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For help with a poster, please specify the poster number, the first author and the congress and we will reply shortly.
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What formats can I use for my poster?
We accept poster submissions in either PowerPoint or PDF. Make sure that you check the correct poster dimensions for your congress, which can be consulted here.
Which versions of PowerPoint can I use?
Our system accepts all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, up to 2013. However, you should not use PPS and PPSX file extensions, as these cannot be processed by our system.
Can I send a poster in InDesign, CorelDraw or similar software?
No. We only accept posters in PowerPoint or PDF. You can easily create a PDF from any desktop publishing software.
What are the correct dimensions for my poster?
Each congress stipulates dimensions for the posters presented, so that they fit correctly on the panels at the congress. To find the instructions for your congress, click here. The measurements are given: width x height (centimetres).
What font sizes and styles should I use for text and titles?
To achieve a clear and easily readable poster, there are certain minimum (and maximum) font sizes that we recommend you observe. These can be found in the Editing Info section for your congress. To find the instructions for your congress, click here. We recommend that you use standard font styles, such as Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri o Verdana, as these are easy to read.
Can I print a poster for a congress which does not appear on the homepage?
If your congress does not appear on our Homepage, this means that we do not have an agreement with the organizers to produce the posters. Within Spain only, we offer our PrintingOnline for Home Delivery service, which is for posters for any meeting or event. We will quality-check, print, pack and then send your poster to your home address in 48-72 working hours.
What can I do if I do not want my poster to appear on the virtual poster gallery?
You can contact us by e-mail informing us of your wish. We will remove your poster from the virtual poster gallery, until you inform us otherwise.
Where and when do I collect my poster?
You should receive e-mails from the Technical Secretary or from us giving instructions. As a rule, the posters can be collected on-site from the first morning of the congress, either at the service sponsor’s stand, at the poster desk or registration area. If in doubt, please email us to confirm.
Can I check my poster before the congress?
You can check your poster in the Manage Orders area of our website. Type in your e-mail address and all the posters you have submitted will be listed. You can download and check the poster you submitted.
Can I make changes to my poster if I discover a mistake?
During the same day that you submitted the poster, via our Manage Orders section you may substitute the poster file at no cost. After this time, there will be a reprinting charge of 60 euros + VAT. Once the posters have been packed and shipped, we regret that changes are impossible.
How does the virtual poster gallery work?
All posters are uploaded to a dedicated virtual area, where they can be consulted once the congress has started. This will previously have been agreed with the congress organisers. Other doctors can browse and download posters, as well as send a (hidden) e-mail to the first author with questions about the poster. If you prefer not to receive e-mails from other doctors, you may tick “NO” at the bottom of the form when you send your poster, and this option will be disabled.
Will a sponsor’s logo be included on my poster?
For some congresses, and only with previous agreement of the organisers, we add a lower band to the posters, containing the poster number, 1st author, topic and a discreet dedicatory text and sponsor’s logo. In any case, you will be informed and asked to accept (with a tick box) before sending your poster.
A sponsor has no influence over the content or design of your poster.
Lower or side band:
For all posters ordered, the PosterSessionOnline Technical Department adds a discreet band at the bottom or side, measuring 5cm, containing:
  • The poster number
  • The topic and 1st Author
  • The PosterSessionOnline logo

Can I send a poster by e-mail?
We only accept poster submissions via our website. If you are having trouble with the poster upload process, please contact us by e-mail or telephone and we help you as best we can. Have a look at our tutorial on How to submit a poster.
Do I have to pay for the poster service?
It depends on the agreement we have with the congress organisers. In many cases, a company will have agreed to sponsor all (or part) of the service. When you log onto our website, choose your congress and click on UPLOAD POSTER. The cost of the service you require (eg Print & Display / Display Online Only) will be clearly shown on this page.
How do I make the payment?
For payment, you will be asked to select either PayPal or Click and Buy. Both are well-known and secure payment platforms. If you are not an existing PayPal or Click & Buy client, you can either register with them, or make an express payment (which does not require you to register). They accept payment by all major credit cards.
The payment via PayPal is not working. What can I do?
If the payment does not work or accept your card, please contact PayPal to solve the problem:
USA: +1 402 9357 733 or online help
UK and IRELAND: +44 (0) 208 605 3000 / +353 1 4 369 024 / +353 143 69004 or online help
ES: +34 900 801 665 or online help
IT: +39 848 390 110 or online help
FR: +33 0821 230 233 or online help
DE: +49 0180 5006 627 or online help
The payment via Click and Buy is not working. What can I do?
If the payment does not work or accept your card, please contact Click and Buy to solve the problem.
Online Customer Service     
UK: +44 (0)20 8099 5490 / +44 (0)207 153 9160
USA: +1-877-265-7821
DE: +49 (0)1806 444 555
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How can I receive an invoice?
When you send your poster and pay via our secure payment platform, you will automatically be sent an invoice by e-mail. On the poster submission form, you should take care to fill in the invoice details correctly.
I can’t find an answer here - I need to speak to a technician.
Our technicians can help with poster design issues as well as website queries and problems. Please click here to email us or call us on +34 91 736 2385. 

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