American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists - ACOG 59th Annual Clinical Meeting

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 Poster  Poster title  Applicant name  Status
  1-Tu  Self Versus Clinic Administration of Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate: A Randomized Clinical Trial  Anitra Beasley File received
  2-Tu  Retrospective Analysis of Essure Hysteroscopic Sterilization Success in the OR and Office Setting  Katarzyna Bochenska File received
  3-Mo  Contraceptive Care for Women with Cardiovascular Disease  Julie Chor File received
  3-Tu  Office Versus Hospital Based Essure Procedure: Analysis of Physician Time Management and Efficiency  Hector Chapa File received
  6-Tu  PID Rates in the IUD-Seeking Postpartum Population: Evaluating the Need for Two Clinic Encounters  David Kattan File received
  6-Mo  Sex, Taboo, and Diaspora: A Review of Contraception and Sexual Health of Native and Immigrant South Asians  Huma Farid File received
  8-Tu  Sickle Cell Disease and Contraceptive Use  Courtney Martin File received
  8-Mo  Endometrial Ablation Following Hysteroscopic Sterilization: Reports from the EASE Trial  Seth Herbst File received
  9-Tu  Thermal Analysis of an Adiana Procedure on a Concomitant and Subsequent NovaSure Procedure  Gregory Martin File received
  9-Mo  Ability of Women to Read and Interpret Home Ovulation Tests  sarah johnson File received
  11-Mo  Experience with Hysteroscopic Sterilization in Resident Based Clinic Population  Nauman Khurshid File received
  13-Mo  Family Planning Decision Making Among Mothers of Medically Fragile Infants  Sarah Verbiest File received
  13-Tu  Ultrasound As Compared To HSG for Confirmation of Tubal Occlusion Following an Adiana Procedure  Khaled Sakhel File received
  14-Mo  Contraception Use After an Unplanned Pregnancy  Sara Pentlicky File received
  14-Tu  Intrauterine Device Knowledge and Practices Among U.S. Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents  Jennifer Tang File received
  15-Mo  Bilateral Tubal Ligation: Does Intent Equal Action for Women who Desire it?  Laura Rosenfield File received
  15-Tu  Parental Notice Laws and the Choice of Medical Versus Surgical Abortion for Eligible Teens in Illinois  Suzanne Trupin File received
  16-Tu  Pregnancy Coercion and Birth Control Sabotage in Western North Carolina  Versage Jessica File received
  18-Mo  Intimate Partner Violence: A Predictor of Postpartum Depression  Mahua Mandal File received
  20-Mo  Female Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Primary Care: A Continuing Education (CME) Curriculum  Michael Krychman File received
  20-Tu  Rotation Schedules in United States OB/GYN residency Programs  Scott Dexter File received
  24-Mo  Research, Residents, Results - Redesigning a Family Medicine OB Educational Curriculum  Julie Stausmire File received
  25-Mo  Construction of Low Cost Simulated Cervical Dilation Teaching Models  Mari Charisse Trinidad File received
  27-Mo  Development of Statewide Consensus for Use of Evidence-based Guidelines for Elective Induction  virginia lupo File received
  28-Tu  How do Patients use Email to Communicate with their Obstetrician-Gynecologist?  Debra Gussman File received
  29-Mo  Menstrual Irregularity in Adolescents with Risk Factors for Metabolic Syndrome  Isabel Bouzas File received
  29-Tu  A Just Culture of Safety Driving Operative Vaginal Delivery Performance Improvement  joseph merola Submission error
  31-Mo  Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) As an Anti-Inflammatory Treatment In Women With Primary Dysmenorrhoea  Josette Dawkins File received
  32-Tu  The Effect of NovaSure Endometrial Ablation on Premenstrual Anxiety and Emotional Irritability  Clinton Ashford File received
  33-Tu  Rapid (60-Minute) Infusion of One Gram of Low Molecular Iron Dextran: Safety and Efficacy Profile  Michael Auerbach File received
  33-Mo  Incidence of Endometrial Hyperplasia / Cancer in Premenopausal Women by Abnormal Bleeding Patterns  Stephanie Evans File received
  34-Mo  Randomized Trial of Medication vs. Radiofrequency Ablation in the Initial Management of Menorrhagia  Abimbola Famuyide File received
  34-Tu  What To Do About Complex Atypical Endometrial Hyperplasia with Disclaimers on Endometrial Biopsy or D&C Reports  Nadim Bou Zgheib File received
  35-Mo  Utility of a Triage Protocol for Women with Chronic Pelvic Pain: Impact on Practice  Sherif El-Nashar File received
  36-Mo  Comparative Study Between Laparoscopic Myomectomy and Abdominal Myomectomy  Magdi Hanafi File received
  37-Tu  The Relationship Between Hip Disorders and Chronic Pelvic Pain  DEBORAH COADY, MD File received
  38-Mo  Mifepristone and Misoprostol for Early Pregnancy Failure: A Cohort Analysis  Mitchell Creinin File received
  39-Mo  A Randomized Controlled Trial of Vitamin E Supplementation in the Treatment of Primary Dysmenorrhoea  Gregory Lewis File received
  40-Tu  Concurrent Sexual Arousal and Desire Problems: Prevalence and Correlates in a Registry Study  Nancy Maserejian File received
  43-Tu  Trends in Diagnosis and Management of Ectopic Pregnancy at a County Hospital (Prince Georges Hospital)  Okechukwu Osuebi File received
  44-Tu  The Presentation of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder in Women: Results of a Registry Cohort  Raymond Rosen File received
  44-Mo  Tranilast Administration Prevent Hypertrophic Scar Formation After Gynecological Surgery  Yuichiro Miyamoto File received
  45-Tu  Pneumatometra: A Case Series and Literature Review  Scott Shainker File received
  45-Mo  Characteristics of Patients Undergoing Hysterectomy for Failed Endometrial Ablation  Kristin Riley File received
  46-Mo  Indication and Limitation of Uterine Artery Embolization for Patient with Uterine Leiomyoma  Hidenori Sasa File received
  47-Mo  Enhancing Gender Specific Care for Women Veterans Utilizing the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)  Laurie Zephyrin File received
  48-Tu  Patients with Missing IUD strings: incidence and risk factors  Mari Charisse Trinidad File received
  48-Mo  Prevalence of HIV Infection According to Ward of Residence in DC Among African American Women  Nuru Robi File received
  49-Mo  Maternal Infection in Pregnancy and the Risk of Asthma in Children at Age 6  Charlene Hooper MD, MPH File received
  51-Tu  Early Detection of HIV in Pregnancy Reduces Perinatal Morbidity and Mortality  Susan Oakley File received
  51-Mo  Hepatitis C Virus Infection In Pregnant African Women  STEPHEN NWANKWO ONWERE File received
  52-Mo  Evaluation of the Physiological Benefits of Pumpkin Seed Oil in Menopausal Patients  Tiffany Hunter File received
  52-Tu  The Prevalence of High-Risk Cervical HPV and Cytologic Abnormalities in Nigeria  Veronica Maria Pimentel File received
  53-Tu  Two fluorescent Amplicon Generation (FLAG) Assays for Toxoplasmosis Diagnosis during Pregnancy  Fabrizio Signore File received
  53-Mo  Androgen Administration in Postmenopausal Women is Effective Only With Estrogen Existence  Yuichiro Miyamoto File received
  54-Tu  Trends of Genital and Non-Genital MRSA-C infections in an Urban Female Pediatric Population  Demetrius Woods File received
  56-Mo  Adolescent Pregnancies not Associated with Adverse Outcome  MICHAEL DIEJOMAOH File received
  56-Tu  Osteoporotic Fracture: Age Alone May be as Predictive as Current Risk Prediction Models  xuezhi Jiang File received
  57-Mo  Low Glucose Tolerance Test Result, Race, and Insurance Relation to Rate of Small for Gestational Age  Betty Amuzu File received
  58-Mo  Complications of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) IV Access in Pregnancy  Torre Halscott File received
  59-Mo  Effect of Mid-Trimester Cervical Length on the Rate of Primary Cesarean Sections  Parvinder Bola File received
  60-Mo  Intra-Operative Hypogastric Artery Embolization for Control of Catastrophic Hemorrhage  Erin Stevens File received
  61-Mo  Neonatal Encephalopathy, Sentinel Events and the Placenta  Taeun Chang File received
  64-Tu  Postpartum Depression Risk Factors Using Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale  Kristie Baisden File received
  64-Mo  Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on Perinatal Outcomes  Joan Crane File received
  65-Mo  Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: Can we Avoid the Glucose Challenge Test?  Joan Crete File received
  66-Mo  Developing an Electronic Family Health History Screening Tool for Prenatal Care Providers  Siobhan Dolan, MD, MPH File received
  66-Tu  The Savella Pregnancy Registry: An Important Public Health Initiative  Vikki Brown File received
  67-Mo  Comparison of Two Different Methods Screening Gestational Diabetes in a Mexican Population  Omar Duenas File received
  68-Tu  It is Worth it to Repeat the 3 Hour Glucose Tolerant Test in the 3rd Trimester?  Hector Caceres Serrano File received
  68-Mo  Induction of Labor at Term Versus Primary Cesarean Delivery: A Cost Analysis  Nancy Duncan File received
  70-Tu  Outcome Following Acute Pyelonephritis In Pregnancy At The University Hospital Of The West Indies  Josette Dawkins File received
  70-Mo  A Case of Uterine Inversion Managed with a Bakri Balloon  Patty Ng File received
  71-Tu  Resource Utilization in the Care of the Late Preterm Infant  Erin Dickert File received
  71-Mo  Does the ON-Q PainBuster (I-Flow) Decrease Post Operative Pain Following Cesarean Delivery?  Tamara Finger File received
  72-Tu  Validation of a Model for Predicting Successful Trial Labor after Cesarean Delivery: A Cohort Study  Sherif El-Nashar File received
  72-Mo  Is Ethnicity a Risk Factor for Maternal Complications in Operative Vaginal Delivery?  Alexis Gimovsky File received
  73-Mo  Variation in the Use of Labor & Delivery Resources by Practice Structure  Neel Shah File received
  73-Tu  The Case for Including Doula Services in Obstetric Care for Underserved Women: Preliminary Analysis  Irene Frederick File received
  75-Tu  Short Cervical Length in Women with Prior Spontaneous Preterm Birth: Treatment and Outcomes  Niki Istwan File received
  76-Tu  Outcomes of a Two-Phase Risk Factor-based Gestational Diabetes Screening Program  Ashleigh Grund File received
  78-Mo  Interventions of a dedicated obstetric rapid response team: four years of experience  Katheryn Isham File received
  79-Mo  Case Series of Retrievable Inferior Vena Caval Filter Placement During Pregnancy or Postpartum  Eduardo Martinez File received
  80-Mo  Pregnancy Outcome in Patients with Corrected Mid Trimester Placenta Previa  JOANNE ANDRADES File received
  87-Mo  Elective Repeat Cesarean Section Delivery With Umbilical Arterial pH Less than 7.00: A Case-Control Study  Adina Maniu File received
  89-Tu  Patterns of Prenatal Care Utilization Stratified by Risk  Elizabeth Krans File received
  89-Mo  Does Intraoperative Panniculectomy at the Time of Cesarean Section Decrease Postoperative Morbidity  Pedro Miranda-Seijo, MD File received
  90-Tu  Outcomes in Somali Immigrants Receiving Prenatal Care at a Large Community Hospital  Beth Lafont File received
  91-Tu  Patient Response to Phone Outreach after Scoring Positive on Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale  Laura LaPorte File received
  91-Mo  Antenatal Group B Streptococcal Cultures in Post-Term Pregnancies  Christopher Morosky File received
  92-Mo  Indications for Delivery in the Late Preterm Period  Thinh Nguyen File received
  93-Mo  Non-respiratory Complications In Late Preterm Neonates  Thinh Nguyen File received
  93-Tu  Is Weight Gain in Gestational Diabetes Different in the Clinic Versus Private Population?  beth lewis File received
  94-Tu  The Impact of CenteringPregnancy Group Prenatal Care on Preterm Birth  Allison Marshall File received
  94-Mo  Is There a Difference in the Labor Progress of Nulliparous Women in Induced Versus Spontaneous labor  Hasra Phillip File received
  96-Tu  Postpartum Health Needs of Women with Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care  Sarah Verbiest File received
  97-Tu  Risk Factors for Postpartum Depression Differ Between Adolescent and Adult Mothers  Anthony Nunes File received
  97-Mo  Assessment of Renal Function During Pregnancy Using Creatinine Clearance (CrCl) Estimation Equations  Arminda Mauricio File received
  98-Tu  Postpartum Weight Loss Intervention Using a Social Support System  Rachael Overcash File received
  99-Mo  Incarcerated Uterus at Term Complicated by Placenta Increta Requiring Cesarean Hysterectomy  Jennifer Salata File received
  99-Tu  Using a Mixed Methods Approach to Develop a National Provider Survey in Perinatal Depression  Christie Palladino File received
  100-Mo  Efficacy of Insulin Glargine When Used To Treat Maternal Hyperglycemia Following Antenatal Steroids  Karen Samples File received
  101-Mo  Respiratory Complications in Late Preterm Neonates  April Schiemenz File received
  101-Tu  Labor Induction Prior to 39 Weeks Gestation in Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Anomalies  Kate Pettit File received
  103-Mo  Project Es Mejor Saber: A Proactive Approach to Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) Follow-Up  Penina Segall-Gutierrez File received
  104-Tu  Validity of the 5-Tier System for Fetal Heart Rate Pattern Interpretation Proposed by JSOG  Atsuko SADAKA File received
  105-Tu  Neuroimaging in Pregnancy: Indications and Outcomes  Luwam Semere File received
  106-Mo  Postoperative, Personalized Pain Management for Cesarean Section  Andrew Moore File received
  106-Tu  Retrospective Study of Obstetric Antecedents Associated with Preeclampsia Before 28 Weeks Gestation  Sarah Shaffer File received
  107-Mo  Elective Induction of Labor Outcomes of Term Low-Risk Women in a Community Teaching Hospital  Teresa Tam File received
  108-Mo  The Snuffing Out of Cocaine: Trends in Drug-Exposed Deliveries, 2001-2009  Candice Mak File received
  109-Tu  To Screen or Not to Screen? Determining the Most Cost Effective Approach to Obstetric Patients  jamie south File received
  109-Mo  Cord Blood Banking Among Pregnant Women: Awareness, Knowledge and Attitude  Wilfredo Torres File received
  110-Mo  Does IUGR Associated with Oligohydramnios Warrant Increased Intensity of Antepartum EFM?  Amanda Trudell File received
  110-Tu  Using Ultrasound to Predict Fetal Lung Maturity: Is Biometry Beyond 20 Weeks Reliable?  Michael Stine File received
  111-Mo  Oligohydramnios and Intact Membranes: Neonates with Renal Anomalies Survive  Amanda Trudell File received
  112-Tu  The Effect of Prenatal Care on Short Term Neonatal Outcomes in Singleton Late Preterm Births  Lucy Tovmasian File received
  112-Mo  Lichen Sclerosus: Five Years Follow after Topical, Subdermal or Combined Therapy  Gary Ventolini File received
  113-Mo  Are Women with NICU Infants Receptive to Interconception Care?  Sarah Verbiest File received
  114-Tu  Outcomes of Twin Pregnancies Receiving 17P Prophylaxis With and Without Prior Preterm Delivery  Niki Istwan File received
  115-Mo  Collaborative Obstetrical Care: A University Model for Success  Tony Wen File received
  116-Mo  Back to Sleep for Moms: Impact of Maternal Supine Position in Simulated Sleep on Maternal and Fetal Testing  Jennifer Wong File received
  116-Tu  The Internet as a Key Recruitment Strategy in Leiomyoma Clinical Trials  Esther Bouwsma File received
  118-Tu  Improving Attendance at the Post-Partum Visit in a Medicaid Population  Krystal White File received
  119-Tu  Vaginal Cancer Survival as it Relates to p16 and MiB1 Expression  Victor Feldbaum File received
  119-Mo  Does Economic Advantage Translate To Better Knowledge About The HPV Vaccine?  raksha joshi File received
  120-Tu  The Psychological Impact of a Cancer Diagnosed During Pregnancy: Determinants of Long-Term Distress  Henry Melissa File received
  121-Mo  Comparison of Postoperative Fever between Open and Robotic Surgery for Endometrial Cancer  Cherie Chung File received
  121-Tu  Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Patients Age 65 Years and Older in New Hampshire  Elizabeth Lokich Lokich File received
  123-Tu  Vaginal Cuff Complications  Adam Walter File received
  124-Tu  Using a Panel of Immunohistochemical Stains to Determine Risk of Lymph Node Metastases  Karina Zapiecki File received
  125-Mo  Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Robotic Assisted Vaginal Cuff Closure and Rates of Dehiscence  Jacqueline Roman File received
  126-Tu  Preconception Health,Healthy People 2010, A Needs Assessment From An Underprivileged Community  raksha joshi File received
  126-Mo  Patient Perception and Physician Interaction Regarding Obesity and Co-Morbidities  Sara Anderson File received
  127-Mo  Patient Perception of Mammogram Screening Guideline Changes  AuTumn Davidson File received
  127-Tu  Womens Self Awareness of Obesity  Dorcas Morgan File received
  128-Tu  Postpartum Depression In African Women  STEPHEN NWANKWO ONWERE File received
  128-Mo  Age Associated Risk of Incomplete Screening Mammogram  TIFFANY JUSTICE File received
  129-Tu  The Patient is Not the Problem: Reasons for Low HPV Vaccination Rates in Women Ages 18-22  MaryAnn Wilbur File received
  130-Mo  Documentation of Contraceptive Counseling when Prescribing Teratogenic Medications  Minako Watabe File received
  132-Mo  Cost-Effective, Outpatient-Safe, Minilaparotomy Myomectomy  Dominique Butawan File received
  132-Tu  How Knowledge of a Womans Egg Supply (Ovarian Reserve) Influences Their Reproductive Choices  Erum Azhar File received
  135-Tu  Accuracy of Perception of Day of Ovulation in Women Trying to Conceive  sarah johnson File received
  136-Tu  Lipid Profiles Among Caucasian and Mexican-American Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome  Robert Kauffman File received
  137-Tu  Small Endometrial Polyps Increase Biochemical Pregnancy Rate In IVF Cycles: A Series Of 57 Patients  Rashmi Kudesia File received
  140-Tu  When We Have to Make a Decision for IVF-ET in Endometriosis Patients?  Yuichiro Miyamoto File received
  142-Tu  Under-Reporting of ART Live Births in Texas 2005-2006 Birth Certificate (BC) Data  Suzanne Roseman File received
  143-Mo  Clomiphene Citrate Treatment with Sequential Estradiol and Vaginal Progesterone Supplementation  Paul Zarutskie File received
  146-Mo  Diagnostic Accuracy of 3D Ultrasound as Compared to MRI for Diagnosis of Mullerian Anomalies  Nedelchev Atanas File received
  147-Mo  Abnormal Intracranial Translucency and First Trimester Findings in a Fetus with Posterior Fossa Abnormality  Drorit Or File received
  148-Tu  Comparison of the Ultrasonographic Estimated Fetal Weight and Actual Birth Weight Done by Residents  Tiffany Hunter File received
  148-Mo  Intracranial Translucency as a First Trimester Screening Tool for Spina Bifida  Michelle Wentz File received
  149-Tu  Retrospective Study of General Versus Spinal Anesthesia for Laparotomy for Advanced Genital Prolapse  Nicole Book File received
  150-Mo  Does Symptom Severity Affect Oxybutynin Topical GelMediated Improvement of Continence in Women?  Peter K Sand File received
  150-Tu  Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation Versus Validated Sham in Those Exposed to Pharmacologic Therapy  Stephanie Cihlar File received
  151-Tu  Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS) and the Effect on Fecal Incontinence  Stephanie Cihlar File received
  10101-Tu  Labor Induction Prior to 39 Weeks Gestation in Pregnancies Complicated by Fetal Anomalies  Kate Pettit File received
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