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WFH 2012 World Congress


8-12 July, 2012 Paris, FRANCE
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Discussion forum - WFH 2012 World Congress
    Topic - Musculoskeletal Issues

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Title: Experimental evaluation of cartilage damage by hematic synovitis in rabbits byNuclear Magnetic Resonance control
Authors: Ana Laura Douglas Price , Landro M. E., Santini Araujo E., Grcevic M., Caviglia H.
Centre: Hospital General de Agudos Juan A. Fernández, Fundación de la Hemofilia

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Ana Laura Douglas Price
Thread initiator
Reg: 6/12/2012 3:41:00 PM

Comment# 1

I invite healthcare professionals to open debate around the issues raised in my poster, both those relating to research and to clinical practice.

Comment added on 6/12/2012 3:41:00 PM 
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Title: Use of the Exergaming (Nintendo Wii) in the Rehabilitation of Patients withHemophilia.
Authors: JANAINA BOSSO JOSÉ DA SILVA , Rafael Fagnani, Egritti de Oliveira Zacarias da Silva,Marcia Aparecida Picoloto Matta, Margareth Castro Ozelo

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Title: Age-related changes of joint status in adults with severe haemophilia in Germany
Authors: Franziska Staeuber , Alexander Brunner, Sandra Ghler, Steffen Krger, Drte Czepa, Mareike Wendel, Axel Seuser, Thomas Hilberg
Centre: Department of Sports Medicine, University of Wuppertal

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