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Viral Hepatitis Elimination 2022


24–25 February 2022

WARNING: poster submissions will only be accepted via our website (in PPT, PPTX or PDF format), and not by e-mail. Posters sent by e-mail will not be considered as received nor will we be held responsible for any consequences. If you have any difficulties please call us. If you have a query regarding a poster, please contact us stating the poster no., the first authorīs name and the corresponding congress.

Use of our templates is not mandatory. Presenters are free to submit their own designs and colour schemes.

Width (cm): 140
Height (cm): 90

The following sections should appear:
 - 1st author and other authors with study centre or institution
 - Introduction and objectives
 - Methods
 - Results and Conclusions
 - References / Bibliography

These should be set out in clearly differentiated blocks.

Title: We recommend betweeen 80 and 100 pt, although if you have a long title, you may find you need to use a slightly smaller font size.

Institutions: The institutions the authors belong to should be stated, indicating also Department and Unit. We recommend betweeen 30 and 36 - pt. Again, you may need to go below 30 pt if you have a longer text.

Text: We recommend 36 - 40 pt, although 32 pt or even 28 pt could be used in isolated areas, or if you have a very large amount of text. You should use dark text colours on a light background, or vice versa.

Identifier/Topic: The posters should be identified with the topic or category to which they belong, for example: Miscellaneous, Epidemiology, etc.

References / Bibliography: We recommend 24 - 30 pt.

At least one of the authors must be registered for the congress.

Other considerations

Cutting and pasting images doubles their size. We recommend that you use: either Insert Image From File (PPT 2000/2003) or Insert Image (PPT 2007/2010). To submit your poster, click on Upload Poster, enter the first authorīs name and then complete the form.
The scientific committee reserves the right to modify the prior classification of the authors as oral presentation or poster.
Lower band
For all posters ordered, the PosterSessionOnline Technical Department adds a discreet band at the bottom, measuring 4 cm, containing:
  1.- The poster number.
  2.- The topic and 1st Author.
  3.- The sponsorīs name (this part only appears if the poster service is supported by a sponsor).
  4.- The PosterSessionOnline logo.

Important: Please check your poster carefully before submitting. If you wish to view the poster file or make modifications after submission, please visit the MANAGE ORDERS section of our website. Once the poster has been printed, we regret that any modifications once the poster has been printed will have to be charged for.If you have any queries, please contact us for help.

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