbon-ion radiotherapy for peripheral lung tumors in patients with severe pulmonary dysfunction. Kotaro Terashima Received Received
  EP-1386 Impact of the stereotactic irradiation schedule for non-small-cell lung carcinoma stage I Duvergé Log Received Received
  EP-1387 High local control with 4D-IGRT based SBRT for stage I NSCLC: a retrospective study. SERENA BADELLINO Received Received
  EP-1388 The role of emphysema on lung toxicity and the feasibility of a functional treatment plan Michele Michele Received Received
  EP-1389 Reduction of lung dose during stereotactic radiation of lung tumors using respiratory gating Andreas Hofmeister Received Received
  EP-1390 Salvage (postponed) hypofractionated tomotherapy for progressive MPM in patients with intact lungs Andrei Fodor Received Received
  EP-1391 EGFR/ALK Mutations in Stage III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Received Chemoradiotherapy Jonathan Shi Feng Nyaw Received Received
  EP-1392 Trimodality treatment of Stage III non-small cell lung cancer in Western Australia Jeremy Croker Received Received
  EP-1393 Risk adapted schemes for lung SBRT in central or close to chest-wall tumours África Fernández Forné Received Received
  EP-1395 Long term results and technology impact of 48 Gy SABR for inoperable peripheral stage I lung cancer Emilie Dubaere Received Received
  EP-1396 Outcome of Lung Metastases Receiving 30 Gy Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy in a Single Fraction Shane Lloyd Received Received
  EP-1397 A single-centre experience of SBRT and EBRT in Stage I NSCLC patients: local failure and survival. Ignacio Visus Received Received
  EP-1398 Isolated Nodal Failure rates following curative intent radiotherapy in a modern cohort Seosamh McCauley Received Received
  EP-1399 HEmatologic paRaMeters as prEdictive biomarkerS in NSCLC (HERMES-Lung) for metastasis development Antonella Martino Received Received
  EP-1400 Outcomes According to SRS Dose Prescription for Brain Metastases from Lung Cancer Fabio Ynoe de Moraes Received Received
  EP-1401 FDG and FMISO-PET for guided dose escalation with intensity-modulated radiotherapy in lung cancers. sebastien thureau Received Received
  EP-1402 Prognostic value of hematological inflammatory markers in patients with non-small cell lung cancer. Noriko Kishi Received Received
  EP-1403 Clinical outcome and toxicity of stereotactic ablative radiotherapy to centrally located tumors. Banu Atalar Received Received
  EP-1404 Non-linear radiomic signatures characterizing overall survival from non-small cell lung cancer Matthew Field Received Received
  EP-1405 Assessment of Heart Motion in lung Radiotherapy: making sure your hearts in the right place. David Cobben Received Received
  EP-1406 Feasibility study of contouring heart structures and development of atlas for lung cancer planning Nazia Mohammed Received Received
  EP-1407 Dosimetric Variables for Chest Wall Pain following Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Catherine Pembroke Received Received
  EP-1408 An investigation of hybrid planning with multi criteria optimization for mesothelioma Timothy Mitchell Received Received
  EP-1409 Changes in pulmonary-function-test and toxicity evaluation after SBRT in early-stage NSCLC Cristina Cigarral García Received Received
  EP-1410 Comparison of neoadjuvant chemoradiation with carboplatin/paclitaxel or CDDP/5-FU for esophageal SCC Stefan Mnch Received Received
  EP-1411 Comparison between radiochemotherapy, and other modalities in locally advanced esophageal cancer Danijela Scepanovic Received Received
  EP-1414 Stereotactic body radiotherapy with image-guided delivery for liver metastasis Francesco Ricchetti Received Received
  EP-1415 SBRT for unresectable locally advanced pancreatic cancer: risk-adapted dose prescription Fabiana Gregucci Received Received
  EP-1416 Postoperative proton therapy for pancreas cancer patients on the Proton Collaborative Group registry Romaine Nichols Received Received
  EP-1417 SBRT for liver oligometastases:predictive factors of local responce response by 18F-FDG-PET/CT Sergio Fersino Received Received
  EP-1419 Outcomes according to radiation fields of neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for esophageal cancer Noorie Choi Received Received
  EP-1421 CARBON IONS IN THE TREATMENT OF PANCREATIC DISEASE donatella caivano Received Received
  EP-1422 Efficacy and toxicity outcome of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma. Créoff Morgane Received Received
  EP-1423 variation of cardiac volume based on repeated enhanced 4DCT during radiotherapy in esophageal cancer Xue Wang Received Received
  EP-1424 Prognostic impact of sarcopenia in patients treated by radiochemotherapy for a locally advanced esophageal cancer ROMAIN MALLET Received Received
  EP-1425 Clinical implications of a novel iron-containing fiducial marker in radiotherapy for liver tumors. Hiroshi Doi Received Received
  EP-1426 ChemoRadiotherapy for Oesophageal cancer followed by Surgery Study (CROSS): Single Center Experience Angelo Tozzi Received Received
  EP-1428 Early outcomes following neoadjuvant therapy for borderline resectable pancreatic cancer Rebecca Goody Received Received
  EP-1429 Stereotactic body radiation therapy as neoadjuvant/radical treatment for pancreatic adenocarcinoma Xin Chen Received Received
  EP-1430 Biliary cancer definitive radiotherapy: an atlas for ctv definition with elective nodal irradiation Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1431 A systematic review on neoadjuvant chemoradiation in resectable pancreatic carcinoma Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1432 Safety of repeated stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for recurrent liver malignancies. Eleni Gkika Received Received
  EP-1435 The role of elective nodal irradiation in radiotherapy for stage I esophageal cancer Shintaro Tsuruoka Received Received
  EP-1436 Impact of Complete Pathological Response to Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy in Esophageal Cancer Tamer Soror Received Received
  EP-1437 Comparison of stereotactic radiotherapy and transarterial embolization for hepatocellular carcinoma Po-Chien Shen Received Received
  EP-1438 Conventional Radiotherapy Combined with Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Boost for Pancreatic Cancer Eun Kyung Paik Received Received
  EP-1439 MRI-based clinical target volume delineation in gastric cancer: first results of a feasibility study Vivian van Pelt Received Received
  EP-1440 Extended-field chemoradiotherapy for synchronous esophageal and pharyngeal tumors: a phase one study Kaoru Okajima Received Received
  EP-1441 Systematic Review of Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) in Oesophageal Cancer Emma Mathews Received Received
  EP-1443 Dose-escalated radiation therapy for neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in oesophagueal cancer. Fernando Lopez Campos Received Received
  EP-1444 Palliative whole-liver radiotherapy for massive liver metastases: a single-institution experience Takayuki Ohguri Received Received
  EP-1445 Clinical outcome of elderly patients (=70 years) with esophageal cancer undergoing CRT Franziska Walter Received Received
  EP-1446 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) in patients with HCC in a multimodal treatment setting Sabine Gerum Received Received
  EP-1448 Robotic SBRT on liver lesions in oligometastatic CRC patients: a single center experience Marco Vernaleone Received Received
  EP-1449 Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy IG-IMRT PET based in esophageal or esophageal gastric junction cancer SLIM NAJLA Received Received
  EP-1450 Elevated tumour markers are related to early treatment failure in oesophageal adenocarcinoma Francine Voncken Received Received
  EP-1451 Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) in pancreatic cancer (PCA): a single centre experience Nicola Simoni Received Received
  EP-1453 Defining patterns of failure in neoadjuvant radiotherapy for borderline resectable pancreatic cancer eva hortas Received Received
  EP-1454 Is MRI necessary before performing liver metastases SBRT? Petr Bulychkin Received Received
  EP-1455 Interobserver and interfraction variability using free-breathing cbCT for SBRT of the upper abdomen Luca Nicosia Received Received
  EP-1456 Safety and tolerability of liver reirradiation using high dose SBRT as first and second treatment Dorota Gabry&347; Received Received
  EP-1457 GemOx with low-dose RT and SBRT for locally advanced pancreatic cancer: preliminary safety results Bruno Meduri Received Received
  EP-1459 Meta-analysis comparing gastrointestinal toxicity among radiotherapy techniques in rectal cancer Chan Woo Wee Received Received
  EP-1460 A systematic review comparing radiation toxicity after various endorectal radiation techniques An-Sofie Verrijssen Received Received
  EP-1462 Prediction of preoperative hyperthermo-chemoradiotherapy response in locally advanced rectal cancer Takeo Takahashi Received Received
  EP-1463 Phase II study of adaptive high-dose neoadjuvant radiotherapy in high risk rectal cancer Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1464 Radical approach to primary unresectable rectal cancerwhat is the optimal road? Malgorzata Kraszkiewicz Received Received
  EP-1465 Palliative RT: new score to estimate survival times of patients with gastrointestinal malignancies Caroline Kerger Received Received
  EP-1467 Cetuximab,Capecitabine ,3D-CRT vs capecitabine ,3D-CRT as preoperative treatment in rectal cancer Panagiota Mavroeidi Received Received
  EP-1468 Endoscopic evaluation for radiation proctitis in patients receiving intermediate-dose radiotherapy Jeongshim Lee Received Received
  EP-1469 Impact of pelvis irradiation on toxicity of further oxaliplatin-based chemotherapy in rectal cancer Mateusz Spalek Received Received
  EP-1470 Neoadjuvant VMAT radiochemotherapy with a SIB Compared to standard Chemoradiation for LARC Natalia Jankarashvili Received Received
  EP-1471 Induction chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced anal canal carcinoma Ilaria Benevento Received Received
  EP-1472 Microscopic extension of residual rectal tumor mass post-neoadjuvant chemoradiation: a meta-analysis An-Sofie Verrijssen Received Received
  EP-1473 Prediction of pathologic staging with MRI after neoadjuvant chemoradiation for Rectal Cancer Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1474 IMRT and Integrated-boost as neoadjuvant chemoradiation for rectal cancer. Ovidio Hernando Requejo Received Received
  EP-1475 Brachytherapy boost after chemoradiation in anal cancer: a systematic review Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1477 Effect of anti-hypertension therapy in colorectal carcinoma patients. María Ángeles González Ruiz Received Received
  EP-1478 Anal cancer VMAT: Lumbosacral plexus DVHs with standard & escalated doses proposed in the ACT5 study Leslie Samuel Received Received
  EP-1479 Impact of tumor regression grade in ypStage III rectal cancer after preoperative chemoradiotherapy Joohyun Chung Received Received
  EP-1480 Neoadjuvant radiation dose to the anal sphincter and postoperative bowel dysfunction in rectal cancer patients Alice Couwenberg Received Received
  EP-1481 Dosimetric comparison and analysis of different longitudinal cranial margins of VMAT-IMRT of rectal cancer Hendrik Dapper Received Received
  EP-1482 Lateral pelvic lymph node metastasis in rectal cancer receiving NACRT a time for serious relook Reena Engineer Received Received
  EP-1483 Early anal cancer: traditional large field vs modified small field - a volumetric comparison Sandy Sampaio Received Received
  EP-1486 Incorporating 18FDG-PET to define bone marrow into automatic treatment planning for anal cancer GIUSEPPE CARLO IORIO Received Received
  EP-1487 The prognostic role of haemoglobin in patients undergoing concurrent chemo-radiation for anal cancer Stefania Martini Received Received
  EP-1488 A matched pair analysis of hypofractionated IMRT-SIB versus concomitant boost in rectal cancer Luca Nicosia Received Received
  EP-1489 Outcome after neoadjuvant chemoradiation in elderly patients (= 70 years) with rectal cancer Falk Roeder Received Received
  EP-1490 Radiotherapy for the primary tumor in metastatic rectal cancer Blent Polat Received Received
  EP-1491 Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer patients in a 15-year single institutional experience CONSUELO ROSA Received Received
  EP-1492 Bowel and anal sphincter function after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer patients. CONSUELO ROSA Received Received
  EP-1493 T2 and Diffusion weighted MRI for GTV delineation in rectal cancer: agreement between volumes. CONSUELO ROSA Received Received
  EP-1494 Patterns of failure in rectal cancer with positive circumferential resection margin after surgery following preoperative chemoradiation Youngkyong Kim Received Received
  EP-1495 Cone beam computed tomography for movement evaluation of GTV and mesorectum in rectal cancer. CONSUELO ROSA Received Received
  EP-1496 The natural history of pulmonary micronodules evidenced at initial CT scan in pts affected by LARC Sabrina Montrone Received Received
  EP-1497 Predictive factors of nodal response to neoadjuvant RTCT in pts affected by LARC Sabrina Montrone Received Received
  EP-1499 PET imaging for target volume delineation in rectal cancer radiotherapy: results of a phase II study Barnaba Floreno Received Received
  EP-1500 Prediction of anal carcinoma chemoradiotherapy outcome by a new PET-based biomarker Espen Rusten Received Received
  EP-1503 Rectal motion in patients receiving neoadjuvant radiotherapy for rectal cancer in supine position Nugent Killian Received Received
  EP-1504 Postoperative radiotherapy for endometrial carcinoma in elderly patients. Angeles Rovirosa Received Received
  EP-1505 Multimodal management of locally advanced neuroendocrine cervical carcinoma Pauline Castelnau-Marchand Received Received
  EP-1506 Simultaneous integrated nodal boost in cervical cancer: acute toxicity and treatment compliance Warren BACORRO Received Received
  EP-1507 Tumor response rate depending on PIK3CA mutation status in Azerbaijanian cervical cancer patients Kamal Akbarov Received Received
  EP-1508 FDG-PET/CT and MRI in definitive radiochemotherapy for locally advanced uterine cervical cancer Ann-Charlotte Waldenstrm Received Received
  EP-1509 Prospective study on safety of home-made marker insertion for gynecological cancer by unique method Shuhei Sekii Received Received
  EP-1510 Clinical Impact of Image Guided Radiation Therapy for locally advanced cervical cancer Maria del Carmen Salas Received Received
  EP-1512 Radiotherapy at pelvis region in premenopausal cervix cancer induce osteopenia/osteoporosis Chonsanee Klaitong Received Received
  EP-1513 Systematic review about the role of chemoradiotherapy in locally advanced vulvar carcinoma Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1514 Initial experience in inoperable endometrial cancer treated with EBRT plus HDR-BT. M Francisca Ropero Carmona Received Received
  EP-1515 Motion of the uterine tip during radiotherapy for cervical cancer is not associated with survival Anthea Cree Received Received
  EP-1517 Outcome of Radiation therapy for locally advanced vulvar carcinoma: Analysis of inguinal lymph node. Yuki Mukai Received Received
  EP-1518 Monitoring brachytherapy radiation therapy by thermal image Tatiana Rabin Alezra Received Received
  EP-1519 Eosinophil-to-Lymphocytes Ratio (ELR) as a novel prognostic biomarker for cervical cancer. Katarzyna Holub Received Received
  EP-1522 MRI early predictive factors for vaginal stenosis in cervical cancer patients after chemoradiation MAURA CAMPITELLI Received Received
  EP-1524 Synchronous cancers in PET-CT in cervical cancer patients treated with radiochemotherapy. Micha&322; P&322;achta Received Received
  EP-1526 IMRT boost in cervical cancer: is it a feasible alternative when Brachytherapy is not practicable? Giulia Riva Received Received
  EP-1527 Targeting CXCL12/CXCR4 to enhance the therapeutic ratio during radiochemotherapy for cervix cancer Naz Chaudary Received Received
  EP-1528 Evolution of acute toxicities in Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy of uterine cervix cancer Kombathula Sri Harsha Received Received
  EP-1530 Dosimetric comparison of MR, MR & Interstitial needles & CT guided brachytherapy in cervical cancer Asma Sarwar Received Received
  EP-1531 Hyperthermia (mEHT) as a radiosensitiser in HIV positive cervical cancer patients: effects/toxicities Carrie Minnaar Received Received
  EP-1532 HIV and Cervical Cancer, dangerous combination for RT patients Héctor Pérez-Montero Received Received
  EP-1533 SBRT replacing brachytherapy boost in operated endometrial cancer: a pilot feasibility study Marco Possanzini Received Received
  EP-1534 International multi-institutional study of intraoperative radiotherapy for abdominopelvic tumors Ehsan Balagamwala Received Received
  EP-1536 Quality of Life in cervical cancer patients: A weak relationship exists between PRO and PhRO. Rafael Ordoñez Marmolejo Received Received
  EP-1539 No change in prostate size during radiotherapy with 2 Gy fractions for small size prostates Osamu Tanaka Received Received
  EP-1540 Radiation therapy for patients with paraaortic lymph nodes metastases of prostate cancer Petr Bulychkin Received Received
  EP-1542 SBRT for oligometastatic lymph nodes in hormone-sensitive and castration-resistant prostate cancer. Niccolò Giaj Levra Received Received
  EP-1543 Urethrogram combined CT-MRI image fusion to determine apex in IMRT for localized prostatic cancer Kinji Nishiyama Received Received
  EP-1544 Ga-68 PSMA PET/CT in postoperative Prostate Cancer patients Filippo Alongi Received Received
  EP-1545 Evaluation of a customized workflow to assess rectum and bladder during VMAT prostate cancer RT ilaria moschini Received Received
  EP-1546 Outcomes of monotherapeutic permanent brachytherapy for Japanese localized prostate cancer Norihisa Katayama Received Received
  EP-1547 PSA =0.1ng/ml after radiotherapy as predictive treatment results in prostate cancer patients Julia Luisa Munoz Garcia Received Received
  EP-1548 Second tumors after treatment in prostate cancer patients Julia Luisa Munoz Garcia Received Received
  EP-1549 Lack of radioprotective efficacy of nanocurcumin in prostate cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy Abolfazl Razzaghdoust Received Received
  EP-1550 Radiotherapy of PSMA-positive oligometastatic recurrent prostate cancer: a single-center experience. Stephanie Kroeze Received Received
  EP-1551 Outcome after PSMA PET based RT in patients with biochemical recurrence or persistence after surgery Nina-Sophie Schmidt-Hegemann Received Received
  EP-1553 Prognostic Role of NLR after radical surgery and postoperative radiotherapy for prostate cancer ASUNCION HERVAS Received Received
  EP-1554 Treatment outcomes and toxicities of IMRT for more than 1000 Japanese patients with prostate cancer. Hidekazu Tanaka Received Received
  EP-1555 Multiple re-irradiation for locally recurrent prostate cancer: proof of concept and clinical outcome Stefania Volpe Received Received
  EP-1556 Early deltaradiomics and PSA after radiotherapy for prostate cancer: a CKNOPRO trial ancillary study Alexandre Escande Received Received
  EP-1558 Hypofractionated helical tomotherapy for older aged prostate cancer patients: a phase I-II trial Lin Ma Received Received
  EP-1559 Quality of Life Results of a Phase II Study of SBRT for Prostate Cancer in an Asian population Eva Hortas Received Received
  EP-1560 Clinical results of a moderately hypofractionated radiotherapy in postoperative prostate carcinoma Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1561 A systematic review on postoperative hypofractionated radiation therapy in prostate carcinoma Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1562 Phase IIcima trial on combined, intensified and modulated adjuvant radiotherapy in prostate cancer Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1563 An offline adaptive strategy for external beam radiotherapy in prostate cancer. Carla Pisani Received Received
  EP-1564 The comparison of treatment outcome between fiducial-based and bone-based IGRT for prostate cancer Wojciech Majewski Received Received
  EP-1566 Metabolic response assessment using Ga68 PSMA PETCT in HR organ confined Prostate cancer post IGIMRT Lohith G Received Received
  EP-1568 Results of proton therapy for castration resistant prostate cancer Masaru Takagi Received Received
  EP-1571 Is Neoadjuvant ADT Necessary for Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Treated with Proton Therapy? Masaru Takagi Received Received
  EP-1572 Effect of patient positioning on organs at risk in postoperative radiotherapy for prostate cancer Subaru Sawayanagi Received Received
  EP-1573 Long term outcomes in 1121 Australian prostate cancer patients treated with definitive radiotherapy Jeremiah de Leon Received Received
  EP-1574 Salvage Nodal RT for PSMA Avid Oligomets in Hormone Naive Prostate Cancer Patients: GCC Experience. Tee Sin Lim Received Received
  EP-1575 Radiotherapy for T3b prostate cancer : clinical analyses Flora GOUPY Received Received
  EP-1576 Clinical Outcomes of 3D CRT with HDR brachytherapy in patients with localized Prostate cancer. Dr mansoor Rafi Received Received
  EP-1577 Prostate cancer SBRT dose escalation to the dominant nodule/s: Phase I and immunological effects Fernanda Herrera Received Received
  EP-1578 Early biochemical response following PSMA PET-directed salvage nodal irradiation for prostate cancer Johnathon Wake Received Received
  EP-1579 SBRT for limited lymph node recurrence in patients with prostate cancer Ilaria Renna Received Received
  EP-1580 Patterns of androgen deprivation therapy use with radiotherapy in post-prostatectomy setting Wee Loon Ong Received Received
  EP-1581 Salvage brachytherapy and a rectal spacer in locally recurrent prostate cancer after radiotherapy Gilles CREHANGE Received Received
  EP-1582 Feasibility of IMRT plus regional hyperthermia for high-risk and very high-risk prostate carcinoma TAKAYUKI OHGURI Received Received
  EP-1583 An endorectal balloon reduces patient-reported GI toxicity in postop radiotherapy of prostate cancer Tobias Hlscher Received Received
  EP-1584 Prostate SBRT escalation dose protocols and self-reported quality of life.. Ferran Ferrer Gonzalez Received Received
  EP-1585 Whole pelvic nodal radiotherapy (RT) vs. prostate bed RT after prostatectomy for prostate cancer Caubet Matthieu Received Received
  EP-1586 Docetaxel Mitigating the high price of success Yee Pei Song Received Received
  EP-1590 PSA kinetics in prostate cancer patients after SBRT radiotherapy using CyberKnife - updated data. Marek Konkol Received Received
  EP-1591 Three years experience of moderate hypofractionated Helical Tomotherapy for Prostate Cancer Francesco Cuccia Received Received
  EP-1592 Impact of 68Ga-PSMA PET/CT in prostate cancer patients with biochemical recurrence after surgery SARA BARTONCINI Received Received
  EP-1593 Hypofractionated IGRT in high-intermediate and high/very-high risk prostate cancer patients Nadia Gisella Di Muzio Received Received
  EP-1594 Analysis of urinary toxicity by uroflowmetry in hypofractionated radiotherapy after prostatectomy SIMONETTA Saldi Received Received
  EP-1595 Comparative analysis of PSA kinetics related to 4 different radiotherapy modalities Angel Acosta Rojas Received Received
  EP-1596 Follow-up of prostate cancer patients receiving 68Ga-PSMA-PET guided dose escalation radiotherapy Lisa Catharina Pfetsch Received Received
  EP-1597 Dose-escalation for early salvage radiotherapy in prostate cancer improves bDFS Emily Latacz Received Received
  EP-1600 Comparison of patterns of implantation for the 3 spacers for radiation therapy for prostate cancer. Igor Latorzeff Received Received
  EP-1601 PET imaging in patients with biochemical progression treated with high dose salvage radiotherapy Luca Eolo Trodella Received Received
  EP-1602 MPMRI planning in salvage radiotherapy of biochemical recurrence after radical prostatectomy Suela Vukcaj Received Received
  EP-1603 Feasibility, dosimetric aspects and clinical results in prostatic patients: 5-years follow-up Luca Eolo Trodella Received Received
  EP-1604 Precision of MRI-CT-image fusion based on goldmarkers for IGRT by using a phantom and clinical data Daniel Wegener Received Received
  EP-1605 Outcome and toxicity in a cohort of prostate cancer patients treated with image-guided radiotherapy Paolina Toncheva Received Received
  EP-1606 Probabilistic Planning Concept instead of Target Volume Margins - Prospective evaluation Arndt-Christian Mller Received Received
  EP-1607 Balloon Device for Prostate Cancer SBRT - Increased Spacing helps to Overcome Rectal Toxicities Paulo Serafim de Jesus Martins Costa Received Received
  EP-1608 Prostate cancer radiotherapy in elderly patients : Does it make a difference in acute toxicities? Ms Fourati Received Received
  EP-1609 Circulating hematopoietic progenitor cells and endothelial cells in prostate cancer under SBRT Cristina Cigarral García Received Received
  EP-1610 Oligoprogression during Abiraterone therapy treated with radiotherapy in mCRPC patients. Luca Marinelli Received Received
  EP-1611 Decision support for rectum spacers: combining tumor control, rectum toxicity and genetic markers Yvonka van Wijk Received Received
  EP-1612 Pre-treatment mpMRI accuracy and prognostic value in intermediate risk localized prostate cancer David Bchser Received Received
  EP-1613 Comparison of prostate delineation on multi-modality imaging for MR-guided radiotherapy Angela Pathmanathan Received Received
  EP-1614 Multi-observer contouring of male pelvic anatomy: highly variable agreement on CT and MR Dale Roach Received Received
  EP-1616 Outcomes Following Primary Radiochemotherapy in Patients with Locally Advanced Bladder Cancer Igor Albitskiy Received Received
  EP-1618 Monoubiquitinylated histone H2B as a potential target in treatment resistant germ cell tumors Christoph Oing Received Received
  EP-1620 Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer Bladder-Preservation by Combined-Modality Therapy: Long-Term Outcomes Ana Soler Rodríguez Received Received
  EP-1621 Retrospective study - Outcome of radiotherapy for invasive bladder cancer in older patients Edna Darlene Rodrigues Pinto Received Received
  EP-1622 Irradiation alters PD-L1 expression in RCC cell lines via IFN-gamma independent pathways. Stefanus Lie Received Received
  EP-1623 Overall survival of patients with cutaneous SCC metastasis to the axilla or groin Nicholas Bucknell Received Received
  EP-1626 Tumour volume influences outcome after surgery and photon RT for chordoma and chondrosarcoma Elinor Gatfield Received Received
  EP-1627 Outcomes of Ewing Sarcoma with limited metastatic disease treated with curative intent Nehal Rishi Khanna Received Received
  EP-1628 Radiotherapy for high grade late recurrent soft tissue sarcomas: follow up and outcomes Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1629 Are SIB-VMAT and SIB-IMRT good techniques for extremity soft tissue sarcoma radiotherapy treatment? IRENE ORTIZ GONZALEZ Received Received
  EP-1630 Single-institution experience with SBRT/SRS in the management of soft tissue and bone sarcomas Mateusz Spalek Received Received
  EP-1632 Clinical Outcome after Multimodality Approach including Radiotherapy in Rhabdomyosarcoma Lee Jason Joon Bock Received Received
  EP-1633 IOERT in primary retroperitoneal sarcoma: a retrospective single center analysis of 69 cases Falk Roeder Received Received
  EP-1634 IOERT in locally recurrent high grade RPS: a retrospective single center analysis of 83 cases Ladan Saleh-Ebrahimi Received Received
  EP-1635 Stereotactic body radiation therapy for lung metastases from soft tissue sarcoma: long term results Lucia Di Brina Received Received
  EP-1636 Role of preoperative radiotherapy in rare retroperitoneal sarcoma Lucia Di Brina Received Received
  EP-1637 Early results of spot-scanning proton therapy with hyperthermia in large inoperable sacral chordomas Marc Walser Received Received
  EP-1638 Trento Proton Therapy Centre Experience For Spine Chordoma, Chondrosarcomas And Other Sarcomas Irene Giacomelli Received Received
  EP-1639 Current situation and issues for promotion of childhood cancer radiation therapy in Japan Hiroshi Sekine Received Received
  EP-1640 Impact of radiation therapy on outcome in high-risk neuroblastoma Nadia BOUZID Received Received
  EP-1641 Patterns of Recurrence after Radiation Therapy for High-risk Neuroblastoma JIHWAN JO Received Received
  EP-1642 Evaluation of inter-observer variations in target delineation A dose based approach Ingrid Kristensen Received Received
  EP-1643 Applicability of reference atlases to hippocampal contouring in paediatric radiotherapy Saide Di Biase Received Received
  EP-1644 Potential gain of MRI-guided IMRT when compared to current clinical CBCT-guided VMAT for Wilms tumour Filipa Guerreiro Received Received
  EP-1645 Dosimetric comparison of VMAT and pencil beam scanning proton therapy for abdominal paediatric tumours Filipa Guerreiro Received Received
  EP-1646 Wilms Tumor in a war-torn nation: 10-year single institution experience from Iraq jalil Ali Received Received
  EP-1647 Clinical features and efficacy of radiotherapy for bone metastases of unknown origin. Natalya Bychkova Received Received
  EP-1648 Palliative hypofractionated radiotherapy in non operable rectal cancer: preliminary results. Joan Lozano Galán Received Received
  EP-1649 Radiotherapy for osteolytic bone metastases from breast cancer: comparison with bone-modifying agent Hidekazu Tanaka Received Received
  EP-1650 Prevalence and Management of Pain In Tikur Anbessa Hospital Radiotherapy Center Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1651 Radiation oncologists role in end-of-life care: a view from medical oncologists Tim Kruser Received Received
  EP-1652 Moderately hypofractionated radiotherapy for unresectable esophagus-gastric carcinoma. Fernando Lopez Campos Received Received
  EP-1653 Prognostic factors in stereotactic body radiotherapy to bony oligometastatses from solid tumors. WingHo Mui Received Received
  EP-1654 Evaluation of tolerability in combined treatment with immune inhibitors and palliative radiotherapy. Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1656 Influence factors on limited overall survival in palliative patients with lung cancer Natalie Desiree Klass Received Received
  EP-1658 A scoring system to predict bone metastasis after radical resection of colorectal cancer Lukas Ksmann Received Received
  EP-1659 Superficial HyperthermiaRadiotherapy: toxicity and outcome of 65 metastatic lesions Gabriella Cattari Received Received
  EP-1660 Clinical outcome after robotic radiosurgery for the management of intraorbital lesions Luca Visani Received Received
  EP-1661 Superficial radiotherapy as haemostatic treatment in breast cancer J. Guadalupe Molina Osorio Received Received
  EP-1662 Single Versus Multiple Fractionated Stereotactic Spine Radiosurgery for Spinal Metastases Shihfan Lai Received Received
  EP-1663 Quality of Life study in elderly breast cancer survivors. Differences among axillary surgery groups Juan Ignacio Arraras Received Received
  EP-1664 Systematic review on radiotherapy in elderly patients with gastrointestinal upper abdomen tumors Silvia Cammelli Received Received
  EP-1665 Protontherapy for intracranical and skull base tumors in elderly patients DANIELE SCARTONI Received Received
  EP-1666 Elderly patients with head and neck cancer and the benefit of curative-intent treatment Miriam Nuñez Fernandez Received Received
  EP-1667 Radiotherapy for elderly laryngeal carcinoma patients: A Single Centre Experience from Turkey Fatma Sert Received Received
  EP-1668 The influence of age on survival in elderly patients with resected PC undergoing adjuvant therapy. Pasquale Trecca Received Received
  EP-1669 Radiochemotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic cancer: an aged-based analysis Carla Germana Rinaldi Received Received
  EP-1670 Feasibility of High Dose Hypofractionated Radiotherapy in Older Patients with Gynaecological Cancer Georgios Imseeh Received Received
  EP-1671 Inappropriate Radiologic Staging Examinations in Early-Stage Breast Cancer: A cost assessment Tarek Hijal Received Received
  EP-1672 Do physicians follow guidelines? A review of radiation therapy for uncomplicated bone metastases Vanessa Di Lalla Received Received
  EP-1673 Can APBI reduce the logistic/social impact of breast cancer treatment in Middle Income Country? Allisson Borges Received Received
  EP-1674 financial burden of cervical cancer in patients treated at a tertiary health facility in Nigeria Muhammad Inuwa Mustapha Received Received
  EP-1676 Impact of Population-Based Cervical Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program in Lower Silesia Dominika Zielecka-Debska Received Received
  EP-1677 Failure to publish Radiotherapy Clinical Trials results: Is the number of participants relevant? Jaime Pérez-Alija Received Received
  EP-1678 Quality of radiotherapy services in post-Soviet countries: an IAEA survey Eduardo Zubizarreta Received Received
  EP-1679 Prospective survey regarding a mobile application-based concept for supportive care in radiotherapy Rami El Shafie Received Received
  EP-1680 Australian private practice rates of hypofractionated radiation therapy for early breast cancer Peter OBrien Received Received
  EP-1682 A single institution cross-sectional audit of outcomes in patients with brain metastases Micheal OCathail Received Received
  EP-1683 Clinical trials in 15 malignancies with highest mortality rate on global scale Eugenia Vlaskou Badra Received Received
  EP-1684 Mobile health technology in severely ill patients Matea Pavic Received Received
  EP-1685 Longitudinal study of publication rates from Australasian radiation oncology scientific meetings Jeremy Croker Received Received
  EP-1686 Hafnium oxide nanoparticles and radiotherapy for solid tumors: a promising new treatment strategy Angelo Cho Received Received
  EP-1687 The current place of radiotherapy as treatment option for muscle-invasive bladder cancer. Elke Rammant Received Received
  EP-1688 Low-dose radiotherapy in painful degenerative osteoarthritis: long-term efficacy and outcomes. RAUL HERNANZ DE LUCAS Received Received
  EP-1689 Patterns of Intraosseous Recurrence After Stereotactic Body Radotherapy for Coxal Bone Metastasis Kei Ito Received Received
  EP-1690 Radiotherapy for Primary or Recurrent Fibromatosis and Long-term Results Seo Hee Choi Received Received
  EP-1691 Safety of radiotherapy for cancer patients on hemodialysis HIROSHI HIROTA Received Received
  EP-1692 Quality of Radiation Oncology Training in Germany: Results from the 2017 survey of the young DEGRO Christian Ostheimer Received Received
  EP-1693 Utility of Magnetic Resonance imaging in the diagnosis of Radiation osteitis in sarcoma patients Claudia Carvajal Received Received
  EP-1694 Outcomes of Radiotherapy for Ledderhose disease(Plantar Fibromatosis) of the feet Richard Shaffer Received Received
  EP-1695 VMAT radiosurgery boost after EBRT in oligometastatic patient with vertebral metastases Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  EP-1696 Evaluating excellence in radiotherapy research: the UK CTRad Centres of Excellence initiative Anthony Chalmers Received Received
  EP-1698 The Pain Relief and Recalsification Results of Radiotherapy in Plasma Cell Tumors Fatma Sert Received Received
  EP-1700 Quality benchmarking in hyperthermia treatment. Amalia Di Dia Received Received
  EP-1701 Phase I study of ive HT applied using magnetoliposomes in an 8-MHz capacitive heating device Sho Kakinouchi Received Received
  EP-1702 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic and oligoprogression patients Carolina De la Pinta Alonso Received Received
  EP-1703 Exercise medicine is the new radiotherapy adjunct - when co-located and timetabled with treatment. Nigel Spry Received Received
  EP-1704 How efficacious is Ziverel for symptomatic relief of acute radiation-induced esophagitis? Eliseo Carrasco Received Received
  EP-1705 Radiotherapy: a promising alternative treatment for painful osteoarticular degenerative diseases. Angel Montero Luis Received Received
  EP-1706 Does hyperlactaemia predict prognosis in cancer patients with sepsis? A retrospective review. Sophie Raby Received Received
  EP-1708 Clinical relevance of DNA-damage response in metastatic breast and lung cancer under irradiation Yvonne Goy Received Received
  EP-1709 An effectiveness evaluation of the palmar fascia irradiation of patients suffering from Dupuytrens disease Tomasz Latusek Received Received
  EP-1710 Complications after radiotherapy in combination with spinal surgery for spinal metastases; pre- vs. postoperative radiotherapy. Bart Pielkenrood Received Received
  EP-1711 Stereotactic body radiotherapy for oligometastatic bone metastases: a two-year follow-up study Ines Guix Received Received
  EP-1712 BACTERIAL DIFFERENTIAL RADIOSENSIBILITY Gabriela Oses Gonzalez Received Received
  EP-1715 Performance of fluorescent screen based quality assurance system for Cyberknife M6 Tin Lok Chiu Received Received
  EP-1717 Optimal response function for radiochromic film dosimetry system SLOBODAN DEVIC Received Received
  EP-1718 Comparative analysis of gamma results obtained using three VMAT treatment verification systems Pablo Castro Received Received
  EP-1719 Dosimetrical properties of the new IBA RAZOR NanoChamber ionization chamber in MV photon beams Eduard Gershkevitsh Received Received
  EP-1720 A silicon diode array detector for small field dosimetry with flattening filter free beams Giordano Biasi Received Received
  EP-1721 Correction factors for Diode and Diamond detectors in the measurement of small field output factors, using film dosimetry as reference Wassim Jalbout Received Received
  EP-1722 Small field output factor measurements: a detector comparison for Versa HD 6 MV and 6 MV FFF beams. Paula Monasor Denia Received Received
  EP-1723 Polarity and ion recombination corrections for SemiFlex 3D 31021 IC in 6MV and 6MV FFF photon beams Maria del Carmen Castellet Garcia Received Received
  EP-1724 Off-axis ratio measurement of stereotactic beams. Does detector orientation matter? Dawid Radomiak Received Received
  EP-1725 Quality assurance of Robotic SRS (Cyberknife) by an innovative angular independent silicon detector Sultan Alhujaili Received Received
  EP-1727 Low-cost versatile 4D lung phantom for QA of 4D-CT, 4D-CBCT, planning and dosimetry Eric Franken Received Received
  EP-1728 Small field dosimetry formalism implemented using various detectors on several linear accelerators Mohammed Ghazal Received Received
  EP-1729 Dosimetric characterization of a novel phantom for cell irradiation in active proton beam scanning Monika Clausen Received Received
  EP-1730 Small field dosimetry by the PTW microDiamond: multicenter experimental study and MC simulations Gianluca Verona Rinati Received Received
  EP-1731 A comparative study of passive detectors in active scanning proton beams Adrian Thummerer Received Received
  EP-1732 Multimodal range verification for proton irradiation using MR and PET imaging Armin Runz Received Received
  EP-1734 Photoacoustic dose monitoring in clinical photon beams Daniel Sanchez-Parcerisa Received Received
  EP-1735 Pixelated semiconductor detectors for next generation imaging in ion beam radiotherapy Maria Martisikova Received Received
  EP-1737 The ADAM-pelvis phantom: from DICOM data to a patient-like model Wibke Johnen Received Received
  EP-1738 3D printed material uncertainty and its consequences for radiation oncology applications Daniel Craft Received Received
  EP-1739 Phantom capable of testing Smart Deviceless4D four-dimensional CT (4DCT) system development. Tomasz Kostecki Received Received
  EP-1740 3D dose reconstruction in the patient from VARIAN EPID images for IMRT and VMAT treatments FOUAD YOUNAN Received Received
  EP-1741 X-ray/Light field Congruence with varying gantry angle using the EPID FERNANDO TATO DE LAS CUEVAS Received Received
  EP-1742 Brachytherapy source localization using a fluorescent screen-based optical detector for applicator quality assurance William Hrinivich Received Received
  EP-1743 Comparison of IBA Stealth with CC13 for use as reference detector in beam data scanning Gloria Beyer Received Received
  EP-1744 The EMPIR RTNORM Research Project contribution to the update of the IAEA TRS-398 Code of Practice Massimo Pinto Received Received
  EP-1745 Differences in central line dose profiles for RayStation, Eclipse and Pinnacle, around a lung insert Evelien Bogaert Received Received
  EP-1746 Influence of Cable Effect on Polarity Correction Factor of Micro-Volume Ionization Chamber Koji Sasaki Received Received
  EP-1747 Characterizing proton stopping power ratio uncertainties in a CT/MRI tissue classification model Alon Witztum Received Received
  EP-1749 Longterm stability of the Varian Truebeam Machine Performance Check (MPC) Kris Armoogum Received Received
  EP-1750 Secondary Dose Calculation: Detecting Systematic Errors in the Treatment Planning System Beam Model Jennifer Wong Received Received
  EP-1751 Accuracy of Monte Carlo software PRIMO against a reference dosimetry dataset for 6 MV photon beams Marcelino Hermida-López Received Received
  EP-1753 Sensing ability of EPID-based in vivo dosimetry for VMAT Masao Tanooka Received Received
  EP-1754 Robustness of the TomoTherapy Exit Detector for Verifying MLC Fluence Post-Irradiation Tsz Yan Lee Received Received
  EP-1755 In-Vivo Dosimetry: A Feasibility Study in Routine Clinical Practice Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  EP-1756 Dose verification of Cyberknife MLC FSPB calculation algorithm in different treatment regions CHI WAH KONG Received Received
  EP-1757 Validation of Independent IMRT and VMAT Dose Calculation System based on Geant4 Monte Carlo Toolkit HyunJoon Choi Received Received
  EP-1758 A correlation study between gamma index passing rate and clinical dose volume histogram Lukasz Szczurek Received Received
  EP-1759 Logfile based detection and dosimetric effects of deviations between TPS and linac Marco Meinschad Received Received
  EP-1760 Dose distribution of miniaturized linac used in intraoperative radiotherapy. Comparison with vendor Alberto Cano-Herranz Received Received
  EP-1761 Dosimetric impact of the Double Shell Positioning System for cranial stereotactic radiotherapy Atilla Erogluer Received Received
  EP-1762 Pre-treatment quality assurance for flattening filter free dynamic arcs : a detector comparison Laure Parent Received Received
  EP-1764 Comparison of COMPASS beam modelling with Monaco using Elekta express QA beams Seema Sharma Received Received
  EP-1765 Quality assurance of HyperArc radiotherapy using a robust film dosimetry protocol Antti Kulmala Received Received
  EP-1766 Modelling of MR-guided radiotherapy system on Monte Carlo code GEANT4 Hiroyuki Okamoto Received Received
  EP-1767 Comparison of surface dose between linac and MRI-guided radiotherapy system by film measurement Yoshihiro Shibata Received Received
  EP-1768 Therapeutic Analysis of the MR-Linac Radiation Therapy for Stereotactic Radio-Surgery Treatments Somayeh Gholami Received Received
  EP-1769 First PDIP validation for stereotactic treatment control using FFF beams and EPID aS1000 on Clinac Stephane muraro Received Received
  EP-1770 New RGB algorithm for dose measurements with EBT3 films tested in 6 MV x-ray beams up to 90 Gy doses Katia Alikaniotis Received Received
  EP-1772 Dose variability with breast tissue assignation for the INTRABEAM device Paula Ibanez Received Received
  EP-1773 Dual detector prototype for on line dose verification during patient radiotherapy treatment Owen Brace Received Received
  EP-1775 The feasibility study of clinical high accuracy QA system for treatment planning using Monte Carlo BORAM LEE Received Received
  EP-1776 Verification of the NCS Code of Practice Report 24 for VMAT QA using a high-resolution transmission detector. Fatima Matar Received Received
  EP-1777 Dosimetric characterisation and clinical commissioning of a high-field inline MRI-Linac Urszula Jelen Received Received
  EP-1779 Comparison between different acquisition protocols in cone beam CT-based dose calculation Sánchez-Artuñedo David Received Received
  EP-1780 Volumetric EPID transit dosimetry for abdominal and pelvic stereotactic treatments Marco Esposito Received Received
  EP-1781 Towards treatment planning dose calculation for magnetic resonance guided proton therapy Fatima Padilla Cabal Received Received
  EP-1782 Pre-treatment Patent Specific QA on the Varian Halcyon Linear Accelerator Talia Jarema Received Received
  EP-1783 TPS validation for the Varian Halcyon Linear Accelerator Talia Jarema Received Received
  EP-1784 Real-time dosimetry for IORT procedures Piet Stevens Received Received
  EP-1785 Impact of CT artifacts of planar phantoms on VMAT pre-clinical dosimetry using the Acuros algorithm Paola Colombo Received Received
  EP-1786 4D dose calculations validated by combing 3D polymer gel dosimetry and the Calypso tracking system Philipp Mann Received Received
  EP-1787 Use of two in vivo monitoring devices in the breast irradiation: an anthropomorphic phantom study TALAMONTI CINZIA Received Received
  EP-1789 Sensitivity analysis of EPID-based 3D dose reconstruction for VMAT QA Abdulaziz Alhazmi Received Received
  EP-1790 Patient specific quality assurance on the MRI Linac for the First-in-Man study Bram van Asselen Received Received
  EP-1791 Evaluation of a water equivalent EPID model for flattening filter free (FFF) beam transit dosimetry Shrikant Deshpande Received Received
  EP-1792 A non-measuring way to compare pre-treatment QA devices and set gamma analysis parameters. Marta Gizynska Received Received
  EP-1794 Cavity sensitivity correction factors for alanine dosimetry in Bruker EMX-micro EPR spectrometers Hans Lynggaard Riis Received Received
  EP-1795 Scp measurement of a 5 mm diameter cone using a scanning chamber method. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1796 Template-based commissioning model for in vivo transit EPID dosimetry Kees Landheer Received Received
  EP-1797 Integrating an in vivo EPID dosimetry system into the Varian ARIA environment using scripting Dan Welsh Received Received
  EP-1798 Local confidence limits in VMAT pre-treatment QA with COMPASS based on AAPM-TG119 and DVH analysis Marina Sutto Received Received
  EP-1799 Determination of the angular dependence of a Pin Point ion chamber. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1800 Evidence based large-scale reduction in patient specific VMAT verifications Alistair Pooler Received Received
  EP-1801 Prompt gamma imaging for the identification of proton range deviations due to anatomical change Kevin Teo Received Received
  EP-1802 Time-Resolved Measurements of Induced Activity in Accelerator Components and Treatment Rooms Gerda Grimnisdottir Received Received
  EP-1803 Dosimetric and radiobiological validation of Acuros XB algorithm in thoracic radiation therapy catherine KHAMPHAN Received Received
  EP-1804 Skin dose measurements in SBRT and IMRT treatments Pablo Carrasco de Fez Received Received
  EP-1805 Dose calculation accuracy of Gate/Geant4 on transverse dose profiles of proton pencil beams in water Andreas Franz Resch Received Received
  EP-1807 Impact of a medical treatment nozzle on beam optics: Experimental measurements and simulations Hermann Fuchs Received Received
  EP-1808 Dose delivery quality audit for IMRT technique in Poland Wojciech Bulski Received Received
  EP-1809 Dosimetric Verification of Roll Setup Correction in Tomotherapy Evren Ozan Goksel Received Received
  EP-1810 Assessing the dose significance of unplanned rectal filling in pelvic MR Guided Radiotherapy Jane Shortall Received Received
  EP-1811 Dosimetric evaluation of a novel MC dose calculation algorithm for robotic radiosurgery with MLC Sarah-Charlotta Heidorn Received Received
  EP-1812 Proton pencil beam scanning with motion emulated as spot shifts: dose reconstruction for lung cancer Sidsel Damkjr Received Received
  EP-1813 End-to-end test with StereoPHAN to determine the accuracy of a stereotactic treatment chain Carmen Panneman Received Received
  EP-1814 New evaluation methodology of dose distributions for advanced calculation algorithms Diego Jurado-Bruggeman Received Received
  EP-1815 Comparison of independent Monte Carlo calculations with measurements of spot scanned proton fields Anna Fredh Received Received
  EP-1817 Quality assurance analysis for VMAT prostate treatments Eva Maria Ambroa Rey Received Received
  EP-1818 TrueBeam HDMLC DLG: Relationship between measured value & modeled Eclipse value in dose measurements Gloria Beyer Received Received
  EP-1819 Microbeam radiation therapy and dose evaluation using an interspersed beams irradiation geometry Paolo Pellicioli Received Received
  EP-1820 Implications of adopting Monte Carlo treatment planning for SBRT-VMAT of lung metastases Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1822 Surface dose variations by protective dressings during radiotherapy Maria Mania Aspradakis Received Received
  EP-1823 Relation between uncertainty and dose from small fields for a 2D pre-treatment dose prediction model Cecile Wolfs Received Received
  EP-1824 Dosimetric impact of Monte Carlo calculation algorithm for VMAT planning of nasopharyngeal tumors Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1825 Output factors determination for radiosurgery beams using the novel IBA Razor Nano Chamber Andrea Girardi Received Received
  EP-1827 Dose errors due to lung density variations in SBRT VMAT MONACO treatment planning system Zulima Aza Received Received
  EP-1828 Monte Carlo simulation of the dynamic collimator in a pencil beam scanning system Isabel Almeida Received Received
  EP-1829 Monte Carlo calculation of Photo-Neutron dose produced by circular cones at 18 MV photon beams Nooshin Banaee Received Received
  EP-1830 Switching from AAA to AXB in head and neck treatments using VMAT: is the spinal cord safe? Carles Muñoz-Montplet Received Received
  EP-1831 IORT: Monte Carlo simulation of Mobetron accelerator and experimental comparison of shielding disk Licia Toscano Received Received
  EP-1832 Validation of Acuros XB dose calculation algorithm with Monte Carlo for clinical treatment plans Ulrik Vindelev Elstrm Received Received
  EP-1833 Attenuation factor of the radiosurgery inmobilizer Trupoint Arch Perez García Hugo Received Received
  EP-1834 EPID calibration assessments and implications for transit dosimetry Jennifer Valera Lopez Received Received
  EP-1835 A novel dosimetry tool for epidemiological studies of nuclear medicine patients Daphnee Villoing Received Received
  EP-1836 Validation of Elekta couch modeling for dose calculation in the Monaco treatment planning system Esmeralda Poli Received Received
  EP-1837 Characterization of VMAT plan complexity Per-Ivar Lnne Received Received
  EP-1838 FROG: a novel GPU-based approach to the pencil beam algorithm for particle therapy Stewart Mein Received Received
  EP-1840 Dosimetric verification of IMRT head and neck plans using a 3D printed heterogeneous phantom Jose Olasolo Alonso Received Received
  EP-1841 DVH based patient QA in SRS/SRT/SBRT using a new transmission detector. Ismail Faruk DURMUS Received Received
  EP-1842 Benchmarking of Monte Carlo dose calculation for MLC based CyberKnife Radiotherapy Paul-Henry Mackeprang Received Received
  EP-1843 Pre-verification of SBRT plans using VMAT with 6FFF beams - quantitative and qualitative analysis Marta Kruszyna Received Received
  EP-1845 Dosimetric verification of Leksell Gamma Knife plans under the presence of inhomogeneities Paola Caprile Received Received
  EP-1846 Influence of beam spoiler and air gap on dose distribution in build-up region for X6 MV open field Edyta Dabrowska Received Received
  EP-1847 Dosimetry of radiotherapy machines with intermediate non-equilibrium field sizes Lalageh Mirzakhanian Received Received
  EP-1848 GPU-accelerated Monte Carlo TPS for treatment plan verification at CCB Krakow proton therapy centre Magdalena Garbacz Received Received
  EP-1850 Fast robustness analysis in particle therapy with FROG Benedikt Kopp Received Received
  EP-1851 Evaluation of lateral density heterogeneity handling in a novel GPU-based pencil beam algorithm Stewart Mein Received Received
  EP-1852 Evaluation of two techniques to measure free in air CT dose index (CTDI) of wide beams Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  EP-1853 Investigation of a practical approach to assess dose length product (DLP) of Cone Beam CT scans Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  EP-1854 Variations of coefficients for estimating effective doses of cone beam CT scans Abdullah Abuhaimed Received Received
  EP-1855 Accuracy of MultiPlan Monte Carlo dose calculation algorithm to determine whole body mean dose Tuomas Viren Received Received
  EP-1856 Reducing out-of-field organ doses during paediatric brain cancer radiotherapy using lead shielding Anders Ravnsborg Beierholm Received Received
  EP-1857 Feasibility of Gafchromic EBT3 film for measuring out-of-field dose in radiotherapy Tuomas Viren Received Received
  EP-1858 Monte Carlo modelling of peripheral dose associated to treatments with a GammaKnife Beatriz Sanchez-Nieto Received Received
  EP-1859 How useful are Dose Reference Levels in Radiotherapy? A regional treatment planning CT dose audit Hazel McCallum Received Received
  EP-1860 IGRT kV-imaging dose MC calculations validated in anthropomorphic phantoms using OSL Lucier Berger Received Received
  EP-1861 Predicted reduction in fatal second cancers by proton therapy of childhood intracranial tumors Kyle Gallagher Received Received
  EP-1862 Consider the radiation dose to the kidneys during Intensity Modulated breast cancer treatment Sarah Stewart Received Received
  EP-1863 Dose delivered to the liver during right breast cancer radiotherapy. Urszula Sobocka-Kurdyk Received Received
  EP-1864 Design of an optimised bow-tie filter for low dose paediatric cone beam CT Abigail Bryce-Atkinson Received Received
  EP-1865 Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices and Radiotherapy with 6 MV Photons: Are the Patients Safe? Slawomir Blamek Received Received
  EP-1866 Influence of gantry angle increment and number of control points on prostate cancer using VMAT Sara Poeta Received Received
  EP-1867 Comparison of robust optimized proton planning strategies for dose escalation in pancreatic cancer Sarah Stefanowicz Received Received
  EP-1868 Study on the dependence of Energy-based inverse optimization on the changing anatomy for HNSCC. Ivaylo Mihaylov Received Received
  EP-1869 Dosimetric plan comparison of VMAT vs. IMRT in 257 patients with head-and-neck and prostate cancer Christoph Evers Received Received
  EP-1870 Monitor Units influence on RT/SBRT plans for prostate cancer. NINA CAVALLI Received Received
  EP-1872 Stepping validation of a KB-model for plan optimization of prostatic/pelvic patients irradiation Roberta Castriconi Received Received
  EP-1873 Autoplanning for VMAT accelerated partial breast irradiation Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  EP-1874 Treatment time reduction in robotic stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) Sebastiaan Breedveld Received Received
  EP-1876 Column generation based multicriteria direct aperture optimization for mixed beam radiotherapy Silvan Mueller Received Received
  EP-1877 Plan robustness under respiratory effect: Comparison of margin-based and robust optimization Wing Kin Leung Received Received
  EP-1878 Fully automated multi-criterial VMAT plan optimization for prostate cancer whole-pelvic radiotherapy Martin Buschmann Received Received
  EP-1879 Implementation of GPU technology into the Varian Eclipse TPS for Fast Dose Calculation Trent Aland Received Received
  EP-1880 Auto-planning versus human-driven plan in Hodgkin lymphoma radiation treatment: the OARs perspective Laura Cella Received Received
  EP-1881 Log-file based Monte Carlo simulations for proton pencil beam scanning (PBS) Carla Winterhalter Received Received
  EP-1882 Volume-based algorithm for optimal lung dose preceding automated planning Kuan-Heng Lin Received Received
  EP-1883 Class-solution for Pinnacle Autoplan using dual arc VMAT for H&N cancer Jan van Santvoort Received Received
  EP-1884 Automated treatment planning of volumetric arc therapy for patient with prostate cancer Maria Olmi&324;ska Received Received
  EP-1885 Evaluation of Pinnacle automated VMAT planning for complex pelvic treatments Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1886 Coplanar and non-coplanar VMAT facilitate OAR dose sparing in central lung SBRT Jakob Thomsen Received Received
  EP-1887 Real-time treatment planning on Tomotherapy for patients with rectal cancer. Urszula Sobocka-Kurdyk Received Received
  EP-1889 Benchmarking spot fluence profiles for four proton treatment planning systems against measured data Alshaikhi Jailan Received Received
  EP-1890 Comparison of multiple Coulomb scattering models for four proton PBS treatment planning systems Jailan Alshaikhi Received Received
  EP-1891 Implementation of the optimization algorithm Photon Optimizer in VMAT for prostate cancer treatment Imene BIRBA Received Received
  EP-1892 Clinical validation of Rapid Plan Head & Neck Model Shing Cheung Lee Received Received
  EP-1893 Automated planning through explicit optimization of plan quality Lovisa Engberg Received Received
  EP-1894 Genetic algorithm based script for automation of head and neck VMAT treatment planning Elena Gallio Received Received
  EP-1896 Is robust optimization better than virtual bolus method to achieve skin flash in breast VMAT plans? Daniel NGUYEN Received Received
  EP-1897 Automated treatment planning techniques for prostate radiotherapy adapted across multiple centres Dale Roach Received Received
  EP-1898 Smooth animations of the probabilistic analog to worst-case dose distributions Niklas Wahl Received Received
  EP-1899 HyperArcTM: a new mono-isocenter VMAT technique for SRS of multiple brain lesions. Ruggero Ruggieri Received Received
  EP-1900 Hippocampal sparing in Fractionated Stereotactic Brain VMAT RadioTherapy Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  EP-1901 Split arc VMAT technique for radiotherapy of lymph node positive breast cancer Eeva Boman Received Received
  EP-1902 Analysing the effects of Bragg curve degradation due to lung parenchyma in treatment planning Kilian Baumann Received Received
  EP-1903 Is it always possible to boost breast tumour bed with conformal photon beams? Montserrat Colomer Received Received
  EP-1904 A comparison of contralateral breast dose from different breast radiotherapy techniques Ka Ho Tse Received Received
  EP-1905 Influence of metallic implant on different dose calculation algorithms in Cyberknife planning system Hui Geng Received Received
  EP-1906 Assessing the targeting and dosimetric impact of a novel bioabsorbable marker for external beam APBI RICHARD SIMS Received Received
  EP-1907 Dose gradient curve: a new tool for evaluating dose gradient KiHoon Sung Received Received
  EP-1908 Assessment of dosimetric impact of respiratory motion during breast IMRT using 4D calculation Young Eun Choi Received Received
  EP-1909 Dosimetric comparison of whole breast irradiation with hybrid IMRT and inverse-fields IMRT Pei-Chih Tu Received Received
  EP-1910 single-isocenter volumetric-modulated Dynamic WaveArc therapy in brain metastases Megumi Uto Received Received
  EP-1911 Impact on prostate cancer treatment plan quality by MR Linac treatment planning system Rasmus Lbeck Christiansen Received Received
  EP-1912 Robustness and organ sparing potential of intensity modulated proton therapy for lung cancer Hans Paul van der Laan Received Received
  EP-1913 Dosimetric comparison of protons vs photons in re-irradiation of intracranial meningioma Robert Poel Received Received
  EP-1915 IMRT for breast cancer: a comparative dosimetric study between Tomotherapy, VMAT and proton therapy Laurent Bartolucci Received Received
  EP-1916 Treatment techniques and plan quality for breast irradiation with simultaneous integrated boost Henrik Svensson Received Received
  EP-1917 Comparison of Robustness Metrics in Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Ben George Received Received
  EP-1918 Dosimetric benefits of mid-position compared with internal target volume strategy for esophageal cancer radiation therapy Peng Jin Received Received
  EP-1919 -RayStation: an adaptation of RayStation 5 for small animal radiotherapy Sophie Chiavassa Received Received
  EP-1920 Can delivered dose explain local recurrence in patients with prostate radiotherapy? Sophie Chiavassa Received Received
  EP-1921 Dosimetric study of neck skin dose for early-stage nasopharyngeal carcinoma Xionfei Liao Received Received
  EP-1925 Dosimetric implication of planning organ at risk volumes in stereotactic body radiotherapy of spine Seung Hyuck Jeon Received Received
  EP-1926 Planning approaches and impact of breathing motion for proton radiotherapy in the mediastinum Carla Cases-Copestake Received Received
  EP-1927 VMAT versus CyberKnife MLC non-isocentric planning for brain metastases stereotactic radiotherapy Tony Felefly Received Received
  EP-1928 VMAT-SIB WBRT hippocampal sparing in patients with large single metastasis Igor Djan Received Received
  EP-1929 Prescribing and recording the dose in and outside of the target volume for stereotactic treatments Neli Gesheva-Atanasova Received Received
  EP-1930 Mixed beam radiotherapy for sternum and lung treatments Silvan Mueller Received Received
  EP-1931 Suitability of dynamic trajectory mixed beam radiotherapy for head and neck and brain treatments Silvan Mueller Received Received
  EP-1932 Assessment of Specific versus Combined Model Library in Knowledge Based Planning for Prostate Cancer Nesrin Dogan Received Received
  EP-1933 Half field VMAT for MLC leakage reduction and dosimetric impact in whole pelvis radiotherapy Hyunsoo Jang Received Received
  EP-1934 Target dose inhomogeneity evaluation in breast cancer due to tissue differences Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  EP-1935 Comparison of dosimetric characteristics in SBRT for lung with cyberknife, TOMOtherapy and VMAT MiJeong Kim Received Received
  EP-1936 A study on craniospinal irradiation in VMAT treatment use of different photon energy beams Mohandass Palanisamy Received Received
  EP-1937 Dosimetric impact of stabilizing spinal implants in proton therapy: titanium vs. carbon systems Birgit Mller Received Received
  EP-1938 Comparative study of Auto plan and manual plan for nasopharyngeal carcinoma IMRT radiotherapy XIN XIN Received Received
  EP-1939 The Impact of Tumor Volume on Dose Fall-Off of Cyberknife With MLC vs. Fixed Collimator in Brain SRS Kwang Soon PARK Received Received
  EP-1940 Hippocampal avoidance whole brain radiotherapy: a comparison of contouring and planning techniques Gargi Kothari Received Received
  EP-1941 Liver sparing by using the deep inspiration breath hold technique for right breast radiotherapy claire tamburella Received Received
  EP-1942 Impact of different FFF photon beam energy on VMAT prostate cancers treatment Saravanan C Received Received
  EP-1943 Is dose escalation in intracranial pediatric ependymoma feasible with advanced radiation techniques? Fatima Tensaouti Received Received
  EP-1944 Brain stereotactic Radiotherapy : four versus three table rotation position Robin Garcia Received Received
  EP-1945 Hippocampal avoidance in Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation Daniel Martínez Received Received
  EP-1946 Effect of small field (SF) output factor (OF) measurements on FSBRT VMAT plans Maria Daniela Falco Received Received
  EP-1947 Dosimetric comparison of four left breast treatment modalities with concomitant boost. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1948 Craniospinal irradiation without geometrical beam overlap: An analytical solution. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1949 Estimation of the influence of respiratory motion on 3DCRT breast treatments. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1950 Prescription isodose implications on SBRT lung treatments with VMAT. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1951 Evaluation of repainting for moving targets treated with continuous or pulsed scanned proton beams Damien Dumont Received Received
  EP-1952 CTV-PTV margin calculation for lung SBRT treatments. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-1953 Dosimetric effect of using FFF-VMAT beams for left-sided breast radiotherapy in breath hold claire tamburella Received Received
  EP-1954 Use of dose painting technique in single fraction celiac plexus radiosurgery Maoz Ben Ayun Received Received
  EP-1955 Evaluation of a knowledge-based model for VMAT planning of anal canal cancer Silvia Puccini Received Received
  EP-1956 Prostrating ourselves to the model: A comparison of anatomy specific prostate DVH estimation models Maggie Anderson Received Received
  EP-1957 Proton grid therapy: LET and variable RBE-weighted dose distributions for interlaced beams Jakob dén Received Received
  EP-1958 LET evaluation for pediatric craniopharyngioma with cerebral vasculopathies after PBS proton therapy Lorenzo Placidi Received Received
  EP-1959 Does library sub-categorisation improve auto-outlining accuracy in breast radiotherapy planning? Camarie Welgemoed Received Received
  EP-1960 Implementation of a statistical ideal DVH for the evaluation and optimization of treatment plans Sara Bresciani Received Received
  EP-1961 Classical Kaposis sarcoma treatment with helical tomotherapy: impact of polyurethane foam cushion Martina Iacco Received Received
  EP-1962 Simultaneous integrated boost IMRT Sliding Window in hypofractionated left-sided breast carcinoma Daniel Morera Cano Received Received
  EP-1963 Is accurate contouring necessary for salivary and swallowing structure-sparing radiotherapy? Alexander Delaney Received Received
  EP-1964 Use of 4DCBCT Symmetry Elekta to evaluate organ motion and set-up error in lung SBRT. A pilot study. Clelia Di Carlo Received Received
  EP-1965 Predictors of cardiac dose reduction achieved with deep inspiration breath hold Claudia Grondelli Received Received
  EP-1966 Motion management in RT planning: 4D-MRI retrospective automatic sorting based on internal surrogate Soleakhena Ken Received Received
  EP-1969 The impact of isocenter movement on treatment plan delivery a planning study Linda Wack Received Received
  EP-1970 Hybrid-IMRT as an optimal class solution for whole breast planning with boost to lumpectomy area Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1971 Can SBRT-VMAT be an alternative to HDR brachytherapy for vaginal cuff boost? A dosimetric study Savino Cilla Received Received
  EP-1972 Assessment of Treatment Planning Techniques for Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery Michael Chu Received Received
  EP-1973 Treatment planning for a 6MV FFF Halcyon linac as a replacement for a 10MV-capable Clinac Dom Withers Received Received
  EP-1974 Multi-scenario robustness evaluation; transition to a proton proof alternative to PTV evaluation Erik Korevaar Received Received
  EP-1976 An automated tool for perpendicular beam incidence in electron radiation therapy Hossein Afsharpour Received Received
  EP-1977 Comparative study of Diffusion & T2-Weighted MRI for delineation & planning-Cervix brachytherapy Rishabh Kumar Received Received
  EP-1979 Automated non-inferiority validation of knowledge-based planning across multiple disease sites Robert Kaderka Received Received
  EP-1981 Clinical delivery of stereotactic radiosurgery using a linac with 5 mm MLC Sriram Padmanaban Received Received
  EP-1982 How does time affect radiosurgery treatment planning? João Fonseca Received Received
  EP-1983 Robust DIBH 3D conformal irradiation technique of left sided whole breast ?supraclavicular region Serenella Russo Received Received
  EP-1984 A radiobiological Markov simulation tool for aiding decision making in proton therapy referral Annabelle Austin Received Received
  EP-1985 Analysis of HBV after RT in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma using the Lyman NTCP model Wei Huang Received Received
  EP-1986 Relative biological effectiveness and relative dose-rate effect on Lipiodol based on the MK model Daisuke Kawahara Received Received
  EP-1987 TCP and Gaussian Radiosensitivities Pavel Stavrev Received Received
  EP-1988 Impact of natural tumor cell death on TCP Nadejda Stavreva Received Received
  EP-1989 Linear model for salivary gland dose dose response Mikko Tenhunen Received Received
  EP-1990 Skin DVHs predict cutaneous toxicity in Head and Neck cancer patients treated with Tomotherapy Martina Mori Received Received
  EP-1991 Tumour sphericity is an independent predictor for overall survival in non-small cell lung cancer. Angela Davey Received Received
  EP-1992 LASSO-based multivariable NTCP model for late rectal bleeding in prostate cancer patients after IMRT Chun-Chieh Huang Received Received
  EP-1993 Evaluation of the pertinence of CT-based radiomics shape features with 3D printed tumor models ELAINE JOHANNA LIMKIN Received Received
  EP-1994 Radiobiological modeling analysis of different fraction schemes for nasopharyngeal cancer Jia-Yang LU Received Received
  EP-1996 A patient-specific tumor control probability model based on total lesion glycolysis of anal cancer Eirik Malinen Received Received
  EP-1997 Monte Carlo simulations of direct DNA damage on gold nanoparticle enhanced proton therapy Marios Sotiropoulos Received Received
  EP-1998 In silico modelling of the impact of the fractionation for hypofractionated prostate treatments Gregory Delpon Received Received
  EP-1999 Linear energy transfer and related biological doses in focal prostate boosting with proton therapy Pernille Brmer-Jensen Received Received
  EP-2000 Image-based data mining with continuous outcome variables William Beasley Received Received
  EP-2001 A Bayesian network Model for personalized elective CTV definition in head & neck cancer Bertrand Pouymayou Received Received
  EP-2002 Ethnicity Information in Toxicity-Related Radiogenomic Studies: A Systematic Review Noorazrul Yahya Received Received
  EP-2003 On the impact of dose variations in contrast to mean dose on EQDx(di) and a/ estimation Nina I. Niebuhr Received Received
  EP-2004 Cardiac Radiation Dose Reconstruction in the Study of Late Effects:A Comparison of Different Methods Georgios Ntentas Received Received
  EP-2006 Normal-tissue toxicity following gastric cancer radiotherapy with photon- or scanned proton-beams Gracinda Mondlane Received Received
  EP-2007 Radiomics based method to predict overall survival of inoperable NSCLC patients Lyu Huang Received Received
  EP-2008 Image based data mining using per-voxel Cox regression Andrew Green Received Received
  EP-2009 Metamodelling of late rectal bleeding in patients undergoing radiotherapy for prostate cancer. Alessandro Cicchetti Received Received
  EP-2010 NTCP model for rectal bleeding based on delivered dose surface maps in prostate radiotherapy Leila Shelley Received Received
  EP-2011 Accuracy of NTCP models for rectum and bladder toxicity in prostate cancer patients Elisabetta Gargioni Received Received
  EP-2012 Sensitivity study of the Microdosimetric Kinetic Model input parameters for carbon ion radiotherapy Tordis Johnsen Dahle Received Received
  EP-2013 Predicting growth hormone deficiency after childhood cancer from hypothalamic-pituitary structures Camilla Stokkevg Received Received
  EP-2014 Organ-specific RBE estimates for cranio-spinal irradiation with protons Kristian Ytre-Hauge Received Received
  EP-2015 CT radiomics can detect early changes in lung tissue after irradiation: a preclinical study Turkey Refaee Received Received
  EP-2016 A prospective study developing decision algorithm for respiration controlled radiotherapy Eunji Kim Received Received
  EP-2017 Assessing the dosimetric impact of intra-fractional prostate motion during SBRT. Sergey Novikov Received Received
  EP-2019 A respiratory motion management strategy for both abdominal and thoracic VMAT radiotherapy. Mark Bray-Parry Received Received
  EP-2020 Deep inspiration breath hold & locally advanced lung cancer: validation of geometrical uncertainties Mirjana Josipovic Received Received
  EP-2021 Simulation system for evaluating the tracking accuracy toward RTRT using kV imaging with MV scatter Takehiro Shiinoki Received Received
  EP-2022 Interplay effect in SBRT VMAT lung FFF treatments using ionization liquid chambers array detector Jorge Bonaque-Alandí Received Received
  EP-2023 Commissioning of a surface imaging system for beam gating at an Elekta Linac Vania Batista Received Received
  EP-2024 4D evaluation of proton pencil beam scanning and double scattering for hepatocellular carcinoma Tina Pfeiler Received Received
  EP-2025 Patient setup accuracy in spinal SBRT Juan Maria Perez Moreno Received Received
  EP-2026 Breast Radiotherapy : Heart position reproducibility with spirometric DIBH. Robin Garcia Received Received
  EP-2027 Evaluation of target coverage in lung stereotactic radiotherapy with Cyberknife system Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  EP-2028 Quantifying intra-fraction motion in esophageal tumors throughout nCRT based on cine-MRI Sophie Heethuis Received Received
  EP-2030 Examination of the automatic fiducial marker detection on the Vero system Marc Ziegler Received Received
  EP-2031 Kidney motion in children and young people quantified using 4DCT deformable registration Naomi Lavan Received Received
  EP-2033 Determining intra-fraction variation in image guided lung SBRT based on 4D-CBCT Mihály Simon Received Received
  EP-2034 Capacitive monitoring system for intra-fraction motion detection during frameless radiosurgery Parisa Sadeghi Received Received
  EP-2036 Dosimetric issues in pulmonary Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) treatments with Tomotherapy Ruth Rodríguez Romero Received Received
  EP-2037 First clinical use of a new surface tracking/biofeedback system: DIBH reproducibility and stability Elisabeth Steiner Received Received
  EP-2038 Impact of Calypso system to treatment margin for prostate EBRT with MR-CT fusion-based workflow Reko Kemppainen Received Received
  EP-2039 Reproducibility and stability of DIBH in intra and inter fraction in RT of left-sided breast cancer MARIA LIZONDO Received Received
  EP-2041 Registration accuracy of high-speed single breath-hold kV-CBCT lung cancer imaging Anna Arns Received Received
  EP-2042 Use of on-treatment EPID images to detect inter-fractional anatomical variations Norimasa Matsushita Received Received
  EP-2044 Inter-fraction variation of the heart dose for VMAT post-mastectomy irradiation of chest wall Bin Tang Received Received
  EP-2045 Breast morphology changes during irradiation: a measurement method based on optical surface scanning Yvan PIN Received Received
  EP-2046 Robust optimization (4D) IMPT strategies using full and empty bladder CT scans for cervical cancer Charlotte Brouwer Received Received
  EP-2047 Surface guided radiotherapy increases setup accuracy for locoregional breast cancer patients Annika Mannerberg Received Received
  EP-2048 Surface changes during the course of breast cancer radiotherapy: effect on the in-air outer margin. Jan Seppl Received Received
  EP-2049 Comprehensive robustness test based on a fast Monte Carlo dose engine for PBS proton therapy Kevin Souris Received Received
  EP-2050 Geometrical uncertainties of humerus and breast in breast cancer radiotherapy. Juuso Honkanen Received Received
  EP-2051 Surface scanner camera position optimization on the Varian Halcyon O-ring gantry linac system Laurence Delombaerde Received Received
  EP-2052 On-line dose-guided proton therapy to account for inter-fractional motion: a proof of concept Kia Busch Received Received
  EP-2053 Treating moving targets with scanned proton therapy: Is 5 mm initial tumour motion a safe threshold? Lydia den Otter Received Received
  EP-2054 CBCT verified variation of PTV position in DIBH treatment of left breast Tuomas Koivumki Received Received
  EP-2055 Comparison of two correction protocols for IGRT in prostate cancer patients treated with IMRT Manuel Altabas Received Received
  EP-2056 In silico evaluation of VMAT and IMPT against inter- and intrafraction changes for cervix cancer Elske Gort Received Received
  EP-2057 Comparison of ultrasound and CBCT image qualities for guiding radiotherapy for cervical cancer Sarah Mason Received Received
  EP-2058 Which internal margin to compensate uterus motion? Giovanna Mantello Received Received
  EP-2059 Real time optical surface IGRT: A mono-institutional prospective study of 110 patients Daniel Reitz Received Received
  EP-2060 Daily dose calculation using CBCT images can trigger treatment adaptation for lung cancer patients Lone Hoffmann Received Received
  EP-2061 Use of CBCT Imaging vs Planning CT Rescans to determine the need for Adaptive H&N VMAT Plans Louise Sarri Received Received
  EP-2062 Probabilistic scenarios for assessing setup uncertainty in VMAT and IMPT plans for lung cancer Suliana Teoh Received Received
  EP-2063 An audit of adaptive radiotherapy in a large centre Robert Chuter Received Received
  EP-2064 Intra- and inter-fractional motion in radiotherapy of rectal cancer quantified using MRI and CBCT Camilla Skinnerup Byskov Received Received
  EP-2065 Is there a need for adaptive radiotherapy for head and neck- cancer patients on a routinely basis? Kjersti Sund Solli Received Received
  EP-2066 The influence of anatomical changes on DVH parameters in dose-guided adaptive RT for lung cancer Kathrin Surmann Received Received
  EP-2067 B-spline deformable image registration algorithm evaluation using numerical and physical phantom. Aurelien BADEY Received Received
  EP-2068 Adaptive bladder: Are we adapting well? Maggie Anderson Received Received
  EP-2070 Commissioning of Adaptivo for adaptive radiation therapy: first retrospective results. Antoine Mikael Received Received
  EP-2071 Determination of the flattening filter free beam penumbra of the MR-Linac without a reference beam Wouter van den Wollenberg Received Received
  EP-2072 Reducing Systematic Error For Radiotherapy Of Prostate And Pelvic Lymph Nodes SAREH NAKHAEE Received Received
  EP-2073 The impact of the electron return effect on radiotherapy plan quality for peripheral sarcomas. Julie Webb Received Received
  EP-2074 Acceptability criteria for pre-beam plan adaptations in MR-guided prostate cancer radiotherapy Wouter van den Wollenberg Received Received
  EP-2075 Evaluation of image fusion for computed tomography of head and neck patients with dental implants CHUNG HWAN LEE Received Received
  EP-2076 Impact of Beam Quality Changes on Radiochromic Film based CTDI measurements Nada Tomic Received Received
  EP-2078 Experimental validation of a synthetic 4DCT-MRI approach using an anthropomorphic breathing phantom Miriam Krieger Received Received
  EP-2079 Feasibility of MR-only rectum radiotherapy using a commercial prostate sCT generation solution Matteo Maspero Received Received
  EP-2080 Dual-energy computed tomography and prediction of response to radiotherapy treatment in lung cancer Victor Gonzalez Perez Received Received
  EP-2081 Contrast medium extraction method using raw-data based electron density with Dual energy-CT Daisuke Kawahara Received Received
  EP-2082 The effect of zinc in prostatic calculi on the accuracy of the MBIR algorithm DIRA Alexandr Malusek Received Received
  EP-2083 The Study of effect induced by respiration on CT radiomic feature extraction Yukun Lu Received Received
  EP-2084 Feasibility of CBCT positioning in an MRI only Prostate Treatment Planning Ana Garcia Perez Received Received
  EP-2085 Simplification of relative electron density information in synthetic CT images for dose calculation Josefine Handrack Received Received
  EP-2086 Synthetic CT generation from standard T2-weighted MR image lung, vertebrae, and liver targets for Dose Calculation Comparison Lauri Koivula Received Received
  EP-2087 Can respiratory-induced diaphragm motion in children be reliably estimated from a single 4D-CT? Sophie Huijskens Received Received
  EP-2088 Quantification of image quality parameters of dual energy CT using software for quality control Bartosz Pawalowski Received Received
  EP-2089 Dual-energy CT enables dose calculation on scans with iodinated contrast agent Christian Mhler Received Received
  EP-2090 Clinical feasibility of 4D single-source dual-energy CT for proton therapy of lung-cancer patients Patrick Wohlfahrt Received Received
  EP-2091 Complementarity of PET-texture features with respect to information given by conventional indexes. Montserrat Carles Received Received
  EP-2092 Generative Model of Functional RT-Plan Chest CT for Lung Cancer Patients Using Machine Learning Bum-Sup Jang Received Received
  EP-2093 Dosefunction histogram evaluation using 99mTc-GSA SPECT/CT images for SBRT planning for HCC Ryo Toya Received Received
  EP-2094 Ultra high-field MRI for identifying complete response after neoadjuvant therapy for rectal cancer Sieske Hoendervangers Received Received
  EP-2095 Perturbing single images as a surrogate for radiomic feature robustness test-retest experiments Alex Zwanenburg Received Received
  EP-2096 Sodium-MRI at Ultra-high Magnetic Fields for early Response Assessment in Brain Tumors Sebastian Regnery Received Received
  EP-2097 Qantification of liver function after stereotactic body radiotherapy for liver tumors Mette Marie Fode Received Received
  EP-2098 Bioluminescence tomography-guided radiation therapy for GBM in vivo Zijian Deng Received Received
  EP-2099 Predicting tumour response to chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer using dynamic contrast enhanced MRI Kine Mari Bakke Received Received
  EP-2100 Development of a filter-based method for multicenter PET image harmonization in radiomic studies Sylvain Reuzé Received Received
  EP-2102 Correlating MRI radiomics with biology during therapy in cancer models: a tool for drug development? Henry Woodruff Received Received
  EP-2104 Influence of androgen deprivation therapy on MRI parameters and textural features in prostate cancer Michaela Daniel Received Received
  EP-2105 Radiomics in response prediction to Cyberknife radiosurgery for acoustic neuroma:a pilot study Isa Bossi Zanetti Received Received
  EP-2106 Simulation of oxygen and hypoxia PET-tracer distributions in 3D vascular architectures of tumours Isabela Paredes Cisneros Received Received
  EP-2108 Stability study on radiomic features in 18F-FDG PET/CT and 18F-FDG PET/MR Diem Vuong Received Received
  EP-2109 Functional diffusion maps to assess treatment response in head and neck tumors Boris Peltenburg Received Received
  EP-2110 Target volume definition with MRI and 68Ga-DOTATOC-PET/CT for patients with meningiomas Cristina Garibaldi Received Received
  EP-2111 Improving the spatial accuracy of PET-guided dose painting through constrained PET image deblurring Dario Di Perri Received Received
  EP-2112 How accurate should a GTV delineation be for radiomics? A study in NSCLC patients Janita van Timmeren Received Received
  EP-2113 Reduction in the bone marrow 18F-FDG uptake during thoracic radiotherapy of lung cancer Azadeh Abravan Received Received
  EP-2114 Prediction of recurrence patterns using diffusion driven growth modelling for glioblastoma. Jesper Kallehauge Received Received
  EP-2115 MRI visibility of gold fiducial markers for image-guided radiotherapy for rectal cancer Roy van den Ende Received Received
  EP-2116 RECIST vs CHOI vs PERCIST in evaluating response to SBRT OF LIVER METASTASES. Maria Allona Received Received
  EP-2117 Effect of Interpolation on 3D Texture Analysis of PET Imaging in Oesophageal Cancer Philip Whybra Received Received
  EP-2118 Identifying focal point in Glioblastoma multiforme using Association rule mining. Mahdie jajroudi Received Received
  EP-2119 Single vs. Multi-atlas auto-segmentation for liver and lung SBRT: comparison of two systems David Dechambre Received Received
  EP-2120 Optimization of UTE MR sequence for MR-only image guided procedures in Head&Neck Aouadi Souha Received Received
  EP-2121 Serial Parotid Gland Radiomic-based Model Predicts Post-Radiation Xerostomia in Oropharyngeal Cancer Abdallah S. R. Mohamed Received Received
  EP-2122 Influence of DIR algorithms on correspondence model-based 4D dose accumulation for lung/liver SBRT Thilo Sothmann Received Received
  EP-2123 Clinical evaluation of an auto-segmentation toolbox for breast CTV Rita Simes Received Received
  EP-2124 Time-saving evaluation of deep learning contouring of thoracic organs at risk Tim Lustberg Received Received
  EP-2125 Abdominal compression for SBRT: influence on 3D MRI image quality and diaphragm motion reduction Oi Lei Wong Received Received
  EP-2126 4DMRI amplitude binning: better estimation of reconstructed motion at no cost in 4DMRI quality Zdenko van Kesteren Received Received
  EP-2127 Multi-Atlas Cardiac Segmentation In Thoracic Planning CT Robert Finnegan Received Received
  EP-2128 Investigating a new MR sequence for prostate delineation for radiotherapy Jonathan Wyatt Received Received
  EP-2129 The impact of b-values on radiomic features of diffusion-weighted imaging in hepatic cirrhosis Qingtao Qiu Received Received
  EP-2130 Automatic EPID image quality evaluation using a Standard Imaging QC-3 phantom. Alejandro Prado Received Received
  EP-2131 Deep learning based rectum tumor auto segmentation on MRI T2 image Jiayu Lu Received Received
  EP-2132 Repeatability and reproducibility of radiomic features: results of a systematic review Alberto Traverso Received Received
  EP-2133 Automatic Segmentation of the Prostate Using Shape Models William Nailon Received Received
  EP-2135 Statistical motion masks to identify sliding surfaces for motion models used on an MR-Linac Bjrn Eiben Received Received
  EP-2136 Assessing the stability of MRI geometric distortions on multiple scanners Emily Johnstone Received Received
  EP-2137 Development of a modular MRI processing workflow for volumetric analysis of healthy brain tissue Eva Hortas Received Received
  EP-2138 Contouring of moving targets in maximum and average intensity projection. Kai Borm Received Received
  EP-2139 Simple suppression of streaks in 4D-CBCT Kasper Rrdam Jensen Received Received
  EP-2140 A most likely generating process model for filtering in particle imaging Charles-Antoine Collins-Fekete Received Received
  EP-2141 Evaluation of 2D and 3D radiomics features extracted from CT images of oesophageal cancer patients Concetta Piazzese Received Received
  EP-2143 Influence of number of projections on carbon computed tomography reconstruction Jing Wang Received Received
  EP-2144 Tumor and OAR delineation variation Dice coefficient versus dose assessed with automated planning Steven Habraken Received Received
  EP-2145 Understanding variation in CT radiomics features a potential method to reduce feature space Lois Holloway Received Received
  EP-2146 Feasibility of direct electron density determination using dual-energy cone beam CT Lukas Schrder Received Received
  EP-2147 Comparison of Spatial-Distortion Maps for MR-Sim Versus MR-Linac in the Brain and Pelvis at 1.5T Rosie Goodburn Received Received
  EP-2148 Approaching Intra-Physician Contouring Variability: Deep Learning-Based Auto-Segmentation of Oropharyngeal Carcinoma Organs at Risk Jason Chan Received Received
  EP-2149 A priori scatter correction of clinical cone-beam CTs to enable on-line proton dose calculations Andreas Gravgaard Andersen Received Received
  EP-2150 CT versus MR prostate contouring: preliminary investigations into toxicity utilising the RADAR dataset Dale Roach Received Received
  EP-2151 Personalized Deep Learning-Based Auto-Segmentation Vasant Kearney Received Received