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PosterSessionOnline, , following a policy of maximum transparency, provides the contract regulating provision of the service.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of the website, operated by DRAFT GRUPO DE COMUNICACIÓN HEALTHCARE, S.A., registered office Calle Maria Tubau, 5, Planta 1, 28050 Madrid, SPAIN, registered in the commercial register of Madrid, volume 4,577, volume 22323, book 0, folio 15, Section: 8, page M-398545, with C.I.F. nº ES A-78088424, registered in the Registry of Franchisors of the Community of Madrid with no. REFR 420/06, in collaboration with the local franchise, GESCONONLINE S.L. Calle María Tubau, 5, Planta 1 28050 Madrid SPAIN ESB84599687.

These entities will be referred to jointly hereinafter as the COMPANY.

The use of the website implies the CLIENT´s express and unreserved acceptance to each and every one of the General Conditions and of any other document, notice or commitment which the COMPANY brings to the CLIENT´s knowledge and is in force at the time of accessing this website. CLIENTS and users must read these General Conditions before using the website because they are binding. If you do not accept these General Conditions, you must not use the Website, nor the services it offers. The COMPANY may at any time review and update these General Conditions unilaterally.

1.- Objective
The objective of these general conditions is to establish the framework in which the COMPANY will provide the service to the CLIENT.

The service is provided to the CLIENT as an end client, for his or her exclusive personal use, and the CLIENT may not act as reseller or distributor of any kind in relation to the third parties nor use service for purposes other than those established in these General Conditions.

The service will consist of:

I.- The COMPANY undertakes to print the poster, the title of which appears in the contracting form completed by the CLIENT.

II.- The CLIENT pays the price for the service indicated on the form at the time of ordering. VAT will be added to this price.

III.- The delivery address for the poster is the address stated in the form.

IV.- The invoice will be issued to the name of the person or Entity indicated in the contracting form.

Service options::

    - Display poster on the Virtual Poster Gallery : If the congress has previously contracted this service, the poster may be displayed online on the virtual gallery where it can be consulted or printed online.

    - Print poster and display on the Virtual Poster Gallery: Includes PrintingOnline service plus display on the congress´ dedicated Virtual Poster Gallery, if appropriate.

    - Order complete service: Includes poster design and layout based on your attached file, then printing and display on the Virtual Poster Gallery.

We reserve the right to make minor layout changes and other modifications with the aim of optimizing the final version of the poster, either for printing or for display online. The configuration of the different services may change through the life of this contract to adapt to market trends or advances in Internet.

2.- Prerequisites
Compliance with the requisites detailed below is considered indispensable and necessary for the provision of the service, and failure to comply therewith shall prevent execution of the contract, which shall be deemed not to have been entered into for any purpose.

2.1 The user must have a computer that is sufficient to allow access to Internet and browsing the web. The user must also have an Internet Explorer 4.0 or superior browser installed in his or her computer.

3.- Conditions of access to and use of the Website

  3.1 Access and browsing
Access to and browsing of the website is the sole responsibility of the CLIENT. The mere access and browsing by the CLIENT in the Website does not entail any kind of commercial relationship with the COMPANY.

  3.2 Contents
The COMPANY reserves the right to update, modify or delete information appearing on the Website at any time.

The contents, commercial activities, service or products included in this Website are not created for nor aimed at persons who reside in jurisdictions where they are not authorised.

4.- Obligations

   - 4.1 The CLIENTS of the Website undertake to use the Website, the information and the services and products offered thereon in accordance with the law, these General Conditions, and with generally accepted morals and good customs, and public order.
   - 4.2 Not to use the Website, the information and the service and products offered thereon for purposes that are unlawful, contrary to the terms of the General Conditions, damaging to the rights and interests of third parties, or in any way that could damage, render useless, overload or deteriorate the Website and prevent normal use or enjoyment of the Website and the services or products offered thereon.
   - 4.3 To pay the amounts corresponding to the type of service selected as mentioned in condition five
   - 4.4 The CLIENT undertakes to keep operational, active and up-to-date the e-mail address provided for all correspondence with the COMPANY, being the means of communication preferred by the COMPANY for maximum efficiency.If said e-mail address should change during the term of the relationship, the CLIENT undertakes to notify the COMPANY of the change within a maximum of FIFTEEN (15) days so that communication between the parties is not interrupted. The COMPANY accepts no liability for any consequences of the lack of operation of the client´s e-mail address or of failing to notify of a change in address, and for any lack of information alleged by the CLIENT due to CLIENT´s own negligence in maintaining this item active.

5.- Price and payment method

  5.1 Price For the use of the service offered by the COMPANY, the CLIENT shall pay the price, which will depend on the type of work requested, appearing on the form at the time of contracting, and which shall be paid by the CLIENT using the form of payment supplied in the registration process.

  If the contracting by the CLIENT is subject to sporadic offers or promotions involving a reduction in price, the cost of the service may be reduced.

  5.2 Commencement of the payment obligation The payment obligation is implicit on acceptance of the service.

  5.3 Costs of reimbursements If there is any reimbursement in direct debits for reasons attributable to the CLIENT, the COMPANY will charge 6 Euros plus VAT for banking and administrative expenses.

6.- Liabilities and warranties.

  6.1 Availability of the server. The COMPANY does not guarantee that the availability of the Website will be continuous and uninterrupted throughout the term of the contract, due to the possibility of problems on the Internet, breakdowns in the server equipment, failures of third parties and other possible unforeseeable contingencies.

  6.2 Presentations. The COMPANY will not be liable for any failures in presentations, including deletion, incomplete transmission or delays in transmission, and can not guarantee that the transmission network will be operational at all times. Furthermore, the COMPANY will not be liable if a third party, breaching the security measures established by the COMPANY gains access to messages or uses them.

  6.3 Data Protection. The COMPANY has adopted all the security measures required by law for the protection of the personal data provided by the CLIENT. However, the COMPANY does not guarantee the absolute impenetrability of its security systems, and does not guarantee the security or inviolability of data in their transmission via the internet. Furthermore, the COMPANY does not guarantee the veracity of the data supplied by the CLIENT.

  6.4 Infallibility. The COMPANY does not control or guarantee the infallibility of the service or the absence of computer viruses in the services provided by third parties over the internet.

  6.5 Utility. The COMPANY does not guarantee that the service will be suitable for the provision of any service other than the service contracted.

  6.6 Errors. The COMPANY applies its best efforts to avoid any error in the contents appearing on the Website, but in spite of this will not be liable for any inaccuracies or typing errors in the contents of the Website.

  6.7 Use and contents. The COMPANY and the MEDICAL SOCIETY act exclusively as providers of a service, and do not control the use of the service by the CLIENT. Accordingly, the COMPANY and the MEDICAL SOCIETY do not assume liability for the use and/or contents that CLIENTS may make thereof, in breach of laws or these Terms and Conditions, and the CLIENT shall be the sole party liable for the consequences that such unlawful use, or use contrary to these conditions, may have, and for the veracity and/or accuracy of the contents shown on the CLIENT´s website.

  6.8 Contents of third parties. The COMPANY will not be liable for the contents of websites of third parties which may be accessed through links or search engines from the Website. The presence of such links in the COMPANY is for purely informative purposes and in no case constitutes a suggestion, invitation or recommendation thereon. The COMPANY reserves the right to remove unilaterally and at any time the links appearing on its website.

  6.9 Limitation of liability. In all cases, the liability of the COMPANY will be limited to the total amount of the prices actually paid by the CLIENT hereunder, expressly excluding all liability for direct or indirect damages, incidental damages and/or loss of profit.

  6.10 Operation of the CLIENT´s e-mail address. The COMPANY disclaims all liability for any consequences of the lack of operation of the client´s e-mail address or of failing to notify the change in address, and for any lack of information alleged by the CLIENT due to CLIENT´s own negligence in maintaining this item active.

  6.11 Verbal undertakings. The COMPANY shall not be liable for any undertakings made or given verbally with the sales representative or other person that are not reflected in these General Conditions or in the applicable Particular Conditions.

7.- Intellectual property.
The CLIENT acknowledges that all images, drawings, contents, texts, logos, trademarks and any other product that is protectable by virtue of the applicable legislation on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks to which CLIENT has access as a result of subscribing to the service are the property of the COMPANY or third party owners thereof.

The unauthorized reproduction and use of this information without the written consent of the COMPANY is prohibited. The CLIENT may not copy nor adapt the HTML code that the COMPANY has created to generate its Website, nor use it in any other website, written or audiovisual medium.

The contracting of the service by the CLIENT shall not entail under any circumstances the assignment to the CLIENT of rights by the COMPANY in relation to Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks.

The COMPANY prohibits the use of the service in any way that is directly or indirectly in breach of applicable legislation on Intellectual Property, Patents and Trademarks, and the CLIENT shall be solely liable for any such use and its consequences and for which the COMPANY can not be held responsible.

8.- Modification of the general conditions or conditions of use of the service.
The COMPANY may at any time modify these general conditions or introduce new conditions of use, for which purpose it need only communicate this on the website with FIFTEEN (15) days notice. Such modifications shall only be applicable as of the date they come into force.

9.- Protection of personal data .
As a result of registering for the service provided by the COMPANY, THE USER accepts that the personal data provided by him or her or to be provided in the future to the COMPANY may undergo processing in a personal data filing system.

The filing systems thus created shall be the property of the COMPANY, a company with registered office in Madrid (Spain), C/ Maria Tubau, 5, 28050. The data subject shall at all times be entitled to have access to the automated filing systems, and may exercise the rights of rectification, cancellation and objection in the terms set forth in data protection legislation.To that end, a letter signed by the data subject should be sent to the following address: ADRESS indicating the way in which the action requested is to be confirmed.

THE USER´s consent to the processing and assignment of his or her personal data shall be revocable at any time, by giving written notice to the file controller at the address indicated above. Such notice must be given by sending a letter signed by the data subject, indicating the way in which he or she is to be informed of the action taken.

The data subject expressly authorizes the COMPANY to assign the data to any entity of the group, for the data processing purposes mentioned above, and to any entities to which data needs to be assigned in order to provide the user with the contracted service in accordance with these General Conditions.The data thus recorded may be used to draw up internal statistics, to send information on promotions and offers in relation to the service, for the administration of the service and the management of incidents. The COMPANY does not rent out or sell any personal information to third parties, unless THE USER has given his or her authorisation.

The collection and processing of personal data will be done in all cases with the necessary security measures, meeting all the requirements established by the regulations on protection of personal data (Spanish Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13 and Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

10.- Jurisdiction and courts
If any clause of these General Conditions is declared null and void by any competent jurisdictional body, the nullity of that clause shall not affect the validity of the remaining clauses which shall remain in full force and effect.

For all matters not specifically provided for in this contract and for the interpretation and resolution of any conflicts that may arise between the parties as a result hereof, Spanish legislation shall apply.

For all issues that may arise in relation to the interpretation, performance, breach or execution of this contract, the parties submit expressly, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, to the jurisdiction of the Judges and Courts of the City of Madrid.

Ref. A200307A


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