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WFH 2016 World Congress


24-28 July 2016 Orlando
Discussion forum - WFH 2016 World Congress
    Topic - Psychosocial Issues

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 Thread / Poster  Author  Replies  Last reply
Specific therapeutic support and development of the Body Schema in bleeding disorders  CHAMBOST HERVE 1      7/20/2016 3:22:00 PM  
Tackling menorrhagia: A potential target to improve psychosocial wellbeing in women with bleeding disorders  Richa Mohan 1      7/7/2016 8:42:00 PM  
Perception of Self-Esteem of Children with hemophilia from 8 to 12 years according to the degree of arthropathy  RUBEN CUESTA BARRIUSO 1      7/7/2016 8:26:00 PM  
NETWORK FOR LIFE  David Andres 1      7/7/2016 7:03:00 PM  
Psychosocial factors play a role in the adherence of adult patients with hemophilia  RUBEN CUESTA BARRIUSO 1      7/7/2016 2:15:00 PM  
Caregiver Burden of Parents of Children with Haemophilia Results from a Single UK Centre  Jose Maria Alamo Marzo 1      7/7/2016 10:27:00 AM  
The psychosocial impact of Hemophilia  Lamia Jouini 1      7/7/2016 1:12:00 AM  
Social work caseloads in hemophilia treatment centers in the United States  Margaret Geary 1      7/6/2016 9:41:00 PM  
Assessments of Anxiety and Depression in US Adult People With Hemophilia Across Patient-Reported Outcomes in the Pain, Functional Impairment, and Quality of Life (P-FiQ) Study  David Cooper 1      7/6/2016 9:00:00 PM  
Themes in daily life of young adults with congenital bleeding disorders in the Netherlands: a qualitative study  Perrine Limperg 1      7/6/2016 6:23:00 PM  
The impact of parental expectations with a hemophiliac child undergoing treatment  Silvia Grases 1      7/6/2016 6:21:00 PM  
Psychosocial care for children with congenital bleeding disorders and their parents in the Netherlands  Perrine Limperg 1      7/6/2016 6:14:00 PM  
Case Construction between the psychologist and nurse staff: the experience in a day hospital for hemophiliac patients  Silvia Grases 1      7/6/2016 12:46:00 PM  
Introducing psychodrama as a group psychotherapy with psychosocial benefits in hemophiliacs and their families  Javier Neumann 1      7/6/2016 4:18:00 AM  
The Effects of Counseling using NLP( Neuro-Linguistic Programming ) for Improvement in Unsociable Tendency and Interpersonal Anxiety of Hemophilic Arthritis Patients  Won Sook Bak 1      7/5/2016 4:56:00 AM  
Family Meetings in The Hemophilia Society of Turkey  Basak Koc 1      7/2/2016 11:54:00 PM  
You cannot divorce the Hemophilia  Gaby Golan 1      7/2/2016 7:18:00 PM  
A bright employment future for persons with bleeding disorders  Brittany Zellner 1      7/2/2016 6:55:00 PM  
Correlation of pain and life satisfaction among persons with haemophilia  Marko Marinic 1      7/2/2016 12:46:00 AM  
Perceived ideal roles of hemophilia treatment center social workers in the United States and barriers to those roles  Margaret Geary 1      6/30/2016 7:36:00 PM  
Life expectancy and lifetime inequalities by settled areas among hemophiliacs with HIV in Japan  Toshiya Kuchii 1      6/30/2016 4:04:00 AM  
The role of the Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) Social Worker in the United States  Ellen Kachalsky 1      6/29/2016 8:36:00 PM  
The Age of Multicultural Outreach  Elizabeth Fung 1      6/28/2016 8:32:00 PM  
Participation of clinical psychologist in a non-hemophilia treatment center  JUN YAMANOUCHI 1      6/28/2016 9:29:00 AM  
Depression and Anxiety in Adult Haemophilia Patients: Ege Adult Haemophilia Center Experience  Fahri Sahin 1      6/4/2016 10:09:00 PM  
Psychosocial issues in mothers of children with hemophilia in india  Meera Suresh Hanagavadi 1      6/2/2016 2:42:00 PM  
Clinical, Family and Environmental Characterization of in a low income population of person with Hemophilia (PWH) at FUNDOVIDA-Colombia  Antistio Anibal 1      5/6/2016 10:27:00 PM  
Safe circumcision in haemophilia patients:The Kenyatta National Hospital experience Nairobi Kenya  Anastasia Khasiani 1      4/14/2016 7:24:00 PM  

Most viewed poster for this congress
Poster: 13
Visits: 590
Title: Algorithmic evidence-based phenotype screening and collaborative approach to attacking symptoms of nonadherence in patients with bleeding disorders
Authors: Jay Bryant-Wimp , Jay Bryant-Wimp, RPh
Centre: Integrite Solutions

Poster most viewed in this topic
Poster: 166
Visits: 107
Title: Psychosocial care for children with congenital bleeding disorders and their parents in the Netherlands
Authors: Perrine Limperg , Perrine Limperg, Lotte Haverman, Marlène Beijlevelt, Karin Fijnvandraat, Marjolein Peters, Martha Grootenhuis
Centre: Emma Childrens Hospital Amsterdam


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