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11-15 May 2014 Melbourne
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WFH 2014 World Congress


11-15 May 2014 Melbourne
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PT-17 Octaplex state-of-the-art: implementatio.. Juergen Roland Roemisch .. P. Schulz, A. Pichotta, T. Sch.. Other (Medical).. Tuesday 13th May
POW-17 Report of a case of acquired hemophilia.. adolfo manuel gaona tottil .. ibarrola m, fernandez g, salin.. Acquired Hemophilia.. Wednesday 14th May
PM-17 Splenic injury in hemophilic patient wit.. NIVIA FOSCHI .. E.Garcia, N.Gibelli, D. Zahr,.. Clinical Aspects.. Monday 12th May
PM-18 Screening for Intracranial Haemorrhage F.. elizabeth jones .. Mackett N, Benfield C, Keenan .. Pediatric Issues.. Monday 12th May
PW-18 Aging with Hemophilia: Enhancing Dialogu.. Gerard Dolan, MD .. .. Ageing (Medical).. Wednesday 14th May
PT-18 Validation of a population pharmacokinet.. John Roy .. Massimo Morfini, Dan Ignas, Ma.. Clotting Factor Concentrates.. Tuesday 13th May
PW-19 The Elderly Hemophilia population A Nor.. Gruszka Zygmunt .. Trond Langvik Norwegian .. Ageing (Medical).. Wednesday 14th May
PM-19 Usefulness of ISTH Bleeding assessment t.. Annamma Kurien .. Mrs. Sulochana B, Dr. Dinesh .. Clinical Aspects.. Monday 12th May
PT-19 Safety of BAX 855, a polyethylene glycol.. Reinhard Stidl .. Barbara Dietrich, Margit Spatz.. Novel therapeutic agents.. Tuesday 13th May
PM-21 Different Clinical Phenotype Between Hem.. Maria Rosaria Fasulo .. .. Clinical Aspects.. Monday 12th May
PW-21 Multivariate analysis of the occurrence .. Masashi Taki .. .. Ageing (Medical).. Wednesday 14th May
PW-22 Risk Assessment for Coronary Heart Disea.. Annette von Drygalski .. .. Ageing (Medical).. Wednesday 14th May
PT-22 High-purity, plasma-derived, pasteurized.. Robert Klamroth .. Susanne Holzhauer, Christine H.. Clotting Factor Concentrates.. Tuesday 13th May
PT-23 PHARMACOKINETIC PROPERTIES, SAFETY AND T.. Vladimir Zorenko .. .. Clinical Issues and Trials.. Tuesday 13th May
PM-23 Iliopsoas haematoma in patients with hae.. Daniela Neme .. Simon, H. Candela, M. Elhelou .. Clinical Aspects.. Monday 12th May
PW-23 Point prevalence estimates of comorbidit.. Tami Wisniewski .. Chris Walsh, Anissa Cyhaniuk, .. Ageing (Medical).. Wednesday 14th May
POT-24 Recombinant-activated factor VII (rFVIIa.. Gennadii Galstian .. .. Treatment Products, Safety and Supply.. Tuesday 13th May
PW-24 Co-morbidities and HIV Infection of Hemo.. Chia-Yau Chang .. .. Comorbidities.. Wednesday 14th May
PW-25 Essential thrombocythemia and acquired v.. Krzysztof Chojnowski .. .. Comorbidities.. Wednesday 14th May
POT-25 Recombinant or plasma derived factor con.. Christina Mondorf .. .. Clotting Factor Concentrates.. Tuesday 13th May
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Thunderstorm-related asthma in patients sensitised to olea europaea pollen: twenty emergency department visits for asthmatic symptoms in one single day Losappio, Laura1; Heffler, Enrico2; Falco, Antonio1; Contento, Francesco1; Cannito, Cosimo1; Rolla, Giovanni2 1"Dimiccoli" Hospital, Emergency Department, Barletta, Italy; 2University of Torino - AO Mauriziano "Umberto I", Allergy and Clinical Immunology, Torino, Italy

Background: Associations between thunderstorm and asthma morbidity have been reported in several countries. Common to all epidemics of thunderstorm-related asthma is a significant increase in atmospheric allergen load during and immediately after a thunderstorm. Sensitization to Alternaria species or to grass and parietaria pollens has been suggested to play a key role in thunderstorm-related asthma. The only reported event of thunderstorm-related asthma in Mediterranean area was attributed to sensitization to parietaria pollen.

Method: here we describe a series of 20 patients who presented to Emergency Department in Barletta (94,000 inhabitants), Puglia (Italy) for sudden and severe asthmatic symptoms between May 27th and 28th 2010 (from15:36 to 5:02), immediately after a violent thunderstorm which occurred following a very hot morning (mean temperature: 29°C). All the patients have been subsequently visited by an allergist and underwent allergological work-up which included skin prick tests and a careful clinical history. Local pollen counts were available.

Result: Between May 10th and June 10th 2010, 86 Emergency Department asthma visits were recorded, 20 of them during the study day. Patients' mean age was 44.25 +/- 18.5 years (range: 9-81), 8/20 females, 2 smokers, 16 with a previous history of known respiratory allergy. Only two patients regularly took anti-asthma drugs. All 20 patients were sensitized to Olea europaea pollen, 7 of whom were monosensitized. Ten patients were sensitized to grass, 7 to parietaria, 5 to compositae, 5 to cypress, 5 to house dust mites, 3 to dog and 1 to cat danders. No patient was sensitized to Alternaria. Mean pollen count was 17 granules/m3 for Olea europaea, 6 granules/m3 for grass pollen.

Conclusion: This is, in our knowledge, the second epidemic of thunderstorm related asthma described in Mediterranean area and the first one in which sensitization to Olea europaea played a key-role. In conclusion, our report indicates that thunderstorm asthma may involve different allergens (not only fungal spores and grass or parietaria pollen) in different geographic areas, depending on the seasonality of thunderstorms and allergenic pollen.

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