16-19 July 2024 Madrid
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Poster title
Applicant name
  PO-1 Advancements in Liver Regeneration: From Stem Cells to Tissue Engineering Samantha Hawthorne Received Received
  PO-2 Exploring the Role of Gut Microbiota in Liver Health and Disease Benjamin Evergreen Received Received
  PO-3 Targeting Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Novel Therapeutic Strategies Olivia Sterling Received Received
  PO-4 Unraveling the Molecular Mechanisms of Liver Fibrosis Lucas Winterbourne Received Received
  PO-5 Harnessing the Power of Nanomedicine for Liver Disease Management Emily Fairchild Received Received
  PO-6 Impact of Lifestyle Factors on Liver Function: Insights from Epidemiological Studies Ethan Ravenscroft Received Received
  PO-7 Immunotherapy in Hepatitis: Current Trends and Future Directions Isabella Nightingale Received Received
  EP-8 Deciphering the Genetic Basis of Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) Alexander Whitmore Received Received
  EP-9 Advances in Hepatotoxicity Screening and Drug Safety Assessment Charlotte Rosewood Received Received
  EP-10 Role of Exosomal Communication in Liver Pathophysiology Jacob Ashford Received Received
  EP-11 Emerging Biomarkers for Early Detection of Liver Dysfunction Madison Silverstone Received Received
  EP-12 Integration of Omics Technologies in Liver Disease Research Noah Blackwood Received Received
  EP-13 Engineering Biomimetic Liver Models for Drug Testing and Disease Modeling Ava Goldcrest Received Received
  EP-14 Nutritional Interventions for Liver Health: From Bench to Bedside Carter Stonebridge Received Received
  EP-15 Unveiling the Gut-Liver Axis: Implications for Health and Disease Grace Emberlynn Received Received
  EP-16 Artificial Intelligence in Liver Imaging and Diagnostics Liam Windermere Received Received
  EP-17 Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Liver Diseases: Pathogenesis and Therapeutic Implications Chloe Foxglove Received Received
  EP-18 Advancements in Liver Transplantation: Improving Outcomes and Expanding Donor Pool Mason Brookhaven Received Received
  EP-19 MicroRNA Regulation in Liver Development and Disease Sophia Moonbeam Received Received
  EP-20 Environmental Toxins and Liver Health: Assessing Risks and Mitigation Strategies Daniel Oakley Received Received
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