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WFH 2016 World Congress


24-28 July 2016 Orlando
Discussion forum - WFH 2016 World Congress
    Topic - Genetics of bleeding disorders

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 Thread / Poster  Author  Replies  Last reply
An unexpected finding: two different coagulation factor VIII gene mutations in brothers  Michael Steiner 1      7/20/2016 9:05:00 PM  
Development of a lead candidate for Baxaltas AAV8-based FVIII gene therapy program BAX 888  Werner Hoellriegl 1      7/18/2016 12:25:00 PM  
Genetic variant analysis in children and adults with hemophilia: experience from a large hemophilia center in the US  Jennifer Lemons 1      7/16/2016 8:24:00 PM  
Preliminary Results of a Phase 1/2 Trial of SPK-9001, a Hyperactive FIX Variant Delievered by a Novel Capsid, Demonstrate Safety and Efficacy at the Lowest Dose Cohort  Alvin Luk 1      7/15/2016 2:05:00 AM  
Complexities and resolution of gene variant interpretation in two hemophilia cases  Stefanie Dugan 1      7/7/2016 7:09:00 PM  
Discrepancy of F8 and F9 gene variant classifications between clinical laboratories  Michelle Alabek 1      7/7/2016 12:07:00 PM  
Exploring the causes of skewed X-chromosome inactivation: XIST genetic analysis of cases and controls  Claudia Pamela 1      7/6/2016 8:35:00 PM  
Next Generation DNA sequencing for haemostatic and platelet disorders  Anne Goodeve 1      7/6/2016 4:12:00 PM  
Factor VIII Gene Mutation and Hemophilic Arthropathy in Hemophilia A Patients  Tsung-Ying Li 1      7/6/2016 10:42:00 AM  
Polygenic score analysis to find genetic factors of inhibitor development in Korean severe hemophilia A patients using WES  Hee Jo 1      7/6/2016 9:23:00 AM  
Messenger RNA Analysis and Multiplex Ligation Probe Amplification for Hemophilia A Patients without Found Mutation or Suspected Exon(s) Deletion in Genomic DNA  Yeu-Chin Chen 1      6/29/2016 2:59:00 AM  
Systematic molecular analysis in Hemophilia A patients in a cohort from Bogotá, Colombia  Luz Yunis 1      6/25/2016 11:13:00 PM  
National prevalence of F8 gene intron 1 and 22 inversions and development of inhibitors to factor VIII in Mexican severe hemophilia A patients  Jose Angel 1      6/25/2016 2:14:00 AM  

Most viewed poster for this congress
Poster: 13
Visits: 590
Title: Algorithmic evidence-based phenotype screening and collaborative approach to attacking symptoms of nonadherence in patients with bleeding disorders
Authors: Jay Bryant-Wimp , Jay Bryant-Wimp, RPh
Centre: Integrite Solutions

Poster most viewed in this topic
Poster: 29
Visits: 238
Title: Next Generation DNA sequencing for haemostatic and platelet disorders
Authors: Anne Goodeve , Nick Beauchamp, Laura Crookes, Nikolas Niksic
Centre: Sheffield Childrens NHS Foundation Trust


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