3rd ESTRO Forum 2015


24-28 April 2015 Barcelona
N. Poster
Poster title
Applicant name
  42-PD APBI versus whole breast irradiation in women age 70 years or older: a subgroup analysis of a phase 3 randomised trial Icro Meattini Received Received
  43-PD 2-year cosmetic outcome of large breasted women randomized between prone and supine whole-breast irradiation Liv Veldeman Received Received
  45-PD Ph I/II study evaluating the impact of nanoparticules combined to pre-operative radiotherapy in soft tissue sarcoma LE PECHOUX Cecile Received Received
  46-PD Outcome according to pelvic radiotherapy in the GETUG 12 phase III trial for high-risk localized prostate cancer Pierre Blanchard Received Received
  47-PD GU and GI toxicity in ASCENDE-RT: a multicentre randomized trial of dose-escalated radiation for prostate cancer Sree Rodda Received Received
  48-PD Who remembers G.H. Fletcher?Patterns of recurrence in electively irradiated lymph node regions afterdefinitive accelerated IMRT for head and neck squamous cell carcinoma Sven van den Bosch Received Received
  49-PD Quality of life after radiotherapy for advanced laryngeal cancer: results of the phase III ARCON trial Geert O. Janssens Received Received
  50-PD Predictors and patterns of regional recurrence following lung SBRT: A report from the Elekta Lung Research Group Meredith Giuliani Received Received
  51-PD Patterns of re-treatment with radiotherapy within a well-defined catchment area Mette Skovhus Thomsen Received Received
  52-PD A national audit for breast cancer radiotherapy in Norway Ingrid Espe Heikkil Received Received
  53-PD The cost of radiotherapy: a literature review Noemie Defourny Received Received
  137-PD Ultrasound Computed tomography for early breast cancer detection Pérez-Liva Mailyn Received Received
  138-PD Real-time EPID based delivery verification during lung stereotactic body radiotherapy: initial experience Peter Greer Received Received
  139-PD Monte Carlo evaluation of X-ray and proton CT for the prediction of the range of proton therapy beams Nicolas Arbor Received Received
  140-PD Proton induced x-ray fluorescence CT (pXFCT) imaging: a step towards proton beam range detection Magdalena Bazalova-Carter Received Received
  141-PD An MRI based mid-ventilation approach for radiotherapy of liver cancer on an MR-linac Tessa van de Lindt Received Received
  142-PD Efficient daily linac QA of MLC, block and dose using EPID images of warm-up fields Eric Franken Received Received
  143-PD MC-ROOSTER: 4D cone-beam CT with regularization and motion compensation Cyril Mory Received Received
  144-PD Classification of tumor sub-volumes based on Dynamic Contrast Enhanced MRI model hierarchy for cervical cancer Jesper Kallehauge Received Received
  145-PD Diffusional kurtosis as a biomarker of prostate cancer response to radiation therapy Marco Esposito Received Received
  178-PD Parameterised rectal dose and associations with late-toxicity in high-dose-rate prostate brachytherapy lynsey hamlett Received Received
  179-PD An automated optimization tool for HDR prostate brachytherapy with divergent needles Maxence Borot de Battisti Received Received
  181-PD Image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for cervix cancer: higher target dose by increasing planning aim Anna Li Received Received
  182-PD Prediction of needle placement in the first fraction of cervix brachytherapy: pre-MRI plan and fixed plan versus expert opinion Milena Smolic Received Received
  183-PD Retrospective analysis of treated volumes in HDR rectal Brachytherapy Andrew Willett Received Received
  184-PD Benefits of high-dose-rate intraluminal brachytherapy for rectal cancers during preoperative chemoradiation Dr Mansoor Rafi Received Received
  185-PD Combining doses for external beam radiotherapy and a HDR brachytherapy boost impact on metrics Calyn Rede Moulton Received Received
  186-PD Dosimetric evaluation of the electronic brachytherapy system Esteya Jose Perez-Calatayud Received Received
  230-PD Quantifying the impact of respiratory parameters in the spot scanning proton dose delivery Angjelina Protik Received Received
  231-PD Time-resolved internal target translation and rotation during liver SBRT treatments Jenny Bertholet Received Received
  232-PD Clinical validation of an eye tracking system for tumor localization during proton therapy: preliminary results Riccardo Via Received Received
  233-PD Calculation of interplay effects caused by liver tumor motion during scanning proton therapy Per Poulsen Received Received
  234-PD Prospective MLC tracking trial: improved consistency of dose delivery for prostate cancer radiotherapy Emma Colvill Received Received
  235-PD Frameless multimodality image integration using vessel tree segmentation for stereotactic targeting of AVM Femke Steenbeke Received Received
  236-PD Performance improvement of MLC tracking investigated with an MLC tracking simulator for TrueBeam Jakob Toftegaard Received Received
  237-PD Assessment of uncertainties in EBRT and BT dose mapping for cervical cancer patients based on ground truth validation Eliana M Vasquez Osorio Received Received
  238-PD PUMA - Predicted Upshot Motion Analysis; a method to evaluate the interplay effect on lung SABR Josep Puxeu Vaqué Received Received
  378-PD Proton range assessment using prompt gamma monitoring of realistic pencil beam scanning treatments Guillaume Janssens Received Received
  379-PD Reducing the dose-rate dependence of a new radiochromic silicone based 3D dosimeter Ellen Marie Hye Received Received
  380-PD FFF pre-treatment QA using TrueBeam Portal Dosimetry with DMI panel and comparison with PTW Octavius 1500 Gloria Beyer Received Received
  381-PD Evaluation of a new Electronic Portal Imaging Device (EPID) for pre-treatment and in vivo dosimetry Andrew Reilly Received Received
  382-PD Radiation response of an improved optical CT based 3D gel dosimeter for radiation therapy quality assurance Belal Moftah Received Received
  384-PD The IAEA/WHO Postal TLD Audit Programme: analysis of 10,660 results Joanna Izewska Received Received
  385-PD Characterization of a microDiamond dosimeter in clinical scanned carbonion beams Gianluca Verona Rinati Received Received
  386-PD Multi centre comparative dose accuracy of Flattening Filter Free beams for SBRT lung cancer treatment Christian Rnn Hansen Received Received
  418-PD The use of diffusion weighted MRI in the prediction of volumetric changes during radiotherapy Daan Nevens Received Received
  419-PD Overestimation of tumor volume of laryngeal/hypopharyngeal cancer on MRI in clinical radiotherapy practice Elise Anne Jagger Received Received
  420-PD Randomised escalation trial with adaptive dose painting by numbers for head and neck cancer: interim analysis Fréderic Duprez Received Received
  421-PD HER3 pathway analysis in radiation plus concurrent cisplatin or anti-EGFR moAb for head and neck cancer SERGI BENAVENTE Received Received
  422-PD Validating 2 year survival prediction for laryngeal carcinoma patients in a clinical setting Tim Lustberg Received Received
  423-PD Telomerase: a new target to individualize HNSCC treatment? Wiktoria Suchorska Received Received
  424-PD Immune response profile assessment after stereotactic radiotherapy for lung cancer Jacek Rutkowski Received Received
  425-PD Incidence of hippocampal/peri-hippocampal brain metastasis in metastatic small cell lung cancer Axel Leysalle Received Received
  426-PD A clinical model predicting severe esophagitis in individual SCLC patients treated with chemo-radiotherapy. Bart Reymen Received Received
  427-PD Acute esophagitis for patients with Local-regional Advanced NSCLC treated with concurrent chemoradiotherapy Yi Pan Received Received
  428-PD Radiation pneumonitis with stereotactic body radiotherapy: effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors Anupama Chundury Received Received
  430-PD Results from the radiotherapy quality assurance programme for the FAST-Forward breast trial Rada Zotova Received Received
  431-PD Breast and chest wall edema during and following radiotherapy in breast cancer patients: Prevalence, risk factors & quality of life Danny Young-Afat Received Received
  432-PD Preoperative radiotherapy in breast cancer patients: 32-year follow-up Francois Georges Riet Received Received
  433-PD Acute and late complications of radiotherapy in women with implant-based breast reconstruction Sarah Braun Received Received
  434-PD Design of gold nanoparticle brachytherapy seeds for permanent breast seed implantation (PBSI) Priscilla Lai Received Received
  435-PD APBI single-centre experience over a decade risk estimates and indication variations within current guidelines Artur Aguiar Received Received
  436-PD Long-term bowel and bladder symptoms after pelvic radiotherapy or vaginal brachytherapy in the PORTEC-2 trial Stephanie de Boer Received Received
  437-PD Impact of lymph node dose on nodal control in patients with locally advanced cervical cancer Anne Ramlov Received Received
  438-PD Adjuvant volumetric modulated arc therapy with vaginal cuff simultaneous integrated boost in endometrial cancer Rosario Mazzola Received Received
  439-PD Interstitial brachytherapy in gynaecologic malignancies with IPSA; an analysis of 100 MUPIT applications PARTHA SARATHI BHATTACHARYYA Received Received
  440-PD Preliminary results with intracavitaryinterstitial cervical brachytherapy using same-day MRI preplanning Paul Nguyen Received Received
  441-PD Comparison of 18F-FLT PET and 18F-FDG PET in the radiotherapy treatment of cervical cancer Ewa Burchardt Received Received
  443-PD Clinical evaluation of an innovative ionization chamber technology for patient quality assurance Michele Togno Received Received
  444-PD Dose calibration and monitoring for radiobiological experiments with low energy proton beams Saad Aldelaijan Received Received
  446-PD In vivo EPID dosimetry: 3D analysis applied to prostate VMAT treatments Elena Villaggi Received Received
  447-PD Clinical evaluation of a dose calculation algorithm based on the linear Boltzmann transport equation Anja Stssi Received Received
  448-PD Influence of geometry and DNA target composition on the ionization cluster distributions using MC methods Meylan Sylvain Received Received
  449-PD A knowledge based model for VMAT in esophageal cancer: plan quality assessment among different centres Alessandro Clivio Received Received
  450-PD A more exact approach to confidence intervals in radiobiological parameter estimation Antony Carver Received Received
  452-PD Knowledge-based treatment planning of volumetric arc modulated radiotherapy for cervical cancer Mohammad Hussein Received Received
  453-PD Bioluminescence tomography guided system for small animal radiation research Ken Kang-Hsin Wang Received Received
  455-PD Combined T2w volumetry, DW-MRI and DCE-MRI for response assessment after chemoradiation in rectal cancer Martijn Intven Received Received
  456-PD Robustness of three stoichiometric CT-calibration parameterizations used in proton therapy Jakob dén Received Received
  459-PD Time-resolved differential motion of tumor and lymph nodes measured during lung cancer radiotherapy Mai Lykkegaard Schmidt Received Received
  460-PD Performance of digital tomosnythesis for tumor motion monitoring: a phantom study Chin Loon Ong Received Received
  463-PD Characterization of target registration error using radiopaque markers implanted in the lung Masanori Takamiya Received Received
  464-PD Adaptive search area template matching for image-based lung tumor tracking Paul Mercea Received Received
  465-PD MRI may replace FDG-PET/CT for ive lymph node irradiation in NSCLC radiotherapy: results of a meta-analysis Jurgen Peerlings Received Received
  467-PD Adaptive, preoperative radiotherapy with image guided Tomotherapy concomitant with chemotherapy in rectal cancer Najla Slim Received Received
  468-PD The practical use of our 1,5 Tesla MRI/HDR treatment room for patients with cervical cancer Katelijne van Vliet-van den Ende Received Received
  469-PD Robustness study on pitch and roll rotations for multiple cranial metastases using VMAT Pietro Mancosu Received Received
  470-PD Optimum immobilisation device for extremity soft tissue sarcoma radiotherapy Elaine McCrickard Received Received
  479-PD Intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer with INTRABEAM: minimizing cost analysis Beatriz Pinar Received Received
  480-PD Single dose IORT for early-stage breast cancer in elderly women: tolerance and results Antonella Ciabattoni Received Received
  481-PD Local control and cosmetic outcome on 100 early breast cancer treated with exclusive IORT MASSIMO DESSENA Received Received
  482-PD Early breast cancer treated with an electronic IORT system: report of the first patients treated in Portugal PAULO COSTA Received Received
  483-PD Evaluation of IOERT with reduced dose in ed early breast cancer:mono-institutional experience Renzo Corvò Received Received
  523-PD Fractionation-corrected doses with deformable registration as a tool for treatment plan comparison Eeva Boman Received Received
  524-PD Visualization tool for Electromagnetic Dosimetry and Optimization (VEDO) during deep hyperthermia Gerard van Rhoon Received Received
  525-PD Analysis of recurrence probability versus pre-treatment FDG-PET SUV for RT patients with HNSCC for dose painting Eric Grnlund Received Received
  526-PD Robustness of integrated boost plans for oesophageal cancer: arctherapy vs intensity-modulated proton therapy Samantha Warren Received Received
  527-PD Evaluation tool for plan robustness regarding patient setup using Monte Carlo methods Michael Fix Received Received
  528-PD Beam set-up ion using Pareto fronts for robust proton therapy planning in cervical cancer Stijn van de Schoot Received Received
  530-PD Predictors of hematological toxicity after whole-pelvis intensity-modulated post-prostatectomy radiotherapy Carla Sini Received Received
  531-PD Dosimetric investigation of rotational setup errors for spine stereotactic radiosurgery: a phantom study MAKOTO SASAKI Received Received
  571-PD New genetic algorithm-based procedure to determine phase space for intraoperative radiation therapy Paula Ibanez Received Received
  572-PD In vivo dosimetry using Gafchromic films during IOERT of rectal cancer Filipa Costa Received Received
  573-PD Dosimetry verification of an applicator system for intraoperative radiation therapy by Monte Carlo simulation Alexander Nevelsky Received Received
  574-PD Dose distributions in pelvic intra-operative radiation therapy (IOERT) Sandra Sarmento Received Received
  575-PD The dosimetrical advantage of prone position on a belly board for rectal cancer: does it still hold with VMAT? Jan Verstraete Received Received
  576-PD Quantification of dosimetric impact of rotational displacements in head and neck VMAT radiotherapy Jillian Hayes Received Received
  577-PD Motion and margins for pelvic nodes for different IGRT strategies in high-risk prostate cancer Laila van Zadelhoff Received Received
  579-PD Professional profile of the RTT by the level of competence in Portugal and its relationship with ESTRO Core Curriculum Filipe Moura Received Received
  580-PD Clinical evaluation of pitch and roll capabilities for patient setup in head and neck radiotherapy Lesley Woods Received Received
  581-PD In vivo dosimetry as verification of delivered dose leading to an adaptive radiotherapy GABRIELLA PASTORE Received Received
  632-PO Dose-volume related dysphagia in head and neck cancer Intensity Modulated Radiation Treatment Francesco Ricchetti Received Received
  634-PO Dementia risk in irradiated head and neck cancer patients: two national cohorts combined study in Taiwan Szu-Yuan Wu Received Received
  635-PO FDG-PET-CT to assess response following chemoradiation for stage III/IV oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma Thomas Bird Received Received
  636-PO Prognostic impact of adjuvant chemotherapy in high-risk nasopharyngeal carcinoma patients Chingte Wu Received Received
  637-PO Hyperfractionated CCRT for head and neck squamous cell cancer: The prognostic impact of the overall treatment time Takayuki Ohguri Received Received
  638-PO Phase III randomized trial of CCRT versus neoadjuvant chemotherapy plus radiotherapy for NPC Po-Ju Lin Received Received
  640-PO The advantages of using 18FDG PET-CT in staging and delineation of radiotherapy target volume for head and neck cancer SARA PEDRAZA FERNANDEZ Received Received
  642-PO Nomograms to assess the parotid gland dose in head and neck IMRT based on anatomical markers Joel Castelli Received Received
  643-PO Volumetric versus anatomical outlining: target delineation conformity in a multi-centre head and neck trial Huiqi Yang Received Received
  644-PO 11C-methionine PET-CT for contouring and response evaluation of head and neck tumors treated with CIRT at CNAO Maria Bonora Received Received
  645-PO Does overall treatment time matter in patients with locally advanced head and neck cancer? An old chestnut revisited Silke Tribius Received Received
  647-PO Target-ive radio-sensitization in head and neck tumors by the novel HYPERcollar3D hyperthermia applicator Margarethus Paulides Received Received
  648-PO Patterns of long-term swallowing dysfunction after definitive radiotherapy or chemoradiation Miranda Christianen Received Received
  650-PO Dynamics of tumor hypoxia in serial 18F-Misonidazole PET for SCCHN during chemoradiation and correlation to outcome Hatice Kerti Received Received
  651-PO Long-term change in pulmonary function after definitive radiotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer Tine Schytte Received Received
  652-PO Stereotactic body radiotherapy for metastatic lung tumors with emphasis on the difference in oligometastatic state Takaya Yamamoto Received Received
  653-PO Impact of the delineation of the heart on dose-volume histograms in treatment planning of NSCLC Caren Cuervers Received Received
  655-PO Predictive factors for survival and toxicity in stage III non-small cell lung cancer with concurrent chemoradiation Yong-Hyub Kim Received Received
  656-PO Effect of accurate heart outlining on radiation dose to the heart - the CONVERT Trial experience Nichola Groom Received Received
  657-PO A prospective trial evaluating continuous positive airway pressure on tumor and organ motion and dose during SBRT Sarit Appel Received Received
  658-PO Quality assurance programme for the isotoxic intensity modulated radiotherapy feasibility study Corinne Faivre-Finn Received Received
  659-PO 2D dose-surface data does not improve predictive performance of NTCP model for esophageal toxicity Frank Dankers Received Received
  660-PO A survey of current lung radiotherapy treatment techniques used during the CONVERT Trial Elena Wilson Received Received
  661-PO Multivariable predictive modeling of acute esophageal toxicity after IMRT for advanced stage NSCLC Robin Wijsman Received Received
  662-PO Role of SPECT in predicting the risk of lung toxicity after radiotherapy in lung cancer patients. A prospective study Katherina Farr Received Received
  663-PO Lung V5 does not predict for lung toxicity after fixed-beam intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) for lung cancer Clara Chan Received Received
  664-PO PET CT use and the occurrence of elective nodal failure in involved field radiotherapy for non-small cell lung Lucyna Kepka Received Received
  665-PO Radiation induced brachial plexopathy (RIBP) after SBRT of apically located lung lesions Karin Lindberg Received Received
  666-PO Evaluation of image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) in lung cancer. Is weekly cone beam CT (CBCT) enough? JAVIER LUNA TIRADO Received Received
  667-PO Cardiac toxicity in lung cancer patients after chemo-radiotherapy (CART): a pilot study Nazia Mohammed Received Received
  668-PO Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) for lung metastatic patients with soft tissue sarcoma (STS) Pierina Navarria Received Received
  669-PO External validation of a survival model for stage III NSCLC: focus on similarities or differences? Cary Oberije Received Received
  670-PO Decrease in tumor SUVmax during definitive or neoadjuvant RT/CT is a prognostic factor in LAD lung cancer Martin Stuschke Received Received
  673-PO Stereotactic body radiotherapy for histopathologically confirmed vs. presumed early stage NSCLC Sana Rehman Received Received
  675-PO Early detection of normal tissue complications using FDG PET/CT during lung cancer chemoradiotherapy Marcel van Herk Received Received
  676-PO Dosimetric predictive factors for radiation pneumonitis in sterotactic body radiotherapy Fabio Arcidiacono Received Received
  677-PO Rotational intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy in complex adjuvant breast and nodes irradiation olivier lauche Received Received
  678-PO IMRT with simultaneous integrated boost in post-operative breast irradiation Alba Fiorentino Received Received
  679-PO SPECT-CT localization of sentinel lymph nodes for personalized radiotherapy of erly breast cancer Kanaev Sergey Received Received
  680-PO Calcium scores of the coronary arteries are reduced using breath-hold for breast radiotherapy Mirjam Mast Received Received
  681-PO Re-irradiation with hyperthermia for loco-regional recurrent breast cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis Niloy Ranjan Datta Received Received
  682-PO External validation of the derived neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio as a prognostic factor in breast cancer patients Sabine Krenn-Pilko Received Received
  683-PO Electron IntraOperative RadioTherapy (ELIOT) in early breast cancer: Outcome analysis of a non-randomized study Luigi Franco Cazzaniga Received Received
  684-PO Morbidity after regional nodes radiotherapy in early breast cancer patients having axillary lymph node dissection Hanne Melgaard Nielsen Received Received
  685-PO Locally advanced breast cancer patients with 7 pN axillary lymph nodes treated without axillary irradiation Varela leonel Received Received
  686-PO Larger tumor bed delineation volumes in irradiated breast cancer patients after oncoplastic surgery John Maduro Received Received
  687-PO Cosmetic outcome assessment after neoadjuvant radiochemotherapy in breast cancer patients Christiane Matuschek Received Received
  688-PO Implementation of a breath-hold lung gating system for left-sided breast cancer; hurdles and benefits Reinhart Sweeney Received Received
  689-PO Comparison of automated cosmesis assesment and skin toxicity testing after hypofractionated breast irradiation SANZ JAVIER Received Received
  690-PO Answering questions for hypofractionated RT in Indian breast cancers: analysis of toxicities and outcomes Sanjoy Chatterjee Received Received
  691-PO Radiation doses to cardiac structures in women treated for breast cancer in Sweden and Denmark between 1958 and 2001. Duane Frances Received Received
  692-PO Role of neo-adjuvant radiotherapy in rectal cancer - less is more? Muhammad Fawad Ul Qamar Received Received
  696-PO Mutational analysis by next generation sequencing in patients with biliary and pancreatic adenocarcinoma Andrea Arnett Received Received
  697-PO Comparative study failure model esophageal carcinoma with elective nodal regional and involved field irradiation Zhu Shuchai Received Received
  698-PO Clinical outcomes of 4D CBCT-guided stereotactic body radiotherapy for inoperable hepatocellular carcinomas Chi Leung CHIANG Received Received
  699-PO Pleural and pericardial effusion after neo-adjuvant chemoradiotherapy followed by surgery for esophageal cancer Christina Muijs Received Received
  700-PO Fluoromisonidazole-PET/CT in pancreatic cancer: moving towards hypoxic biological target volume definition James Wilson Received Received
  701-PO Automated application of radiation oncology prediction models for clinical decision support Johan van Soest Received Received
  702-PO Improving radiotherapy adherence in rectal cancer through centralisation of treatment and clinical audit Josep M. Borras Received Received
  703-PO Safety and efficacy of image guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy in the treatment of anal canal cancer Berardino De Bari Received Received
  706-PO Individualised margin calculations for different target regions in anal cancer IMRT Lisa Durrant Received Received
  710-PO Clinical outcomes for inoperable HCC treated with SBRT: mono- institutional experience Ciro Franzese Received Received
  711-PO Prediction of response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy in rectal cancer by MRI volumetry Kathrine Re Received Received
  712-PO Role of 3T multiparametric MRI in the detection of local recurrent prostate cancer after radical prostatectomy Felipe Couñago Received Received
  713-PO Pathology of GTV and CTV of prostate cancer: implications for the dose to the tumor and the gland Ghazaleh Ghobadi Received Received
  714-PO Prognostic factors for prostate cancer death: baseline symptoms predictive for fatal disease Wilma Heemsbergen Received Received
  715-PO Predictors of impotence 1 year after RT in potent, hormone-nave patients: a multi-centric prospective trial Claudio Fiorino Received Received
  716-PO Kidney function loss is directly dose dependent after SBRT for primary RCC as assessed by Cr-51 EDTA DMSA SPECT/CT Shankar Siva Received Received
  717-PO Radical cystectomy vs organ-sparing trimodality treatment in muscle-invasive bladder cancer: a systematic review Stefano ARCANGELI Received Received
  718-PO Impact on quality of life of radio-hormone therapy for prostate cancer: a pooled analisys Francesco Deodato Received Received
  719-PO Excellent 5 year outcome with image guided moderate hypofractionation in prostate cancer : phase I-II study results Nadia Gisella Di Muzio Received Received
  720-PO Patient reported outcomes of overall bowel and urinary bother in the CHHiP trial (CRUK/06/016) Anna Wilkins Received Received
  721-PO Short vs protracted urethra-sparing prostate SBRT: feasibility and early toxicity from a randomized phase II trial Thomas Zilli Received Received
  722-PO Impact on radio-induced toxicity of adjuvant hormone therapy in prostate cancer: a pooled analysis Farina Eleonora Received Received
  723-PO Early toxicity outcomes: A single 15Gy fraction HDR brachytherapy as pre-treatment EBRT boost in prostate cancer. Rodolfo Chicas Sett Received Received
  724-PO Hypofractionated RT, radiosurgical boost, hormone therapy for prostate cancer: a dose escalation study (ISIDE-P3) Francesco Deodato Received Received
  725-PO Consequential late rectal toxicity in radio-hormonal therapy in prostate cancer Francesco Deodato Received Received
  726-PO Is seminal vesicle invasion detected on MRI still the same poor prognostic factor as it used to be? Floris Pos Received Received
  727-PO Thermophysical fluid modelling for loco-regional hyperthermia treatment of Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Gerben Schooneveldt Received Received
  728-PO Postoperative hypofractionated-accelerated radiotherapy in prostate cancer: a phase I-II study (ISIDE-PP-2) Alessio Giuseppe Morganti Received Received
  730-PO Urinary and erectile function in prostate cancer patients: radical radiotherapy vs active surveillance Maria Francesca Alvisi Received Received
  731-PO A miRNA-based predictive model in prostate cancer patients Simon Kirste Received Received
  733-PO Postoperative radiotherapy prostate cancer: survival, toxicity and use of an in house analysis system (PRODVH) Paolo Borghetti Received Received
  734-PO Long term outcomes stratified by age for men treated with monotherapy I-125 permanent brachytherapy Matthew Mason Received Received
  735-PO SBRT is safe and effective in low- intermediate risk prostate cancer. Results of a phase II study Giuseppe Roberto DAgostino Received Received
  736-PO Bladder and trigone surface doses are related to acute urinary toxicity in focally dose-escalated prostate IMRT Julia Murray Received Received
  737-PO Adjuvant hormone therapy in intermediate-high risk prostate cancer: LH-RH agonist versus anti-androgens ALESSIO GIUSEPPE MORGANTI Received Received
  738-PO Adjuvant conventionally fractionated 3D-CRT vs hypofractionated IMRTSIB: comparison of two prospectives studies Luca Tontini Received Received
  740-PO An image-guided SBRT phase II study with a dose of 42 Gy in 7 fractions for the localized prostate cancer CLAUDIO FOTI Received Received
  741-PO Outcomes of conformal RT and ADT in high risk prostate cancer: is there a role for surgery? Akram Saad Received Received
  742-PO Stereotactic radiotherapy for limited nodal relapse in prostate cancer Silvia Grespi Received Received
  743-PO Reduction of volume through IGRT method: personalize a prostate cancer treatment Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  744-PO Develope predictive models to foresee toxicity: validation of a software to help clinicians Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  745-PO Switch to PARP1-dependent endjoining: Olaparib-mediated radiosensitization in prostate cancer cells Cordula Petersen Received Received
  746-PO Clinical outcome of carbon ion radiotherapy for FIGO stage IVA uterine cervical cancer Shintaro Shiba Received Received
  747-PO Extended fields SIB-IMRT plus chemotherapy in the preoperative cervical cancer treatment. A dose-escalation study Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  748-PO Adjuvant chemoradiation with preventive paraaortic irradiation in endometrial cancer II-III FIGO treatment Asiya Rustamovna Iksanova Received Received
  749-PO Treatment interruptions due to anemia and blood transfusions in cervical cancer patients zekarias meles berhe berhe Received Received
  750-PO Dosimetric correlation of rectal dose and rectal distension in cervical cancer patients undergoing brachytherapy Irfan Bashir Received Received
  751-PO Early stage endometrial cancer treated with surgery and no adjuvant treatment to follow-up or not? Moray Kyle Received Received
  752-PO Does ITV vaginal procedure ensure dosimetric coverage during IMRT of postoperative Gynaecologic tumors? Ramona VergesCapdevila Received Received
  753-PO The role of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography in pretreatment evaluation of cervical carcinoma Simona Cima Received Received
  755-PO Organ shape variations and PTV concepts for cervix cancer ART Yvette Seppenwoolde Received Received
  756-PO Carbon-ion and photon radiation effects on HPVpositive and negative cervical carcinoma cells Katja Lindel Received Received
  757-PO Neo-adjuvant chemoradiation for locally advanced cervical cancer: a promising report on outcome katrien vandecasteele Received Received
  758-PO Wilms tumor outcomes at a single institution treated by Childrens Oncology Group (COG) protocols Corey Hobbs Received Received
  760-PO Patterns of stereotactic radiotherapy in pediatrics: results from an international pediatric research consortium Sara Alcorn Received Received
  761-PO Trimodality for bladder preservation in very elderly patients Dr. Marta Bonet-Beltrán Received Received
  762-PO Low-grade gliomas in older adults: treatment patterns and outcomes over the past fifty years Ryan Youland Received Received
  763-PO Single fraction carbon ion radiotherapy for 80 year old and over patients with stage I peripheral NSCLC Masataka Karube Received Received
  764-PO Octogenarians with early stage NSCLC undergoing SBRT - same outcomes as younger patients? Stefan Starup Jeppesen Received Received
  765-PO A randomized study with a hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate lotion for radiodermitis in breast cancer patients Jose Pardo-Masferrer Received Received
  766-PO Radiosensitivity of bone metastases according to different histogenesis Natalya Bychkova Received Received
  767-PO PET versus CT to predict survival after the radioembolization of liver metastases with 90Y resin microspheres Mahila Ferrari Received Received
  768-PO SBRT for CRC liver metastases: prognostic factors affecting LC and OS Claudia Menichelli Received Received
  769-PO Adequacy of pain management during radiotherapy in advanced head and neck cancers Rupa Das Received Received
  770-PO Stereotactic radiotherapy versus surgery: comparison of survival in lung metastases from colo-rectal cancer Andrea Riccardo Filippi Received Received
  771-PO Hypofractionated high-dose IMRT: effective and less toxic than 2D/3D-RT in incurable head and neck cancer Kirsty van Beek Received Received
  773-PO FDG Based Glycolytic Biological target volume: Warburg Effect vs. Hypoxia Devic Slobodan Received Received
  774-PO Optimal Beam Quality for Linac-based Spatially Fractionated Grid Radiation Therapy (SFGRT) LiHeng Liang Received Received
  776-PO Are scanned protons better than photons for breast cancer radiation therapy with respiratory gating? Anna Flejmer Received Received
  777-PO Does the introduction of new delineation guidelines for breast node radiotherapy entail a change in practice? Isabelle Kindts Received Received
  778-PO Delineation of the regional nodal areas in breast radiotherapy: What are the most problematic regions? Karolien Verhoeven Received Received
  781-PO Clinical target volume in postoperative radiotherapy for gastric cancer: the interobserver variability Lucyna Kepka Received Received
  782-PO Breast radiotherapy: invisible tattoos for external references (The BRITER study) Steven Landeg Received Received
  783-PO Dosimetric influence of pitch for radiotherapy of long treatment volumes Sonja Stieb Received Received
  786-PO Can we derive the radiation target volume for moving lesions from 3D-PET? Esther Troost Received Received
  787-PO CT-based geometric dose escalation as an alternative to PET-based dose painting by numbers? Dario Di Perri Received Received
  788-PO Do heart and lung distances correlate to DVH when irradiating with forward planned IMRT techniques in breast cancer? Venkata Krishna Reddy Pilaka Received Received
  789-PO Trends in DVH metrics of OARs in 3 consecutive TPS for 270 HNC patients: an automated institutional analysis Frank Hoebers Received Received
  790-PO Changes in acute response to radiation after implementation of new national guidelines for head and neck cancer Christian Rnn Hansen Received Received
  791-PO Interpretation of uncertainty scenarios for head and neck IMPT treatment plans using TCP and NTCP models Olga Hamming-Vrieze Received Received
  792-PO Standardization of intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) in multiple cancer centers in Poland Brian Butler Received Received
  793-PO Developing and implementing a Radiotherapy Research Activity Assessment Tool Karen Morgan Received Received
  794-PO Research focussing on radiation therapists. An 11 year review of published abstracts from ESTRO meetings and forums Kelly Linden Received Received
  795-PO Implementing the Monte Carlo algorithm in lung SBRT: Clinical outcome on 205 patients Jean-Emmanuel Bibault Received Received
  796-PO Volumetric analysis of MRI response in meninigiomas treated with 3-dimensional conformal radiation therapy Chul Yong Kim Received Received
  798-PO Bevacizumab treatment in recurrent malignant glioma patients mono-institutional experience in 118 patients Daniel Felix Fleischmann Received Received
  800-PO Response and outcome after neoadjuvant radiotherapy of limb soft tissue sarcomas ALESSIO GIUSEPPE MORGANTI Received Received
  802-PO Outcomes of fSRT compared to SRS for brain metastases by using volumetric surrogates for fractionation Mehmet Ufuk Abacioglu Received Received
  803-PO Optimization of GTV definition and treatment planning in lung-sparing VMAT for pleural mesothelioma Angela Botticella Received Received
  805-PO Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy for the treatment of Retroperitoneal Sarcoma LE PECHOUX Cecile Received Received
  806-PO Craniospinal irradiation: Dosimetric evaluation of TomoTherapy and 3D conventional radiotherapy with respect to bone marrow sparing Michal Devecka Received Received
  807-PO Radiosurgery and brain metastases: high-resolution MRI can significantly change intracranial disease staging Silvia Scoccianti Received Received
  808-PO Hadrontherapy in skullbase chordoma: CNAO experience Barbara Vischioni Received Received
  809-PO MRS Choline/NAA enhancement is a predictor of post-RT disease-free survival time in glioblastoma multiforme Benjamin Rowland Received Received
  810-PO Impact of low dose radiation therapy with Bevacizumab in recurrent glioblastoma: final report Silvia Longo Received Received
  811-PO Outcome of treatment of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme in elderly and/or frail patients JOANNA SOCHA Received Received
  812-PO Long-term outcomes and toxicity after proton beam radiotherapy of large non-peripapillary choroidal melanoma Britta Weber Received Received
  814-PO A new approach to convert high energy imaging systems (EPIDs) signal into absorbed dose to water christine Boutry Received Received
  815-PO Dosimetric precision of 3D gel dosimetry compared with radiochromic films Peter Sandegaard Skyt Received Received
  816-PO Feasibility of luminescence screen based quality assurance system for verification of SRS beams Tin Lok Chiu Received Received
  817-PO Clinical evaluation of intrafraction motion in mask system for Gamma Knife measured with IR tracking and cone-beam CT Caroline Chung Received Received
  818-PO Spirometric gated VMAT: QA of potential breath hold interruptions Robin GARCIA Received Received
  819-PO The effect of the flattening filter on detector response in small radiation fields Madelaine Tyler Received Received
  820-PO An in-air Monte Carlo investigation of a miniature low energy x-ray tube Peter Watson Received Received
  821-PO Configuration of a treatment planning system: study and dosimetric evaluation for treatments with small fields Francesca Lobefalo Received Received
  823-PO Evaluation of the accuracy of Cyberknife tumor tracking system using radiochromic EBT3 films Edoardo Mastella Received Received
  824-PO Influence of the biological target volume modeling on ionization cluster-size distributions using Geant4-DNA Marta Bueno Received Received
  825-PO Monte Carlo model for IOERT dose distribution studies Alessandro Esposito Received Received
  826-PO Novel epitaxial silicon array for small field dosimetry Cinzia Talamonti Received Received
  827-PO Dosimetric characterization of PTW MicroDiamond for FFF beams and small fields: experimental and Monte Carlo study Antonella Stravato Received Received
  828-PO Rotation dependency of radiochromic films Jacco de Pooter Received Received
  829-PO A new graphite calorimeter for the measurement of absorbed dose to water in medium energy x-ray beams Massimo Pinto Received Received
  830-PO Evaluation of our EPID-Dosimetry Tool in comparison with phantom based plan QA solutions Simone Fink Received Received
  831-PO Characterization of an unshielded diode prototype for small field dosimetry under flattening filter free beams Giacomo Reggiori Received Received
  832-PO Ion recombination correction for a parallel-plate ionization chamber in a carbon ion beam Severine Rossomme Received Received
  833-PO CHO cell depth-survival distributions after different configurations of contralateral carbon beams Leszek Grzanka Received Received
  835-PO Modeling dosimetric effects of tumor motion due to respiration Marta Adamczyk Received Received
  836-PO Dose sensitivity in the craniospinal IMRT junction region to positional and dose error Young Lee Received Received
  837-PO 3D dose verification of VMAT lung SBRT using Mobius3D Martijn van het Loo Received Received
  838-PO Determination of the effect on patient surface dose from unwanted air cavities under bolus in VMAT Jasmin Mahdavi Received Received
  839-PO Synthetic diamond detector for CyberKnife beam output measurements: a multi-site study Laura Masi Received Received
  840-PO Small field dosimetry for flattening filter free photon beams Dalila Mateus Received Received
  841-PO Experimental comparison of detectors for small field electron dosimetry Oliver Dohm Received Received
  842-PO Detector comparison for dose measurements in the build-up zone Maria A. Duch Received Received
  844-PO Feasibility of in vivo dosimetry using diodes in breast treatments delivered using a SIB-IMRT technique Artur Latorre-Musoll Received Received
  845-PO Development of methodology for remote IMRT audits and related tests Dietmar Georg Received Received
  846-PO A retrospective analysis of 384 Tomotherapy per-patient verifications Michele Stasi Received Received
  847-PO Exploiting the asymmetric layer geometry of EBT2 radiochromic film for assessment of skin dose and steep gradients Carlos De Wagter Received Received
  848-PO A dual 2D EPID transit dosimetry model for actual treatment verification Yun TAN Received Received
  849-PO Heterogeneous dose calculations for COMS eye plaques using actual seed configurations and TG43 formalism Christopher Deufel Received Received
  850-PO MRI-Linac: Effect of the magnetic field on the interaction cross sections Hanitra Szymanowski Received Received
  851-PO Skin dose study in chest wall tomohelical treatments with gafchromic EBT film Floriana Pansini Received Received
  852-PO Small field commissioning: should dosimetric correction factors be applied? Tracy Underwood Received Received
  854-PO How has IMRT verification practice in the UK changed over the last two years? Fouad Abolaban Received Received
  855-PO Dose evaluation by patient in-vivo dosimetryin total body irradiation NASEEM HUSSAIN Received Received
  856-PO A retrospective study of image guided adaptive radiation therapy in prostate cancer Miguel Guasp Tortajada Received Received
  857-PO Are the dosimetric verification results of spot scanned IMPT fields dependent on field specific parameters? Petra Trnkova Received Received
  858-PO Perturbation effects of Carbon Fiber-PEEK screws on radiotherapy dose distribution Raquel Bar-Deroma Received Received
  860-PO Film quality audit of MLC performance for IMRT dose delivery Grochowska Paulina Received Received
  861-PO Fluence verification for patient specific quality assurance in ion beam therapy. Use of an a-Si flat panel detector Julian Horn Received Received
  863-PO Dosimetric testing of the new aS1200 MV imager with FF and FFF beams giorgia nicolini Received Received
  864-PO Pareto front investigation of TomoTherapys plan quality range: Do optimal pitch and MF exist for TomoEdge? Geert De Kerf Received Received
  865-PO Dvh- and energy-minimization based inverse optimization in NSCLC Ivaylo Mihaylov Received Received
  866-PO Automated recalculation of daily dose for calculation of delivered Dose Surface Maps Simon Thomas Received Received
  867-PO Using a commercial cloud for Monte Carlo radiotherapy treatment calculations Hector Miras Received Received
  868-PO Neutron peripheral dose estimation: treatment planning system implementation Leticia Irazola Rosales Received Received
  869-PO Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) planning pre-treatment verification : an Italian multicenter study Carmelo Marino Received Received
  870-PO VMAT prostate SBRT: dosimetric impact of the combined use of a rectal spacer and an increased near maximum target dose Ruggero Ruggieri Received Received
  871-PO Relative electron density determination for radiotherapy and proton therapy treatment planning Joanne van Abbema Received Received
  872-PO A general software tool for the analysis of profiles and depth dose curves Theo van Soest Received Received
  873-PO The treatment of a paediatric Rhabdomyosarcoma in Australasia: a novel physics challenge Komiti Enari Received Received
  874-PO Assessment of planar and helical diode array measurements and 3D patient dose estimation for IMRT QA Jonathan Hindmarsh Received Received
  875-PO Evaluation of a dedicated brain metastases planning algorithm for radiosurgery: a new treatment paradigm Thierry Gevaert Received Received
  876-PO Clinical considerations for introduction of VMAT for paediatric medulloblastoma Bob Smulders Received Received
  877-PO Knowledge-based treatment planning of IMRT for prostate cancer Chris South Received Received
  878-PO Ray-Tracing and Monte Carlo dose calculation might lead to clinically relevant differences for Cyberknife lung SABR David Dechambre Received Received
  879-PO Short-course PET based simultaneously integrated boost for locally advanced cervical cancer Marius Rthe Arnesen Received Received
  882-PO From Tomotherapy to VMAT : evaluation of the dose mimicking function with a novel DVH metric Sara Bresciani Received Received
  883-PO Combined influence of CT noise and HU-RSP conversion curve discontinuities on proton range systematic errors Sébastien Brousmiche Received Received
  885-PO Validation of a head and neck DVH prediction model for use in commercially available knowledge-based planning software Lindsey Olsen Received Received
  887-PO Fast and realistic Monte Carlo evaluation of the robustness of proton therapy plans Kevin Souris Received Received
  889-PO A multi-institutional study for the evaluation of DIR algorithms for structure delineation in virtual phantoms Christian Fiandra Received Received
  890-PO Mixed beam inverse planning strategies Marc-Andre Renaud Received Received
  891-PO Experimental verification of 4DCT-based dose accumulation for IMRT and VMAT beam techniques in lung and liver SBRT Tobias Gauer Received Received
  892-PO Fast and accurate sensitivity analysis of IMPT treatment plans using Polynomial Chaos Expansion Mischa Hoogeman Received Received
  893-PO Robustness of biologically-based treatment planning for prostate cancer Elisabetta Gargioni Received Received
  894-PO Patient specific 3D dose calculation for 177Lu treatment of neuroendocrine tumours using the Raydose MC code Nick Patterson Received Received
  895-PO 3D transperineal ultrasound image guidance methods for prostate SBRT radiotherapy treatment Martin Szegedi Received Received
  896-PO Radiotherapy quality assurance in the NIHR ProtecT trial Gareth Jones Received Received
  897-PO A critical evaluation of 2D-ARRAYs (1500, SRS1000 and 729) and OCTAVIUS 4D phantom for QA of FFF prostate plans Marta Kruszyna Received Received
  898-PO Identification of individual NTCP benefit of dose-escalated IMPT in advanced HNC patients Annika Jakobi Received Received
  901-PO Evaluation of NTCP radiogenomic modelling frameworks in hypofractionated prostate cancer patients James Coates Received Received
  902-PO Dose to the masseter muscle predicts radiation-induced trismus in head and neck cancer Nina Pauli Received Received
  903-PO Improving prediction models in the era of rapid learning health care: weighting data to reflect relative importance Arthur Jochems Received Received
  905-PO A TCP model for Radiotherapy of prostate cancer using MRI-based Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Maps Oscar Casares-Magaz Received Received
  906-PO Is the anal sphincter a key structure for gastrointestinal toxicity in prostate cancer radiotherapy? Caroline Olsson Received Received
  908-PO Corpora cavernosa dose and patient-reported sexual dysfunction in prostate cancer radiotherapy Caroline Olsson Received Received
  909-PO Dose and volume effects of gastrointestinal toxicity during neoadjuvant IMRT for rectal cancer Ane L Appelt Received Received
  910-PO Local control prediction for NSCLC using a common LQ-based TCP model for both SABR and 3D-CRT fractionation Colin Baker Received Received
  912-PO The risk of radiation-induced cancer following VMAT vs. IMPT of prostate cancer Camilla Hanquist Stokkevaag Received Received
  913-PO Machine learning-based prediction of late radiation-induced lung toxicity in Hodgkins lymphoma survivors Roberto Pacelli Received Received
  914-PO Knowledge-Based Automated Planning for Liver Metastases Abdul Wahab Sharfo Received Received
  915-PO Dosimetric and clinical predictors of late urinary symptoms after radical radiation therapy for prostate cancer Tiziana Rancati Received Received
  917-PO Predicting radiation-induced patient-reported genitourinary toxicity in four prostate cancer cohorts Caroline Olsson Received Received
  918-PO Interruptions management in radiotherapy treatments: three years of experience Jose Manuel de la Vega Fernandez Received Received
  919-PO Impact of system latency on 4D SABR lung plans delivered using MLC tracking James Bedford Received Received
  920-PO Intra-fraction motion detection with Triggered Imaging for prostate cancer patients with implanted gold seeds Marjan Admiraal Received Received
  921-PO Determining intra-fraction motion in breast radiotherapy using supine MRI Tristan van Heijst Received Received
  922-PO Management of intra-fraction motion in prostate radiotherapy: a study of 100 patients imaged for all fractions john simpson Received Received
  923-PO Intra-fraction motion of the prostate is a random walk Hendrik Ballhausen Received Received
  925-PO Respiratory motion prediction filters for real time tumor tracking during radiation treatment Alexander Jhl Received Received
  926-PO Dosimetric comparison of different motion management techniques Stefanie Ehrbar Received Received
  927-PO Minimizing intra-fractional prostate motion during hypofractionated radiotherapy using beacon transponders Joep Stroom Received Received
  929-PO Dual-modality simultaneous orthogonal kV and portal MV imaging for verification of tumor tracking on SBRT patients POELS KENNETH Received Received
  930-PO FLIRT: a software suite for real-time 2D/3D image registration for image guided radiotherapy Hugo Furtado Received Received
  931-PO Evaluation of multiple auto-segmentation solutions against inter-observer variability Yiannis Roussakis Received Received
  932-PO Use of a custom abdominal corset to reduce pancreatic tumor motion during stereotactic radiotherapy Hanne Heerkens Received Received
  933-PO Calypso-guided MLC tracking on a TrueBeam accelerator Rune Hansen Received Received
  934-PO Predicting the dosimetric consequences of weight loss for head and neck VMAT patients William Beasley Received Received
  935-PO Evaluation of deformable image registration methods for dose monitoring in head and neck adaptive radiotherapy Bastien Rigaud Received Received
  936-PO Suitability of commonly-used metrics for assessing automatic segmentation accuracy in the head and neck William Beasley Received Received
  938-PO An individualized strategy to deal with uncertainties of non-rigid registration for dose accumulation Yibing Wang Received Received
  939-PO Validation of a deformable image registration for adaptive radiotherapy of lung cancer Mehrsima Abdoli Received Received
  940-PO Feasibility of planning CT to MVCT deformable registration for dose of the day calculation in helical Tomotherapy Broggi Sara Received Received
  941-PO Adaptive radiotherapy based on integrated transit planar dosimetry for lung cancer patients Lucas Persoon Received Received
  942-PO Impact of the lenses position uncertainty on the dose received during head and neck radiotherapy Tomasz Piotrowski Received Received
  943-PO Clinical comparison of 2D transabdominal and 3D transperineal ultrasound image guidance methods for prostate RT Martin Szegedi Received Received
  944-PO Radiotherapy QA of the DAHANCA 19 protocol Eva Samsoe Received Received
  945-PO A method for fast dose re-evaluation on Elekta CBCTs as decision tool for adaptive RT in lung cancer patients Danny Schuring Received Received
  946-PO Prospective evaluation of patient positioning for interfractional variation in proton therapy of prostate cancer Christian Richter Received Received
  947-PO Robustness of Dose-Painted Plans in Presence of Extensive Tumour Shrinkage in Head and Neck Cancer David Kovacs Received Received
  948-PO Adaptive proton therapy using CBCT to calculate daily dose and range variations Brian Winey Received Received
  949-PO Advantages and shortcomings of planning hypofractionated lung treatments with VMAT on the average CT Livia Marrazzo Received Received
  950-PO Validation of the deformable image registration system elastix in the head and neck region Ruta Zukauskaite Received Received
  953-PO Quantitative diffusion-weighted MRI of rectal cancer is strongly influenced by the choice of b-values Marius Bornstein Received Received
  954-PO Evaluation of specific and general-purpose atlases for automatic segmentation in breast cancer radiotherapy Marianna Alessandra Gerardi Received Received
  955-PO Comparing lung function changes between serial CT-ventilation and Galligas Ventilation PET/CT John Kipritidis Received Received
  956-PO Quantification of helical 4DCT imaging dose for radiotherapy cancer patients Shing Cheung LEE Received Received
  957-PO Improved automatic bone segmentation in pelvis using a customized excitation pulse on MR Matteo Maspero Received Received
  958-PO Correlations between DCE-MRI, 18F-FLT PET and survival in patients with high grade glioma Patrik Brynolfsson Received Received
  959-PO Optimal dose balance between energy levels for material decomposition with dual-energy X-ray CT Gloria Vilches-Freixas Received Received
  961-PO The need for dose re-calculation on cone-beam CTs in dose-response studies of pelvic normal tissues Oscar Casares-Magaz Received Received
  962-PO A Dirichlet process mixture model for automatic segmentation of 18F-FDG PET-CT images Carlo Cavedon Received Received
  963-PO The potential role of diagnostic position MRI with deformable registration for radiotherapy planning of HNSCC richard speight Received Received
  966-PO Audiovisual biofeedback breathing training during thoracic 4DCT imaging: a digital phantom study Sean Pollock Received Received
  967-PO How to create bladder library of plan CTVs within 2 seconds Lisa Hartgring Received Received
  968-PO The effect of SUV discretization in PET Radiomics: the need for standardized methodology in tumor texture analysis Ralph Leijenaar Received Received
  969-PO Cardiac motion and breathing effects: estimation of dosimetric uncertainties Laura Cella Received Received
  970-PO Assessment of regional positional repeatability in head and neck using a dedicated MR simulator Abby Ding Received Received
  971-PO Segmentation of organs at risk using superpixels on MRI or CT images in prostate radiotherapy Maxime Guinin Received Received
  972-PO Geometric verification of Dynamic Wave Arc using orthogonal X-ray fluoroscopic imaging BURGHELEA MANUELA Received Received
  973-PO Monte Carlo study of Cone Beam CT dose variation with patient size Kiran Joshi Received Received
  974-PO Evaluation of quality metrics for CDRAD radiographical images Gloria Bueno Received Received
  975-PO Quantitative Assessment of 3D Geometric Accuracy of a 1.5T Wide-bore MR-simulator: A Phantom Study Max W.K. Law Received Received
  976-PO Patch-based generation of a pseudo-CT scan for MRI-only based radiotherapy in the pelvic region Daniel Andreasen Received Received
  977-PO ATLAAS: A model for optimal auto-segmentation of PET images in RT planning Beatrice Berthon Received Received
  978-PO Testing the C-RAD Catalyst elastic image registration software using a deformable female phantom Stefania Pallotta Received Received
  980-PO Reinforcing patient safety in Intraoperative electron radiotherapy. Impact of different tools Juan López-Tarjuelo Received Received
  981-PO Optimizing the planning parameters to obtain the lowest monitor units in lung stereotactic body radiation therapy Baotian Huang Received Received
  983-PO Accuracy of a 4D-PET system in determining the position of a mobile phantom Nuria Anducas Santiago Received Received
  984-PO Treatment plan intercomparison for SBRT in a national context: final results from 53 centers Claudia Carbonini Received Received
  985-PO How accurate is lung IMRT and VMAT delivery? A multi-centre audit as part of the Isotoxic IMRT trial David Eaton Received Received
  986-PO Can radiotherapy dose distribution be related to outcome? An analysis of the SCOPE 1 oesophageal cancer trial data Dewi Rhys Carrington Received Received
  987-PO Ultrasound image guided radiotherapy for prostate cancer using a transperineal probe Marie FARGIER-VOIRON Received Received
  988-PO Beam delivery time reduction in breath-hold treatments for left-sided breast cancer using FFF technique Tuomas Koivumki Received Received
  989-PO Does deep inspiration breath-hold reduce irradiated lung volumes in left-sided breast radiotherapy? Kate Walsh Received Received
  991-PO The role of complexity metrics in a multi-institutional dosimetry audit of VMAT Conor McGarry Received Received
  992-PO Is surface based setup preferable to conventional setup for breast cancer patients? Malin Kgele Received Received
  993-PO A national database solution for radiotherapy quality registries and clinical studies Anders Montelius Received Received
  994-PO Human error analysis in radiotherapy: first steps towards a prospective and quantitative method Dhruv Pandya Received Received
  995-PO Evaluation of VMAT-RapidArc, IMRT-VERO and proton-RT for a hypofractionated scheme of prostate cancer treatment Delia Ciardo Received Received
  996-PO A novel probabilistic risk assessment technique for radiotherapy Gordon Sands Received Received
  998-PO Investigation and validation of using a single energy-specific model to calibrate EPID panels for in-vivo dosimetry Ian Hanson Received Received
  999-PO Simulation of a miniature x-ray tube used with nanoparticles for improved tumor dose homogeneity and enhancement Fatemeh Dana Received Received
  1000-PO First year of clinical experience with the new generation of Gantry for active scanning proton therapy Francesca Albertini Received Received
  1001-PO Respiratory gating reduces heart doses for proton radiotherapy of the breast and internal mammary chain Sara Hackett Received Received
  1002-PO Retrospective assessment of treatment planning quality in prostate SBRT Maria Rosa Malisan Received Received
  1003-PO Clinical setup accuracy for fractionated stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy for vertebral metastases Chin Loon Ong Received Received
  1004-PO Estimating second tumor induction in rotational IMRT for prostate cancer: impact of age and pelvic nodes irradiation Lucia Perna Received Received
  1006-PO Investigation into out-of-field dosimetry Laura Shields Received Received
  1007-PO Neutron induced soft errors in cardiac implantable devices following radiation therapy mara severgnini Received Received
  1008-PO Validation of a photon peripheral dose model for IMRT treatments Beatriz Sánchez Received Received
  1009-PO A comparison of the dosimetric methods in out-of-field dose measurement for photons Weronika Jackowiak Received Received
  1010-PO Characterization of a SRAM-based neutron detector for particle therapy Kristian Smeland Ytre-Hauge Received Received
  1011-PO The CREATE Medical Physics Research Training Network: training of new generation innovators in medical physics Jan Seuntjens Received Received
  1013-PO CTV definition in perioperative breast brachytherapy with closed cavity for APBI Guinot Jose Luis Received Received
  1014-PO OAR Intra/interfraction dose variability in tandem-ovoids MRI/CTguided brachytherapy for cervical cáncer Alonso Diana Received Received
  1016-PO Assessment of quality of life in patients treated for gynecological cancers using the EORTC questionnaires Carla Pisani Received Received
  1017-PO EQD 23Gy vaginal toxicity study in 2 protracted HDR brachytherapy schedules in postoperative endometrial cancer Angeles Rovirosa Received Received
  1018-PO Clinical results after introduction of MR guided brachytherapy single institution experience Trine Juhler-Nttrup Received Received
  1019-PO Improving Service Efficiency Through Reduction in Bowel Outlining for HDR Cervix treatments. Melanie Cunningham Received Received
  1020-PO High-dose rate vaginal brachytherapy in early stage endometrial cancer elisabetta perrucci Received Received
  1021-PO A practical MRI based reconstruction method for the new endocavitary and interstitial gynecological template Jose Richart Received Received
  1023-PO Impact of inhomogeneity correction for vaginal vault brachytherapy CT planning William Keough Received Received
  1024-PO Long-term results of daily HDR brachytherapy in the postoperative setting of endometrial carcinoma Luisa Gloria Castilla Bancayán Received Received
  1025-PO From 2D to 3D brachytherapy, changing clinical brachytherapy practice, a single institution experience Anastaziya Aleksandrova Stanojevic Received Received
  1026-PO A mixed intracavitary and interstitial perineal template compatible with MRI for gynecologic malignancies RODRIGUEZ VILLALBA SILVIA Received Received
  1027-PO Reducing vaginal wall dose for HDR interstitial brachytherapy of gynecological cancer: dosimetric comparison ROBERT KIM Received Received
  1030-PO COBRA ontology: a proposal for a standardized data collection (SDC) for H&N patients treated with brachytherapy Luca Tagliaferri Received Received
  1031-PO ENT COBRA (COnsortium for BRachytherapy data Analysis) : Standardized data collection (SDC) for H&N patients Gyrgy Kovács Received Received
  1032-PO Choice of radionuclides for HDR Brachytherapy: clinical and economic differences Orla Hayman Received Received
  1034-PO Can gamma analysis using radiochromich films be a reliable method to verify MBDCA reported by AAPM TG-186? Grzegorz Bieleda Received Received
  1035-PO Monte Carlo derived correction factors for brachytherapy film dosimetry for audit and QC Antony Palmer Received Received
  1036-PO Primary standard of source-to-ion.chamber distance device in brachytherapy water phantom for absolute dosimetry Vladimir Stserbakov Received Received
  1037-PO Quantifying underdosage in skin brachytherapy resulting from incomplete scatter environments Emma Walker Received Received
  1038-PO Dosimetric study for a new Low-Dose-Rate brachytherapy source using Monte Carlo simulations Eduardo Moura Received Received
  1041-PO Learning curve impact results from 8 years of experience in low-dose brachytherapy for prostate cancer Xavier Jordi Juan-Senabre Received Received
  1042-PO 5-year results of HDR brachytherapy, plus radiotherapy and ADT for intermediate prostate cancer: a phase II trial Marjory Jolicoeur Received Received
  1043-PO Parameters predicting for PSA response rates at one year post low dose rate intraoperative prostate brachytherapy Kevin Martell Received Received
  1044-PO Dose escalation in dominant intraprostatic lesion with MRI-guided HDR brachytherapy in localized prostate cancer Francisco Mascarenhas Received Received
  1045-PO Dosimetric impact of uncertainty in the reconstruction of needles for HDR prostate RAFAEL COLMENARES Received Received
  1047-PO Late G3 toxicity in prostate cancer patients treated with escalated dose (ED) technique: technical dependence SANTOS ORTEGA MANUEL Received Received
  1048-PO HDR brachytherapy combined to EBRT for prostate cancer: analysis of toxicities and PSA bounce of a phase II trial Audrey Tetreault-Laflamme Received Received
  1049-PO A single centre experience of dosimetric outcomes in LDR prostate brachytherapy with I-125 seeds prescribed to 160Gy Sean OCathail Received Received
  1050-PO Comparison of two different types of stranded 125-I seeds for permanent prostate brachytherapy Blent Polat Received Received
  1051-PO Brachytherapy using a new applicator for the treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the anal canal Marina Chernykh Received Received
  1053-PO Primary facial skin cancer and skin metastatic breast cancer successfuly treated with HDR plesiotherapy Lurdes Salgado Received Received
  1054-PO 99mTc-MIBI SPECT-CT guided salvage HDR brachytherapy for recurrent malignant soft tissue sarcomas Novikov Sergey Received Received
  1055-PO High Dose rate Brachytherapy using custom mold surface applicators for the treatment of cutaneous lymphoma Michele Albert Received Received
  1056-PO Design and implementation of a checklist for intraoperative electron radiotherapy treatments Jorge Bonaque Received Received
  1057-PO Low-kilovoltage single dose intraoperative radiation therapy for breast cancer CHRISTIAN FLORES Received Received
  1058-PO Dosimetric characterization of INTRABEAM flat and surface applicators for dermatologic applications Maxime Goubert Received Received
  1059-PO Feasibility study of in vivo dosimetry for intraoperative irradiation of breast cancer Aurelie Morel Received Received
  1061-PO Radiosensitisation properties of PI3K/AKT inhibitor GDC-0941 in prostate cancer cells Ruairi Floyd Received Received
  1062-PO Radiosensitization of tumor cells by Paclitaxel relies on aneuploidy induction and depends on high expression levels of the oncogenic marker proteins TPX2 and Aurora kinase A Michael Orth Received Received
  1063-PO Effect of AZD8931, alone or in combination with radiotherapy, on LoVo cells: comparison with cetuximab and gefitinib Isabella Palumbo Received Received
  1064-PO 90y/ 177Lu-radiopeptide therapy and external beam radiation therapy applied to neuroendocrine tumor patients Marta Cremonesi Received Received
  1065-PO Impact of fractionated radiotherapy on tumor microenvironment Philippe Martinive Received Received
  1066-PO PET FMISO investigation of head and neck tumor cell lines treated with Cetuximab Marta Lazzeroni Received Received
  1067-PO Evaluation of on- and offline bioluminescence tomography system for focal irradiation guidance Bin Zhang Received Received
  1068-PO Characterization of superparamagnetic, oxygen-loaded nanobubbles for hyperthermia and radiotherapy Sara Zullino Received Received
  1069-PO The use of creams in radiotherapy Else Vind Frost Received Received
  1072-PO Ionizing radiation affects protein composition of exosomes secreted in vitro from HNSCC Karol Jelonek Received Received
  1073-PO Circadian variation in radiation induced mucositis in head and neck malignancies - retrospective analysis Vipin Kuriakose Received Received
  1074-PO Vertebrate model to examine the biological effectiveness of different radiation qualities Rita Emília Szabó Received Received
  1075-PO Endothelial microparticles: a marker of ECs activation during radiotherapy or radiochemotherapy of HNC patients? Ewa Sierko Received Received
  1076-PO Unsupervised clustering in gene expression profiling to make prognosis for malignant gliomas BIN YANG Received Received
  1077-PO Comparison of in vivo and theoretical assessment of radiation-induced DNA damage Martin Ebert Received Received
  1080-PO The abscopal effect of local radiotherapy in the clinic: a systematic review on its occurrence Kobe Reynders Received Received
  1083-PO A randomized controlled trial on the effect of thoracic immobilization in patient positioning and clinical outcomes Trish Pulvirenti Received Received
  1084-PO Variability analysis among radiotherapists in delineation of the postsurgical lumpectomy cavity based on 4DCT Wei Wang Received Received
  1085-PO Comparison of clinical-radiological information in contouring rectal boost Esther Jimenez Received Received
  1086-PO Target volume comparison in lung cancer based on slow CT, 4DCT and ABC CT-scans Steven de Vet Received Received
  1087-PO Gastrointestinal toxicity in post-prostatectomy pelvis irradiation: intestinal loops and sigmoid colon contouring vincenzo sacco Received Received
  1089-PO The use of deformable fusion between PET-CT and planning CT for target delineation of extended tumors in SBRT Cecilia Arrichiello Received Received
  1090-PO Dosimetric Evaluation on the Impact of Delineation of Brachial Plexus in Radiotherapy Planning of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma CHI HIM LI Received Received
  1091-PO Dice Comparison of OAR delineations in the pelvic region between RTTs and RadOncs: a measure of competence Sanne Ehlert Tvile Received Received
  1092-PO A novel, efficient contour mapping method facilitates adaptive radiotherapy in head and neck patients Reinoud Nijhuis Received Received
  1093-PO Comparison of IV contrast enhancement between 4DCT and helical radiotherapy planning scans for lung cancer Turmi Patel Received Received
  1095-PO Comparison of TPS and actual measurement on the surface under the electron beam therapy with bolus byeong soo kim Received Received
  1096-PO Inter-fraction variation of gas volume in the abdominal region during radiotherapy for distal esophageal cancer martijn kamphuis Received Received
  1097-PO Dosimetric comparison of 3D-CRT vs IMRT: photon and neutron doses outside the radiation beam Anna Kowalik Received Received
  1098-PO Automated planning for lung SBRT: faster optimization without compromise on plan quality Bruno Goddeeris Received Received
  1099-PO Is it possible to create high quality inverse treatment plans with the Pinnacle automated planning module? Martijn Kusters Received Received
  1100-PO Quality assurance of volumetric modulated arc therapy for a prostate cancer patient with a hip prosthesis Tokimori Ikeda Received Received
  1101-PO Doses in the bladder and rectum during radiotherapy for prostate cancer, depending on the technique and the margin Adam Ryczkowski Received Received
  1102-PO Toxicity analysis in Helicoidal-IMRT (HT) treatment for head and neck tumors Pelagia Tsoutsou Received Received
  1103-PO Geometric and actual dose delivery accuracy in supine and prone position of breast tomotherapy George Chiu Received Received
  1104-PO Effects of range uncertainties and setup errors in craniospinal proton treatment plans Grete May Engeseth Received Received
  1105-PO Tomotherapy ultra-high dose escalation for radical malignant pleural mesothelioma patients: a feasibility study Angelo Maggio Received Received
  1106-PO Dosimetric impact to organs at risk when the internal mammary node chain is included in irradiation of left breast GUILLERMO GÓMEZ DE SEGURA Received Received
  1107-PO Comparative analysis of VMAT plans for prostate cancer with different MLCs, Elekta Agility and MLCi2 Masakazu Hori Received Received
  1108-PO Optimal planning target volume and image guidance policy for post-prostatectomy intensity modulated radiotherapy Linda Bell Received Received
  1109-PO Which optimal fiducial marker for image guidance in prostate radiotherapy treatment? Cyril Leleu Received Received
  1110-PO Clinical experience with a radiofrequency system for setup and motion monitoring of prostate radiotherapy Sabrina Wipf Received Received
  1111-PO Comparison of Exactrac Imaging and CBCT for brain SRS, focusing on efficacy, accuracy and economic factors Stephanie Nicholls Received Received
  1113-PO A Set-up comparison between MV imaging and optical surface monitoring for breast cancer patients Alessandra Tini Received Received
  1114-PO A multidisciplinary developed optimized imaging strategy for frameless stereotactic radiosurgery Maeve McGarry Received Received
  1115-PO Hypofractionated radiotherapy in early glottic cancers analysis of image guidance and clinical factors on outcome Moses Arunsingh Received Received
  1116-PO Implementation of 4D-CBCT image guidance into the routine clinical workflow: an RTT led process Angela Baker Received Received
  1117-PO Comparison of 2D- and 3D-ultrasound probe imaging of uterus: a volunteer study Stine Kirstein Pedersen Received Received
  1118-PO Reproducibility of Lung Volume with the Varian RPM for Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) Sairanne WICKERS Received Received
  1119-PO Suitability of lung margins following analysis of set up data within a multi-national lung trial Michelle Bewley Received Received
  1120-PO 4D-CBCT in lung SBRT: characterization and validation using 6D motion platform and antropomorphic phantom Althea Boschetti Received Received
  1121-PO Model based 2D localization of lung tumors by incorporating the motion of diaphragm and heart Hendrik Teske Received Received
  1122-PO Comparing planned (theoretical) and treated (real) dose of large breast tomotherapy in supine and prone position Winky Wing Ki Fung Received Received
  1123-PO On line tracking of abdominal compression efficacy for pancreas SBRT by Calypso surface transponders aurora zucca Received Received
  1124-PO Impact of ethnic diversity on the management of African patients in radiotherapy departments agnella craig Received Received
  1125-PO Evaluation of the clinical practice of vaginal dilator therapy for women receiving curative pelvic radiotherapy Karina Olling Received Received
  1126-PO A pilot study using a computer simulation tool for patient/carer education of radiotherapy Michelle Hughes Received Received
  1127-PO Using three-dimensional virtual reality technology to present dose plan to patients Rikke Lysemose Poulsen Received Received
  1128-PO Process evaluation of treatment times in a busy radiotherapy department Rosie Beech Received Received
  1129-PO Effect of continued tobacco smoking during radiotherapy on loco-regional control for carcinoma of the larynx Pia Krause Mller Received Received
  1130-PO Development and implementation of a treatment planning teaching module utilising an immersive 3D simulation system Aidan Leong Received Received
  1131-PO Learning to manage emotion in the radiotherapy setting: the role of service users in education Denyse Hodgson Received Received
  1132-PO High quality treatment delivery requires high quality online matching Marlies Granzier Received Received
  1133-PO Outcomes of a high impact simulation rich education for RTTs bridging the gap from diagnostic radiography Tamar Katzman Received Received
  1134-PO Using e-Learning to improve RTTs training: the case of a Skills e-Lab for the TrueBeam Adriana Berlanga Received Received
  1135-PO Extended scope of practice of radiation therapist: role in clinical planning procedures and patient management Bartosz Bak Received Received
  1137-EP IMRT treatment plan dosimetry as a predictor for loco-regional control in head-and-neck cancer Camelia Constantinescu Received Received
  1138-EP Reirradiation, cetuximab and itraconazole in locally recurrent and unresectable head and neck cancer Dusan Milanovic Received Received
  1139-EP Hypofractionated radiation therapy for nasopharyngeal carcinoma: preliminary results abdelbaki boukerche Received Received
  1140-EP Dosimetric evaluation of jaw tracking in VMAT of head and neck cancers in True beam STx linear Accelerator Maruthu Pandian Subramanian Received Received
  1141-EP -tubulin II expression as a predictive marker for response to taxane-based chemotherapy in head and neck cancers Ewa Wasilewska-Tesluk Received Received
  1142-EP Effects of the EGFR polymorphisms on survival of advanced oral cancer YITING SHIH Received Received
  1143-EP Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) in nasopharynx tumors: long term results Gabriella Macchia Received Received
  1144-EP Utility of 18F-FDG PET-CT in advanced head and neck cancer patients after radical radiotherapy treatment Sara Pedraza Received Received
  1145-EP Radiotherapy impact on swallowing function in head and neck cancer. Preliminary results Paola Cocuzza Received Received
  1146-EP Imaging in SCCHN: Can SUVmax of pretreatment FDG PET/CT in locally advanced SCCHN predict treatment outcome? Andrei Bunea Received Received
  1147-EP Hypoxia in SCCHN: is blood oxygenation (HB and EPO) a valuable biomarker in predicting local a/o distant failure? Hatice Kerti Received Received
  1148-EP Custom-designed oral prostheses improve accuracy of daily treatment setup for head and neck cancer radiotherapy Nobue Uchida Received Received
  1149-EP Feasibility trial of 3-phase adaptive dose painting by numbers for head and neck cancer: 3 years clinical results Dieter Berwouts Received Received
  1150-EP Accurate 3D mandibular VMAT dose prediction from 18-FDG pet derived auto contours: streamlined ORN prophylaxis Divyajeet Rai Received Received
  1151-EP IMRT with simultaneous integrated boost and chemotherapy for locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma LETIZIA RONCHI Received Received
  1153-EP Nasopharyngeal carcinoma treated with intensity-modulated radiotherapy in a non-endemic area Hernan Letelier Received Received
  1154-EP Nasopharyngeal carcinoma in a non endemic country: results of a single institution on 187 consecutive patients Sandro Tonoli Received Received
  1155-EP Analysis of loco-regional failures in head and neck cancer after intensity-modulated radiation therapy Francesca De Felice Received Received
  1156-EP Dosimetric impact of anatomic and volumetric methods of target outlining on normal structures in a UK clinical trial Waheeda Owadally Received Received
  1157-EP FDG-PET guided dose escalation with TomoTherapy for locally advanced oropharyngeal cancer Italo DellOca Received Received
  1158-EP Impact of oral cavity contouring on treatment planning in head-and-neck patients treated with IMRT techniques Isabel Prieto Received Received
  1159-EP Normal tissue complication models for acute esophagitis in patients treated with accelerated radiotherapy Franz Zehentmayr Received Received
  1160-EP Increasing radiotherapy responsiveness of mesothelioma by activating tumour specific cell death Saurabh Dayal Received Received
  1161-EP Staging FDG PET/CT is not an adequate baseline for quantitative metabolic monitoring of (chemo)radiation for NSCLC Wouter Vogel Received Received
  1162-EP Internal Target Volume interfraction changes and dose coverage in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for lung tumors JOSE LUIS MONROY ANTON Received Received
  1163-EP Can concurrent chemoradiation be delayed by induction chemotherapy to treat stage III NSCLC? a pooled analysis Aurelie Garant Received Received
  1164-EP Infrastructure to integrate translational research into clinical decision making for patients with lung cancer Jesus Moreno Received Received
  1165-EP Technical advantages of dynamic tumor tracking in lung stereotactic body radiation therapy using a gimbaled linac Sara Koh Received Received
  1166-EP Lipopolysacharide-binding protein in biodosimetry during radiotherapy for lung cancer Justyna Chalubinska-Fendler Received Received
  1167-EP FDG-PET response in the normal lung for lung cancer patients receiving fractionated radiotherapy and erlotinib Azadeh Abravan Received Received
  1168-EP Tumor regression on CBCT predicts the risk of recurrence and death in locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer Jeremy colliaux Received Received
  1169-EP Outcomes of Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for Intrapulmonary Recurrence after Lung Cancer Surgery Daisuke Nakamura Received Received
  1170-EP Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy for stage I non-small cell lung cancer: retrospective observational study francesco deodato Received Received
  1171-EP Blood parameters as prognosticators in radio-chemotherapy for non-small cell lung cancer Rafal Suwinski Received Received
  1172-EP Stereotactic body radiation therapy for central lung tumors: outcomes and toxicity Axel Leysalle Received Received
  1173-EP A new SBRT Technique with the lung totally arrested (Arrested Lung Ablative Radiotherapy - ALART) VICTOR MUNOZ Received Received
  1174-EP Local dose-effects of lung perfusion utilizing SPECT/CT after VMAT lung cancer radiotherapy Jaana Mkitalo Received Received
  1176-EP SBRT for primary inoperable NSCLC and secondary lung and adrenal lesions in 121 oligometastatic patients Slavisa Tubin Received Received
  1177-EP SABR for lung lesions in NSCLC oligometastatic patients: toxicity and clinical outcomes Fiorenza De Rose Received Received
  1178-EP Effect of prehydration on progression free survival in NSCLC patients treated with low dose chemoradiation Maddalena Rossi Received Received
  1179-EP Extraction of pulmonary emphysema structure with Myrian software and transfer to the radiotherapy planning system Jumeau Raphael Received Received
  1180-EP VMAT makes it possible to treat more advanced stages of NSCLC compared to 3D-CRT britta weber Received Received
  1182-EP FDG-PET does not predict outcome for early stage non-small-cell lung cancer after sterotactic body radiotherapy Simonetta Saldi Received Received
  1183-EP Variability of dynamic 18FDG-PET data in breast cancer xenografts Kathinka Elinor Pitman Received Received
  1184-EP Hypofractionated simultaneous integrated boost radiotherapy after breast-conserving surgery: 3 years follow-up Isabel Linares Received Received
  1185-EP Breast cancer located in medial site is a candidate for regional nodal irradiation after breast conserving surgery Kae Okuma Received Received
  1187-EP Comparing simultaneous integrated boost and sequential electron boost technique in radiotherapy for breast cancer Sin Yu Yeung Received Received
  1188-EP Single fraction HDR breast brachytherapy boost. Does the implant volume influences long term toxicity? Ana Aurora Diaz Gavela Received Received
  1189-EP Acute sub-acute and short term effects with hypofractionated adjuvant RT and concomitant boost in breast cancer valentina mazzotti Received Received
  1190-EP Prone breast irradiation: from indirect to direct tumor bed localization Chris Monten Received Received
  1191-EP Clinical features and treatment outcome in BRCA1-postive breast cancer patients single institution analysis Joanna Topczewska-Bruns Received Received
  1192-EP Preliminary results of hipofractionated treatment with SIB using VMAT with tangentials arcs in breast cancer Ana Serradilla Received Received
  1193-EP Axillary coverage by whole breast irradiation in 1 to 2 positive sentinel lymph nodes breast cancer patients Maria Carmen De Santis Received Received
  1194-EP IMRT-SIB for locally advanced inoperable breast cancer patients Dorota Gabry Received Received
  1195-EP Chemoradiotherapy for T4 and/or M1 lymph esophageal cancer - recent experience in a Japanese high-volume center Keiichi Jingu Received Received
  1196-EP Surgical interval after neoadjuvant treatment in rectal cancer: impact on response and outcome Virginia Morillo Macías Received Received
  1197-EP Clinical outcome and toxicity of 3D-conformal radiotherapy combined with chemotherapy for gastric cancer Krzysztof Glinski Received Received
  1198-EP Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase C677T polymorphism in patients treated for locally advanced rectal cancer Khadidja Boudaoud Received Received
  1199-EP The identification of putative biomarkers of radioresistance in rectal cancer tissue using antibody microarray Bashak Onal Received Received
  1200-EP Validation of a rectal cancer outcome prediction model in routine Chinese patients Lijun Shen Received Received
  1201-EP Initial response of hepatic cancer treated with dynamic tumor-tracking stereotactic body radiotherapy. Masaki Kokubo Received Received
  1202-EP Outcomes of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy following local excision for patients diagnosed as early rectal cancer Jae-uk Jeong Received Received
  1203-EP Effect of time interval between capecitabine intake and radiotherapy on survival in preoperative chemoradiation for locally advanced rectal cancer Yeonjoo Kim Received Received
  1205-EP Short-course radiotherapy with delayed surgery in unfit locally advanced rectal cancer patients valentina lancellotta Received Received
  1206-EP Therapeutic effect and prognostic factors of IMRT for primary large hepatocellular carcinoma Gong Li Received Received
  1207-EP Relapse patterns and outcomes following radiotherapy alone for oesophageal cancer: A single UK centre experience SHAVETA MEHTA Received Received
  1208-EP Accelerated Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy with SIB in anal cancer: outcomes of a retrospective trial Liliana Belgioia Received Received
  1209-EP The role of radiochemotherapy in the management of anal cancer: a single institution experience Alessio Giuseppe Morganti Received Received
  1210-EP Treatment and outcomes with intra-luminal oesophageal brachytherapy at the Leeds Cancer Centre from 2010 to 2014 Fei Sun Received Received
  1211-EP A systematic review of novel neoadjuvant treatment intensification of locally advanced rectal cancer Mark Teo Received Received
  1213-EP The first experience of stereotactic radiotherapy in patients with pancreatic cancer Yana Znatkova Received Received
  1214-EP Clinical outcomes of definitive chemoradiotherapy using Carboplatin and Paclitaxel in esophageal cancer Marc van Ruler Received Received
  1215-EP Optimum time to assess complete response following radiochemotherapy in anal canal cancer patients Melissa Scricciolo Received Received
  1216-EP Changes in preoperative 18FDG-PET/CT after neoadjuvant treatments and pathological response in rectal cancer Laetitia Porta Received Received
  1218-EP Adjuvant radio-chemotherapy after extended or simple cholecystectomy in gallbladder cancer MANUEL GONZALEZ DOMINGO Received Received
  1219-EP A bespoke, flexible clinical database system for multicentre rectal carcinoma registry Mark Halling-Brown Received Received
  1220-EP Highly conformal radiotherapy for T1-2 n0 (=3 cm, 50 of the anal circumference) anal cancers: outcome and toxicity LAETITIA LESTRADE Received Received
  1221-EP Evaluation of 3-Tesla pelvic MRI in prostate cancer patients receiving post-prostatectomy IMRT Vivek Verma Received Received
  1222-EP Impact of 18F-Choline PET in the decision making strategy of treatment volumes in definitive prostate radiotherapy Filippo Alongi Received Received
  1223-EP Endorectal Balloons in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy: Effects on Seminal Vesicle Positioning Douglas Brand Received Received
  1224-EP Stereotactic Body Re-irradiation Therapy for locally recurrent prostate cancer after EBRT guillaume janoray Received Received
  1225-EP Is the short course ADT with 76Gy IGRT appropriate for intermediate and high risk prostate cancer? KAZUO HATANO Received Received
  1226-EP Radiotherapy plus hyperthermia for high-risk prostate cancer: thermal parameters correlate with biochemical DFS Kyosuke Tomura Received Received
  1227-EP Hypo-fractionated biological optimized dose-painting radiotherapy for high-risk prostate cancer Isabel Syndikus Received Received
  1228-EP Separated arc vs. single arc VMAT therapy for the prostate in the prone position Hisato Nagano Received Received
  1231-EP Comparison of cone beam CT imaging protocols in image-guided radiotherapy for prostate cancer Hemal Ariyaratne Received Received
  1232-EP Will extreme hypofractionation always improve outcome in prostate radiotherapy? Alexandru Dasu Received Received
  1233-EP Model-based prediction of rectal toxicity reduction in prostate cancer IMRT with hydrogel rectum spacer Ben Vanneste Received Received
  1234-EP Hypofractionated radiotherapy in local recurrent prostate cancer after EBRT Patrizia Ferrazza Received Received
  1235-EP Development of a web site for application of predictive models for radioinduced GI toxicity Francesco Civardi Received Received
  1236-EP Multiparametric MRI appearance of prostate after androgen deprivation therapy preliminary results Lucy Kershaw Received Received
  1237-EP Identification of MiRNAs associated with radioresistance in a prostate cancer model Laure Marignol Received Received
  1238-EP Image analysis for enhancing the bladder-prostate junction on radiotherapy planning CT images Duncan McLaren Received Received
  1239-EP Hypofractionated split cours radiotherapy for elderly patients with prostate cancer and comorbidities Marzena Gawkowska-Suwinski Received Received
  1240-EP Clinical outcomes of image guided adaptive radiotherapy (IGART) for hypofractionated treatment of bladder cancer shaista hafeez Received Received
  1241-EP SBRT for localised prostate cancer: an evaluation of toxicity with frequent prospective assessment Daniel Henderson Received Received
  1242-EP Stereotactic body radiotherapy boost after whole pelvis radiotherapy in intermediate or high risk prostate cancer Hunjung Kim Received Received
  1243-EP Quality of life in prostate cancer patients treated with CyberKnife stereotactic body radiotherapy Marek Konkol Received Received
  1245-EP The impact of prostate cancer on the sex lives of men-who-have-sex-with-men (MSM): a qualitative study Tsz Kin Lee Received Received
  1246-EP Effect on anemia of hormonal and radiation therapy in prostate cancer. Francesco Deodato Received Received
  1247-EP Comparison of two systems to calculate the margins for expansion from CTV to PTV in prostate cancer patients Jose Pardo Received Received
  1248-EP Comparison between two fractionation in hormono-radiotherapy of prostate cancer Francesco Deodato Received Received
  1249-EP LH-RH analogue vs antiandrogen plus adjuvant RT in high risk prostate cancer: a pooled analysis FRANCESCO DEODATO Received Received
  1250-EP Dose-volume analysis of rectal hemorrhage after IMRT for prostate cancer Kazuaki Yasui Received Received
  1251-EP Prostate cancer reirradiation with Helical Tomotherapy Rita Bellavita Received Received
  1252-EP From datasets to predictive models: could an ontology development improves clinical choices in prostate cancer? Anna Rita Alitto Received Received
  1253-EP Evaluation of interfractional bladder doses for two different patient positioning methods in prostate cancer AYSE ALTINOK Received Received
  1254-EP Proctoscopic evaluation of rectal toxicity after radio-hormone therapy in prostate cancer Francesco Deodato Received Received
  1255-EP Learning curve of MRI guided high dose rate brachytherapy for prostate cancer Simon Buus Received Received
  1256-EP Salvage iodine-125 brachytherapy for local prostate cancer recurrence after radiotherapy Francisco Celada Received Received
  1257-EP Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy for low to intermediate risk prostate cancer Azmat Sadozye Received Received
  1258-EP Early experience in SBRT with VMAT and flattening filter-free (FFF) beams. Phase I-II trial Ferran Guedea Received Received
  1259-EP Endorectal ballooning with posterior rectal wall dose constraint in prostate cancer radiotherapy sei hwan you Received Received
  1260-EP Risk factors for acute toxicity in prostate cancer patients receiving hypofractionated IMRT Fabio Matrone Received Received
  1261-EP The variability and impact of bladder filling on target coverage in gynaecological radiotherapy JUSTHNA MOTLIB Received Received
  1262-EP Four field radiotherapy, IMRT or VMAT in cervix cancer: when do the benefits of advanced planning become redundant? Swetha Sridharan Received Received
  1263-EP A new look at the tumor lesion of the vagina through the prism of MRI: diagnosis and monitoring of brachytherapy Svetlana Aksenova Received Received
  1265-EP HDR Brachytherapy for cervical carcinoma: A retrospective comparison of two dose fractionation schedules Ashleigh Kerr Received Received
  1266-EP Interstitial brachytherapy using MUPIT in locally advanced or recurrent gynecological malignancies Hernan Letelier Received Received
  1267-EP Defining a standard method for functional bone marrow sparing with IMRT for cervical cancer Alexandra Taylor Received Received
  1270-EP Volumetric modulated arc therapy in high-risk neuroblatomas treatment. Single institucional experience Julio David Flores Rodriguez Received Received
  1271-EP Development of focused microwave hyperthermia of pediatric brain cancer Hana Dobsicek Trefna Received Received
  1272-EP Dose painting with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) can reduce kidney dose in abdominal neuroblastoma McWilliam Alan Received Received
  1274-EP Re-irradiation after progression in pediatric patients with diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma: report of four cases Igor Veras Received Received
  1275-EP Treatment compliance in elderly patient with advanced cervical cancer during concurrent chemoradiothrapy Heo Jaesung Received Received
  1276-EP Does old age matter in the treatment of locally advanced rectal cancer? A single center experience Orit Kaidar - Person Received Received
  1277-EP Effect of age on rectal toxicity following radical radiotherapy to prostate cancer Abigail Pascoe Received Received
  1278-EP Radiotherapy treatment for the very elderly : a retrospective analysis 2012-2013 Norma Sidek Received Received
  1279-EP Outcome of neoadjuvant chemoradiation followed by esophagectomy in patients of older age or with an increased tumorlength Pètra Braam Received Received
  1280-EP The most important prognostic factor in elderly patients with glioblastoma multiforme: diameter of residual tumor Grkem Trkkan Received Received
  1281-EP Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for lung cancer in the elderly Paola Antonini Received Received
  1282-EP Decision making in radiotherapy in elder early-breast-cancer patients after conservative surgery: a new algorithm María Dolores De Las Peñas Received Received
  1283-EP Is concurrent chemo-radiotherapy feasible in elderly patients? A mono-institutional experience Milena Di Genesio Pagliuca Received Received
  1284-EP Nudge Theory: a cost-effective method for increasing resuscitation decision-making in oncology inpatients Robert Brodrick Received Received
  1286-EP Dose related efficacy of LMS-611 in Radiotherapy Induced Xerostomia an ex vivo study Claire Paterson Received Received
  1287-EP Quality of life improvement after the use of intranasal fentanyl in pectin in radiation induced mucositis Rafael Moleron Received Received
  1288-EP An analysis of the association of target motion with GTV, location and Child-Pugh score in SBRT of liver cancer Vincent WU Received Received
  1289-EP Patterns of practice in palliative radiotherapy for bleeding tumors in the Netherlands Jennifer Strijbos Received Received
  1290-EP Effectiveness of RT for metastatic spinal cord compression in patients with short life expectancy Alexandra Giraldo Received Received
  1291-EP Short course accelerated radiation therapy (SHARON) for complicated bone metastases: results of a phase ii study Luciana Caravatta Received Received
  1293-EP Single fraction radiotherapy (8 Gy) on painful bone metastases with involvement of the adjacent soft tissues Marianna Nuzzo Received Received
  1294-EP Static and volumetric IMRT for brain metastases stereotactic hypofractionation: is there any difference? Barbara Diletto Received Received
  1295-EP Lymph node oligometastases treated with SABR: effect of dosimetric parameters on treatment outcomes Yatman Tsang Received Received
  1296-EP Prospective evaluation of effectiveness of palliative radiotherapy for bone metastases Joanne van der Velden Received Received
  1297-EP Can VMAT make a difference in the treatment of patients with bilateral Graves Ophthalmopathy? Ruth Carmona-Vigo Received Received
  1298-EP A predictive model of local response for oligometastases treated by stereotactic radiotherapy Barbara Diletto Received Received
  1299-EP Simultaneous integrated boost, a novel approach in the management of brain metastases Ágnes Dobi Received Received
  1300-EP SBRT in inoperable oligometastatic disease from breast cancer: a safe and effective approach Elena Clerici Received Received
  1301-EP Health related quality of life measurements following re-irradiation of metastatic spinal cord compression Morten Hiul Suppli Received Received
  1302-EP Implementation and validation of a new fixation system for stereotactic radiotherapy Stephanie Lang Received Received
  1303-EP Effect of mobile insulator sheets for optimization of the deep heating in regional hyperthermia: a prospective study Takayuki Ohguri Received Received
  1304-EP Comparing magnitude of inter-fraction movement in prostate cancer patients treated with full versus empty bladder Sharon Shuxian Poh Received Received
  1305-EP Reproducibility of a relocatable stereotactic head frame for intracranial radiosurgery using TomoTherapy Kate Burton Received Received
  1306-EP SBRT of bone metastases in oligometastatic patients: predictive factors of oncological outcomes Sabrina Montrone Received Received
  1307-EP Innovative QA methodology for true patient-specific Dose Volume Histograms (DVHs) measurements Evangelos Pappas Received Received
  1308-EP Normal tissue dose reduction by in-body electron modulation, using local magnetic field Nuri Hyun Jung Received Received
  1310-EP An audit to assess the efficiency of a voluntary breath hold technique for breast cancer patients Roisin Lloyd Received Received
  1311-EP Prediction of oral mucositis in HNSCC by dose-volume parameters Nadja Ebert Received Received
  1312-EP Rectal cancer: using V-MAT with avoidance sectors and avoidance structures to reduce dose to small bowel Victoria Brennan Received Received
  1313-EP Adenoid cystic carcinoma of the minor salivary glands: delineation of cranial nerves for radiotherapy planning Siobhra OSullivan Received Received
  1314-EP Breast delineation in prone treatment position: manual versus automatic segmentation Giovanna Dipasquale Received Received
  1315-EP Deformable versus rigid registration of PET/CT to planning CT for target volumes of esophageal cancer Yanluan Guo Received Received
  1316-EP Prone breast radiotherapy in prone: free breathing, deep inspiration breath hold and inspiration gating Vincent Remouchamps Received Received
  1317-EP Risk analysis based on FMEA methodology allows to deter the risk of human error in the field of SBRT Nicolas Pourel Received Received
  1318-EP Dosimetric comparison between whole breast irradiation and simultaneous integrated boost for 3D-CRT breast cancer AMBROA REY EVA MARIA Received Received
  1319-EP Application ACOSOG Z0011: no axillary dissection in women with invasive breast cancer and sentinel node metastasis Isabel García Ríos Received Received
  1321-EP Involving physicians in IMRT planning by interactive plan navigation Birgit Sabine Mller Received Received
  1322-EP 3D-CRT, VMAT and dose escalation for pancreatic radiotherapy planning Paul Junni Received Received
  1323-EP Use of surgical clips for online setup verification in radiotherapy of breast cancer: a comparison with skin markers Lars Murrer Received Received
  1324-EP Improved access to radiotherapy for lung cancer impacts utilisation rates and waiting times Divyajeet Rai Received Received
  1325-EP Clinical trial real time review in post-prostatectomy radiotherapy: is there room to risk adapt? Yuvnik Trada Received Received
  1326-EP FMECA application to IORT procedure as a quality method to prevent and reduce patients risk CRISTIANA VIDALI Received Received
  1327-EP The definition of an auditable and complete dataset for lung cancer patients the RTTs role Daniel Craig Blair Received Received
  1328-EP Evaluation of a year of peer review rounds for patients starting EBRT; impact on quality monitoring and improvement Paula Andrea Buitrago Bustos Received Received
  1329-EP Data mining applied to a radiotherapy department: developing quality assurance tools for risk management Stefano Tomatis Received Received
  1330-EP Nano-X: a cost-effective solution for a global problem Ilana Feain Received Received
  1331-EP Diabetes and metformin influence survival in glioblastoma patients Sebastian Adeberg Received Received
  1332-EP Chemoradiotherapy using IMRT boosts in combination with hyperbaric oxygen therapy for high grade glioma Katsuya Yahara Received Received
  1333-EP Re-recurrence pattern after re-irradiation with bevacizumab in recurrent malignant glioma Maximilian Niyazi Received Received
  1335-EP Deformable MRI fusion for intracranial SRS: Can we trust? Hale Basak Caglar Received Received
  1336-EP Salvage radiosurgery for ed patients with recurrent malignant gliomas Miguel Martínez Received Received
  1337-EP A decade of treating Kaposis sarcoma: presentation, treatment and outcomes PEARL ABA ANOA SCOTT Received Received
  1339-EP Irradiation of the surgical bed for brain metastases. No differences between synchronous vs. metachronous Salvador Villà Received Received
  1340-EP Whole lung irradiation in patients with Ewings sarcoma and pulmonary metastases at time of diagnosis Letizia Ronchi Received Received
  1341-EP Patterns of relapse in PET staged advanced Hodgkin lymphoma treated with ABVD chemotherapy Carminia Lapuz Received Received
  1342-EP Risk of local failure with Cyberknife radiosurgery to the resection bed for large intracranial metastases Vogel Jennifer Received Received
  1343-EP Stereotactic radiotherapy (SBRT)in the treatment of lung metastases from bone and soft tissue sarcomas Alessio G. Morganti Received Received
  1344-EP Patterns of Failure and Optimal Radiotherapy Target Volumes in Primary Intradural Extramedullary Ewing Sarcoma/Peripheral Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumors Melanie Lamprecht Received Received
  1345-EP The role of radiosurgery in the management of glomus tumours María Isabel Tovar Received Received
  1346-EP Volume reduction in the CTV of glioblastoma from editing to intracranial anatomical boundaries Simon Heller Received Received
  1347-EP Hypofractionated whole brain irradiation with hippocampal sparing and SIB for metastases: a dosimetric VMAT study Gianluisa Sicignano Received Received
  1348-EP Feasibility of local deep hyperthermia treatment in conjunction with standard cancer treatments Jorge Contreras Received Received
  1349-EP Radical chemo-radiotherapy for glioblastoma: Outcome and patterns of treatment failure Thankamma Ajithkumar Received Received
  1350-EP Malignant mucosal melanoma in the upper aerodigestive tract treated with carbon ion RT at CNAO: preliminary results viviana vitolo Received Received
  1352-EP TBI scheme impacted on relapse in acute myeloid leukemia patients after hematopoietic stem cell transplant ELISA PALAZZARI Received Received
  1353-EP Towards predictive models: standardize data collection for brain cancer Silvia Chiesa Received Received
  1354-EP Impact of evaluation timing in determining patterns of failure in glioblastoma Maasa Seaberg Received Received
  1355-EP How could low-dose fractionated radiotherapy change outcome in unresectable GBM? Analysis between two schedules Milena Ferro Received Received
  1356-EP 1H magnetic resonance spectroscopy for investigation of hippocampal radiation injury Petr Pospisil Received Received
  1357-EP GammaKnife Radiosurgery in the management of single and multiple brain metastases Daniela Greto Received Received
  1358-EP Hemoptysis due to fungus ball after tuberculosis: natural history and role of radiotherapy Maria Gomes Received Received
  1359-EP Avoidance of radiation induced alopecia en whole brain radiotherapy treatments with simultaneous integrated boost Maria Rivero Silva Received Received
  1360-EP Trial sponsorship, self-reported conflicts of interest of authors in breast cancer irradiation Leite Elton Received Received
  1362-EP Influence of the phantom material on the absorbed-dose energy dependence of the EBT3 radiochromic film Marcelino Hermida-López Received Received
  1363-EP A database application to investigate the validity of the nanodosimetric approach Thorsten Schneider Received Received
  1364-EP Proposal of thermal neutron detector stability for peripheral dose estimation in clinac at a novel neutron facility Leticia Irazola Received Received
  1365-EP Investigation of new phantom materials for QA in deep hyperthermia treatments Josefin Hartmann Received Received
  1366-EP Comparison of Gafchromic EBT, EBT2 and EBT3 radiochromic films when used with flat bed scanners Krzysztof Chelminski Received Received
  1367-EP Characterization of a new plastic scintillator detector system for small field dosimetry Beatrice Mazzotta Received Received
  1369-EP A preliminary study of Monte Carlo simulation for the 3D printing small animal phantom design SEUNGWOO PARK Received Received
  1370-EP Phantom development for SBRT QC with radiochromic films Cunha Luís Received Received
  1371-EP Multipurpose dosimetry phantom for QA in PBS therapy systems with commercial measurement devices CARLO ALGRANATI Received Received
  1372-EP Characterization of the new Single Layer Diamond detector Aniko Balazs Received Received
  1373-EP Comparison of different detectors regarding the determination of beam width in scanned ion-beam therapy Sonja Lahrmann Received Received
  1374-EP Investigation of EBT3 film and the new PTW Microdiamond detector in verifying Ru-106 eye plaque dose calibrations Ciaran Malone Received Received
  1376-EP Alanine and fiber-coupled luminescence dosimetry for commissioning of total body irradiation treatments Siritorn Buranurak Received Received
  1377-EP IMRT and VMAT peripheral dose measurements Sara Poeta Received Received
  1378-EP Exradin A26 microchamber characterization for small field dosimetry Lorenzo Radici Received Received
  1379-EP Characterization of Exradin W1 plastic scintillator for output factors measurements in small field photon beams assunta petrucci Received Received
  1381-EP Assessment of the effect of spatial dose delivery inaccuracies on DVHs: a simulation hypophysis study Evangelos Pappas Received Received
  1382-EP Hospital neutron dosimetry studied using diamond detectors Francisco Manchado de Sola Received Received
  1383-EP Experimental evaluation of high density ArcCHECK mode for SBRT verification Elisa Montes Received Received
  1384-EP The new method of the VMAT QA using Varian DynaLog Files and Modulation Complexity Score (MCS) KUNIHIKO TATEOKA Received Received
  1385-EP Verification of dosimetric impact of attenuation plate and bolus cap in IOERT for breast cancer Sebastian Adamczyk Received Received
  1386-EP Evaluation of ArcCHECK for pretreatment QA of VMAT for very small volumes in SRS and SBRT with FF and FFF beams Diego Abad Received Received
  1387-EP Thermoluminescent dosimetry of the model BT-125-1 125I interstitial brachytherapy seed Yang Ruijie Received Received
  1388-EP Machine-geometry constancy test for stereotactic radiation therapy with ArcCHECK Sonja Wegener Received Received
  1389-EP Comparison of two PTW 2-D arrays for step and shoot IMRT QA with VERO system Alessia Bazani Received Received
  1390-EP High resolution measurement and iso-passrate comparison for linac commissioning Pat McCavana Received Received
  1391-EP Pre treatment quality assurance in SBRT: comparison of different dosimetric systems for VMAT Andrea Bruschi Received Received
  1392-EP Validation of total skin electron irradiation technique dosimetry data by Monte Carlo simulation Alex Nevelsky Received Received
  1393-EP A quick measure equipment characterization for the comissioning of Varians Enhanced Dynamic Wedges Cesar Quilis Received Received
  1394-EP VMAT patient-specific QA with 2D-array seven29/Octavius system: a retrospective analysis on 1000 patients Savino Cilla Received Received
  1396-EP Impact of breast shape and lung on in vivo dosimetry in electron boost treatments Olivia Jordi Ollero Received Received
  1397-EP Evaluation of superficial dose for Postmastectomy using several treatment techniques Yong Min Song Received Received
  1398-EP Automated software analysis of multileaf collimator performance in dynamic mode Christophe LEGRAND Received Received
  1399-EP Radiochromic film based dose measurements during radiotherapy 4D CT-simulation Nada Tomic Received Received
  1401-EP Preliminary assessment of the dosimetric characteristics of OSLDs in Co-60 su chul han Received Received
  1402-EP An empirical model for portal dose prediction by a CCD camera-based EPID Akbar Anvari Received Received
  1403-EP Tolerance level assessment for different patient groups during clinical implementation of in vivo dosimetry Laza Rutonjski Received Received
  1404-EP Photon energy response of TNRD neutron detector in a Co-60 irradiator and a 6 MV clinac Jose Antonio Terron Received Received
  1405-EP The dosimetric property of TLD2000 thermoluminescent dosimeter Nan Zhao Received Received
  1406-EP Use of 1000 SRS associated with 4D Octavius phantom for pretreatment QA of stereotactic plans Laure VIEILLEVIGNE Received Received
  1407-EP Quality Assurance on Helical Tomotherapy Treatments with small target and high modulation factor using ArcCHECK CHI WAH KONG Received Received
  1408-EP Stereotactic Radiation Therapy (SRS/SBRT) pre-treatment QA: two different approaches Nina Cavalli Received Received
  1409-EP Clinical implementation of an EPID based in vivo dosimetry system Nina De Kerpel Received Received
  1410-EP TNRD neutron detector signals for different gantry angles in 6 and 15 MV Leticia Irazola Received Received
  1412-EP Experience using a commercial software for patient in-vivo and pre-treatment quality assurance Luca Reversi Received Received
  1413-EP Dosimetry verification of mixed-energy IMRT plans using Verisoft and Octavius 4D System Marta gizynska Received Received
  1414-EP The effect of depth and control point number for MLC transmission and dosimetric leaf gap ESRA KUCUKMORKOC Received Received
  1415-EP Calibration of diodes for in vivo dosimetry in breast treatments delivered using a sliding window IMRT technique Artur Latorre-Musoll Received Received
  1416-EP Classification of alerts observed during large scale in vivo portal dosimetry Anton Mans Received Received
  1417-EP Is a decrease in dose rate in a kilovoltage X-ray radiotherapy unit directly linked to tube metallization? MARIA LIZONDO GISBERT Received Received
  1418-EP Adapting Gafchromic EBT3 Film to Tomotherapy Patient Specific QA process alexander kapulsky Received Received
  1421-EP Reduction of delivery time in tomotherapy stereotactic radiosurgery using dynamic jaw technique Hui GENG Received Received
  1422-EP Influence of the grid size on the dosimetric characteristics of IMRT beams and on overall treatment plans Geert Pittomvils Received Received
  1425-EP Frameless linac based radiosurgery of arteriovenous malformations: geometrical accuracy Rob Tijssen Received Received
  1426-EP Target coverage: VMAT vs 3D in the treatment of lung cancer Magnolia Rincon Received Received
  1427-EP VMAT vs. dynamic conformal arc technique in radiosurgery. A comparison of absorbed dose in the healthy brain tissue M Angeles Garcia Castejon Received Received
  1428-EP Adaptive treatment planning in prostate radiotherapy Turki Almatani Received Received
  1429-EP Dosimetric impact of Acuros XB Dose Calculation Algorithm on lung SBRT treatments Carles Muñoz Received Received
  1430-EP Stereotactic body radiotherapy (SBRT) for peripheral lung tumors. A comparison of two VMAT delivery techniques JOSE MARIA PENEDO COBOS Received Received
  1431-EP Initial clinical experience with Pinnacles Auto-Planning Holger Wirtz Received Received
  1432-EP Experiences in model creation using Varian Rapid PlanTM for 5 field IMRT prostate treatments Miriam Barry Received Received
  1433-EP Treatment planning system geometric tools perfomances study with Qualiformed software aurélie dupas Received Received
  1434-EP Pre-clinical validation of RapidPlan, a knowledge-based DVH estimation for optimising lung or prostate plans Antonella Fogliata Received Received
  1435-EP Monte Carlo simulation of magnetic field induced dose effects for MeV electron beams Sebastian Hoefel Received Received
  1436-EP Comparison of High Dose Rate Brachytherapy and the external radiotherapy in the treatment of cutaneous tumors Omar Miranda Received Received
  1437-EP Comparison of dose-volume parameters between the AIP and the Ex-phase CT imaging for lung SBRT planning TAKAMASA MITSUYOSHI Received Received
  1438-EP A comparative treatment planning study for Ewings sarcoma: protons vs. photons Adam Aitkenhead Received Received
  1439-EP IMRT and IMPT of cervical cancer and effect of reduced margins Arpit Arpit Received Received
  1440-EP Interfacing RayStation in native C: a novel methodology to utilise research software in a clinical setting Cornelis Kamerling Received Received
  1441-EP Evaluation of Eclipse Rapidplan for semi-automatic treatment planning of prostate radiation treatment Mariangela Zamburlini Received Received
  1442-EP Investigating the impact of treatment delivery uncertainties for lung SABR: a pilot study Samuel Blake Received Received
  1443-EP Enabling the Swiss Monte Carlo Plan (SMCP) to assess dose rate Michael Fix Received Received
  1444-EP Monte Carlo verification of IMRT based on DVH-metrics. Initial results Sheila Calvo Received Received
  1445-EP SRS of multi brain mets using a novel single-isocenter approach: a comparison with standard SRS, VMAT and Gammaknife Manuel Todorovic Received Received
  1446-EP Plan quality and efficiency comparison for brain metastasis treatments between Gamma Knife and Versa HD linac Alexander Nevelsky Received Received
  1447-EP Feasibility of scalp dose reduction during hippocampus-sparing whole brain radiotherapy Shahar Daniel Received Received
  1449-EP TomoEDGE dynamic jaws for prostate cancer: small/large field width with/without whole pelvis irradiation Giovanni Mauro Cattaneo Received Received
  1450-EP Analysis of delivered dose differences due to MLC errors using dynamic MLC log files Albert Onses Received Received
  1451-EP Optimal dose junction gradient creation for intensity modulated fields Joshua Stoker Received Received
  1452-EP A new CT based tissue automatic segmentation method for absorbed dose calculation in preclinical radiation therapy Caroline NOBLET Received Received
  1453-EP Urethra-sparing prostatic SBRT: extreme dosimetric optimization on rectal wall using an endorectal balloon Dubouloz Angèle Received Received
  1454-EP Eliminating dosimetric uncertainties in tomotherapy delivery in sarcoma patients using Monte Carlo techniques Monica Serban Received Received
  1455-EP Accuracy of volume reconstruction and calculation with different external beam treatment planning systems ALBERTO PEREZ-ROZOS Received Received
  1456-EP Dosimetric impact of virtual phantom material assignment for quality assurance with Acuros XB and the ArcCHECK diode array Magali Edouard Received Received
  1457-EP VMAT with Simultaneous Integrated Boost in head-and-neck cancer: a dosimetric study aiming to reduce dysphagia Savino Cilla Received Received
  1458-EP Proton breast treatments: eclipse vs Monte Carlo Fluka dose comparison study Francesca Fiorini Received Received
  1459-EP Dosimetric evaluation of arc-based modulated electron radiation therapy Andreas Joosten Received Received
  1460-EP Comparison of Acuros XB, AAA and PBC dose calculations for clinical treatment plans Caroline Jones Received Received
  1461-EP Dosimetric comparison of treatment planning methods for breast boost radiotherapy Hayley James Received Received
  1462-EP Monte Carlo simulation of the Elekta Agility linear acelerator Emily Heath Received Received
  1463-EP VMAT for intracranial SRS: coplanar or non-coplanar arcs high dose conformity versus accurate delivery Tara van de Water Received Received
  1464-EP Determining the optimum planning technique for cranial stereotactic radiosurgery planned in iPlan Laura Howard Received Received
  1466-EP The effect of mean dose or voxel-wise calculation in prediction of radiation-induced secondary cancers Abdossalam Madkhali Received Received
  1467-EP Meta-analysis of fractionation sensitivity (&945;/&946;) of human tumours Caspar van Leeuwen Received Received
  1468-EP Exploring the potential of nanometric track structure based quantities for particle beam treatment planning Frauke Alexander Received Received
  1469-EP ARREST: a risk evaluation system for interactive 3D visualisation of adverse effects from radiotherapy David Edmunds Received Received
  1470-EP Does gastric toxicity influence dose escalation in lower oesophageal tumours? A radiobiological investigation John Staffurth Received Received
  1471-EP Lung SABR: radiobiological multi planning comparison in a perspective of a multi-institutional study Francesca Romana Giglioli Received Received
  1472-EP Do 4DCT and CBCT imaging doses need to be considered in the planning of radiotherapy treatments? Linda Rogers Received Received
  1473-EP Modelling the impact of oxygenation, accelerated repopulation and heterogeneous fractionation on SBRT outcome Emely Lindblom Received Received
  1474-EP The dosimetric effect of interfraction motion on the duodenum in pancreatic radiotherapy Alon Witztum Received Received
  1476-EP Are there any dosimetric predictors of acute toxicity during RT for NPC that can be modulated by genetic risk factors? Anna Cavallo Received Received
  1477-EP Commissioning radiobiological metrics for 3D patient-specific quality assurance FRANCISCO CLEMENTE GUTIÉRREZ Received Received
  1478-EP Impact of the microdosimetric spread on LQ-parameterization of cell survival data for protons and Co-60 photons Gloria Bckstrm Received Received
  1479-EP Modeling of acute hematologic toxicity in conformal and intensity-modulated radiotherapy in anal cancer Maxwell Robinson Received Received
  1480-EP Development and validation of a proton decision support system comparing dose, toxicity and cost-effectiveness Qing Cheng Received Received
  1481-EP A treatment planning study of the clinical optimality of ion beam therapy with different ions in presence of hypoxia Andrea Attili Received Received
  1482-EP A 4D LEGO anthropomorphic phantom for intrafraction motion modeling during patient breathing Nicola Maffei Received Received
  1483-EP A segmentation and point matching enhanced efficient deformable image registration for HDR dose accumulation Laura Cerviño Received Received
  1484-EP Reduced doses to risk organs using enhanced inspiration gating for Hodgkins lymphoma radiotherapy Anneli Edvardsson Received Received
  1485-EP Changes in intrafractional motion due to the introduction of a Flattening Filter Free treatment technique Morten Nielsen Received Received
  1486-EP Feasibility study of using a radiofrequency tracking system for intra-fractional monitoring during radiosurgery Izabela Pytko Received Received
  1487-EP Investigation of gating techniques and visual guidance using surface scanning and pressure monitoring Lovisa Berg Received Received
  1488-EP Updated verification system for VMAT for SBRT using in-treatment 4-dimensional cone beam CT Wataru Takahashi Received Received
  1489-EP Kilovoltage intrafraction monitoring trial for gated prostate radiotherapy: initial dosimetric results Prabhjot Juneja Received Received
  1490-EP Accuracy results from the first clinical trial of a new real-time IGRT system, Kilovoltage Intrafraction Monitoring Paul Keall Received Received
  1491-EP Deep inspiration breath hold in breast radiotherapy: are significant reductions in cardiac doses observed? Ravinder Mamon Received Received
  1492-EP A framework combining image registration, respiratory motion models, and motion compensated image reconstruction Jamie McClelland Received Received
  1494-EP Evaluation of intra-fraction breathing pattern variability in Helical Tomotherapy by means of optical tracking Rosalinda Ricotti Received Received
  1495-EP Validation of a video-based tumor tracking system for brain stereotactic cancer patients Sandra Vieira Received Received
  1496-EP A systematic review of motion management in proton therapy of lung cancer Jenny Dueck Received Received
  1497-EP 4D-CBCT frameless image guidance in lung SBRT: Comparison between 4D automatic fusion algorithm and manual fusion sylvia gomez-tejedor alonso Received Received
  1498-EP Image guidance options for prostate cancer patients Slav Yartsev Received Received
  1499-EP Compatibility and artefacts on two different respiratory management systems for use in RT treatment planning Pablo Carrasco de Fez Received Received
  1500-EP 3D versus 4D cone beam computed tomography for lipiodolguided radiotherapy of hepatocellular carcinomas Mark K.H. Chan Received Received
  1501-EP Influence of prostate rotation on dose distribution in the target volume Edyta Dabrowska Received Received
  1502-EP Lipiodol versus diaphragm as tumor surrogate in 4D CBCT-guided radiotherapy of hepatocellular carcinomas Venus W.Y. Lee Received Received
  1503-EP Rigid and non-rigid registration dose propagation for brachytherapy treatment combined with radiotherapy Krayenbuehl Jerome Received Received
  1504-EP Stability of gold marker position during IGRT of prostate cancer Sophie Kuechler Received Received
  1505-EP Assessment of migration of intraprostatic fiducial markers during radiotherapy Giovanna Mantello Received Received
  1506-EP Evaluation of cranial setup accuracy: a double shell positioning system versus an in-house 3-point mask solution Skadi van der Meer Received Received
  1507-EP Automated transfer of absolute couch coordinates to the R&V system to prevent gross set-up incidents Ellen Brunenberg Received Received
  1508-EP Moddicom: a free software package for clinical/radiobiological MODeling from DICOM resources Nicola Dinapoli Received Received
  1509-EP Contouring bowel loops on daily MVCTs: assessing inter-observer variations and the impact on DVHS Lucia Perna Received Received
  1510-EP Cumulated dose prediction Marta Gizynska Received Received
  1511-EP Patient positioning using surface images from Time-of-Flight (ToF) cameras Marlene Gilles Received Received
  1512-EP Adaptive planning on Tomotherapy with deformable registration André Haraldsson Received Received
  1513-EP IGRT-IMRT prostate treatment: a retrospective adaptive radiotherapy analysis over twenty patients Lucia Clara Orlandini Received Received
  1514-EP Soft tissue vs. bony anatomy registration in an adaptive plan ion protocol for bladder cancer Kirsten Legaard Jakobsen Received Received
  1515-EP Evaluation of organ motion and uterine dose summation for IMRT in locally advanced cervical cancer Nina Boje Kibsgaard Jensen Received Received
  1517-EP Cervical tumor autodelineation using multi-sequence MRI and linear discriminant analysis Turid Torheim Received Received
  1518-EP 18F-NaF PET/CT-guided boost stereotactic body radiation therapy for bone metastases from prostate cancer lili wu Received Received
  1519-EP Tumor contour in 4D-PET: identifying dependences in algorithm response. Montserrat Carles Received Received
  1520-EP Metal Artifact Reduction algorithm to enhance organ outlines for patients with hip prostheses in radiation therapy ailleres norbert Received Received
  1521-EP Optimal trade-off between artefacts and contrast of fiducial markers Christian Heinz Received Received
  1522-EP PETSTEP: generation of synthetic PET lesions for fast evaluation of segmentation methods Beatrice Berthon Received Received
  1523-EP A decision aid method for lesion delineation based on directional fractal filtering Rocio Sanchez-Montero Received Received
  1525-EP Positional reproducibility during DIBH for radiotherapy of patients with left-sided breast cancer Kenneth Wikstrm Received Received
  1526-EP Functional MRI for predicting metastatic spreading at the time of surgery after neoadjuvant radiotherapy Franois Lallemand Received Received
  1527-EP Early results from a clinical trial of visual feedback from dynamic optical surface sensing in lung cancer patients Gareth Price Received Received
  1528-EP Should we extend the daily image guidance scans for toxicity studies? A VoxTox experience. Marina Romanchikova Received Received
  1529-EP Automated landmarks detection for rigid registration between the simulation-CT and the treatment CBCT Rémy Vandaele Received Received
  1530-EP Limitations of deformable image registration in 4D PET V/Q imaging for functional assessment in lung radiotherapy Nicholas Hardcastle Received Received
  1531-EP Image registration framework to investigate children neurocognitive outcome after focal brain irradiation Silvia Meroni Received Received
  1533-EP ICE-Studio An Interactive visual research tool for image analysis Tufve Nyholm Received Received
  1534-EP Quantitation of PET/CT registration Alejandro Seoane Received Received
  1535-EP Planning quality Variations : for IMRT lung cancer based on treatment plan database Koo Jihye Received Received
  1536-EP X-ray pulse time matters in CBCT imaging Rune Thing Received Received
  1537-EP A study of accuracy evaluation of dose distribution calculation based on the cone-beam CT Kazunori Fujimoto Received Received
  1538-EP Organ and effective dose from kV stereoscopic imaging as part of image-guided radiotherapy: a Monte Carlo study David Platten Received Received
  1539-EP The dosimetric effect of a metal artifact reduction algorithm for head and neck RapidArc treatments Bianca Houben-Haring Received Received
  1540-EP Validation of ARTFiBio registation software. Comparative with comercial software and shared datasets Moises Mera Iglesias Received Received
  1541-EP Identifying changes in the gross tumour volume after radiotherapy by image analysis William Nailon Received Received
  1542-EP Characterization of 3D geometric distortion of MRI scanners commissioned for RT planning Tarraf Torfeh Received Received
  1543-EP Investigation of the accuracy of MV radiation isocentre calculations in the Elekta cone-beam CT software XVI Sune Zimmermann Received Received
  1544-EP Image quality and set up accuracy comparison for different image guided radiation therapy systems: KV-CBCT vs MVCT Marco Valenti Received Received
  1545-EP Performance comparison and long term stability of four EPID detectors Lluís Prats_Cabacés Received Received
  1546-EP A new experimental method for determination of the x-ray source position relative to the gantry head rotational axis Hans Lynggaard Riis Received Received
  1547-EP Uncertainties of deformable image registration considering motion: a 4D phantom study Gabriele Guidi Received Received
  1548-EP A comparative audit of IMRT and VMAT for prostate cancer Joe Dewhurst Received Received
  1549-EP 8-year per continent and country beam output audit results of centers participating in prospective clinical trials Melissa Christiaens Received Received
  1550-EP Visualisation of data in radiotherapy. Using web services for optimisation of workflow Felix Heinemann Received Received
  1551-EP A customized bolus produced using a 3-dimensional printer for radiotherapy Seok Hyun Son Received Received
  1552-EP Does classical 2nd monitor unit calculation still have a future? Validation of a comprehensive QA software Catherine DEJEAN Received Received
  1553-EP Dosimetry study of two rotational intensity-modulated radiotherapy in esophageal cancer Ruohui Zhang Received Received
  1554-EP Comparing four dosimetric techniques for postoperative radiotherapy in breast cancer Martina Iacco Received Received
  1555-EP A pre-treatment verification method for intensity-modulated photon beams using VERO machine EPID Milena Frigerio Received Received
  1556-EP Evaluation of IMRT skin flash planning techniques for abdominal and pelvic sarcomas Anne Gasnier Received Received
  1557-EP Position and dose end-to-end test audit phantom for stereotactic radiotherapy Joerg Lehmann Received Received
  1558-EP Adapting the AAPM TG 119 to VMAT treatments and a volumetric phantom Angelo Filippo Monti Received Received
  1559-EP Initial clinical experience with EPID-based in-vivo dosimetry for VMAT treatment verification Savino Cilla Received Received
  1560-EP A national QA audit for IMRT and VMAT Enrica Seravalli Received Received
  1561-EP Feasibility of using glass bead TLDs for a postal dosimetry audit of MV radiotherapy photon beams Shakardokht Jafari Received Received
  1562-EP Small field dosimetry: a valid concern or the latest medical physics trend? Natalka Suchowerska Received Received
  1564-EP TrueBeam RapidArc implementation of radiosurgery for benign lesions: first year experience FRANOISE LLISO Received Received
  1567-EP A Hybrid IMRT/VMAT technique for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer Zhang Xile Received Received
  1568-EP Increased patient comfort for generating moulds using a 3D printer Mark Luesink Received Received
  1569-EP Hippocampal Avoidance Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation a novel coplanar linac-based technique Paul van Haaren Received Received
  1570-EP Portal Dosimetry for pre-treatment IMRT QA: Commissioning of the image system and validation against a diode array Daniel Martínez-Rodríguez Received Received
  1571-EP Evaluation of MLC leaf positioning errors in dynamic IMRT plans using dynalogs files Maria Gracia Ochoa Received Received
  1572-EP Using a commercial software package to support treatment planning peer review in small radiotherapy departments Morgan Andrew Received Received
  1573-EP 2D EPID-based in vivo dose reconstruction on head and neck cancers treated by intensity-modulated radiation therapy Jérémy Camilleri Received Received
  1574-EP New IOERT machine: the IntraLine accelerator research and development project Anna Wysocka-Rabin Received Received
  1575-EP First experience with the ArcCHECK QA system Jrund Graadal Svestad Received Received
  1576-EP Comparison of three 2D-array detectors to verify SBRT treatments with the Octavius 4D NOELIA DE MARCO BLANCAS Received Received
  1578-EP Current practice of cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (CSRS) in the UK Alexis Dimitriadis Received Received
  1579-EP Comparison of the daily Quality Assurance measurement of Flattened beams (FF) and unflattened (FFF) beams Oi-Ching Choi Received Received
  1580-EP Improving plan quality by standardization prostate patients preparation and planning parameters for CyberKnife Skrobala Agnieszka Received Received
  1581-EP Extending multicenter audits by including complexity of IMRT plans: application to TG119 Jordi Saez Received Received
  1583-EP Commissioning of volumetric modulated arc theraphy and patient QA with Octavius 2DArray and Gafchromic EBT3 films Marcella Palombarini Received Received
  1584-EP Optimal VMAT techniques for adjuvant breast radiotherapy initial results of cooperative study from two institutes Joanna Topczewska-Bruns Received Received
  1585-EP Optimization of high-dose rate photon needle parameters for topical applications, based on Monte Carlo simulation Anna Wysocka-Rabin Received Received
  1586-EP Dependence of jaws-only and MLC-based IMRT quality on PTV shape complexity: A comparison using a complexity index Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi Received Received
  1587-EP Investigation of out-of-field dose in high-energy electron beams used in external radiotherapy Mohamad Mohamad Alabdoaburas Received Received
  1589-EP Signal photon component of a new thermal neutron detector TNRD in radiotherapy environments Francisco Sanchez-Doblado Received Received
  1590-EP Shielding design and fetal dose evaluation of a breast cancer pregnant patient undergoing HDR Ir-192 brachytherapy Cristian Candela Received Received
  1591-EP Four approaches to estimate the foetus dose from radiotherapy with photon beams - a case example Christina Ramberg Received Received
  1592-EP Experience with image-guided brachytherapy after oncoplastic breast surgery: method description and results Miguel Soler-Tortosa Received Received
  1593-EP Transition from Paris dosimetry system to 3D image-guided planning in interstitial breast brachytherapy Renata Kabacinska Received Received
  1594-EP Evaluation of toxicity in postoperative endometrial brachytherapy Ismael Membrive Conejo Received Received
  1595-EP Toxicity in adjuvant vaginal cuff brachytherapy in endometrial cancer: our experience Antonio Spera Received Received
  1596-EP Radiobiological evaluation of HIPO inversely planned pulsed brachytherapy for cervical cancer Lucilio dos Santos Matias Received Received
  1597-EP Uterine perforation in image-guided HDR brachytherapy for carcinoma of the cervix Yasir Bahadur Received Received
  1598-EP An intracavitary/interstitial technique with rotated ovoid-guided needles insertion for asymmetric cervix tumor Napapat Amornwichet Received Received
  1599-EP Uterine perforation during three-dimensional image guided brachytherapy in cervical cancer 3-year experience Carolina Ferreira Received Received
  1601-EP Impact of dose constraints on local control and G4 toxicity in image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for cervical cancer Katarina Majercakova Received Received
  1602-EP Total radiation dose and overall treatment time are predictive for tumor sterilization in cervix carcinoma treated with chemoradiation and Pulse Dose Rate brachytherapy lorraine krebs Received Received
  1603-EP A scintillating fiber optic dosimeter for LDR and HDR brachytherapy Luis Moutinho Received Received
  1604-EP HDR plesiotherapy in skin lesions Ana Pinho Received Received
  1605-EP Seed strength quality control in prostate permanent implant with detectors of afterloader system Roberto Martínez Cobo Received Received
  1606-EP Geometrical Deviations during Cervical Carcinoma HDR Brachytherapy Procedures using Vaginal Cylinders Susana Gonalves Received Received
  1607-EP Impact of brachytherapy seeds on dose distributions for prostate VMAT: a phantom study Kenshiro Shiraishi Received Received
  1608-EP High activity seeds lead to a reduction in needle number for prostate LDR implants James Mercer Received Received
  1609-EP Optimization of SourceLink connectors in LDR-brachytherapy seed implant orders ALEJANDRO FERRANDO SANCHEZ Received Received
  1611-EP HDR intestinal brachytherapy as a salvage treatment in rectal adenocarcinoma patients Kazberuk Dorota Received Received
  1612-EP Intraluminal radiotherapy in the treatment of inoperable cancer of the esophagus Roman Litvinov Received Received
  1613-EP Depth determination of skin cancers treated with superficial barchytherapy: ultrasound vs. histopathology Olga Pons Received Received
  1614-EP High dose-rate intraluminal brachytherapy as palliative treatment of malignant obstructive jaundice marco lupattelli Received Received
  1615-EP Setup rotational error reduction initiatives for large intact breast irradiation: The SGMC experience CHRIS DOUDOO Received Received
  1616-EP A review of bladder filling protocols for patients receiving radical pelvic radiotherapy Swee-Ling Wong Received Received
  1617-EP Assessment of set-up errors in frameless fractionated SRT of cranial lesions with CBCT and immobilization cast Mayank Tyagi Received Received
  1618-EP Study of the capacity to keep the treatment position during radiotherapy in palliative patients Marina Vargas-Machuca Gómez Received Received
  1619-EP Comparison between two different commercial thermoplastic mask systems in image-guided radiation therapy marialuisa Clarizio Received Received
  1621-EP Evaluation of the reconstruction of image acquired from CT simulator to reduce metal artifact Ji Hun Choi Received Received
  1622-EP Delineation of the CTV-breast performed by RTTs and radiation oncologists: a comparative study Mariska Kouijzer Received Received
  1623-EP Contouring of critical organs in pelvis area in postoperative radiotherapy - problems and solutions Petko Tsenov Received Received
  1624-EP A one-stop palliative treatment with a CBCT as planning-CT L.J. Mesch Received Received
  1625-EP Validation of an ultrasound bladder scanner in the workflow of treatment planning Henriette Klitgaard Mortensen Received Received
  1626-EP Oral cavity contouring method influences on dosimetry and treatment compliance: our experience Juan Pablo Received Received
  1627-EP Inter-observer variability of intestinal loops delineation after whole pelvis radiotherapy for prostate patients vincenzo sacco Received Received
  1628-EP Commissioning of 18F-FMISO PET-CT circuit to determining the hypoxic tumor volume in lung cancer Rafael Jimenez Received Received
  1629-EP Dose sparing potential of deep inspiration breath-hold technique for left breast radiotherapy organs-at-risk Gavin Lawler Received Received
  1630-EP Fixed-jaw technique in volumetric modulated arc therapy plan for nasopharyngeal carcinoma Wu-zhe Zhang Received Received
  1631-EP A method to achieve homogeneous dose distribution in the IMRT for Stage III lung cancer Jia-Yang Lu Received Received
  1632-EP Definition and evaluation of a template to speed up radiosurgery treatment planning of acoustic neurinomas Tania Santos Received Received
  1633-EP Analysis of Dose-Volume Histogram parameters on prediction esophageal toxicity in radiotherapy for lung tumors JOSE LUIS MONROY ANTON Received Received
  1634-EP Comparison of field-in-field radiotherapy with conventional radiotherapy for unilateral cervical lymphoma Norihisa Katayama Received Received
  1635-EP Comparison of IMRT, three-dimensional conformal and combined planning techniques in lung cancer radiotherapy Tugce Kutuk Received Received
  1636-EP Feasibility study of the use of SmartAdapt to evaluate the dosimetric impact of organ deformation in prostate case Eric Pang Received Received
  1637-EP Dosimetric impact on different target separations in craniocaudal direction using dynamic jaws in Tomotherapy Wai Wang Lam Received Received
  1639-EP Dosimetric comparison of techniques and impact of displacements in lower limb sarcoma radiation therapy Michelle Leech Received Received
  1640-EP Comparison of time-benefit ratio between in vivo dosimetry and pre-treatment verification in IMRT breast treatment SONIA BERMEJO Received Received
  1641-EP Effectiveness of dose reduction in rectum for prostate cancer using helical radiation in Tomotherapy Hideyuki Hongo Received Received
  1642-EP First application of total skin electron beam therapy for Mycosis Fungoids in Iran Nooshin Banaee Received Received
  1643-EP A dosimetric comparison of 3D-CRT, IMRT and VMAT techniques for locally advanced rectal carcinoma Virginia Spies Received Received
  1644-EP Absorbed dose due to source guide tube path in HDR Brachytherapy Nuria Becerra Received Received
  1645-EP Improved reproducibility and reduced lung dose with breathing adapted radiotherapy for breast cancer Rosa Maria Meirino Received Received
  1646-EP Development of an in-house TomoTherapy transfer plan check Navinah Nundlall Received Received
  1647-EP Re-planning of field-in-field tangential treatment based on misalignment during the delivery mATTEO Cignitti Received Received
  1648-EP A robust automated approach to clinical data integrity management Adam Chalkley Received Received
  1649-EP Lung dose in stereotactic radiotherapy for lung tumors delivered with VMAT Skrzypczynska Iga Received Received
  1650-EP Use of composite plan with dose effective tool to optimize lung SBRT in re-irradiation setting. Case study Joao Luis Soares Rodrigues Received Received
  1651-EP The effect of the introduction of VMAT on dose to OARs for prostate and seminal vesicle patients Amanda Pitt Received Received
  1652-EP Feasibility, tolerance and toxicity of adjuvant vaginal brachytherapy in endometrial cancer Antonietta Grillo Received Received
  1653-EP Loco-regional lymph nodes irradiation in left breast cancer: a dosimetric comparison between CRT and Tomotherapy genoveva boboc Received Received
  1654-EP 2D-based direct evaluation of field alignment for adjuvant breast cancer with field-in-field tangential technique Angelo Montagnoli Received Received
  1655-EP Changes of tumour volume and motion in oesophageal cancer during radiotherapy based on repeated 4D-CT scans jin-zhi Wang Received Received
  1656-EP Lung tumour motion within deep inspiration breath hold delivered SBRT: an evaluation of its cause and effect Sarah Barrett Received Received
  1657-EP Inter-observer variability study for daily CBCT registration of VMAT prostate treatment ZAHRA Nabil Received Received
  1658-EP The need for quality assurance of the image guidance process in radiotherapy Marije Frank Received Received
  1659-EP Regions of interest analysis of setup uncertainties for post-mastectomy radiotherapy Chen-Hsin Wu Received Received
  1660-EP Interfraction Internal Target Volume dose coverage in Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy for infradiafragmatic tumor JOSE LUIS MONROY ANTON Received Received
  1661-EP Six degree set up errors of spine tumors assessed by image guided radiotherapy Ping Jiang Received Received
  1662-EP The imaging dose and number of images taken during the CyberKnife treatment for brain and prostate tumors Elzbieta Czajka Received Received
  1663-EP Breast cancer patient interfraction displacement assessment before and after on-line CBCT corrections in IMRT Li Jianbin Received Received
  1664-EP Radiotherapy treatment verification in a cohort of limb sarcoma patients: an audit of departmental practice SHABNAM PETKAR Received Received
  1665-EP Do radiotherapy tattoos reliably guide patient set up for breast tumour bed treatment? A review of current practice Sheena Chauhan Received Received
  1666-EP Validation of a method for ing patients for daily image and online evaluation in head and neck cancer treatments Nuria Espinosa Received Received
  1667-EP Tracking of respiratory motion by using the gyroscope sensor for respiratory gated radiotherapy Jiwon Sung Received Received
  1668-EP The efficiency of detection of GoldAnchor markers implanted in liver in patients irradiated using CK system KRZYSZTOF SZCZEPANIK Received Received
  1669-EP Analysis of the differences in bone- and soft tissue registration for stereotactic lung radiotherapy Jannicke Nkling Moi Received Received
  1670-EP Does the use of an endorectal balloon stabilise the rectum for patients receiving prostate radiotherapy? Julie Stratford Received Received
  1671-EP Accuracy evaluation of the Optical Surface Monitoring System on EDGE linear accelerator for patient positioning Valentina Palumbo Received Received
  1672-EP Feasibility, safety and efficiency of delivering prostate SABR using flattening filter free VMAT Aileen Duffton Received Received
  1673-EP Position accuracy of HexaPOD couch in combination with Elekta XVI-CBCT weekly test Lopez Muñoz Ana Received Received
  1674-EP Helical Tomotherapy (HT): role of Image-guided (IGRT) in treatment of nasopharynx focusing on acute toxicity Marina Gueci Received Received
  1675-EP The impact of patient satisfaction and experience when the staffing model of a Radiotherapy department is changed Margaret Cokelek Received Received
  1676-EP Spanish validation of Charlson index applied to prostate cancer Casas Francesc Received Received
  1677-EP Evolution of acute toxicity in the short course of radiotherapy in rectal cancer Esther Jimenez-Jimenez Received Received
  1678-EP Practice Guidelines skin care advice for patients undergoing radical external beam megavoltage radiotherapy Spencer Goodman Received Received
  1679-EP Nurse advice for carers of patients undergoing radiotherapy Esther Arroyo Received Received
  1680-EP Does access to online resources affect patient satisfaction and understanding of radiotherapy treatment? Thomas Carter Received Received
  1681-EP Is understanding of the risks and benefits of radiotherapy affected by the consenting healthcare professional? Paul Wolfson Received Received
  1682-EP A radiodermitis analysis comparison between 7 lotions among irradiated breast cancer patients Rafael Leon Received Received
  1683-EP Palliative radiotherapy in unfit locally advanced or metastatic rectal cancer patients Maika Di Benedetto Received Received
  1684-EP Management of malignant spinal cord compression - a single centre experience Chen Isobel Received Received
  1685-EP The benefit of the Train the Trainers program - National courses for RTTs in Bulgaria and establishment of BSRTT Ivet Payanova Received Received
  1686-EP A culture of learning: using an incident reporting system for risk management in a radiotherapy department Lene Musted Received Received
  1687-EP Improving safety culture through incident reporting Kathryn Betcher Received Received
  1688-EP Development and evaluation of the educational process of radiation therapy in Slovenia Valerija ager Marciu Received Received
  1689-EP Establishing postgraduate study program in radiation oncology in a war-torn country The Iraqi experience Layth Yahya Ibrahim Mula-Hussain Received Received
  1690-EP Analysis of logbook in an educational institution and comparison with ASTRO, ESTRO and CNRM requirements Lucas Sapienza Received Received
  10428-PD Radiation pneumonitis with stereotactic body radiotherapy: effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors Anupama Chundury Received Received
  11011-PO The CREATE Medical Physics Research Training Network: training of new generation innovators in medical physics Jan Seuntjens Received Received
  11027-PO Reducing vaginal wall dose for HDR interstitial brachytherapy of gynecological cancer: dosimetric comparison Robert Kim Received Received
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