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GesconOnline S.L. is a leader and innovator in medical and pharmaceutical communication with offices in Madrid, Berlin, Milan and Paris. We offer you the unique web-based poster service for medical and scientific congresses, PosterSessionOnline, a key service at over 300 international and national congresses worldwide since 2003.

PosterSessionOnline comprises two services which we offer as an integrated package :

1.- Virtual Poster Gallery This service  displays all posters on an exclusive online Poster Hall for each congress, available for 6 months. Virtual posters may be browsed, consulted and printed from anywhere in the world, thus improving dissemination of the congress scientific content. Our poster galleries represent the world´s largest poster resource database.

2.- PrintingOnline Presenters with approved posters submit them for printing via our website without leaving the office, saving time and hassle. We operate 6 quality checks, print, pack then deliver all posters to the congress venue where they may be collected. You no longer have to travel with your poster.


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